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so there's a thing you can do on the maptest discord that allows you to see how everyone vote not just the feedback. I'm not sure if you check that but if you do don't be too disheartened by the no vote. It's a very rough map that feels a tad too generic. There's some interesting ideas in it and I'd actually advise you to work with this map further for learning purposes but it's probably not going to make it near rotation.spacing is kind of ass, nothing really stands out. bad flow too in partsOverall its a tad boring, feels like a rough draft of the map where everything just doesn't feel like it was intended to, but could work with some work.You're learning fast, so that's good, but this is far too cramped to ever work, and there are other issues such as polish, annoying bombs, and everything is a little out of place. This is pretty formulatic and I don't know if there's really anything worth saving, take a look at maps like Cedar and Sugar Hill and see how much open space they have, it's a lot more than you've got here, and you can learn from them polishwise too. Good luck!Firstly, the polish here is pretty rough. I think that needs improved for sure, particularly in the base area. I do like the double bombs in mid as well as the boost exit in base. I don't really love the button of the gate as well as the pup area though. I'd also probably shrink the length of the map. This could be pretty cool with some work though.not a fan of the way this map plays. It feels cramped while I was solo testing, so I can only imagine it'll be a bit chaotic with 7 other players. Mid bombs need to be removed and reworked. The map also needs a lot more polish.Interesting boost lane but the rest of the map is equally tiresome and chaotic at the same time. Mid doesn't work well at all because of this. beyond that it's just a whole tier of sloppiness. I really like the idea of base, but the execution of this map in general is just not up to par.
The corner boost at the flag feels incredibly awkward to use, and I don't see a reason for a gate there. The superboost gate is interesting, but I don't see it being used in pubs The gate is gonna encourage camping and lead to frustration for FCs coming back to base.not really feeling the whole reliance on teamwork you've got going here. team tile placement also feels a little bit random. Saying that I think the superboost could arguably be well balanced and in an interesting way too.idk why you have the teamgates on the sides you do because I think it works way better if it's the opposite way. The islands are kinda awkwardly lined up. Mainly, I don't really like the boosts here, although the teamgate exit could be cool.I like this, the polish is well done and there a lot of cool concepts, but I cannot see this working in pubs at all. Boosts all in a line will get pretty annoying, having the pups that close isn't good, and it'll be quite chasey with this size. I like the gated superboost concept and the behind flag gate boost is good, but the rest I think needs to be reworked, if there's a way to make it smaller that would be good as well.To be honest. I like a lot of the ideas behind this map. BUT I feel like this map would get absolutely torn apart by the communitybadIn theory the gate with the boost is very cool, but it i cannot see it working well in pubs. The map is also pretty open which would make this a tad too chasey.
Vennesla 3CAEUOCLA
Not a fan of the bases at all, the rest of the map is rather boring as well.All of the gimmicks on this map are shoved in there, and don't seem to work with rest of the map. They feels out of the way and likely won't be used in pubs. The triple boost this is horrid and tbh, I dont like the gate gimmick at the fuck are you supposed to cap? i always liked the novelty idea of having a gate pipe, but this map is not the one because there are no capping mechanisms and the triple boost area is still retarded. this map hasnt changed and unless it does, ill never vote for it.I appreciate the thought and stuff you've put into this, but it just won't ever work in pubs. There are like 2 boosts in really useless places, there's a straight line from flag to base, some boost curls that don't do anything but annoy people (though tbh they are the one part of the map that I like), too many suicide opportunities, and various dumb gimmicks, as well as various novice mapmaker mistakes. I don't know if there's really anything you can salvage, maybe rotating endzone 90 degrees so it's a bit further away from the flag, making gates less unintuitive, fixing the shape, and making it better in general. Good luck.The main gimmick is not good. Like really really unenjoyable. Conceptually interesting, but bad. Sloppy detailing is clearly evident. The semi random splotches of teamtiles are not really appreciated. The boost corner area is actually not horrendous, but again it is very sloppy. There's pretty much a striaght shot into base. I can full speed grab and cap without changing my direction at all.So, you have an interesting balance here. One that I think that works in that aspect. However, the rest of the map seems to suffer from it. The boosts pretty much all feel terrible to use. Like, I don't mind some weaker wall boosts, but this is really bad to use right now. I think the team gate isn't terribly conceptually, but there will be a very annoying amount of resets due to this one particularly. I also don't get why the whole gate doesn't turn the opposite color when holding button; I think that kind of derails the point. If there is one bright side you can take away from this, I think you did at least fairly balance a map with an open endzone.I think we actually 4v4's this on a nom a few threads ago. It certainly wasn't liked then. This is different and actually slightly better but that whole triple boost spike cave thing is just bad.
