Last updated: Spring 2020
Foundation NameApplication / Resource LinkWebsite LinkWhat They FundCOVID-19 FundingWho do they fund?
California Wellness FoundationApplication Link year we award more than $35 million dollars to advance wellness in our communities, cities and counties, as well as statewide. We support direct services, public policy, leadership and capacity building.

To get a grant, your work must fit into one or more of our specific priority areas and serve one or more of our target populations. We fund organizations that are addressing urgent needs people are facing in their communities. Specifically, we focus on low-income communities, people of color, youth, immigrants and residents of rural areas.
Grants support immediate response efforts to prevent spread of the disease, recovery from the effects of the public health crises, and the long-term resilience of nonprofits across California as the state grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. 501c3s; must submit LOI first
FarmworkersCOVID-19 Pandemic Relief FundN/A receive if existing grantee estimated two to three million farmworkers feed us through their labor, bringing fruits, vegetables and other crops to homes across the nation. As the country is learning, their work is critical, yet they and their work have not been properly valued.The COVID-19 pandemic is expanding into rural America, and these communities may be among the hardest hit due to their demographics and lack of resources. Justice for Migrant Women (J4MW) and other farmworker-serving partner organizations are gravely concerned about the health and welfare of the farmworker community, their families and the security of our entire food supply. It is our hope that farmworkers are not forgotten or left behind.

Our partner organizations, such as organizations outside of California and the Huerta Foundation, East Coast Migrant Head Start Project (Multi-state), The United Farm Workers Foundation (CA, WA), Pathstone (Multi-state), La Cooperativa Campesina de California (CA), Proteus, Inc. (Multi-state), and Telamon Corporation (Multi-state) will receive money from this collective fund to help provide farmworker community members with much-needed resources and goods to meet their basic needs.
No application link. Seems that they only give funding to organizations they are already funding.

Latino Community FoundationResources fulfill our mission by building a movement of civically engaged philanthropic leaders, investing in Latino-led organizations, and increasing political participation of Latinos in California.Latino Community Foundation’s "Love Not Fear Fund" is a response to the global pandemic that channels critical funds to Latino-led organizations serving California’s most vulnerable communities- our elders, undocumented, farmworkers, and working-class families in the Central Valley and Inland Empire.Resource list
Center for Disaster PhilanthropyResources Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization conceived after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 by several funders committed to making disaster-related contributions more effective and strategic. Founded in 2010, CDP is the only full-time national resource dedicated to helping donors maximize their impact by making more intentional disaster-related giving decisions in response to domestic and international events.The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund will focus on supporting nonprofit organizations working directly to respond to the pandemic among the most vulnerable populations in order to help build their capacity for response. These will include social service organizations focused on supporting hourly wage earners, workers in the gig economy, immigrant/New American populations, older adults, people with disabilities and other communities vulnerable to the physical health, mental health and economic impacts of the unsolicited requests
Central Valley Community FoundationApplication more than fifty years the Central Valley Community Foundation has been a trusted partner in philanthropy in the Central Valley. Founded in 1966, we provide giving options for individuals, families, businesses and other foundations to invest in programs that address social and environmental needs.Due to the rising impact of the COVID-19 virus, the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) has launched an Emergency Response Fund to help our region meet the developing challenges linked with this virus.

Based on input from our nonprofit partners, we are identifying the highest priority community needs and have distinguished three key focus areas for the Fund:

Food distribution, particularly for vulnerable population
Urgent support for healthcare workers
Coordinated communication of reliable public information
doesn't fund SB County
Hispanics in PhilanthropyApplication Information

