Consumer Spending - 2nd pd (Responses)
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What is your name?How much will you spend on APPs? How much will you spend on Ares? How much will you spend on Pop Stars? How much will you spend on Mosleybeach? How much will you spend on Sheldon's? How much will you spend on Mark's?How much will you spend on The Loop?How much will you spend on Mo-Town?TOTAL SpendingWhat factors were most important to you in making your decisions?How well did you satisfy your needs? Explain.How well did you satisfy your wants? Explain.Give constructive feedback to one company about the product they are selling. What is the appeal, and what could they improve to get more business?Give constructive feedback to another company about their advertisement. What was effective, and what could they improve to better reach their target audience?Individual Spending Grade
Take 1$326$140$1,263$757$560$414$210$340$4,0104.5 - Read question about feedback more carefully
Take 2$360$269$492$692$700$337$200$550$3,990
Justin Burwell2002020000140200Novelty of idea, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingNot that great, none of the products were for needs.Not that great, none of the products appealed to my wantsSporting goods, make more sense of what your sellingsheldon's, pick a better song.
Sir Herp Derpington, Lord of Middle Earth, but you can call me Nico, or the Great Satan200100080000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of producti didnt need any of the options, so i guess i completely satisfied them.i completely satisfied my wants. i didnt have to compromise. i bought what i wanted and im happy with it.The popsicle commercial was fabulous. maybe show the product more, but otherwise it was good.the app thing sounded cool, but i was a little confused on how it works and why it costs so much. i need more info and facts.
Yasmine Siwan8605010054100210Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingWell I thought my needs were satisfied exspecially when I invested in
I think most of these products were wants so I think my wants were satisfied .Well I thought Pop stars was a great product, but I think they need to add more information on there flavors.I really loved the Frozen Yogurt shop was very goood, but I really want to see what kind of yougurt or deserts they have.
Matthew Hutzenbuhler0010000000100Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingMy tastebuds are sated.I never shall want for popsicles again.Sheldon's. Be more fresh.Mo-town. Make shoes cost less.1 - math not correct, answers aren't serious, did not re-do
Lilly Portenier001005005000200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Improving my standard of livingi didnt because i didnt buy anything that is a needvery well because everything i bought was a want mo'town, too much money for just one pair of shoes, i wont have money to buy anything else i want or needpop stars, i really like the commercial it caught my attention but i couldent undersand some of the tings that you were saying
Jonas P.0000002000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Satisfying needs before wantsdidn't invest in a spending money on the club, and get to party. and it satisfied me good.the $200 shoes, they could have made that a bit more clear.but i don't think you guys could have done any better, i'm just know that i don't eat much sugar , so parties is apealing more towards me.
Daniel L. Gonzalez20204020802000200Getting the most for my money, Improving my standard of living, The Adverts Were HilariousI didn't satisfy my needs at all. Minus the coffee... I need that to live! But othere than that most of the products offered were wants, not needs, so it was impossile to acctually satisfy my needs.I have satisfied my wants by wasting my money!For the Popsicle Shop

A physical store would be very appealing
For Adam Latta's Group

I have no idea what your acctaully selling. I think if you list a price and product and not charge a ridiculous amount of money, it would be a lot better.
Nicholas Apostolico20017820000200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, i like popsiclesi dont really need gym products, because i have a gym membership and im a succsessful entrapenuerI had craving only posicles could cureFor mo-town i wasent really sure what they were selling, so i didnt really know why i should buy.The apps were a really good idea and i think that the ad could have been a little more appealing to the audience.
Nathan Browning0075250000100Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Improving my standard of livingNot at all. The coffe and popsicles are both wants that will lift my moralle, and none of the goods and services are absolutly essential for ones survival.Very well. 2 of my favorite things in the world are the beach and popsicles, so spending my money on the two will make me a happier person.The sports shop should go into detail about the products in their store and how it will help us.I want to know more about the popsicles cuz they tasty2 - math not correct, read quesitons more carefully, did not re-do
Deborah Rosengarth00801200000200Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of living, I like edible things.I satisfied my need for coffee (and yes that is a need) very well and for a price I am glad to pay.I satisfied my want for popsicles very well- I even have enough to share.Ares- if you want others to get excited about your product, be more enthusiastic yourselves!Mo-town: 200 dollars for a pair of used shoes?! If you want people to invest, lower your prices.