this map feels like a map that should be very well liked by us, but hated by the communityDo not like these portals at all. The map feels a bit big. I do like the team tile stretching across the map and the mid bombs are nice.You've put a lot of thought into this and it's really not *that* bad, but it just won't work in pubs. It's really large, has some unintuitive routes, and the portals are pretty annoying, though that's probably just me. For the most part try making boosting a bit more traditional and just make it smaller, there's not really anything interesting here that I think you should keep working on but if you want to shrinking and fixing boosts are the way to go.Map is a bit huge at the moment. I don't see a lot of chasing going on at all. FC's will grab the flag and get to their base with ease, and they will either cap or die. The portals are a pretty good idea but feel pretty bad in execution.Pretty much the entire bottom of the map could go and the map would improve if you just put one more thing at top mid. I like the general setup of this map. The bombs in mid are cool and I like the way you've setup the bottom lane. I'm a little conflicted on these portals. I don't mind the idea of a portal there, per se, but it is kinda awkward in conjunction with the boost right now. I'm very slightly voting to test this.there are some spacing issues but I like a lot of the ideas behind this map and it seems to flow fairly well.
There's a better, less clunky version of this same portal concept already in this thread. i dont even have to test this one to know it is too small. the map will not function 4v4. interesting gimmick, with the rest being solid enough, could get stale like trebuchet didI don't really feel this one. It's too cramped for my liking and the portal setup seems waaaay too easy to counter considering it's supposed to be a major offensive tool. The middle boosts are kinda awk. Somehow this has gotten progressively worse too.This map needs a lot of refining, but I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm just really not a fan of all the clunk and they way all of mid feels.I do like this portal concept. Apart from that the spacing is atrocious and the mid boosts are some of the most awkward boosts I've tried in a while. Keep the bomb/portal thing and there's not really anything worth keeping apart from that. Also button placement for gate is in a pretty bad spot if you do want to keep that. You've been making a lot of really awkward mids lately so probably talk to an experienced person about making a decent mid.
I'm not sure if endzone capping works on the regular servers tbh. I worry all the spikes might not be a great idea with the supers but its a fun way to do marsball so I'm down.nani the fucksmh you always either have really boring names like this or playmaker or something retarded like tehuitzingo

aesthetics are cool

I do like this, and I think it could be reasonably balanced. You should make the outer lane a bit more useful, inner lane is going to be used almost all of the time. That lane spacing would work better for NF, not marsball. It's good that you've added a bit more boostiness, I'd appreciate at least another pair of bombs and maybe a pair of islands. idk. Battlegrounds is far better than this but I'll give it a maybe because why not
???????What the fuck did you just fucking do to my map, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the MTC tryout sessions, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on MLTP mumble channels, and I have over 10% confirmed approval rating.Marsballs don't work on endzone tiles...

Cool idea. It's a bit cancerous, but also a bit fun with the teamtiles. Probably should lose them for the mentally deficient players that can't not spike themselves (@linux)

IF marsball endzones worked and IF there were no teamtiles (except endzone ones maybe ???) I'd like this a lot, but that is one huge and one moderately large ask
no fucking mars ball dont be so retarded its a broken feature and even if it functions its still retarded at best.
