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Into0:00:00The broke it, you bought it! Let that sink in.
Game Releases0:02:264/28/2015Broken Age Act 2 Lin, Mac, Win
Broken Age: The Complete Adventure PS4, PSVita
Magicka: Wizard Wars Win
Omega Quintet PS4
Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Win, Mac, Lin
State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition XBO
Tropico 5 PS4
WWE 2K15 Win
Verdun Win
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Win
What We're Playing0:04:22RickyGTA Online, Last of Us DLC, Never Alone, Hearthstone
0:10:03GoatGTA Online, NBA 2K15
0:16:54CharlieTales from the Boarderlands, Watch Dogs: Bad Blood, Trials Evolution
0:23:40JonWolfenstein, Mortal Kombat X
News0:30:265PC Game Wants To Ban Jerks And Bullies, But Some Think It's Gone Too Far
0:36:294Ex-Battlefield Producer Launches New Game Company, the First "UnPublisher"
0:42:493Marvel announces video game partnership with Telltale Games
0:49:282Microsoft is making HoloLens games — and attacking virtual reality’s momentum
0:56:241Modders can now charge for their work on Steam. First paid mod ends up a disaster.
VoicemailsNone. :(
1:40:29Do you think too many games get released broken?

How would you fix this problem if you were a developer?

Do you think there's a mentality of "release now, fix later" with game devs?

Are too many games released before they're ready?
Brian LesserYes, and Yes.
1:40:52Dave Foster Devs should just stop setting/announcing release dates. Wait till the game is ready, then announce a date. Then, the game ships complete and gamer trolls won't be able to cry about delays.
1:41:17Chris Shambra Think of it as the pharmaceutical biz...release a shit-ton of drugs now....wait for the law suit commercial on later. Wait, that was pretty extreme....
1:41:35Amanda Setasha Hall Assassins creed is a perfect example of yes. However they refuse to fix them and just want to pound out the games. I can't finish a number of them because the glitches are so bad.
1:41:56Carlton Nullset Public executions and maimings for devs that ship busted games. Also refunds.
1:42:37Amir Wali HamzahI think so, but I don't know if it is so much of a dev issue, and more of a publisher issue. I do believe that because of the current state of the way the internet works that there is an idea that if they need to fix something down the line that it's OK because it'll only take a few mins for us to download.
1:43:00Mitch Tyo Yeah, the last generation of consoles made updates possible, and the some industry giants are taking advantage of that in the worst possible way. There are still plenty of devs (or publishers) that do things the "right" way, though. Nintendo somehow still manages to release finished product.
1:43:27Joe Moeller I don't think it's so much a problem with game devs as with console manufacturers. In order for a game to be released the finished product has to be sent to the various console manufacturing companies for certification. Not until the product is certified can it be considered finished and ready to publish.

In the time it takes between finish, ship, certification, and publishing a lot can happen. Many times there have been console updates that cause issues with the game. I think it's unfair to blame the game dev for these changes and instead they should be applauded for being able to keep up and release day one patches that resolve many of these issues.
1:44:47Christopher Burkhart As a developer, you can't. Devs don't run the schedule. They have to work within it. It's the publisher that needs to insist on quality over ship date.
1:45:42Ryan AhnYour alter egos drawn horribly by Ryan
1:48:55SongbirdDear Technetronicorn, Goat, Fallon Flynn, and Ricky

I need to rant before I get to the mailbag… This might be a bit harsh, but as a person who owns a Primal Rage Vertigo figure, in the box, I hope they find that P.O.S and force him or her to clean every machine they have for the rest of their live with just a Q-tip. That or make them clean the floor with their tongue. >:(

Mailbag Answer - Its gotten to the point to when a game comes out and I get for whatever reason, I'll wait to up to about a week before I play that game out of worry that something might go wrong. This usually isn't the case with Nintendo, but when the Mewtwo DLC came out for Club Nintendo Members I waited out until problems were found and fixed; that way I don't find myself in unfortunate circumstances like with Charlie and Ori of the Blind Forrest. In all honesty I don't know how becoming a developer would solve everything considering all of the factors that come into place when it comes to gaming, but as of late it just seems like they feel like their time and money is more important when it should be ours they should consider more so.

One of the biggest problems for launches seems to be server issues. Why can't companies buy an over abundance first just to see how much they actually need and then reduce their size instead of always being under capacity?

We keep talking about games having issues, but have you guys ever had a game problem which came from an update?

Have you guys ever owned a game that was or became literally broken? If so why?

If the internet never did exist what do you think video games would have shaped to become at this point of time?

Sincerely, Songbird
1:56:23JonPlaying at the Bottom Lounge on May 2nd
1:57:28GoatCodename Phoenix officially announced! Details soon!
1:59:03RickyFollow Ricky on Twitch!
1:59:37CharlieMLP-MSP! Woo!
2:00:22Beer of the Week!3 Floyds Dark Lord
2:02:04Next Week's Topic!How do you feel about physical vs digital distribution? Should digital releases cost less than their physical counterparts?
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Easter Egg2:04:45Charlie lost a day to Dark Lord Day
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