Multi-Fandom Age Disparity/Age Gap Fic List
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TimestampFandomTitleAuthorLink to ficAuthor's SummaryPairingWord CountNotes?Added by
5/18/2014AvengersMelting Ice in the Sunfoxxcub Coulson has a secret, and the secret happened by accident. Actually, the secret is the accident. And that accident’s name is Clint Barton.Clint/Coulson1,535sapphirescribe
1/10/2013AvengersPrincipledherinfiniteeyes"Clint follows behind Principal Coulson with the trademark swagger (Tasha refers to it as his "sassy hips," but he secretly calls his "fuck me" walk). He's on the way to Principal Coulson's office because Coulson had caught Clint blowing Bruce from the football team in the school bathroom during lunch."Clint/Coulson2,856bookjunkie
1/10/2013AvengersTag mesirona's the last class of the semester, and Phil Coulson has a special assignment for his students.Clint/Coulson6,395bookjunkie
12/11/2014AvengersTeenage DreamEtharei"That," says Tony, tone unmistakably smug despite his split lip, "is Captain America. Who, by the way, happens to be my godfather."Steve/Tony7,633sapphirescribe
1/25/2013DC UniverseNo less than lifepetronelle Dick demonstrates exactly what he's learned, Bruce will show him what he got wrong and maybe do it over again, just in case.Bruce/Dick35,200
1/10/2013Harry PotterA Choriambic ProgressionMairead Triste and Aristide
1/10/2013Harry PotterAubademelusinahp'd think Scorpius would know better than to mess around with unfamiliar magical objects.Harry/Scorpius8,000icmezzo
1/11/2013Harry PotterBlind As A Bat SeriesSpinner Harry is having a rotten summer between his fifth and sixth years. Once back at Hogwarts, the school year doesn’t get any better. He’s experiencing precognitive dreams, and he’s starting to sense things about people when he touches their personal items. If that’s not bad enough, the new Dark Arts instructor appears to fancy him, and Professor Snape is being nice to him. It’s enough to make anyone a bit jumpy.

As luck would have it, Severus Snape is also having a rotten year. His long-estranged, presumed-dead wife has surfaced to ask him for a divorce. The new Dark Arts instructor clearly has a fancy for Harry, and Snape is trying to protect the stupid boy from her. He finds that protecting Harry might mean he has to be kind to him. *ick*
Harry/Snapelong/ multiple storiesThis is a wonderful verse to get drawn into. There is some non-con in later parts. Also, quite a few OC's make appearances. A very richly built world! sk_lou
1/10/2013Harry PotterClean and FilthyEntreNous failing to kill Dumbledore and fleeing with Snape, Draco finds himself in the middle of quite a mess. Draco/Snape5,175icmezzo
1/28/2013Harry PotterConsequences of Truthaltri_uccelli Draco Malfoy is not best pleased to have a Potter Sort into his House. But he forges a bond with Albus over Potions, and as Draco becomes unwillingly entangled in Potter family secrets and lies, he discovers that more than truth is at stake.Albus Severus Potter/Draco Malfoy52,500
1/28/2013Harry PotterDo This In Remembrancetryslora and Albus are so very much in love. Discovering that Albus is pregnant is a joy and a blessing. But when Albus falls sick, they discover that there is an ancient Malfoy curse that affects him and that will destroy him and the son he carries. There is a cure, but it means they have a choice: either they save Albus and their son, or they save Draco. A choice must be made.Albus Severus Potter/Draco Malfoy6,200death!fic, character death, gore. Despite (or because of) all of that one of the most fascinating fics I've ever read.
1/11/2013Harry PotterIf That Mockingbird Won't SingAspen Snape, headmaster of an all-boys Hogwarts, must punish one who proves to be not-so-innocent.