This isn't gonna work in pubs. Regardless of the smaller details or flow of the map, I won't support something like this going into rotation.This would be fun to test, but i cannot see this working because this provides noobs with too many dumb things to do on nf to annoy others. People will camp those triple boosts to snipe people out of portal and miss. They will go though portal and someone will camp the portal leading to an easy cap. There are far too many team tiles up top.too many boosts which makes for horrid spacing and too easy to combo those boosts. there is no skill factor involved in capping. will feel ruthless for defense.Boy oh boy, this is fun, though I'm not sure if it'll work in pubs at all. You have a ton of chaotic portal action and a ton of boosts that I don't know how well people can handle it. Concepts are good though bottom portal thing is maybe a little questionable. I think entire base area could be changed some though the top is great. Gates in mid can be changed. Overall this could work as is, I would like case changes and am skeptical of how pubbers will handle all the chaos. Definitely worth a test though.Part of me loves the map. Part of me hates the map.This one is interesting. The mid portals are what really intrigue me about this. While it could lead to some chasiness, I think on an NF that's not really gonna ruin things. You've went to so many lengths to help the defense that I find it hard to believe this is offensive even though it has some powerful tools. One thing I'm pretty certain I dislike the feeling of are the side teamboosts. I'm not even sure of their necessity, but if they're going to exist I'd like them to feel better. Base is neat.Part of me thinks this map will go over the heads of players. Part of me hates this. Part of me loves the map. Part of me hates the map. Ehhhh fuck it
Built This MapCAEUOCLA
Another cool conceptually, but sloppy. Idk if it's ready for testing.this map is mentally deficient The one thing i dislike most about wombo combo are those bombs mid, and this has 4 of them. I do not like multiple entrances into base from different directions.This feels pretty awkward currently to me. While it is interesting, I hate for lots of walls and boosts to feel bad even if it's to help balance.It's getting to the point where I don't even wanna give feedback to these maps. Then again people probably feel the same about mine so I guess I will.

Mid is pretty kewl and maybe the only part I like. Make the wall polish better, fix the reflex boost balance, and get rid of the portal and maybe the teamgate. Actually I don't really like base aside from endzone placement. Every single boost is awkward and irritating to use and your spacing is all off. Suicide spikes aren't really something I want either, though these are some of the better ones I've seen. Overall I don't like it but if you want to keep something keep the mid and the endzone.
Needs a ton of polish, also it might be kinda annoying to defend on.
Mount CleverestCAEUOCLA
those portal things are quite possibly ruining the map. but not as much as the faux wormy boost. I love the gates but I don't want to play this map with those portalsplease no.You got me fucked with this one tbh. I don't endorse this gate at all, I think it's a dumb fooking meme that doesn't actually improve the map in any way or form. I like the general design though with the mid exit from the top gate. The portals are just weird but aren't terrible. I feel slightly negatively towards this in general though.holy

This is so chaotic, and not the fun kind of chaotic. The gates are far too memeyI love these gates, but portals need work. This has potential to be great.I don't think this will be received well at all by pubbers but I do like it and want to see it tested. It's mildly chaotic but well thought out, potentially a little too boosty though. I guess that helps counter the overpowered gate. Portals are probably my least favorite part, I think making that area better could really help the map. Also move that pup. Overall I like it even if it may be imbalanced and want to see it get a test regardless.
Boost area is add, the portals at the bottom doesn't feel good. It's too similar to MIGHTY imo.the pup/boost area wasn't nearly as awful as I was expectingThis is hilariously uncomfortable to play onI think this could actually do ok in rotation. The main thing is I'm not sure how pubbers would handle all the random excess bombs and boosts populating the bottom of the map. Pup area is dumb, if nothing else have 3 pups and put one by each lower double bomb. Also make those double bombs buttoned, there is 1 grabbing mech right now and if you could do that somehow that would be cool. I like the top boosts though they do feel mildly uncomfortable. The rest of the boosts (except for the portals at bot) do feel good though. Bombs are cool too except for doubles at bot. I like the base a lot, portals are good. Overall there's more chaos than in most maps I think, even gumbo, but it's not that much more chaotic and I think pubbers could definitely handle it. If too many memebers disagree with me I'll give it a nom, I really like this.This has a lot of interesting concepts, but is surprisingly pretty clunky. I do really like the bottom portals, but not a whole lot past that.It feels like mighty got a bunch of new gimmicks but they all somehow feel exactly the same
It feels a bit clunky atm, and I'm not a fan of the portals tbh.Oval poor-tals are no bueno. Map breaking really. Everything else is ehIt's not that the concept is broken, it's all in the execution. This is kind of clunky.I'm glad you're trying to be creative and stuff, but there's no way this'll work. You've got overpowered blind portals, heavily divided lanes, and more clunk than the last few maps I've tested combined. Godo job on the far away Qio boost, but apart from that there's not much to like. It'll be insanely chasey and have a factor of randomness while still being boring and nobody's gonna like this. Don't have all your boosts on walls either. If you want to keep anything keep the mid gated bomb, move the buttons farther away, and not much else. Take a look at formula maps like Tehuitzingo and Cedar for better ideas of spacing, polish, boosts, and everything else. Good luck.Is oval your favorite map? because this is exactly that, but just a tad smaller and the same amount of chasynessThis concept is pretty cool but I think in the end having cross-map portals on a less-than-midget-sized map is going to inevitably broken.
