Matthew's Habitlift Data
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Call went well, did blah blah blah.
Today's call went very well. He's sounding very positive and determined. Energy level is a lot more than yesterday.
Today we talked about his class yesterday. He was sounding interested about his class and also his meeting. He is sounding very positive about his meeting where he gets the title as innovation officer. His habits are also getting better like he strated taking morning walk, cleaned his room and also brush in the morning. So overall there is an improvement.
stressed about school work, color theory class, but says he has it handled. Color theory work.
Stressed out because for two hours the fire alarm was making sounds, it's out of batteries, it doesn´t let him work in his final project. He's been doing his homework for Color theory class. Took Aspirin. He met Kevin. He has to get the project done in 5 hours.
Stumble. Met a guy who's interested in the project, the guy has money, he feels good about that. He'll go to class. Teacher asked about bitcoin, he felt intelligent and good. He rushed to go when we were about to finish today's interview.
Went to class yesterday. Have to do a lot of painting today for class. He's going to go through the interview with Rebeca to train her.
He got 95/100 on the project yesterday, He's going to Seattle next week to meet his brother, he wants to invest on Habitlift. He went to a Party last night, he had one drink, he felt good. He went to sleep at 3am, he had a good quality sleep. He also went to a workshop yesterday and there he showed the project.
He wants to rest for today's holiday
He told me that One person sign up yesterday for Hibitlift. There was a Parade for the holiday. He saw a Movie
He had a meeting with someone who used to be a lifecoach. He went to an AA meeting to get new ppl.
Hi didn't want to go through the call today.
Flew to Seattle. His brother is going through a mental process. He only told me the basics as he was talking to his brother: I updated him about what's going on in HabitLift.
Matt's Brother is having a Maniac Episode, He belives he's part of the secret service. Matt thinks he is not having the right Medications. He's being in a Mental Hospital. Matt didn't finished today's interview, he had to hang up. Told to calculate time per call.
Hi didn't want to go through the call today.
His phone wasn't working properly. I called Matt several times but couldn't get hold of him.
Yesterday he went to the Microsoft head office and the arcade with his brother, his brother is doing better and he has new appartment. His mother and Matt are helping furnishing, they went to Ikea.
Hi didn't want to go through the call today.
Matt said his brother is not a nice person. Alex is not helping in the project with money anymore but he'll help with more important things like marketing and engeneering, Alex is a Microsoft engineer, he works in the Xbox Keyboard division. He hasn't been working for a month, he's on a sick leave, at work they only know that he's been in the hospital, but they don't know about his condition. Their mom is in seattle taking care of Alex and their dad had an argument with their mom yesterday, he is making drama about tuition, he doesn't want to loose control and there's only around 2 or 3 tuition payments left in the tuition fund. Matt eliminated today the mood indicators as he said that is not giving important information.
Met uber driver.
He was asleep and told me to call at noon again. I called again after 12pm. He spent 4h making a model phone in the Model Making Class, then the teacher destroyed all the models, the idea was to make preasure to those students who don't have the ability to qualify for classes there.
He feels good, he has to make 16 models for his Model Making class. And each one takes around 3h to be completed. Lots of work to do. He went dancing for a little while and it was good.
After the call yesterday he went to bed and got up at 7 PM, he was relaxing and stretching muscles. At night he went to the University to work on the models for the Model Making class and was up all night, he drank a lot of coffee to stay awake. He's going now to an Easter lunch with his boss, who has a brokers business, they have 3 brokers in the company, Matt is going to work there on the website, also the website videos, the campaign emails and he´ll be on training too. Jim Bernet is the boss and they sell companies. Matt asked Ale to be his cofounder, as a Life Coach certified and as Operations manager, to earn in the future 20% of the profit. YEYYY. He didn't want to go through the habits part of the call as it's a holiday, he told me only the Medical part.
Yesterday was really good. He had easter lunch with the boss, Dean told him he's getting 60.000 usd from a sell, and he'll spent money on a weekly salary for Matt, Matt wants Ale to be the Administrator Assistant :D . Matt got up at 3 AM.
