Idea to IPO 2014 Team Formation Responses
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TimestampYour first name:Your last name:Your email:Your phone number:I am able to attend class from January 6 to March 27 at the Mission Bay campus.Your affiliation:Your status:Your area of expertise:I am interested in working on a company/idea in X area:Idea/Business Status:Team Status:Please share anything you would like to about your idea:Please share anything you would like to about yourself:
1/10/2014 11:07:44ANUPAMAGARWALDOCANU09@GMAIL.COM610-308-4731YesBusinessBusiness/StartupCARDIOLOGYDevices, Diagnostics, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I was trained as a cardiologist and was in practice and academic research for many years. I joined pharmaceutical industry few years ago and now I work in the research and development. I am very well-versed with regulatory approval for drugs. I also have background in epidemiology and biostatistics.

My linkedin profile:
12/26/2013 10:49:16KariBerquistkberquistphd@gmail.com6503530304YesStanfordFaculty, ResearcherAutism Intervention and ResearchDhealth, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare services, Mental Health ServicesI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am a developmental behavioral child psychologist at Stanford and primarily work with children with autism and related disorders. I would like to learn how take research and clinical ideas to a global level.
12/30/2013 12:11:28MeredithChabriermeredith.chabrier@gladstone.ucsf.edu949-293-2917YesUCSFPostdocNeurobiology of diseaseDhealth, Therapeutics, Healthcare servicesI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I'm a postdoctoral researcher studying the neurobiology of disease, including Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia. I'm actively involved in spreading awareness and education for these disorders, and have led several groups and symposiums dedicated to that task. My goal for this course to gain a greater perspective on what it takes to start a company, as I have a lot of ideas on the direction of therapeutics for neurodegeneration and how to streamline the translation of lab research to successful therapeutic. I'm viewing this course as a learning experience, so I'm open to joining any team with a great idea.
1/3/2014 1:16:50JonathanChoujonchou05@gmail.com510-386-5155YesUCSFGraduate Student/Med Student, MD-PhD studentoncology/cancer biologyDevices, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, ToolsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am an MD-PhD student at UCSF in my last year of medical school, and applying into Internal Medicine/Oncology for residency/fellowship. I did my PhD in Zena Werb's lab studying the tumor microenvironment, microRNAs, and cancer metastasis. I am interested in ideas/projects broadly in oncology, though could also be interested in other areas of human health. I am interested in facilitating translation of new technologies/devices/therapeutics into meaningful impact for patients. If your team could use a person with a clinical perspective as well as a lab/scientific perspective, let me know!
12/13/2013 13:06:04JitakshiDejitakshi@gmail.com7134803159MaybePre-Revenue StartupBusiness/StartupCancer diagnostics using cell-based assaysDiagnosticsI am currently working on a venture.This is a novel idea that would improve resolution of detecting neoplastic cell populations by adding more protein parameters that are tested on a large number of cells to predict their biologic behavior.I am a physician entrepreneur with about a decade of experience in the life sciences, with a particular focus in flow cytometry-based diagnostics of hematologic disorders.
1/1/2014 9:53:37Lucasde Breeddebreed@stanford.edu415-535-6419YesStanfordGraduate Student/Med StudentMolecular OncologyDiagnostics, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team., I am currently working on a venture.PhD in Molecular Oncology
Pipeline insight from 3 years of strategy consulting in Biopharma
Involvement with half dozen life sciences startups during MBA at Stanford
Venture capital experience
1/7/2014 15:24:59gregdoxeygregdoxey@ymail.com415-724-7760Yesfinance professionalwith credentials from USC Marshall School of Business Lisk programfinance professionalFinance, marketing and contractsDevices, Dhealth, Healthcare servicesI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.n/aI have been working in finance for over 10 years. I have sat on 2 Boards here in the San Francisco and understand making financial decisions based on evaluating risk and measurable outcomes. I also have credentials from USC in finance in large scale developments on projects that maybe private/public partnerships and I have clients now that are here and abroad that I consult in raising raising capital but not in the medical field as of yet.
1/10/2014 15:02:22gregdoxeygregdoxey@ymail.com415-724-7760YesI work with RSOP which is a non-profit that works with community and ucsf to get community in intern programs, employment etc.I have over 10 years devoted to the SF community in development around health, education, social and economic equality/justice finance and policyDevices, Dhealth, Healthcare servicesI have an idea but not the teamI have worked in community development for over 10 years local, state and Federal level. On my Facebook page is a picture of me with Nancy Pelosi on the grand opening of a health facility that was needed in our community which we have the highest rate of asthma and other deadly illnesses that has effected our communities due to contamination. I now see that PTSD as an issue in my community and across the country. We spoke on issues that effect US Vets but US children are exposed with all kind of violence in and out of the home. I would like to see if anyone have an Idea that comes close to working in this area of addressing this in treatment and/or prevented treatment.I am a team player and very driven. I will do what is needed to help meet the goal. I have a track record of completing projects. From working on negotiating team on Lennar Shipyard agreement in access of $50 Million and 3500 set-aside affordable units of 10000 market rate. I also went through a program like this with other highly educated professionals and was a contributor and now an Alumni of this program at USC Marshal School of Business & Sol Price School of Public Policy. My goal is to create what we call a double-bottom outcome meaning of course make a profit but the question becomes what footprint to we leave in these communities do we make economic and social gains to leave it better than what it was.
1/6/2014 19:00:10HenokEyobhenok.eyob@ucsf.edu8016716979YesUCSFPostdocOncology, Business Development, Diagnostics, TherapeuticsI have an idea for a ventureCurrent first-year postdoc. Interned at a Venture Capital Firm for one year. Worked as a Business Development for a nanotechnology startup for one year. Wrote business plans, financial models, market assessment. Pitched at the Rice Business Plan Competition, largest such competition in the US.
1/8/2014 14:51:33GaloGarciagalo.garcia@ucsf.edu210-834-3344YesUCSFPostdocMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Structural BiologyDevices, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI have an idea, but I don't mind working on another idea.Bioremediation is the use of living organisms to clean up toxic waste in the environment. My idea is to use an engineered organism to remove heavy metals from fresh water sources. The benefit of this technology is that it could be used in situ, such as in fresh water reservoirs, ponds, lakes, etc. In addition to the removal of heavy metals from water, the technology can be adapted to serve as a sensor for heavy metals. I am excited to work on a team to build a business plan in this course and to explore the possibility of a career in entrepreneurship. Although I have an idea, I would find it equally rewarding and educational to work on someone else's idea instead.