Sami400605005000200Quality of advertisement, Advice from others, funnyNot very well i wasted all of my money on junk food. Considering i spent all of my money of posicles and frozen yogurts I would say i satisfied them rather well.The shoe place is too expensive and should lower the prices to attract more peopleThe club should lower the price, where are children supposed to get 200 dollars for a club
Emily Echols0205080401000200Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Benefit to health and well-beingThe excersice equipment that I got will help me get in better shape and become healthier, and I need clothes.I got a lot of treats with the popsicles and coffee, I dont really need those things to live, but it is a luxury.The Sporting goods company could specify more about what product they are selling and how much money it is. It was funny with him falling and then the equipment helped him become more alhtletic.I liked the club one because the club seemed fun and I would want to go, they could of had more of the people in the group talking.
Sir Lancelot (Vince Williams)005020805000200Quality of advertisement, Improving my standard of livingI got a lot of food so that I won't get hungry and some coffee so I don't get thristy.I got some nice clothes so i can look "Fresh".Mo-Town Sporting goods should have lowered their price.The Pop Star advertisement was very funny and one of the best.
Patrick Carawan001015004000200Novelty of idea, Usefulness of product, I like coffee. A lot.Most of the businesses are wants. There are no needs.I like coffee, and that's very imprtant to me. Cupcakes and popsicles are also nice, but there were few long term, imexpensive products.To motown sports, I would never pay $200 for a pair of shoes. That's really overpriced. Mark it down some.To sheldon's, your idea for a clothing store is fine. But your ad was flawed because most people wear the clothes they wear becuse theyre comfortable with those clothes. Market toward people who already wear nice clothes and you'll be more successful.
Spencer Eason-Riddle$0$0$70$50$40$40$0$0$200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Improving my standard of living The popsicles are good especially with summer coming up.I did want The Mosleybeach because of the various things you can do. I did want to look fresh with Sheldon's.Sheldon's should have an extra complementary product to go along to look fresh. But, they did you good advertisments techniques.The MosleyBeach was a really good idea espeically with hot wheather and the summer right around the corner. You could add some addtional pictures or visuals of the beach.
Eliana Gunter$100$20$60$20$0$0$0$0$200Novelty of idea, Usefulness of product, Benefit to health and well-beingAres- it would be benefiting to improving my health and fitnessAPPs- I think it is a great idea and it's pretty cheap to make an app. I think it would be fun for all ages.MoTown Sporting Goods- The advertisement wasn't very well done. It wasn't appealing and $200.00 for shoes is a little expensive. Might want to try to cut your costs down. APPs- Thought the advertisement was really cool and well put together. I loved the idea of making an app for only $20.00
Jc Zargo$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$200$200Usefulness of productNone of these products would fufill a need, so not very well.Great, because you can never have too many pairs of shoes!Mo'Town Sporting Goods is selling shoe. Whats not to love? It could be improved though, by being more specific on what they are saving.Ares just needs a better advertisements, they ad was lacking enthusiasm. They need more of a Billy Mays energy.
ryley hopper0202001402000200things I enjoyI have satisfied my needs by buying a good amound of clothes and satisfied my sweet tooth while staying in shape.I satisfied my wants by getting nice clothes and extra sweet food.For the sports store with only $200 dollars I didnt want to spend it all in one place. They should maby sell running shorts for $20.For the loop they showed a very cool place that I would like to visit and was appealing to the teen group.
