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Community of Further Education professionals. Weekly Twitter chats - Thurs at 9pm. Use #UKFEchat to join in. Everyone welcome.UKFEchat
College Development Network (CDN)CDN supports colleges in Scotland through our training, events, specialist projects and network activityCollege Development Network (CDN)
College Development Network (CDN)The Access and Inclusion Network is primarily for staff across colleges in Scotland with key responsibility for ensuring the access and inclusion of learners with a broad range of additional support needs into all aspects of college life.Access and Inclusion
College Development Network (CDN)The Business Development Directors Network plays a lead role in informing and advising the College Principals’ Group on matters relating to economic, commercial, and business development impacting the college sector in Scotland. An important part of the work is carried out within a range of Short Life Working Groups (SLWG) and subsidiary groups.Business Development Directors (BDD) Network
College Development Network (CDN)The network works to ensure that flexible, national programmes of education are in place for learners across Scotland which allow the NHS and Health and Social Care and Early Years Sectors’ workforces to respond to changing service needs and to deliver high standards of patient and client care.Care, NHS and Early Years Network
College Development Network (CDN)The Community-Based Learning Network’s key purpose is to provide support to people delivering learning which is supported by colleges outwith the main campuses: this could include e.g. in community centres, youth services, prisons; and also includes partnerships with community support organisations which bring learners into main campuses
Community-Based Learning
College Development Network (CDN)Digital Networks provides its members with the opportunity to identify and share common concerns and seek solutions; and to disseminate and develop good practice. It provides staff operating in colleges across Scotland with the chance to meet on a formal and informal basis to exchange information and undertake professional debate. Its purpose is to support CPD for members and to act as a consultative body on agreed topics.Digital Networks
College Development Network (CDN)The Education Sector PA (ESPA) Network brings together senior executive PAs, administrative teams and others in both the Scottish higher and further education sectors and stakeholder organisations. Its remit is to consider ways in which a network of personal and career development and enhancement opportunities is sustained and continues to develop whilst sharing best practice.Education Sector PA (ESPA)
College Development Network (CDN)The Essential Skills and Volunteering Network shares best practice around the range of ‘soft’, transferable, and underlying employability skills that everyone requires in order to be successful in the working environment. The specific skill set will vary, depending on the vocational/professional sector; but will include communication, numeracy, ICT, working with others, and problem solving. This Network aims to place Essential Skills at the heart of the college curriculum.Essential Skills and Volunteering
College Development Network (CDN)The Finance Network represents finance professionals from colleges all over Scotland. The Steering Group meets monthly and is made up of representatives from all college regions and a wide variety of colleges. An important part of the work is carried out within a range of established Short Life Working Groups (SLWG) and subsidiary groups.Finance
College Development Network (CDN)The Food and Drink Network offers an opportunity for colleges to share best practice and to connect with colleagues across the college sector and industry. The Network runs events which offer great opportunities to enhance practice and to engage with employers.Food and Drink
College Development Network (CDN)The key purpose of the Guidance Network is to support staff involved in planning and implementation of guidance and student support services. It facilitates an exchange of views which encourage best practice in the delivery and development of professional learning.Guidance
College Development Network (CDN)The Health and Safety Network is for staff operating in the college sector to meet and share thinking on key issues relating to development within their role; and supporting the development of key service activity fundamental to the sector’s ability to respond to new demands and increased pressure on resources.Health and Safety
College Development Network (CDN)The HR Development Network represents human resources and organisational development staff in the colleges of Scotland. The Network organises a programme of events and facilitates opportunities for members to meet and discuss particular issues. It also formulates responses to new developments and communicates these to other relevant groups.HR Development Network