A.B., Harvard College, Chemistry 2005
PhD, UC Berkeley, Molecular and Cell Biology, 2012
12/30/2013 9:14:25EthanGeierethang1082@gmail.com5107103263YesQB3 Resident companyResearcher, Business/StartupResearch and Drug DevelopmentTherapeuticsI am currently working on a venture.Apricity Therapeutics develops membrane transporter targeted therapeutics, and is currently focused on developing therapies for pediatric oncology indications. I am a recent graduate of UCSF's Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics program, where my dissertation work focused on characterizing how cellular plasma membrane transporters can be exploited for tissue specific drug delivery. Upon graduating, I helped found Apricity Therapeutics to commercialize technology developed in relation to my dissertation work, and want to take this class to learn more about the business aspects of start-up companies.
1/8/2014 19:58:29Srijib Student/Med StudentPharmacometricsDhealthI have an idea for a ventureWe are developing mobile application framework for cloud-based precision medicine.

Healthcare has traditionally experienced a >50% failure rate of prescription drugs, a problem which results from prescribing the wrong drug or dose to the wrong patient. Recently, the FDA is requiring approaches that incorporate multiple data types and apply this data to model-based methodologies in order to guide more objective, data-driven, clinical decision-making.

We plan to address this problem by developing a mobile application framework that focuses on translating model-based methodologies into clinical practice on a large scale. This will enable the delivery of precision medicine for healthcare service providers, practioners, and patients. Ultimately, patients will greatly benefit from the increased likelihood of successful treatment outcomes and decreased risk of toxicity.

