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OS# of ServersExpansion CardsKVR1333D3E9SHDDNoisy PSU Fan
CentOS 5 x641Maybe LCD dis8GB Crucial ECC4X2TB WD Green
CentOS NASHTPC running WMC (VGA out), +storage
Using only the built-in graphics card, I had to increase the video RAM allocation to 512MB in BIOS to improve the performance of browsing a larger Movies library in WMC.
Debian 6Ubuntu Server 11.04, the only services running are ProFTPd, Webmin and a custom compiled version of the MiniDLNA server (Arevet Build) to support my Samsung TV which had problems with generic DLNA profiles. FTP speeds on GB network are 190MB/Sec Read and 170MB/Sec Write. Noisy Fan started 5 days after arrival
1Intel dual port NICStandardYes
a1eDebian SIDPLANNED N54L:
NAS (photos/data non-RAID), minidlna, VPN, Proxy, Testing (kvm), ...
110GB: 2GB sock + 8GB Kingston ECC- 250GB stock (System)
- 2TB WD red (photos/videos of kids)
- 2TB WD red (backup, offline - or RAID with snapshot)
- 1TB WD? for testing (old iomega Home Media Drive)
GWESX 5.1.02x ESX + 1x Win2012 F/S
VM: Exchange, MythTV, Elastix PBX, AppV, Zoneminder, Confluence, VM Study
3HP Remote Management Card (615095-B21), Dual NIC (NC360T)2x8G ECC KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G4x2TB Red, 2xSSDNo
GhostofchrisESXiAll 10 Units will be the same, using internal software raid 5 for redundancy. Expected combined total space over all 10 servers = 118tb awaiting drives from the US to see if i can fit another 1-2 drives inside with apple 5.25 brackets.18GB 2x 4GB Kingston non-ECC KVR1333D3N9/4GESXi - 4GB USB, NFS Datastore on Synology DS211j NAS (2x2TB RAID 1)
trexESXi18GB 2x4GB Kingston KTH-PL313E/4G ECCNo
Reginald85ESXi18GB Non ECC3 x 500GB (1xWD, 2x Seagate) + 250GB (stock)
onggieESXiRunning a single N40L for testing and training purposes with Windows Server 2008 R2. It also has Linux Mint 14 and Ubuntu 12.04 server. The server boots 16gb every time!1Kingston 16GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC (KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G)1 x 250GB (stock)
StanzaESXi-2Both have HP NC360T Dual Port gigabit + Intel CT GigabitNone - USB Only
gmphotoESXi 4.1SME 7.5 mail server, WinXP weather station server, FreeNAS which has terrible LAN speeds in ESXI, ah well.1BR10i, Intel CT Nic8GB Non ECC - Kingmax 4G PC-10600 1333MHZ DDR31x 250Gb (stock), Hitachi 2TB SATA 6.0Gbs 32M CoolSpin (RAID 1)No
JCnMEESXI 4.1 (Boots from Sandisk USB)18GB Sanddisk Cruzer USB Internal1GB Stock + 4GB ECC (KVR1333D3E9S)3x2TB (ST2000DL003), 1x500gb, 1x250gb (stock)No
mouthESXi 5.0HP P410 from http://stores.ebay.com.au/IT-Creations-inc ~$230 delivered. Drives and RAM from Scorptec2HP P410 RAID2 x 4GB ECC KingstonStock 250Gb, + x4 Hitachi 2TBNo
shinjbESXi 5.0N36L Study Vmware / NAS /w Windows8 SMB/ Air Video/ Air comix/ FTP Server/ HTTP Server1hp P410i 2*8 GB Patriot non-ECC4 * 2TB Raid5, 2 * 500GB, 80GB SSD, 30GB SSDno
mcs6502ESXi 5.012 port gigabit NIC (PRO/1000 PT Dual)2x 4GB non-ECC A-RAM (AR4GB1333D3V)
3x 2TB (Samsung), 1x 250GB, 1x 2GB USB (boot)No
PodgeSSSESXi 5.0Storage, VM Test Bed for Various (Centos, Ubuntu + Domino) etc1Undetermined RAID 5 card8GB 2x 4GB Kingston non-ECC KVR1333D3N9/4G1 x 250gb Seagate (Boot), 4 x 2TB () - Sata 3 (6Gbs) - 5
hutsyESXi 5.0VM's currently running:
Zimbra on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Mail Server)
Ubuntu 11.04 (Linux ISO torrent box)
18GB 2x4GB Non-ECC (
2 x 250GBNo
FatBoyNotSoSlimESXi 5.0N/A (To insert Intel quad port GBe NIC)8GB Kingston ECCNo
MitsimonstaESXi 5.0Running as a storage/lab for VCP5. QNAP TS-419 runs as shared iSCSI storage. More drives coming once prices come back to something considered reasonable.2Server1: HP p212 (p410 & dual port NIC coming)
Server2: (p410 & dual port NIC coming)
Both: 8GB ECC (2x KVR1333D3E9S/4GI)Server1: USB Boot, 2x500GB Seagates in R0
Server2: USB Boot, 2x 250GB Stock HDD
wmmartinESXi 5.01HP P212/256 w/BBWCGSkill Ares F3-1333C9D-16GAO (Only 8GB addressed, both DIMM's seen by the BIOS)4x Hitachi 2TB 7K3000 (RAID5)No
sheem4ESXi 5.1Gen8 + Intel Xeon E3-1220Lv21HP SmartArray P410/512MB w/BBWC16GB 2x8GB Kingston KVR16E11/8 ECC4x2TB WD20EARXNo
legendetmESXi 5.1.0110GB - 2GB Stock + 8G ECC KVR1333D3E9S/8G250GB (stock)
NILESXi 5.1.0FTP, SMB1HP Remote Access Card, IBM M10152x4GB ECC8G USB, 4x1TB RAID 10NO
cuahtemocESXi/Solaris Express 11/Windows 2008 Server3BR10i HBA card8GB ESXi - Kingston STD, SE11 - Kingston ECCESXi - 4gb USB. ZFS 5x2tb Hitachi, 2xHitachi 7200rpm 2.5" 500gb boot
falcongtFedoraXBMC / IR Remote, mdadm RAID 5, Samba, SABnzbd, Sickbeard2Server1: Fanless EVGA Geforce 210 1GB
Server2: Fanless EVGA Geforce 210 1GB
8GB 2x 4GB Kingston non-ECC KVR1333D3N9/4G
8GB 2x 4GB Team Elite Non-ECC Ram
Server1: 5x3TB Hitachi 5K3000, 1x80gb 2.5" USB
Server2: 1x80gb 2.5" USB Boot
honam_gwjFreeBSD 8.214GB 2x2GB Micron ECC1x500GB WD AAKS (boot), 4x 2TB Hitachi 5K3000 (zfs raidz)No
NextWishFreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE (w/ZPOOL v28)http://www.sandbox-wiki.co.cc/index.php?title=Adding_suport_for_ZFSv28_on_FreeBSD_8.228GB Crucial ECC4 x 2TB Seagate 4K (RAIDZ-1) - 1 x 16GB Lexar USB Key (boot)No
mwdFreeBSD 8.312x500GB, 2x200GB ZFS MirrorNo
GooSEFreeBSD 9.015GB 1x4GB Crucial ECC + 1x1GB original4x2TB Hitachi 5K3000 in RAID-Z, 4GB USB bootNo
5p1k3yFreeNAS1 250GB (stock)+ 2 x 2tb Seagate Greens + 1 x 1tb WD Green EARS + 2gb USB flash driveYes
cpumodFreeNAS14GB 2x2GB ECC HP
clubbieFreeNAS18GB 2x4GB Kingston KVR non-ECC250GB (stock) and 4 x 2TB Samsung F4
WojaFreeNAS1*8GB 2x4GB Kingston KVR non-ECC5 x 3TB Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 + 1 x Corsair 8Gig USBNo
SapageFreeNAS18GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/8G 250GB (stock) + 4gb USB flash driveNo
ThunderbirdMozFreeNASStill pre-clearing the 2TB drives, will be done in 4 hours1*8GB nonEC250GB (stock) + 4gb USB flash driveNo
UnmaskedgruntFreeNAS 8.0.4Running as a NAS. Currently getting +100MB/s write burst, dropping to sustained ~30MB/s. Drives set to spindown at 1 hour idle, only get a 5-10 sec delay when spinning back up1Planned lowprofile HDMI card8GB Non ECC Kingston ValueRAM4x WD 2TB Black in a ZFS RAIDz1 arrayNo
peterzFreeNAS 0.7.22Intel Pro 1000 (Dual Port), Sapphire ATI 5450 1GB8GB Corsair Non ECC5 x 1TB Seagate 7200.12No
Freenas 0.7.5Raid-Z118GB ECC (2 x 4Gb Kingston KVR1333D3E9S/4GI)4x Seagate Barracuda XT 4Tb drives (ST4000DX000)No
MiniWalksFreeNAS 8HTPC. Bundled 250GB Hard Drive literally went up in smoke, had woes with Ubuntu Natty in regards to native ZFS drivers and Boxee support1HP 410 Raid
HP Management Card
8GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/8G 7 x 3TB HitachiNo