This is definitely an interesting map. The boost setup alongside the portals is super interesting and, while I'm skeptical this would actually play that well, it's both interesting and kinda maybe possibly could work enough. Back-of-base teamboost is either interesting or cancer. If you can't tell, I'm very conflicted on this one.Has potential depth that is squandered by the compactness of bases (and the map in general)I was able to boost between the two portals and spike myself against all odds so maybe remove that spike. The map feels very creatively constraining and will get steal really quickly. The bases are also ridiculously cramped right now.The base is like the head of a micro penis with the middle elements being pubes and the portals being the cancer.Hmmm... This has improved to the point where I actually like it. Everything feels so much cleaner and the portals are a nice touch. Capping's going to be pretty easy, same goes for escaping base. This is going to have a really weird sort of balance with the weird base and overly boosty mid but I think it could work pretty well. Everything on it is so unique and fun it's definitely worth a test. Base may be small but it has super powerful grabbing mechs to counter that, though maybe you should shrink that island by a tile or two so you can bomb grab, idk. Don't really have much else I think you should improve, hopefully this gets tested.the bases feels too small and constricted.
Alley Cat SplatCAEUOCLA
This middle chamber will certainly not be used since there's extremely small incentive in going through just one side of the gate. The triangular sides and the bomb areas all feel very awkward. I don't like the location of the base, although it is unique. This is just way too rough around the edges right now to endorse.I like the name. This kind of reminds me of a worse grail of speed for some reason.A good mapmaking rule of thumb is to never, ever take any form of inspiration from moosen.

on a slightly more serious note this is in no way rotation ready. There's a reason maps like this don't work, you should be able to find videos of 4v4 tests of maps somewhat similar to this. Before you start trying to get all creative you should probably take a look at some current formula maps such as Cedar and Tehuitzingo and learn how to make a basic, boring map before you start trying to do whatever this is. Good luck.
The map is too big and has way too much going on. Tone your maps back in the future. I understand that you spent a lot of time on this, but this map is way too big and chaotic for rotation.
I wanted to like this based on the preview, then I tested it, and then I read Linux's comment and I stand with Linux.more liek columbine amiriite guys

ive been memeemeemed
I was really close to giving this a yes, but I think it needs to be improved a little before it's quite ready. The flow is really interesting, I like it, especially mid with gates and boosts and whatnot. Button placement could maybe be better though. I feel like in some ways it's a better version of dont come in mum im fappin in here by samouree, but that's irrelevant. I was really the only one who liked that map. Anyhow I feel like the outer corners of the map aren't quite as good. The boosts apart from the mid ones are pretty annoying to use, that could be done a lot better. The bomb by non-team-teamtiles is useless and will only add chasiness, I don't think this is in any way too chasey but please work on that area. The portal concept is good but with the base bomb going to the exact place defense is going to be pretty straightforward. Shift around the portal thing to make it more interesting, though that I care about less than the area with the weird bomb and wallboosts. This is a really solid concept that's almost there, good luck!This is an interesting concept that, if perfected, definitely would make for a fun niche in rotation. Right now I feel like the flow of things is a little sloppy though personally. Right now the bomb button combined with portals feels pretty rough to use. I like the shaping combined with the middle boosts. Not so sure about the base boosts. I think if the gimmick sold me more, I'd be higher on this; right now, I don't like it much though past the linux not cool :(

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I do not like mid, nor the other portals.mfw tpm ruins it againThe rico portals and teamgates are generic, and I really don't like these endzone areas. The middle portals are kind of meh too.
This portal concept is one of the worst things I've ever seen from an "experienced" mapmaker. They say all should have access to materials, but then this shit shows up in the map thread. Checkmate communistsAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Every FUCKING day with these STUPID fucking MAPS! I've had it up to HERE with stupid fucking shitmaps! You guys make me want to KILL MYSELF! Is that what you fucking want? For me to fucking KILL MYSELF and write on my suicide note "Cause of suicide: Couldn't handle all of these stupid fucking shitmaps, killed myself"? Because that's what it might as well fucking say!