College Development Network (CDN)The International Network’s key purpose is to be a collaborative network who will develop international business and funding opportunities for Scotland’s colleges, and further develop the international aspects of the curriculum, to provide a forum for professional updating and for key agencies to provide advice and information, to provide an opportunity for sharing of good practice, to encourage and support collaborative bids and projects where these provide advantage.International
College Development Network (CDN)The Languages and ESOL network supports the learning and teaching of all languages and cultures. Our purpose is to be a national voice for languages and ESOL within colleges and the wider community, and to provide a platform for sharing and developing practice in its widest sense.Languages and Esol
College Development Network (CDN)The Librarians’ Network represents library and information staff in the colleges of Scotland. It seeks to capitalise on the expertise within the colleges for the benefit of the whole sector. The Network provides a platform for discussion and networking, and aims to keep members informed of current good practice. It promotes the role of libraries and librarians within the sector.Librarians
College Development Network (CDN)The Marketing and Communications Network supports the development of marketing approaches and marketing teams within the college sector in Scotland. It seeks to capitalise on the expertise within each college for the benefit of the whole sector by focusing on sharing and developing practice, keeping up to date with developments in education policy and marketing, and promoting the work of the network and its members.Marketing and Communications
College Development Network (CDN)The MIS Network represents staff with responsibility for managing and developing the information systems within their colleges. This can include Credits, FES, PIs, student data, course information, timetabling and exams (as well as other systems). The key purpose of the Network is to share best pratice and support MIS staff to make a positive impact on college life.MIS
College Development Network (CDN)The Quality Network shares and influences practice associated with quality improvement and enhancement across the sector. It represents staff with a responsibility for quality and assists them with the development of a quality improvement culture. As well as supporting CPD for members, the Network acts as a consultative body on agreed topics, providing formal responses on behalf of colleges across Scotland to sector agencies when requested.Quality
College Development Network (CDN)The purpose of the Safeguarding Network is to share practice, resources, and expertise in keeping staff and students safe in college. Members are drawn from college staff who have additional responsibility for safeguarding and who influence policy and operational procedures. External representation is drawn from Education Scotland and Scottish Government. The Network extends invitations to other relevant organisations in response to key safeguarding topics that impact on the sector.Safeguarding
College Development Network (CDN)The School/College Partnership Network (known as CLASS – College Liaison in association with Scottish schools) provides a forum for staff operating in colleges across Scotland to meet on a formal and informal basis to exchange information, and to share excellent practice in this area. It aims to consolidate and strengthen existing links and strong working relationships between school and college staff; particularly within the context of Senior Phase Curriculum for Excellence and Developing the Young Workforce (DYW).]School/College Partnership
College Development Network (CDN)The Secretary to the Board Network represents secretaries and clerks to boards of management in Scotland’s colleges. The Network has run a series of seminars and has been involved in drafting guidelines for self-evaluation for boards as well as the College Board Member Guide June 2015. It acts as a consultative body on agreed topics.Secretary to the Board
Wednesday night Twitter Chat HE focusedLTHEchat
Education and Training FoundationMember-only Facebook group for SET members to discuss and share effective practice and current issues affecting the sector - main groupSociety for Education and Training (SET) Main group
Education and Training FoundationMember-only Facebook group for SET members seeking advice and shared experiences of undertaking QTLSSociety for Education and Training (SET) QTLS
Education and Training FoundationMember-only Facebook group for SET members who wish to take part in live webchats.Society for Education and Training (SET) Webchat groups
Education and Training FoundationMember-only Facebook group aims to give SET members the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others in their areaSociety for Education and Training (SET) Local network groups