Our lab at UCSF specializes on developing physiological and pharmacological model based methodologies, and is well positioned to develop this mobile application framework. We plan to demonstrate proof-of-concept and utility of our tool by applying it first to the dose-individualization of Busulfan, a highly toxic cancer drug if dosed incorrectly. We have already developed this application, enabling oncologists at UCSF to administer individualized dosing for this therapeutic. Furthermore, this mobile application framework will consist of other model based methodologies applied to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular outcomes, and neurodegenerative disorders.
Two of us (Ranvir Mangat) and I are currently working on this idea. We are both pharmacometricians by training with a special focus on pharmacogenomics. We are looking for 2-3 people to work on this project with us.
12/29/2013 14:41:04ElsieGyangegyang@gmail.com650-228-4858YesStanfordResident/FellowSurgeryDevices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI have an idea bug willing to work on a teamMy idea is still in the brainstorming phase but I am interested in a digital health idea around patient edutainment.I am a vascular surgery resident taking time off residency to pursue research in bioinformatics and also spend time focusing on a entrepreneurial venture. In addition to surgery I have a background and experience in health policy and financing. I am very excited about improving health care delivery via a digital health revolution, making health care more interactive, accessible and efficient!
12/19/2013 14:21:20AllenJiangallen.h.jiang@gmail.com510329518YesBusinessBusiness/StartupBusiness, product and strategic developmentDhealthI am currently working on a venture.SPORTZPEAK is a digital health company that helps people exercise smarter and safer. Our target market is the running community. Our products help runners understand their running form and race events to manage their medical volunteers. My background is in business and my role is product and strategic development. Prior to entrepreneurship I worked as a technology investment banker doing mergers and acquisitions. Prior to that I studied psychology and social behavior. I took the Lean LaunchPad course and found it immensely beneficial, I see this course as the next step.
12/16/2013 23:46:50AnilJindiaanil_jindia@mba.berkeley.edu4082029078MaybeBerkeleyGraduate Student/Med Student, Business/StartupBusiness Model/ Product ExperienceDevices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I have a entreprenuriial spirit. I am very interested in anything med tech. Im currently an engagement manager at Accenture and in my final year at Berkeley Haas for the MBA. I have taken entreprenurial courses. I am also advising 2 web/mobile start ups. My strengths are iterating on business model and product experience using the lean start up method. I would be very happy to help a team in any way i can as well as gain experience taking a health tech start up from idea to investor pitch. please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 408 202 9078
1/8/2014 17:44:44GrahamJohnsongraham@grahamj.com415-476-5379YesUCSFFacultyStructural Systems Biology and Medical IllustrationEducation and Outreach via gamification of tools developed in my labI have an idea for a venture We plan to teach principles of molecular and cellular biology to diverse audiences by developing and distributing video games. One branch of development will prepare the next generation of scientists by formally teaching elementary and middle school aged children. The second branch will introduce a previously uninterested general public to the visual and semantic language of subcellular biology casually via game exposure. More details will come in the presentation.Information about my lab and our projects can be found at my lab website:
or at my professional website,
12/19/2013 19:31:22DavidKagandavid_kagan@mba.berkeley.edu832 472 5012YesBerkeleyGraduate Student/Med Student8Devices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, Healthcare servicesI have an idea for a ventureI have different ideas around communication, diagnostics and so on
12/6/2013 10:41:48DeborahKallickdkallick18@gmail.com650-308-6005YesConsultant/Scientist/Academic/BiotechConsultant looking for that next great thingpreclinical research & developmentDiagnostics, Therapeutics, open mindI have years of experience and can probably be a big help in many ways if you are open to thatI'm a great team player that continues to be flexible, open to new ideas, knowledgeable about what it takes to make a drug or a diagnostic (from basic research through regulatory); experience in strategic planning, and will roll up my sleeves to do whatever needs to be done to make the team stand out above everyone else.
Please see my linkedin profile
Deborah Anne Kallick, PhD
1/9/2014 12:44:10AkashKansagraakash.kansagra@ucsf.edu714-313-7386YesUCSFResident/FellowRadiology, clinical medicine, software developmentDhealth, ToolsI have an idea for a ventureMy idea centers around the use of low-level data stored on a radiology-specific healthcare record known as the Radiology Information System. By making use of data such as timestamps of study completion, I hope to be able to provide real and insightful business intelligence to clients that will allow them to realize greater efficiency and cost-savings.I am a chief resident in radiology at UCSF with a long-standing interest in technology-based healthcare ventures.

Prior to joining UCSF as a radiologist, I completed medical school and a year of surgery residency at UCSD. Prior still, I studied physics at MIT.