NoGiFreeNAS 8.01beta4
Ubuntu Desktop 11.04
 2Low profile HP NC360T PCI-e Dual Port Gigabit card on both servers
5.25" LCD - not configured yet
8GB ECC (2 x 4Gb KingstonKVR1333D3E9S/4GI) on each server"FreeNAS: 4 x Hitachi 3Tb RAIDZ + 16GB SANDISK Cruizer Boot
Ubuntu: ADATA 32Gb SSD + 250GB (stock) SATA II"
dracoxFreeNAS 8.02Good home NAS1Silverstone FP57 5.25inch Hotswap HDD Bay Adapter (Molex to sata power included, don't buy sepatately)2 x 4GB Corsair Non-ECC5x2TB WD Green, ZFS raid zNo
warwickjamesFREENAS 8.1NAS, allrounder1Scoopon dual-bay internal quickport bay
8GB (single ECC dimm)6 x 2TB Seagate
toastmanFreeNAS 8.221x Kingston 4gb USB stick8GB (2x4GB) Kingston ECC5x 2TB Hitachi 5K3000 (zfs raidz)No
wcefanFreeNAS 8.3.0FreeNAS installed on the internally hosted USB Flash Drive. Data is stored on 3x 3TB drives in a RAID-Z configuration18GB (2x 4GB) G.Skill GS-F3-10600CL9D-8GBNT Dual Channel[DATA] 3x 3TB Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001, [OS] Sandisk Cruzer 16GB USB Flash Drive
typhoniusFreeNAS 8.3.1Easy to use NAS with both basic plug/play functionality and some advanced features.11 x 16GB SanDisk USB Stick2 x 4GB Kingston DDR3 ECC4x3TB WD Green ZFS Raid zNo
AtlasFreeNAS 8.3.1HTPC server. Began life on 8.0.1 with frequent updates via the GUI. Have needed to replace one disk so far, painless procedure. Otherwise no complaints. Great setup.11x Sandisk Cruzer USB stick8GB 2x4GB Kingston ECC5x 2TB Hitachi zfs raidzNo
ambertxFreeNAS 9.1.1 x64N40L acting as shared network storage at home12 x 4GB Kingston DDR3 ECC Ram (KTH-PL313E/4G)6x2TB Toshiba (DT01ACA200) RAIDZ2, 2 drives were mounted in the 5.25" ODD bay using Nexus DoubleTwin mountNo
mikeFuntoo Linuxhttp://blog.sambodata.com/?p=4841NEC uPD720200 USB 3.0 & Intel 82574L NIC8GB 2x4GB ECC4 x Western Digital 1TB, 1 x 4G USBNo
brett.gentooGentoo LinuxSMB sharing data, webserver, NFS Server1Intel Pro 1000 Nic8GB NON ECC1 x SAMSUNG HD103UJ (1TB) OS
4 x WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 (2TB) Raid 5 Data
nfenechNAS4Free ( ZFS Pool - With Ashift = 12 and NAS4Free running off a 4Gb USB Key internal.1Intel CT NIC8Gb ECC - 2x KVR1333D3E9S/4GI (Kingston)5 x 3Tb - Seagate ST3000DM001no
shkwNexenta Community EditionBios modified from bios-mods.com
Lian Li single 5.25" to 4 x 2.5" internal enclosure
room for 3 x more 2.5" devices (pre wired with sata and power connectors)
1Syba SY-PEX40008 (4 port) and a Astrotek CPES6A (2 port) Sata Controllers8GB - 2 x A-RAM 4GB DDR3 Non-ECC16No
encodeNextentaStor Community EditionZFS raidz1 under linux, 380ishMB/sec read, cant remember write at the moment, intentind to put a Sandforce SSD in for a 50/50 split for L2ARC/FIL under ZFS14GB 2x2GB Non-ECCstill deciding
v81Not yet decidedLooking to run a NAS with the addition of web server (PHP MySQL etc) and download / torrent box - Currently trying Debian 6 x641Stock N40L 2GB ECC4 x 500gig WD500'sNo
VladdracOmniOS http://omnios.omniti.com/Fibre Channel Storage For vSphere 51Qlogic QLE 2462 Fibre Channel Card8GB 2x4GB NON-ECC KVR1333D3N9/4G KVR1333D3N9/4G1x250GB + 4x 1TB Striped Mirrored Vdev's(Raid10)No
silenthunterOpenELEC (XBMC Live)1Pioneer DVDRW, Zotec GT2102GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)250GB (stock)Yes