Education and Training FoundationMember-only Facebook group for SET members only who are seeking advice and shared experiences of undertaking Advanced Teacher Status (ATS)Society for Education and Training (SET) ATS
TESHello, we're Tes. We power schools and enable great teaching worldwide, by creating intelligent online products and services to make the greatest difference in education.TES @tesfenews @TesResources
Education and Training FoundationThe aim of this online Community of Practice is to provide peer support as you participate in the Essential Digital Skills professional development programme and prepare for delivering new qualifications.EDS Community Of Practice
Supporting professionals working in the learning & skills sector to engage with researchLearning and Skills Research Network
JiscA group set up to support delegates who attended the pilots of the programmeJisc Digital Leaders Programme
JiscThis community of practice is open to staff and leaders in colleges and universities with a role and interest in the development of digital capabilities. There is a strong emphasis on leadership by the community, learning from each other and sharing what works.Jisc Digital Capabilities Community of Practice
JiscThe student experience experts group (formerly the learning and teaching experts group) was established in 2004 to inform the direction of Jisc’s work across a range of programmes relating to technology enhanced learning and teaching practice.Jisc Student Experience Experts Group
JiscThis group, specifically for further education (FE), will support colleagues to connect with peers, share best practice and address local and national challenges around the use of technology in learning and teachingEnhancing learning and teaching with technology: FE community group
JiscDedicated to sharing good practice and developing e-resource strategies in further education, this is a community of learning resource centre staff, library staff, and anyone whose role relates to learning outcomes or student experience. FE learning resources and library services community of practice
Supporting librarians in Yorkshire, the north east and the north west share best practice on a range of topics, with the emphasis on the digital learning experience.Northern digital resources group
JiscWe've created a Microsoft Teams community space for those who are responsible for ensuring strategic and operational continuity during the coronavirus pandemic. Designed as an interactive space, it has themed channels, focusing around business operations, remote working, student experience and wellbeing, teaching and learning, assessment, and international issues.Planning for coronavirus community group
JiscA community group of strategic thinkers in further education (FE) who can work together to explore what is needed to embed good digital pedagogical practice.Digital pedagogy deep dive working group
JiscA network of staff and students working in partnership to support curriculum enhancement and innovationJisc Change Agents' Network

A list to support the communications of an Information and Communications Technology in Education Research NetworkICTRN network
The purpose of the Networking the Networks initiative is to enhance the work of practice-led networks concerned with research and the use of evidence. It is designed to bring benefits to the sector as whole by enhancing connectivity between existing networks and organisations. All parts of the learning and skills sector and relevant parts of the HE and school sectors are included.Networking the Networks initiative
Focuses on the role of literacies in adult life. We promote effective and innovative practices in adult literacies teaching, learning and research; and support adult literacies practitioners and researchers. We enjoy engaging in debates that touch on English language and literacy, numeracy and digital skills across homes, communities and workplaces.Research and Practice in Adult Literacies (RaPAL)
We are an independent policy, research and development organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion. We research what works, influence policy, develop new ways of thinking, and help implement new approaches. Working with partners, we inspire people to learn and help transform people’s experiences of learning and employment. What we do benefits individuals, families, communities and the wider economy.Learning and Work Institute supporter network
Learning and Work Institute Cymru supporters are people or organisations dedicated to increasing learning, skills and employment opportunities in Wales who want to show their support and be involved in our mission.Learning and Work Institute Wales supporter network
A global leader in skills development, providing services to training providers, employers, and trainees across a variety of sectors to meet the needs of today’s workplace. Our qualifications and apprenticeships are valued by employers across the world, helping individuals develop their talents and abilities for career progression.City & Guildshttps://www.cityandguilds.com
