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TimestampNameWhat is the name of the Binder you put on your shelf?What is the name of the Binder you made a copy of?Did you have any problems with either of these? Do you feel you would do one over the other? Why?
5/12/2014 13:49:36Shannon SchmelzOnline Audio Read AloudsDo You Read Me?I actually had a problem figuring out how to create a shelf. I then figured it out and Added Online Audio Read Aloud. I then went to make a copy of the Do You Read me? It then put it on my educational shelf. So, I then added Do You Read me to the Reading shelf. I think this mistake might be smart in the long run because I will be able to edit as I please as well as see what the author of this livebinder changes.
5/14/2014 22:13:18Cindy heckenlaibleEnglish research paper information, and several on a novelA Separate Peace I did have trouble. I wanted to copy and assign a binder to a specific shelf, but I found no way to accomplish this. I searched the help menu and tried several options to see if I could find a solution. I could only copy it to My Live Bonders. When I used the add to shelf option, I could control the destination; therefore, I prefer that method. Because I will now be teaching five grade levels, organization is imperative so i can find my info quickly.

P.S.Please let me know if you are looking for longer responses. I feel like I've addressed the question, but I am not sure if I am meeting your expectations. Thanks.
5/28/2014 20:22:34Sarah IversonELA Common Core State Standards ResourcesWeb 2.0 Tools for Reluctant WritersI struggled at first with the putting on the shelf especially after I did it and was looking for it.

I feel that I very easily will use both. I do see that the Web 2.0 resource will be used more. I have two students that most definitely could benefit from this resource. The more that I have looked at it, the more I believe it could be useful.

The CCCS resource is good but the problem will be to find the time to use it to the full potential.
6/15/2014 17:30:22Tracie Hendersonkindergarten computer skillsKindergartenNo I had no problems with it, but noticed that I had more trouble finding one to copy is all. I would probably do the one where I put it on my shelf as those are available more than the other way, but it would depend on how helpful the binder would be for what I want.
7/3/2014 16:16:23Carlene BurkeKnow Your StudentsWinter for Elementary TeachersNo problems with either. Very simple to do. I don't think I would necessarily do one over the other at this point in learning about LiveBinders. I did find several that you can't make a copy of, but that is ok because I could still shelf them. I assume making a copy is more user friendly because then you can change things and truly make it your Binder.
7/8/2014 14:48:17Jessica NormanTieElementary Technology for Math & Science TeachersI did not have any problems with these, just had to play around with the site a little. Once I did this, I was able to add the binder I created and the binder I copied to shelves quite easily. I like that you can create shelves to organize your information further. In creating my own binder, it was nice to be able to upload files so I have access to them in any location with internet access. In looking through binders to copy, created by others, I was pleasantly surprised. I found many different Science resources that are relevant directly to 3rd grade. Finally, I found the binder created from the Elementary Science Academy I attended earlier this summer. I was glad I was able to add it to my "Science" shelf so I can access these resources as needed.
7/14/2014 12:12:12Brittany LittleWinter for Elementary TeachersPoetry Sites Activities & Resources for 3rd Grade StudentsI did not have any problems with either of my binders. I feel like I would use the the adding to my shelf one more.It seems easier for me than to copy the binders.
7/17/2014 14:54:17JSTOFFERAHNVisual Arts ResourcesCommercial ArtWell, I chose these for different reasons. Visual Arts Resources was an example of a way I would organize websites and materials for my own use. I could use this same binder to create a professional binder. The Commercial Art binder was an example of the way I would like to organize materials in each of the classes I teach: Ceramics, Photography, Art I, Art II, Drawing and Painting, and Design. I was a little disappointed that there aren't more that are dedicated to a single medium or class like this binder was. Many of the binders were a lot like the Visual Art Resources binder. Maybe I just need to do more exploring and searching.
7/27/2014 19:47:25Pam KollerFirst Five DaysParent Guide to Addition and Subtraction StrategiesI got confused when I was adding the Binder to my shelf, because I didn't have a shelf name yet. So I created a new shelf within the box for adding a binder. After I created a shelf, I didn't see it. It took me a little time to search for it and find it on My Binders page.
I see the benefit of adding a Binder because you would have all of the changes the original creator makes. There are also benefits of copying so that you can adapt it to your needs. I believe I would choose which one to use based on how I want to use the Binder.
8/4/2014 12:17:41Darcie Dee LoneHilliPads in the ClassroomDigital Tools for Assigning & Assessing Digital WorkNo Problems. I like the opportunity if something needs updates, I do that or if I want to make updates I can.
9/13/2014 14:14:17Ashley KierMiddle School MathCopy of online resources-middle school mathI did not have any problems adding a binder to my shelf, nor did I have a problem making a copy of another person's binder. I do like that when I copied the binder it was listed right on the main page with my other binders. However, I do like that I can make different shelf categories to organize the binders I wish to add to my shelf. The hardest thing that I ran into would be that there are so many binders out there, and to have a better way to narrow in the search would be great.
9/14/2014 21:01:02Melinda WhislerCommon Core (Third Grade)Fractions 3rd GradeI didn't have any problems. I am not sure which way I like better. I kind of like making a shelf because you could organize your binders by certain subjects. I did like how when you copied the binder it when right to the main page.
9/20/2014 9:53:24Darla McKernanCommon Core State Standards for MathGail's Quilting Public BinderI did not have any problems with adding these to my binders. I feel that it depends on the binder content and what I want to get from that binder as to whether I will copy it or add it to my list. I chose to add the math one to my binders as it is because there is so much information and I can get her updates. The quilting binder is one I chose to copy so I can add my own items or interests to or change if I choose.
10/3/2014 9:20:56Kelsey LovsethResources for PsychPsychologyI did not have any problem doing either of these tasks. I will use and copy public binders as a great resource for my students. Especially binders for Advanced Placement courses.
10/6/2014 12:39:59Brenda BoydPhtographyPhotogrpahyI didnt have any problems other than the first time i added to my shelf i didnt finish the process by creating and nameing my shelf. No problems and i can see the value in both processes...
10/18/2014 19:36:04Shannon UtterFirst Grade Web SitesOnline GamesNo problems. I really liked both of the sites and will use both during my Daily Five Time when the students can work independently. I might use the Web Sites more as a whole group because of the author sites. We could integrate them into our author studies. I was excited to see such a large amount of sites. Currently my students use about 4-StoryOnline, Starfall, BrainPop,Jr. and TumbleBooks. These sites will give my students access to more math sites than I currently use. The kids will love them. I'm excited to try them out soon!
11/13/2014 12:36:06Marie SteckelbergBEginners Guide to K-12 Designer Thinking100+ STEM websitesYes. I accidentally put a space related binder in the Livebinder Tutorial shelf and can not figure out how to delete it from that shelf. I did save it again to the Space Shelf.

Not sure as to what I would do. There were quite a few that did not allow copying.
12/18/2014 10:03:01Christine SiebenELA Common Core State Standards ResourcesBully BinderI did not have any problems with either one of these binders. I feel that I would use pieces of both but not necessarily one over the other. I like the resources in both and feel that I would use bits of information when I need it but I would not rely on either of them all the time for use in my classroom. I put both of them on my shelf because I felt that they both had great information that could be used to enhance what I do now with my students.
2/3/2015 8:56:40Cara DennertLiveBinders Collaboration OverviewLiveBinders Tips and TricksI didn't have a problem putting a Binder on my shelf - nor did I copying a Binder. I think your choice in which to do lies in what you want to do with it after you have added it to your collection. If you just want to use it as a reference and not make changes to that binder - I'd suggest just putting it on the shelf. When you do that you will also receive any updates the owner of the Binder made. If you want to take ownership of the binder - add - delete - basically change up the Binder to better suit your purpose - making a copy is the way to go.
2/4/2015 10:36:09Jodi SternhagenLee High School- PhysicsCareer Development and Counseling ResourcesI did not have any problems with putting a binder on my shelf or with making a copy of a binder. The tutorial made the process easy to follow and explained the differences. Adding a binder to my shelf lets me receive any updates that the owner makes but does not allow me to make any changes to the binder. Making a copy of the binder allows me to move, add, or delete things in the binder but does not allow me to get any updates from the owner. I do not know yet if I will use one of these options over the other as they both have benefits and disadvantages. I will have to evaluate the sources and choose which method works best for incorporating the binder in with my materials.
2/8/2015 16:30:15MHODNESign LanguageValentine's DayI was a bit confused and went through this a couple times! I'm sure this wasn't as hard as I was making it. Please let me know if I have done this correctly. Thank you!

I think that both ways are useful. If I was wanting to edit some info I would copy, but if it was info that was factual I would add.
2/11/2015 18:29:54Jason GaultComputer HardwareCopy of Fun Additions to Your BinderI like the idea of being able to edit the copy version. Adding and taking away content based on my classes etc.
2/19/2015 10:44:21Teana HeinertScience Games6th grade Earth ScienceNo problems. Either one works fine for these as I have no plans to need to edit any of them at this point. Was a simple process setting everything up.
3/2/2015 12:50:15Andrew SteffensenPhotoshop Project Ideas6th Grade Earth ScienceI feel that is the biggest problem that has risen. Do you want total control or would you like updates from the author? I guess it will be a case by case basis on what is in the binder. If it is already packed full of links, videos, and info and there will be very little to add to the content than I may as well copy it. If its a newly created binder with small amounts of info than it may be better to add it to the shelf in hopes the author will continue to add to its contents.
3/7/2015 16:33:29Patricia SeligEVERNOTE for EducatorsIpad Apps for the Middle School StudentI didn't have any problems. I would probably make copies over shelving them because I like to make things more personal. I won't be able to edit something I place on the shelf.
3/8/2015 19:14:26Lori Bouzaput several there! :-)Genious HourI didn't. I have to spend some time really building the binders of my own. I need to try harder at that. I think I would put them on the shelf before copying them. Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I don't feel right about copying them!
3/11/2015 19:32:29Tracy PerdueAYC Sail CampSheryl (Sherry) Lynn CrofutJust looking through them, I don't feel like I would have a problem with either of them. I definitely am partial to one over the other, however.
3/28/2015 12:03:08Lori BouzaSchool Page and Head Start HelpsGenius HourI will probably make my own. I don't like copying - feels like I am plagerizing.
4/5/2015 19:07:30Tom MattinglyAP PsychologyPsychological Test ProjectsThe two binders that I either copied or added to my shelf I did not have any problems with during process. Although I did not add or copy one of the Psychology Binders I was exploring, because I did have a problem attempting to download some of the files that my computer was not able to recognize.

The AP Psychology binder that I added is one that will beneficial for my class. Although I don't teach AP Psychology but just a regular Psychology elective, there are many resources and activities that I utilize in my class. Overall, the binder was very easy to navigate for myself or future students.
4/7/2015 14:51:34Tammy RichardsPSRC Arts Education Curriculum MapsHow Teachers are Using LiveBindersThe only thing that confused me was when I was in one of the student binders and did a copy from there it saved the How Teachers are Using Livebinders and not just that one student binder. That is why I have the How Teachers are Using LiveBinders on there twice.

I could see myself using both ways. It is definitely easier to just copy a binder than to add one to the shelf. Another question I came upon was how to save binders to the same shelf. When I tried to click on an existing shelf, in the tab that came up, it wouldn't let me. I will have work with that a little more.

I am looking forward to getting all of my different lessons, that require internet sites, in the same place and organized by grade level.
4/16/2015 8:18:31Shannon KortanCommon Core State Standards for MathematicsEveryday Math for TeachersIt depends on what I plan to do with the binder. If I am only looking for resources, I would want the binder on my shelf so I will also get any updates to that binder. The math standards binder would definitely be one that I would want updates on. If I am working on a project, I will probably want a copy so I can take what I want and make changes to that binder to suit my needs.
4/26/2015 10:52:42Katie Peterson2nd Grade Computer Skills 2nd Grade Computer Basics2nd Grade- FractionsNo, both were easy to add to my LiveBinder. I like how the make a copy allows you to make changes if there is something you don’t like or wish to add to the page. Putting it on my self is nice to have as a resource to always view when needed.
5/11/2015 11:45:48sthorson1World HistoryGeography ReviewThe more I use the LiveBinders the more I like them! I had no problems with copying or putting the featured binders on my shelf. It is so user friendly it's almost impossible not to use effectively. As far as which one I would use more often...both are great tools, but I feel the copy tool is better for me just because I can add to the LiveBinder already in place. This helps meet the needs of the students and the curriculum I use in class. Can't wait to get started!
5/13/2015 14:57:45dianekurtz18th Grade EnglishCopy of Becoming a Voxing chanpionAfter getting to know how to use LiveBinders it was really very simple. It pretty much does the work for you as long as I have the recourses to help. I believe both shelf and copies will work great. Maybe I would lean toward the shelves a little more because I can see how other teachers update their files and add content. However I can also add my own information to the copy's and edit to my lesson to meet the needs of my students
5/22/2015 8:47:32Jennifer LesherISBE Model Math CurriculumReadingNo, I did not have any problems. I did put one of them on the wrong shelf that I created so I had to work to figure out out to delete it from the shelf!

I think copying vs. not depends on the content. If it is a binder I would like to review and use from, I think I will just place it on my shelf. The math curriculum one I added from a state education department. It would be important for me to have the most updated version of that binder. Some binders I would want to edit and add additional content to. The reading binder goes with our reading series and I might find other content on the web or things that I make that I might want to add!
5/24/2015 21:02:11Carolie Tautkus1st Grade STEM1st Grade, Dalton L.S.D. (Ohio) I did not have problems with either method. I'm not sure yet. I think the more I mess around with Live Binders and truly understand my purpose for using Live Binders I will probably move binders around to where it best suites my needs. For now, I would think it best to put them on a shelf so I see the updates the authors make.
5/27/2015 10:51:35Jamie PortraArticulation Therapysocial skillsI did not have any problem with these. I wish there was a date on them so I would know how up-to-date they are.

I can see value in both options. I like the copy option to use as a template to start my own binder. I like the shelf option to monitor another binder author's updates and ideas.
6/4/2015 10:31:09Susan Fjeldheim4th Grade Treasures 4th Grade Websites and ResourcesSome of the tabs on 4th Grade Treasures were not working for me, but I think it was the security on my school computer. The 4th Grade Websites and Resources was fantastic!
6/9/2015 12:03:47Debbie HepperBlogsThird Grade Math ProblemsI wold chose the Shelf - as the Livebinder tab is much handier. I don't care to edit the sites, I just want to have access to them and to their updates. I can make my own the way I want.
6/21/2015 14:18:40Malerie YeatonKids Make Music OnlineGoogle+ for EducatorsI found it was difficult to find LiveBinders that applied to my subject area (music) in the Featured Category AND that could be copied. I would probably put LiveBinders on a shelf before copying them because of that fact. I understand that some owners don't want their LiveBinders copied, and that's ok!
6/23/2015 16:02:21Kimarie SheppardSocial StudiesTrip to IndiaI did not have any problems. Both processes seemed easy to complete.
6/23/2015 16:03:27Joanne KallhoffFree Technology ToolsMesa Vista Library ResourcesNo, both were pretty straight forward. I think it depends. I think I would make a copy if I wanted to adapt it for my teaching lessons. But something like the free technology tools I may just want the updates.
6/23/2015 16:09:10Kimarie SheppardTrip to IndiaELA 6-8 Tools and ResourcesI didn't experiences any problems with either process. If I wanted to make changes to something I would make a copy. If I didn't want to make any changes I would just add the binder to my shelf so that I could get the original creator's changes and updates.

Note: I submitted this response twice. Please disregard the first response as I accidentally submitted before it was complete. Thanks.
7/23/2015 13:56:37Stephanie SThe First Five DaysiPads AppsThey both were easy to do and have easy access to them. I liked them both
7/24/2015 14:05:49Nancy PruittSocial Skills LanguageSocial Skills Language PragmaticsI didn't have any problems. I think I would rather put it on the book shelf, simply because I can place it where I want and keep it organized.
8/11/2015 16:59:18Carmen TooleGenius HourCurrent Thinking of Cyberbullying and BullyingI didn't have any trouble adding or making a copy of the binders. I think I would probably just add them because it can be done while in the binder versus going back to the tiled menu to click options and then make a copy. I also would add them, because the owner of the binder may make changes to it and I think I would want to see how they changed theirs. I could always create one of my own with my favorites in it, but I would always be open to the PLN of someone else's ideas.
8/15/2015 4:55:41Kelly Vasquez6th grade math-Covering and SurroundingCCSS 6th grade mathI liked the live binder for Covering and Surrounding. It gave websites and information that would be helpful to the students when they are working in the Covering and Surrounding book. It was a nice way to share helpful information and extra practice for parents and students.
10/27/2015 22:31:14Lynn GraumanGrants for TeachersIf It's Not Free! It's Not for Me!No problems. I feel as though I would "copy" over "add to shelf" so I am able to make changes.
11/9/2015 20:00:46Kim Smith iPads in SchoolsiPod Touch & iPad ResourcesI didn't have any problems (but it was easy to spend lots of time searching the various binders!). I would prefer to make a copy of the Binders so I could add to them.
12/19/2015 18:17:59Joni BushfieldBiology LabsFort Mill Crossfit Paleo RecipesNo, it was pretty user friendly. I like the shelf for binders I will use as a reference. I like the copy feature for a binder I would like to add to or edit.
1/12/2016 13:27:47Diana TimsBack to class - get to know your studentsThanksgiving resourcesI didn't have problems with either of these. I would prefer to put the already created binders on the shelves even though making a copy is a little easier. I feel that I can organize a little better that way by creating a shelf for just holiday stuff, back to school stuff, and other topics. The binders I use more often - I would make copies of these or just build them to my specific needs. These are both great ways to organize. One problem I might run into is that if binders are on the shelves and not in front of me, I might forget that they are available.
1/12/2016 14:40:00Lyndsay DeyoSocial Studies Resources CentralAmazing Animal WebcamsNo, they added to shelf very easily. I think I will use the Amazing Animal Webcam more, because my students love animals. It would be so interesting to watch animals at the zoo or in their natural habitat through the webcam.
1/16/2016 17:19:45Kristi HertingiPads in SchoolsiPad Touch and iPad ResourcesIt was pretty easy to both add to the shelf and to make a copy. I think it will depend on how I want to use the content as to whether I copy or add. Also, I added another binder - Classroom Printables - that I would have preferred to copy, but the option was not available. I thought if I copied this content, I could use the printables, with changes to represent my classroom or our school. I do like that when you add to the shelf, though, that new content is added if the creator adds it to their own binder. I will need to play more with the content in the binders to see if I have a preference, but I am guessing I will add to the shelf more often than I will copy.
2/2/2016 23:17:56Amy BrooksFACS Nutrition & WellnessCareer ExplorationI didn't experience any problems with either method. I selected these two binders because I thought both of them contained a wealth of great resources. I think that the content of the binder will determine whether I decide to copy or add it to my shelf. I predict that I will do a little of both.
2/4/2016 11:07:07Natasha GaultMiddle School Science ResourcesNASA MMS Challenge LessonThe Middle School Science Resources did not allow for a copy. However, the NASA MMS Challenge did allow the copy. I would be willing to allow others to make a copy of the binder that I made, as long as no personal student information was present. However, the collaborative process between and educator and students would require a certain aspect of privacy protection. This will need to be a conscious decision when determining LiveBinder rights.
2/24/2016 16:07:13Lori JensenOnline Math TasksCopy of Black History MonthNo, putting a binder on my shelf and making a copy of the binder was very easy. I will utilize both of these options because they are user friendly and it is very simple to do.
2/25/2016 15:43:10Lisa JensenOnline Math TasksCopy of Holocaust WebquestI had no problems at all. This will be a great resource tool. I like being able to keep everything organized in one place, especially if you have to move from one classroom to another, you have access to the resources at all times..
2/29/2016 8:59:18Linda Irick JLG BTG Spring 2016 Updated JLG BTG Spring 2016 Reading Recommendations I had a bit of a problem adding the second one I tried to the correct shelf since the shelf that I wanted was not in the drop down list. However, I added it to another shelf and then just moved it over to the shelf I wanted and deleted it from the other shelf.
3/1/2016 19:30:07James HickeyStates/RegionsPrimary Sources 2.0 I copied Primary Sources 2.0 to see if I could copy a binder. I didn't really look through it much until it was copied. The States/Regions binder I looked through completely. I already have a file similar to this one, but this binder is much better than my file. I teach fifth grade and we do state reports each year and this will be a great resource.
3/1/2016 21:07:08Matthew BakerSMART NB14Lisa's Wicked Good Web ToolsNo. Both these steps were very easy. I suppose my choice to copy or simply add would depend on the content of the Binder. In the case of SMART NB14, for example, I would add it because it's possible there might be future changes to the SMART Board software described there, and I would like to know about them. However, if there were a Binder that contained a specific document I really liked, I would probably copy it in case the original author decided to remove it from his/her Binder.
3/7/2016 15:15:26Melissa GoodChief Leschi High School Counselor's Resource Page, By: Susan BakerCopy of High School Counselor's Resource PageBoth of these options for saving existing Live Binders were very simple. I believe I would copy binders that I want to manipulate for my own use and for sharing with others, like with the students, parents and other staff I work with. I would put others on my shelf that I want to use for my own use, like things I want to reference and use repeatedly. I like the fact that when I put one on my shelf I can see updates when others update their Live Binders and I can use those new resources as well. Especially if one is really well-developed, I'd likely just put it on my bookshelf. I might even save some copies and use the one on my shelf as well. I really like how well-developed these Live Binders are and I can see how quickly I can start using them in my personal and professional life. Most likely I will be making copies of existing binders and updating them with my own other items. But I also know that I would place others on my shelf.
I'm just looking forward to seeing what types of other resources are out there that I can utilize!
3/15/2016 21:05:16Shari HerringtonRESOURCES FOR THE SPANISH CLASSLearning Spanish K-12 ResourcesIt was very easy to add a binder to the shelf and make a copy. I did not have problems with either option. I think I would rather put the binders on the shelf so I can get the updates as they are made. That seems more effective and efficient versus being able to change things within the binder myself. Plus, not every binder is made to be copied, but from my understanding, you can add any binder to your shelf, as long as it is public or you are given an access key code.
3/23/2016 15:52:19Julie HickeyBack to Class-Know your students by Chandra Manning (I put it on my Writing Shelf)Kindergarten Prep by nweber (This is also on my writing shelf)I was amazed at the selection of binders in the Featured Binders tab. One thing that I noticed was that if the binder had an interesting cover, it was easier to go to that binder. Since I teach early elementary, the binders with cute clipart caught my eye immediately.
I did think the Kindergarten Prep was a good one for new parents. I also liked the back to school binder. It would be used for really knowing what is important about your students. It was set up as more of a middle elementary site, but could be adapted to early elementary.
3/27/2016 21:24:30Jason SaveyVeterans Day ResourcesTravel to IndiaI found it very easy to add them to my binders and had no problems doing so. I teach both U.S. History and Geography so I would be interested in using both of these for my classes.
3/29/2016 14:50:56Janel Lonescience games5th grade scienceno. not at this point. Maybe when I get more familiar with it.
3/29/2016 14:50:57Shelby HendricksonStates/RegionsInteractive WebsitesI did not have any problems with either one of these binders. I feel that I would use pieces of both as they are all sites and sources that would help me when looking for resources to use for those lessons. I would use bits of information when I need it but I would not rely on either of them all the time for use in my classroom. I put both of them on my shelf because I felt that they both had great information that could be used to enhance my lessons with the students.
4/3/2016 14:31:52Sarah SeverClassroom PrintablesiPads in SchoolsBoth of these options was very easy. I can see the benefit to both. When you make a copy you are able to customize to best fit your needs. I would be able to add to, or delete items as I see necessary. The only downfall to this is that I would have to keep maintaining this binder myself because I wouldn't get any updates from the creator. Whereas, if I just add it to a shelf, I will continue to get updates from the creator. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to make any changes to the binder. I feel I will mostly make copies, and just maintain the binder myself because I like the ability to change the binder to best meet my needs.
4/13/2016 11:34:14Genevieve KlinkhammerWild About 3rd Grade GTE3rd Grade 2014 - 2015I didn't have any problems following the directions. I like to have both options because if I found a binder that was constantly updated, I would want to be able to place it on a shelf. If I find a common core or state standard binder for my state and grade I would like to update that myself, so I would prefer to make a copy. Then I could check off the standards I hit in the classroom as I go.
4/19/2016 13:01:32Sarah Weber Differentiating with Digital Literacy ToolsCopy of Tch Learning LibraryI do like having it right on my shelf, the idea of it being updated instantly is great to know that I am always working with the latest information available! I did notice not all can be copied. I would think that if there is one that has a lot of information that I want to use and share, I would copy that then and make it my own.
4/24/2016 0:03:27Nicole GappaAlphabet LandLearning the AlphabetAfter some searching I figured out where the featured binders were located on the website. I did not have any difficulty with either of these tasks. I did find that not all the binders gave the option to copy-only to add them to my shelf. So for this reason, I would probably prefer to just add binders to my shelf vs copying the binder.
4/25/2016 20:45:50Nicole AhlbergKindergarten FunKindergartenNo - I found both of the binders easy to work with and explore. The Kindergarten Fun binder had mainly computer games for students, whereas the Kindergarten binder had many more resources that I could use. I loved all the links to reading, writing, and math. There was more than just games for my students to explore. There was also a great section with lesson plans and math activities.
5/11/2016 8:44:28Lynsay GranbergArt WebsitesThe Art of Frank StellaNo, no problems as of yet. Right now I would probably say copy just because I like to make things my own and add or edit what I want my students to learn.
5/23/2016 18:34:26Jennifer DoyleFree Technology Tools for TeachersCopy of Grants for Teachers I did not have any problems with either of these. I can see the benefits of each. I like the idea of being able to copy a Binder and then manipulate it for my own needs. Teachers are famous for taking an idea and making it their own to fit their needs for each individual classroom. However, simply putting the Binder on my shelf will allow me to get updates from the creator. This can be an appealing concept as well. I have a feeling that I would probably choose to copy most of the Binders that I view to keep so that I could manipulate them to fit my own needs.
5/31/2016 9:03:34Shanon ManleyOn-line web tools for creative educators & t... Ipad AppsI did not have a problem with either of these. I like both. I am not sure yet which I would use over the other. Both are tools and I think the more I utilize the Livebinders, the more I will know which I would use more. I think like anything, the more you utilize anything, the more comfortable you become.
6/1/2016 13:23:16Lisa HuntMrs. Brewer's Favorite Typing GamesCopy of Mattress TipsThis process was extremely easy! LiveBinders has done an excellent job organizing the featured binders by creating all of the categories. I chose to add the Typing Games binder to my shelf because some of the sites that the creator had included need a membership in order to access. Because my students don't have accounts through some of those sites, I can delete those tabs. Also, the games that my students are used to using might not be included in the original binder, but because it has been added to my shelf, I have the ability to add new tabs to it to include those other sites.