*See Application Process in Philanthropy (HIP) is on a mission to strengthen Latino leadership, influence and equity by leveraging philanthropic resources, and doing so with an unwavering focus on social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas. As the leader of a transnational network of foundations, donors, and nonprofits, we are making impactful investments in the Latino community and developing our leaders so they can effectively address the most pressing issues impacting communities in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) invites its members to contribute to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Migration Fund, which will provide emergency mini-grants to frontline organizations responding to the immediate needs of migrants and refugees to respond to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund will support HIP’s current Migration and Forced Displacement grantees and other organizations nominated by HIP’s current funders and partner organizations. These mini-grant funds will help bring front-line migrant serving organizations the resources they need to develop and launch emergency protocols, cover unexpected costs due to office closures or disrupted revenue streams, shift their service provisions, and address other unforeseen impacts of the ongoing pandemic.
funding existing grantee partners (no indication that they are funding new orgs or groups)
Ventura County Community FoundationApplication Information in 1987, the Ventura County Community Foundation has focused on building philanthropy in our region by stewarding legacies through careful management of the charitable capital entrusted to us. We are committed to a long-term perspective for Ventura County. We honor donor intent by protecting endowments forever and we specialize in connecting philanthropic resources with community needs for the benefit of all. We invest in the future through scholarships, grant making, and collaborative partnershipsVCCF is proud to partner with direct service providers, including:

- Southeast Ventura County YMCA where individuals and families throughout Ventura County can apply for direct financial assistance.

- Give An Hour is available to help support mental health and emotional wellness needs in our community as it responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

- The Economic Development Collaborative and its Small Business Development Center will remain open throughout this crisis, providing direct business advising to help firms navigate through the economic slowdown and connecting businesses with the full range of resources available, including low cost capital.

Organizations providing basic human needs to individuals, families and small business owners throughout Ventura County are invited to apply for funding to support their unrestricted operating expenses ensuring that these nonprofits may continue to fulfill their missions and serve Ventura County. Funding will also be available to these organization to provide cash assistance to those they serve, which can allow for families to stay in their homes or address other essential needs.
There is not a direct application.
United Way of Santa BarbaraGrant Application Process Way of Santa Barbara County is a volunteer-led organization that mobilizes the resources and strategic thinking of the nonprofit, private, and public sectors to improve lives, strengthen the community, and build a stronger Santa Barbara County. Recognizing the unique and valuable role that nonprofit agencies play in the city’s overall human service system, we partner with a range of nonprofit organizations – from large agencies to small, community-based groups in three primary ways:

1. Partners: We partner with selected organizations to brainstorm, create prototypes and carry out the on-the-ground operations of our Community Impact Initiatives.

2. Affiliates: We provide qualified community-based organizations with financial, technical, and in-kind supports to enable them to fulfill their missions and develop their infrastructures.

3. Grantees: We work in partnership with our grantees to provide funding and strategic assistance to improve education, financial stability, and health for children, families and seniors in Santa Barbara county. We connect our grantees to a growing network of innovative organizations and leaders who are making the greatest gains and implementing the most promising practices in communities across the country today. We hold ourselves and our grantees accountable for results.
United Way of Sanata Barbara, The Santa Barbara Foundation, and Hutton Park Foundation with members of the Foundation Roundtable to provide assistance to individuals and families as well as organizations actively engaged in assistance efforts for members of the community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This joint effort allows us to coordinate funds and rapidly meet the needs of our community as they arise through collaborative decision-making. The Critical Needs Fund focuses on isolation support: hotel rooms and social service, medical, and other support for people who are diagnosed with, or are presumed to have, COVID-19 and who lack a place to self-isolate/quarantine that is safe for themselves and others.SB specific
Liberty Hill FoundationResource Information its inception, Liberty Hill has explored innovative ways to organize money in its quest to maximize resources for community organizers working for change in under-resourced communities. Recently, President/CEO Shane Goldsmith has spearheaded funding pool initiatives designed to build power for regional and state coalitions at key points in breakthrough campaigns on vital issues.