Alli Perrin001001000000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Advice from othersThe only need in this selection of products was the fresh clothing line. However these clothes were for males and not females. So I did not have any of my needs met from these products.I was able to satisfy all of my wants with the popsicles and coffee. I wasn't looking for anything too extravagant. Some food and drink are exactly what I was hoping for and I got that thanks to Pop Star Popsicles and the coffee at Mosleybeach.For Sheldon's Clothing Line, I think you would be more successful if you had more of a variety of clothing. Including clothing for females. It's a good idea for a product that many people will buy and adding a larger selection will help increase your profits.For Mark's Cupcakes and Frozen Yogurt Shop, I think that this idea has been played a lot. Many different companies are selling the same products so there would be a lot of competition. Maybe adding new products or changing the ones you are currently selling would help.
Cameron Harris20202001004000200Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Reality I bought 2 pairs of shirts and shorts at Sheldon'sI bought lots of sweets.Mo-Town Sporting Goods -- It might be better to explain prices and products a little more.Ares -- It could be a little more enthusiastic than it was.
Alyssa Sanchez040804004000200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of productI feel that I satisfied my needs very well because I purcahased the Arse workout package to make sure that I say fit and healthy.I purcahsed a whole bunch of popsicle from Pop Stars because I love popsicles and I also bought a bucket load of cupcakes from Mark's and coffee beverages from Mosleybeach. I love sweets so thats why I purchased these things.Pop Stars
I Loved Your Product! I think that your popsicles are cool because they are original and different from others. I wish I had some constructive feedback but from what I know, it seems that you are doing everything right. Keep it up!
The Loop
I thought that the club was a great idea but I would suggest advertising indvidual ticket sales because renting out a night club isn't to common in comparison.
Take 2
Justin Burwell60006000080$200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productMy needs weren't satisfied that well because the only need there was the clothingMy wants were satisfied very well because there were a lot of cool stuff that i could choose fromMo-town could make more sense as to what they are selling so that i know what is being sold in the advertisementSheldon's could pick a better song for there advertisement4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully
Vince Williams0020408040020200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Improving my standard of livingI was able to buy clothing and food which are needs, so I think I did pretty well satisfying them.I believe that with my style improving from sheldons and the delciousness of cupcakes that my wants are pretty good for now.The APPS company is charging to much money for their product and not many people accualty want a product like that. If they lowered the price then I would have probably bought some apps.For the Loop, I their advertisment was very broad and didn't appeal that much to me.5
Patrick Carawan006060020060200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Professionalism of companyThe shorts satisfied my needs somewhat, but most of the products here don't satisfy any needs.My wants were satisfied very well. Coffe is a very big want for me and the popsicles are a nice luxury.To Sheldon's, I didn't like your ad. It came off as condescending and silly to me. You should focus your appeal on people who already wear nice clothes instead of people who don't because those who don't probably don't care much about what they wear.For The Loop, your product is very expensive. If you're appealing to teens you might want to consider a way to lower prices. Mention in your ad that maybe a bunch of friends could rent out the club and split the price. The idea is unique and I wouldv'e paid for it if it was cheaper.5
Nicolo Gaetano Buico40601020601000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productI dstisfied my needs as best as i could, with new clothes that i might need and a coffee every monday. however, the number of needed products was low.i completely satisfied my wants, even if i cant buy $100 worth of popsicles. i allowed myself to splurge a little on snacks a few times a month, not every day. i also spent some money on fitness gear that i don't need, but will make it easier to stay in shape. i spent the rest on clothes, since i have to look fresh, of course.for Mo-town, you've competition with Sheldon's, who is selling essentially twice as much clothes for the same price as you. you could try to emphasize the luxury of your product to explain why its so expensive.For the popsicles, the ad was really good and appealed to your target market, however, it would be better to see the product more in the ad.5
Alyssa Sanchez040626203600200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingI satisfied my needs by purchasing Ares fitness packages. This will help me to stay healthy and help me live a life without weight related medical problems. I feel that this is a very good way of satisfying the basic need of being healthy.Purchasing the Pop Stars helped the satisfy my wants by providing me with the rewarding treat of a popsicle. Popsicles are not necessary for the everyday life but it is sure nice to have during a hot summer evening at the pool. I feel that this helped to satisfy my needs very well. I also purchased some coffee drinks from the Mosley beach Coffee Shop to help me make the most of my summer days. Lastly, I purchased some Froyo from Mark's because Froyo is the solution to every problem anyone could ever have.
