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¿genderA gender that cannot be described in the English language. Latinx exclusive.Culture Specific Gender,Anonymous
Brothaboy / BrotherboyA transmasculine gender identity; for use by Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders only.
45,X/46,XY Mosaicism (Intersex),X/46,XY_mosaicismIntersex
Abditusgender or SectiogenderWhen you have a general idea of what your gender is but feel that it's still hiding important factors from you, or that it's slowly revealing itself to you but continues to keep some of itself hidden and you don't know how to bring it about.Anonymous
AbimegenderA gender identity which is profound, deep, and infinite. Can be used by itself, or as a prefix to describe another gender (abimegirl, abimeagender, etc). From "Old French - related to 'abyss'; from Latin a- 'without' byssos 'bottom'. Xenogender,
AbinaryA term for anyone whose gender is completely unrelated to the gender binary (such as agender, quoigender, maverique or most xenogenders). However, this wasn't widely spread because it could give the idea that other nonbinary people weren't "nonbinary enough". Was coined to go along with midbinary.
Absorgender or AbsorbgenderA gender identity that is heavily influenced by the people around someone. For example, an absorgender person would feel more feminine when surrounded by women, or more masculine when surrounded by men.

If a particular gender has a stronger influence on a person’s identity, they may choose to use this identity as a prefix (absorboy, absornonbinary, etc).
Genderfluid, Conditional,
AbstragenderA gender that's related to the abstract concept of another gender. Meant to be used as abstraboy, abstragirl, and so on.Not quite,anonymous
AdeptogenderWhen your state of gender was obtained through your realization of your kinself, as in, your kin realization spurred your gender realization. (note: the gender and kin type do not necessarily have to correlate with each other)Xenogender, Kingender,mercurykid
AdmasgenderA gender that refuses to be categorized and that is rooted in an indomitable, indefinable essence.Xenogender, Undefined,Mod Hermycressian
AdversigenderA gender that refuses to meet expectations; one who resents being told what their gender is, even if it is a term they previously applied to themselves.
AerogenderWhere an individual’s gender relies highly on their setting and/or atmosphere, which can be composed of a great number of things (ex. who they're around, their level of comfort, the temperature, the weather, the time of day/year, etc.)Genderfluid, Conditional,Mod Hermy[Deactivated]
AesigenderA stylish, trendy gender.Xenogender, [Deactivated]
Aesthetigender, Aesthetgender, or VidegenderA gender experience that is derived from, or the embodiment of, an aesthetic.Xenogender, Pastelmemercuriosityismysin
AethergenderA gender that feels very wide, commanding, breathtaking and powerful. Can be combined with relevant genders.Xenogender, LargeMod Hermy
AFAB, CAFAB, DFAB, FAABAssigned Female At Birth / Coercively Assigned Female At Birth / Designated Female At Birth / Female Assigned At Birth
AffectugenderA gender that is affected by one’s neurodivergency especially fluctuating moods, e.g. feeling like a boy during depressive episodes and feeling more like a demigirl during euthymic episodes.
Note: for people with mood disorders and personality disorders only.
From the latin affectus (to feel).
Neurogender, Genderfluid, Depression, Bipolar,Mod Hermy
AgenderA nonbinary gender identity. People who are agender feel that they lack a gender/have no gender, or that there is not a gender that fits them.
While this is a distinct identity from neutrois, the two are sometimes used interchangeably by agender/neutrois people, so the definition for neutrois may also apply to some agender people.
Agenderfluid or CancegenderA gender identity where one’s gender consistently comes back to agender, but fluctuates away from that center based on one’s emotions. Zodiacgender, Genderfluid, Agender,PridearchivePridearchive
Aisthesisgender or SynesgenderA gender that is made of sensation or sensations, or is a sensation or sensations. Hence aisthesis being the greek word for 'sensation'. A gender that can be colors, feelings, sounds, or shapes. But, can also be a gender associated with such.
Can be a stand alone term, and one that describes another gender.
Can be used by both synesthetes and non-synesthetes.
Synaesthesia, courierzcourierz
AlexigenderA gender identity in which the person is aware that their gender is fluid, that it shifts between multiple genders, but is unable to label the individual genders that they experience.Genderfluid, Undefined,Anonymousjmonsaord
AlgiagenderHaving a gender which changes depending on your pain levels or type of pain you're feeling. Only for those with chronic pain.Neurogender, Genderfluid, Fibro, Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain,Pastelmemer
Aliegender or AliengenderA gender that is an interpretation of a gender or genders, from a nonhuman perspective. May or may not like to fit into a gender and adopt a gender, but in a sort of ‘alien trying out foreign species’s gender’ way.
Can be combined with relevant genders.
Xenogender, Kingender,[Deactivated]
Aliusgender or AliagenderA gender identity that is “other” and/or that is outside of existing social constructs of gender.Xenogender, Mod Hermy
AltegenderPronounced “alt-eh-gender”
Derived from shortening the phrase “alternate existence.” It is a xenogender that feels as though it’s in a parallel dimension, on a different plane, in a mirror universe, or just in an alternate existence.

