[DO NOT DELETE] This sheet is for anyone in the Communications/Media industries willing to do pro bono work to help out other industry folk.
If you're not a journalist, please specify what you do so there's no confusion.
This is strictly career-adjacent work, not a way to advertise services for nonprofits. DO NOT USE THE EMAILS ON THIS LIST FOR YOUR OWN PR PURPOSES. Any questions about this form: please get in touch via DMs @weischoice
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NamePronounsPreferred Contact MethodWebsiteWilling to Help WithDon't Ask Me About
Currently Available (Y/N)
Additional InfoInstructions re: follow ups
Laura Pellicershe/ or DM @lauraplive
resumes, portfolio critique, general advice, practice interviews, digital strategy advice, experience as an immigrant, experience with work visas etc. I generally don't answer pitches that are not pertinant to my current work or roleyesI really enjoy helping interns and folks who need a bit of confidence (or a lot of confidence!) to make their first moves. I enjoy empowering women and, women IDed folk. But honestly, anyone who needs a boost - I like giving pep talks :) Warning, I am VERY honest with my feedback. I appreciate 1-2 email nudges (ideally at least a week after). My inboxes are terrifying places.
Kimiya ShokoohiShe/Her or DM @kimiyasho on Instagram and Twitter to Help WithTechnology, any projects pertaining to east coast CanadaYes
Sonia WeiserShe/Her or DM @weischoice
soniaweiser.wordpress.comresumes, portfolio critique, general advice, practice interviews, chronic mental illness and needing to vent about it etc. where to send pitches, if I can edit your pitch, how I run my newsletter, personal editor contacts, contract issues including AB5 adjacent questionsYesBest to send specific questionsI promise I'll get to it. No need to nudge
Fiza PiraniShe/Herfiza.pirani@gmail.comfizapirani.netresume/portfolio critique, general advice, "minority" (hate that term) experience in journalism, experience with immigrant parents and journalism/creative careersediting services, newsletter management, any commissioned services offered on website (girl gotta eat!)YesPriority to marginalized workers, new professionals, anyone affected financially by covid-19. But will likely be able to assist anyone at all.Feel free to nudge if I don't respond after a week, though Gmail tends to do the nudging, too! 6
Gabriel GreschlerHe him or DM @ggreschler
ggreschler.comMaking the jump from student journalist->professional journalist, general advicewhere to send pitches, if I can edit your pitch, how I run my newsletter
Somdyuti Datta Rayshe/her / @hellodyuti
somdyuti.contently.comresume/portfolio/pitch critiqueediting pitches/servicesYesespecially happy to help BIPOC individuals
Tim Herrerahe/him@timherrera
Sign up for weekly newsletter and Zoom panels about making it as a freelancerIndividual pitch reviews/feedbackYes
Anjulie Raoshe/ / @anjulieraoanjulierao.infowebsite/public-facing collateral crit / topic dicscussions around writing about architecture/designediting specific pieces/pitchesyesLove to hear from people interested in writing about architecture/design! Women/BIPOC please reach out!Please bug me if I don't follow up within five days
Erik ShermanIf you spell my name correctly, we're fineerikbsherman@gmail.comeriksherman.comcontract review, pitch reviewsyesYou must have read the contract yourself and developed questionsGive me a few days
Melissa Lewisshe/hermlewis at / @iff_or
data analysis and visualization, database systems, records requests, Python programming, Git and GitHubpitchingYesPriority is folks at local or non-profit newsrooms, freelancers from underrrepresented backgrounds in journalism
Britany Robinsonshe/her / @britseeingstars pitch advice/feedbackYesSend me a google doc with your pitch and I'll add feedback. Happy to suggest publications and offer editor contacts if they're publicly available.