Funding pool initiatives bring together individual donors, foundation funders, and partners from other sectors and across racial, ethnic and geographic boundaries. Our goals for funding pools are to build capacity for grassroots groups in key regions, build strong partnerships among sectors, create replicable models for future partnerships, and support systemic change initiatives, including implementation and enforcement.
This emergency fund is designed to support immediate community organizing needs on the frontlines and fuel emergency advocacy efforts in Los Angeles County to protect the most vulnerable during this time of unimaginable upheaval due to the COVID-19 crisis. Small grants, up to $5,000. Priority given to existing Liberty Hill community partners and grant recipients.
need to look at the website to see where we can apply; looks like they only fund in Los Angeles (Lee 7-31-20)
United Ways of CaliforniaResources Ways are well-positioned to address the needs of Californians. We are connected to our local communities through direct service via local United Ways and their community-based organization partners. Few advocacy organizations also provide or fund services in the areas their beneficiaries need; United Ways of California helps bridge the gap between policy and practice by bringing local United Ways' expertise to the table to inform policymakers on what areas are most critical to low-income Californians.

California’s local United Ways do vital work in their communities. Collectively, they raise over $200 million a year in charitable gifts for targeted investments and critical health, education, and financial sustainability services.
California United Ways have established a statewide relief fund to help those impacted by COVID-19. This goal of this fund is to relieve hardship for vulnerable working families, due to quarantine or disruption of income, to support the coordination of community relief efforts, and to ensure equity in the distribution of philanthropic resources across all of California. This statewide fund will complement regional United Way funds.
no evidence that they give grants to other organizations
Women's Foundation of CaliforniaGrant Partners invest in community organizing, policy advocacy, civic participation, integrated voter engagement, and culture change in three core issue areas: economic security, health, and safety including organizations working to address pay equity, affordable childcare, workplace protections, access to education, gender-based violence, criminal justice reform, reproductive health and justice, and environmental health and justice.During this time of uncertain impacts on the health, safety and economic security of our communities, the Women’s Foundation of California will offer rapid response funding to current grantee partners through the Relief and Resilience Fund. Relief grants will help off-set costs incurred to maintain operations or adapt to health and financial impacts caused by COVID-19.
prioritizing existing partners, may accept new grantees; emphasis on domestic violence; no application, ask for info at
San Francisco FoundationCreate Account to Apply for Grant

*Have your Letter of Resolution from your fiscal sponsor (if applicable) prepared to upload. are advancing racial equity and economic inclusion in the Bay Area in a number of ways, such as demonstrating our civic leadership and partnering with policymakers, other funders, donors, and nonprofit organizations. We offer a range of funding opportunities for nonprofits (or fiscally sponsored organizations) in the five Bay Area counties that we serve: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo.Through this fund, SFF will make a limited number of one-time grants (up to $25,000) to nonprofits addressing four issue areas: racial bias, worker protection, homelessness and renter protection/housing security, and food security. Will prioritze funding for: Projects that align with the issue areas identified above
Nonprofit and fiscally sponsored organizations in the five-county Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo)
Grassroots organizations with smaller operating budgets
prioritize Bay Area but doesn't look like it's limited to there
Social Justice Fund for Ventura CountyEmail Contact for Fellowship Informationhttps://socialjusticefundvc.orgEach year we fund groups that:
- Educate the community about root causes and just solutions,
- Develop local leaders,
- Advocate for change with their elected officials, and
work on grassroots campaigns related to a variety of issues.
Created a $10,000 SJFVC Emergency Fund for local community organizations to address issues brought up by the coronavirus pandemic. We met via teleconference with several non-profit organizations and we have sent out the application process to provide grants as quickly and effectively as possible. Information on how to apply is not on the website yet. It says coming soon..
Fund for Santa BarbaraApplications Needs Grants

Projects that need immediate financial assistance due to extraordinary, unforeseen circumstances may be eligible for this grant. The Fund does not consider poor planning, cash flow problems, or insufficient fund-raising efforts as grounds for an ENG. Projects are encouraged to apply if they meet the general funding criteria. Please contact Director of Grant-Making, Patricia Solorio, at for more information.

Individual Financial Need: Individual financial need to help struggling community members secure and maintain basic needs, cover unexpected child care and education expenses, and recover from loss of wages due to business closures and social distancing measures.