These at the right are just some flag examples (altegirl, alteboy, altenby, altequeer, alteandrogyne, altefluid, altexoy, altexirl), there are more at the gallery.
Xenogender, Neurogender, not quiterobotbisexualrobotbisexual
AMAB, CAMAB, DMAB, or MAABAssigned Male At Birth / Coercively Assigned Male At Birth / Designated Male At Birth / Male Assigned At Birth
AmaregenderA gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with.
See also: Amorgender, Amicagender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Ludogender, Reflectigender.
Genderfluid, Conditional,Mod Hermytranskurok0
AmbigenderA feeling of two genders simultaneously, without fluidity/shifting. May be used synonymously, in some cases, with bigender.Polygender,
Ambonec or ANGender identity in which one identifies as a combination of male and female, but also identifies as neither gender.Demigender, Polygender, Mix,Anonymous
AmicagenderA gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with at the moment.
See also: Amaregender, Amorgender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Ludogender, Reflectigender.
Genderfluid, Conditional,Mod Hermytranskurok0
AmigenderA gender that can be fit to be loved by the individual and they sometimes feel more in touch with a certain gender. Does NOT depend on an individual's assigned gender. Slightly different than nonpuella/nonpuer in the way that someone may be assigned female/male and they dont consider themself that gender but they like to present that way. It's also very changeable since the whole gender revolves around the user loving it (like someone could be a glassgender amigirl bc they love how it suits them at that time)Personalbuntaobuntao
Amorgender, Erogender, or FilkogenderWhen your gender changes whilst in the presence of an individual to whom you have developed a deep connection for. This could be a romantic attraction, platonic connection, a spiritual affinity or anything similar.
See also: Amaregender, Amicagender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Ludogender, Reflectigender.
Genderfluid, Conditional,Pridearchivepythya
AndrofluidIt’s like demiboy, except your amount of “boy” seems to change.
Possibly interchangeable/the same as boyflux.
Genderfluid, MIN,
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (Intersex)
AndrogyneA gender identity where a person experiences a blending of genders, or feels that their identity is in between genders. Usually, but not always, people who identify as androgyne feel that their identity is a blending of male and female, or somewhere between those two genders. Androgyne people may or may not choose to present androgynously.Genderfluid, Polygender, Demigender, Mix,
AndrogynefluxA state where you have fluctuating feelings of masculinity and femininity, but your gender identity stays the same. Someone who is androgyneflux can be of any gender identity (binary trans, nonbinary, cis, etc.).Genderfluid, MIN, FIN,eiementai
Androgynos[Androgynos and Tumtum] are both genders from Jewish culture, so [both definitions are] here. Tumtum is where a person’s gender is hidden or private, and is closest to agender. Androgynos [This one] is where a person is intersex or otherwise has qualities of both a woman and a man, and thus would be closest to bigender. Both genders are assigned to children if they are born as intersex.

Unfortunately, the most that you would see of tumtum and androgynos is discussions of how to deal with the child’s genitals (as in, whether or not to perform surgery; tumtum is usually assigned to intersex conditions where the genitals end up covered by skin, and androgynos is assigned to intersex conditions where they are a mix of the usual two). Either that, or these two genders are treated as mere “what if” genders for certain laws (for instance, if a law states different treatment for women and men, how would it apply to someone who is both or neither? That sort of thing).

