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Spell NameLevelSchoolRitual? (Y/N)Casting TimeRangeDurationConcentration? (Y/N)VSMValueDescriptionBardClericDruidPaladinRangerSorcererWarlockWizardPageBook
Acid Splash0ConjurationNAction60InstantNYYNN1 Target (or 2 within 5 feet), 1d6 acid, Dex save for no damage. Dmg increases by 1d6 at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels.NNNNNYNY211PH
Aid2AbjurationNAction308 HoursNYYYN3 Targets. Current and max HP increase by 5 (+5/level above 2).NYNYNNNN211PH
Alarm1AbjurationY1 Minute308 HoursNYYYNChoose door, window, or 20 ft cube. Alarm if tiny or larger creature enters area. Mental ping, or audible bell for 10 sec over 60 ft.NNNNYNNY211PH
Alter Self2
NActionSelf1 HourYYYNNAquatic: Waterbreathing, swim speed = walking, Appearance: change into another humanoid of same size (Small, Medium, etc.) Natural Weapons: Unarmed strikes deal 1d6 Blud, Pierc, or Slash +1 magic to hit & damange.NNNNNYNY211PH
Animal Friendship1
NAction3024 HoursNYYYNTarget beast. Wis save or sharmed for duration. Spell ends if you or companion harms creature. Spell fails if INT >= 4. Affect one additional beast for each spell slot above 1.YNYNYNNN212PH
Animal Messenger2
YAction3024 HoursNYYYNTarget tiny beast. Specify visited location, and description of message recepient (non-specific). Message up to 25 words. Beast travels 25 miles/day (50 if flying) and delivers message, if it arrives in time. Spell lasts additional 48 hours per spell slot above 2.YNYNYNNN212PH
Animal Shapes8
NAction3024 HoursYYYNNAny number of willing targets become Large or smaller beasts for duration of spell, or until 0 HP. Use statistics of chosen beast, but keep INT, WIS, and CHA scores. Assumes HP of new form. Follow rules of Wild Shape for HP calcs.NNYNNNNN212PH
Animate Dead3NecromancyN1 Minute10InstantNYYYNBones or corpse of small or medium humanoid becomes skeleton or zombie under your control. Bonus action on each turn to mentally command any creature within 60 feet. Command it for next turn, or general command (eg. Guard). Control lasts 24 hours, then it stops obeying, unless spell is cast again for another 24 hours. Animate 2 more corpses/bones for each spell slot above 3 (each must come from different corpse).NYNNNNNY212PH
Animate Objects5
NAction1201 MinYYYNN10 nonmagical objects come to life under your control (Med = 2, Large = 4, Huge = 8). Bonus action each turn to mentally command objects within 500 feet. Command it for next turn, or general command (eg. Guard). AC, HP, Attacks, STR, DEX determined by size (see table on pg. 213). CON = 10, INT & WIS = 3, CHA = 1. Speed = 30 feet (hover if no legs). Blindsight 30 feet. Animate 2 more objects for each spell slot above 5.YNNNNYNY213PH
Antilife Shell5AbjurationNActionSelf (10 ft radius)1 HourYYYNNCreates barrier centered on you (moves with you if you move). Creatures cannot pass through barrier, but ranged/reach attacks and magic can. If you move so barrier passes through creature, spell ends. No affect on undead or constructs.NNYNNNNN213PH
Antimagic Field8AbjurationNActionSelf (10 ft radius)1 HourYYYYNSpells and other magic except created by deity or artifact don't work in sphere. Targeted Effects: spells and other effects (ex. Magic Missile) have no affect on target within sphere. Areas of Magic: Area of another spell (ex. Fireball) can't extend into sphere. Spells: Active spells on creatures or objects within sphere are suppressed. Magic Items: Magic items in sphere are suppressed (ex. +1 Longsword works as a nonmagical longsword). Magic arrows regain magic upon leaving sphere. Magical Travel: Teleportation/Planar travel don't work in sphere as destination or departure. Existing portals temporarily close within sphere. Creatures & Objects: Summoned creatures wink out of existence within sphere. Reappears after if time remains. Dispel Magic: Dispelling spells have no effect on the sphere. Other spheres don't cancel each other out.NYNNNNNY213PH
N1 Hour6010 DaysNYYYNTarget huge or smaller object, or up to 200 ft cube area. Attract or repel creatures of your choice form area/ object (ex. Dragons, goblins, etc). Antipathy: If creature sees or comes within 60 feet of target, WIS save against fear. Fear lasts while creature can see target, or is within 60 feet. Creatures moves away. No saving throw for re-entry. Sympathy: Creature within 60 feet, or within sight of object WIS save or use movement each turn to move within reach of target. Can't willingly move away. WIS save to end effect if creature is damaged or harmed by target. Ending the Effect: WIS save when out of range of target to end effect, and recognize it as magical. Additional save every 24 Hours while spell persists. Successful save renders creature immune for 1 minute, after which saving throw must be re-made.NNYNNNNY214PH