You guys are literally, L I T E R A L L Y incapable of having even the SIMPLEST of fucking discussion without "SUPERBOOST THIS, MARSBALL GIMMICK THAT, PROBABLY LUCKY BE CHILLIN, HERE'S A PIC OF A NEW SHIT CONCEPT THAT I'M REALLY PROUD OF, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PORTALS AMIRITE?" Fucking STOP IT you pathetic fucking MAGGOTS, you are so fucking bad that I cannot even fathom how you fucking scumbags live your dumb gay lives. Don't you have a job to get to, schoolwork to finish or a life to salvage? Do you literally do ANYTHING productive with your lives other than meme or post stupid fucking maps on the discord of a god damn 2d online ballgame? You fucking people make me sick and you're damn lucky I don't have any of your fucking addresses you fucking pieces of shits. I'd spit in your faces.(edited)
It feels like an early draft of gamepad that was so premature that it wasn't put on paper yet.
I almost gave this a no, but it has some intriguing stuff on the outsides and is also pretty balanced so it got a maybe. To start, I absolutely hate the gates. They're basically useless and put you somewhat out of position, I see no reason why not to have the gate extend completely across the gap (this goes for both base gates and pup gate). Marsball aesthetic is cool but if it somehow makes rotation you may have to take it out unless lucky changes his code so it doesn't say "MARS BALL!!!!" at the beginning of every game; that could confuse some people. Pup area is cool, I do think the area around the boosts are too open. Maybe have an island with a bomb by each one, note how much more interesting Bulldog is with the extra lane on the outside, or Gumbo with the extra boost/bomb lane. Then, moving into outside of base, it's pretty good and I like the tools. That gate as I mentioned earlier will have to be bigger since all the scoring tools are pointed into it. Change that tiny two tile staircase to a curl so that the portal boost has more than one practical application. Teamboost shouldn't be in the middle of the lane like that imo, move it closer to the island because then you could have more sniping that wouldn't be annoying like Rico and it wouldn't block as much of the lane. Actually if you're taking the marsball out move the entire wall down so you can hit the flag more easily and also cap deny once with the bomb. The endzone itself is a good shape and quite balanced, I think this could work with a fair amount of changes. Good luck!Your El Chapo meme is not fooling me: this is an average NF in pretty much every aspect. Not that it's really bad, though. I just kinda feel like I'm wanting more with this, but I also struggle to really list anything (besides meme gates) that I think desperately needs changed. The portals work alright but aren't overwhelming or anything, and the boost with gate is okay too. It's just alright in like every aspect.This is the definition of a high maybe map for me. Bases could be really cool if you keep working on it.Mars ball aesthetic only redeeming factor of the map tbh.aesthetic marsballs, really? base is kind of interesting I suppose.
I'm just not really into this that much. You have a thicc endzone but nothing too exciting by it. The middle is Volt-esque but seems worse to me. The portals concept is interesting and at least you've added some boosts in the exit areas so there's more to it, but I don't really think it raises this map to the next level. I think it's the most redeemable aspect of the map though.Conceptually it's cool, but the result seems like something a novice mapmaker might make. Blind portals are not a good thing though I guess if rico worked this could too. Ungated teamgates are gonna be incredibly annoying, or maybe i was unobservant and didn't notice that that other button controlled both gates, but either way it's not good. Endzone is far too big, it looks like you used that to try and balance a very annoying base entrance. I like shapes like this but base in particular will need to be changed before it can get anywhere.
The triple boost gimmick I do not like because of the superboosts, and also it probably doesnt work on this map. It could potentially work on a nf map.This has a ton of cool concepts, but I just don't think it'll work. The boost chamber are maybe a little powerful but not too bad, but this shape and spacing does not work, I would be happy to see this work though. The main thing I don't like is the portal, it messes with everything and isn't that great oc a concept in general, I do like a portaled catchup mech to prevent easy caps butnot like this. I think primarily you want to fix this portal thing and alter mid a bit, base is pretty solid.Ehh.. I'm just not really feeling this. I really dislike the way you're forced into so many boosts with no option. The entire map is cramped past an open middle's a bit rough, too circular and maybe even cramped but I really enjoyed it.
Small, cramped, circular and laney would be works I describe this map with.get rid of the pair of blocks inbetween the center and outside blocks and its a maybeYou haven't defined a base area and there are so many offensive tools that I don't see how this won't feel like anything but a bomb infested version of micro:(I think this has improved, but the giant middle block structure seems stupider and stupider each time I test this tbh. The bomb gate isn't a terrible idea but isn't particularly great either. The shaping is a little awkward.