All told, I have been in the health care business for about a decade, but I have been coding software since before high school. I hope to embark on a venture that will leverage my understanding of software to address real needs that exist in the world of radiology (and medicine at large).
12/27/2013 14:16:58BrianLongbrlong1010@gmail.com4155179862YesUCSFResearcherHIV Immunology, Flow CytometryDevices, Therapeutics, ToolsI have an idea for a ventureI have an idea for a venture, but would also be willing to join another team. The idea, very briefly, is to use hemogenic endothelial cells, which can be derived from fetal liver tissue and genetically modified to produce insulin, as a therapeutic intervention for Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Hemogenic endothelial cells integrate into the vasculature upon intravenous injection, an ideal anatomical location as a replacement for insulin producing pancreatic beta cells that are are lost in T1D. The cells would need to be modified to respond to elevated blood glucose levels by producing insulin. A fair bit or warning that this would take a gray deal of genetic manipulation with no guarantee of success. However, there is a potentially very large market for such a treatment. I am currently a research specialist in the Division of Experimental Medicine at UCSF with a great deal of experience in humanized mouse models of infectious disease and human immunology. Previously, I had completed my doctoral thesis concerning aberrant CD8+ T cell activation in a mouse model of Type 1 Diabetes, and completed a postdoc at UCSF studying human NK cell and T cell interactions HIV infected subjects. I'm taking this class with the hope of gaining a better understanding into what types of ideas are of interest to people in the start-up and venture capital world.
1/3/2014 9:34:08EvanMarkegardevan.markegard@ucsf.edu8057488593YesUCSFGraduate Student/Med StudentCancer, Immunology, MicrobiologyTherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.N/AI am a second year graduate student at UCSF and am interested in joining a team. I have a background in cancer, immunology, and microbiology. I enjoy investing my personal money in public biotech companies and have learned how to properly conduct due diligence on an investment idea.
1/8/2014 17:46:55HuzefaMehtahuzefa_mehta@cal.berkeley.edu4086215715YesBerkeleyBusiness/StartupHardware/Software (Complete Architecture)Devices, Diagnostics, ToolsI have an idea for a venture, I am currently working on a venture.A fast and comprehensive analysis of next-generation sequencing data from clinical samples using cloud tools, customized for quick turnaround of pathogen detection and infectious disease diagnosis.

2 minute youtube pitch:

Next-generation sequencing technology has the potential to bring fast diagnosis and customized treatment to patients. Our role in this genomics revolution is to provide the necessary computational and analytical tools to complement the sequencing technology; detection of pathogens and diagnosis of infectious diseases represent a first step. We envision a larger toolkit of customized analyses for diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and prevention of a broader array of diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders. In the future, next-generation sequencing will become a routine procedure in hospitals and clinics. Our computational and analytical tools will be an indispensable part of helping doctors interpret this data.

I am passionate about contributing to this area.
I have 20+ experience in systems (hardware and software), hands on and have deep expertise (PhD) and business knowledge (MBA), have worked in startups and big companies. This area (Life Sciences) is though new to me and need your help!
12/9/2013 11:14:04AnnMongancristae8@gmail.com619.384.5591YesPre-Revenue StartupBusiness/StartupDrug development, healthcare IT, cancer genomicsDiagnostics, Dhealth, Healthcare servicesI have an idea for a venture, I am currently working on a venture.Our company will build a web-based Portal, ultimately becoming a decision support system, that allows doctors to learn about molecular diagnostics (MDx); thereby realizing personalized medicine in their practice. Specifically, it alloww
a) Doctors to identify appropriate biomarker tests for pharmacogenomics assessment or targeted therapy selection.
b) Doctors and patients to educate one another about the uses, benefits, and cost of each test.
c) MDx companies to present supporting data and collect feedback about existing tests as well as to share information about soon-to-be marketed products.

