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A Peek At Google’s Future
Eric shares interviews with different Google executives.
Links to Interviews with Google Execs
All outbound Links are 404
Under the Radar: Tracking Online Media Coverage Is Hit Or Miss,But Mostly Miss
The internet is a mysterious place and there are nooks and crannys all over. Online media coverage is difficult and not going to get easier.
Online Media Coverage
The Yahoo Link That Can Make You A Star
Eric explains that Yahoo is the largest source of traffic. He also explains why you do not want to lose your yahoo link.
Yahoo link
Outreach Roundtable Hosted by Eric Ward
Outreach is a key part of attracting and earning attention to your content. Eric let's his viewers know how to apply outreach to their projects.
Video Hangout Series with Eric
Links from our Link-Building Webcast, September 16 with Eric Ward
Teeny Weenie Bikini Linkbait
Eric refers back to a time when he went on a show to talk about linking. It seems his message was not understood by some people. So he is explaining what he meant at that time, so there is no more confusion.
Are You A Master Link Baiter or Just a Flasher
Social Media Links – Spam 2.0
Eric feels very strongly about not using social media for spam. If you don't have anything worthy to add to social networks, don't add anything at all.
Social Media Spam
As the Algo Turns- 7 Predictions for Search Engine Marketing in 2009 - See more at:
Best Practices for Feeling Sorry for Yourself
LinkMoses tells us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and work harder and learn more. You can get more if you want more.
Feeling Sorry for Yourself?
It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck
Social Media Optimization Nots – 3 Rules
There are rules on what to do on social media accounts online. Eric sums it up to three rules people must not do.
Social Media Optimization Nots
5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Where Is The Mother of All Links?
As there may be a lot of links linking to your site, there can be that one link that will bring in all of your content. It is known as the mother of all links.
Where Trust Lives – An Example
Aggressively Seeking Links: How Much Is Too Much?
Sometimes when eric talks about link building, people look confused. So he is reaching out to hear your thoughts on how to make people understand what he is saying.
Reaching out
Portrait Of The Perfect Link Builder
The question How much linking is too much linking has been asked many times since 1997. Eric has explained why the easy answer is it depends. But digging a little deeper, he has revealed why it really it depends was the easy answer.
Aggressively Seeking Links
LinkMoses Resurrected #2 – What If Everything You Know About Link Build
Looking for a perfect link builder can be a very difficult task. What is that perfect skillset? And who is qualified for the job? No one really knows.
Link Builder
Best Practices for Flickr Link Building
Curated piece directing us to an article written by Lisa Barone and Rae Hoffman titled "Getting Links AND Content from Flickr."
Flickr Link Building
Getting Links AND Content From Flickr
A Linking Campaign Primer
Eric explains that when you are reaching a target site you the most basic data. This article gives you a list of what you need.
Linking Campaign
Google Clarifies: Asking For Links The Right Way Is OK The line between what is a natural link versus an unnatural link according to Google seems to keep getting pushed more.
Google Panda & Penguin Lack Real-Time Updates, Despite Google’s Past Statements
Link Building for Personalized Search
Eric talks about trusting in signals of trust, merit, and intent of source. Those work with or without an algorithm. Make sure your links are bullet proof.
Use Trustworthy Links that are Bulletproof
Google Now Personalizes Everyone’s Search Results
Eric Ward Discusses The New Google Link Analysis Tools
In this article, Eric is expressing his feelings towards the new google link analysis. He is happy about it and explains why. He gives you a recap in case you missed anything.
New Google Link Analysis Tools
Discover your links
Google Releases New Link Reporting Tools
What the Three Stooges Can Teach Us About Links, aka The Curly Theory of Link Building
The “Curly Theory” of link building is to realize there are topics that someone cares about. No matter how vertical the topic is, there will be a reader and enthusiast. Keep that in mind before asking for a link. You may think your link meshes with the site you’re trying get a link from, but it may not be the case.