Paris Martineaushe/herDM @parismartineauparismartineau.compitching advice, reporting questions, early career advice, questions about tech journalismediting specific pitches\pieces, direct contacts, yesgive me a few days. if i don't get back to you in a week, bug me again
Résumé critique, portfolio review, career advice, interview guidance. Sports editor at the Orlando Sentinel, but I also have news experience. Unfortunately, I have no job openings and my freelance budget is frozen. I will answer questions about anything but want you to know that up front
Yes, but have limited openings weekly due to other commitments
I love it when you come with questions and any phone contact we have will be 30 minutes or less, so be preparedPlease do follow up if you have not heard from me within a week
Jackie Manskyshe/her or DM @jasmansky
pitching advice for history-specific websites, editing history-specific essays, early-career adviceYes
Mark Yarmhe/ / @markyarminputmag.comCareer advice for writers and editors, pitching adviceYesI should get back to you right away. If you haven't heard back in a week, please follow up!
Abby Lee Hoodshe/they
abigailhood17@gmailcom / @abbyleehood
www.abbyleehood.comA free copy of "Pitches that worked," compilation of pitches landed in MTV, Teen Vogue, and more, and a free feature writing guideEditor contact information, jobs, etc. I am but a humble freelancer.YesClick here to get that free PDF with pitches that worked; these totaled more than $1,700 income for me: Click here to read my basic guide to feature writing:
Anna Dimondshe/heranna.dimond@gmail.com on/honing pitches, especially for outdoors/adventure sports contacts, resumes, job market -- I'm freelancing anew myselfYes
Paul Tullisptullis@gmail.compaultullis.netfeedback on feature pitches for major magazinescelebrity, entertainmentLimited
Review my website & or this to see if I am the right person to help you
Jeff Siegeljeff-siegel@hotmail.comwinecurmudgeon.comLife as a freelancerYesHappy to share 20+ years of freelancing experience
Eleanor CumminsShe/herelliepses@gmail.comeleanorcummins.comContract questions, science/health/environmental journalism, pitchingYes
Matt Crossmanmcrossman98@gmail.commattcrossman.comwhatever you want to ask me about
Stu VanAirsdalehe/his/himstvanairsdale@gmail.comstvanairsdale.comwhatever you want to ask me aboutYesSend emails with specific, direct questions and I can usually respond w/in 48 hoursNudge me after 72 hours; I don't like outstanding business
Zack Ruskinhe/ / @zackruskinzackruskin.comPitching national outlets, pitching regionals, freelance advice, whatever else. Premiering your song.YesI cover cannabis, music, books, comedy, drag, and esoteric history but happy to speak generally as well.It shouldn't be an issue but please wait at least 48 hours between emails. Thanks!
Caitlin Deweyshe/hercaitlin.dewey@gmail.comcaitlindewey.comYour existential crisis! (Or really anything else.) I work at a local paper but spent six years at a national one. So happy to talk you through unconventional career moves, freelancing, budgeting for weird life/career changes, etc.YesPlease ping me if I don't get back to you within the week.
Foram Mehta & Alina Heimshe/herWebsite contact We're offering free professional profile audits (resume + online presence) YesUPDATE: We are refocusing our efforts to help those most in need right now. Free audits are for people who are at least one of the following: 1) Unemployed due to COVID 2) Newly graduated and entering the job market 3) BIPOC

We're two content + digital strategists — all the info on our site!
You'll hear back from us ASAP with next steps
Waverly Colvilleshe/her or website contact form
waverlycolville.comAny college student or early career journalist who needs insight on internships, college, first jobs, living in NYC/the NY media scene, resumes and cover letters, working in TV or print newsrooms, working on a documentary-style show, and being an Asian American journalistfreelancingYesI've covered business, international politics, sports, investigative stories and breaking news. I have experience in print, broadcast and podcasts on both local, national and international levels. I currently am a production associate for HBO, and have written/worked for The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and CNBC.Feel free to ping me if I don't get back to you within a few days.
D Pariharhe/himdeepsinghparihar@gmail.comseasonalfriend.comHow to take care of a cat during a pandemic. Writing, designing and self-publishing ebooks. Stand up routine. LinkedIn profile audits. Content Marketing. Hindu mythology. Yoga. How to be a better freelancer.Yes.In case you would like to know more about how I can help you, go through my website. Refer to the 4th column. If I don't respond within 48 hours, nudge me with a subject line saying 'I love cats too.' That would do the trick.