The eLearning Network (eLN) is a non-profit, Community Interest Company run by the elearning community for the elearning communityelearning Network
The eLearning Alliance project aims to encourage the growth of e-Learning across all sections of our communities.elearning Alliance
Heart of Worcestershire CollegeThe Blended Learning Consortium has been set up to support colleges in moving forward to meet accredited guidelines and allow members to benefit from the creation and sharing of FE specific resources. With this in mind, Heart of Worcestershire College would like to invite your college to join the Blended Learning Consortium. Kindly supported and sponsored by Blackboard and ClickView, the Consortium currently produces a wide range of learning content spanning differing learning levels and subject areas.Blended Learning Consortiumhttp://www.blc-fe.org
Communities of Practice are run by Students’ Union staff for peers within the student movement. The aim of these groups is to connect, build relationships, and share good practice with people who are in your field, or define into the same liberation group as you. They are key to fostering and sharing staff expertise across the movement. The students’ union staff coordinator/s of each community of practice is responsible for driving the agenda for meetings and running the meetings. Communities exist for both Students' Union staff and sabbatical officers.NUS Further Education (FE) Staff
UCU has a number of networks that enable members working in specific roles or who belong to specific groups of membership to keep in touch and help national UCU monitor and develop policy.UCU member networks
Unionlearn was established in 2006 by the TUC in order to provide an ongoing framework to support union led learning in England. The union learning agenda is itself a dynamic way of developing trade unions, responding to the needs of trade unionists and constitutes an important element of the union offer.UCU Union Learn
Microsoft#MSFTEduChat TweetMeets are global, multilingual chats by @MicrosoftEDU to connect educatorsMicrosoft TweetMeet #MSFTEduChat @MicrosoftEDU
Microsoft Are you an educator striving to find new ways to engage your students? If you’d like to connect with a global, professional learning community of other educators, just like yourself, who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a classroom looks and feels like, we would love to have you as a part of our Microsoft Innovative Expert community!Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Programs- MIE Expert
MicrosoftTo support remote learning, online learning, hybrid learning and back-to-school scenarios in schools around the world, Microsoft Education has created an open, global community on Microsoft Teams for academic institutions to connect with each other and our product experts on best practices, tips & tricks on student engagement, and personal learnings. Everyday Real Learning Community (Formerly known as the Microsoft Enable Remote Learning Community) @MicrosoftEDU @@MSEducationUK @MSEduCentral
AppleSpark new ideas, create more aha moments, and teach in ways you’ve always imagined. Follow
@AppleEDU for tips, updates, and inspiration.
Apple Education
AppleThe Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program is a relationship program focused on educational excellence and leadership. ADEs are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. They explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities. That includes working with each other and with Apple to bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to learners everywhere. Being part of the ADE community is much more than an honor, it's an opportunity to make a difference. Join global ADEs, Apple Teachers, and educators for live Tuesday Twitter Chats to discuss ideas and build your global professional learning network. Follow ADEs from around the world to see their creative projects, videos, and lesson ideas.Apple Distinguished Educators ADE Online Community
GoogleGEGs are independently run communities of educators who inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology both in the classroom and beyond. GEGs provide a way for educators who are passionate about education and technology to meet like minded people to share, learn, and collaborate together.Google Educator Group UK (GEGUK) members helping to inspire educational communities and help young people develop vital digital skills, across the UK.
GoogleGoogle Classroom Help CommunityGoogle Classroom Help Community!forum%2Fgoogle-education
GoogleGoogle for Education