Meeting Increased Service Demand:
Organizations serving Santa Barbara County’s most vulnerable populations impacted by widespread shutdown of schools (child care, school supplies, loss of access to technology, food insecurity, transportation, mental health, etc.) and social distancing measures impacting places of employment (loss of wages).

Operational Capacity and Business Continuity:
Unrestricted funding enabling an organization to carry out its mission and adjust its business models to meet the needs of their staff and clients. These general operating support grants may be used to cover day-to-day activities or ongoing expenses such as administrative salaries, utilities, office supplies, technology maintenance, etc., as well as for project costs, capital, and technology purchases to provide alternative modes of service.
Applications for buisnesses not accepted yet
Santa Barbara FoundationApplication Santa Barbara Foundation, United Way of Santa Barbara County, and Hutton Parker Foundation are leading a countywide collaborative with members of the Foundation Roundtable to provide assistance to individuals and families as well as organizations actively engaged in assistance efforts for members of the community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.FUNDING PRIORITIES

Individual Financial Need: Individual financial need to help struggling community members secure and maintain basic needs, cover unexpected child care and education expenses, and recover from loss of wages due to business closures and social distancing measures.

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our community and the nonprofit sector in Santa Barbara County. The rapid response grant program is a part of the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort. Organizations that are awarded grants are prioritized in the following order:

organizations that are actively engaging in COVID-19 assistance efforts,
organizations that are adapting to continue to provide essential services, and
organizations that have reduced services due to COVID-19 and need general operating support in the interim.
Non-profit Organization Application
California EndowmentInvitation Only Application WE FUND INCLUDES
501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are not classified as private foundations
California state and local government entities
Faith-based organizations that welcome and serve all members of the community

Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status
Organizations that require membership in a certain religion or that advance a particular religious faith
Political campaigns, voter registration drives or lobbying for specific legislation
LOS ANGELES – The California Endowment today announced the first phase of the foundation’s urgent funding response to the COVID-19 pandemic in California. Grants totaling $5 million are being commissioned to support public health efforts and the immediate social and health services needs of highly vulnerable Californians, including farm workers/day laborers, the homeless and undocumented individuals.
COVID grants (said it is by invite only, unclear if that is also for COVID)
Chumash FoundationApplication / Account Registration Link and Program Grants

Through its capital and program grants, the Foundation awards funds through a competitive process to qualified organizations in five field of interest areas: Community Enhancement and Environment, Culture and Recreation, Education and Personal Development, Health and Human Services, and Native American. Program staff works closely with potential applicants to make sure that proposed projects meet the Tribe’s criteria for funding. Staff evaluate proposals and make recommendations for the Business Council’s approval.
Not clear of any direct funding for COVID; last funding cycle closed 7/31/20
Ann Jackson Family FoundationApplication Process grants under $10,000, in lieu of the Common Grant Application, organizations may also put their request in the form of a 1-2 page letter which clearly and simply communicates the compelling nature of the request. This allowance is made primarily for smaller organizations with little experience in completing the common grant application.

The Foundation considers proposals from non-profit organizations that provide services to Santa Barbara County, primarily in the South County. The Foundation does not restrict grants based on non-profit sector, but has focused on organizations that have been providing services to Santa Barbara for the long term. The Foundation supports organizations in the areas of Health and Human Services, The Arts, Community and Civic Infrastructure and Education.

