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AuthorsFirst_nameLast_nameTitleNo of CopiesList Price in GBP (£)Retail PriceCategoryAge GroupDatePages
ISBN 13PublisherDescription
Heather AmeryHeatherAmeryThe Usborne First Story Book17.95250.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+31-12-95967.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
A Treasury of Well-Loved Christmas Tales1250.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+01-12-96968.62E+089.78E+12Grandreams Ltd
S. CartwrightS.CartwrightThe Usborne book of Bedtime Stories14.99250.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+24-11-00967.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
Traditional bedtime stories are retold in simple text to appeal to toddlers and young children.
A. A. MilneA.MilneWinnie the Pooh Story Treasury1250.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+15-06-01766.04E+089.78E+12Hamlyn young books
The Usborne Book of Fairy Stories19.99300.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Teddy Bears Forever!110.95300.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Enid Blyton Goodnight Stories1350.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Little Grey Rabbits Second Storybook1350.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Bear Stories1350.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Bunnies (Three-minute Tales)1350.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+01-02-007.53E+089.78E+12
Parragon Book Service Ltd
Bob the Builder Story Treasury119.99500.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Tales From Faraway Farm1500.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
The Puffin Treasury Of Favourite Stories1500.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
The Puffin Treasury of Children's Stories125.00500.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Children's Bedtime Collection1500.00(Hardbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Britt AllcroftBrittAllcroftThomas & Friends: Gordon Takes a Tumble150.00(Mini book) Thomas & FriendsGrade 4+326.04E+089.78E+12Egmont
Gordon brags to Salty that it isn't "dignified" for express trains to take trucks, but when Gordon is later told to take trucks he says he'll do it how an express engine should.
Five-Minute Stories114.99400.00(Paperbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
100 Bible Stories114.99400.00(Paperbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Stories for Boys114.99400.00(Paperbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
50 Fairy Stories114.99450.00(Paperbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
50 Princess Stories114.99450.00(Paperbacks) Multiple Story BookGrade 3+
Pinocchio2250.00(Walt Diney) Disney BooksGrade 4+
Babes in Toyland1250.00(Walt Diney) Disney BooksGrade 4+
Donald Duck's and Santa Claus1250.00(Walt Diney) Disney BooksGrade 4+
Bambi1300.00(Walt Disney) Disney BookGrade 4+
Bedknobs and Broomsticks1100.00(Walt Disney) DisneyBooksGrade 4+
Margaret Wise Brown,Garth Williams (Illustrator)
MargaretBrownThe Sailor Dog1150.00A Little Golden BookGrade 5+02-02-01243.07E+089.78E+12
Random House Children's Books
A dog that has always wanted to go to sea realizes his dream.
Janette Sebring Lowrey
JanetteLowreyThe Poky Little Puppy1150.00A Little Golden BookGrade 5+01-04-01243.07E+089.78E+12RHUS
One of the original 12 Little Golden Books, The Poky Little Puppy has sold nearly 15 million copies since 1942, making it one of the most popular children’s books of all time. Now this curious little puppy is ready to win the hearts and minds of a new generation of kids.
Teddy Slater,Darrell Baker (Illustrator)
TeddySlaterBugs Bunny and the Health Hog1150.00A Little Golden BookGrade 5+01-01-86243.07E+089.78E+12
Random House Children's Books
Bugs Bunny persuades Porky Pig to join a health club with him but begins to worry when Porky becomes so dedicated that he spends all his time exercising.
Fireman Sam (30 Sticker Book)150.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Stephen Cole,Emma Dodd
StephenColeJourney into Space (AS NEW)672.50100.00Activity BookGrade 4+30-06-97241.86E+099.78E+12Pinwheel
Terrible Tricks and Devious Disguises (Creative Activities)
13.99100.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Pokemon Sticker Book (4) Sticker Book 40 Reusable Sticker Inside!