He's really excited about his new plan for HabitLift. He did homework, he had to make 30 drawings for class, that's around 5 h of work, the drawings had to be about Savannah. He made 25/30.
Yesterday he got up at 5am to do some homework. He went to class and went back home at 11:30am, then he slept untill 6pm for around 5 h. After that he went to the model shop, he completed 9 models/15 and he was there until 1:30 am... he went home and went to bed at 2:30 am.
He feels sick and didn't sleep all night. He wanted to skip the call.
I made the call at 7 am but fridays it's at 10 and I forgot. Matt didn't hear the phone.
Matt got a C+ on his Model making Class, he made the15 models, they are made of a Pink material. He went to an Art Gallery Excibition, there he had a candy and chips.
He didn't picked up
He was busy at school. yesterday he went to a party in his building, he danced in the party. He went to Home Depot and had to carry heavy materials back home.
He spent a lot of time building the homework models... His Boosted board broke but he already ordered the broken piece online... he's tired, he went to sleep at 4am, he was watching YouTube videos for website design.
he was up all night at the university doing the project he has to deliver in like 2 weeks. He feels good. He sounded good.
He didn't want to pick up
He didn't listen to the phone ringing
He went dancing yesterday. He explaines why he didn't pick up the previous days. He's sick.
He dreamt about a computer and a laser cut. He feels pretty good. Yesterday he slept from 10 am after the call untill 2pm. He played games. He worked on project, and he made little progress.
He feels tired, he hasnt slept, because he took vyvanse and coffee. He ended the call before finishing all the info.
He didn't sleep all night because he feels more productive during the night, he was making drawing for 2 classes
He's in a rush so he didn't go through the call
He feels ok, he slept 24h, he didn't go to class as he was late anyway and then he would be absent. He felt depressed later as we went through the call, he has to deal with the group homework, the group is behind on the project, because Matt is the one who coordinates, the rest don't do as much.
He was at the university working in the project and he didn't have much time as he was in a creative moment..
I called him at 10am and he was sleeping, then called at 1:45pm and still sleeping, he gave me some info but ended the call as he wanted to go back to sleep.
He wanted to go back to sleep.
Matt feels good. He got the new computer from Walmart, but he'll return it because it is too slow, he already ordered a better one as he wants it also for gaming. He went to the gym and worked on his homework. Jim is selling his other business, Matt is going to work editing videos and a project. Matt sounded really good and energetic.
He didn't want to talk
We talked a lot, he needs to be encourage to make better work at school
Matt slept for only 4 hours, then he started working on a project he has to deliver for drawing class but he felt frustrated because he wasn't able to complete it, and he tried several times, everytime feeling more frustrared. I adviced him to take it easy on this one and to recover and do better on the next one, to do it ahead in time so he has the time to prepare better for the project and to stop thinking that he hates those drawing projects, those thoughts never help
Ale didin't call, sorry
He's been sleeping a lot. He got a new game for his new computer. He hasn't talk to the drawing teacher yet about the next project so that he can start working on it. He was talking all asleep and yawning, I didn't get some things he was saying as it was difficult to understand. He ended the call soon
He woke up yesterday at 10pm at night and he's been awake since doing homework, spending sometime on 2brokers (Business brokers), he feels well, he doesn't want to waste more time for example in playing games. He wants to develop his spiritual side by praying, I told Matt to add that to affirmations instead as he's not a believer. Affirmations addition: 1. I do not waste my time (3 times) and Every moment of my day is measured.
He woke up at 3 am and was working on a project that he has to show progress today, and he made progress. He went yesterday as scheduled to Home Depot, he worked all day on projects for classes. He didn't slept during the day. Dean B. doesn't want him to work in consultancy for Business Brokers competitors, only for him. He'll have a phone call with Dean B. today. He ordered today an elbow protection on Amazon for when he's riding the boost board.
