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MrGrimodTurnegy 30A3STarot 680 ProBasic Gain
Basic Gain
Basic Gain
Basic Gain
Attitude Gain
Attitude Gain PitchProp SizeWeight with or without cameraFlying modeStabilityFlight TimesVoltage Monitor Setting First Level No Load - Loss - LoadedVoltage Monitor Setting Second Level No Load- Loss - LoadedNotesUpdated on:Changelog
Quad_Addictstock "kit"30ampstock "kit" 920kv3s nano 2.2DJI F450 FW165165150150130130OEM dji 10"bothboth11-12 min10.310better for calm but tolerable for both
TC3winswitespy 20 amp KDA 28MGforce 2800 3s 30cVic-20 protype123.00123.00110.0098.0098.0010.310.2
ThomGAUI 500x stockscorpion 960kv2650 3sgaui 500x125.00125.00125.00100.00100.00100.00
VolverPlush 10aT-motor mt2208Nano 3000 3s330mm custom frame110.00125.008/4"900 gr with gopro
BluebirdUAGaui stock 10AGaui stock2200 nano 3S500 mm, custom100.00100.00100.00120.00105.00105.00APC 10/3.8
NutBagDJI Opto 30AStdDJI 920kv3s 3000DJI F4501201201501357575Graupner 10x5 Elektro1320g With Naked Gopro & Fpv cam /GearAtti/ManualWindy to date.7-9minsMy new FPV rig, Extremely happy with it so far =) 20% Expo all round. #revised after more windy flying.
Seadog1967RC Timer Flashed 30amp ESC's
Sunnysky X2212-13 980kv 3s Nano tech 4500 25c running two parallel F5502.02130.00130.00130.00100.00100.00100.0010x4.52444.8g With gopro & housing + FPV gear eagle tree and two batteriesGPSlight breeze 40F temp
11 mins. Till actual auto land with 2 - 3s 4500 nonotech bat.10.50 - .20 - 10.30v10.20 - .20 - 10.00v . Should use 10" props if carrying heavy items like gopro HD in it's case. Was getting a twitchy movement left and right on and off. Ended up taking the Velcro holding the FC in place and just used Elec. Tape to hold down. Umm smooth steady flight on default settings.
Tahoe EdTurnegy 25ATurnegy 28-223S Nano 2200F450145.00145.00145.00150.00130.00130.00EPP 10x4.5
Tahoe EdOpto 30ADJI 905kv3S Nano 2650F450200.00200.00200.00200.00160.00160.00Graupner 10"ATTI8 minUse this setting for windy conditions with older version of the software. Now works well in all conditions.
kanike50stock "kit"30ampstock "kit" 905kv3s skylipo 2200F450145.00145.00145.00150.00130.00130.0010x45
nicodhdualsky 25 ampJdrones 2836 880 kV4S2P 10000165.00165.00165.00160.0068.0068.0012x4.52.70ATTIcalm with lights gusts
TokazRctimer 30aRctimer 2830-14 750 kv3s3000f450145.00145.00145.00150.00130.00130.0010x4.5
RichardAKE pwm 12ampAKE QD1100B3s5850 dragon AKEF450
Deno6031turnigy Basic 18Asoft start, nicd mode, low timingrctimer 2830-14 750 kv3s and 4s 2650mah zippyBlueskyrc fpv quad168.00168.00150.00200.00130.00130.0010x4.51080gr rtfbothcalm16min hovermanual feels like kapteinkuk board :) (with a little d/r and expo)
cats92Turnigy plush 25ATurnigy 27113S 4000mah Turnigy620mm Alu square,custom120.00120.00120.00120.00120.00120.00APC 10x4.71.6 kgATTIwindy
Av8ChuckRCTimer 30AAvroto 2814-11S4S 5800 Rusty's UAP-1 HEX165.00165.00125.00125.00APC 11x4.7BothBoth
Mike MRCTimer 18ATmotor MT2216 900kv3S Nano 2200 - 5000X468 Traveler215.00215.00215.00210.0065.0065.00Carbon EPP 10x451024Gbothboth
SpydeGaui 10As3s 2200 - 3500Gaui 500X costom125.00125.00125.00100.00100.00100.008x4,5 - 10x4,5900gbothcalm
SpydeFyetech 25AFyetech 960kv3s 2200 - 3500flame wheel150.00150.00180.00180.00170.00170.008x4,51000gboth12 - 14 minLove it! have about 35% expo on manual
IWCoburgFentium 25ARCTimer 2826 1000kv3s 3000Zombie130.00130.00130.00120.00120.00120.008x4,51200gbothcalm
IWCoburgFentium 25ARCTimer 2826 1000kv3s 3000Zombie110.00110.00110.00110.0070.0070.0010x4.51,200.00med windre proped
christian jouveRCTimer 30AFyetech 960kv3S 2200DJI F450 FW165.00165.00125.00125.00125.00125.0010x4,51200gATTIcalmNICE HOVER
FrankenQuadHK SS 20AKeda 2020L 1050kv3s 2200FrankenQuad FPV Zombie12012013013070709x5bothlight windproof that low cost ESC/Motor combos work perfect!