Arcane Eye4DivinationNAction301 HourYYYYNCreate invisible magic eye that hovers. Mentally receive visual info from eye, (normal and darkvision, 30 feet). Eye can look in every direction. As action, eye can move up to 30 feet in any direction. No limit to how far away it can be. Solid barrier blocks movement, can fit through hole 1" in diameter.NNNNNNNY214PH
Arcane Gate6ConjurationNAction50010 MinYYYNNLinked teleportation portals. One end must be within 10 feet, other end within 500. 10 foot diameter portal opens at each point. Spell fails if something occupies space. Portal filled with opaque mist, blocks vision. Ring is visible from one side only. Pass through as if points are adjacent. Passing through from non-portal side has no effect.NNNNNYYY214PH
Arcane Lock2AbjurationNActionTouchDispelNYYYYTouch entryway and it becomes locked for duration. You and creatures you desgnate can open as normal. Can designate password that suppresses lock for 1 min. Otherwise impassable until broken or suppressed. Knock suppresses for 10 mins. DC to break or pick locks on object increases by 10.NNNNNNNY215PH
Armor of Agathys1AbjurationNActionSelf1 HourNYYYN5 temporary HP. If hit by melee attack while you have these HP, attacker takes 5 cold dmg. Temp HP and cold dmg increase by 5 for every spell level above 1.NNNNNNYN215PH
Arms of Hadar1ConjurationNActionSelf (10 ft radius)InstantNYYNNAll creatures within 10 feet take 2d6 necrotic dmg and can't take reactions until its next turn. STR Save for half damage and no effect. 1d6 extra damage for each spell level above 1.NNNNNNYN215PH
Astral Projection9NecromancyN1 Hour10 FeetSpecialNYYYYYou and up to 8 willing creatures project onto the astral plane. Material body is unconscious, doesn't need food/air, doesn't age. Astral body replicates game statistics and possessions. Silver cord between shoulder blades, trailing 1 ft behind you (tether to mortal body). With tether intact, you can find your way back. If cord is cut (specific statement) body and soul are separated, instant death. Freely travel through astral plane, and through portals to any other plane. If you enter new plane, or return to normal one, mortal body is pulled along silver cord, and appears where you exited the portal. Damage taken by astral form has no effect on physical body. Spell ends when action is used to dismiss it. Dispel magic on astral or mortal body ends spell. HP dropping to 0 for astral or mortal body ends spell. If caster has spell end for them prematurely, companions must find their own way back (usually by dropping HP to 0).NYNNNNYY215PH
Augury2DivinationY1 MinuteSelfInstantNYYYYOmen from otherworldly entity about results of specific action planned within 30 minutes. Weal = Good, Woe = Bad, Weal and Woe = Good and Bad, Nothing = not especially good or bad. Doesn't take into account additional spells or companions. If spell is cast 2 more times before long rest, cumulative 25% chance of random reading.NYNNNNNN215PH
Aura of Life4AbjurationNActionSelf (30 ft radius)10 MinYYNNNAura moves with you. Nonhostile creatures, including you have resistance to necrotic, and HP max can't be reduced. Nonhostile living creatures regenerate 1 HP at the start of its turn if it has 0 HP.NNNYNNNN216PH
Aura of Purity4AbjurationNActionSelf (30 ft radius)10 MinYYNNNAura moves with you. Nonhostile creatures, including you are immune to disease, resistant to poison, and have advantage on saving throws vs. blindness, charm, deaf, fear, paralysis, poison, and stun. NNNYNNNN216PH
Aura of Vitality3EvocationNActionSelf (30 ft radius)1 MinYYNNNAura moves with you. Use bonus action, one creature in aura (including you) regains 2d6 HP.NNNYNNNN216PH
N8 HoursTouchInstantNYYYYHuge or smaller beast or plant w/ INT < 4 gains INT of 10 on touch. Also gains ability to speak one language you know. Plants gain ability to move limbs, roots, etc. and senses similar to humans. Beast or plant is charmed for 30 days or until you or companions do anything harmful. When condition ends creature chooses whether to remain friendly, based on treatment.YNYNNNNN216PH
NAction301 MinYYYYNUp to three creatures of your choice you can see must subtract 1d4 from all attack or saving throws until spell ends. CHA save to prevent effect. One additional creature targeted per spell level above 1.YYNNNNNN216PH
Banishing Smite5AbjurationNBonus ActionSelf1 MinYYNNNNexttime you hit a creature with a weapon, deal extra 5d10 force dmg. If target is reduced to <= 50 HP, banish it. Target returns to its home plane permanantly, if different from current one. Vanishes to harmless demiplane, if native to this plane. Target is incapacitated while there. Target remains in other plane until spell ends, then reappears in the space it left, or nearest unoccupied space.NNNYNNNN216PH