Jennifer Billockshe/herjenniferjoanbillock@gmail.comearly career advice, pitching advice, general writing business advicebook proposalsYesMention you found me on this list, otherwise I might not reply
AC Shiltonshe/herac.shilton@gmail.comwww.acshilton.comquestions on investigative reporting, advice on freelancing (business stuff and navigating life stuff), growing your portfolio, general pitch advice individual pitch editing, how to get your own Netflix show (it's complicated). YesOne follow up is fine, if I don't get back to you after that I'm probably overwhelmed or your a cis-gendered white man who will do just fine in this industry without my help.
Mary Strokashe/
early career advice. can look over resumes and help with interview prep.Cover letters (unless you just need one proofed). This is something I struggle with myself!YesI've worked in PR, internal comms, business to business writing (my current position), community journalism, educationD's recommendation sounds awesome so I'm going to steal that ha: "If I don't respond within 48 hours, nudge me with a subject line saying 'I love cats too.' That would do the trick."
Mandy Hofmockelshe/
early career advice. resume and cover letter reviewsI don't know as much about freelancing as others on this great doc do!Yes
Kate Hidalgo Bellows
she/herkate.bellows@gmail.comHonestly just go on my twitterReading over resumes; Questions about student journalism; balancing a campus job with being a student journalist; freelance reporting on COVID-19; being the baby in the newsroom (I legit haven't graduated yet); Latinx/womxn in the newsroom; how to advocate for yourself (and some cautionary tales); catsDogs (other than Mandy's 🥰), data, being a top editor. Probably shouldn't come to me if you're looking for someone suuuuuper experienced, but rather a close-in-age mentor and friendYes, but may take a little bit to respondIsland Packet workforce and livability reporter with RFA in Hilton Head, South CarolinaI'll respond, just send me a follow up in a week if I haven't yet
Mallory Carrashe/hermallory at mallorycarra.commallorycarra.comearly career advice, advice about waiting out a recession and returning to journalism (I did it in 2008-9); being one of the only people of color in a newsroom; general freelance advice (business stuff and what a pitch should look like), interview advice, career advice; advice about working in journalism outside of NYC; working non-journalism jobs and how your skills can be useful; bouncing back after a layoffWriting your pitch for you, where to pitch (I get asked this a lot and only you know your story best and where you want it to be placed); making job decisions for you; how to get into screenwriting; I also cannot get you an interview or a job at my current companyYI've been working as a journalist and editor for over 15 years for various beats, most recently as an Entertainment editor at Bustle. I'm based in LA. I run a jounro jobs newsletter for West Coast journalists: Send a follow up in a week if you haven't heard from me
Aaron Gerryhe/himgerry.aaron@gmail.comaarongerry.comI'm about 1.5 years into freelance writing, so I'm not sure I can offer much career advice. But, happy to review pitches, or provide feedback on pieces you've writtenCover letter or resume reviewsYI've written for Climbing, Rock and Ice, and ESPN (about climbing) ;D

Trying to figure next steps, whether that includes grad school, doing more content marketing, trying to land a FT job at a newspaper, etc.
Jamie Hartfordshe/herJLHartford@gmail.comresumes, freelance advice, advice on getting a job/working in b2b media, general adviceYI've been a freelance journalist, as well as an on-staff editor at a number of media brands (mostly b2b).
Joshua Eatonhe/himjoshua.eaton2@gmail.comhttps://joshuaeaton.netearly career advice, freelance advice, advice on breaking into investigative/enterprise reporting, FOIA/public records advice, reporting advice, general advice cover letters or resumes; pitching cultural criticism, arts reporting or personal essays (I've never done it!)yI did not have a traditional path to journalism, and I'm very happy to talk to other people with similar paths (and anyone else, too, really).Please don't be shy! I'm busy and a little scattered these days, like everyone else.
Maggy Lehmickeshe/herlehmicke.maggy@gmail.comwww.maggylehmicke.comEarly career advice, pitching advice (i.e. angles, outlets, etc.), writing resources, idea brainstorms, and any other freelance-related advice.YI've been a freelance journalist for several years and worked in PR prior to that. Happy to help beginning freelancers or those with similar career paths who could just use a second eye on something.Cute dog photos and GIFs are sure to get my attention (especially pugs).