The Foundation primarily funds capital, operating and program grants, but in rare instances endowment grants may be considered.
Not clear of any direct funding for COVID.The Foundation evaluates grant requests on a rolling basis throughout its fiscal year (6/1 – 5/31). Currently there are no deadlines for grants based on type as is done at other foundations. Grant writers should be aware that proposals received after April 1st, will most likely be considered for funding in the following fiscal year.
Heising-Simons FoundationInvited Grantseekers Heising-Simons Foundation is a family foundation based in Los Altos and San Francisco, California. The Foundation works with its many partners to advance sustainable solutions in climate and clean energy, enable groundbreaking research in science, enhance the education of our youngest learners, and support human rights for all people.In addition to the challenges brought on by the sudden health crisis, as well as financial concerns and uncertainty given the unpredictability of this situation, the Heising-Simons Foundation also recognizes that the most significant impacts will likely be on the vulnerable communities that are the focus of so many of our programs. These grants are part of several efforts the Foundation is supporting to help our communities and grantee partners.List of Covid Grants given
no unsolicited applications'
NDN CollectiveLink to application Collective is an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power. Through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative change, we are creating sustainable solutions on Indigenous terms. Together, we decolonize and transform systems while providing tools and strategies for Indigenous self-determination and movement-building.The NDN Collective’s COVID-19 Response Project is designed to provide immediate relief to some of the most underserved communities in the country. NDN’s intent is to quickly distribute resources to frontline organizations, Tribes, and individuals who are providing essential services to Indigenous communities within the next 15-45 days to provide gap resources during this health crisis."frontline organizations, Tribes, and individuals who are providing essential services to indigenous communities within the next 15-45 days to provide gap resources during this health crisis"
Cigna Foundation World of Difference Grants
ocuses on health equity, helping people overcome barriers to their health and well-being related to factors such as ethnicity, race, gender, age, geography, or economics. To encourage Health Equity, the Foundation is currently seeking proposals from nonprofit organizations engaged in improving Community Health Navigation. These grants support projects within the United States and internationally that help individuals understand the particular health equity challenges affecting them, and that assist them in finding services in their communities that address those challenges.
De Colores Rapid Response Fund
Organizing in U.S. grassroots communities, with a focus on communities of color, poor and working class; Opportunities for strategic intervention (i.e. Ferguson and Baltimore moments); Opportunities to impact new and strategic shifts (i.e. Occupy); and Opportunities to amplify the effects of in-the-moment issues (i.e. Hurricane Maria or #MeToo). The event or situation you are responding to was unanticipated and requires urgent action that is well thought out with clear goals and desired outcomes; project budget should be less than $5000
Resist’s grant-making panel, made up of grantees across the country, has decided to not accept applications for the August 2020 cycle (with a June deadline). Instead, we will waive reapplications, and automatically renew grants that cycle during the COVID-19 pandemic in line with the funder pledge Resist is currently co-sponsoring.
GlobalGiving donation to this fund will help stop the virus's spread and give communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable.
Community Foundation SLO County to see if SB county would be eligible
James Irvine Foundation awards for already existing grantees
Libra Foundation long term funding (unclear how much covid-related)
???? of foundations that have given money to SB county
NonProfit Resource Network Santa Barbara list of foundaitons in SB (and that have given to SB orgs before)
CalNonProfits list of COVID-related funding
The Chronicle of Philanthropy list of foundations with new COVID funding
GrantStation list of covid-related funding
Council on Foundations of foundations committed to COVID-relief
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees LIST FOR COVID FUNDING WITH IMMIGRANTS
Blue Shield of California at resource list/funding opportunities
UndocuScholarsApplication / Solicitud Betancourt-Macias Family Scholarship Foundation was first and formost founded to support the educational endeavors of undocumented people. As our foundation has grown, so has our capacity. Beyond financial support, we also host community events to bring happiness and joy to our undocumented community during such times of distress. Our foundation also provides workshops for allies to learn how to support undocumented students. And lastly, we provide workshops for students as well as healing and reflection circles for our youth of color. If you are undocumented yourself or have family members who are undocumented and have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. /

Si usted es indocumentado o tiene familiares indocumentados y han sido afectados por la pandemia de COVID-19.
Individual people
One Fair Wage Emergency FundApplication / Solicitud federal law, many service workers can be paid a sub-minimum wage. Tips are supposed to make up the difference, but they often don’t. And because of a policy that’s literally a holdover from the slavery era, our nations’ largest workforce of women of color work hard all day for pocket change. Futhermore, the growing workforce of app-based workers who are tipped live equally precarious lives as independent contractors. Which means when a crisis hits, and tips disappear, all of these workers have nothing to fall back on.Cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers & more who need the money they aren’t getting to survive. /
Asistencia en efectivo a los trabajadores de restaurantes, conductores de reparto, trabajadores de servicio y más, quienes están viendo disminuir sus ingresos durante este desastre.