Banishment4AbjurationNAction601 MinYYYYNTarget makes CHA save or is banished. Vanishes to harmless demiplane, if native to this plane. Target is incapacitated while there. Target remains in other plane until spell ends, then reappears in the space it left, or nearest unoccupied space. Target vanishes to its home plane if different from this one, and only returns if the spell ends before 1 minute is passed. Target one additional creature for every spell level above 4.NYNYNYYY217PH
NActionTouch1 HourYYYYNTouch willing creature. AC can't be less than 16 for duration of the spell.NNYNYNNN217PH
Beacon of Hope3AbjurationNAction301 MinYYYNNAny number of creatures within range. Targets have advantage on WIS saves and death saves and gains max HP from any healing.NYNNNNNN217PH
Beast Sense2DivinationYActionTouch1 HourYNYNNTouch willing beast. You can use your action to see through beast's eyes and hear through it's ears. Must use your action to stop. Gain benefits of any special senses beast has, but you're blind and deaf to your own surroundings.NNYNYNNN217PH
Bestow Curse3NecromancyNActionTouch1 MinYYYNNTarget makes WIS save or is cursed. Choose nature of curse from following options: Target has disadvantage of saving throws and ability checks with chosen ability score. Target has disadvantage on attacks against you. Target makes WIS save at start of each turn, on fail, it wastes turn doing nothing. your attacks and spells deal extra 1d8 Necrotic dmg. Remove Curse spell ends effect. DM can allow alternative curse options, should be no more powerful that above. At higher spell levels, spell lasts longer, and may not require concentration. See book for details.YYNNNNNY218PH
Bigby's Hand5EvocationNAction1201 MinYYYYNLarge hand appears mimicing movements of your own hand. Hand has AC 20, and HP equal to your maximum. Spell ends if hand drops to 0 HP. STR of 26, DEX of 10. Hand doesn't fill it's space. As bonus action on your turns, move hand up to 60 feet, and cause one effect: Clenched Fist Hand melee attacks one creature. Make spell attack using your game startistics. 4d8 force dmg. Forceful Hand Push creature within 5 feet of hand in choice of direction. Make check with hand's STR vs. Athletics check of target. Advantage vs. Medium or smaller targets. On success, target is pushed 5 feet, plus 5 x spell ability modifier. hand moves with target. Grasping Hand Hand grapples huge or smaller creature. Use hand's STR to resolve grapple. Advantage vs. Medium or smaller creatures. While grappling, you can use a bonus action to crush it. 2d6+spellcasting ability modifier bludgeoning. Interposing Hand Hand moves to stay between you and target. Provides half cover. Target can't move through space unless STR is >= hand's STR. If target has higher STR, hand's space is difficult terrain. Damage from Clenched Fist increases by 2d8, and from grasping hand increases by 2d6 for each spell level above 5.NNNNNNNY218PH
Blade Barrier6EvocationNAction9010 MinYYYNNStraight wall up to 100 feet long, 20 feet high, 5 feet thick or righed wall 60 feet in diameter, same height and thickness. Wall provides 3/4 cover, and is difficult terrain. When creature enter's wall's area or starts its turn there, creature takes 6d10 slashing dmg. DEX save for half damage.NYNNNNNN218PH
Blade Ward0AbjurationNActionSelf1 RoundNYYNNResistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing from weapons.YNNNNYYY218PH
NAction301 MinYYYYNUp to three creatures of your choice can add 1d4 to attack rolls or saving throws. One additional creature per spell level above 1.NYNYNNNN219PH
Blight4NecromancyNAction30InstantNYYNN8d8 necrotic dmg. CON save for half damage. No effect on undead or constructs. Plant creatures or magical plants have disadvantage on saving throw, and take max damage. Nonmagical, noncreature plants make no saving throw, simply withers and dies. Extra 1d8 necrotic dmg for each spell level above 4.NNYNNYYY219PH
Blinding Smite3EvocationNBonus ActionSelf1 MinYYNNNNext hit during spell duration deals 3d8 extra radiant dmg. Target makes CON save or is blinded until spell ends. CON save at the end of each turn to regain vision.NNNYNNNN219PH
Blindness/Deafness2NecromancyNAction301 MinNYNNNTarget makes CON save. Blinded or deafened on fail (caster's choice). CON save at the end of each turn to remove effect. Target one additional creature for each spell level above 2.YYNNNYNY219PH
NActionSelf1 MinNYYNNRoll d20 at end of each turn. On 11 or higher you vanished to etherial plane (if already on etherial plane, spell fails). At the start of your next turn (or when spell ends), reappear in unoccupied space within 10 feet of where you disappeared. While on etherial plane, you can see and hear where you were within 60 feet. Can only affect and be affected by creatures on etherial plane. Creatures not there can't perceive or interact with you, unless they have ability to.NNNNNYNY219PH