HolexHOLEX exists to help further develop adult learning leaders’ capacity to provide high quality, cost-effective adult learning opportunities within a publicly and multi-funded context. HOLEX assists and promotes the role of member organisations in extending and widening participation, especially for adults who have not previously benefited from education and training. Network Development Events – Members are entitled to three network events each year where they can share good practice and hear directly from national experts on where government policy is going.Holex
Nesta is an innovation foundation. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality. It also means changing lives for the better. This is what keeps us awake at night and gets us out of bed in the morning.Nesta
Association for eAssessment The e-Assessment Association (eAA) is a not-for-profit membership body with three major goals. To provide professional support and facilitate debate/ discussion for everyone involved in this field of expertise; To create and communicate the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment and; To develop statements of good practice for suppliers and consumers of e-Assessment technologies. The eAA builds awareness of the benefits that technology brings to assessment, particularly around delivering better learning and assessment, rather than just greater efficiency. The eAA also works to ensure that it has a strong voice and influence in the key policy debates involving the assessment of learning, training and competency.Association for eAssessmenthttps://www.e-assessment.com
Association for eAssessment Mathematical e-assessment is an area with exciting and rich activity, but has been without an established focal point or platform for discussion and the promotion of good practice. The S.I.G. in Mathematics grew from a desire to build this community and naturally fits with the e-Assessment Association’s umbrella, sharing its major goals within the context of the mathematical e-assessment field.Association for eAssessment - Mathematics SIG
Our vision is of a powerful trade association representing the collective interests of the UK’s qualifications and assessments industry. We envisage a world in which higher-quality technical, professional and vocational education, results in stronger public confidence in what we do.Federation of Awarding Bodies @Awarding_PL
Federation of Awarding Bodies Skills World Live Radio Show, every Friday at 10:30am on @FENewsSkills World Live
Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. We also inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people. Ofsted is a non-ministerial department.Ofsted
We are a social change charity, helping people to improve their lives through digital. We tackle the most pressing social issues of our time, working with partners in thousands of communities across the UK and further afield.Good Things Foundationhttps://www.goodthingsfoundation.org
ALT special interest group; learner experience research of technology enhanced learning.ELESIG
The Global Math Department is a community of math teachers on the Internet.MTBoS
Maths community on Twitter - linked to MTBoS. ​The Math Twitter Blogosphere is an inclusive and supportive community, but its hashtag #MTBoS may seem cryptic and exclusive to newcomers. #iteachmath is a more descriptive and intuitive hashtag, and also has sub-communities to connect you directly to others with similar interests. Welcome!Iteachmath
Innovate My School is a community-driven website that keeps teachers informed about the latest ideas and trends in education. Email subscription option.Innovate my School
This community is a sector-wide hub for collaboration and knowledge exchange, with
colleagues from FE, HE, schools and beyond! Within, you will find resources, examples and
many things of interest for the successful application of technology to enhance learning,
teaching and working practices.
DigiLearn Sector
Festival of Learning is the biggest celebration of lifelong learning in England.
Our mission is to highlight the benefits of learning, celebrate achievements of adults who have used learning to transform their lives, and to encourage everyone to embrace lifelong learning. Our community aims to bring together people from a broad spectrum of learning providers and organisations that play an active part in Festival of Learning. We hope that the group will support a useful dialogue between us and community members, and between members themselves.
Festival of Learning Community
Learning and Work InstituteThe WEA - An educational charity promoting the value of adult education for all, provider of part time Adult Education since 1903. The WEA is committed to adult education for social purpose and to achieve social justiceWEA
eLearning Learning, insights your peers are reading. We bring together the best #eLearning content from the widest variety of industry thought leaders.eLearning Learninghttps://www.elearninglearning.com
DfEThe Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme includes a network of schools and colleges across England who exhibit effective practice in the use of technology.