Will be making temporary cash gifts to workers as funding becomes available. /
Van a repartir el dinero cuando esté disponible.
Individual people
National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care FundResources National Domestic Workers Alliance is a community of nannies, house cleaners, and care workers, connecting in person and online to make our work and lives better. Together, we're making our voices heard — winning rights and respect for domestic workers while also getting valuable member benefits together that none of us could get alone.At this time, the application is open to domestic workers who have participated in activities of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), chapters, affiliate organizations, circles and current Alia users. Will open the Fund for applications from other domestic workers as soon as funding allows.

En este momento, la solicitud está abierta para las niñeras, trabajadoras de limpieza y trabajadoras de cuidado en el hogar que han participado en actividades de la Alianza Nacional de Trabajadoras del Hogar (la ANTH), sus capítulos, organizaciones afiliadas, círculos y usuarias actuales de Alia. Abrirán el Fondo para solicitudes de otras trabajadoras de hogar, tan pronto como la recaudación de fondos permita.
Individual. Must be NDWA member to access through their membership portal
Restaurant Workers’ Community FoundationApplication / Solicitud
We are advocates for doing things differently. Our public education seeks to change policy and workplace culture. One third of the funds we raise goes to our efforts to speak out for our community.

We are supporting other nonprofits that provide career training, conduct research on restaurant industry practices, and advocate for fair wage policies and worker rights. One third of our budget is dedicated to grantmaking.

We are using our dollars to affect the industry in two ways – supporting restaurant businesses that operate ethically and, eventually, using investment strategies to engage in shareholder advocacy. One third of our funds go to impact investing.
Emergency assistance for those employed by restaurants or bars or are employed by a restaurant or bar supplier. /

Asistencia de emergencia a los trabajadores de restaurantes y camareros/as y trabajadores de un proveedor de restaurantes.

Resources for Relief Funds : NDWA is managing the application process and distribution of funds through Alia. Alia is our movement’s platform that helps domestic workers get paid time off and other benefits. Domestic workers who qualify, and whose applications are approved, can access $400 in emergency assistance that will be mailed to them as a Visa gift card that they can use just like a credit card to buy things in person or online, wherever credit cards are accepted.
805 UndocuFundSolicitud Fund assists individuals and families who have lost their homes, wages, and/or employment due to disasters with expenses including but not limited to temporary housing, home repairs, rent, groceries, childcare expenses due to disaster related school closure, essential household items, clean-up items, medical and dental expenses, tools and equipment required for work, school supplies, repair of essential vehicles, moving and storage expenses, legal document replacement and funeral and burial expenses. The 805 UndocuFund will also help affected families access other community resources to provide some economic relief.Undocumented individuals residing in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. /

Personas indocumentadas que viven en los condados de Ventura o Santa Barbara.
Root & Rebound FundApplication / Solicitud in California or South Carolina who is formerly-incarcerated and systems-impacted (including a family member or friend of a person with a record) in need of basic necessities.

Cualquier persona en California o Carolina del Sur que haya estado encarcelada anteriormente o haya sido afectada por el sistema criminal (incluyendo familiares o amigos de una persona con antecedentes penales) y necesite necesidades básicas.
Gift cards to those in need as well as gauge the needs of applicants so that we can better support them. The funds we have are limited and we will continue our practice of prioritizing the needs of those with the most limited resources.
Recover Central
The website, which helps centralize and simplify access to economic relief resources region-wide, is being developed by local governments, Chambers of Commerce, Visit SLO CAL, Economic Vitality Corporation, higher education, local Workforce Development Boards, and local businesses.
The resources below provide information about assistance available for individuals including who to talk to if you are in crisis or need someone to talk to about behavioral health services, links to apply for food and cash aid benefits, and information about distribution of economic payments directly to individuals by the federal government.
Mission Asset FundContact for Application non-profit organization on a mission to create a fair financial marketplace for hardworking families.Students, immigrants, and workers who are being left behind by the government’s response to COVID-19./ Estudiantes, inmigrantes y trabajadores quienes están siendo excluidos de la respuesta del gobierno a COVID-19.