Blur2IllusionNActionSelf1 MinYYNNNAll creatures have disadvantage on attacks against you. Attackers immune to effect if they don't rely on sight, or can see through illusion.NNNNNYNY219PH
Branding Smite2EvocationNBonus ActionSelf1 MinYYNNNNext hit during spell duration deals 2d6 extra radiant dmg. Target becomes visible, if invisible. Target sheds dim light in 5 foot radius and can't become invisible for duration of spell. Extra damage increases by 1d6 per spell level above 2.NNNYNNNN219PH
Burning Hands1EvocationNActionSelf (15 ft cone)InstantNYYNN3d6 fire dmg. DEX save for half dmg. Flammable objects in area not being worn are ignited. Increase fire dmg by 1d6 for each spell level above 1.NNNNNYNY220PH
Call Lightning3ConjurationNAction12010 MinYYYNNCloud appears in 10 ft tall, 60 ft radius cylinder 100 ft directly above you. Spell fails if there isn't room to accommodate cloude (eg. Indoors). Choose point within range. All creatures within 5 ft of chosen point take 3d10 lightning. DEX save for half damage. On each turn until spell ends, you can use your action to make another strike. If there is already a storm, you take control of existing storm, and damages increases by 1d10. Increase damage by 1d10 for each spell level above 3.NNYNNNNN220PH
Calm Emotions2
NAction601 MinYYYNNEach humanoid in 20 ft sphere centered within range makes CHA save (can also choose to fail if it wishes). On fail: Suppress any charm or fear effect for duration of the spell, or make targets indifferent about your choice of creatures it is hostile towards (effect ends if target is attacked or harmed by a spell, or if it witnesses friends being harmed).YYNNNNNN221PH
Chain Lightning6EvocationNAction150InstantNYYYNTarget takes 10d8 lightning dmg. Up to 3 additional targets within 30 ft also take 10d8 lightning. DEX saves for half dmg. Targets don't have to be creatures. Targets can only be hit by one bolt. One additional secondary target per spell level above 6.NNNNNYNY221PH
Charm Person1
NAction301 HourNYYNNTarget makes WIS save or is charmed. Advantage if you or companions are fighting it. Spell lasts until you or companions do anythng harmful. Target regards you as friendly acquaintance. Creature knows it has been charmed after the spell ends. Target one additonal creature within 30 feet of target per spell level above 1.YNYNNYYY221PH
Chill Touch0NecromancyNAction1201 RoundNYYNNRanged attack. 1d8 Necrotic dmg, and target can't regain HP until start of your next turn. Dmg increases by 1d8 at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels.NNNNNYYY221PH
Chromatic Orb1EvocationNAction90InstantNYYYYChoose acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder dmg. Make ranged spell attack against target. On hit, 3d8 dmg of type chosen. Increase dmg by 1d8 for each spell level above 1.NNNNNYNY221PH
Circle of Death6NecromancyNAction150InstantNYYYYEach creature in 60 ft sphere takes 8d6 necrotic dmg. CON save for half dmg. Increase dmg by 2d6 per spell level above 6.NNNNNYYY221PH
Circle of Power5AbjurationNActionSelf (30 ft radius)10 MinYYNNNSpell moves with you. Friendly creatures in area including you have advantage on saves vs spells or other magic. Also, saving throws to take half damage, instead take no damage.NNNYNNNN221PH
Clairvoiance3DivinationN10 Min1 Mile10 MinYYYYYChoose location within range familiar to you, or an obvious location (eg. Around a corner). Create invisible sensor at location for duration of spell, which can't be attacked or otherwise interacted with. Choose seeing or hearing when spell is cast. You can use sense as if you were in it's place. As your action, you can switch between seeing and hearing. YYNNNYNY222PH
Clone8NecromancyN1 HourTouchInstantNYYYYClone forms inside sealed vessel after 120 days. Clone can also be younger version of same creature. Clone remains inert and endures indefinitely, so long as the vessel isn't disturbed. After the clone matures, if the original dies, provided the soul is free and willing, the soul transfers to the clone. Clone is physically identical to the original, and has same personality, memories, and abilities, but not equipment. Original creatures remains are inert and can't be restured to life, as soul is elsewhere.NNNNNNNY222PH
Cloud of Daggers2ConjurationNAction601 MinYYYYNSelect 5ft cube. Creatures take 4d4 slashing dmg when it enter's spells area or starts its turn in the area. Increase dmg by 2d4 for each spell level above 2.YNNNNYYY222PH