I am a bioinformatician with expertise in novel cancer therapeutics. I received a dual Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Genetics at UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from UCSD. At Amgen, I spearheaded the use of genomics technologies to identify and validate new oncology targets as well as to assess pharmacogenomics of drug candidates. Subsequently, I led the Computational Biology group at Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, which aimed to leverage cancer stem cell technologies and epigenetics to develop new cancer therapies. I founded BioInformative to accelerate the adoption of personalized medicine by providing a channel of communication and education among stake holders.
1/10/2014 10:52:09RoyNattivnattivr@peds.ucsf.edu646-457-8618YesUCSFResident/Fellow, ResearcherStem Cell Biology, Pediatrics, GastroenterologyDevices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI have an idea for a ventureWe now have the ability to culture patient derived intestinal tissue ex-vivo. My idea involves using this technology to drive personalized medicine in the realm of inflammatory bowel disease. Patient biopsy samples from colonoscopy will be grown on a synthetically engineered scaffold to create a “disease-in-a-dish”. These mini-guts will be used as a platform to test currently available and novel therapies for individual patients. In addition, secreted factors from patient derived mini-guts can be harvested and administered back to patients who may lack those protective secretions that are destroyed as a result of disease flares.I completed my undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. I then moved to Israel where I volunteered in the Israeli Red Cross (Magen David Adom). I completed my medical training at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. I then completed my pediatric residency at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore at Albert Einstein in NY. Currently, I am a third year fellow in the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. I have experience in clinical research, however, I have since shifted my focus to basic science research. I am also currently working in the Klein Lab at UCSF were my work is focused on intestinal stem cell regeneration in models of intestinal injury. My hope is to broaden the therapeutic options available to patients with IBD by harnessing the power of intestinal stem cells.
12/20/2013 11:42:22JeffNewmanJeff.Newman@UCSF.edu415-385-1183YesUCSFFacultyhealth services researchDevices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI have an idea for a ventureExpand public health data exchange into private medical systems, starting in San Francisco.Graduate of recent Lean LaunchPad. Medical research focused on chronic disease and end of life.
1/7/2014'Yesprevious UCSF postdocSceintistprotein therapeutics and molecular biologyDiagnostics, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.
1/8/2014 19:03:14PavelNikitinpavel.nikitin@gmail.com3526724672YesR&D division in Big PharmaPostdoc in Industrydrug discovery; antibody-based therapeutics; infectious diseases; oncology; immunologyDevices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am currently shaping my idea in autoimmune disorders area. I will be happy to join an existing team.Industry experience at the small start-up and in Big Pharma. PhD from Duke's Genetics and Microbiology. Experience in data preparation for filing to FDA and for patents; research background in antibody therapeutics, infectious diseases, oncology and immunology areas. Would like to share industrial experience with teammates and boost-up a cool project in related areas.
12/19/2013 14:59:52MarkAnthonyO'Neilloneillslainte@gmail.com415 335 8742YesPre-Revenue StartupResearcher, Business/StartupIndustrial design, mold/tool and die.Devices, TherapeuticsI have an idea for a ventureI propose to design and manufacture slow release systems for the natural drugs many people are already taking.

In other words, improving on the delivery of natural medicines by insuring the correct doses are taken there-by facilitating results orientated studies and more accurate data retrieved from studies.
I have developed several engineering products including diesel conversion kits, a light-weight building system very accurate in terms of being on-plane or flatness and a magnesium oxide which can replace cancer-causing plywoods , engineered beams, MDF boards etc with just natural safe materials.

As a tool and die maker and mold-maker, I can make my own proto-types from scratch. This might be of interest to other members of your unit as I could also build devices for them.
12/19/2013 10:02:38ChrisOchschristopherochs82@gmail.com4152165720YesUCSFPostdocmicrofluidics, functional materialsDevices, Diagnostics, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I have an idea for a technology in early development, but I think as a team leader I would be overcommitting at this stage.Hi,