0x17hOpenIndianaFreeNAS running under ESXi resulted in terrible performance (20mb/sec write speed over AFP). OpenIndiana delivers ~50mb/sec and allows hosting other VMs using VirtualBox. All hardware is supported out of the box using OpenIndiana 151a release. Easiest install ever. Using napp-it for management.1 4 x ST31000528AS (ZFS RAIDZ2 array), 1 x VB0250EAVER (stock drive for OS)
platinumOpenindiana4x 2TB in RAID 5. Had OS on USB for a while but slow to write/boot, no immediate benefits so put OS on the 250GB. 1LCD Display in CD bay4GB DDR3 Kingston Non-ECC1x 250GB (stock) (OS) + 4x WD EARS 2TBNo
brodstaOpenIndiana1Intel CT Gigabit NIC, El cheapo HDD caddy for OS drive in 5.25" bay8GB (2x4GB) Crucial ECC1x250GB (stock)(OS) + 4x2TB Hitachi 5K3000No
BazzOpenMediaVault 0.4.6
Sm00thYOpenMediaVault 0.4.xUSB install only worked a few weeks before failing, H/D install has been fine.
NAS, DLNA, BitTorrent, Apple Filing & SMB working well.
Not yet using MySQL & VirtualBox
18GB 2x4GB NON-ECC1 x 250GB (stock) (OS)
2 x 2TB WD (raid10)
ParkcommProxmox (with ZFS on FreeBSD in VM)pfsense, FreeBSD 9 Webmin for headless config
Apple Sharing (Netatalk, Avahi) over ZFS For Mac including Time Machine Backups
1Intel CT Gigabye
Boot From Stock Drive
2GB Stock +
8G ECC KVR1333D3E9S/8G
250GB Stock + 4x2TB Seagate (ST2000DM001) ZFS stripe + mirrorNo
oliScientific Linux 6.01Welland ME-751J SATA Trayless Bay, 8GB internal USB Flash drive for most important Linux OS backups8GB ECC (2x KVR1333D3E9S/4GI)Hitachi 2x HDS72302 & 2x WD WD2002FAEXNo
BSCHSME Server 8.018GB 2 x Kingston 4GB DDR3 PC1333 PC10600 Desktop DIMM KVR1333D3N9/4G2x500GB WDNo
TripleJ85Solaris 114x 3TB Hard drives in a single RAIDZ1 pool. Solaris handling the storage pool and running as a hypervisor of sorts - Win2k8R2 / WinXP / Ubuntu virtual machines running on top. Modified BIOS running - all drives in AHCI mode.1None - other than 2.5" boot drive loose in the 5.25 bay8GB 2x4GB Non-ECC Kingston 13331x 120GB 2.5" Toshiba MK1265GS Boot Drive (ex PS3)
4x 3TB Seagate ST3000DM001 in RAIDZ1 (Taken from Amazon Sourced Seagate Expansion bought just before HDD prices went bonkers)
^catalystSolaris 11 ExpressProbably HTPC/XBMC11GB ECC (stock), waiting on Kingston ECC 8GB4x 2TB Hitachi (2x 2x2TB Mirros) + 250GB (stock) OS
haakonSolaris 11 ExpressUse with an additional Digital Now Tiny Twin to record 4 stations at once with DNTV Scheduler12GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)NO
JoKaHSolaris 11 Express12GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)250GB Stock
MotoJohnnoSolaris 11 Express1AT-CPES6E (2x eSATA), Welland EZStor ME-751 3.5" HDD rack4GB 1x4GB ECC KVR1333D3E9S/4GI5xWD20EARS (2Tb 4k sectors)No
Oblong CheeseSolaris 11 Express5x2TB = approx. 7.5TB usable space (w/ mdadm RAID5 or ZFS raidz). Proper NAS to replace current ClearOS combined NAS/gateway box. Use this to make the 4096-byte sector disks work with ZFS: http://digitaldj.net/2010/11/03/zfs-zpool-v28-openindiana-b147-4k-drives-and-you/ Use this link to create a bootable USB key for Solaris in Win/Lin/OSX: http://chonan-en.blog.pid0.org/2009/11/how-to-create-opensolaris-live-usb.html Also note that the Marvell 88SE9123 chipset on my eSATA card is NOT supported by Solaris. I should've checked that before buying it!1AT-CPES6E (2x eSATA), Welland EZStor ME-751 3.5" HDD rack4GB 1x4GB ECC KVR1333D3E9S/4GI4xWD20EARS (2Tb 4k sectors), 1x Hitachi 5K3000 3Tb (slowly replacing the WD's)No