More info:
Culture specific gender,
AngegenderA gender where you can't describe it with any word but hatred or anger.
Usable only by neurodivergent people with mental illnesses that cause anger or hate.
Xenogender, Neurogender, Anger, Personal
AngeligenderA gender relating to god-kin or angel-kin which is hard to describe to non-kin.
To quote @sapphiccrocker: “It's a gender that feels simultaneously soft, warm, and bright as well as hard, cool, and dark. If I were to describe it using colors it would be bright orange (like a sunset) and a pale grey-blue. To describe it in as few words, I would say it is a gender that would normally be a contradiction but is peaceful.”

These feelings might vary between everyone, but this description might help someone grasp this concept a bit better!
Xenogender, [Deactivated]angelanna
Angenital or ANGA desire to be without sex characteristics. Does not correspond to any particular gender, and does not require any corresponding feeling of genderlessness.[Deactivated][Deactivated]
AnintensigenderThe same concept as Intensigender (definition: you definitely feel that gender, and it doesn’t change or go away, but you might feel it a lot more than other people would. Like 110%, 150%, or even 200%! A person need not pick a specific number for their feeling, they just have to decide if they feel their gender more intensely than most people would), but basically instead of feeling over 100% for a gender like bigender, this would be feeling over 100% for some form of agender!Personal,
AnlerFrom “anger” and “choleric”. This is a strong-willed gender, they feel determined and certain about who they are. They will feel angry if other people insist that their gender does not exist, and feel very grounded and supported by their gender.