Harry/Snape6,067underage (or is it?)sk_lou
1/10/2013Harry PotterIlluminations de NoelFemme streets have changed little in the past few years. The storefronts are different, I suppose, and traces of snow outline their windows at the moment, but the Société Générale Bank still dominates the corner, Muggles still crowd the kerb...Draco/Snape19,189icmezzo
1/10/2013Harry PotterIn Between Daysatrata!Snape kidnaps ClinicallyDepressed!Harry to keep him safe, but nothing is quite what it seems.Harry/Snape70,000sk_lou
1/11/2013Harry PotterIt Started So Innocentlyroozetter has always had a weakness for the men of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.Draco/Harry, Harry/Sirius, Harry/Teddy4,675bsmog
1/28/2013Harry PotterLove, Jinxes, and Miscellaneous chantefable Malfoy is a Senior Unspeakable; Al Potter is his subordinate, a little obsessed with his brilliant, charismatic boss. Unfortunately, Draco sees the whole thing as a typical Potter ruse to compromise him and doesn't take Al's persistent advances seriously. Fortunately, with a combination of Unspeakable technology and common sense, Draco will reassess the situation and his own feelings on the matter.Albus Severus Potter/Draco Malfoy7,400
1/11/2013Harry PotterNo Happy MemoriesAmanuensis you get it all said and done in the last 24 hours of your life?Harry/Sirius6,000sk_lou
1/10/2013Harry PotterNo Hiding PlaceRimau Sua Lay Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts, everyone is getting ready for the Second Voldemort War. Battle lines are being drawn, decisions made. But what happens when the famous Harry Potter doesn't want to deal with Voldemort anymore? Can anyone show him the way? When friendship and love will only serve as weapons, Harry needs to find trust and honesty to stay alive throughout the war.Harry/Snape494,236sk_lou
1/10/2013Harry PotterSo Lonely Without MeCalligraphy men, two rooms. Takes place several years in the future, during the war. Harry/Snapeicmezzo
1/10/2013Harry PotterThe Boy Who Lives A BitBarbarella, though the War still rages. Harry is holed up at 12 Grimmauld Place with Lupin as his primary protector. Some of the best distractions in these days are provided by one Severus Snape.Harry/Snape58,754sk_lou
1/10/2013Harry PotterThe Devil Will Drag You UnderDementorDelta must marry Snape for his own protection. Only a legality for seven years, of course.Harry/Snape21,199sk_lou
1/10/2013Harry PotterThe FamiliarResonant,530icmezzo
1/28/2013Harry Potterthe nightly heavens are not more beautifulcerberusia spending the Christmas hols with Scorpius at the Manor, Albus pays nightly visits to Draco's study.Albus Severus Potter/Draco Malfoy1,200
1/10/2013Harry PotterWhat We Were (or This Mess We're In)avioleta “Emotional infidelity: Harry and Ginny are married, and while it's not necessarily an unhappy marriage, neither of them is exactly all smiles and cuddles by the fire, either. The honeymoon period has worn off by several years, and they're both getting older. Maybe that's why Harry's been turning up more and more often at Severus Snape's door for Firewhiskey and a chat. Nevermind that he gets more out of those meetings, where the only touching they do is sitting a little closer than necessary on the worn old leather sofa, than he does from sharing a home—and a bed—with his wife.”Harry/Snape16,943icmezzo
10/14/2013InceptionDefinitioncherryvanilla a teenage Arthur meets MMA Fighter Eames at a local gym and complete inappropriateness ensues.Arthur/Eames6,136sapphirescribe
4/13/2014InceptionMaking Partnermaybe77’s mom has always been very busy when it came to her job... She soon starts having co-workers over to finish presentations, information or have pre-hour/after-hour meetings. One of these coworkers is Eames who Arthur falls for and much to his surprise Eames returns the interest. Arthur/Eames9,200sapphirescribe
1/12/2013InceptionNecessityfive_ht by this prompt, the gist of which is that Arthur is stressed on a job, but Eames knows how to take care of him.Arthur/Eames5,258sapphirescribe
1/10/2013InceptionSickness and Shame seriesrecrudescence has always been told he’s mature for his age. Maybe it comes from being an only child, or from having to step into his father’s shoes too soon, or maybe he’s just too serious for his own good. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t like having his foundations shaken. Going in for a physical is not something that should shake them.Arthur/Eames24,992asyaana
4/28/2013InceptionThe price of peace and quiethuxley misbehaves and distracts Eames from his work. His Daddy teaches him a lesson.Arthur/Eames3,376
10/15/2013InceptionTrouble With Dreamssparkledark AU in which Arthur is a cranky senior and Eames is a professor of Dream Psychology.Arthur/Eames39,765This left me with all the feels. Their relationship was so real and believable. (And hot.)sapphirescribe
1/13/2013MerlinA Binding Contract eldee a society where people with magic are considered to be dangerous, are labelled as freaks, and have their powers cut off from them, Merlin does whatever he can to survive the hard life he’s faced with. When he’s in desperate need of money, Merlin’s landlord Aredian arranges and offers a magically binding contract in which Merlin is to become a ‘companion’ to Uther Pendragon’s son, Arthur. And when Merlin feels compelled to accept it, he never would have imagined that one man could change his life so completely.Arthur/Merlin99,282Modern AU with magic. Great Chemistry
1/11/2013MerlinA Boy I Never Knewwinterstorrm really doesn't want to go to Morgana's wedding, not when he knows his nephew's best friend Merlin is bound to be there making Arthur want things he shouldn’t.Arthur/Merlin3,791OnTheTurningAway
1/24/2013MerlinAccusations FlyWinterstorrm in town, relationship shy Arthur Pendragon meets Merlin Emrys and gets more than he bargained for. Is he setting himself up for a fall; or will the course of true love run smooth for once? Modern AU. Adult content. 100% SLASH. Age difference.