Smokin WhaleSolaris 11 ExpressGoing to put usb sound card, TV tuner card, Blu-ray drive, MCE remote etc, Using it as HTPC with media center, NAS.14-port usb hub mounted on the back4GB Samsung DDR3 1333mhz (Non ECC)2x 500gb Zpool RAID, 3x Hitachi 2tb 5k3000 coolspin in raidz1No
BlogedwinSolaris 11 Express18GB 2*4GB Kingston ECCOCZ Vertex 30GB SSD + 2* Seagate 5900rpm 2TB + 2* Hitachi 5k3000 2TBNo
MudhoneySolaris 11 Express1Patriot 16GB USB stick for OS IcyBox SATA caddy for ODD slot,8GB 2x4GB Kingston ECC 5x2TB Hitachi 5k3000No
DropbearSolaris 11 ExpressFirst: 5 x 1TB in raidz, Second: 250GB Seagate and 2TB Seagate with ATI 5450.1
ruggerSolaris 11 Expressnote from twizzly, wouldn't it make sense to put the ECC into the WHS server?
REPLY: Yeah, I guess it would but I want 4gb in the server and only need 2gb in the HTPC so it is the cheapest way to do it rather than using a mix of ECC and non ECC in the server which I'm not sure is even possible? REPLY2: Mixing ECC/NON-ECC is not possible. technically speaking I thought it would not have been possible, but some users have managed to do so somehow, 1GB ECC and 4GB non ECC = 5gb ram. however even then, the server is more needing of the ECC than the XMBC :P
StattsSolaris 11 Express / vBox / Windows Server 2008 R2Plan was to run this as a share Storage box + Windows Server 2008 (for course im doing) But i cant see to get SE11 + napp-it in VM to transfer on my network over 28-30MB/s - With direct SE11 im getting 75-80MB/s1Supermicro CSE-M14T, IBM BR10i, Intel CT GBit NIC8GB Crucial ECC5 x 3TB Hitachi 5K3000 / 5 x 1TB 2.5" / 1 x 500GB 7200rpmNo
timmyj9Solaris 11.1napp-it appliance, ashift=12 hacked zpool binary, sickbeard/couchpotato/sabnzbd/ps3 media server1Intel CT Gigabit NIC and IBM M1015 HBA flashed to IT Mode8GB 2x4GB Kingston DDR3-1333 Non-ECC5x 3TB Seagate 7200RPM ST3000DM001 in ZFSv33 raidz1, 64GB Crucial m4 Boot DriveNo
ThunderbirdMozUbuntu 10.04 XBMC 10.1 Dharma1*Zotac Nvidia GT210 graphics card8GB 2*4GB Kingston4x2TB HitachiNo
triskelionUbuntu 10.04 XBMC 10.1 DharmaNo
eiffelUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS Server1Jmicron based sata card1GB ECC (stock)1x Samsung F4 2TB, 4x WD500AAKS, 10GB(!) PATA boot driveNo
gr8r-xUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS Server11GB ECC (stock)2x Samsung 2TB mdadm RAID1, 1x 250gb (stock) top mountedNo
HyRax1Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS ServerWindows Media Centre working nicely as HTPC.11GB ECC (stock)4x Seagate 1TB in mdadm RAID5No
antennaUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS Server12GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)4x Samsung F4 2TB, 1x 250GB (stock)No
pinchiesUbuntu 10.101Asus U3S6 PCIe card3GB 1x2GB ECC + 1GB ECC (stock)250GB (stock)
SoandsoUbuntu 11.041HIS 5450 512MB8GB 2x4GB Kingston ECC 1x250GB (stock) + 5x 2TB Hitachi 5k3000
SnowmanUbuntu 11.04 Desktop1Asus U3S6 PCIe card1GB ECC (stock) & 1 x 4gb Corsair value select non ecc250GB (stock), WD 3.5" Green 2TB WD20EARX SATA3, Samsung 2TB Green, WD 3TB Green.No
PuddleglumUbuntu 11.04 DesktopFor general use, possibly eventually as PVR with MythTV and XBMC or as a MythTV backend. Considering nVidia 1GB GT210, PlayTV and USB soundcard.