The programme was announced last year to boost peer-to-peer support on the effective use of technology and has now been tailored to help schools and colleges provide education remotely. The reach of this programme will be expanded over the coming weeks
Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme
Exploring technology enhanced learning & the future of education.Edufuturists
BERAAn inclusive space to network, connect and more, for educational researchers not permanently contracted in HEIsBERA Independent Researchers' Forum
The BERA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network aims to offer support to those who are in the process of completing their masters or doctorate in education, as well as those who have completed their studies within the past 5 years. It seeks to meet the needs of not only those who are pursuing studies and/or careers as researchers within Higher Education, but also those who are practitioners seeking to undertake research to support their development.BERA ECR Network
Education and Training FoundationAPs are FE practitioners a position to coach, mentor or otherwise support colleagues' practice, get involved with professional development or other quality improvement initiatives.AP Connect (Advanced Practitioner Network)
Independent networkA free and democratic movement building and supporting engagement with research in FE, led by practitioners, for practitionersFeResearchMeethttps://www.feresearchmeet.org
Independent networkPractitioner-led FE research communityFEresearchpodcast
NATECLADiscussions for ESOL tutors from National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults - the professional association for teachers of ESOLESOLchat
ReimagineFECommunity for FE practitionersReimagine FE
Talks from brilliant FE educators. Home of #BrewEdFE #OktoberFEst Live event October. Online series of talks see web linkBrewEdFE
This Jiscmail list is used to update all Jisc members in the further education and skills sector of any changes or potential changes to digital content provision. The group is also used as a forum for sharing good practice between members.FEANDSKILLSCONTENT
This Jiscmail list exists primarily for Welsh practitioners in Further Education Learning Resource Centres/libraries who are supporting e-learning and ILT and managing electronic resources. The focus will continue to be ILT and electronic resources issues as they affect librarians/LRC staff, but other interested staff from the sector will be able to join at the RSC's discretion.FE-LRC-WALES
The story began with a single online poll which asked educators of their preferred weekly time to participate in these Twitter based discussions, with Thursday’s at 8pm proving the most popular time, using the #ukedchat hash tag. Since then, the Social Enterprise initiative has grown, incorporating a school leadership and teaching vacancy promotion service; the popular free monthly UKEd Magazine, which is available in print and online; a bank of free resources for teachers to use in the classroom; and continued professional development inspiration for teachers and schools.#ukedchat
AdvanceHE#AdvanceHE_chat is a regular, open forum our community to come together and share their experiences of teaching and learning in HE/FE. Each month the chat will cover disciplinary or other issues relating to teaching and learning. Join us for a chance to connect with teaching and learning practitioners beyond your institution or discipline, share ideas and together find new, inventive ways to face challenges and be creative in your teaching and learning practice. Each chat is triggered by a blog that covers the chat topic. The pre-chat blog raises the questions, offers background sources and helps you think through the key issues. 20:00-21:00 on the last Wednesday of each month #advancehe_chat
Founded in 2011 #SLTchat (Senior Leadership Team) hosts discussion for ALL teachers interested in UK school leadership. DfE recognised: Sundays at 8.00pm-8.30pm#sltchat
ICAEWThe Academia & Education Community is an online forum for anyone with an interest in academia and the advancement of the accountancy profession. It offers a space to connect, collaborate and share insight and ideas with colleagues and professionals on accountancy education, qualification, lifelong learning (CPD) and research.ICAEW Academia & Education Community
#edtechchat is a weekly Twitter chat where educators connect, collaborate and share all things educational technology. Come join us Mondays 8-9pm EST.#edtechchat
Skills for Life Network is widely acknowledged and highly regarded as the key news, information and signposting resource for teachers and managers of functional skills and GCSE maths, English and ICT, ESOL and SEND working in the Further Education and Skills sector.Skills for life network
FE News Channel: Providing breaking news & updates on emerging education strategies & the #FutureofEducation since 2003.FE News
EdCentral is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Back in 2015 we surveyed hundreds of teachers and education professionals to ask them what they would like from an online platform. Based on that feedback we built a friendly, secure space where everyone working in education can support one another and exchange ideas. Our professional network, EdConnect and our discussion forum, EdTalk, are specifically designed for sharing and collaboration.
We also curate and signpost education news, research, CPD-related events, and education policy - the latter compiled by education policy guru, Steve Besley, ex head of policy at Pearson. All our content is presented in a no-frills, easily accessible format. Alongside this, our blogs are written by teachers and education experts. Throughout, our aim is to inform, inspire and amuse.
Edcentral @FEontap @ed_ontap @UKEdResearch @EdCentral @UKEd_Leaders @EdTeaching
Join us to discuss mathematics CPD each Tuesday 7-8pm, and don't forget the hashtag #mathscpdchat#mathscpdchat
Fortnightly, term time chat and problem solving for anyone who is interested in discussing the maths in topical issues. Mondays 7-8pm #CoreMathsChat#CoreMathsChat@coremathschat