Johnnie WalkerHobbywing Skywalker 20A (fyetech)Fyetech 960 kv3s 2300Fyetech x4 pro14514510010012512510x4.5900gBothVery windyManual is best for windy. Atti rocks when calm.
A944734Turnigy Plush 30 ARCTimer 2830-13 850 KvESCs not initalizingJakub X4 frame
Antonio SantosGaui 10AScorpion 1050kvonly 2 ESCs initializing
FeedbackMaytech 20APulso 2217/203S 3000DIY X4 XAircraftAPC 10x4.71400g
JuddKleinmanGaui 10AGaui/Scorpion 1050kv3s 2200 30cKarbonic X135135135150140140Gaui 8x?ATTILightOK but has a bit of wobble.
LemaLifeHK SS 20AKDA 28M3S 2200VC-45010010010010057579x5x31250g
GGoodrum NAZA#1AKE 12AAKE QD1100B3s-5300DJI F45020020018015075759x5x31550gmATTIWindyWent back to 3s. On 4s the disc loading was too light
VannielTurnigy Plush 25AAxi 2217/204s 5800 30cDroidworx cx180180140160909011x52150g with GoproATTILight wind13 - 14 min
Antonio SantosTurnigy Plush 10AScorpion 1050kv3s 2250 45cgaui 330x8x4,51050gSetup is working, Still doing some gain tests and will post it here
victorkangFytech 12AFlycam 925kv3s 3200 20cDJI F450100100100100100100gaui 8x?1200g w/ gopro &FPV gearsATTIcalm7~8 minNice & stable flight with default gains
FlyingRodentTurnigy Plush 25AKDA 20-22L3s 2600 25cX Quad circa 60cm span100100100100100100APC 10x4.7ATTILightSmoothest hover experienced on sub $500 FC
UniversaRCOpto 30ADJI 905kv3s 3300 35CDJI F450145145145150130130DJI 10ATTILight windSmooth !!
JForknerstock "kit"30ampstock "kit" 905kv3S3300DJI F4501451451451408080DJI 10x51095g w/3S3300 w/o cameraATTICalm11 - 12 min.10.5 - 0.7 = 9.810.1 - 0.7 = 9.4
BluebirdUAHobbyKing 40ARC timer 2830/143S4000DJI F450 and Custom frame110110100169110110APC 10x3.81200 gATTITesting conf
BluebirdUAPlush 30ARC timer 2830/143S4000DJI F450 and Custom frame110110100169110110APC 10x3.81200 gATTI
BluebirdUAPlush 18ARC timer 2830/143S4000DJI F450 and Custom frame110110100169110110APC 10x3.81200 gATTI
FlybooneeRC 25AeRC 450 850Kv3S 2200 30CBlueSkyRC xRotor Sport QuaddefaultdefaultdefaultdefaultdefaultdefaultAPC 10x4.7n/aATTI/ManualCalmFlew great. ATTI mode was a little docile for me so I will adjust.
dj.zigPlush 30ADT750kv3S 5000mAhAlu custom quad X130130100250120120APC 12x3.82000gATTIcalmProblem with descent in forward fly.