Every Topic Has A Fan
Google, Yahoo, Bing Bury, But Some Zombie Sites Are Still Alive
Link Analysis Beyond Search Rank – by Eric Ward
Eric is an extreme believer in linking analysis and competitive linking intelligence. He tells you the pros of linking analysis and why he is an extreme believer.
Link Analysis
Why Subject Specific Reciprocal Links Will Always Be Useful
There’s no magic percentage number on whether your reciprocity links are causing a red flag or not. Although, if 100% of your links are reciprocal, you probably have an issue. There are times when it can be completely natural, though.
Reciprocity Links Best Practices
Link Building’s Cult Of Reciprocity
In this article, Eric is explaining how to be effective when link building. He spends a lot of time creating training videos, and helping people out so they can become self-sufficent at home. This article explains what reciprocal links and why you should use them.
Link Building
Picking The Right Shovel
It's imporant to use the right tools when building backlinks. Some people go after the easiest links, but you want links that will stand the test of time. Creating a backlink blueprint for long lasting effectiveness.
Custom Backlinking Blueprint
Link Economics 101: A Prerequisite For Advanced SEO
Shovels, Spoons, Berthas & Grafters
Thirty Link Building Rants and Commandments
Eric Ward brought his LinkMoses persona back for 30 more posts. He explains why in this post.Bringing Back LinkMoses
Is Most Of SEO Just A Boondoggle?
LinkWeek – Rules Of Linking Engagement As The Web Turns Twenty
Curated content from Guest post at Search Engine Land talking about the rules of linking engagement.
Linking Engagement
Social Link Manipulation
In relation to the article Social Link Spam and Cigarette Butts, there are a lot of social media places online now. It can make one dizzy, and there are various forms of social media now and days.
Social Link
Spotting Unnatural Linking Patterns – by Eric Ward
In a previous article "Aggressively Seeking Links – How Much Is Too Much?" some people started to ask certain questions. Eric is here to answer those questions in this article.
Linking patterns
FYI – The Great Link Race Has Begun, But To Where?
We all have started linking, but what happens when all the websites started to do everything right? What happens then? This articles gives an analogy to help some people understand.
Great link race
How Twitter Can Impact Link Building
Twitter can be a useful link building tool when done correctly. Twitter Backlinks
Riding The Twitter Link Waves
Twitter can be a useful link building tool when done correctly. Twitter Backlinks
Opinion on Why Link Building Must Go In-House
Eric could not write this in a way he was happy of. The article tells you, you can build your own links and you do not need a third party to do it.
Link Building
Opinion on Why Link Building Must Go In-House
Eric links to his Search Engine Land post on why link building must go in-house. In House Link Builidng
Ten Commandments of Link Building
Eric Ward provides the 10 Commandments of Link Building. Some of his commandments cover not using link spam, link exchanges, or link wheels. Be smart with your link building and you will not break any of his commandments.
Link Building Best Practices
Yelp Sues Law Firm Over Supposedly Writing Fake Reviews
The DMOZ Ship Has Sailed
Eric isn't too happy with DMOZ and their decision to let go of their category editor.DMOZ
no title
Looking For Links In All The Wrong Places
In attempt to looking for links, you can end up in the wrong place. Eric explains on how this happens to a lot of people.
Looking for links
403 Forbidden
Online Marketing Guides
How does Google collect and rank results?
If anyone is curious on how google works behind the scenes, this article explains how collect and rank results.
Google collect and rank results
Taking The Plunge in the Pay-Per-Click Link Pool
Pay-per-click pools are really excellent targeted traffic for your site. Eric Ward recommends that you dip your toes in the Pay-per-click (ppc) pool. With pay-per-click search engines you pay to have your links appear in the results for terms you choose.
Pay-Per-Click link pool
Linking Legalities. What You Need to Know
There are a lot of laws in this world, and someone is always sueing someone. Even linking has its legalities and someone linking to someones site and upsetting the owner. Eric explains some of these legalities and how to avoid getting sued.
Linking legalities
no title
Admitting You Have a Social Network Linking Addiction
You don't need to try and get backlinks from every social network. If you have truly useful content, you won't need them.