Cloudkill5ConjurationNAction12010 MinYYYNNCreate 20 ft radius sphere of poison. Area is heavily obscured. Creatures entering the area, or in it already take 5d8 poison dmg. CON save for half dmg. Creatures are affected whether breathing or not. Fog moves 10 feet away from caster each turn. Fog is heavier than air, and sinks into lower levels and openings. Increase dmg by 1d8 for each spell lvl above 5.NNNNNYNY222PH
Color Spray1IllusionNActionSelf (15 ft cone)1 RoundNYYYNSpell affects 6d10 HP of creatures in order of ascending HP (ignoring unconscious or blind creatures). Each creature affected by the spell is blinded until the spell ends. Roll an additional 2d10 HP dice for each spell level above 1.NNNNNYNY222PH
NAction601 RoundNYNNNIssue one word command to target creature. WIS save for no effect. Spell has no effect vs. undead, creatures that don't understand your language, or if your command is directly harmful. Spell targets one additional creature within 30 feet of each other per spell level above 1.NYNYNNNN223PH
Commune5DivinationY1 MinuteSelf1 MinNYYYNAsk up to three questions of your deity. Questions must be yes or no. Divine beings may answer with "unclear" or a short phrase if appropriate. If spell is cast two or more times before finishing a long rest, cumulative 25% chance for each casting to get no answer.NYNNNNNN223PH
Commune With Nature5DivinationY1 MinuteSelfInstantNYYNNOutdoors, gain knowledge of land within 3 miles. In caves and other natural areas, gain knowledge of 300 ft. No function in towns, dungeons, etc. Gain knowledge of 3 facts of your choice about: Terrain and bodies of water; prevalant plants, minerals, or peoples; powerful celestials, fey, feinds, elementals, or undead; influence from other planes of existence; buildings.NNYNYNNN224PH
Compelled Duel1
NBonus Action301 MinYYNNNWIS save or disadvantage on attacks vs creature other than caster, and must make WIS save to move more than 30 ft away or movement is restricted. Spell ends if you attack any other creatureif you cast a spell against another hostile, if a friendly character damages the target or casts a harmful spell, or if you end your turn more than 30 ft away.NNNYNNNN224PH
Comprehend Languages1DivinationYActionSelf1 HourNYYYNUnderstand any spoken language you hear, and understand any written language you see, if touching surface words are written on. 1 min to read a page of text. Spell has no effect on secret messages, or glyphs that aren't part of written languages.YNNNNYYY224PH
NAction301 MinYYYNNCreatures of your choice within range that can hear you make WIS save, or is affected by spell. Targets immune to charm auto succeed. As a bonus action on each turn, designate a direction horizontal to you. Each affected target must use its movement to move in that direction next turn. It can take its action before moving. After moving, it can reattempt its WIS save. Doesn't move into hazards, but does provoke opportunity attacks.YNNNNNNN224PH
Cone of Cold5EvocationNActionSelf (60 ft cone)InstantNYYYNTargets take 8d8 cold dmg. CON save for half damage. Creatures killed become frozen statues. Additional 1d8 dmg for each spell level above 5.NNNNNYNY224PH
NAction901 MinYYYYNCreatures in 10 ft radius sphere make WIS saves. Affected targets can't take reactions, and roll d10 at the start of its turns to determine behaviour (see table on pg 225). Targets make WIS saves at the end of their turns to end effects. Radius of sphere increases by 5 ft for each spell level above 4.YNYNNYNY224PH
Conjure Animals3ConjurationNAction601 HourYYYNNChoose one of the following: 1 Beast, CR 2 or less; 2 Beasts, CR 1 or less; 4 Beasts, CR 1/2 or less; 8 Beasts, CR 1/4 or less. Each beast is fey, and disappears at 0 HP. Creatures are friendly to you and your group, and have their own initiative as a group. Obey verbal commands of the caster (no action required) but otherwise just defend themselves. At spell level 5, twice as many appear, at spell level 7, three times as many, and at spell lever 9, four times as many.NNYNYNNN225PH
Conjure Barrage3ConjurationNActionSelf (60 ft cone)InstantNYYYNUse weapon or ammunition as component. Targets in cone take 3d8 dmg of same type as weapon used as component. DEX save for half dmg.NNNNYNNN225PH
Conjure Celestial7ConjurationN1 Minute901 HourYYYNNSummon celestial CR 4 or lower. Celestial disappears at 0 HP. Celestial is friendly to you and your group, and has its own initiative. Obeys verbal commands of the caster (no action required) but otherwise just defends itself. If cast as spell level 9, celestial can be CR 5 or less.NYNNNNNN225PH