He took a nice Bath yesterday and read a book. He made some modifications to his affirmations. He ended the call as he had to prepare for school.
Navine is in charge of going into Linked in and make connections with Business Brokers. Dean B. is selling one of his companies to buy another one. I added the reminders Matt told me to the calendar.
He slept from 1 pm yesterday and now he feels rested for school work, yesterday he went to class and that was pretty much his day. He'll have a bottle of Soylent for breakfast.
Ale had an Internet failure
I called 3 times, with 30 minutes gap, but Matt didn't have the phone close to him, so he didn't picked up.
Ale had an Internet failure
Matt will skip class as he couldn't complete the project it's due for today's class, it's a different class from the other one he had problems with before. Matt had a good weekend playing games. He worked a bit for model making class. He opened a premium account on a website where ppl sell their businesses, to contact ppl. Matt agrees on keeping the skype call subscription as it's cheaper for calling just him. I Told Matt about my jewelry business, he saw my jewelry on Instagram, he liked it and he offered to help on increasing sells. He's very active on his computer at the moment, working on something in google and on a PowerPoint presentation to show to potential clients and to demonstrate his b3brokers business. Today he'll continue working on the PowerPoint presentation and then complete some homework.
Matt told me that he needs some coaching as he doesn't feel motivated to go to school and work on projects. He worked for b3brokers, he made the entire presentation. He played videogames. There's ppl at his place but didn't want to talk about it. He didn't finish the call and didn't give much information. He said he'll take his meds.
Matt filled the calendar yesterday with the activities he made, I congratulated him for that. He found a great old technique to force him to be productive, he wrote "My prefrontal cortex is in control" 30 times, then he felt a lot more willing to do things. He found a b3brokers new client, a lawyer named Jamie Casino, he's trying to open a movie studio as well. He also talked with his friend Aaron, who's trying to open a business as well. He met the representatives of them from 12-4pm. He finished the call to go to school.
He feels good, he was doing some homework. He spoke to Aaron, about the music festival, they would pay 6700 per month to Aaron, Matt is going to work on the proposal, and so Aaron wants Matt to manage the social media marketing and video editing. He had to end the call quickly so we didn't talk much.
Yesterday he went to class and that was pretty much it. Today he's going to the SandArts festival, so he gets extra credits for class, I reminded him to go dancing, and he's also going to a design event.
I called at 10am, he didn't pick up, then I called at 10:15 and I woke him up, he feels good but very sleepy, he wanted to keep sleeping so he told me to call at 2pm. Then at 2pm he sent a text on Skype that he didn't fell like talking today.
Matt sent a text on Skype that he didn't fell like talking today.
Matt slept all weekend long, he said he needed to rest a lot, now he feels well rested and ready to work. He didn't take any meds on the weekend. He didn't go dancing on friday
He's good, it had to be a short call as he has to finish homework in 30 mins to deliver it at 8am. He told me the most important info.
He's good, he slept good. He did his homework yesterday but he's not happy with the result, anyway he has good grades in that subject. He has to make a model making project, it's due today, he already delivered it and got an F, but he can redo it and deliver it on thursday. Today he's going to class, he'll buy some materials at homedepot, he'll use his boosted board. Yesterday he drank a beer, and he found out that his stepsister had a baby in Boston. He's been eating soylent or junk food.
Yesterday was very nice, he's working on a special project about his boosted board. He ended up the call as he didn't feel like talking.
consultancy. e mail, website. mania, anphenamin vyvance. distracted from homework by business things which.
Matt was doing website building homework yesterday, he slept for 7h and he wants to skip class. He was really rude when I asked him a question and hung up.
Pause Period due to Ale's thinking if continuing and then Matt making some life changes.
I called Matt and we talked for a little bit about his life changes, like dropping school and dedicating now to his consultancy business. He also told me he wants to retake the Habitlift original habits questions to improve some of his habits, starting Friday, June 8th. Overall he sounds very happy with his decision and he's commited to it.