Babette Dunkelgrunshe/herbdunkelgrun@gmail.comwww.bdunkelgrun.comEdits, ideas, writing of the non-fiction kind (personal growth to memoir)YBackground in journalism, publishing, teaching, marketingFeel free to reach out
Raksha Kumarshe/herkumar.raksha@gmail.comwww.rakshakumar.comCareer advice for writers and editors, pitching adviceEditor's contacts. Things are changing rapidly and I am not sure I can help thereYI have been a human rights journalists for 10 years now. I am based in India. And have written for international publications
Lisa Levyshe/herlisa@deadcritics.comwww.deadcritics.comAdvice on breaking into book reviewing or covering books, pitching, researching venues, dealing with editors, CNF, pitching and writing essays, low-res MFAEditor contacts, critiques of essays/piecesYI've been in book revieiwing and criticism for around 20 years. I'm now pivoting and writing more personal essays and I'm happy to give advice on either area.I try to respond quickly so we can determine the best way for for to helop you. If I'm still not writing to you after a week, feel free to write again.
Sarah Wellsshe/ early career science and tech journalism (mostly freelance but could discuss a part-time staff job too,) past internship experience, time-management Unfortunately I don't have the time to review or give any notes on pitches/resumes/cover letters/drafts etcYI have a master's in Science Journalism and have been freelancing for about two years (more info on my website)I'll hopefully respond within a week, but it may be over the weekend!
Mark Liebermanhe/him/hismark.aaron.lieberman@gmail.comadvice on where and how to pitch; resume/cover letter editing; suggestions for sources of job listings; guidance on how to identify/contact/communicate with sources; ideas for other people to reach out to for journalism adviceI've had full-time jobs at: a weekly print local newspaper; a daily online publication for education professionals; a daily free newspaper tied to a national outlet. I've written for a variety of outlets based in DC and NY, on topics including local news, film/TV and the performing arts.
Laura Petreccashe/her LAPetrecca@gmail.comLauraPetrecca.comresume help, LinkedIn help, advice on breaking into a media job, advice on transitioning from a newsroom to a role outside of traditional journalism, advice on launching your own businessYI've worked at a variety of media companies - Gannett, Rodale, NewsCorp. Crain Communications - in a wide range of editorial roles including reporter, editor and bureau chief.
Sarah Durnshe/hersarahdurn3@gmail.comsarahdurn.comadvice on pitches, book proposals, book writing, balancing writing with other artistic pursuits (I'm also an actor)Specific editor contactsYPlease check out my website before reaching out, and send a few specific questions. I'd love to be a resource to other folks, but be sure I'm the right person to give you the guidance that you need.Please feel free to follow up after a week. I'd love to chat!
Harrison Epsteinhe/him
@harrisonepstein on Twitter or
Hejournalism.comFinding work early in your career, transitioning into full-time employment, interview advice, growing your skill setYesIn two years out of college I have worked as a full-time prep sports reporter at multiple weeklies and as a designer/copy editor at daily papers (currently)Send as many follow ups as you want
Emily Tamkinshe/heremilyctamkin@gmail.comemilytamkin.compitching, contacts if I have them, general information about book pitching processI mean you can ask me whatever. If I can't help I'll just say no.Was part of the BF cuts last year, so - solidarityGive me a week, please!
James A-Parsonshe/him@jamesxparsonsWork for environment journos, climate-sci communicators and sustainability copywriters in the UK if I can yCurrently on furlough so now is a good time to reach out to meI'll try and help as quickly as I can.
Steven Blumhe/him@stevenblumwww.steven-blum.netPitch critique, ideas for sourcing, interviewing help, negotiating, guidance on the writing processI can't edit your article for free.YI've been freelancing on and off for more than a decade, and have been through many crises. Wait a few days.
Joni Deutschshe/her@achangeoftune
Advice on podcasting and audio storytelling (storyboarding content, marketing, etc.), brainstorming strategies to encourage audience engagement and community-building, guidance for early career growth (particularly women in digital/media).No question is a bad question! (Unless it is a bad question. But we can figure that out.)YesHave 10+ years of radio/podcasting experience between local public radio stations and NPR Music programming.I'm usually quick to respond, and dog pictures are a plus!