Conjure Elemental5ConjurationN1 Minute901 HourYYYYNChoose area of earth, fire, water or air. Elemental of CR 5 or lower emerges from chosen spot. Elemental disappears at 0 HP or when spell ends. Elemental is friendly to you and your group, and has its own initiative. Obeys verbal commands of the caster (no action required) but otherwise just defends itself. If you lose concentration, elemental remains, but becomes hostile towards you and companions, and can't be dismissed. CR of elemental increases by 1 for each spell level above 5.NNYNNNNY225PH
Conjure Fey6ConjurationN1 Minute901 HourYYYNNSummon fey CR 6 or lower. Fey disappears at 0 HP. Fey is friendly to you and your group, and has its own initiative. Obeys verbal commands of the caster (no action required) but otherwise just defends itself. If you lose concentration, fey remains, but becomes hostile towards you and companions, and can't be dismissed. CR of elemental increases by 1 for each spell level above 6.NNYNNNYN226PH
Conjure Minor Elementals4ConjurationN1 Minute901 HourYYYNNChoose one of the following: 1 elemental CR 2 or less; 2 elemental CR 1 or less; 4 elemental CR 1/2 or less; 8 elemental CR 1/4 or less. Elementals disappear at 0 HP. Elementals are friendly to you and your group, and have their own initiative as a group. Obey verbal commands of the caster (no action required) but otherwise just defend themselves. At spell level 6, twice as many appear, at spell level 8, three times as many.NNYNNNNY226PH
Conjure Volley5ConjurationNAction150InstantNYYYNChoose nonmagical ammunition component. Duplicates fall in cylinder 40 ft radius and 20 ft high. All creatures in cylinder take 8d8 dmg of same type as ammunition chosen. DEX save for half dmg.NNNNYNNN226PH
Conjure Woodland Beings4ConjurationNAction601 HourNYYYNChoose one of the following: 1 fey CR 2 or less; 2 fey CR 1 or less; 4 fey CR 1/2 or less; 8 fey CR 1/4 or less. Fey disappear at 0 HP. Fey are friendly to you and your group, and have their own initiative as a group. Obey verbal commands of the caster (no action required) but otherwise just defend themselves. At spell level 6, twice as many appear, at spell level 8, three times as many.NNYNYNNN226PH
Contact Other Plane5DivinationY1 MinuteSelf1 MinNYNNNMake DC 15 INT save. On fail, take 6d6 psychic dmg, and you are insane until you finish a long rest. While insane, can't take actions, can't understand others, can't read, and speak only gibberish. Greater Restoration spell ends insanity. On success, ask demigod, spirit of long dead sage, etc. up to 5 questions. Each question has 1 word answer, or short phrase if 1 word would be misleading.NNNNNNYY226PH
Contagation5NecromancyNActionTouch7 DaysNYYNNTouch attack on target, on hit, infect creature with one deases below: Blinding Sickness Disadvantage on WIS checks and saving throws, and is blind. Filth Fever Disadvantage on STR checks, saving throws, and attacks using STR. Flesh Rot Disadvantage on CHA checks, and vulnerability to all dmg. Mindfire Disadvantage on INT checks and saving throws, behaves as if under effects of Confusion during combat. Seizure Disadvantage on DEX checks, saving throws, and attacks using DEX. Slimy Doom Disadvantage on CON checks and saving throws, and is stunned until the end of its next turn any time it takes dmg. Target makes CON save at end of each turn. After failing 3, effects last for duration, no additional saves. After succeeding 3, effects end. Natural cures for diseases also remove effects.NYYNNNNN227PH
Contingency6EvocationN10 MinSelf10NYYYYCast a spell of 5th level or lower with casting time of 1 action along with Contingency, and targets yourself (both spell slots are used). Describe circumstances when casting the spells when the second spell will come into effect (eg. Waterbreathing will come into effect, if I'm submerged in water). Contingent spell comes into effect when conditions are met, whether you wish it or not. Spell affects only you, even if it normally affects the group. Only one spell can be contingent at a time, and effect ends if material component is ever not on your person.NNNNNNNY227PH
Continual Flame2EvocationNActionTouchDispelNYYYYFlame appears on object you touch, equally bright as a torch. Doesn't create heat or use oxygen. Can be covered, but not put out unless dispelled.NYNNNNNY227PH
Control Water4
NAction30010 MinYYYYNControl water in cube 100 ft on each side. Choose any of the following effects. Use action on later turns to continue or change effect. Flood Water level rises by up to 20 feet. Water spills onto land if area chosen includes shore. If a large body of water, creates a 20 ft wave that moves from one area to the other and crashes down. Any huge or smaller vehicles in its path are carried with it, and have 25% chance of capsizing. Part Water Water in the area moves apart in a trench extending across the spell's area. Redirect Flow Water flowing in the area moves in direction you choose, even over obstacles or up walls. Whirlpool Requires a deep body of water. at least 50 sq ft and 25 ft deep. Whirpool is 5 ft across at the base, and up to 50 ft wide at the top, and 25 ft tall. Any creature or object within 25 ft of fortex is pulled 10 ft towards it. Athletics check vs Spell Save DC to swim away from it. When a creature enters the vortex, or starts its turn there, it takes 2d8 bludgeoning dmg and is caught in the vortex until spell ends. STR save for half dmg and isn't caught. Creatures caught in the vortex can swim away with Athletics check as above, with disadvantage on the roll. NYYNNNNY228PH