I called at 9:05 am and then 15 minutes later. Matt didn't picked up
He'll be back to Savanna and Fix his bike, he feels good.
Called twice. He didn't answer.
He was on a flight.
he didn't take his meds the days before.
He's going to apply for a Job
He didn't make the application for the job yesterday
He applied for the job and has a job interview at 1pm
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Patient Name:
Matthew Jackson
Experiment Start Date:
March 5th, 2018
Hey Joyita your name means Jewelry in spanish
Preferred Call Time (EST)
7:00 AM
At night, first call
Assistant Name
Donald TrumpJoyitaJoyitaJoyitaJoyitaJoyitaAleAleAle
Ale 5 mins as Rebeca completed the interview to train
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Scheduled Reminders
Remind about essay (set a week before)
Make sure IP is get done , call doctor and forowarded to new doctor, signed up for new class
credit transfer , online mood checker
content writerSt Patrick's dayNo AnswerNo AnswerNO CALLYes
Weight (lbs)246235245243243246 (Clothing)242244242.8241240--------243244243241-242244240--239-238239not at home--238239-241-237---------233-------236------231-233--231-------------------
He also told me about the day before
He also told me about the day before
Wellbutrin (mg)700 mg300300300300300300300300300-300300-300300--300300300300300300300300--300-300300------------------300300300300300--300300-300300300--300300300----300----300--300300300300-300300300300300
Seroquel (mg)Quetiapine600----------------------------------------------------------------
Abilify (mg)505030303030303030-3030-3030--3030303030303030--30-3030---30303030-30--3030-45---3030303030--3030-303030--303030----30----30--30303030-3030303030
Vyvanse (mg) + Adderal
8040404040--------------40---------30 + 40-----40-40--4040-------40-----2 vyvanse-2 vyvanse----2-----2 caps2 caps-----------------
RISE1 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules----------------------------1-1--11---------------------3-----------------------
KADO-32 capsules2capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules2 capsules--2 capsules-----------2 capsules-------------1-1--11---------------------------------------------
Valerian Root--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
L-Tyrosine (mg)200010001000100010001000-10001000-10001000--10001000100010001000100010001000--1000-10001000---1000100010001000-1000--10001000---------------------------------------------
SoylentBottles------------------2 or 3-2 or 323--no221-13334--------11---1-------------------------------
Ciggy #0100045000-----no--nononono1nono1--no--12--no1-1-no11nono-----no2 or 3-1no---1---no--no2no----0----0------------
Weed Bowl #To relax1 so far1022230.5202-24--2 yesterday--32no2-111--no--13--no1-2-no1343-1---22-4no---
He smoked a bunch of weed on the weekend
---1--1yes1----3----2 or 3------------
Units of coffee52-no5344-----22-3no---1---no--2yes4----3.5----1------------
SprintEliminated22 capsules2 capsules-----no--nonononono2 capsulesnono--no--nono--nonoEliminated---------------------------------------------
Cups of coffeeEliminatedAspirin 650mg2 (so far)23--2--1 yesterday--44236223--no--52.5--no2Eliminated---------------------------------------------
Follow CalendarScale 1 to 107737---2---7---------------------------
Use Mouthwash
He didn't want to go through the habits part of the call as it's a holiday, he told me only the Medical part.