MilouzePlush 10ASCM 3213 950KV3S 2200 mAh nanotechCustom carbon quad X1451451401501251258x45800g w/o cameraATTIlight windGood overall performance, will update if I get it to fly even better..
Stiffe20 A Tiger MT2216 900KV3S 3300 mAhDJI F450110110110140110110APC 10x4,71300 g w Go pro + gimbal ATTIIndoor and calm outd12-14 min 10,8010.6more tests to come
GGoodrum NAZA#2Maytech 30ADJI 920kv4s-2600x2DJI F4501051051201109090GWS 9x5x32.1kg w/GoPro2+gimbalATTIWindy12 minutes13.7V-0.5V=13.2V13.3V-0.5V=12.8VSpecial GoPro-specific 2-axis gimbal; Smoothest performance is with 9x5x3 props, properly balanced.
Chad2323RC Timer 18ampKeda 20-283S 2200Vic FPV Frame8x4.5ATTI8min
icahoneTurnigy Plush 25Aas always with medium timingTurnigy 2217 20T 860kv3s 5000mAhfully diy15015015010010010012x4.51300gATTIcalmsmooth flight, 100% arming working only for 1 combo
VantassticTurnigy Plush 18Anormal start, medium timing, no LVCRCTimer 2830-11 1000kv3S 2500-3600Vic FPV Frame (prototype)10x4.5Still have to do actual flight tests...only initial hover test so far
cquianTurnigy Plush 18AKeda 20-22L3S 2600Zombie10010010010010010010x4.51200gATTIcalmNice altitude hold, but had to apply full up trim to prevent forward flight
HansAufTurngy Plush 30AB=off,NIMH,Cut=Dis,Start=Norm,T=MedAvroto 2814-11S v34s 5300mah GensAce 50cAGL UAP-1Add11x4.5Man/AttBoth10 minCalm=Dead stable and held position with minimal input. Windy=Stable and some input with some shakes and twitches when yawing hard. Fwd flight is good in ATTI mode, but near unusable in Manual without adding D/R and Expo.
HansAufHobbywing Pentium 18AB=off,NIMH,Cut=Dis,Start=Norm,T=MedKEDA 20-22L3S 2600mah GensAce 50cVC450Add10x4.7Man/AttBoth7minAH is stable. Forward flight in AH shows altitude loss. Forward flight in Manual mode is very rough and unstable. Fast forward flight in Manual mode with hard turns and banks is near impossible. Fast Fwd FPV flight in Manual mode is not acceptable nor advised at this time due to stability issues. Fast Fw Flight in Attitude mode is not really useable for FPV since you have to run throttle above or below the AH 50% throttle point in order to have any controlability. Over that point is just a mess.
HansAufHobbyking SuperSimple 18AB=off,NIMH,Cut=Dis,Start=Norm,T=MedKEDA 20-22L3S 2200 Turnigy NanoTechVC450N/A10x4.7Man/AttBothN/ACould never get these ESC's to arm or even fast beep. Worked perfect prevously on my CC board, but no dice on the Naza. Swapped out for Hobbywing Pentium 18A and everything worked as it should.