1/10/2013MerlinAll In the Timing seriessrin (mad_poetics) and company have been reborn over and over, but things aren't quite the same this time around.Arthur/Merlin (also Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Merlin, other pairings)50,100modern AU, reincarnation, adult Merlin/teenage Arthur, achy, lovelysapphirescribe, sophinisba
1/24/2013MerlinAn Issue of Mind Over MatterRotrude as a fill for this kinkme_merlin prompt: Where Arthur is older than Merlin maybe 30/18 and Merlin doesn't tell Arthur that he's still a virgin, because he fears that Arthur wouldn't have had sex with him.Arthur/Merlin20,500Brunettepet
1/11/2013MerlinBend All Your Notes for Melittlesleep is given to Arthur as a pleasure slave (or somehow makes his way unwillingly? into Arthur's possession). He has been enchanted (cursed?) so that he must have Arthur's (or whoever owns him) seed within him at a regular basis or he will start to get sick and eventually die.

They start off disliking each other, and with Merlin resenting and fighting the situation, but somehow they end up falling in love with each other (and eventually breaking the spell?).
Arthur/Merlin30,000*shifty eyes*Magnolia822
1/24/2013MerlinBlue Would Still Be BlueWinterstorrm widower Arthur Pendragon finds out that his three children have conspired to help him find 'someone to kiss' by placing an ad on an internet dating site, he allows his guilt to push him into agreeing to go on a succession of dates even though he's determined that he's not lonely and doesn't believe in 'love'. However, someone does set his heart racing, but it's not one of the endless parade of beautiful women he has to choose from, it's the children's new babysitter, Merlin.Arthur/Merlin32,376Brunettepet
1/11/2013MerlinBrilliant Absurditydreamdustmama is the head photographer at a popular gay porn magazine, and Arthur is coming out in a big, nude way. When Arthur offers himself up at the end of his session, Merlin can't possibly resist.Arthur/Merlin2,337Inexperienced!Arthur & older/experienced!Merlin.OnTheTurningAway
1/10/2013MerlinCello, Viola, Duetskellerbvvt is the teacher and Merlin is the student, and Merlin comes on to Arthur with increasing pushiness until finally Arthur fucks him over the desk, then licks him clean, and later they go back to Arthur's place where Merlin begs Arthur to bend him over his knee and spank him, so slightly shell-shocked but super horny Arthur does while Merlin writhes and moans in his lap until they both come everywhere.Arthur/Merlin19,373modern AU, super frigging hot; Love love love this whole series. So hot, and Merlin is just a sassy thing. Arthur didn't stand a chance.sapphirescribe, Magnolia822
1/13/2013MerlinCorporal Rewardflammablehat likes to watch Arthur getting fucked by his classmates on the school surveillance system. Until Arthur turns eighteen, and Merlin wishes he could take their place instead.Merlin/Arthur10,477I couldn't stop thinking about this O/S the entire day after I read it. Great Chemistry
1/10/2013MerlinDropped TimeOnTheTurningAway to get his life back on track after a career-ending injury and a series of missteps, Arthur accepts a coaching position at Avalon School to escape his overbearing father. But fate has her own plan for Arthur and he finds himself struggling against his greatest challenge yet, in the form of a sixteen year old swimmer with a schoolboy crush.Arthur/Merlin17,060modern AU, reincarnationsapphirescribe
1/11/2013MerlinFirstsleashy_bebes Gwaine stumbles on the little village of Ealdor he plans to stay two nights. Maybe three. Except then there's Merlin.Gwaine/Merlin3,100OnTheTurningAway
1/24/2013MerlinFollow the DragonViolette_Royale is an early career Iron Age scholar. Merlin is a skater. The slash dragon makes destiny happen, as per usual.