Me Gusta BailarCAEUOCLA
This just isn't that great to me. I don't really like the boosts at all, nor the enormous mid that feels kind of empty. The tools in base are fairly gross for the most part. As a standalone thing, the neutral by the spikes are kinda cool, but past that I don't really like much here.This works ok I guess, but it's super boring and formulatic and not at all the sort of map that the game needs right now, not even the kind of formula map. You've never been the greatest at polish so I think it's better for you to create more interesting things like NFs or Passiona, you'll likely have better luck with that. This could work better than some but I don't think it'll be received well and it would be out in about a thread.Without those aesthetics this would be the most generic map in this thread.clunky and uninteresting beyond the boost pup areas
This is a classic new age map, and it's great. It's of a smaller size and boosty as hell, and it works swimmingly. I really love these middle gate things, although time will tell how effective they actually are for defense. That's pretty much my only concern: this shit could be offensive af. It looks pretty fun though.I'll be honest. I don't get this map.I dont think itll work in pubs too well, but I do think its very cool and may work. Resets may be tough because distance from flag to flag is very short and grabbing should be tough.Have you started your assignment yet?

I don't know why you think this could work in pubs. Maybe aussies want it for their competitive or something, but there's just so much wrong with this that I don't really know where to start. You're pretty experienced, I know you can do better than this.
It's a map alright, look it has flags and everything. It just isn't a map I'd be interested in playing on.
[M] Hello TPM. I'm glad to know you've hacked beast mode's account. Congratulations, you've improved the map in general, while simulatenously removing all skill requirements and character the map had.
move on to a different mapI'm about 80% sure I made this
you removed all the fun elements and now it's aerodent but bad and boringbare in the bot and top
( ° ͜ °)a map from 2014 ehwhere do I even start. pup holes??? portal gimmick is ok if kind of powerful. a good spawn gets you into the other base in a matter of seconds. whole bot lane isn't really interesting but that's ok. It's just a bit of a gimmicky mess at this point.bad map bad gates bad glory holehopefully this at least makes people see the merit of blazeth's solo rotational one
This is peak beast mode really. It has a bunch of weird gimmicks that it'd be kind of impossible to tell for sure if they'd work. The originality of it earns it a maybe from me, but the Holy See boosts combined with the mid portals I do not see playing well peronally. I hate to give a somewhat playable unique map less than maybe've earned a yes but I don't see how this won't devolve into a massive shitshow in testingfeels so goooooooooooooooooooooooooood

This is circular as hell but I don't think it'll be too chasey with all the chokes and whatnot, it may be a slight stretch but I think pubbers can handle it. First thing that popped into my head is just to change the staircase by base boost to have a 45 at the top as well as the bottom, that helps out some random things and just maeks it look/feel better. Apart from that I don't actually have any complaints at all, it's really well polished, boosting is fun, and it seems decently balanced, especially for a circle. Definitely worth a test.
Its a fun one. Main problem is that its too circular and getting from base to base is way too quick. I Can see this having long grind out games.
I'm not sure on this one, it seems like the whole back of base area is just a bit large and the mid is a bit empty and the whole thing could be just a bit laney.I really love many aspects of this map. I had the (mis)fortune of getting a full game with maptest2ers on it, and these team gates have convinced me. I think the capping exit portals kind of suck though. The other portals also could be cleaned up, especially entering from the back of base. I'm also concerned the endzones are too accessible. This has a lot of neat ideas, but I really think it'd need some better polish, especially with the back-of-base portals before I'd want to 100% test this. It feels pretty bad in solo testing back there.I feel like this is a little too big but there's certainly a chance of it working. The teamgate is a lot more balanced than I thought it would be. Move the neut gate button out a tile or two. Back of base is just a little too empty, at least have another wallboost or two or something. Pup areas are boring, maybe just add a boost in that little corner. I'm not sure how a map this big'll work but it probably would and is likely worth a test, it seems like it could work well enough to me and at the moment I don't have a whole lot to say.There's no way this map isn't a yes for me. That said my primary concern for this map will be the distribution of attacking options. If it is too easy to attack the front side of base then no one will be using over half the map so that would concern me. most. Will keep an eye on this during testing.