Tc3winsHobby King 18 amp non programableKDA 28M2800mah and 4000mah G forceXaircraft Hexa10x4.52lb 14 oz with 4000 battery and camera mount/ cameraAtti / ManBoth11-13 min 400010.310.2calm winds alt hold works great
NightFlyturnigy 40park 4804s 3300SkyStormadd later10x4.5950 w/o batteryATTI
LupusHimodel flypro 25ANIMH, low timing, med. cut offTurnigy 2217 860kv3s 5000custom 55 cm100100100120100100Master Airscrew triblade 9x71553 gr with batteryATTICalm11 minutesPerfect altitude hold, steady as a rock
jmpwndDJI Opto 30ADJI 905kvtwo 3s 2200 in parallelDJI F45010010010010012012010x4.51179g with GoproATTICalm10 minutes
LittledogGaui 10A(Turnigy 10A)Scorpion 1050kv3s 3300Gaui 500x1351351351501401408x4.5Man/AttiClam10minsPerfect
LittledogDJI Opto 30ADJI 920kv3s 3300DJI F450120120120120656510x4.5Man/AttiClam12minSeem some wag when use rudder.
Paul BraatelienAdvance 20A ESCSTDKeda 10503S 2200VC-450140140100200606010x4.5~1200 with GoproMan/ATTIBoth6-7 minDefaultDefault
Sander SassenDJI Opto 30AStock settingsDji stock 920kV 2215 motor3S/3600/20CDji F450175175150120100100Graupner 10x5 Elektro~1kgMan/AttiCalm, windy, gusty, indoors>12 minsDefaultDefaultSmooth and stable, took two extra flights to get it set up properly. Used two knobs on the radio (10C) and assigned to X1/X2 so tuning literally becomes a question of turning the knobs. Very easy, very convenient. Flew in calm and windy/gusty conditions and it is rock solid.2/2/2012Increased pitch/roll to 175, changed attitude to 100% so it is the same as manual but offers altitude hold.
KlonerDJI Opto 30Astdsuppo 2810 1000kvskylipo 4s 4000mah 40cTBS Discovery1301301301308888Graupner 8x51680 GP and full fpv gearAtti12mindisableddisabled2/1/2012
AtTheCrossNext Level 30ASTDSuppo A2217-09 950kv3s 5000 25cNext Level 6501.0419519519520013013010x4.5both3/3/2012
ZX12RCarlHobbyKing Red Brick 25A UBEC Speed Control.. All work only if you power the motors up befor the naza fcStdKeda 1050Kv outrunners3S Turnigy 20-30C 2200Mah LipoDji F450 Flame Wheel15215215216811011010x4.5 but going for some 11x5 Graupnerswill check on this...Atti/not tryed Manual as of yetStable Flight when gains are setup right.Around 7 to 10Mins10.90V - 0.70 = 10.20V10.00V - 0.70v = 9.30vCalm winds very stable and smooth flight... Windy need some input but stable and fun... Altitude hold is brill and work very well.... Had to power motors up befor naza to arm all motors!!! prob with esc... all in all one of the best FC ive tryed... Love a GPS addon for it!!!!! come on DJI make one for us and ill buy it. had a LG Optimus 3D p920 phone and a 720p keyring cam hanging from it and its still flys stable and smooth. one thing i do find is that when it lands on the red light it come down VERY fast. be nice to edit how fast it drops... carl.2/1/2012n/an/an/a
BobunobuDJI Opto 30AStock settingsDJI 920kv4s 2650 25-50C Nanotech
4s 4000 35-70C Nanotech
Dji F450 Flame Wheel17017015015080808x5 graupners1022g AUW (no Camera)
1224g (with FPV and 4s2650)
1189g (no FPV, 4s4000)
Atti/ManualHighest winds were 8-12 knots gusting to 20 knots6-7 min (with 4s2650)
15+ with 4s4000 (no FPV)
14.9v-0.2v=14.7v14.7v-0.2v=14.5UPDATE: Gains as indicated to the left: Very stable in 9-14 MPH winds with gusts to 23 mph. Flew 4 flights, both modes.
Three flights on the 8x5 graupners and is very stable in Atti mode. I have Dual rates setup, Atti is 100% DR and no Expo on Aile, Elev and Rudd. Manual is Aile and Elev 80% DR and 50% Expo, Rudder is 100% DR and 20% Expo. In Manual mode I am getting some wobble in the Yaw access during fast spins, I will bump up the Yaw to 170% gains and see how she is. Basic Roll and Pitch are on a slider. During the testing I notice a little wobble (in Atti) at 120%, so upped them to 3/4 of the travel distance of the slider which ended up being 206% and it is very stable.