I have attended similar seminars (but at shorter format) before and would like to learn more about the business side, I`m pretty good at literature research into existing technologies and versed on the technical side of microfluidics, surface and colloid science, fabrication and bioassays.
12/30/2013 15:55:24LillyPadillaligia.padilla@ucsf.edu4047727882YesUCSFGraduate Student/Med StudentDentistryEducational Technology in Life SciencesI am currently working on a venture.We have secured a provisional patent for some technology we have developed that will revolutionize the way training will be conducted in the Life Sciences. We are currently in beta testing mode, need team members in the various fields within the life sciences (including research) to help apply the technology we have towards education and training within their particular fields. Folks with a business acumen are also welcome since this is part of the reason we applied to this class. Persistent, hardworking, get things done...
12/21/2013 9:38:52AvikPalavik.pal@cliniops.com408 829 4677YesPre-Revenue StartupBusiness/StartupIT & Business DevelopmentDhealthI am currently working on a venture.We are developing a tablet based 'electronic data capture' system to support clinical trials.I graduated from IIT with a B Tech in engineering, and then worked in the IT Services industry for about 15 years.
12/31/2013 0:02:27DivyaPathakdivya.pathak@gladstone.ucsf.edu4084620594YesUCSFPostdocCell Biology, Neuroscience & DiagnosticsDiagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am a postdoctoral researcher currently working on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. I have a diverse research background and have previously worked on developing a diagnostic kit for Tuberculosis that was commercialized. I am looking forward to working with a great team and learn a lot in the process.
1/8/2014 8:46:32SimaPendharkarsima.pendharkar@ucsf.edu919-360-2987YesUCSFFacultyClinical MedicineDhealthI am currently working on a venture.I am physician committed to empowering people of all health literacy levels to have a deeper understanding of their own health profile. The Health Passport is a digital tool that I am creating that aims to present clinical information including diagnoses and other data in a format that is easy for patients to understand and access at any given time or location. I believe patient engagement is the key for individual health and wellness.
12/14/2013 17:48:31VenkteshRamnathvenktesh.ramnath@gmail.com6172171356YesStanfordFacultyTelemedicineDevices, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Tools, Healthcare servicesI have an idea for a venture, I am currently working on a venture.The venture (called "Doccelerate") is an online, simple, web-based tool for hospitals and clinics to connect and contract DIRECTLY with physicians/nurses/others to fill temporary and permanent staffing needs. Think meets for health care job placement. Currently, physician recruiters and middleman companies (called "locum tenens" staffing companies) constitute a $1.7 billion market that is costly, highly inefficient, and time-consuming for both job seekers and hospital administrators. For example, hospitals (and physicians) often spend weeks to months to find a satisfactory fit for a clinical position. Doccelerate streamlines this process to minutes through direct compatibility job matching between hospital and care provider.