Social Network Links
Managing Your Social Network Addiction
Potpourri of Linking Facts and Fiction
Linking has been around for quite some time now. Like a lot of things that have been around for a while, some untrue tid bits have picked up. Eric explains in the article of what is true and what is not.
Linking Facts and fiction
Who Controls Link Building Success
When looking for link earning opportunities, it's important to match content merit with link merit. If the site you're wanting to get a link for doesn't have great content, you probably won't be able to get a link from a site that has great merit.
Matching Content of Merit with Link of Merit
Link Building Podcast with Eric Ward
April 5, 2007 podcast between Eric Enge and Eric Ward.
Link Building Podcast with Eric Ward
LBBP – The Weekly Delete – Back with a Vengeance
Eric is back and explains what his new segment is going to me.LBBP
Blog Tag and Five Things You Don’’t Know About Eric Ward aka Link Moses
Eric has been tagged to share five things about himself that his industry does not know of. He gives five examples of weird tricks and old memories that no one knows of.
Things you didn't know about Eric Ward
Blog Tag and Five Things You Don’t Know About Me
Rapper's Delight: The Best of Sugarhill Gang PROJECT FUNDED!
LinkMoses Resurrected #3 – When Cheaters Win, aka Peewater for Links
Sometimes sites with crappy links will rank. Usually there is at least one merit based link mixed in with the crappy links. Not always. Why do peewater sites rank?
Why do Sites with Crappy Links Rank?
Link Bait Kool-Aid?
Link bait has been giving people clicks to their links. The creator of the link will give a little bit of content, and then hook them by them clicking the link. There is nothing really wrong with link baiting, but the concept of it is no good.
Link bait
no title
Linking Mistakes To Avoid, Part 1: Link Optimization and Short URLs
In this two part article, eric explains what linking mistakes there are and how to avoid them. In this articles he explains link optimization and short urls.
Linking Mistake
.edu Link Strategies, Fallacies and Common Sense
Eric provides the ins and outs of obtaining an .edu link. He shares tactics have been overused and abused. Make sure the .edu link is quality
Finding .edu Links
Link Building Courses and Workshops by Eric Ward list of courses Eric offers. He provides workshops and live coaching calls.Eric Ward's Courses
Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Panda” Algorithm Update
Finding more high-quality sites in search
Nonprofits Online ’98: Working the Web, Transforming the Sector
Written in 1998, Eric talks about what search engines and directories were hot. Most of the old search engines aren't even active any longer.
Hot Search Engines and Directories
Strategies for Seeking Links and Publicity (90 minute video with Eric Ward)
Watch Eric Ward lay down everything you ever wanted to know about outreach strategies but were afraid to ask. Eric Ward has over 20 years of experience and shares his approaches, successes, and failures.
Link Seeking
A successful link building strategy in 6 steps
Helping Clients See The Bigger Linking Picture
If you have an eCommerce site, you probably know by now that it's hard to earn backlinks.
Backlinks for ecommerce Sites
Linking Mistakes To Avoid (Part 2): Removing Orphaned URLs
Part two in this article, instead of explaining Link Optimization and Short URLS, he explains orphaned urls.
Linking Mistake
Backlink Research Best Practices – Linkscape
Some people misunderstood erics feelings towards Linkscape. He is here to tell us we are wrong about his feelings and why.
Develop a High Quality Inbound Link Profile.
Google’s New Custom Search Engine Service and Links
Google is changing things around with a new custom search and links. He explains what link builders need to do, and gives examples of sites using the new google custom search.
Google’s New Custom Search Engine Service
Artificial Linking and Search Rankings
Everyone who depends on the web for a living must know that they must be well-linked. Eric shows what the Google engineer has to say. Eric shares his explaination, gives recommandations and gives a warning.
Artificial Linking
Link Request Email Tips from Eric Ward
If you ever recieved an email about someone asking to link with eachother, there are some ways to handle this situation. If you ever send out an email requesting, then there are some other ways to handle it.