Molly McLaughlinshe/hermollysgmcl@gmail.commollysgmcl.comFreelancing in general, starting a podcastAnything that will take me more than half an hourYes4+ years as a freelance journalist between Mexico and Australia writing for mostly US-based pubs. Just launched an indie podcastWait 48 hrs, you're probably on my list.
Robin Catalanoshe/herrobin.catalano@gmail.comTips for writing a book proposal that publishers will actually pay attention toAdvice on specific pieces of writing, publishers you should submit your work to, submitting the work for you (you'll want an agent for that), editorial contacts Yes20+ years' experience editing for large NYC houses and small niche publishers. I've also taught classes on how to create a book proposal, and several alums have gotten publishing deals.I'm available by appointment between 7:30am and 3:00pm EST on weekdays only. Once you contact me, I'll send you a scheduling link. EDIT: I've had several no-shows for appointments. Please request an appointment only if you're committed to keeping it. Thanks.
Dana Sitarshe/herdana@danasitar.comdanasitar.comFeedback on pitches; focused on service journalism and blog writingWhere to pitch, freelancing ratesYes10 years' experience writing and editing in digital media, incl. four years as full-time editor/manager at a popular niche site. Lots of experience coaching and teaching writers and editors :) My expertise is personal finance and careers, but can give feedback on writing on any subject.I'll reply within a week. Feel free to nudge after that in case I missed your email!
Suchi Rudrashe/hersuchiprague@gmail.comsuchirudra.comCan help with: pitching, getting into content writing, freelancing as a digital nomad, how to write an ebook, rate negotiation, writing/revising a novel, starting out as a freelance writer and probably other stuff too... editor contactsyesI have over 10 years experience as a freelance writer for consumer and trade pubs as well as global brands. Specialties include higher ed, business tech, building/design, travel. As a former digital nomad, I've worked/reported from all over the world.
Griffin WynneThey/themgriffinwynne@gmail.comgriffinwynne.compitching, drafting emails/resumes, talking to editors and pubs about pronouns/trans inclusive work spaces, starting out as a writer, etcboard games yesgive me a second email in a few days !!I do well with reminders
Jeff KronenfeldHe/himjeffkronenfeld@gmail.comjeff-k.comFeedback on pitches; advice on pitches, orginization, research, finding sources both human and textual, starting outAMA, but I may not answer if I'm on deadlineYes
Cady Drellshe/her What my former publications are looking for now—I can tell you who to reach out to but I have no idea what their prerogative is beyond who's there and what I did! And please don't send me your stories and ask me to edit them or what you should do differently. I'm happy to help you figure out where to pitch it based on a general description though!Y
Alex Finkelshe/herafinkel720@gmail.comhiring director at bustle digital group, resume help, interview advice, general career adviceyesfeel free to follow up!
Martin GUttridge-Hewitt
Him/he, CV help, pitch tips, getting started The future YesChase me!
Iris Goldsztajnshe/heririsgoldsztajn@gmail.comirisgoldsztajn.comProofreading, copy editing, general commiseratingYesWas associate editor at Her Campus, now mainly do content writing in wellness/lifestyle, and otherwise write about lifestyle/wellness/entertainment for InStyle, SheKnows, Stylist, etc. Working on a novel.Write Sonia or similar in the subject line and I'll get back to you asap!
Melissa Hartshe/hermelissahartsmith@gmail.comwww.melissahart.comResources for diverse, marginalized writers. Help with magazine, newspaper & book editor pitches, how to spin one idea for multiple publications, how to build a social media presence, how kids can start publishing, YesContributing editor at The Writer Magazine, author of two memoirs, one middle grade novel, one middle grade nonfiction graphic book, and Better with Books: 500 Diverse Books to Ignite Empathy and Encourage Self-Acceptance in Tweens and Teens. Articles in Washington Post, LA Times, Real Simple, The Advocate, etc.
Nithin Cocahe/him2020@nithincoca.comnithincoca.comInternational freelancing, transition from non-profit to journalism, self-promotion, Asia-freelancing, feature writing, environmental/energy journalism.YesAlso work as a regional editor for China Dialogue, and newsletter writer for the Environmental Reporting CollectiveEmail me - happy to help anyone any way I can.