Pop Stars
I love the original idea. Maybe just elaborate on how the flavors correspond to the celebrities.
I think that your line and add were great, and I almost purchased some merchandise, but I wasn’t sure if you were selling clothes for girls as well. I would suggest making it a bit clearer if you are selling to females as well. If you’re not selling to females then I would suggest rethinking that. Not selling to females eliminates half of the Mosleytown population from even purchasing from your store. I would suggest reconsidering.
Cameron Harris20202006020060200Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Reality FactorI bought some clothes from Sheldon's and Mo-Town Sporting Goods. I bought some cupcakes and popsicles from Mark's and Pop Stars.Mosleybeach -- I thought that it was a great idea, but not everybody likes to drink coffee. Maybe if you sold soda, hot chocolate, or something else like that, it would be more of an attraction. Also, because it's at the beach, maybe something like lemonade would do the trick.Pop Stars -- Could have less laughing and high-pitch voices and more professionalism. It sounds like a good idea though and that's why I'm buying your product. This would definitely help target the younger audiences, but not necessarily the high school audiences.4.5 - explain the first two questions more
Emily Echols02050504020020200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productEvery thing I bough wasn't really a life or death thing, but there is some food and the excericise product to keep me in shape.I go a lot of yummy treats!The sporting goods store could of elaborated on what the product was that they were selling.The cupcake thing could have video footage of themselves.4 - read question more carefully, elaborate
Yasmine Siwan40493050201100200Novelty of idea, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingI think my needs were not really satisfied enough because none of the choices were really needs.I think my wants were satisfied enough , because my wants and desires were the ones I was looking for I thought the Mo town sports was a great idea but I could not seem to know what there product was until after Mrs.Mosely told us.I love the Pop Stars it was very creative in my opinion but I would offer what the flavor is in case of any allergies.4 - the math still isn't correct based on prices. Read directions carefully.
Alli Perrin400606004000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Advice from othersThe only product that was a need was the clothing line. However, only clothes for males were advertised. So, none of my needs were met.I was able to satisfy my wants with the products I purchased. From coffee, to new apps, to desserts, all of my wants were taken care of.Sheldon's Fine Clothing: It is a great idea and I like your style and think you will be successful, however, there will be a lot of competition for you. If you add more of a variety to your clothing line (such as clothing for females) then I think that you would be able to make more profits.Ares Fitness Package: I think it is a great idea and most people will be interested in getting fit, potentially making your company successful, however, there is a lot of competition and I was confused by your advertisement. Because there are other places to go to get fit, maybe you can try explaining your product more in your advertisement and explaining why consumers should choose you over other companies.5
Mackenna Moore6004040402000200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisementI bought clothes because I kneed clothes for school and everyday life I bought cupcakes and popsicles. This satisfied my wants for sweet foods.Cupcake/fro-yo store I like your prices because unlike a typical fro-yo store your price is consistent and affordable. To improve your business maybe try implementing a frequent customer card to encourage consumers to return to your shop. Apps, you have a very cool idea and a very reasonable price, but could you include some more information, like how do we the consumers go about designing the app we want? 5
ryley hopper0402001000040200Satisfying needs before wants, Benefit to health and well-being, Things I likeYes I did. I purchased a good amount of nice clothing and athletic shorts I also was able to purchase a couple fitness packages in order to stay fit and benefit my health.Yes I did. Even though purchasing clothes is necessary I satisfied my want by purchasing nice clothes. I also satisfied my wants by buying a few popsicles as a treat.Even though the loop looks appealing it is hard to shell out a full $200 at a time to rent out the entire club. They should advertise a more reasonable thing like an entrance fee.I think APPs had a good idea and made a well done interesting ad but it isn't something I would purchase because I dont have any ideas for apps and even if I did it would probably only be a one time purchase.5
Nicholas Apostolico20020040200100200Novelty of idea, Usefulness of product, Satisfying needs before wantsWell i purchased a lot of clothing that might be useful laterI enjoy popsicles and bought enough to last around a monthThe company with Ares, what can they do thats different than a normal gym? possibly offer a workout videoI felt the advertisment for the software could have been more exiting4.5 - Consider feedback more carefully, they did offer a video in the package
Jonas petersen 0000002000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Satisfying needs before wantsI didn't choose a need.really good, because partying is one of the many things I really like spending my time on.well, i think all of the businesses was really well made, but it just didn't apply to me, because i dont eat sugar, and i have cloths enough for improvement, that could be an option, would be the shoes you could have made it more clear. but that's it.5
Daniel L. Gonzalez60201060401000200Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of living, Not quality, but humor of the advertisementI didn't sataisfy my need especially well due to the fact that most of the companies are luxry item producers.I satisfied my wants greatly due to my spending on coffee and icecream.For the App Store

Only giving SOME of the profit sounds a bit little to me when there is competition out there that gives me 70% of the profit easily.