1HIS HD5450 1GB
2 x 1GB ECC Stock
1 x 250GB (stock)No
dukkieUbuntu 11.04 Desktopstill tossing up OS options...May migrate to a windows based system to negate the 512 emulation issues11x WD 120gb 2.5" hdd (OS)2GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)2x WD Green 2TB (EARS), 2x WD Green 2TB (EARX)No
Kambo_RamboUbuntu 11.04 DesktopHTPC w/XMBC + IR with my Sony TV remote, NAS, torrents/news. All non OS drives in flexraid in 1 pool.1GT210 512mb8GB 2x4GB Kingston non-ECC1x Hitachi 7k1000 1TB, 4x WD Green 2TBNo
Soarer GTUbuntu 11.04 Desktop, Open Indiana + napp-itNAS02 (ZFS) for Storage + backups. Apple Time Machine. ISCSI target for the windows machine (Win 7 HP doesnt backup to network anymore???). Photo's and video's backup24 gig USB drive to backup configs/notes/random. SAPPHIRE HD6450 Low profile GPU for HDMI out. (Fanless) 4GB 2x2GB Kingston ECC
8GB 2x4GB Kingston ECC
NAS 2 : 5 x Hitachi 7k2000 in raidz2 + 160gig laptop OS drive taped to the back (above rear fan)
SaTaNUbuntu 11.04 ServerWill try USB tuner when ready1Zotac nVidia GT210, crystalfontz CF635 display2GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)4x WD green 2TB (EARS), 1x 250gb (stock)No
spiteUbuntu 11.04 Server1Patriot 8G Xporter XT Boost USB 2.0 Flash Drive8GB 2x4GB G.Skill non-ECC F3-10600CL9D-5 x Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 2TBClicked at first, then stopped
spiteUbuntu 11.04 Server1Kingston SSD VSeries 30GB Root via internal USB8GB 2x4GB G.Skill non-ECC F3-10600CL9D-5 x Hitachi 5k3000 2TBNo
spedwardsUbuntu 11.04 Server1External 2TB (WD20EARS) for backup8GB 2x4GB Kingston ECC (KVR1333D3E9S/4G)4x2TB (WD20EARS) + 250GB (stock)No
Naed (wrong name?)Ubuntu 11.04 ServerAlso have two more for work, not sure of the purpose as yet1nVidia GT210 (some random manufacturer)8GB Non-ECC6x Samsung F4 2TB, 16Gb USB Stick for OS, no swap.
Lt. SniperUbuntu 11.04 Server
1"Patriot 16G Xporter XT Boost USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Bootable OS installation) in Internal USB Port
1GB ECC (stock)
1 x Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 2TB
huitinUbuntu 11.10 Server on 1
planning to add more hdd when prices drops, 2nd server isn't setup yet28GB Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G for both servers

8GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC CL9 DIMM (Kit of 2) with
Thermal Sensor
250 (stock) on both 1x2TB seagate on 1No
ruxtonUbuntu 12.04 DesktopRunning XBMC-PVR and tvheadend, get intermittent issues with the HVR-2210 and 2200 (used both) spewing i2c errors into the log and requiring a reboot.1Hauppauge HVR2210 & Fanless Sapphire HD54502GB 2x1GB ECC (stock x2)1x 250gb (stock)No
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