This was coined as one of a set of 5 genders similar to Maverique: Tragmat, Jouine, Orupin, Anler, and Melauche.
Anger, Anonymous and Mod HermyAnonymous
Anogender or Anagender“Ano/ana” meaning “up, back, again, anew”; a feeling of gender that fades in and out but feels the same whenever it comes back. Different from genderfluid in that it’s one gender constantly resurfacing, rather than switching between genders
May be used on its own, or as a prefix to modify another gender.
Genderfluid, Genderflux,pocketmouse
Anonbinary or A-nonbinaryA gender that definitely isn’t binary, but is still even outside of nonbinary. Hence using the ‘a’ like in agender.Mod Hermy and AnonymousAnonymous
AnongenderA gender that is unknown to both yourself and others.Xenogender, Questioning, Undefined,Anonymous
Ansigender or AnesigenderA feeling that one gender is more accurate or correct to describe a person’s identity, but that another identity is more comfortable for them.Pastelmemer
AntegenderA protean gender which has the potential to be anything, but is formless and motionless, and, therefore, does not manifest as any particular gender.Xenogender, Pastelmemer
Antibinary or Anti-binaryA gender identity that is in direct opposition to or unaffiliated with the western gender binary.
A POC-specific identity.
Culture specific gender,
Antigender or UngenderA gender identity that can only be understood as the opposite of another gender – for example, an antiboy would be the opposite of male.Pridearchivetobey
← Antigirl
AnxiegenderA gender affected by anxiety.
See also: Imnigender, Genderanxious, Kynigender.
Neurogender, Genderfluid, Anxiety, Fear,pride-flags-for-us
ApogenderA gender identity in which one feels not only genderless, but separate from the entire concept of gender.Xenogender, Agender,Pastelmemer[Deactivated]
ApollogenderWhen you have around 9 (from 6 to 10) different distinct feelings of gender, but they have mixed into one big gender identity. Named after Apollo, who was a god of 9 different things.Genderfluid, Polygender, PersonalMod Hermy[Deactivated]
AporagenderA gender separate from man/boy, woman/girl, and anything in between while still having a gendered feeling.Xenogender,fireprincetteaporagender
ApsconsugenderA gender identity that is a process of elimination. What it is--is unknown, but the person is able to define what it isn’t.
A gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is. like the gender is hiding itself from you.
From the latin word absconsus, meaning hidden, secret, concealed, unknown.
AptugenderA gender that is fitted just for you, connected, and very secure in yourself. You may not know what this gender is, but it Is very strong and prepared.
This term is based on the latin term aptus, which means fitted, connected, fastened and prepared.
AquagenderA gender that changes depending on which type of water you're near. Such as the ocean, a lake, a pool, etc.Genderfluid, Conditional,Mod Hermy & AnonymousAnonymous
Aquarigender or Genderflow1) A gender identity that ebbs and flows, that is able to be described sometimes and not others.
2) A gender that is fluid between infinite feelings.
Zodiacgender, Genderfluid, Indescribable,Pridearchive8-bit-angel
Archaicgender, Eldrigender, or HistoriagenderA gender that stretches far beyond one’s own age or lifetime. The vast-age of this gender has allowed it to grow far beyond whatever size/presence one would expect, or perhaps to shrink down and almost be forgotten. Kingender, Xenogender,Mod Hermy
ArchaigenderA gender that is ancient/old and big, and can either only be described with those words, or is correlated to them. Can be changed into archaiboy/girl/nonbinary/other.Xenogender,
Argogender or ArgogenderfluidA subset of genderfluid wherein the changes between one’s separate genders or the parts of one’s gender happen gradually. “Argogender” can also mean a gender the user defines according to any kind of slowness. Prefix from the Greek word αργóς meaning slow.Genderfluid, Mod HermyGyey
AriegenderA gender that makes the person feel somewhat out of control because their gender identity is taking control of their life.
Based on the zodiac sign Aries.
(Not to be confused with Arigender/Ariesgender)
Xenogender, Zodiacgender
Arigender or AriesgenderA complicated gender identity that you cannot explain or is very hard to explain. A gender that does not fit under any labels. An unfathomable gender.
Based on the zodiac sign Aries.
Zodiacgender, Indescribable, ComplexAnonymousautisticakemihomura
ArithmagenderA number gender. It can range from any number/s, positive, negative, decimals, fractions, etc.Xenogender,Mod Hermy
ArsgoegenderA gender that holds strong feelings of kinship with demons/devils/dark beings. This gender often leads to someone feeling or being kind on the outside but selfish on the inside, or mischievous on the outside and caring on the inside (or any similar variation).
Note: Preferably only to be used by demon/devil/god/spirit/angel - kin folk (and similar kin) but it’s open to anyone who wants to use it.
Xenogender, Kingender,
AstergenderA gender that feels bright and celestial.Xenogender,
AstralgenderA gender that feels connected to space.Xenogender,Helkie-three
AtergenderA gender that is deep, dark, and intimate.Xenogender,
AtmosgenderHaving a gender which is present, but unable to be grasped or firmly defined.Questioning, UnidentifiedMod Hermy
Attraction based gender: AlterousfluidDescribes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they feel alterous attraction to at the moment.Conditional,
Attraction based gender: AsthefluidDescribes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re aesthetically attracted to at the moment.Conditional,
Attraction based gender: AttrafluidA combination of multiple or all of the above genders note: the “fluid” part can be replaced with “flux” to signify that your gender fluctuates based on what gender(s) you’re attracted to at the moment.
Note: these genders are intended for bi/pan/poly individuals whose preferences (if they have any) are fluid but if you feel that your orientation as a whole is fluid then feel free to use them.
Attraction based gender: PlatofluidDescribes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re platonically attracted to at the moment.Conditional,
Attraction based gender: RomofluidDescribes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re romantically attracted to at the moment.Conditional,
Attraction based gender: SensufluidDescribes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re sensually attracted to at the moment. Conditional,
Attraction based gender: SexofluidDescribes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to gender(s) they’re sexually attracted to at the moment. Conditional,
AudiogenderThe more you hear about a certain gender, the more you actively become that gender. Genderfluid, Conditional,
Augender“Aug” meaning “to increase”; a gender identity that is always growing and possibly combining other genders/gender identities and traits into one gender.
Similar to plugender but exists in a state of action/growth.
AutigenderA gender which can only be understood in the context of being autistic or when your autism has an effect on your gender in some way.Neurogender, autismgender and esperancegirl
AutogenderA gender experience that feels deeply personal to oneself but it too difficult to accurately describe with any other gender terms.
See also: Egogender, (Name)gender, Egoisgender, Narkissigender, Skelogender.
Xenogender, Personal[Deactivated]
Avarumgender or VarumgenderA gender for a person who feels that, while many terms may be used to describe their gender, they don’t feel like identifying with them may be right for them–due to uncertainty, anxiety, or just neurodivergency in general. Alternatively, a term for use where many labels may fit, and one’s gender may fit all the criteria for these labels, but the traits are all static and never seem to overwhelm each other.