2100.00Activity BookGrade 4+14-09-001.86E+099.78E+12
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Gormiti the lords of Nature Return! (Sticker Activity Book)
13.99100.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-03-10281.41E+099.78E+12
Egmont Books, Limited
An interactive sticker activity book that provides an overview of the TV programme, including the backstory, the characters and their superhero powers. It helps to learn about the Lords of Nature, the land of Gorm and the evil villains they must battle in order to protect the Earth.
Jill DahlhoffJillDahlhoff
National Curriculam Science (Collins Succeeding at SATS)
12.99100.00Activity BookGrade 4+17-03-974819799069.78E+12Collins
"Succeeding at SATS" provides advice from the experts - the people who have years of experience in teaching the subject, who are also accredited examiners and who bring to the subject experience of having marked the National Tests. The books include sample test papers with answers.
Puppies (Rachael Hale Poster Book)12.99100.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-09-0928184817831X9.78E+12Igloo Books Ltd
T-Shirts Painting (Playtime)1100.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Face Painting (Playtime)2100.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Pokemon Sticker Book (1) 40 Reuseable Stickers Inside!
1100.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Times Tables with rewards sticker (Play and Learn) Age 6+
12.99100.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Me to you Colouring Book12.99100.00Activity BookAges 1 to 4
Nina FilipekNinaFilipekCinderella (Reading Together)12.50100.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-06-05241.85E+099.78E+12
Autumn Publishing, Limited
The Emerald Conspiracy (Puzzle Adventure)12.99100.00Activity BookGrade 4+28-06-02487.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
One of an action packed series of mystery and adventure stories interwoven with plenty of puzzles to solve, this book gives extra clues as well as complete answers at the back of the book.
Animal Mazes (Usborne Activities)14.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Write from the Start: Stage 1, No. 21125.00Activity BookGrade 4+
You Can Draw: Cars and Trucks1125.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Cool Creation Fashion Model (Cool Creations Activity Books)
14.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Make and Create Spoon Animals and Pen Toppers14.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+
The Croods Grug and Thunk's Colouring Book13.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-03-13248.58E+089.78E+12Bantam Children
The Boys' Colouring Book12.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+1.85E+099.78E+12
Alligator Books Limited
Lorenz Books StaffLorenzStaffMy Body + Sticker Fun12.95125.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-03-00167.55E+089.78E+12Anness Publishing
A stunning first book of the human body for the pre-school child. Young readers can relate closely to the action pictures of real-life children in familiar, everyday situations.
Lorenz Books StaffLorenzStaffColours + Sticker Fun12.95125.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-10-98161.86E+099.78E+12Anness Publishing
Sticker Fun makes it really easy to learn. Children will delight in finding the shoes for the ballerina, putting the whales in the deep blue sea. The stickers are reusable, so young children can practice concepts and skills again and again.
Lorenz Books StaffLorenzStaffPuppies and Dogs + Sticker Fun32.95125.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-04-99161.86E+099.78E+12Anness Publishing
These fun and colorful books will provide hours of entertainment for children of preschool age, who will be sure to learn as they play.
Sandy RansfordSandyRansfordThe Ultimate Football Activity Book14.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+05-05-062723.30E+089.78E+12
Macmillan Children's Books
Bursting with brilliant puzzles, clever crosswords and hilarious jokes, this book provides the perfect way to pass the time during those boring 0-0 draws. Don't watch the World Cup without it! How do ghost footballers keep fit? With regular exorcise. Which football team never meets before matches? Queens Park Strangers.
The Great City Search (Usborne)24.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+27-05-05327.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
Packed with fascinating facts and up to 100 things to spot on every spread, helps children to develop reading, counting and identification skills. Ages 4+.
R. GilpinR.GilpinChristmas Cooking (Usborne Activities)14.99125.00Activity BookGrade 4+28-09-01327.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
Easy step-by-step recipes for Christams cakes, biscuits and sweets that can be given as gifts, hung on the Christmas tree or simply eaten and enjoyed. Lots of wrapping ideas, including festive gift boxes and tags. Colourful illustrations and mouth-watering photographs throughout. Ages 4+
Pearson Education Staff
PearsonStaffSpin!, Level E (Grammer, Vocabulary, and Writing)1150.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-08-031121.30E+089.78E+12
Prentice Hall, E S L Department
This six-level course, appropriate as either a stand-alone text or a supplement, offers clear grammar presentation and systematic writing practice through fun themes and friendly characters.
Terry Deary,Martin Brown
TerryDearyThe Vile Victorians Activity Book (Horrible Histories)13.99150.00Activity BookGrade 4+16-07-0424043996296X9.78E+12Scholastic UKHorrible Histories: The Vile Victorians Activity Book Book Description
Ruth MerttensRuthMerttens
Abacus Evolve Year 5/P6 Textbook 3 Framework Edition (Abacus Evolve Fwk (2007))
1150.00Activity BookGrade 4+25-05-07806.03E+089.78E+12Ginn
The Abacus Evolve Textbooks for Year 5: Offer clear differentiation and progression. Contain problem-solving integrated throughout the book, including word problems, number puzzles, investigations and more. Include ‘owl questions’ to extend high achievers and provide opportunities for using and applying for the whole class. Â
Ray GibsonRayGibson
Things to Make and Do in the Holidays (Usborne Little Books)
15.99150.00Activity BookGrade 4+26-08-0596074607056X9.78E+12Usborne Publishing
Bursting with imaginative activities to banish boredom and keep children entertained, whatever the weather. Contains a host of different activities including drawing and painting, cookery, gardening and dressing up. Simple, clear, step-by-step instructions are accompanied by bright and cheerful illustrations
Doodle and Draw (Learn Together)1150.00Activity BookGrade 4+
The Ultimate Micro Fliers1150.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Doodle Design Pastimes Patterns Ideal colouring books all ages
1150.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Find Pocahontas and other characters (Look & Find)13.99150.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-03-96247.21E+089.78E+12Ladybird Books Ltd
Each picture in this book, which is one of a series, has a list of hidden things to search for, as well as extra lists of look-and-find challenges at the back of the book. The book is based on the life of Pocahontas, a free-spirited young Indian girl and her love for an English soldier.
Kim BlundellKimBlundellMonster Mazes (Activity Books) Usborne Activities14.99150.00Activity BookGrade 4+27-06-03247.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
This colourful and stimulating activity book leads the reader through a variety of themed puzzles. The daring exploits of cat and mouse help the reader solve the clues throughout each challenging maze - leading them to a surprise destination.
You Can Draw People at Work13.99150.00Activity BookGrade 4+01-08-061.74E+099.78E+12
Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than 399. Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn pages. No stains. Note: The above used product classification has been solely undertaken by the seller. Amazon shall neither be liable nor responsible for any used product classification undertaken by the seller. A-to-Z Guarantee not applicable on used products.
Heather Amery,Ian Adair,Ian Adair
HeatherAmeryThe Knowledge how book of Jokes and Tricks15.95200.00Activity BookGrade 4+28-02-77328.60E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Martin HandfordMartinHandfordWhere's Wally In Hollywood ?26.99200.00Activity BookGrade 4+06-07-1232140630588X9.78E+12Walker Books
Lights, camera, action! Join the hunt for Wally in Hollywood!Wow! Wally and his friends are in the land where dreams are made, and they're hidden in every intricately-detailed scene. So let the hunt begin! Full of eye-boggling extras and hours of fun, this fourth classic Wally adventure comes with a striking new cover. Amazing!
Martin HandfordMartinHandfordWhere's Wally The Fantastic Journey ?16.99200.00Activity BookGrade 4+06-07-12321.41E+099.78E+12Walker Books
Wow! Face the most fiendish and fantastical Wally challenge yet!Join Wally on his quest through magical and bizarre fantasy lands. Hidden in every intricately-detailed scene are Wally and his friends - so let the hunt begin! Full of eye-boggling extras and hours of fun, this third classic Wally adventure comes with a striking new cover. Amazing!
Martin HandfordMartinHandfordWhere's Wally The Great Picture Hunt ! ?16.99200.00Activity BookGrade 4+03-08-09241.41E+099.78E+12Walker Books
Wally's stupendous new adventure is nothing short of a masterpiece. A Where's Wally? for the Tate Modern generation, the book is filled with a host of extra puzzles and activities to complete the game. This is a triumphant return for the speccy, bobble-hatted one.
Where's Rudolph ?1200Activity BookGrade 4+
The Christmas Party17.95250.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Theory Made Easy for Little Children: Level 21250.00Activity BookGrade 4+
Gill DohertyGillDoherty1001 Things to Spot in Fairyland17.99250.00Activity BookGrade 4+28-10-05327.46E+089.78E+12
Usborne Publishing Ltd
Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than 399. Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn pages. No stains. Note: The above used product classification has been solely undertaken by the seller. Amazon shall neither be liable nor responsible for any used product classification undertaken by the seller. A-to-Z Guarantee not applicable on used products.
Penny Dolan,Alison Edgson (Illustrator)
PennyDolanOn a Starry Night14.99125.00Adult FictionGrade 8+01-10-122081.85E+099.78E+12
Stripes Publishers, U. S. A.
On a chill, frosty night, the stars are shining brightly. A husky puppy dreams of life as a sleigh dog, a young goose learns how to navigate the sky at night, an Arctic fox discovers he is afraid of the dark and a lost narwhal catches a magical falling star upon his spiral tusk.
Matt WhymanMattWhymanBoy Kills Man15.99150.00Adult FictionGrade 8+13-01-05160034088195X9.78E+12
Hachette Children's Group
Shorty and Alberto are best friends. They live in the poor district of Medellin, where music, money and soccer are the three things they worship. It's also an area where guns speak louder than words. Slowly the boys are drawn into a dark world of threats, kidnaps and hits - both of drugs and guns. Shorty stays on the sidelines, scared, but Alberto strides right in, confident he can stay in control. But he can't and he doesn't, and soon Shorty is searching for his missing friend - and if that means picking up a gun, he'll do it...
Louisa YoungLouisaYoungBaby Love15.99150.00Adult FictionGrade 8+04-10-1024065508199.78E+12Flamingo
A fast-paced literary thriller in which ex-belly dancer Evangeline’s fight to protect three-year-old Lily draws her into the seedy underworld of her past – the first book in Louisa Young’s celebrated Anglo-Egyptian trilogy of Evangeline Gower novels. Evangeline is a single parent whose child is the daughter of her sister, who was killed in a motorbike accident. Evangeline, who was driving the bike, sustained injuries which put an end to her belly dancing career. She now leads an exemplary life, writing and looking after Lily. But when she gets into trouble with the police, she is drawn into the shadowy world of drug dealers, pornographers and bent coppers that seems to have bizarre connections with her sister’s past. With a plot that makes you rush to the end, this is a thriller without violence, a romance without sentiment and a brilliantly exciting novel.
Sabine DurrantSabineDurrantHaving it and Eating it15.99150.00Adult FictionGrade 8+14-02-02352075153191X9.78E+12
Little, Brown Book Group
Claire Masterson was the girl at school that Maggie Owen always wanted to be. Confident, good-looking, she was the first to know the facts of life, the first to Sun-In her hair, the first, easily the first, to go all the way. And when Maggie bumps into her twenty years later, it is as if nothing has changed: Claire's life is one of career moves to New York and great sex with married men; Maggie's is one of bringing up her children and never seeing her partner Jake, whose ever-demanding job has become his 'other woman'. Or has it? Jake is consistently working late, working weekends, taking working trips abroad . . . Maggie is suspicious, and when Claire talks a little too knowledgeably about Jake, she starts thinking the unthinkable. Her friends think she should confront them, but Maggie's got a better idea: she's going to have her cake and eat it.
Christopher PaoliniChristopherPaoliniEldest16.99175.00Adult FictionGrade 8+07-09-067045.53E+089.78E+12RHUK
Darkness falls . . . Despair abounds . . . Evil reigns . . . Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix, cruel ruler of the Empire. Now Eragon must travel to Ellesméra, land of the elves, for further training in magic and swordsmanship, the vital skills of the Dragon Rider. It is the journey of a lifetime, filled with awe-inspiring new places and people, each day a fresh adventure. But chaos and betrayal plague him at every turn, and Eragon isn't sure whom he can trust. Meanwhile, his cousin Roran must fight a new battle back home in Carvahall - one that puts Eragon in even graver danger. Will the king's dark hand strangle all resistance? Eragon may not escape with even his life . . .
John KingJohnKingJohn king Human Punk16.99175.00Adult FictionGrade 8+01-06-01352992831669.78E+12Vintage
For fifteen-year-old Martin, growing up in Slough, the summer of 1977 means punk rock, reggae music, disco girls, stolen cars, social-club lager, cut-throat Teds and a job picking cherries with the gypsies. Life is sweet - until he is beaten up and thrown in the Grand Union Canal with his best mate Smiles. Fast forward to 1988, and Joe is traveling home on the Trans-Siberian express after three years working in a Hong Kong bar, remembering the highs and lows of the intervening years as he comes to terms with catastrophe. Fast forward to 2000, and Joe is sitting pretty - earning a living as a DJ, selling records and fight tickets. Life is sweet again - until a face from the past forces him to re-live that night in 1977 and deal with the fall-out.
Kathy LetteKathyLetteFoetal Attraction16.99175.00Adult FictionGrade 8+17-10-033043.30E+089.78E+12Picador
Aussie Madeline Wolfe has left her home, her surfboard and her hemisphere for the new man in her life. Alexander Drake, indisputed King of the TV jungle, gives the best cunnilingus this side of a detachable shower nozzle. He's also the kind of bloke who goes through the Tunnel of Love holding his own hand. By the time Maddy discovers that it's not just Alex's feet but his entire body that's made of clay, she's taken a pregnancy test . . . and failed. Will Alex chicken out of his obligation to his egg? 'Screamingly funny' Jilly Cooper 'Buy this book' Sue Townsend
Patricia CornwellPatriciaCornwellPredator (Scarpetta Novels)16.99175.00Adult FictionGrade 8+06-04-064807.52E+089.78E+12
Little, Brown Book Group
Florida is full of human predators, and they all give Dr Kay Scarpetta the opportunity and the means to do what she does best - persuading the dead to speak to her. And in Boston, Benton Wesley is working on a secret case involving convicted killers. It is a project which gives Scarpetta deep disquiet, as does the behaviour of her niece, Lucy, who is spending too much time in cheap bars looking for casual pick-ups. The Academy is called when a woman's body is found in Boston. She has been tortured, sexually abused, her body tattooed with handprints. The same sort of handprints Lucy had seen on the flesh of her latest pick-up. Meanwhile, Scarpetta and Marino are investigating the disappearance of a family in Florida, called in by a concerned neighbour, but as they search and find the tell-tale signs of abduction rather than disappearance, they also discover that someone had assumed the identity of the caller, and she is now dead. They've been set up, and it becomes clear that someone is tracking their every move.
Jenny ColganJennyColganOperation Sunshine16.99175.00Adult FictionGrade 8+12-06-083207.52E+089.78E+12
Little, Brown Book Group
Evie needs a good holiday. Not just because she's been working all hours in her job as a receptionist for two high-powered plastic surgeons - but also because every holiday she has ever been on in her life has involved sunburn, arguments and projectile vomiting - and sometimes all three at once. Why can't she have a normal holiday, like other people seem to have - some sun, sand, sea and (hopefully) sex?So when Evie's employers invite her to attend a conference with them in the south of France, she can't believe her luck. At last, the chance to hob nob with the rich and glamorous, to party under the stars, to live the life she's dreamed about. It's certainly the holiday of a lifetime - but not quite in the way Evie imagines!
James PattersonJamesPattersonCross Country: (Alex Cross 14)17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+08-10-09432995145759.78E+12Arrow
When Detective Alex Cross is called to investigate a massacre-style murder scene, he is shocked to find that one of the victims is an old friend. Angry, grieving, and more determined than ever, Cross begins the hunt for the perpetrators of this vicious crime. He is drawn into a dangerous underworld right in the heart of Washington DC that leads him on a life-threatening journey to the Niger Delta, where heroin dealing, slave trading and corruption are rife. At the centre of this terrifying world, Cross finds the Tiger - the psychopathic leader of a fearsome gang of killers who are not what they seem. As Cross tracks the elusive Tiger through Africa, he must battle against conspiracy and untold violence. Alex Cross is in a heart-stopping chase that takes him across a vast and uncompromising landscape and finds him not only hunting for a horrific killer, but also fighting for his own survival.
Stieg LarssonStiegLarssonGirl Who Played With Fire (Millennium II), The17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+09-07-09608030745455X9.78E+12Quercus
Lisbeth Salander is a wanted woman. Two Millennium journalists about to expose the truth about sex trafficking in Sweden are murdered, and Salander's prints are on the weapon. Her history of unpredictable and vengeful behaviour makes her an official danger to society - but no-one can find her. Mikael Blomkvist, editor-in-chief of Millennium, does not believe the police. Using all his magazine staff and resources to prove Salander's innocence, Blomkvist also uncovers her terrible past, spent in criminally corrupt institutions. Yet Salander is more avenging angel than helpless victim. She may be an expert at staying out of sight - but she has ways of tracking down her most elusive enemies.
Jed RubenfeldJedRubenfeldThe Death Instinct17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+28-04-115607.55E+089.78E+12Headline Review
A spellbinding literary thriller about terror, war, greed, and the darkest secrets of the human soul, by the author of the million-copy bestseller, The Interpretation of Murder.September 16, 1920. Under a clear blue September sky, a quarter ton of explosives is detonated in a deadly attack on Wall Street. Fear comes to the streets of New York.Witnessing the blast are war veteran Stratham Younger, his friend James Littlemore of the NY Police Department, and beautiful French radiochemist Colette Rousseau. A series of inexplicable attacks on Colette, a secret buried in her past, and a mysterious trail of evidence lead Younger, Littlemore, and Rousseau on a thrilling international and psychological journey - from Paris to Prague, from the Vienna home of Freud to the corridors of power in Washington, DC, and ultimately to the hidden depths of our most savage instincts. As the seemingly disjointed pieces of Younger and Littlemore's investigations come together, the two uncover the shocking truth about the bombing - a truth that threatens to shake their world to its foundations.
David NichollsDavidNichollsOne Day17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+07-07-114641.44E+099.78E+12Hodder Paperbacks
ONE DAY is destined to be a modern classic' - Daily Mirror Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY. The multi-million copy bestseller that captures the experiences of a generation. 'I can imagine you at forty,' she said, a hint of malice in her voice. 'I can picture it right now.' He smiled without opening his eyes. 'Go on then.' 15th July 1988. Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? And every year that follows?
Madeleine WickhamMadeleineWickhamSwimming Pool Sunday16.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+18-08-113685.53E+089.78E+12RHUK
On a shimmeringly hot Sunday in May, Louise is at a neighbour's pool with her daughters - and glaring at her resentfully is her estranged husband Barnaby. While the children splash and shriek in the cool, blue waters, she lies blissfully back in the sun and dreams of Cassian, the charismatic new lawyer in her life.The day seems perfect. But suddenly the bliss is shattered. The consequences of a terrible accident develop into a drama of recriminations, jealousy and legal power-play. Friendships crumble, the village is split, and the needs of a child become secondary to the dangerous contest in which the grown-ups are engaged.
Martina ColeMartinaColeThe Business17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+30-04-095767.55E+089.78E+12
Headline Book Publishing
A tale of drugs, prostitution and a young girl's fight for survival against all the odds from the bestselling author Martina Cole.Imelda Dooley is scared. She's played hard and fast and she's been caught. She's pregnant and now she's on her own. Her father, not a man to mess with, will see that somebody pays for this. And it's not going to be her. So Imelda Dooley tells a lie. A lie that literally causes murders. When Mary Dooley's husband is killed in the night's events, she knows she must graft to keep the family afloat. And graft she does, becoming a name in her own right. But she still has to watch her daughter's life spiral into a vicious, hate-fuelled cycle of drugs and prostitution. Caught up in the carnage that is Imelda's existence are Mary's adored grandchildren, Jordanna and Kenny. Pretty little Jordanna isn't yet three and she already knows far too much. All she can do is look after her baby brother and try not to draw attention to herself.
Stieg LarssonStiegLarssonThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+01-04-106569.78E+109.78E+12Quercus
Salander is plotting her revenge - against the man who tried to kill her, and against the government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life. But it is not going to be a straightforward campaign. After taking a bullet to the head, Salander is under close supervision in Intensive Care, and is set to face trial for three murders and one attempted murder on her eventual release. With the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist and his researchers at Millennium magazine, Salander must not only prove her innocence, but identify and denounce the corrupt politicians that have allowed the vulnerable to become victims of abuse and violence. Once a victim herself, Salander is now ready to fight back.
Andrea LevyAndreaLevySmall Island17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+13-09-04560075530750X9.78E+12Headline Review
Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, as well as many other awards, Andrea Levy's SMALL ISLAND is a delicately wrought and profoundly moving novel of empire, prejudice, war and love. It has now been adapted into a major BBC TV drama. It is 1948, and England is recovering from a war. But at 21 Nevern Street, London, the conflict has only just begun. Queenie Bligh's neighbours do not approve when she agrees to take in Jamaican lodgers, but Queenie doesn't know when her husband will return, or if he will come back at all. What else can she do? Gilbert Joseph was one of the several thousand Jamaican men who joined the RAF to fight against Hitler. Returning to England as a civilian he finds himself treated very differently. It's desperation that makes him remember a wartime friendship with Queenie and knock at her door. Gilbert's wife Hortense, too, had longed to leave Jamaica and start a better life in England. But when she joins him she is shocked to find London shabby, decrepit, and far from the golden city of her dreams. Even Gilbert is not the man she thought he was...
Susanna GregorySusannaGregoryA Plague on Both your Houses & An Unholy Alliance17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+05-07-078327.52E+089.78E+12
Little, Brown Book Group
A Plague on Both your HousesMeet physician Matthew Bartholomew, whose unorthodox but effective treatment of his patients frequently draws accusations of heresy from his more traditional colleagues. Besides his practice, Bartholomew is teacher of Medicine at Michaelhouse, part of the fledgling University of Cambridge. In 1348, the inhabitants of Cambridge live under the shadow of a terrible pestilence that has ravaged Europe and is travelling relentlessly eastward towards England. Bartholomew, however, is distracted by the sudden and inexplicable death of the Master of Michaelhouse - a death the University authorities do not want investigated. When three more scholars die in mysterious circumstances, Bartholomew defies the University and begins his own enquiry. And then the Black Death finally arrives... An Unholy AllianceTwo years after the Black Death hit England, the people of Cambridge are still struggling to overcome its effects. Bands of outlaws roam the land and the high death rate among priests and monks has left the people vulnerable to sinister cults that have grown up in the wake of the plague. At Michaelhouse, Matthew Bartholomew is training new physicians to replace those who died of the pestilence when the body of a friar is found in the University's massive document chest. Then Bartholomew is shocked to discover the meeting place for a mysterious sect which holds its followers in terror, and which could be at the very heart of an astonishing web of blackmail and deceit aimed to overthrow the established religion.