Control Weather8
N10 MinSelf (5 mi radius)8 HoursYYYYNMust be outdoors to cast this spell. Moving somewhere you don't have a clear view of the sky ends the spell. Change the weather over 1d4 x 10 minutes. Using table on pg 228, move precipitation, temperature, and/or wind up or down one stage. Once change is complete, you may change it again.NYYNNNNY228PH
Cordon of Arrows2
NAction5 ft8 HoursNYYYNPlace 4 arrows or bolts in the ground to protect an area. If a creature other than you comes within 30 ft, one piece flies to strike it. Creature takes 1d6 piercing dmg. DEX save for no dmg. Spell ends when there are no arrows/bolts left. You can designate creatures for the spell to ignore. Use up to two additional arrows per spell level above 2.NNNNYNNN228PH
Counterspell3AbjurationNReaction60InstantNNYNNInterrupt creature in the process of casting a spell. Spells of 3rd level or lower fail automatically. If spell is 4th level or higher, make ability check using spellcasting ability. DC is 10 + spell's level. On success, spell fails. The spell being cast automatically fails if it is below or equal to the spell level used when cast above spell level 3.NNNNNYYY228PH
Create Food and Water3ConjurationNAction30InstantNYYNNCreate 45 lbs of food and 30 gallons of water on the ground or in containers. Enough to sustain 15 humanoids, or 5 horses for 24 hours. Food spoils after 24 hours. Water is clean and doesn’t go bad.NYNYNNNN229PH
Create or Destroy Water1
NAction30InstantNYYYNCreate Water create up to 10 gallons of clean, fresh water in an open container, or falls as rain in 30 ft cube, extinguishing exposed flames. Destroy Water Destroy up to 10 gallons of water in open container, or destroy fog in a 30 ft cube. Create or destroy 10 more gallons, or a 5ft bigger cube for each spell level above 1NYYNNNNN229PH
Create Undead6NecromancyN1 Minute10InstantNYYYYCast spell only at night. Up to three small or medium corpses become ghouls under your control. Command creatures mentally as a bonus action on your turns if within 120 ft. Creature remains under your control for 24 hours after which it stops obeying. You can maintain control by re-casting the spell. As a 7th level spell, you can create 4 ghouls, at 8th level, you can create 5 ghouls, or two ghasts or wights, at 9th level, you can control 6 ghouls, 3 ghasts or wights, or 2 mummies.NYNNNNYY229PH
Creation5IllusionN1 Minute30SpecialNYYYNCreate object from shadowfell. Object must be smaller than 5 ft cube, and must be of a form and material you've seen before. Spell duration is based on material of the object (see table on pg. 229). Cube increases by 5 ft for each spell level above 5.NNNNNYNY229PH
Crown of Madness2
NAction1201 MinYYYNNTarget makes WIS save or is charmed. Target must use its action before moving on each turn to make a melee attack against creature you choose. Target acts normally if you choose no creature. Must use your action to maintain control on subsequent turns or the spell ends. Target makes WIS save at end of each turn to end effect.YNNNNYYY229PH
Crusader's Mantle3EvocationNActionSelf (30 ft radius)1 MinYNYNNAura moves with you. Each non-hostile creature in the aura, including you, deals an extra 1d4 radiant dmg when it hits with a weapon.NNNYNNNN230PH
Cure Wounds1EvocationNActionTouchInstantNYYNNTarget ragains 1d8 + spellcasting modifier HP. No effect on undead or constructs. Additional 1d8 for each spell level above 1.YYYYYNNN230PH
Dancing Lights0EvocationNAction1201 MinYYYYNCreate up to 4 torch sized lights, or one glowing humanoid shape. Each light has a 10 ft radius. As a bonus action, you can move lights up to 60 ft within range. Lights must be within 20 feet of each other.YNNNNYNY230PH
Darkness2EvocationNAction6010 MinYYNYNMagical darkness fills 15 ft radius sphere. Darkvision can't see through darkness, and nonmagical light can't illuminate it. If point chosen is on an object you're holding, or that isn't being worn or carried, darkness moves with it, unless an opaque object (eg. bowl) covers it, blocking the darkness. If area of darkness overlaps an area of light created by spell level 2 or lower, the light spell is dispelled.NNNNNYYY230PH