For Mo-Town Sports

A better structured advert would bring an enormous amount of buisness to you.
Sami20203060403000200Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Advice from othersI satisfied my needs well, i bought clothes and food. These are necessities.i satisfied my wants really well by buying a bunch of junk food which i enjoy. The Loop looks like a lot of fun but should be a bit cheaper for rental and be more specific about how many hours you can rent it forI liked Mo-Town's advertisement but it was really vague about what you were actually getting, so they should work on that aspect. However it was interesting5
Jc Zargo$0$0$0$80$80$0$0$40$200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of productClothes satisfy a need, but besides that no other needs could be fulfilled.Fairly well, there are other things I would have liked more, but I was able to buy some nice clothes.Things like energy bar/drinks or protein shake would be a great compliment product for Ares.Mo-Town sporting goods could have been more clear about what their product was, and what they offer.5
Spencer Eason-Riddle$0$0$20$20$60$30$0$70$200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Benefit to health and well-beingI satisfied my needs by buying lots of good quality clothing and food that will help my wake up in the morning.I satisfies my wants by buying cupcakes and junk food.For Mo-town maybe sell more products and be clear in advertisement on what you are sellingThe loop, what if I don't want to spend $200 per rental. Because the audience are teenagers and not a lot of teenagers have $200 to spend on a night club.5
lilly portenier0040304030060200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of productgood because i bought clothes that i need also good because i bought food and other items that i didnt need but wantedshelodons: tell me why i should buy htis one instead of other ones

popstar: i counlent understand some of the tings you were saying so you should slow it down a little, but good job catching my attention4 - read questions more carefully, elaborate
Eliana Gunter$40$40$20$20$20$10$0$40$190Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Benefit to health and well-beingVery Well- with the fitness package it would help me loose weight and maintain my health. very well- with the coffee, clothes etc.. I could get one or two new clothes a month and I could get a drink everyday.APPs- I loved the idea that you could guys could make an app from start to finish for $20.00. I really enjoyed the advertisement. I think the idea would be appealing to all ages. One little thing you guys could do to get more business would be offering specials/offers every once in a while. Ares- I thought the idea was great. Everyone would benefit from this product since a lot of Americans are trying to loose weight. One thing you guys could improve on to better reach your target audience would be maybe make it geared toward teenagers, young adults and adults.4.5 - math still doesn't add up
Deborah Rosengarth2005050040040200Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of living, EdiblenessI satisfied my needs well- I got the clothing I have been looking for and my usual coffee (yes that is a need.)I satisfied my wants well by providing myself with plenty of junk food and designing that app I always wished existed.Ares- getting fit can be a great thing, and I would certainly like to be more fit, but if you want consumers to be excited about your product, try to be more enthusiastic yourselves.Mo-Town- your advertisement made me remember that I needed more athletic shorts, but I had to re-watch the video in order to understand it.4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully