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A Growing Culture“We know that farmers should be at the forefront of agriculture, and we work hard to protect their natural right to define and shape their own food system. We do this by reframing the way the world views farmers, facilitating collective learning and catalyzing innovation through farmer-to-farmer exchange, and supporting on-the-ground efforts for farmer-led research and documentation.”agrowingculture.orgAgricultureUnited StatesAGrowingCulture@agrowingculture@agcconnect(914)
Acres of Ancestry/Black Agrarian Fund“The Acres of Ancestry Initiative/Black Agrarian Fund is a multidisciplinary, cooperative nonprofit ecosystem rooted in Black ecocultural traditions and textile arts to regenerate custodial landownership, ecological stewardship, and food and fiber economies in the South.”acresofancestry.orgAgricultureUnited
African-American Farmers of California"The Fresno-based African American Farmers of California is a 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered in the heart of the Central Valley, Fresno, California. The organization currently uses 22 acres as demonstration farm, farmers training, cultivating traditional African-American crops, & empowering youth to learn about farming.”
Agricultural Justice Project*website down 6/3/20*agriculturaljusticeproject.orgAgriculture
Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA)ased Training Association (ALBA) - “Our mission is to create economic opportunity for aspiring, limited-resource farmers through land-based organic agriculture education.”albafarmers.orgAgricultureSalinasCAUnited StatesALBAFarmers@albafarmers(831)
Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute“The Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute is working to restore agro-biodiversity, through restoring local food systems, hemp, and traditional heritage varieties. We are focused on regenerative and reduced petroleum agriculture.”anishinaabeagriculture.orgAgricultureSnellmanMNUnited Stateswinonashemp@winonaladuke@WinonaLaduke
Appetite for Change"We use food as a tool to build health, wealth, and social change in North Minneapolis. We bring people together to learn, cook, eat, and grow food, creating change that lasts."appetiteforchangemn.orgAgricultureMinneapolisMNUnited Statesappetiteforchange@appetiteforchange(612)
BCA Global“BCAGlobal empowers people of color across diverse cultures through education, training and mentoring within a mindfulness approach to food, coupled with practical skills in the hospitality & culinary industries, leading to meaningful connections that further a vision of a beloved community.”bcaglobal.orgFoodNew YorkNYUnited Statesbcaglobal@bcaglobal@bcaglobal(212) 643-6570
Black Belt Justice Center (BBJC)“The Black Belt Justice Center (BBJC) is a legal and advocacy nonprofit organization that serves African American farmers, landowners, and communities in the Black Belt region in efforts to retain and increase landownership; to create sustainable land-based cooperatives and entrepreneurial businesses; and to ensure intergenerational and community wealth.”blackbeltjustice.orgAgricultureWashington DCUnited StatesBlackBeltJusticeCenter@blackbeltjustic(202)
Black Church Food Security Network“The Black Church Food Security Network utilizes an asset-based approach in organizing and linking the vast resources of historically African American congregations in rural and urban communities to advancing food and land sovereignty.”blackchurchfoodsecurity.netFood SecurityUnited StatesBlackChurchFSN@blackchurchfsn@BlackChurchFSN
Black Dirt Farm Collective“The Black Dirt Farm Collective is a collective of Black farmers, educators, scientists, agrarians, seed keepers, organizers, and researchers guiding a political education process. Through our cultivation of a Black agrarian education (Afroecology).”
Black Earth Farms Collective“The Black Earth Farms Collective is an agroecological lighthouse organization composed of skilled Pan-African and Pan-Indigenous farmers, builders and educators who spread ancestral knowledge and train community members to build collectivized, autonomous, and chemical free food systems in urban and peri-urban environments throughout the Greater East San Francisco Bay Area.”blackearthfarms.comAgricultureSan FranciscoCAUnited States@blackearthfarms
Black Family Land Trust, Inc. (BFLT)“The Black Family Land Trust, Inc. (BFLT) incorporated in 2004 and based in North Carolina, is one of the nation’s only conservation land trust dedicated to the preservation and protection of African-American and other historically underserved landowners assets.”bflt.orgAgricultureNCUnited Statesbflt18
Black Farmer Fund“The mission of Black Farmer Fund is to create a thriving, resilient, and equitable food system by investing in black food systems entrepreneurs and communities in New York State.”blackfarmerfund.orgAgricultureNYUnited
Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association“BFAA (Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association) is a non-profit organization created to respond to the issues and concerns of Black farmers in the U.S. and abroad. Formed in 1997, the organization boasts a membership of over 1,500 farmers nationwide, and 21 state chapters.”bfaa4us.orgAgricultureNCUnited States(252) 826-3017
Black Farmers Collective“The Black Farmers Collective is a group of urban food system activists dedicated to providing opportunities to improve the health of our communities through all aspects of the food system.”blackfarmerscollective.comAgricultureUnited Stateshealthyfoodhubchicago(773)
Black Oaks Center“Our vision is to create safe and healing spaces that are founded on the principles of environmental stewardship and social equality where community members can learn the skills required to become masterful in sustainability and successfully transition to a post-carbon world. These safe and healing spaces are lifeboats that will keep our communities, families, and children alive and thriving during an energy descent.”blackoakscenter.blogAgricultureSaint AnneILUnited States
Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers Cooperative of Pittsburgh“The Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-Op (BUGs) is a gathering point for black urban agriculturalists. We work with local black communities to grow food and to share black cultural traditions.”bugfpc.comGardeningPittsburghPAUnited
Black Urban Growers (BUGS)“Black Urban Growers (BUGS) is an organization committed to building networks and community support for growers in both urban and rural settings. Through education and advocacy around food and farm issues, we nurture collective Black leadership to ensure we have a seat at the table.”blackurbangrowers.orgConferenceUnited Statesblackfarmerconf
Black Yield Institute“Black Yield Institute’s work is centered on and operates from the following action pillars:Cooperative Economic Development, Political Education & Social Action, Black Solidarity/Cultural Affirmation, Spiritual/Psychological Healing”blackyieldinstitute.orgBaltimoreMDUnited StatesBlackYieldInstitute@blackyield@blackyield
Boston Black Hospitality Coalition“The Boston Black Hospitality Coalition aims to preserve the few gathering spaces for the city's many black residents - our neighborhood bars & restaurants. Our businesses play a critical role in community and economic development. Highlighting this we seek to ensure a prolonged future for our black-owned institutions.”blackhospitalityco.comRestaurauntBostonMAUnited States@blackhospitalitycoalition(617)
Brooklyn Movement Center"Through our food justice working group, we bring together residents of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights to plan for solutions that will strengthen heath equity in our communities. We are currently organizing to open a food cooperative that offers healthy and affordable food while building a solidarity economy." StatesBrooklynMovementCenter@bkmovement@BKMovement
Bueno Para Todos“Bueno Para Todos is a farming cooperative in Northern New Mexico dedicated to growing locally, with traditional & organic practices. We work with non-profits and individuals from Albuquerque, Santa Fe & New Mexico to heal our land and ourselves.”
NMUnited States(575) 421-0242
California Farmer Justice Collaborative“The California Farmer Justice Collaborative’s mission is to ensure that farmers of color are empowered to directly participate and effectively lead in building a fair food and farming system in California.”farmerjustice.comAgricultureCAUnited States
Castanea Fellowship“The Castanea Fellowship is a new, two-year fellowship for diverse leaders working for a racially just food system in any of the areas of: health, environment, agriculture, regional economies, or community development.”castaneafellowship.orgAgricultureBerkeleyCAUnited
CATA – The Farmworkers Support Committee“The Mission of CATA is to empower farmworkers and immigrant workers to fight for their rights so they can live a full life. We work together to achieve safe working and living conditions, fair wages, and to be treated with respect and dignity.”cata-farmworkers.orgAgricultureGlassboroNJUnited StatesCATA-The-Farmworkers-Support-Committee@catamigrantes(856)
Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)“What started in 1993 as a grassroots effort by Florida tomato farmworkers to achieve fair wages and better working conditions, has mushroomed into a nationally and internationally recognized organization. CIW has launched several innovative, worker-center programs, including the Fair Food Program, which was recognized by the Harvard Business Review as among the 15 "most important social-impact success stories of the past century."freetheslaves.netFood JusticeWashingtonDCUnited StatesFreetheSlaves@freetheslaves(202)
Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFED)“We're building a cooperative food economy, powered by the visionary leadership of young people of color! We partner with food and land co-ops across the US and Canada to embody cooperative values + economics.”cofed.coopAgricultureSanta RosaCAUnited Statescofed@TheCoFED
Corbin Hill Food Project“The Corbin Hill Farm Share is a year-round, weekly subscription program of fresh, high quality, locally grown vegetables and fruits delivered to our community partner sites across New York City.”corbinhill-foodproject.orgAgricultureNew YorkNYUnited StatesCorbinHillFoodProject@corbinhill_foodproject@corbinhillNYC(212) 870-2003
Cosecha“Movimiento Cosecha is a national, non-violent movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all undocumented immigrants.”movimientocosecha.comAgricultureUnited Statesmovimientocosecha@cosecha_harvest@CosechaMovement
Daily Bowl“At Daily Bowl, our mission is simple. Volunteers recover edible food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to local agencies to feed needy families.”dailybowl.orgRestaurauntUnion City CAUnited Statesdailybowluc@dailybowluc(510)
Detroit Black Community Food Security Network“The organization was founded to ensure that Detroit's African American population participated in the food movement and because we are the vast majority of the population in Detroit, that we are in the leadership on that movement locally.”dbcfsn.orgFood JusticeDetroitMIUnited StatesD-TownFarm@dbcfsn_org(313) 345-3663​
Dream of Wild Health“The mission of Dream of Wild Health is to restore health and well-being in the Native community by recovering knowledge of and access to healthy Indigenous foods, medicines and lifeways.”dreamofwildhealth.orgFood JusticeMinneapolisMNUnited Statesdreamofwildhealth@dreamofwildhealth@dreamwildhealth(612)
Earthseed Land Cooperative”Our mission is to remember and reimagine our relationship to ourselves, each other and the land in pursuit and practice of collective liberation.”earthseedlandcoop.orgAgricultureUnited Statesearthseedlandcoop
East Oakland Collective"We are addressing the deep food insecurity by distributing food from restaurants, caterers, and food services. We distribute individually packaged fresh meals, non-perishable food bags and produce bags."eastoaklandcollective.comFood JusticeOaklandCAUnited Stateseoakcollective@eastoaklandcollective@eoakcollective(510)
Eastern Woodlands Rematriation Collective“Eastern Woodlands Rematriation is a collective of Indigenous people restoring the spiritual foundation of our livelihoods through regenerative food systems.” JusticeUnited
Equity at the Table (EATT)"Equity At The Table (EATT) is very much inspired by the aphorism that it’s better to “build a longer table, not a higher fence.” EATT is a practical and proactive response to the blatant gender and racial discrimination that plagues the food industry. EATT is an easy-to-navigate database for food industry professionals featuring only women/gender non-conforming individuals and focusing primarily on POC and the LGBTQ community."equityatthetable.comRestaurauntUnited
Family Agriculture Resource Management Services“Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.) is a national nonprofit dedicated to reversing small farm land loss to ensure generational wealth and reducing hunger in rural low-income communities. We also assist farmers with retail market expansion to ensure future farm revenue. We provide these services with integrity and quality.”30000acres.orgAgricultureUnited
Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO“Called upon to challenge the deplorable conditions of the broader workforce that remains voiceless, powerless, and invisible to mainstream America”floc.comAgricultureToledoOHUnited States(419)
Farm School NYC“Farm School NYC trains local residents in urban agriculture in order to build self-reliant communities and inspire positive local action around food access and social, economic, and racial justice issues.”farmschoolnyc.orgAgricultureNew YorkNYUnited Statesfarmschoolnyc@farmschool_nyc
Farms to Grow, Inc.“Farms to grow, Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to working with Black farmers and underserved sustainable farmers around the country. Farms To Grow, Inc. is committed to sustainable farming and innovative agriculture practices which preserve the cultural and biological diversity, the agroecological balance of the local environment.”farmstogrow.comAgricultureOaklandCAUnited StatesFarmsToGrowInc@farmstogrow@Farms_to_Grow(510)
Farmworker Association of Florida“The Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) is a statewide, grassroots, community-based, non-profit, farmworker membership organization with over 10,000 Haitian, Hispanic, and African American members and five offices in the state of Florida with a 35 year history of working for social and environmental justice with farmworkers.”floridafarmworkers.orgAgricultureApopkaFLUnited StatesFarmworkerAssocFL@floridafarmworkersassociation@fwafl(407) 886-5151
Farmworker Justice“Farmworker Justice is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower migrant and seasonal farmworkers to improve their living and working conditions, immigration status, health, occupational safety, and access to justice.”farmworkerjustice.orgAgricultureWashingtonDCUnited StatesFarmworkerJustice@FarmwrkrJustice(202)
Federation of Southern Cooperatives”The Federation is a non-profit cooperative association of black farmers, landowners, and cooperatives. We are organized by state associations with field offices serving a primary membership base in the Southern States.”federation.coopAgricultureEast PointGAUnited Statesfederationsoutherncooperatives@federationofsoutherncoop@federation1967(404) 765-0991
First Nations Development Institute“First Nations Development Institute improves economic conditions for Native Americans through direct financial grants, technical assistance & training, and advocacy & policy.”firstnations.orgFood JusticeLongmontCOUnited StatesFirstNationsDevelopmentInstitute@fndi303@FNDI303(303)
Food Chain Workers Alliance“The Food Chain Workers Alliance is a coalition of worker-based organizations whose members plant, harvest, process, pack, transport, prepare, serve, and sell food, organizing to improve wages and working conditions for all workers along the food chain.”foodchainworkers.orgAgricultureLos AngelesCAUnited Statesfoodchainworkersalliance@foodchainworkers@foodchainworker(213) 700-8372
Food First“The Institute for Food and Development Policy, better known as Food First, works to end the injustices that cause hunger through research, education and action.”foodfirst.orgAgricultureOaklandCAUnited StatesFoodFirst@foodfirstorg(510)
Front Line Farming“The mission of Frontline Farming is to create greater equity across our food system on the Front Range of Colorado. We specifically seek to support and create greater leadership and access for women and people of color in our food systems. We achieve these goals through growing food, listening, educating, honoring land and ancestors, policy initiatives, and direct action.”frontlinefarming.orgAgricultureDenverCOUnited
Gangstas to Growers“Gangstas to Growers is a program focused on empowering at-risk youth and our formerly incarcerated through agriculture, employment, and entrepreneurship. We provide paid entrepreneurial internships for at-risk youth, gang members and formerly incarcerated individuals to give them a chance to participate in the legitimate economy.”
George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmers Collective“George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmer's Coalition, Inc. (GWCUSFC) is building an organizational structure that is primarily focused on connecting underserved rural farmers/landowners with with urban families and communities to address the food and economic disparities that exist within the service areas of our coalition.”gwc-usfc.orgAgricultureMDUnited States202) 528-0389email
Grow Where You Are“Grow Where You Are is a dynamic full service social enterprise in the field of local food systems. We partner with organizations and individuals to bring food abundance to communities and those who value real food.”growwhereyouare.farmAgricultureAtlantaGAUnited Statesgrowwhereyouare@growwhereyouare
Habesha“HABESHA, Inc. is a Pan-African organization that cultivates leadership in youth and families through practical experiences in cultural education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holistic health, and technology.”habeshainc.orgAgricultureRedanGAUnited StatesHABESHA-Inc@habeshainc@habeshainc(888)
Harlem Grown“Harlem Grown is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.”harlemgrown.orgAgricultureHarlemNYUnited Statesharlemgrown@harlemgrown@HarlemGrown(212) 870
HEAL Food Alliance“HEAL’s mission is to build our collective power to create food and farm systems that are healthy for our families, accessible and affordable for all communities, and fair to the hard-working people who grow, distribute, prepare, and serve our food — while protecting the air, water, and land we all depend on.”healfoodalliance.orgAgricultureUnited
Hope Collaborative"Our mission is to advance racial, economic, and health equity in Oakland through community-driven food and neighborhood initiatives. We envision a vibrant Oakland where historically marginalized communities shape their neighborhoods’ future, have equitable opportunities for healthy food and safe community spaces, and build community wealth."hopecollaborative.netFood JusticeOaklandCAUnited StatesHOPE-Collaborative@hopecollabo@HOPEcollabo(510) 444-4819
Just Call Me Chef“Just Call Me Chef is a call to action movement, highlighting Black Women Chefs, more than just a calendar. Just Call me Chef is a sisterhood, a professional networking organization, mentorship, and marketing.”justcallmechef.coRestaurauntUnited Statesjcmcbaltimore@justcallmechef@justcallmechef1
La Via Campesina“La Via Campesina is an international movement bringing together millions of peasants, small and medium size farmers, landless people, rural women and youth, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers from around the world.”viacampesina.orgAgricultureEastleaZimbabweViaCampesinaOfficial@viacampesinaFR(+263) 242-746-552
Land Loss Prevention Project (LLPP)“The Land Loss Prevention Project (LLPP) was founded in 1982 by the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers to curtail epidemic losses of Black owned land in North Carolina. LLPP was incorporated in the state of North Carolina in 1983. The organization broadened its mission in 1993 to provide legal support and assistance to all financially distressed and limited resource farmers and landowners in North Carolina.”landloss.orgAgricultureDurhamNCUnited States(919)
Love Fed Initiative“Empowering New Haven & CT residents by reconnecting us to our inherent relationships with food, land & self-resiliency through Black-led & community-run food systems & agriCultural initiatives.”lovefednewhaven.orgAgricultureNew HavenCTUnited StatesLoveFedNHV@LoveFedNHV@LoveFedNHV
Maurice Small"This love for natural process and growth fuels Maurice's efforts to build community as he cultivates a regional and national vision for sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyles in underserved communities & urban/rural collaboration between growers & vendors. Maurice works to transform the food landscape in North America via regional initiatives that create and rebuild local food systems."mauricesmall.comAgricultureAtlantaGAUnited Statesmaurice.small1@mauricesmall
National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA)“National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA) organizes for black food and land, by increasing the visibility of visionary Black leadership, advancing Black people’s struggle for just and sustainable communities, and building power in our food systems and land stewardship.”blackfoodjustice.orgFood JusticeUnited
National Hmong American Farmers“We are dedicated to advancing the prosperity of Hmong farmers through cooperative endeavors, capacity building and advocacy. HAFA was started and is led by family farmers. Organizing is in our DNA.”hmongfarmers.comAgricultureWest Saint PaulMNUnited Stateshafafarmers@hafafarmersmn@hafafarmers(651)
Natural Choices Botanica“Founded in 1992 by Angelique Moss-Greer. We are the oldest herbalism school dedicated to teaching the holistic health and healing of African & native people throughout the diaspora.”naturalchoicesbotanica.comWellnessUnited States(229)
New Communities Inc.“New Communities is a grassroots organization that has worked for more than 40 years to empower African American families in Southwest Georgia and advocate for social justice.”newcommunitiesinc.comAgricultureAlbanyGAUnited States(229)
Operation Spring Plant“Operation Spring Plant, Inc., also known as OSP, is a grass root, nonprofit organization. It is made up of African-American and limited resource farmers and concerned urban citizens from Region K and surrounding counties of North Carolina.”operationspringplant.blogspot.comAgricultureNCUnited States
Planting Justice“Planting Justice is a grassroots organization with a mission to empower people impacted by mass incarceration and other social inequities with the skills and resources to cultivate food sovereignty, economic justice, and community healing.”plantingjustice.orgAgricultureOaklandCAUnited Statesplantingjustice@planting.justice@plantingjustice(510) 756-6965
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United“The Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United is a nonprofit organization fighting to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s restaurant workforce.”rocunited.orgAgricultureNew YorkNYUnited
RID-ALL Green Partnership"We have turned an empty and forgotten piece of land in Cleveland’s Kinsman Neighborhood into an urban farm where we grow produce to bring healthy, local food to area institutions and citizens and train others on this work.”greennghetto.orgAgricultureClevelandOHUnited States(216)
Roots Rising“Roots Rising is the seed of People's Grocery and Center for Third World Organizing. It is a food and economic justice project in West Oakland, CA” JusticeWest OaklandCAUnited Statesrootsrisingforjustice
Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA)"Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA) believes that in order to ensure a safe, adequate supply of healthy food, we must protect farm workers and encourage environmentally sound farming. We see environmental sustainability, economic viability, biodiversity, and social justice as inextricably linked. Therefore, the best way to ensure a just, sustainable future for farming is to create a reality where farmers feel supported and protected, and have the resources to thrive."rafiusa.orgAgriculturePittsboroNCUnited Statesrafiusa@rafiusa(866) 586-6746
Slow Food Mutual Aid"This is a database of all the ways we are mutually supporting each other in this time of pandemic crisis. Slow Food USA is activating its wide grassroots network to aggregate all the ingenious ways local communities are organizing. This Slow Food Mutual Aid database is a location specific listing of community innovation and resources– crowdsourced from everyone and curated by Slow Food Chapters and Leaders. Please share anything and everything that is a reliable and legitimate aid to all who are vulnerable– for recently unemployed, for students and families, for small businesses, for all. Our hope is that this tool will be valuable (1) locally as a resource guide and (2) everywhere as shared space where ideas can cross-pollinate and spread." JusticeBrooklynNYUnited Statesslowfoodusa@slowfoodusa@slowfoodusa(718)
Small Farm Outreach Program“The Small Farm Outreach Program (SFOP), a part of Cooperative Extension at Virginia State University, educates and empowers small, limited-resource, socially disadvantaged and veteran farmers and ranchers to own, operate and sustain farms and ranches independently with agricultural training programs that improve farm management skills and quality of life.” StatesVsuCollegeOfAgriculture@VSU_AG
Sogorea Te Land Trust“The Sogorea Te Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship.”sogoreate-landtrust.orgAgricultureOaklandCAUnited
Soil Generation“Soil Generation is a Black & Brown-led coalition of gardeners, farmers, individuals, and community-based organizations working to ensure people of color regain community control of land and food, to secure access to the resources necessary to determine how the land is used, address community health concerns, grow food and improve the environment.”soilgeneration.orgAgriculturePhiladelphiaPAUnited
Soilful City“Soilful seeks to bring justice to communities and heal the sacred relationship between communities of African decent and Mother earth. Soilful views farming not only as a way to cultivate food and sovereignty for communities, but as a way to heal and rebuild our souls.”soilfulcity.comAgricultureWashingtonDCUnited StatesSoilful@soilful(202)
Soul Fire Farm“Soul Fire Farm is a BIPOC*-centered community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. We raise and distribute life-giving food as a means to end food apartheid. With deep reverence for the land and wisdom of our ancestors, we work to reclaim our collective right to belong to the earth and to have agency in the food system. We bring diverse communities together on this healing land to share skills on sustainable agriculture, natural building, spiritual activism, health, and environmental justice. We are training the next generation of activist-farmers and strengthening the movements for food sovereignty and community self-determination.”soulfirefarm.orgAgriculturePetersburgNYUnited Statessoulfirefarm@soulfirefarm@soulfirefarm(518)