(☭ ͜ʖ ☭)nice swastikawhy did the devs bother with yellow tiles again?well, time to nom and test this so we can either kill the map or see if it actually worksBasically what alch saidThis has a unique flow that's hard to replicate, I see no reason why it can't at least get a test. Base is maybe a little tight, so are the exits. For starters make the outer boost passageway wider and add a pair of 45s on the bombs because that will blow into the flag more naturally anyways. Polish could be improved, mid could be less flat, but overall I don't really see what everyone hates about this, it's good and deserves a test. I'll nom it if everyone still disagrees.
This feels like a bad map. By which I mean it feels like bad made the map. It's also still not ready I think top mid is better but the bases and top still suck.I'm always down to test langos again. It's always been an update away after all.This is probably the best version yet, but it's still not there yet. The polish is abhorrent, if you want to continue just ask barth for help on that since he's always lurking in the discord. It's still pretty boring. Like, more boring than Tehuitzingo or Cedar. That's probably not a good thing. Also over the 200 threads you've been developing this maps have gotten a bit less chasey, which this map might need to be adapted to. Overall I guess it has potential since it's a classic buttshape, but this needs a lot more work before it's rotation ready.zzzzzzzzzzThis feel like blobfish to me just a bit bigger.
This is an interesting structural setup that is more likely to be broken than not. The polish is there, but especially with Decisis' rating getting gangbanged, I struggle to advocate this, the more I think about it.Not a fan of having so many exits out of base, it also feels like possibly a better version of decisis, but not by much.It's a map with one long meandering lane with other random things in between. Polish is a lot worse than what I'd expect from you. The boosts are pretty poorly done. Lane spacing/spacing in general is somewhat off. Overall I don't have a whole lot to say, I just don't think this will be enjoyable at's pretty good actually, I don't think it will work great in a 4v4 just due to the distance between lanes but I wouldn't be opposed to a test.worst boosts
4v4ed this before; I'm not gonna be mad if others like this, but this is just something I've never gotten in tostill has all the problems, I can't see this working in pubs one bit.and still dislike thisBases are great. Mid is nonexistently trash (or at least the skill level necessary to use it properly with all of its nuances is not available in pubs) which means that you've basically got this big gaping amount of nothingness for a middle. Fix that and we'll talk but beyond that...we've added worse maps from mltp before.
badI just don't know with this. It's a fun idea that I'm pretty positive won't work. A fun map that's broken is still fun but likely wouldn't be popular at all in rotation. If the top portals sold me more I'd be more inclined to give this a test vote.I want to test this. I think mid might have too much going on right now as is (lose the base island boosts?) but this absolutely merits a testThis was kind of awful last time we tested it, I dont really see how this entire setup could work but it is different enough that would warrant a test.Not gonna replace cloud, but this is pretty cool and I think it has a chance of working, we need to make sure it's both balanced (could be an issue with this weird of a shape) and not boring (it was reeeeeeeeeeally boring last test). Turn that block by top boost into a 45 so you have another route with portal boost maybe. I think mid portal boosts should be less limited. they don't seem like they'll get used a lot. Mid suff is alright. Gates could be better. It would be cool if you reduced it from 3 spikes below pup to 1 so there were a couple routes through it, like maybe you could make block below bomb a spike. idk, i just feel like that might be cool, balance might be an issue so idk if you want to do that. Don't have too much else to say, it's probably worth a test, way to make a map that's not 100% boring.if I get my way the next rotation map is replacing cloud. This won't be it though.
Living with depressionCAEUOCLA
true, this map makes me depressed as well. you put the teamtiles for superboosts on the wrong side of the boosts, they should be facing other base not your own. base is too cramped and a flag that close to a gate isn't good. Portals are somewhat counterintuitive and not a whole lot of fun to use. Base is likely gonna be annoyingly defensive, especially with a ton of catchup mechs. Try making something simple that's balanced so you have a better idea of how to make interesting maps in the
too chaotic with the superboosts, the portal feels like it has no real meaning behind it.The portals were alright for what they are, but what they are doesn't particularly excite me. There's not really anything else to this's bland and not particularly well polished.
the turns in this map are so sharp i could slit my wrists with themtrying to make it to top maps as a meme nom?This is way too small and cramped for me to ever vote to test this.full confession I'm preview voting here. if the largest path through mid is two tiles wide and either gated or a super boost your map isn't going anywhere and I'm not wasting time testing it to vote may want to check out some mapmaking guides in the sidebar of before you go any further
i cant believe its notI don't really get the mid portals here. I don't like having such a small map with little offensive tools. It'd likely play boring. Also having such a spikey map for this size would likely be unpopular. The portals are over the top, though could at least be fun.You are getting the basics down but try making something a little balanced before you make something like this. It's way too cramped everywhere which is the main reason nothing'll work. Portals aren't the greatest idea either but mostly everything is too small except the mid.