2/18/2012increased pitch/roll to 170 and added FPV gear and 4S4000mAh battery.
MrBen.hobbywing flyfun 18a escNIMH, medium timingSunnysky X2212-13 980kv Turnigy 3s 3000 35-40cHoverthings FPV Frame1001001001108585Graupner E-Prop 9x51350grams with all FPV & gopro9mins
scphotoAdvance 20A ESCnimh, medium timing, cut offkeda 20-22LNano 3300 3sVC-450GF 10x4.5ATTi/Manual7 mins
ATX_HELIDJI Opto 30AdefaultDJI 2212 920KVZippy 3s 5000mah 20cDJI F450 Flamewheel1001001401608080DJI 10x51440g AUW with Gopro+ gimbal + FPV cam/TX/OSDATTi/Manualdoes okay in gusty winds...some bounces but controllable...12mins11.1-.55=10.5510.0-.55=9.50Gusty winds will induce some tiny bumps in ATTI....gimbal gains at 20/40...some "over steer or pitch back" in MAN when slowing from FF by applying some back stick4/3/2012tweaked gain values again; finally got tiny sporadic vibration-like vertical bounces eleiminated by lowering MAN gains to 100
RickHapAKE PWM 12A with 2A/5V BECSTDAKE QUAD DANCER QD1100B3S1P - Various AKE 5850mAH 15C GFORCE 500mAH 30C GFORCE 4000mAH 30C VBPower 2500mAH 25C Zeus 2200mAH 25CXAircraft X650V411511511511511511510x4.5 el CheapoATTi/ManualCalm, Windy, Gusty, Indoors5-12minFirst few flights there was a left yaw. One of the set screws on the arm was slightly loose that added a torque which caused the yaw. With this issued solved the entire platform flys wonderfully. DX8 RADIO
RickHapSKYWALKER 20ASTDSUNNYsky X2212-13 980kv 3S1P - Various AKE 5850mAH 15C GFORCE 500mAH 30C GFORCE 4000mAH 30C VBPower 2500mAH 25C Zeus 2200mAH 25CXAircraft Hexa140140120504040APC 10x4.7 ATTi/ManualCalm, Windy, Gusty, Indoors5-12minUsing default gain settings. Flying in 10MPH wind at 38F with full control. Simply hung a GoPro with full protection on a XAircraft battery mount platform for some video tests: DX8 RADIO
njozsefHobbyking F-30A Simonk FW. RFI noise eliminate: ONLY connect the signal wire to 4 esc (VCC and GND cutting).
Separated ferrite ring all in/out in NAZA FC Two turn (except to receiver). This ESC it is not optical isolate.
Simonk firmware. tgy_2012-03-01_2e27c08
NTM 3530 1100kv3s rhino 8000mAh (2x4000 parallel)Carboncore 650 (x4 flying mode)1.04130+x2130+x21301208080GRAUPNER 11x5 E-prop.all: 2500gramm with bat.bothATTI for calm
MANUAL for windy
11 min hovering10.310Very stable in calm the ATTI mode. Like a coax heli.
Manual mode using by windy. MANUAL mode like 3D heli. Vertical response very smooth in manual mode too.
3/14/2012X2 contolling the basic gains except vertical.
Mixing THR to X2(ch7) with curve 0 0 0 25 50) on transmitter (increase gain if throttle move down ). This setting eliminates the decrease-height "wobble" effect. If sick nearly and lower the center, then increase x2 gain.