Dan HigginsHe/himdanhiggins@gmail.comI'm good if you just need to talk it all out. Help you see what's next. I'll look at your resume, and can help you with pitches, story ideas, etc. It's a small world, perhaps I can put you in touch with the right person.I'm afraid I don't have time to edit a complete piece.YesI'm a journalism professor at a small college. I help students with similar issues all the time. I'm trying to build my own reputation as an essayist / narrative features writer, but it's going slowly (I blame the day job).Put "Journo help" or "Sonia Weiser list" in the subject and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm not teaching right now but I am on lockdown with an elementary schooler, so life is a bit nuts. I will get back to you within a day or two.
Rachel Dobbsshe/herrd@rachel-dobbs.comwww.rachel-dobbs.comI'm happy to help with editing pitches, formulating story ideas, taking a look at drafts etc.Where to send pitches -- I stuggle with this myself!YesI've been a freelancer for 2 years (my whole journalism career). I've written on a wide variety of subjects for the Economist, the Guardian, BBC, etc. I'm still (relatively) green but I'll do my very best to helpIf I haven't replied in a week, give me a nudge. Please put "Journo help" or similar in the subject line.
Asavari Sharmashe/herconnect@asavarisharma.comwww.asavarisharma.comProofreading, copy editing, general commiseratingPersonal editor contactsYesI am an independent copywriter, markter and a web journalist. We can talk about anything and everyhting related to writing!Feel free to follow up with me
Miranda PaleyShe/her
tweet @paleymir, I'll send email / DM access
communication careers for science PhDs, breaking into #scicomm, where to look for jobs / where to pitch as a freelancer, etc., Anything that would only be relevant to a full fledged journalist., or connections to my previous employer, unless we've built a relationshipYesI am NOT a journalist. I'm a chemistry PhD and science communications professional. I've served as an editor for a scientific journal where I received pitches and collaborated with editors and freelancers on science journalism that appeared in our journal and I've also served as a PIO pitching to editors who would then assign writers to content in my journalshouldn't need to, I don't get too many mentions so preferred method is the least likely to get lost
Sophie McBainShe/hersophie.mcbain@gmail.comGeneral advice on starting out, pitching advice,Ask anything, and if I can't help you with it I'll tell you! I'm really busy during the pandemic, so I have to keep things brief and can't edit pitches/pieces. Yes
Ghazala IrshadShe/ I'll review your resume/cover letter/fellowship app or provide advice on international reporting, editing, freelancing, pivoting to PR/comms workAsk me anything! If I can't help you, I'll try my best to find you someone who willyes
Eliza LevinsonShe/Herelizalevinson@gmail.com pitches, advice on how to freelance for US pubs from abroad, proofreadingeditor contactsYes
Bex vanKootthey/thembexvankoot@gmail.combexvankoot.comContent marketing LOI critique, pitch workshopping, brainstorming sessions, resources for who to pitch, rate questions, advice on getting paid as an international freelancer working with US publicationsI'm fine giving suggestions for finding editor contacts or sharing ones that are publicly available, but I recommend the resources available for finding calls for pitchesyes
Josie Thaddeus-Johns
She/herjthaddeusjohns@gmail.comhttp://www.josietj.comPitching advice, general pep talks, freelancing for US pubs from abroad inc payment stuff, getting started in freelance journalismdid you try googling it?yesBritish art and culture writer/editor, spent 7 years freelancing in Berlin - now in Cambridge MA. I write about art and culture stuff for places like the NYT, Economist, Guardian, Financial Times etc. Having said that - I learned it all as I went along
Ashley PowersShe/herashleylynnpowers@gmail.comwww.ashleypowers.netPitch critique, reporting 101 adviceEditing, personal editor contacts, making this work financiallyYesI spent the first part of my career at daily newspapers, and now write longform features for magazines. Specific questions/requests please.Let me know you found me via this spreadsheet. Follow up after a week.
Michele Bigleyshe/herfarflungmichele@gmahttp://michelebigley.comadvice on teaching (or becoming a teacher); pitching, writing about environmental, parenting, travel; general advice about writing/teachingASk me! If I can't help (or don't want to), I'll tell you.yesI teach academic and travel writing at a US university. I have been a freelancer since 2006.