MAF’s Rapid Response Fund provides $500 direct grants to students, low income, and immigrant households who are otherwiseineligible for government support. All grants are unrestricted in order to help people cover whatever is most pressing in their lives. The Fund also provides zero interest bridge loans of $2,500 for small business owners. All applicants apply through MAF’s Coronavirus Resources Finder –an application that pulls together the resources that are available for each applicant, including federal, state, and local programs. The application outlines 3-4 eligible programs or support for each applicant, including –where applicable –MAF cash grants and bridge loans, like MAF’s Rapid Response Fund.
Individual peole. No application link. It had a link that said "Let's talk" and that prompted to go to the email that I linked the application cell to
CARECEN Immigrant Families Fund / Fondo de Familias Inmigrantes de CARECENResources has been working to change an unjust immigration system, win legal status for immigrants, and foster community activism on issues such as education reform, workers’ and immigrants’ rights, economic justice and community strengthening.Families that need assistance to pay for housing, healthcare, food, transportation, education technology and other vitals. /

Familias que necesitan asistencia para pagar la vivienda, la atención médica, la alimentación, el transporte, la tecnología educativa y otros elementos vitales.
Individual people. No application link.
only found a donation link
Immigrants RisingApplication more than a decade, our San Francisco-based organization has transformed individuals and fueled broader changes around the country. With our resources and support, undocumented people are able to get an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

In 2018, we changed our name to Immigrants Rising to better reflect who we are, what we represent, and where we are headed. Our collective power is helping our nation edge closer to fulfilling its ideal as a land of opportunity and access for all.

We are a fiscally-sponsored project of Community Initiatives.
Immigrants Rising’s Entrepreneurship Fund provides grants to undocumented entrepreneurs working to create positive social change.kickstarter grantTrev, check the covid part.. I did not see anything in particular to covid but people could apply for the kickstarter entrepreneurship fund.
Latinx Elder Mutual AidFor Latinas/o/e/x people over 65 years of age who work non-wage jobs like street vending, can collectors, sales by catalog or swap meet, house cleaners. $100-$250 per family.
Para las personas Latinas/o/e/x mayores de 65 de edad que por lo general no tienen trabajo de pago por hora. Por ejemplo, vendedores ambulantes, limpiadores de casa, vendedores por catalogo, recolectores de botes. $100-250 por familia.
Application is in English and Spanish. /

Solicitud en inglés y español.
Trev, the applications for this fund has expiredIndividual people. Application has expired
TechqueriaApplication / solicitud: for people who are undocumentedIndividual people. Application has expired
COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC PeopleApplication are prioritizing LGBTQI+, non-binary, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming people of color because we often have less ties to familial support networks, we have historically been simultaneously overlooked and surveilled by welfare state systems, our needs have been surplus to mainstream political formations, and we tend to work in the gig economy.In our commitment to mutual aid, we have decided to support funding requests in the style of a rolling jubilee. Individual people. Survey Closed
University of CaliforniaApplication UC system announced $2 million in research grants for short-term, high-impact projects focused on health issues related to COVID-19, colloquially known as the coronavirus, Monday.

The award, which can be up to $25,000 per recipient, is available immediately, according to a press release. It is meant to be a seed fund to help speed up the research processes.

The money will go toward research focusing particularly on health issues of vulnerable communities, the complexity of diseases and data.
Seed funding for research projects. Could possibly propose project so we could pay community members to participate as researchers in community-based research?Grant already has 100 applicants. Funding expired April 14th, 2020