40/60% expo M/A mode!!! (ail/elev), rudder 30% expo.
first fly video: (or search: usptom)
sgquadOpto 30ASTDSUNNYsky X2212-13 980kv 3s 2200mAhDJI Flame Wheel F45010010010010010010010x4757g with batt, no camAtti StabledefaultdefaultWas drifting backwards initially. More steady after prop balance2/15/2012
KopterVisionAdvance 20A ESCSTDKeda 10503S 3300 25-50c Turnigy NanotechVC-4501.0465659013040408x4.51363g with batt. qauadframe landing legs, quadframe 2-axis gimbal, and naked GoProATTiCalm, gusty9 mins10.910.45some wobble3/5/20123/2 - updated values for addition of larger battery, landing legs, gimbal, and camera.  3/5 - update with values that eliminates an oscillation
WillMDJI Opto 30ASTDDJI 920kv4S 3300DJI Flame Wheel F4501.041751751601558080DJI 8x4.5?ATTI & Manual12-14 mins14.7 - 0.5 = 14.214.2 - 0.5 = 13.7Still working on the gains. Have tried 3S battery, have also tried 10x4.5 props & 10x5 Graupners,
which threw off the gains too much. Sticking with 4S and 8" stock props until gains are at 100%, then will
experiment with the other props.
BobtheNukeHobbyWing 18ASTDCobra 2217-203S-3300DJI Flame Wheel F4501.0410010010010 - 4-51349 Grams with GoProHDATTIDrifts slightly in ATTI10-15 minBasic default settings - works fine so I'm leaving it alone for the time being3/1/2012
km28104Turnigy Plush 25aSTDKDA 20-22l3s 2200 25cVC-4501.04145.00145.00145.00150.00130.00130.0010-47ATTIDrifts slightly in ATTI
Pandangan001Hobbywing 20A (FYETech)Mid TimingFYETech 960kV3s 2200 35cGaui 330xs extended to 469mm with Gaui one-axis camera mount10.410210210811870708x4.5 (Gaui 330xs standard)1100gATTItakes off straight, drift slightly during flight5 minChanging the ESC setting from the default LOW to MID, seems to improve the smoothness, less 'twitching' in video taken.3/7/2012
HalfordTurnigy Plush 18ANiMH, normal start, mid timingsDT750kv3s2200 25C x2DJI F45010.4defaultdefaultdefaultdefaultdefaultdefault11x4.71300gATTIVery calm and stable, little jumps on height after a quick movement. to be tuned10-15 min not doing crazy thingsbeen testing, I'll update it soon after tuning, but it behaves very well at the moment.
Chad2323 - ChetRC Timer 30ampMid TimingSUNNYsky X2212-13 980kv 3s 2200 DJI 55010.41601601501601301309.47 Gemfan Carbon
RSGaui 330x-sdefaultGaui 330x-s Scorpion3s 2200Gaui 330x-sdefaultdefaultdefault143defaultdefaultGaui 8"830g with, FPV-cam, Transmitter, EzOSD, LEDATTIstable10 min not doing crazy thingsexternal batt-monitor set to 3.5 vgreat!
HKubotaDJI Opto 18ASTDDJI 920kV3S 2200DJI Frame Wheel 330 2.01150150150110100100DJI 8x4.5782gATTIstable10 min10New firmware. Increased basic gains.5/5/2012I keep on increasing pitch and roll from 100 to (now 130) as I get more comfortable with its reactions
Ruszek83Castle Creations Phoenix 25AFirmware 4.01DJI 920kV3S 5000mA 40CDJI Flame Wheel F4501.04140140140160110110Graupner E-Prop 9x5~900gATTI100% stable~15min10.810.4Testet, with 10 -15 different gains, this one works bet at the moment. ( no wind )7/5/2012
JCKonieckiDJI Opto 30aSTDDji stock 920kV 2215 motor3S 3000mA 30C-60CDJI Flame Wheel F4502.01120100110110100100DJI 8x4.5BothStable10minutes+10.50 - .20 - 10.30v10.20 - .20 - 10.00v only 3-4 good flights so far. Everything works pretty well. Need to weigh my 450 and my Go Pro. Added LED lights and It apprear after 2 runs I can munite less around 9min to before SLP. May reduce to 10.00 70-9.305/31/2012Moved AutoPilot setting in 10's currently 120 haven't messed with gain much. I like it close to factory.