Brush Teeth (morning)
Brush Teeth (night before)
Text reminder everyday
nononoyesnoyesyesnoyes-nono-yesyes--yes--yesnoyesno-nonoyes--yes--yesno--yesyes-no-noyesyesnoyes-----yesyes-nono-----------------no----no---yesyes and flossno--noyesyes-
Shavedonce a weeknoyesyesyes nononononono-yesno--no--no--nononono-yesnono--no--yesno--nono-no-noyesnonono---------------------------------------------
Cleaned Room (how long)
nonoyes ( 3 mins)yes (45 mins)nononono15 mins-20 minsno--no--no--30 mins5 minsno5 mins-no5 minsno--no--nono--2 mins2 min-no-nonono-no---------------------------------------------
Go for a Walkyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes-yesyes--yes 30 mins--yes 30 mins--yes 10 minsyes 20 minsyes 15 minsyes 40 mins-
yes, 1h 20 mins
1h 30mno--yes 15 m--yes 45 myes 30m--noyes 30m-yes 20 m-no15 m-45m-----1h40m--------------------------------------
Eat Candy Yesterday
2 bags chips. No candy
candy but no chips
no-nono2 bags of chips--1 candy 1 chip-
Candy yesterday and chips today
nono--nono-no-no---1 bag of chips---------------------------------------------
Eat a healthy meal
How many hm--noyesappleno-nosoylanno--no---no--1no-no-no---1 (oranges)---------------------------------------------
Affirmations yesyesyesyes-yesyes--
He finished the call here
Go Dancing
Be reminded on Fridays
----He will go
He went dancing. 15 mins
no, he didn't go yesterday
yes he went dancing
He told me he danced on friday at the event
----He didn´t go----------------------------------------
Slept in the afternoon
from April 9thyes 4hyes 1hyes 6h--yes 8hyes 4h-yes 8h-yes 24h-18 h in total-8h------no5hno18h---
yes, a bit too much during the weekend
Slept at nigh0h---4h-0h----0h----
24h at least on friday
-3hno3h---9pm to 6am-6h10h--6h7h8h---0h7h----------------
Workout (minutes)
nonoyes (5 mins)yes (5 mins)00040-2050-----no--10 mins30 minsnono-nonono--yes 10 m gym---no---noyes 10mno-no---
2m of intense dancing
Wach videos for Dean Burnette
friday and weekend
He spent sometime on the weekend watching videos
Times Masturbated
2111001-11-----no--yes 1 timenonoyes 1 time-yes 1 timenono--yes, once---no---1-no-no-2-1---------------------------------------------
At this point he finished the call
Hours spent on Reddit
No answer130 mins-nono-----1 h--30 minsnono30 m-10 mins10mno--no---no---30m-1h-no---2h---------------------------------------------
Hours spent on Youtube
No answer3030 mins-2.5 h3h-----4 h--2h2h1h2 h-30 mins2hno--2h---2h---no-30m-no---2h--------------no-----5h------------------------
Hours spent Gaming
No answer030 mins-30 minsno-----2 h--nonono2.5 h-30 mins15mno--no---no---3h-30m-no---2h----2h-2h------
14h during the weekend
MeditationEliminatedyesyesyesnononono3 minsnono-noyes 20 mins--no--no--yes 20 minsnonono-Eliminated-10 m----------------------------------------------------------------
Boosted Board or Bike (stop asking)
EliminatedBoosted BoardBoosted BoardBoosted BoardBoosted BoardBoosted BoardBoosted Boardstop askingBike-BikeBike-----no--BoostedBikeBoosted boardBike 15 mins-noyes 32 minsyes--BB-Eliminated-----------------------------------------------------------
Get a haircutEliminatedno-yes-----no--nononono-nonono----------reminder-eliminated---------------------------------------------------
What time went to sleep last night
--12:00 AM-----
Doesn't remember
What time woke up
--8:35 AM-----9:00 AM--Eliminated
Sleep Quality (1-10)
Didn´t sleepSlept 14 hours79--9-----7--Eliminated
1-5 scaleExample
Do you feel very elated(1) , elated (2), neutral (3), depressed(4), or very depressed(5)?
5 (very hostile)33222Eliminated
Mood Indicators
Happiness (out of 10)
Wasted Time (out of 10)
Productivity (out of 10)
Outlook (out of 10)
Is your future bright? I measure outlook in future years.
Mania Risk (out of 10)
Confidence (1-10)
Anxiety (1-10)2--7--5--Eliminated
Depressed (1-10)
Paranoia (1-10)0--0--1--Eliminated
Energetic (1-10)
Magical Mood Metric