Job-seeking health care providers as well as prospective hiring health care organizations log on to the Doccelerate site and/or receive alerts regarding best job compatibility-based matchings based on schedule availability, special skill sets, quality ratings, and local interests or needs. For example, if Hospital X needs a Spanish-speaking orthopedic surgeon specifically trained in trauma with an active California medical license, Doccelerate will calculate the best option candidates immediately with the click of a button. Similarly, a doctor or nurse in Kansas who likes the outdoors and wants to be nearer to family in Arizona can use Docclerate to scan different job opportunities. Where there is a fit, online interviews and work shift scheduling can be done immediately - no more back and forth phone calls!
I am a practicing pulmonary/critical care physician for the last 7+ years and very interested in quality improvement, cost control, efficiency of health care systems. I am currently on faculty at Stanford University to further develop entrepreneurial experience for physicians and connections between industry thought leaders and academia, while also trying to develop my startup ideas. I have particular expertise in Telemedicine, having acted as Chief Operating Officer for a pioneer telemedicine company in California and have first-hand knowledge of the power and pitfalls in this space.
12/18/2013 17:02:08VijayRayankervrayanker@yahoo.com408-206-6194YesUCSFUCSF StaffSoftware DevelopmentTools, Healthcare services, Mobile app solutionsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team., Open for the ideas
12/23/2013 9:46:15JOZEFSCHWARZschwarzventures@gmail.com9062351066YesPre-Revenue StartupBusiness/StartupBusiness Development & Athlete Development Devices, DiagnosticsI have an idea for a ventureI have discovered a novel methodology to administer physical therapy assessment evaluations of ankles, knees, and hips, which.utilizes a device to provide real time feed back to physicians or med techs. Enabling them to accurately and consistently measure important metrics needed to evaluate and administer physical therapy protocols.My back ground is in athletics & business. As an athlete I played ice hockey for majority of my life, up to the Junior A level. I have trained and apprenticed with the US Olympic Education Center, US Hockey National Development Program, Athletic Republic. I have a B.S. in Movement Science from GVSU.
In business just out of high school I started a commercial real estate service company to help pay for college. Which I have grown to span the Upper Peninsula Of Michigan, servicing commercial properties for Applebee's, Best Buy, Red Lobster and many more. I also have managing partnership with our family business.
I am a “go getter,” I love to work hard, and I can hustle. I enjoy sales, problem solving, building relationships.
12/29/2013 17:05:45CarmelaSidrauskicarmela@walterlab.ucsf.edu4085807747YesUCSFResearcherResearchDiagnostics, TherapeuticsI have an idea for a venture, Can join other venturesWe have identified a small molecule in house (UCSF) that blocks a stress response pathway in cells and was also shown to enhance long term memory in rodents. The pathway targeted by this drug is involved in neurodegenerative diseases (learning) and cancer. We have a provisional patent and would like to raise funds and develop this drug further. I obtained my PhD here at UCSF. I am now an HHMI Specialist and have spent the past few years designing cell based screens to identify small molecules targeting different stress response pathways in mammalian cells and using them as tool compounds to study the role of these pathways in disease. Although I have no business background, I found myself immersed in the world of patenting small molecules and the development of therapeutics.
12/25/2013 22:34:25CarlosSolorzanocarlos.solorzano@ucsf.edu9092048945YesUCSFPostdocDrug Discovery, Neuroscience, IP Due DiligenceDevices, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, ToolsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am a Pharmacologist/Chemical Engineer who is interested in the commercialization of basic science discoveries - Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Therapeutics, Tools. I love to learn, and I am great team player!!! I have taken the IP landscape course at UCSF and I am familiar with the Lean Launchpad model.
12/22/2013 9:24:12JoshStroudjstroud@berkeley.edu3109026990YesBerkeleyUndergradEngineering + product development, esp medical devices; web devDevices, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, ToolsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I'm a hardware guy. Visit to learn why you want me on your team.
12/4/2013 16:09:07JasonTienjtien512@gmail.com2123806474YesUCSFGraduate Student/Med Student, Business/StartupPhD, CPADevices, Diagnostics, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.After completing an undergraduate degree in mathematics and spending two years in Ghana as part of the Peace Corps, I enrolled in the neuroscience graduate program at UCSF. I have served as the president of the Graduate Students' Association here, am studying for the CPA exam, and am currently responsible for operations and finance at a dermatology therapeutics startup. Although I am already currently working with a startup, I am eager to learn from the course and to meet new people in the community. I'd be happy to share my experiences with anyone who is interested and look forward to joining an exciting team with a great idea!
12/13/2013 12:31:34LushaWanglushaw78@gmail.com4156247817YesUCSFUCSF StaffPublic Health, Health Policy, Health Education, Healthcare servicesDhealth, Healthcare servicesI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I do not currently have an idea but would love to join a team who has an idea related to digitial health or healthcare services. After completing a bachelor's degree in biology and a masters in public health with a focus on biostatistics, I am working at the UCSF Office of Envrionment Health and Safety as part of the campus-wide Occupational Health and Safety program. I focus on developing and maintaining medical surveillance programs as well as writing campus-wide health and safety related policies and trainings. I am also currently working on a research project relating to the occupational health hazard of laboratory animal allergies. Although I do not have any professional experience in technology or startups, I grew up around individuals who are part of that community and this exposure has made me very eager to learn more from this course and from the other students. I am a team player and have worked on several successful group projects in my academic and professional career.
12/18/2013 11:56:10MingZhaoming.s.zhao@gmail.com415-295-6008YesHarvardBusiness/StartupStrategy & operationsTherapeutics, Healthcare services, skincareI have an idea for a ventureI am thinking about creating a skincare line with proprietary formulations, but am also open to other ideas.I am a creative, energetic person with a background in business strategy and investing. I recently graduated from Harvard Business School, and am passionate about creating something tangible.
1/13/2014 9:43:34TanyaYatsunenkotyatsun@gmail.com3144892013YesPre-Revenue StartupResearcherMicrobiome, Bioinformatics, Genomics, NGSTherapeuticsI have an idea for a ventureAtopic Dermatitis (AD), commonly known as eczema, is a chronic inflammatory skin condition affecting 11% of the US population. The prevalence of AD in industrialized countries has nearly tripled over the past generation. Currently there is no cure for AD, but steroids, antibiotics and self-care can alleviate some symptoms. The national direct cost of this illness is estimated to be $3.8 billion, in addition to a significant psychosocial burden on patients and caregivers.

The cause of the disease remains unknown, but a complex interplay of genetics and environment, including colonization by pathogenic microorganisms, has been implicated. Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium identified in the lesions of 90% of AD patients, and is suspected to be a causative and exacerbating factor.