crassusDJI Opto 30adefautDJI 920Kv4S 35c 60C 6000mhaDJI Frame F5502.01defautdefautdefautdefautdefautdefautGraupner E-Prop 10x82303g pied nacelle goproATTI-GPSCalm 126/10/2012
Pandangan001Hobbywing 20A (FYETech)Mid TimingDYS/RCTimer 2830 (850kv)3s 2200 35cHobbyKing SK450 + Helimount Camera Mount2.0110210211963120120GWS 10x4.7 Modified to fit the current prop adaptor1320g AUW (with camera)ATTICalm and stable with GWS prop but twitchy with Emax 10x4.5 props1min 54 secVery short flight time. Need bigger battery. Even parallel 2x of 2200mah (3S, 35C) Lipo will give only 3min 30sec flight time. Not sure why... 6/12/2012
VannielDJI Opto 30aSTDDJI 920Kv4s 5800 30cQuadframe SIXcopter2.01150150100100100100Graupner E-Prop 10x52400 g with gopro and gimbalATTI10-12 minTesting
Rcdon.comExceed RC Proton 30A ESC. These ESCs are not compatible with the 400Hz refresh rate and will stall when they heat up causing a rollover!!!. Also ESC's will also not arm without powering up the MC first. Stock settingsExceed Optima 1080kv 4 x 3s 2200 mAh Packs - 8800 mAh Total 30cMR1 680mm Hexacopter - "I" configuration.2.01DefaultDefaultDefaultDefaultDefaultDefaultGWS 3-Blade 9x52832 g Without Gimbal/CameraATTI-GPSNot stable - Rollover7 MinDefaultDefaultHavent had much stick time with the NAZA due to multiple rollovers caused by motors # 5 & 6 intermittantly stalling out. DJI tech support was responsive but of little help.6/29/2012
Rcdon.comNext Level 30AMid TimingExceed Optima 1080kv4 x 3s 2200 mAh Packs - 8800 mAh Total 30cMR1 680mm Hexacopter - "I" configuration.2.01130130150200120120GWS 3-Blade 9x52832 g Without Gimbal/CameraMAN-ATTI-GPSStable in calm wind.7 Min11.2- have six flights on the NAZA and I am quite happy. Really solid even on a six pound - 4 oz aircraft!!! New Next Level ESCs work flawlessly. My hex does start to wobble near the end of the battery life but by no means out of control.7/2/2012
WMWHobbywing Pentium 30ASTDEMP N2830 KV9203s 5000mAh 35CX525 V3 2.01100100100120100100Graupner E-Prop 11x51800 g without camGPS-ATTIStable ~12 Min
glmccready ( 40ADefault NmhRCtimer 3536/11 750kv3s 2200 & 4000AhHoverthings 5502.01deffaultdefaultdefaultdefaultdefaultdefaultAPC 11x51550 with GoPro (2200bat)ATIStable6-8 mindefaultdefaultPower up ESC THEN Naza or ESC will not initiate (sing the song) Stable Adding GPS next.8/11/2012
Mauro MasariHobbyKing Red Brick 30A NiMi,timing high,brake off,start normalhexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv4S 2200 Nanotech         and          4s 5000mha turnigy 25cDJI Flame Wheel F4502.019090135110130130GWS 3-Blade 9x51805 with 4s 2200 Nanotech, FPV equip (OSD and MFD Ant. tracker) and Gopro with case. 2032gr with 5000mha.MAN-ATTI-GPSStable6-7min with 2200     /     10-12min with 500014.0 - 0.2 = 14.013.2 - 0.2 = 13.0Runing with props GWS 9x5x3 and 3S battery was very unstable now with a 4S is a very stable quad. Hover with 2200 4S is around 18amp, with 5000 4S is 27amp. WOT with 5000 4S 41amp.8/14/2012Starting procedure is not needed after new firmware.
newjack 36HobbyKing 12A BlueSeriesSTDTurnigy 2730 Brushless Motor 1300kv3s 3300 Turnigy 20-30CTurnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame2.011301451301301151159x4,7 FlyduinoMAN-ATTI-GPSStable10-12 minvery good Setup for Naza.