Hanaa' Tameezshe/herhanaa@niemanlab.org on journalism school (both undergrad and graduate school), applying to first journalism jobs, diversity and inclusion issues, internships, workshopping stories, cover letters Just ask! I'll tell you if I can't help! Don't just ask for contacts.yesI'm a staff writer for Nieman Lab and write about journalism innovation. Alumna of Stony Brook University Journalism School and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Please let me know you're contacting me because you found my info on this spreadsheet. And follow up after one week if I don't get back to you!
Pete CamarilloHe/HimDM @petecertified on Twitter
Transitioning from news to marketing and public relations, breaking into sports writing and independent podcastingGetting on-airYesI'm a media relations professional for Business Wire. Additionally, I've been an independent podcasting for five years. I'm also a freelance sports writer who has covered Lakers games with bylines at many digital outlets. Let me know if you have any specific interests. If not, that's ok too.
Andre Geehe/ for beginning journalists, freelancing, pitching.Ask and I'll let you know if whether I can help or not!YesI'm a freelance music writer and essayist focusing on social/cultural analysis through a pop/culture lens. Feel free to followup within a week if I haven't replied.
Ifeanyi Dikehe/himdesmond@deepinsideai.comdeepinsideai.comData analysis/visualization, machine learning, Python programming, ReactJs, Flask/Django, Web development, Tech writingAsk! I'll tell you if I can't help!YesWrite "Sonia" in the subject line just so I know.
Annie Hyltonshe/herAnniehylton@gmail.comanniehylton.cominvestigative reporting, trauma-informed interviewing and informed consent (ethics in reporting), pitching, preparing on-the-ground reporting and safety tips. ?Yes
Andrew Zaleskihe/himajzaleski@protonmail.comandrewzaleski.comcontact, reading pitchesYesI check that email once a week.
So don't worry if I don't reply
on a Monday; I'll get to it soon.
Olivia Feldshe/heroliviatfeld@gmail.comwww.oliviafeld.comBreaking into the journalism industry, writing pitches, ideas of places and people to reach out to for pitches, working abroad, scholarships and grad school applicationsAsk any question and I'll tell you if I don't know the answer! YesI founded a group for women journalists in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've worked in TV, radio, trade and newspaper and has had experience in the US and UK. Priority given to all groups under represented in journalism. Introduce yourself and tell me how I can help. Happy to answer questions or make introductions.
Larissa Zimberoffshe/herlzimberoff@gmail.comlarissazimberoff.comchanging careers, journalism school, how to pitch editors you don't know, review of pitch and story ideas, freelance career questions, agents and book publishing. I cover the intersection of Food, Business and Technology. It could be of greatest benefit if you're also in or near those sectors.Ask awayYesLate career change to journalism. Book being published this coming January.I read all my emails and reply as soon as I can.
Max Savage Levenson
review pitches, j-school, marijuana industry anything, music journalism / criticism, podcast production, interview skillsask awayoui
Ilana Kaplanshe/herilanamichellekaplan@gmail.comwww.ilanamichellekaplan.comreview pitches, how to pitch editors, changing careers, journalism, freelance career questions, music/entertainment journalismAsk awayyes
Sirena Bergmanshe/
Breaking into ournalism, pitching to editors, freelance career questions, politics, editing, CVs, diversifying your team, just a chatAsk awayyesPriority to BIPOC, queer POC, WOC and differently abled POC. Can mostly help from a UK perspective but happy to offer anything I canPlease chase! Twitter DMs also open
Tiffany MoustakasShe/ or DM @tiffmoustakas on Twitter career advice, being a journalist as a child of immigrants/coming from a low-income background, arts and culture writing, reporting 101, editing, newsroom leadershipI don't have a lot of freelancing experience and I'm not a hiring manager, so I can't help there!Yes!I'm happy to help anyone and everyone! I'm currently an associate web editor for Adweek, spent 3 years working as an arts and culture reporter for a local Bronx paper, and used to write arts, cutlure, and entertainment for A Plus, Ashton Kutcher's positive journalism site.Follow up if you haven't heard from me in a day or two! You can also DM me on Instagram @tiffmoustakas.