“Varum” is the nominative, accusative, and vocative neuter case for the word that means “real” or “true.” One can add “a-” at the beginning (possibly) to mean “unreal” or “untrue” if they so wish, because varumgender/avurmgender can sometimes feel “fake” due to technically fitting so many labels. One can do with that as they wish.
Polygender, Undecided,
Aventurgender or GenderchanceA gender that you find totally by chance and with luck, is a little hazy around the edges, but you feel completely at harmony with it and at times it reflects parts of who you are. From the gemstone aventurine (from avventura ‘chance’, because of its accidental discovery) known as the luckiest of gemstones, the ability to bring harmony into your life, and aventurescence, an effect exhibiting a glistening effect when rotated or looked at different points.Xenogender,Anonymous
Axigender or AxisgenderWhen a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis, one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time.Genderfluid, Agender,
Batgender, Nocturnalgender, Owlgender, or MoongenderA gender that feels more intense during the night, but weak/nonexistent when it is light out.Genderfluid, Conditional,Mod Hermy[Deactivated]
Benegender“Bene” meaning “gentle, good”; a gender identity that is very low key and soft; positive gender (meaning that it’s there [not that it’s a “good” gender compared to others]; not an absence of gender). Used to describe a gender that is felt by the person/being as an undertone.Xenogender,pocketmouse
BenevoidA gender that reads as a contradiction. It is a gender that is definitely there, though it is only at the forefront of the mind if pushed there, but it consists of the void. It’s more than neutral - it’s nothing and it’s a purposeful gender of nothing.Agender, Gendervoid, Xenogender
BiexgenderA gender identity that is exclusive to mixed race people.
Someone who is biexgender experiences two or more gender identities, either as a mixture or as a fluid identity, that are exclusive to their cultures.
Culture specific gender,Anonymous
BigenderA gender identity where someone feels that they experience two genders. They may be fluid between their two genders (experiencing both at different times), or may feel both genders simultaneously.
A bigender person may identify with any two genders, the identity is not confined to binary genders.
BigenderfluidBeing bigender, with your gender fluctuating between the two.Genderfluid, Polygender,
Binary's Bi**hA state of being in which the individual is ambivalent about their relationship with the binary. On the one hand, they feel restricted and confined by its limits, but on the other find it inescapable. In some respects it is the opposite of agender; rather than having no gender, the Binary’s Bitch has far too much gender going on for their own comfort. A specific subset of androgyne.Androgyne
BiogenderA gender that is connected to nature in some way.Xenogender, Mod HermyAnonymous
BissuA gender of the Bugis community in southern Indonesia, which recognizes five categories of gender: makkunrai (cis women), oroané (cis men), calalai (trans men), calabai (trans women), and bissu (sort of analogous to bigender or androgynous).

Bissu is often used by those who are born intersex. We take part in religious ceremonies, and act as priests, for blessings and giving people guidance. Myself, I am training to be a priest. It is our belief that all five genders must live in harmony for there to be peace in the world, thus the Bugis respect all genders. Or at least try, in modern times there are of course people who look down on intersex and not-cis people, but we must live in unity and stand up to those who would cause disrespect and chaos.

More info:
Culture specific gender, Intersex,
BlizzgenderA gender that feels cold, snowy, and harsh.
See also: Frostgender, Freezegender, Wintergender.
Xenogender, Mod Hermy
Blurgender or GenderfuzzA polygender identity where one experiences multiple genders that blur together, making it difficult or impossible to identify what gender(s) one is experiencing at any given time. Genderfluid, Confusion, Polygender,
BodyfluidFeeling like your relationship to your sex characteristics changes from day to day/moment to moment/etc. (Maybe not the best term to use for this).
See also: Transbodied, Bodyflux.
BodyfluxFeeling like your sense of embodiment fluxuates between weak and strong; sort of related to dissociation, but not actually dissociation. Can describe frequent and inexplicable out-of-body sensations.
See also: Transbodied, Bodyfluid.
Boggender, Swampgender, Crocgender, or GatorgenderA gender that feels like, or can be described/compared to a bog, swamp, marsh, fen, etc. Xenogender, Mod HermyAnonymous
Boi/QirlIdentities specific to black people which are similar to girl or boy but involve a deliberate separation from the Western gender binary. These terms are specific to black people and should not be used by anyone else. Culture specific gender,