Sorry to be the party pooper here, but I don't see this working at all in pubs. People are going to hate the amount of chaos, spikes, and chaotic spikes. i'm guessing the chaotic mid bombs won't help. Also with the amount of islands and hiding places and stuff I fear this may also be a little too chasey. Some of the boosts in general are a little unintuitive. The grabbing mechs aren't good. Overall I can easily see the appeal of this, and it could probably do quite well in competitive, but I just don't see it being received well at all by pubbers. Don't give up.pilot 2.0 but different and fun, and could certainly be played in competitiveThis is a bit simpler than the maps I usually feel positively toward, however, the dangerous learning curve intrigues me. I'm not certain people will love it if it's eventually added, but the boosts are set nicely where there are many skill boost opportunities that seem like they could make this more fun. Perhaps it'd be better suited for something like MLTP, but it's an okay design overall that I'm willing to try.erroneous and homosexualit's probably going to be too chasey but I like the feel and style of it. You might want to get rid of some of the spikes or something but I think it's one of your better maps.
I'm not sold on the portals still but this was interesting and different so I'm down for testing it. pups are kind of lame too actually.once flag gets out if they take the bottom boost its all over. this map will be high chasing because of how big and long it is (*wink*). make it shorter and maybe ill be ok with it.Don't get what all the hype for this map is. You're a good mapmaker, and honestly I think this is one of your worse maps. Everything just flows so horribly and will create a lot of awkward gameplay with people hanging around a mildly cramped base or juking in a too-open mid aerodent style. Portals aren't good either. I do like some of the mid tools like bombs and boosts. Apart from that I don't think it'll work at all, it'll just be a chasefest with people randomly boosting to places they don't want to and awkward spacing galore. You are a good mapmaker though, keep making awesomely creative well-polished maps. Good luck.I was pretty skeptical of this mid before I played this, but this shit is decent tbh. I don't want to be too conclusive before a 4v4, but I'm really liking every aspect of this from just boosting around. If I had one nitpick, the boosts might be a bit too powerful coming into base since you can easily combo into flag. Past that length is a likely issue. It's pretty fun though so fuck it; I want to see if it works for may be a bit large, but would need to test 4v4 to make a verdict
This has too many flaws for me to give this a yes as of right now. This promotes people to go into portals before realizing where the fc is and that is not good. That bomb is wayyyyy too close to the base. It honestly feels ike a 3v3 mappls

shape could work, but not like this. hate to say it but you may actually wanna check out tpm's remix of this for better ideas.
Spikes + mid portal set up is just asking for a bumfucking in pubs. I love this idea, but you've gotta get rid of those outside spikes I think. This could be really really cool( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)It's a bit vertical. I really like how the endzones function but nearly nothing else in the map entices me.
Beta PropellerCAEUOCLA
bad map
I was going to nom this because it was fun in testing the last thread. Then I solo'd it. You made it a lot worse.There are some features about this map that I somewhat like. The portals are interesting... although I think they're probably overpowered. The portal exit areas are kind of awkward themselves too. I don't like that if you get in that area it's super awkward to get out. The middle teamboosts are kind of poorly placed in helping I think. This is an interesting concept that I don't think would work.Though it doesn't feel the greatest, I think this could actually work pretty well in pubs. The changes you made were reasonably good. Portal is a good idea, though I don't like the execution, in particular the exit. Pup area is still solid. I'm not a huge fan of the gate but it seems to work ok. Base is pretty balanced. Overall I've ended like every single note with a sentence starting with overall, but despite some clunk and awkward parts this is imple and probably good enough to work ok in pubs. At least move the portal exit so that it's below teamboost, and randomly toy with the placement of everything until it feels better than it does currently.Was expecting this to be an improvement from last thread but it is just a whole new map that looks the same. I am no a fan of the portals. The map feels like it could get stale far too quickly.
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