Soul Food Sessions“Soul Food Sessions – Inc. is a movement to acknowledge and support people of color in the culinary arts, restaurant and hospitality industries, and beverage services. We create innovative dining experiences with menus that reflect diverse specialties that include Southern foodways and other global gastronomies with an African twist. We endeavor to be a strong presence in the food community as well as an innovative one that provides excellent service and education to our supporters.”soulfoodsessions.orgRestaurauntUnited StatesSoulFoodSessionsMovement@soulfoodsessionsclt
Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network (SAAFON)“Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network (SAAFON) is a nonprofit based in Atlanta, GA. We are a network of Black farmers in the Southeastern United States who are committed to culturally relevant, ancestrally guided, and ecologically sustainable agricultural-based living.”saafon.orgAgricultureAtlantaGAUnited StatesSAAFONGrows(920)
Southern Grassroots Economies Project“The Southern Grassroots Economies Project (SGEP) is building networks across the US South to promote and launch sustainable cooperative economies. Our work is inspired by the rich history of social justice struggle in the South and looks to the example of the worker-owned cooperatives of Mondragon, Spain and Emilia Ramagno, Italy for guidance.” MarketTNUnited States(865)
The National Black Farmers Association“The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) is a non-profit organization representing African American farmers and their families in the United States. As an association, it serves tens of thousands of members nationwide. NBFA's education and advocacy efforts have been focused on civil rights, land retention, access to public and private loans, education and agricultural training, and rural economic development for black and other small farmers.”nationalblackfarmersassociation.orgAgricultureBakersvilleVAUnited States(434) 676-6232
The Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust“To advance land sovereignty in the northeast region through permanent and secure land tenure for Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian farmers and land stewards who will use the land in a sacred manner that honors our ancestors dreams - for sustainable farming, human habitat, ceremony, native ecosystem restoration, and cultural preservation.”nefoclandtrust.orgAgricultureUnited StatesNortheastFoCLT@NEFOCLandTrust
The Okra Project"The Okra Project is a collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever we can reach them."theokraproject.comFood JusticeUnited StatesThe-Okra-Project@theokraproject@TheOkraProject
The Ron Finley Project"Ron envisions a world where gardening is gangsta, where cool kids know their nutrition and where communities embrace the act of growing, knowing and sharing the best of the earth’s fresh-grown food."
The Seeding Power Fellowship“The Seeding Power Fellowship is an innovative 18-month, cohort-based food justice fellowship program for experienced leaders working across sectors to build equitable food systems. In its inaugural year it will accept applications from leaders in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island.” JusticeNew YorkNYUnited States(212) 620-9110
Truly Living Well“Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is committed to bringing good food, good health and well-being to Atlanta’s urban community.trulylivingwell.comAgricultureAtlantaGAUnited
Urban Farm Institute“UFI’s mission is to develop and promote urban farming to engage individuals in growing food and building a healthy community.”urbanfarminginstitute.orgAgricultureMattapanMAUnited Statesurbanfarminginstituteboston@ufiboston(617)
Urban Growers Collective“Rooted in growing food, we cultivate nourishing environments which support health, economic development, healing and creativity through urban agriculture.”urbangrowerscollective.orgAgricultureChicagoILUnited Statesurbangrowerscollective@urbangrowerscollective@ugrowcollective(773)
Urban Tilth“Urban Tilth hires and trains local residents to cultivate agriculture in west Contra Costa County to help our community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system.”urbantilth.orgAgricultureRichmondCAUnited Statesurbantilth@urbantilth(510)
Why Hunger"WhyHunger believes a world without hunger is possible. We provide critical resources to support grassroots movements and fuel community solutions rooted in social, environmental, racial and economic justice. We are working to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world."whyhunger.orgFood JusticeNew YorkNYUnited Stateswhyhungerfans@whyhungerpix@whyhunger(212) 629-8850
Black Food Sovereignty NWbacktotherootnw.orgFood JusticeUnited States@blackfoodnw
Tamales y Bicicletas"Tamales y Bicicletas is dedicated to strengthening our Latino and immigrant communities through bike projects, green farming, cultural empowerment, and environmental justice."tamalesybicicletas.weebly.comFood JusticeMinneapolisMNUnited States