Vanessa McGradyShe/Hervanessa@vanessamcgrady.comvanessamcgrady.comAdvice on running a freelance business, content writing, memoir writing Ask awayyesSuper happy to help BIPOC, homeless, LGBTQ and anyone who considers themselves in a marginalized population.
Liz LandauShe/Herlizzie.landau@gmail.comlizlandau.comScience writing/journalism/communication, balancing PIO and freelance work, geeking out about spaceI'm not in a position to hire anyoneyesHave worked in a major TV newsroom, a major government agency, and forged a side career in freelanceFollow up if no response in a few days. I'm @lizlandau
Sarah FieldingShe/
Freelance journalism, pitching, rates, advice on starting out as a freelancerYesHappy to help out any freelancers starting out, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ with being successful as a freelancer!If I don't respond in a week follow up
Nicole CarpenterShe/her or @sweeetpotatoes on Twitter
Polygon.comfreelance advice, pitching questions, reportingYesMost of my experience is in the tech and video game sectors. Happy to help with advice there.
Courtney Rubinshe/hercourtney.rubin@gmail.comsee @courtneybrubin freelance advice and pitching qs
Kelly Dilworth Campbell
she/herkmdilworth@gmail.com a financially sustainable freelance writing career, practicing journalism for nontraditional outlets, adding a personal finance and product journalism niche to your portfolio (and how to use this in-demand niche to build a more stable client base AND help consumers), freelancing with ADHD, freelancing as a parent and/or freelancing as a bandwidth-limited introvert. Also available for peer support and commiseration, sharing source contacts and leads and recommending helpful resources.Cold pitching: I still struggle with this myself. (I can direct you to a number of great resources, though.) Yes, but with limited availability and bandwidth until schools and daycare centers reopen. Happy to chat via phone or Skype or share some tips and resources via email. I've been happily freelancing since 2013. Most of my clients are personal finance websites (such as The Balance, LendingTree, Bankrate/, Forbes Advisor, etc.) I also ghostwrite B2C and author content.Please do nudge me, especially if I promised something and then forgot. I'm well-intentioned, but also scattered and exhausted.
Yousef H. Alshammari
He/Himyhs.journo@gmail.comsee @YousefWryRoninsource connecting, proofreading/editing, discussing the importance of media separatism for BIPOCAnything that blatantly shows you want me to do the work for you
yes, but please keep in mind I am also a cog in the machine...always swamped with stuff.
I write about politics and culture in a globalizing worldif i dont answer within a week, nudge me with intense anger and call me out for not replying
Layla Schlackshe/herlayla.jasmine@gmail.comlaylaschlack.comcopy editing/proofreading, pitch coaching, general advice about staff jobs in food/wine lifestyle mediaAsk away!YesMy experience is in print, so I can't speak much to digital lead times or SEONudge me after a week if you don't hear back
Natalie Mooreshe/
resumes and cover letters, audience engagement work, self-care/mental health, regional publications, magazine journalism, networking, negotiation, digital journalismAsk me anything!YesI've worked at a variety of regional magazine publications in audience/digital roles. I'm probably not the best to speak about the print side but happy to point you in the right direction.Nudge me if you don't hear back in 5 days. You can also reach me on social channels @nemoore91
Holly Ojalvoshe/ or twitter DM
resumes, cover letters, copy editing/proofreading, career coachingyesI have led newsroom hiring and cultural initiatives, run a digital media startup, and run content verticalsfeel free to nudge me if you don't hear back in a week
Anthony McGlynnHe/Him DM (@AntoMcG
Breaking into games journalism, reporting, news writing, pitching, research, cover letters/resumeYesHave freelanced for most of the major outlets, and have connections within almost all. If I can't help, I can almost certainly point you to someone who can. Would especially love to help any Irish folk looking to break in or give it a go!Definitely nudge me if I don't respond within a week. If I don't respond I'm just a wee bit swamped!
Joseph Fridmanhe/him/his; @joseph_fridman;
Anything - audio, #scicomm networking, pitching, writing workshop (Beyond the Ivory Tower) anything!Yes
Nudge me!