I chose to make a copy of the Mattress Tips binder because it shows how you can use LiveBinders to compare different brands and styles of mattresses with just a few clicks. This program can be very useful when shopping for items that require some researching before purchasing. Instead of printing out information or writing it all down, you can just create a binder that will take you where you need to be easily and quickly.

In the future, I can see myself adding other binders to my shelf more often than making a copy because I like to be able to edit them. That way, my students can get a more custom-fit experience for what they are working with.
6/3/2016 9:46:30Tammy LaPorteEarth and Space Science 3044ScienceAs I have stated I am just getting familiar with the format. It is just a process to learn the formats and how they can be accessed. In many ways it is similar to a web page but it depends on how you organize your material. The other great feature is that you can limit who accesses the material. I think that I would prefer the site "Earth and Space Science 3044" because it is more of what I would try and create. It will be a great resource for my Earth Science Unit.
6/10/2016 15:02:45Lila MoellerLibrary ToolkitLibrary/TechHad trouble finding the one I copied at first because I forgot to put it in my Baltic School Library folder. I believe I would use the copy feature more just because I would like to tweak the LiveBinder to fit my students and lesson plans. Might have to do both just to have any updates.
6/28/2016 11:03:29Sara CulverMusic Education LessonsMusic ResourcesI did not have any trouble using either of these methods. I think I like the idea of putting it on the shelf so that I have the updates that come with that binder. If it is something that I want to have available for my students I would then find those specific websites or tools and then assemble them into my own binder. There is so much out there in the way of music resources, I think putting it on the shelf is a much more feasible way of organizing it as well as the added benefit of the originator updates being usable as well.
7/2/2016 18:56:38Jeremy WrightPlagiarismGenius HourI did have problems. I was unable to "copy" the one binder because I had reached a 10 Binder maximum. I feel that I am much more comfortable putting binders on "my shelf" for two reasons: 1) I feel as though I am "stealing" their work and taking it. 2) I feel that it is a greater resource to have a continuously growing binder that I am sure will improve through time.
7/13/2016 14:31:59Sadie BossertKnow Your StudentsEarth Day ProjectI did not have any problems uploading either of these binders to my account.

I think I will use both methods, to be honest. I like how you can add a binder to your shelf, and that it will continually be updated by the author. However, I would use the copy feature for the binders that are relevant to my classroom or curriculum. That way, I could easily make changes to it and make it work for my own students.
7/25/2016 9:49:05Kayla KrauseKnow Your StudentsKindergarten MathI did not have a problem putting binders onto my shelf. I did come across a bit of difficulty making a copy of the first binder I attempted (Preschool/Kindergarten Activities) However, I also found Kindergarten Math to be useful and had no problems making a copy of that binder.
8/5/2016 20:06:49Lynne BrownMusic by Jean LawsonMusic Websites for StudentsI added the first one and went to copy another binder and it wouldn't let me copy. So I added that one to my shelf. I found a third choice that let me copy. There are some subjects that I would like to be able to add my own content to, such as kid songs videos to show students. Other binders look like they are pretty complete and would like to see the updates from the person who created it. Not sure which I would choose the most. Probably the copy as then I can add to the binder and not make a whole new one on the same topic.
8/10/2016 19:39:45Candee CloosFirst 5 daysGoing GoogleI had a little trouble with adding to my shelf, but I didn't go into the featured binders section. I did it after a bit and found the option link to be able to add to my shelf. I think I will use the First Five Days binder a ton. I am so excited about this new found feature of Livebinders. I just realized that I misread the question. I would probably use the copy feature more often as it just copies with the other binders and doesn't get put on a shelf.
8/12/2016 12:47:49Nichole HahnSunbjectsReadingI did not have a problem doing either one of these. I feel like I would use the copy feature more than the create my own. There are many great tools others have created and it is nice to be able to share resources with others and not have to create your own.
8/31/2016 15:07:54Kelley Gruneich5th Grade math Word Problems4th Grade Math Word ProblemsI did not have a problem with either of these. They both have great features for different reasons. I love that when you add it to your shelf you get all of the updates that the author does. That is really nice because sometimes as an educator you figure out that some things work better than others so you go back and redo things. I also like the copy aspect because if what I need to use is there but I have to change it minimally I am able to do that. I can definitely see myself using both copy and shelf for the exact same binder.
10/12/2016 13:44:27Agapito (Pete) CabreraSpanishFluency4uSpanish - By rmhsI experienced no problems. I feel pretty even about both. If I make a copy of a really great binder then it won't continue to be updated by it's owner. However, if it's a good binder that has great potential for me to expand upon, I'd rather make a copy of it.
11/18/2016 7:37:58Traci MooreCopy of 6-8 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other DrugsCopy of Advertisements, Media, and TobaccoI did find that one has a link or two that have no longer been kept up. I am so often looking for resources and to find some that someone else feels are the best is very helpful. The world wide web is a so helpful, but is too overwhelming when I am looking for something specific. I love finding new things, and I am able to find a lot of resources that are helpful and give me new ideas for classroom lessons.
11/18/2016 8:38:53Kim BrendenExploringSTEMI noticed that some of the binders you couldn't make a copy of. I would rather add them to my shelf so they are more organized. I would be able to find them faster and utilize them more.
11/19/2016 16:08:21Stacie BiggerstaffInteractive Virtual Experiences for Grades K-12First Five Days I did not have any problems with either of these binders. At this point, I feel I would probably put the binders on my shelf because then I will be able to get updates and new information if the creator is willing to do this. With the copy version, I would not be able to get this type of information.
11/29/2016 20:25:12Christy RandallKatt's Microsoft OfficeThe Outsiders-Nonfiction ArticlesIt was fairly easy to do either put a binder on my shelf or copy a binder.I did find a lot of binders that you weren't able to copy though. I think I would prefer to do the copy so that I can edit them as I need to. I might want to add more content or delete some that I find irrelevant.
12/1/2016 12:23:16Jenny LundCommon Core Middle Grades MathCommon Core State Standards for MathI did not have problems copying binders, or putting a binder on my shelf. My problem came when I went back to my binder and tried to find where my shelf was. The copied binder was very visaable on the dashboard of my binder, but I had to search and click around a little bit to find the shelf I created. Most of my problem is my lack of technology skills.