Link requests
LBBP – The Weekly Delete – Avis Edition
As there new segment LBBP, this article features a link request for Avis. Eric goes into detail of why Avis made a mistake.
Five Things I Hate About Linking
Eric is ready for a rant for those link seeking content publicist glued to a monitor. He gives 5 different reasons why he hates certain things about linking.
Up Close Look at Eric Ward’s Link Building Desktop
A secret look through Eric Ward's eyes. In this post, he shares with us how he has his desktop set up to complete the tasks he needs to every day. Eric is a multi-tasking wizard.
Eric Ward's Desktop Setup
My 8.7M pixel display
My MacBook Pro Goes Multimonitor: 4 Monitors At Once!
Linkability – Why Do Some Sites Have It While Others Don’t?
Eric stated that linking is important to the very essence of why the Web was invented. He explains why some sites link others and others do not.
How to Make The Most Out Of Emailed Press Releases
Eric explains why emailed press releases are different than from its traditional paper counterpart. There are many subtle differences, but they are crucial to this marketing technique. Marketers need to know the rules for making best use of this resource.
Emailed Press Releases
Build A Free Link Clipping Alert Service (Parts I & 2)
The next two blogs Eric ward is writing will focus on how you can build your own free web link clipping service. As a webmaster you would like to know if another site has linked to your site. Imagine that you would recieve a private email if this occured.
Free Link Clipping Alert Service
How to Build Links with Infographics
Backlink Immunity and Disavowed Link Disasters
There is no such thing as a perfect link profile. It’s natural for bad links to mix in with trusted links. When doing a disavow report, make sure to not throw the baby out with the bathwater and disavow your good links.
Disavow Report
Are You A Link Disavower? Take Our SEO Poll
Happy 10th Birthday, Search Engine Watch – A History Of The Site
Your Start-to-Finish Guide to Using Google's Disavow Tool
About Those Un-Linked URLs That Google Says Do Not Pass PageRank
Don’t waste your time worrying if your unclickable URL posted on a site will pass you any link juice. Earning the credibility is just as important. But, make sure it is a credible site to get the most gain for the mention.
Earn Credibility
Google: We See Links In Text But Do Not Pass PageRank
What Makes a Web Site Link-Worthy?
There are different kinds of websites in the world. Each website has different content and different reasons why it should be link worthy.
Longer Biography
What are the best practices for submitting to directories?
Eric explains the best ways to submit directories. Infact there are several different factors.submitting to directories
Link Building Strategies Q/A Live Video with Eric Ward aka LinkMoses (recorded live)
In this video, Eric Ward answers link strategy questions and shares real life scenarios based on his experience. He covers anchor text, unnatural links, and linking opportunities. He also discusses Local SEO opportunities.
Link StrategiesNone
Link Building Expert Roundups Search Engine
There are a lot of different thoughts and theories about link building. This search engine consists of 33 different expert link builders’ thoughts. Just type in a search term to find out what they think.
Specialized Search Engine
An Infographic About How to Build Links Using Infographics
Building links using infographics can be an easy way to pursue a link to your website. Eric Ward shows us how to achieve that by using an infographic to teach us.
Infographic LinksNone
Wherefore Art Thou Hummingbird?
Content creators face the challenge of becoming a trusted source of data to show up in Google’s search results.
Content CreationNone
Using Google to Identify High Quality Link Targets
Eric Ward has created a tutorial on how to use Google to identify High Quality link targets. He explains how all links are not created equal and some will have more attention then others. He explains on how to bring more attention to your links.
Locating High Quality Link Targets
Now Is The Time For A Portal Link Audit
Eric Ward is teaching on what and how to do portal link audits. He explains if you are comfortable and maximized all your links across the major portals. If not, then he teaches how you can.
Portal Link AuditNone
Automated Link Generators – Not Worth The Trouble
Automated link generators may seem like an easy way to generate links, but they are not worth the trouble. Usually at first it seems like heaven, but usually you will recieve a couple of links and a ton of spam. Spam is just trouble, so automated link generators are not worth it.