Ian McEwanIanMcEwanAtonement17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+02-05-02384994297999.78E+12Vintage
On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has recently come down from Cambridge. By the end of that day, the lives of all three will have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed a boundary they had not even imagined at its start, and will have become victims of the younger girl's imagination. Briony will have witnessed mysteries, and committed a crime for which she will spend the rest of her life trying to atone.
Greg WilliamsGregWilliamsDiamond Geezers16.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+02-09-112241.86E+099.78E+12Fourth Estate
The Football Factory meets Green River Rising or Bonfire of the Vanities meets Get Carter. London urban thriller – hilarious, disturbing, sharp as a broken bottle but also brutally realistic.In a world of polo geezers and page three princesses, not a million miles from Illingford, terrace legend Russell Fisher gets a job as Ron Chisholm’s minder. Ron’s a local villain who runs a tidy loansharking and gambling operation. But Ron’s got something else Russell wants besides a job, something from way back, something feminine…Coucillor Goodge is trying to keep his head above water. He’s rubber-stamped the odd late licence for Ron’s clubs. He figures Ron owes him. Local residents are pressuring him about race hate crimes. He’s being squeezed from power. He needs a bit of muscle and he knows just where to find it.Kaffir Khan’s on life support. He owes folding to Ron, so he’d had a visit from Ron’s little brother Trevor. It isn’t personal. It isn’t even a lot of money. But Trevor’s a psycho… And Trevor’s hired Russell for Ron…
Audrey NiffeneggerAudreyNiffeneggerThe Time Traveler's Wife17.99200.00Adult FictionGrade 8+06-01-055601.62E+099.78E+12Vintage
This is the extraordinary love story of Clare and Henry who met when Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-two and Henry thirty. Impossible but true, because Henry suffers from a rare condition where his genetic clock periodically resets and he finds himself pulled suddenly into his past or future. In the face of this force they can neither prevent nor control, Henry and Clare's struggle to lead normal lives is both intensely moving and entirely unforgettable.
Aly MonroeAlyMonroeBlack Bear18.99250.00Adult FictionGrade 8+07-11-13480184854488X9.78E+12Hodder Paperbacks
From the author of ICELIGHT, winner of the 2012 Ellis Peters Historical Fiction Award, BLACK BEAR is the fourth in the critically acclaimed Peter Cotton series following the fortunes of British spy Peter Cotton as he navigates the treacherous uncertainties of the post-war world. For all fans of John le Carre, Robert Harris, Eric Ambler and Graham Greene. 'Confirms Aly Monroe's genius for creating tension...' Daily Telegraph Sent to Manhattan as part of the British effort to build intelligence into the new United Nations Organisation 'from the foundations up', Agent Peter Cotton wakes up in the Ogden Clinic on East 76th Street, a private facility reserved for very special patients and veterans. He is told he was found badly bruised, slumped in a doorway, and that he had been injected with at least three 'truth-drugs'. He is lucky to be alive. Plagued by vertigo, colour blindness and tunnel vision, and unable to be certain what is real and what hallucinatory, Cotton must piece together what has happened to him, find out who is responsible and why. What he discovers is even more unsettling. His biggest uncertainty? Why he has been allowed to live.
Jacqui BroderickJacquiBroderickTrainers1300.00Adult FictionGrade 8+05-08-033681.84E+099.78E+12Poolbeg Press Ltd
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