NActionTouch8 HoursNYYYNTarget willing creature has darkvision to 60 ft.NNYNYYNY230PH
Daylight3EvocationNAction601 HourNYYNN60 ft radius sphere of light at point chosen. Sphere is bright light, and spreads dim light additional 60 ft. If you chose an object you'reholding, or isn't being worn or carried, light shines from the object, and moves with it, unless an opaque object (eg. bowl) covers it, blocking the light. If area of light overlaps an area of darkness created by spell level 3 or lower, the darkness spell is dispelled.NYYYYYNN230PH
Death Ward4AbjurationNActionTouch8 HoursNYYNNIf target would drop to 0 HP from damage, they instead drop to 1 HP and the spell ends. If an effect would kill the target without dealing damage, the effect is negated, and the spell ends.NYNYNNNN230PH
Delayed Blast Fireball7EvocationNAction1501 MinYYYYNChoose a point within range for the spell. When the spell ends because concentration breaks, or you end it. Creatures in a 20 ft radius take 12d6 fire dmg, plus 1d6 for each round blast was delated. DEX save for half dmg. If target is touched before spell ends, creature makes DEX save, or spell goes off immediately. On a successful save, creature can throw target up to 40 ft, and spell goes off on landing. Fire damages objects and ignites flammable objects not being worn or carried. Base damages increases by 1d6 for each spell level above 7.NNNNNYNY230PH
Demiplane8ConjurationNAction601 HourNNYNNCreate door on flat solid surface large enough for medium creatures to pass through. Door leads to demiplane appearing as an empty room 30 ft cube. When the spell ends, any creatures in the room are trapped there, as door disappears from both sides. Each additional casting can create a new demiplane, or connect to a previous one. Also, if you know the nature and contents of a demiplane created by someone else, you can connect to that one.NNNNNNYY231PH
Destructive Wave5EvocationNActionSelf (30 ft radius)InstantNNYNNCreatures of your choice within range take 5d6 thunder dmg, and 5d6 radiant or necrotic dmg (your choice) and are knocked prone. CON save for half dmg, and not knocked prone.NNNYNNNN231PH
Detect Good and Evil1DivinationNActionSelf10 MinYYYNNFor duration, you know if there is an abberation, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead within 30 ft, and where it is located. You also know if there is a place or object within 30 ft that has been magically consecrated or desecrated. Spell blocked by 1 ft of stone, 1 in of metal, thin sheet of lead, or 3 ft of dirt.NYNYNNNN231PH
Detect Magic1DivinationYActionSelf10 MinYYYNNFor duration, you can sense presence of magic within 30 ft. As an action, you can see a faint aura around any visible creature or object in range that is magic, and learn its school of magic, if any. Spell blocked by 1 ft of stone, 1 in of metal, thin sheet of lead, or 3 ft of dirt.YYYYYYNY231PH
Detect Poison and Disease1DivinationYActionSelf10 MinYYYYNFor duration, you sense presence and location of poisons, poisonous creatures, and diseases within 30 ft. You also ID what kind of poison, creature or disease it is. Spell blocked by 1 ft of stone, 1 in of metal, thin sheet of lead, or 3 ft of dirt.NYYYYNNN231PH
Detect Thoughts2DivinationNActionSelf1 MinYYYYNFor duration, you can use your action to focus on one creature within 30 ft. Creatures with INT of 3 or less, or who don't speak any language are unaffected. Initially learn the surface thoughts of the creature. As an action, you can read another creature, or attempt to probe deeper. If you probe deeper, target makes WIS save. On fail, you learn its reasoning, emotional state, and something looming large in its mind. On success, the spell ends. Either way, target knows you are reading its mind, and unless you shift your attention, creature can use its action to make an INT check vs your INT check to end the spell. Questions directed at the creature shape its thoughts. You can also use this spell to detect the presence of thinking creatures you can't see. You can search for thoughts within 30 ft. Spell blocked by 2 ft of stone, 2 in of metal, or a thin sheet of lead. Spell doesn't detect any creature with INT less than 3, or that doesn't speak any language. Once creature is detected, you can read its thoughts, as above.YNNNNYNY231PH
Dimension Door4ConjurationNAction500InstantNNYNNTeleport from your current location to any spot in range. Must be a place you can see, visualize, or describe by stating distance and direction (eg. 300 ft east). May bring along objects you can carry, and one willing creature of your size or smaller within 5 ft of you. If something is already occupying the space, you and any other creature teleporting take 4d6 force dmg, and the teleport fails.YNNNNYYY233PH