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Panelist IDHow many times have you interacted with the Santa Clara Police Department in the past year?What was your most recent interaction?How would you rate the response time to your call for service, request, and/or inquiry?During your interaction, how satisfied were you with the level of service you received?In your opinion, how safe is your neighborhood?What local issue do you think needs the most attention from SCPD?What type of property crime?How often do you see police officers in your neighborhood?In your opinion, how trustworthy is the Santa Clara Police Department?SCPD does not currently own or operate a drone. Would you support SCPD acquiring and using drones in the future?How old are you?Which gender do you identify with?Which of the following ethnic groups do you identify with the most?What is your zip code?What type of residence do you live in?What is your preferred method of communication from SCPD?How long have you been a resident of Santa Clara?Thank you for completing those multiple choice questions! Part two of the survey is mostly free response, which means you can type as much or as little as you would like. If there are any questions you don't want to answer, just write "skip". First, which neighborhood do you currently live in?What is your occupation?How many people live in your household?Are you involved in any community organizations in Santa Clara? Which organizations?Anything else you'd like us to know about you?Have you ever interacted with a police officer?How many times do you estimate you have interacted with the police?What is your opinion of the police based on?Has your opinion about the Santa Clara police changed within the past 5 years? Think back to how you felt in 2012What do you like most about living in the City of Santa Clara? What do you like least?In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing the City of Santa Clara right now?Have you ever attended an event hosted by the Santa Clara PD? Why or why not?When was the last time you had a conversation with someone about the police? Who was that conversation with? What did you discuss?When do you last remember reading a news story about the Santa Clara police?In your opinion, what is the most important thing that SCPD should do in your community?Do you think Santa Clara police officers are doing that job? If not, what are they doing?When was the last time you called the police? Why did you call?A 2015 nationwide poll found that public trust in the police recently hit a 20 year low. Why do you think that’s the case?Do your friends and neighbors trust the Santa Clara police? Do they feel the same way about SCPD as they do about police in general?Finally, would you like to receive a $20 Amazon gift card for completing this survey?Other
1One to twoI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeTraffic enforcementNot very oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely66MaleCaucasian95051Single family houseNixle10+ yearsCascadeRetired Accountant2Boy Scouts of AmericaMember of Senior Advisory CommissionYes5Personal experienceNoStrong Community, SafetyPublic Safety, Community InvolvementyesMonth ago with Mike Sellers at a social event. We discussed Community involvement.Recently through Nixle.Community interaction with the everyone. Providing a face in the city to identify the presence of Law Enforcement.Yes, absolutely. They are present at all events and are approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.Last February when someone parked their car across my driveway.The bad apples are the ones that get the press and most people relate all police officers to what they read in the paper or see on TV.I think the SCPD is held in high regards by most people I know. Every profession has its problem employees but Police have an assumed power over the community that scares people.Yes
2Three to fiveI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeProperty crimeVandalismNot very oftenSomewhat trustworthyProbably46FemaleSouth Asian95054TownhomeEmail or text10+ yearsRivermarkTech Mgmt and Community Leadership2SCCC, SCLFF, Cultural Commissioner, Rotary, Joy of SewaScpd shd get interfaith and multicultural trainingYesThree to fourNews, personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyA little improvement after knowing the chief and assistant chiefLike The community feeling
Dislike traffic and lack of diversity in the leadership
Transportation and infrastructureYesLast night. They don't trust copsYesterday on emailParticipate in more small group events and build better relationships with diverse groups.Not sureNot since someone egged my car a year agoLack of close relationshipsGenerally yesYes
3One to twoI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeTraffic enforcementNot very oftenSomewhat trustworthyAbsolutely71FemaleHispanic/Latino95054Single family houseNextdoor10+ yearsMontague Park area.Retired Postal ManagerMyself. Just one.I am a member of the Civil Service Commission, a member of the Santa Clara Host Lions Club and a volunteer at the Santa Clara Senior Center.I have resided in Santa Clara for 43 years.YesSeven to ten times in my residency in Santa Clara.My opinion is based on several reasons: my interaction, the media and friends.Yes. In the last few years there have been several high profile incidents involving Santa Clara Police Officers.Santa Clara for many years was focused on the community and residents. I loved that. I dislike the fact that the city is focused on developement and bringing more businesses in the city. I dislike all the high density complexes.I think the biggest issue is financial. The benefit packages of the past are difficult to sustain.Yes. I go for accurate information.The last conversation was with a friend about the three Santa Clara Police Officers that had been arrested.I read weekly updates on Nextdoor.Continue being a positive image and continue to be advisable presence.I think the majority of the officers are doing their job. I do see a few officers not using signals when they change lanes or prepare to turn.I had a minor traffic accident.There are so many forms of media to share information.The police have been involved in so many shootings.I think my neighbor's and friends do trust the Santa Clara Police Department. I believe they have less trust in the police overall.Yes
4More than 5I met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeParkingVery oftenSomewhat trustworthyProbably53MaleAsian/Pacific Islander95050Single family housewww.scpd.org10+ yearsLos Padres/WarburtonTech Entrepreneur4Yes. Serving as board member on several non-profits.Active member of community who cares about Santa Clara.YesMultiple timesNews, personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyYes, after completing Citizens Police Academy course, I really understood about operations and contribution of Police Officers in the community.Great community to live and raise kids. Traffic is really a big issue.Unprecedented development and traffic are big issues. These are impacting the quality of life of the ordinary residents every day.Yes, to get involved.skipTodayFast response to any complaints or messages of residents to SCPD.Trying their best but it has room to improve.911 call for a medical emergency. Dec. 2016.I do not agree with that.Yes. SCPD is considered better managed than other police departments in nearby cities.No
5One to twoI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventSomewhat safeCommunity safetyNot very oftenVery trustworthyI would need more information62FemaleCaucasian95051Single family houseSocial media10+ yearsPruneridge and Kiely areaLeadership consultant1RotaryI'd like to see more police patrolling the streets of Santa Clara.Yes30 times, all positive here.News, personal experienceMore community focused now. Proud of our force.Centrally located.
Traffic and potholes.
Growing city without a plan. Poor city management. Silo thinking.
Poor city leadership. Divisive leadership, not collaborative.Yes.A month ago. Police Chief. Improving the Dept.NeverBe visible, stay engaged and protect us.Yes!!Never.Some Police departments are not engaged ethically in some communities.Yes.
6Three to fiveMeeting at the PDVery safeProperty crimeResidential burglariesSometimesVery trustworthyAbsolutely62FemaleCaucasian95050duplexNextdoor10+ yearsWestwood (near Los Padres and Saratoga)Retired1Yes. Mission City Community Fund, Retired Public Employees Association, Santa Clara Woman's Club, Santa Clara Women's League,City of Santa Clara retiree (28 years). Served on 2016 Charter Review Committee. Attend various City Council meetings, and Council committee meetings, as well as occasional commission meetings.YesTwicePersonal experienceSlightly. Concern about recent allegations of City public funds being spent on Levi Stadium patrolling. Waiting for further information and conclusion of grand jury audit.Like most - A strong sense of community, even in the midst of growth powered by tech industry.
Like least - Past 3 to 4 years of seeming catering to 49er/stadium interests and continuing zoning changes that reduce commercial/business zones to high-density residential.
That proposed developments in the City are not overbuilt and respect existing single-family neighborhoods and do not diminish revenue-producing commercial and industrial zones.Yes. I like to support our PD.Long time ago, can't really remember.Within the last month or two.Keeping residents safe from crime.Yes.Can't remember - it's been a very long time.To me, it seems that police officers are being demonized for doing their jobs, even if they are going by the book. You hear "police brutality" from the news or lawyers representing the criminal, but somehow the fact that the crime itself (and its perpetrator) is swept under the rug. You rarely hear about the perpetrator's past criminal record, etc.Yes.No
7Three to fiveI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventSomewhat safeProperty crimeCar break-insAll the time because of the stadiumVery trustworthyAbsolutely50FemaleAsian/Pacific Islander95054Single family houseSocial media, Nextdoor10+ yearsEast side by the stadiumMarketing Mgr2 yesLions ClubI sometimes work from home, I am VERY affected by events at the stadium.YesTwo to threeNews, personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyYes, house was burglarized and car was broken into. Even though the police were very nice, I feel like not very much was done to catch the bad guysIt used to be a fun small town, so quiet on the weekends, now all that has changed. Still love my utility bill though.The stadium - crowd & traffic control, keeping the residents in that area happyNo, we don't know anyone on the force, haven't been aware of when they happen.Last election, friends, the police chief position - pros & cons of the candidatesWithin the last month or so, regarding a bad cop I believeGet more involved in neighborhood communities / clubsYes to a point. It would be nice to have neighborhood officers that were familiar with residents and activities in each area.Couple years ago when my car was broken intoNews & social media play a big part of this. They allow news stories to reach a bigger audience, which can be both good and bad. Younger people are more aware because of social media coverage.Yes and yes. I haven't heard anything bad said about the SCPDYes
80Very safeHomelessnessSometimesVery trustworthyProbably70FemaleCaucasian95051Single family houseNextdoor10+ yearsBriarwood/Cabrilloretired1Santa Clara OptimistsNoYes30 times through community organizationPersonal experiencenoPeacefulness - I like the most
Lack of a downtown - I like the least
Lack of a downtown area for walking, eating, shopping etcNo - probably because I was not aware of the events that Santa Clara PD hostsDo not rememberdo not rememberbe presentyesI have not called the policeToo much on the news about police being too aggressiveYes I think soYes
9One to twoI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeProperty crimeCar break-insVery oftenVery trustworthyI would need more information54FemaleCaucasian95051Single family, social media, Nextdoor10+ yearsBowers/El CaminoEducation2REALTOR St Lawrence ParishLifetime Santa Clara resident
Former girl scout co leader
Former PTA/PTG officer at Millikin and St. Lawrence Schools.
Yes25Personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyNoSafety and hometown city I do not like all these high density housing and added traffic. I am concerned the city leaders do not put the citizens concerns above their own agendas. I have no interest to make Santa Clara more like San Jose. I am very concerned that the leaders will try to make Santa Clara a sanctuary city. I love Santa Clara and would like to maintain as much of the original hometown city feeling and tradition as possible. I think we should move towards a population cap like Morgan hill has done. I am saddened that the younger generations that have grown up here are moving from our city in order to be a homeowner.All of the high density housing projects. The El Camino housing projects.YesDuring the election there was a lot of conversation about the Poilce Chief and who we were supporting. This was discussed with neighbors, family, & friends.Yesterday kudos to SCPD for Santa Clara being one if the top 25 safest cities. I am very grateful for that.Continue to keep our neighborhoods safe and listen to the concerns of the citizens. I am concerned about our chief supporting Santa Clara as a sanctuary city.SCPD is doing an outstanding job.It has been awhile. The last time would have probably been for a neighborhood concern.Media that promotes bias opinions about the actual events/ experiences an officer has experienced. This has caused too much pressure and bad opinions towards police.I believe most of my friends and neighbors trust and respect SCPD. If they do not then they are mistaken.Yes
10One to twoI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safePublic disorder associated with drugs and/or alcoholNot very oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely65MaleCaucasian95051Single family housewww.scpd.org10+ yearsArea of Monroe and bowers,Dundde owner in santa clara 95050 zip Code3yes,Civil service Commissioner (Chair),Santa Clara RotaryLife long residence,bussiness owner.Attended school clara and have seen many changes occur in ot city,some good and somethat merits no comment.Yes1News, personal experience, what I hear from friends and familymany improvementsour city services,least the high density that is occuring.Large strain in our infrastructuredisfunction city councilyesyesterday,at the street dance.We need to hire more police officer ,worry when Bart comes to santa Clara pon of more crime coming in from other cities.recent weekskeep patroling the el camino real area,most of the crimtemporary housing in the motels in the el camino spills into the surrounding areasyes,but they need more manpowerabandon auto,3 months agoThe media focus on only on the negative,they do not follw up on the ( Why , and the final outcome)yesPlease,make a donation to the P.A.L special olympics(tip a cop )
11More than 5I met at SCPD offices for a community groupVery safeTraffic Planning and EnforcementVery oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely45MaleCaucasian95053Single family houseOne on One Conversations1-5 yearsSanta Clara UniversityUniversity Executive1Mission City Community FundI very much value our relationship with SCPD. It is very unique to have a world class organization such as SCPD only feet away from a University such as ours. Our relationship with SCPD is very strong due to the effort and commitment of the men and women of this organization.Yes40Personal experienceI have been working in Santa Clara for only three years. I have been consistently very pleased with SCPD during this period. They maintain a very high level of service and commitment to safety and fair dealing with the community.Santa Clara is an incredible community. I have very few thoughts on what troubles Santa Clara.The largest issue facing Santa Clara is how to grow the population and housing in a manner that meshes well with existing housing. Santa Clara will need to grow to support all of the corporations and non-profits (University) jobs that have been created.Yes, MCCF meetings are held at SCPD headquarters. I attend regularly.I speak regularly with the head of Campus Safety about our efforts to mesh our responsibilities with SCPD. We spend a considerable amount of time determining how best to make this relationship stronger. We also spend a great deal of time being amazed at the folks we get to work with at SCPD.I read all the articles about SCPD through the Mercury News.Continue to be considered an honest broker between all parts of the community.YES! I have been continually pleased with the men and women of SCPD. They work very hard to make Santa Clara a safer and more pleasent community in which to work and live.Last week to discuss an upcoming meeting with SCPD.Politics is all local. A nationwide poll does not reflect the perception of the local police department. I would surmise that other places have issues much deeper than here in Santa Clara. Here, the Police are perceived as honest brokers which help them immensely as they navigate very complicated relationships. I give the leadership great credit for walking this tight rope so successfully.Yes, The people I interact with consider the SCPD to be honest brokers.No
12More than 5I met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeTraffic enforcementNot very oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely55MaleAsian/Pacific Islander95050Single family houseNextdoor10+ yearsOld Quadretired3, yesOld Quad Residents Association, Citizens Advisory CommitteeI have done the Citizen's Police Academy and Leadership Santa ClaraYes10Personal experienceMore favorable,It's a safe well run city. I don't fear walking around at night. Too much time is spend on Levis Stadium issues.Pension liabilityYes, community meeting for neighborhood watch captains. We need more of those.My neighbor, code enforcement about beer pong tables3 months agoMore community policing. Perhaps with police officers on bikes since that's less intimidating.Somewhat. I think Levi's Stadium takes too many resources away from regular policing.Have never called except to schedule National Night Out eventsDamaging videos of police overreach and brutalityYes, the have a more favorable view than of police departments in other parts of the country. I'm pleased that SCPD adopted body cameras earlyNo
13One to twoI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventSomewhat safeParkingSometimesVery trustworthyI would need more information62MaleAfrican-American95054Single family houseInside Santa Clara (quarterly newspaper),, Nixle10+ yearsNice and quiet, except when their are events in lev's stadumInformation Specialist5Eritrean Community of Santa ClaraI work at Santa Clara UniversityYesone timeNews, what I hear from friends and familyI use to live in apartment 1997-2008 very bad neighbordhood & crowded. After 2008 I live in a quite neighbordhood.It's quite , safe, Clean and Healthy environment.Real estate and rent a home or apartment is expensive.NO, I didn't get chance to attend.2017 with Santa Clara Police Department, Chief Michael J Sellers. In Eritrean Community event discussion between SCPD and Eritrean Community. What the community should do and discuss, with their kids as well.I didn't remember.To Keep SC safe, reach out the communities.In my opinion they are doing good job.I am not sure 2014 or 2015.Communication between police and the community.Some they trust and some they don't.No
14One to twohusband stopped while drivingSomewhat safePublic disorder associated with drugs and/or alcoholVery oftenSomewhat untrustworthyI would need more information27FemaleHispanic/Latino95127studioI don't communicate with SCPD10+ yearseast sidestudent2Harvest food bankI don't drive so the only way I interact with traffic police is by rides I get from othersNoWhat I hear from friends and familyI believe they became more and more attracted to the east side area. Ex: on holidays when they have alcahol use check points the majority are done in the east side which makes no since because people who live on the east side are not the only ones who drink.I like everything, but so many cops are around the area stopping people for no apparent reason makes people feel more unsafe than safe.High RentsNo, I have never. the reason why is because for some reason I grew up seeing police taking cars not from criminals but mainly hispanic people without a license, which traumatized me, which makes me feel unsafe to be around them. If I have to I interact with them but I don't enjoy it.Family and friends, we discussed the same questions, why there is crazy people on the road and never get stopped, but others just for a small mistake immediately get stopped. In addition that when there is car accidents or some kind of crime going on people are scared to call the cops in this area because of their immigration status and many turn into victims of crime without being able to do anything about it.From San Jose State University all the timeGo after the criminals, actual crime scenes.Not doing that job. They tend to drive around and look at people. I have observed and other people who I know that before they stop you, they drive next to you look at the driver then stop them after looking at the person appearance.I called them about 4 years ago to report a fight of two couples outside the sacred heart church. They were in the middle of the road and two were beating up a single person. everybody was just watching and recording, I immediately called the cops because I felt they were going to kill the guy, he was bleeding.Again people are scared wither because of the immigration status. Others just because of the (minority) race they are, they feel intimidated.Yes anything that has to do with police is scary to anyone who is a minority, specially hispanics and African American.Starbucks Gift Card
15One to twoI was stopped or arrested by a Santa Clara police officerVery safePublic disorder associated with drugs and/or alcoholNeverVery untrustworthyDefinitely not28MaleHispanic/Latino95173studiowww.scpd.org10+ years14202 Lucian AveBehavioral Therapist2N/AN/AYes2Personal experienceI feel like they are very racist and have no idea what they are doing. They look at you before stopping you.The city entertainment is what I like the most in this area. What I like the least about the City of Santa Clara is the law enforcements attitude towards civilians.Law enforcement not following protocol and not responding quickly to real emergencies.N/AFew months ago. Friends. We discussed on how bad the law enforcement is in this area.N/ANot having such attitudes that make them feel like they can do whatever they want.No. They are doing things that make people feel uncomfortable especially when stopping them for weird and unknown reasons. And looking at the color of your skin before asking anything else.N/AIt's because they treat people based off the color of their skin. And usually pushed an agenda that makes people feel uncomfortable.No. They feel the same way.Yes
16More than 5I met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeProperty crimeResidential burglariesNot very oftenVery trustworthyProbably not51MaleMiddle Eastern95051Single family, social media, Nextdoor10+ yearsNear Santa Clara High School, cross section of Benton and Live Oak Dr.Engineering Director6Long time volunteer. Currently the President of the Muslim Community Association located on 3003 & 3033 Scott BLVD, Santa Clara 95050Passionate about civic engagement, public safety and neighborhood watch.YesVery often through town hall meetings, invitations to our center on Scott Blvd, or during public eventsNews, personal experienceIt has always been positive. No change over the past 5 years.Like:
Central to everything and everywhere, small city feeling, safety, friendly city council, fire department and police department.

Disfiguring of El Camino Real and other vital locations with bulky and congested apartment complexes.
Traffic congestion, in particular on Great America PKWY and Highway 101 due to the Levi's stadium.
Rising property prices
biggest threat is public safety due to congestion and rapid growth in population, and traffic.Yes, at the SC Public Library. Met with the Chief of Police to understand his views and to engage in Q&A.about a month ago, thanking the police department for increasing patrol around the MCA during the month of Ramadan.long agoSmile!
Create a positive image through civic engagements.
Give warnings rather than quickly issuing ticket violations, where possible.
They are being tactical rather than strategic. Their safety and public safety is critical, however people should not feel intimidated when seeing or dealing with a cop.Long time ago due to disturbing neighbors partying and playing loud music after mid night.racism!It depends. I have friends who trust them completely, while some friends are skeptical and doubt their intentions, therefore gaining public trust is key.Yes
175-MarI contacted SCPD via email, website, or social mediaVery fastVery satisfiedVery safeNo Comment, they do a great job as far as we're concernedSometimesVery trustworthyAbsolutely33FemaleAsian/Pacific Islander95054ApartmentemailI am not a resident of Santa ClaraSan Jose/CupertinoEvent Coordinator4River of Life Christian Church, we are responding to this survey in regards to River of Life Christian ChurchWe love SCPD!Yesa couple of times a year, on business levelNews, personal experienceI think that they are constantly improving, they have always been friendly and very responsive to all of our needs as a community and churchI don't live in Santa Clara, but our church is in Santa Clara, we like the city that it's become in terms of development, and it's a safe city.N/ANo, didn't know of any events hosted by SCPD. Does this survey count? =)Friends, because of what is happening nationally regarding police, people don't have the best comments to give, but I have always had great interaction with police, whether for business or personal, and have always held the utmost respect for who they are and what they do. I'm pro-law enforcement, it's necessary.Don't remember.Keep doing their job, they're pretty great at it and have always made us, as a church, feel safe and feel cared for.Yes.To report an accident.Racial Divide and media. I don't think that this is necessarily true. Again, I'm pro law enforcement and respect the uniform and the role they place in society.Generally the asian community trusts the police.Yes
18More than 5I'm on the board of the SC PAL.Very safeHomelessnessVery oftenVery trustworthyI would need more information55FemaleCaucasian95050Single family housewww.scpd.org10+ yearsI live in the old quad.General Manager of a hotel5- yesSanta Clara Police Activities LeagueI really believe in paying it forward and giving back to the community.YesOn a daily basisPersonal experienceYes, I really appreciate them more now.I like the people in Santa Clara and dislike there is no housing for the homeless.Homelessness and rent controlYes, I took a CPA class.The last time was with an employee at work. We discussed how fast the police arrived after being called.They were doing something for the communityProtect and serve.YesI called them for work because of a domestic dispute in one of our hotel rooms.Overpopulation and not enough officers to police them.YesYes
19More than 5I met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeProperty crimeResidential burglariesNot very oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely61MaleCaucasian95051Single family houseI don't communicate with SCPD10+ yearsLaurel Park EastSelf Employed Business Person2Rotary Club of Santa Clara. Free and Accepted Masons, ElksNoYes2-3 times a month - non crime. Just to say Thank You for serving our communityPersonal experienceNo. They are doing a great jobSafety for my family. Great place to raise kidsSlow development of apartmentsYesLast week. It was a positive conversation2-3 weeks ago. I don't read the negative news too much since I don't trust what they are sayingUndercover work to keep violent gangs and drugs out of our City. Arresting ILLEGAL Immigrants and send them back to their countries.I don't know to what extent we have undercover agents in our police force. California is WAY too liberal so we are considered a Sanctuary State. Not good. Council members have to get some balls!5-6 months ago. A parked car was still running with no driver nearby so I called it inChicago, Baltimore and other large cities. Mostly liberal mayors that don't have the cajones to stand up to criminals. They are burying their heads in the sand not wanting to go against their base of voters.Yes and yesNo
20More than 5I met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventVery safeContinued support for programs that build positive relationships between SCPD and the youth of Santa ClaraSometimesVery trustworthyProbably49MaleCaucasian95007Single family housetext, phone calls, in personI am not a resident of Santa ClaraSanta Cruz MountainsSCUSD Assistant Superintendent, School Support and District Development2SCUSD, Leadership Santa ClaraHave worked with the school district for 20+ years and haveYes100+News, personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyStill highly postiveI do not live in Santa ClaraAffordable housing, traffic, land space to build future schools,yeslast week of July, Sgt Fraser, several topics - murder on Bing and the Birkenstock Bandit casePolice arrested Wellington PotterFor the Santa Clara community, the PD should continue to build positive relationships with school-age students. Continue their high level of professionalism in handling crime and interactions with the publicyeslast week - Sgt Fraser, follow up on several topics. Called 911 as a witness to a solo motorcycle accident on El CaminoRacially charged incidents with the police.yesNo
21More than 5I called SCPD for non-emergency helpVery fastVery satisfiedVery safeProperty crimeResidential burglariesSometimesVery trustworthyProbably67MaleCaucasian95051businessNixleI am not a resident of Santa ClaraLawrence Rd. and El CaminoSuperintendentN/ARotary and American Heart AssociationI rely on the police for protection of the students in my district.YesUnknownPersonal experienceI continue to have high regard for the PD and their professionalism.I work in Santa Clara. I love it because it is a close, caring community, including the PD.Staffing infrastructure and physical infrastructure.YesI spoke to a coworker about the PD within the past month.last week...They should continue to connect with the community, as they do through the DARE program.I think they do a fabulous job.I called this past spring about a student issue. They were most helpful.I think police departments in other cities fail to connect with the people living in their community.I believe that coworkers feel closely connected to the PD. I am not sure how that translates to other departments.No
225-MarI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventSomewhat safeProperty crimeResidential burglariesNot very oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely55FemaleCaucasian95051Single family houseSocial media10+ yearsBowers/Monroe near Bracher SchoolTech3Volunteer with SC RotarynoYesDepends on what you mean by interact. I have SCPD acquaintances whom I interact with regularly. If I have to call SCPD its mostly the non emergency line to report strangers in our area, noise complaints, speeders in our neighborhood. Anytime we have called or interacted with them they are always professional.Personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyIt's about the same. The city has grown with number of people and I hope the department can keep up on crime etc. We are still a "small town" and like the community policing. It should continue. We should know more officers. I like that the chief comes to many public events. He is very visible to residents. I like the "chat with the chief events" and we should continue to have more of them. Before the city adds anymore multi unit apartments the city should have to prove that police and fire will be able to handle all the additional emergencies they will need to take on due to more peopleSmall town, safer than San Jose, Better city services still, hope that does not change.Over growth. We need to slow down and keep our city small, clean, with its low crime statistics. Our city council is clueless sometimes what they want to invite into our small town.Not recently, due to work schedule/time of the last 30 days. With my husband and with my friends. How lucky we are to have good officers. How hard of a job it is. Wish they could catch the speeders in my neighborhood as traffic is getting to be awful. People using SC to cut through everyday to get to work etc.This year when an officer was forced to shot a mentally ill man.More traffic stops. Need to remove more of the homeless element at Central Park, and other areas. More community policing, either on foot or on bikes.Yes for the most part they are doing what they can with the resources they have but it would be nice to have more resources to keep our town safer etc. Goals should be to be more like a Los Gatos, Los Altos town and less like San Jose.I probably had to call the non-emergency number about a stranger parked in a car on our street for a long time.Because people are always wanting to blame someone and sue someone for their own bad behavior. Yes sometimes the police make mistakes, but now the news media and social media makes it about race, or bad cops. It's not always the case.Yes, I would say for the most part they do. We respect them and the job they need to do.Yes
232-JanI met an SCPD officer or staff at an eventSomewhat safeProperty crimeCar break-insNeverVery trustworthyI would need more information38FemaleAsian/Pacific Islander95051Single family houseI don't communicate with SCPD10+ yearsNear Central Park, across from Central Park Elementary.College professor4Girl Scouts of Northern California (troop leader and member of service unit team); Muslim American Society, Bay Area chapter; volunteer at Washington Open Elementary; volunteer at Cupertino Coop Nursery School; volunteer with kids' sports teams (PAL GAL, Westside LL)I have nothing to add at this point.Yes4 or 5?Personal experience, what I hear from friends and familyIt has not changed.I like living in a diverse community, and I like the services the city offers (library, rec center, parksAffordable housingOnly PAL GAL; I do not know about other events held by SCPDI had a conversation with a neighbor about her calling the non emergency police line to report illegal fireworks.I saw a news story in March about a young man being shot and killed by a police officer after his parents called for help.To be honest, I'm not sure what the police should do besides attending to safety incidents or crime. But I do see an increase in marijuana use among youth, and I'm sure the increasingly difficult economic times increases desperation and, therefore, crime. Perhaps getting to know people in poorer areas of the city, and seeing what services can be provided to alleviate the desperation.I don't know if SCPD is doing community policing. I think they perhaps do more traditional policing and responding to incidents/crimes.I have not called the police before.I think this may have a lot to do with media attention on police shootings of unarmed 'suspects' (primarily of black men).I think my neighbors are very trusting of the police. I think many of my friends, being involved or interest in social justice issues, are not so trusting about 'policing' practices, though don't feel any reason to be distrusting of SCPD in particular.Yes
24More than 5I called SCPD during an emergencyVery fastVery satisfiedVery safeTraffic enforcementVery oftenVery trustworthyAbsolutely69MaleHispanic/Latino95053Work at SCUemailI am not a resident of Santa ClaraWork at SCUChief of Campus Safety ServicesskipskipskipYesHundreds....I am Retired Law EnforcementPersonal experience, what I hear from friends and familynoI work in SCKeeping a high level of ServicesYes....Informational meetingMy Asst. Chief.....our relationship with SCPDthis week in the MercuryPatrol, Protect and InformYes they areCalled to discuss a crime last week.Negative Press accentuating the negative.I think they trust SCPD more...Yes
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