The fic was written for this KMM prompt: Today, I had to leave my one-night stand in my flat because I was giving a guest lecture at the local university. Halfway through, I hear someone sneaking in so I jokingly asked if they had a 'wild night out.' It was the guy I slept with. FML
10/18/2013MerlinFrom Here to Therelittlesleepfic and Will are on the train after footie practice, meet Arthur.Arthur/Merlin1,860dub-con, stranger!sex, voyeurism, pwp

1/24/2013MerlinGamutNahara is a recruiter for a branch of the Special Forces and goes to give a talk at Ealdor High School. Merlin is in the audience.Arthur/Merlin13,031Brunettepet
1/10/2013MerlinGood news (is on the way)derryere, a travelling businessman, decides to rent a room with the Wyllt family while in town. Hunith is charmed. Her son, Merlin, is not. Arthur/Merlin61,000A must read.liliom99
1/24/2013MerlinHesitationsadtomato"It was only three seconds of hesitation, but it told Arthur everything." Merlin's been lying about his age to Arthur, who he's been flirting with online. What happens when they meet in RL? Will Arthur be charmed despite the lie, or will he walk away? Modern AU.Arthur/Merlin6,459This has everything I love about age gap fic.sapphirescribe
1/24/2013MerlinHow We Swallow the Sunpepperlandgirl14 was just sixteen when he met his best mate's new stepdad, Arthur Pendragon. Arthur/Merlin11,700Brunettepet
1/24/2013MerlinIntendedNew_kate"Kids have crushes on teachers all the time. It's perfectly normal."Arthur/Merlin Gwaine/Merlin16,653Brunettepet
1/24/2013MerlinLet me be your canvasmarguerite_26 wants a tattoo. And maybe the tattoo artist as well.Arthur/Merlin11,499sapphirescribe
10/18/2013MerlinMarconi Plays the Palacevissy mark of the omega was a gift, one which Arthur had ignored for the sake of the succession. Now his omega had come to claim his birthright.Arthur/Merlin12,359Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics liliom99
1/24/2013MerlinNot an Act But a HabitMellacita is a spoiled university student. After one transgression too many, Arthur's father makes him spend a night at a hostel for homeless youth to give him a reality check. While there, he meets a tough-talking kid who is more than he seems. In spite of themselves, they become inseparable.Arthur/Merlin17,634Brunettepet
1/24/2013MerlinPuppy Dog Persistancelcacbc When Arthur finds out that his one-night stand is only 17 years old, he does everything in his power to forget about it. But unfortunately, Merlin has other ideas, and just will not leave him alone.Arthur/Merlin12,700Brunettepet
1/10/2013MerlinRefugeMagnolia822 a year has passed since the death of his long-term boyfriend when Constable Arthur Pendragon meets tough-talking, homeless Merlin Emrys, a kid running from his own demons. This is what happens next. Glompfest 2.0 gift for tama_abi.Arthur/Merlin29,023hooker!Merlin, great h/c and angstsapphirescribe
1/11/2013MerlinRuffledleashy_bebes has a panty fetish. Merlin just happens to wear female underwear.Merlin/Uther3,700sapphirescribe
1/24/2013MerlinSilent NightFresica the kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur/Merlin. AU. Arthur is dating Merlin's sister, but then he starts hooking up with Merlin. Bonus points if they get caught.
Summary: They never meant for it to happen – it shouldn’t have happened, not ever, but especially not then, not like that.
Arthur/Merlin2,787There are sequels in this 'verseBrunettepet
1/10/2013MerlinStop WatchingFootloose's the first day of school and a new runner joins Arthur's team -- a senior transfer from Ealdor High. Merlin Emrys is out, open, impossibly friendly, immediately popular, and impossibly persistent.
Merlin has two goals: the Olympics and Arthur.
Arthur/Merlin51,831modern AUsapphirescribe
1/11/2013MerlinSuckOnTheTurningAway loyal to one Pendragon, Merlin gets what he needs from the other.Merlin/Uther1,010sapphirescribe
1/10/2013MerlinThe Gift Boytourdefierce Arthur is presented with a gift that will tempt him far beyond anything he has ever experienced before. (Or the one where Merlin's a boy Druid, shamelessly wants Arthur's cock and Arthur just sort of freaks out all over the place.)Arthur/Merlin7,600canon erasapphirescribe
10/18/2013MerlinThe Road Takeneurydice72 does a favor for his nephew by giving his friend Merlin a ride across the country for the holidays.Arthur/Merlin12,500Road trip!liliom99
1/11/2013MerlinThe Seasons Serieslolafeist the summer before his senior year, Merlin notices that his friend Morgana's little brother Arthur isn't so little anymore.Arthur/Merlin29,000This summary doesn't do this series justice; it's a quatrain of lovely, achy, sweet fics with excellent world building.Magnolia822
1/24/2013MerlinTime's UpLa Novocaina and Sabira there anything in common between drugs and excellent grades? Or business and psychology? The answer is simple – in the world of big money a lot can happen when you’re bored to tears. Under pressure from his father, Merlin becomes involved in a strange relationship. At first, he can’t get out of it; on second thought – he doesn’t want to.