Automated Link Generators
Link Popularity and the Myth of the Guestbook Link – by Eric Ward
Eric explains the what guestbooks are and what their purpose is. But he explains that they are no different than FFA (Free for all) pages.
Link Popularitynone
A Technique For Selecting Sites For Link Requests
Eric explains when you are looking for more links pointing to your site, don't look at the other links at competitors, but as potential link partners.
Link Requestsnone
The Case for Topically Irrelevant Backlinks
This article explains that even though a page has high ranks, but it has nothing to do with your own site, then do not pursue it. It is just an irrelevant link.
LinkMoses Link Building Tip of the Week – Links by Association
Eric gives a tip about link building this week. This week his advice is links by associations.Link buildingnone
Are You A Link Whore?
Paying a certain price for links is somewhat the definition of being called a link whore. Eric explains what other ways there are to be considered one.
For the love of God please stop the sending me link request emails like this one
Eric is getting frustrated at link requests he is been getting in his email. Link requestsnone
Link Penalty Anxiety?
Even if your site has been kicked to a later page on google, does not mean you are about to be penalized. Rarely a few sites do, and eric explains why.
Link Penaltynone
What My Four-Year-Old And a Bicycle Has to do With Link Building
The things they have in common are the feelings that come with it when you are on your own. Also the traits that come with link builders and a child learning how to ride a bike.
Link Buildingnone
Social Link Spam and Cigarette Butts
Eric explains that even though a lot of it probably won't be popular, the spam is just polluting. Just like throwing your cigarette butts out of your car window.
Social Link Spamnone
Is White Hat Link Building a Myth?
Eric talks about the White hat link building myth in this article. He determines whenever the white hat becomes a gray hat or even a black hat.
White hat linksnone
Yahoo Daily Wire Says Goodbye – LinkMoses says Thank You
Yahoo Daily wire is no longer writing newsletters, and Eric says his thanks.Yahoo wirenone
Anchor Text Best Practices
There are several anchor text BPs that help explain why the challenge and nuance of anchor text best practices.
Anchor Textnone
Yahoo Directory Paid Link Best Practices?
If you got your yahoo link without paying, erics advice is to leave it.Yahoo Directorynone
What is the Meaning of Life, and Link Building?
Eric explains his past as a child and who his parents were. He explains how his family comes first, and his clients come fourth.
Link Buildingnone
Answer to: After The Basics – Now What?
After the basics of link building what shall you do? Eric gives an answer in a easy way for all to understand.
Answer Tonone
Joe The Plumber and Link Building Best Practices
The sudden spike in searches for Joe the Plumber, can help illustrate the Search Flow Link Building model. It shows that there other sites to gain from this ever since McCain said Joes name.
Link Buildingnone
Link Building Podcast and Transcript with Eric Ward
This is a link to an podcast and transcript eric did while talking about link building.Link Buildingnone
Outlinking Best Practices – Rule 1
Rule 1 for outlinking best practices, you can link to a site that is high quality. Eric explains why this can be a good thing.
Paid Links from .edu’s – Good, Bad or Ugly?
Paid linksnone
Revenge of the Librarians – Don’t Hate me for Being Right
Eric has librarions to thank while in college, but a lot of the link sources are probably from librarions. They are smart and cannot be fooled. Eric calls it the Revenge of the librarians.
Being rightnone
Gopher (protocol)
Disney buys Infoseek stake
Interview with my Alma Mater about my Link Building Career
Link to an interview Eric gave for Scoop Magazine. It covers Eric's career and thoughts on link building.
Interview with Scoop Magazine
Ten Things to Ask Before Hiring A Company to Promote Your Web Site
This article is an oldie, but a goodie. Eric wrote this article in 1996 but parts of it are still relevant today. 10 questions to ask a company that you want to hire to market your website.
Hiring a Marketing Company
Link Building Question and Answer Search Engine and curated by Eric, this is search engine that you can ask link building related questions.
Link Building Search Engine
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