We propose to develop a probiotic cream that would prevent the colonization of Staphylococcus aureus. Our formulation will displace pathogenic bacteria with those that normally inhabit healthy skin. This novel, antibiotic-free treatment will prevent flares of the disease, help the skin to maintain its barrier function, and prevent the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

We are looking for people to join the team. Ideally, individuals with medical, business or legal expertise, but others are welcome too.
I'm a scientist at a small biotech company. I completed my PhD at Washington University in St Louis in Jeff Gordon's lab where I studied gut microbiome in health and disease. I'd like to start my own company someday, but for now I hope I can learn some business aspects of a startup.
I was an employee #1 at my PhD advisor's startup, consulting for another startup, and interning at Mission Bay Capital venture firm, while finishing my postdoctoral work.
1/13/2014 Davis & pre-revenue startupPostdoc, Researcher, Business/StartupTissue engineering, scaffolds, cardiovascular systemDevicesI am currently working on a venture (ViVita Technologies) with Jeni Lee; we are looking for a third team member (MBA or MD)Our patent-pending platform technology removes the immunological barriers in living tissue implants to overcome current requirements for long-term medication and repeat surgeries, thereby providing patients with lifelong cures. Therefore, ViVita Technologies will eliminate the shortage of donor organs—abolishing the need for a donor organ waiting list, repeat transplantations following organ rejections, and patient deaths resulting from lack of suitable donor organs—by generating patient-compatible tissue and organ replacements from animal sources via application of our novel technology, the ViVita Process. The ViVita Process has already undergone validation at the bench and in small animals; we are currently seeking funding for large animal validation studies. While the ViVita Process is applicable to generation of any tissue or organ of the body, our target product will be a tissue engineered heart valve, due to the critical need in this sector. Ultimately, we plan to apply the ViVita Process to all tissues and organs through licensing and strategic partnerships.

ViVita won First Place and People’s Choice awards at the 2013 UC Davis Big Bang Business Plan Competition. We are semi-finalists in the 2014 OneStart Americas Business Plan Competition, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in teams under 35 years old. As Berkeley alums, we also will apply for the 2014 Berkeley Startup Competition.
I am co-founder and CEO of ViVita Technologies, Inc. and a postdoc in cardiovascular tissue engineering at UC Davis. I got my PhD in Biomedical Engineering from UC Davis and BS in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley. I have over 10 years of experience in cardiovascular tissue engineering and spearheaded the bench work and small animal studies that validated the technology on which ViVita is based.
1/13/2014 22:41:36YongPanyong.pan@gladstone.ucsf.edu2033764354YesUCSFPostdoc, Researchermetabolism, equity researchDiagnostics, Dhealth, ToolsI have an idea for a venture, I am currently working on a venture.InfLiv, or Informed Living, is a social network that challenges its members to learn about and experiment on healthy living. In each trial cycle, InfLiv members are to vote on a preselected dietary, medicinal, and physiological regimen that they like to follow as a group for a defined period of time. Meanwhile, a new trial cycle with another regimen will be proposed and decided. I am a biologist with extensive background in bioenergetics, metabolism, and aging. I am eager to experiment and translate knowledge about nutrient, metabolism, and healthspan into actionable solutions to human health challenges.
In my spare time, I enjoy risking my own money in the stock market. I am proud to report that my portfolio has yielded a compound return of 0% since my ill-timed entrance in 2007.
1/16/2014 19:38:21AriHaldipurari.haldipur@ucsf.edu4127127183YesUCSFGraduate Student/Med Student, Resident/Fellow, ResearcherDiagnostic RadiologyDiagnostics, Dhealth, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.
1/21/2014 16:54:10NinaRiehsnina.riehs@gmail.com415-994-5480YesUCSFPostdocAging, Genetics, BiochemistryDevices, Diagnostics, TherapeuticsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am postdoc at the Biochemistry & Biophysics Department at UCSF. My research focuses on the molecular biology of aging and neuroendocrine signals that regulate lifespan.
I am a good team player, very reliable and pro-active. I am excited to join a team and to work together to bring an amazing idea to life.
My LinkedIn profile:
10/1/2014 16:01:05SusanChensusan.y.chen.24@gmail.com510-565-6554YesUCSFGraduate Student/Med StudentSystems Biology, MicroscopyDevices, Diagnostics, Dhealth, Therapeutics, ToolsI don't have an idea myself but would like to join a team.I am a fourth year graduate student at UCSF doing systems biology/cell biology research. Through my graduate research, I have experience in molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, RNA sequencing, and some bioinformatics.
I am interested in joining or co-conceiving projects in the areas of diagnostics, dhealth, and devices.
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