"When they ask me in court how I got into this,” Merlin said slowly, trying to recover from the initial shock, “I’ll just tell them I was too busy snorting crack to notice. Think that would move them to tears?”
Gwaine tossed his head back and laughed."
Arthur/Merlin6 chapsBrunettepet
1/12/2013MerlinWhen the Blazing Sun is Gonerufflefeather is a dreary cycle of work and sleep until Arthur moves in next door and breaks Merlin’s stride.Arthur/Merlin5,000arcadianmaggie
10/19/2013MerlinWhere I End and You Begin (The Sky is Falling In)suntipped which Merlin is Arthur's best friend's younger brother.Arthur/Merlin24,363Oh the angst.liliom99
1/24/2013MerlinWicked GameWinterstorrm's the King of Camelot…nightclub. He can pick and choose who he wants, and he does – often – no promises and absolutely no repeats. The night he chooses Merlin might just be his undoing.Arthur/Merlin42,438Brunettepet
11/6/2013MerlinWonderViolette_Royale is sixteen, and a virgin. He's got something that Arthur wants. Arthur tells him about it, in great detail.Arthur/Merlin3,942liliom99
3/2/2013MerlinYour Heart Be Alsoteprometo Arthur Pendragon of the Albion I has been traversing the seas looking for something to give his life meaning. When he learns of a profoundly rare and valuable treasure, he follows a trail that leads him to a common brothel and an uncommon whore: a fifteen-year-old boy filled with an ancient and powerful magic.Arthur/Merlin13,567sapphirescribe
1/10/2013SherlockPoster Boyspeevee Lestrade finds himself unable to resist the lure of teaching Sherlock and John a thing or two.
“Will I what?”
“Teach us.” Sherlock’s look of guileless innocence did not fool Lestrade for even a second.
Holmes/Lestrade/ Watson2,545bookjunkie
8/1/2013Star Trek AOSPrince Charmingwiththepilot has been Jim's personal bodyguard since he was a teenager. Now the young prince is all grown up and wants more.James Kirk/Leonard McCoy3,876sapphirescribe
1/26/2013Teen WolfA Welcome Arrow1001cranes wedding is small and grim, because Stiles is being carted off to parts unknown, married to a thirty-something year old dude who wants to marry a seventeen year old dude - totally not creepy at all.

Regency AU.
Derek/Isaac, Peter/Stiles4,590Two chapters, one (really hot first time) Peter/Stiles, and the second chapter a not!fic fabulous outline of Derek/Isaac, on the side.AnnaLund
1/25/2013Teen WolfShoots Blackcigsanddrugs is addicted to this coffee(house barista)...Peter/Stiles7,154Peter is a creepy creep. But what else is new? Oh, he's also charming. AnnaLund
1/25/2013Teen WolfWhen We Dead Awakenlielabell doesn't laugh the first time they make out, but her lips curl up like she wants to. Derek tries not to blush, tries not to think about how clumsy his hands are, how uncoordinated his kisses must be. Kate smiles at him, her eyes are bright and her hands are soft and god. She smells so good. He wants to bury his face in her neck and just breathe her in, but Derek knows that's not normal, for all he's never done this before.Derek/Kate3,571Canon, and insightful look at how Kate fucked up a very young Derek. Very strong and beautiful writing. Brilliant oneshot, perfect young Derek. Innocent baby, and heart-fail is your name.AnnaLund
1/11/2013TwilightA Cinderella Storyavioleta which Carlisle is Prince Charming and Edward is Cinderella, of course.Carlisle/Edward11,572one of my all time favorite ficssapphirescribe
10/18/2013TwilightCause and EffectLouLa action has a consequence, sometimes it's just not what's expected.Carlisle/Riley7,177liliom99
1/11/2013TwilightForgive Me Fatheravioleta the Twilight Kink Fest. Prompt: Priest in training. AH, Carlisle/Edward, Rated M. Please see story for original prompt and warnings.Carlisle/Edward16,176sapphirescribe
1/12/2013TwilightFrom Kwapah With Loveprassacut can cross path with the person meant for you and not realize it because the timing is wrong. But the third time's the charm, right?Carlisle/Edward5,676liliom99
1/10/2013TwilightStayavioleta literature student. A biology professor. A few works of fiction. And a lot of black tea. 'We should have sex.' 'What on Earth for' Edward rolled his eyes. 'Should I draw you a chart' Carlisle/Edward24,292liliom99