I am a little more apt to use the copy more that putting a binder on my shelf. I like to tweak things for my use which can be done with copied binders.
1/3/2017 14:24:15Jackie Jessop RisingLiterary CriticismDigital Tools for Social StudiesWhen looking for a binder to copy, I had the misfortune to select ones (that I was interested in) that were not copyable. I began to think I was doing something wrong, but by the third time, I had it figured out.
I could see me making a copy of a binder so that I could make changes to it in cases where the material may change often. For example, the digital tools for social studies will eventually have tools that are no longer supported and will not have new tools. By making a copy, I can update it as needed.
1/3/2017 20:27:14Jennifer AldrenOnline Audio Read AloudsExcellent Sites for Young Learners: ReadingI didn't have any problems adding Binders to my shelf or coping them. Some of the links contained within the Binder that I made a copy of, had broken links. For this reason, I think I would rather add Binders to my shelf, than to copy the Binder, incase the author will fix or update the broken links.
1/27/2017 19:48:58Erin CoxClassroom PrintablesIdeas for Ground BeefThe Classroom Printables Binder seemed very well put together. She had linked her various pages (tumblr, teacherspayteachers, etc). She has all the printables organized with title pages, sub pages, tabs, etc. I really enjoy how elaborate it is, and how organized it is. The Ideas for Ground Beef was a very basic binder, and I didn't like the layout as much.
2/6/2017 9:30:27Jesspapke7684Technology in EducationInteractive Websites for Engagement
Do you have any problems with either of these? I felt that both binders had a lot of great teaching resources, tools, and ideas for integrating technology into the classroom. The only problem I found what that some of the links didn’t work in Technology in Education LiveBinder and it wasn’t as well organized as the Interactive Websites for Engagement LiveBinder. Technology in Education LiveBinder had so many sutbtabs that it can be overwhelming when looking for educational materials to use in the classroom.

Would you use one LiveBinder over the other? Why?
I really like the Interactive Websites for Engagement LiveBinder because it has many great educational resources and links to different subject areas including Special Education which is in the area that I teach. It also has links to different subject areas for different grade levels. The Interactive Websites LiveBinder also has links to resources about integrating the smartboard into the classroom, and the smartboard is a useful and wonderful tool that I use often in the classroom and a tool that students like to use when learning. Overall, I feel that the Interactive Website LiveBinder is very well organized, has links that work well, and links to different websites that would be useful, helpful, fun, educational, and wonderful tools to use with students and in classroom.
2/6/2017 10:09:34Jessica PapkeTechnology in EducationInteractive Websites for EngagementDo you have any problems with either of these? I felt that both binders had a lot of great teaching resources, tools, and ideas for integrating technology into the classroom. The only problem I found what that some of the links didn’t work in Technology in Education and it wasn’t as well organized as the Interactive Websites for Engagement LiveBinder. Technology in Education had so many subtabs that it can be overwhelming when looking for educational materials to use in the classroom.
Would you use one LiveBinder over the other? Why?
I really like the Interactive Websites for Engagement LiveBinder because it has many great educational resources and links to different subject areas including Special Education which is in the area that I teach. It also has links to different subject areas for different grade levels. The Interactive Websites LiveBinder also has links to resources about integrating the smartboard into the classroom, and the smartboard is a useful and wonderful tool that I use often in the classroom and a tool that students like to use when learning. Overall, I feel that the Interactive Website LiveBinder is very well organized, has links that work, and links to different websites that would be useful, helpful, fun, educational, and wonderful tools to use with students and in classroom.
2/9/2017 15:19:38Skye BrucklacherCCS 2nd Grade Math Resources Parent Resource Binder GSE 3rd grade MathI felt it was harder to find ones to copy. I feel I would use 'add to shelf' more. This way helps me stay more organized, rather than just throwing them all in a random binder.
2/14/2017 8:04:04Matt OsborneKindergartenIndoor RecessNo problems at all! It was super slick!
Both ways are very handy but I think I would go with putting it on my Shelf. I like how it is stored off to the side.
2/15/2017 9:39:43Lisa Danforth13 ColoniesAdding and Subtracting Fractions with common denominatorsNo, I did not. I felt I lost the binder I put on the shelf for a while, but then found it. I'm not sure which I like better yet. After I use Live Binders more, I'm sure I'll have a preference.