Den978Tigermotor 18A (400Hz) NiMi,Mid TimingT-Motor MT2216 900kV 3s 5000 Turnigy 35CXaircraft X650 Value V22.02130130130120135140APC 10x4.7 MAN-ATTI-GPS100% stable12-15 min--very good Setup9/4/2012
rattisRctimer 20A (custom f/w)NiMh, Mid TimingRCTimer 2830-13 850 Kv3s 3700 Turnigy 25CDJI Flame Wheel F4502.02165165165205100100Gemfan 11x4.7MAN-ATTI-GPSStable13-16 minoffoff3rd motor starts only when throtle increased9/5/2012
ERIC123   Turnigy Plush 30ATiming LowLeopard 2835 / 850kv4S / 4000mAhcopy DJI F550 from RC Timer2.022002001201351701708 X 5 Elektro Prop / Graupner1,8 Kg without cameraMAN-ATTI-GPSstable with 15 km/haround 11min, always movingoffoffthe naza work fine                                                                                                                                                               now, i will try a new setup with 10x5 blades / 2 x 4S 4000mA / gimbal / camera / etc10 sept 2012
Fly4FreedomRC Timer SimonK firmware 30AAs it isRC Timer A2830-11 1000Kv3s 2200 mAh 45CRC Timer SM550 V22.02160160160150130130RC Timer 10x4.5 CF1400 gr w/o Cam and LGMAN-ATTI-GPSStable
Rcdon.comNext Level 30AMid TimingExceed Rocket 86MA69-2215-1050kv 280 watt 60 gram motors 4 x 3s 2200 mAh Packs - 8800 mAh Total 30cMR1 680mm Hexacopter - "I" configuration.2.01180180150200120120GWS 3-Blade 10x62895 g Without Gimbal/CameraMAN-ATTI-GPSVery stable8 Min11.2- have since upgraded my motors and propellers which as made the hex more stable than ever. I have been able to turn up the gains and enjoy rock solid performance with this setup. The hex has a little better flight time due to the better motor/propeller combination and can lift a payload of almost 2100 grams (total thrust of 5680 grams at 120 amps @ 11.1v). The disc loading is perfect with my hexe's weight and does not wobble on decent. Note: I did try to upgrade to the assistant software version 1.8 and the new firmware of 2.02 and found that the new adjustable pulse rates for the gimbal servos are not compatible with some analog servos. I use Hitec HS-56HB's on my gimbal and they would shutter using any of the adjustments given under the new 2.01 firmware. I kept the original Naza 1.6 assistant software and used it to revert back to the 2.01 firmware which eliminated the jitter of the servos. I will continue to use 2.01 until I upgrade my gimbal servos to digitals....9/14/2012
klonerDJI Opto 30astdskylipo 4s 4000mah 40cTBS Discovery w/ gimble1301301301308888graupner 8x52480 w/ gimble and full
wmwHW Pentium 30Astd/normalSD-M550K 4404 550kv 3s 5000mAh 35CSmartdrones SD-R630A carbon2.02120120100120100100Smartdrones 15,7x5,51600 g without camMan-Att-GPSvery stable23minsorry to kloner (one line above), I deleted your motordata by accident11/10/2012
HaychRCTimer 30A SimonKStockRCTimer 2830-11 1000kv4S 3300mah 30C (Blue Turnigy)Turnigy Talon V2 Hexacopter2.021801801001001001008x4.5 Gemfans2.025g with all FPV gear but without a GoproMan-Att-GPSVery Stable8mins14.8/0.7/14.114/.7/13.3tested with an additional 3300mah 4Cell in parallel, hovered for 12 mins - so 100% increase in battery gave 50% increase in flight time (overall weight 2.5kg)11/28/2012
T J GilbertDJI 30AstdDJI 2212/920Kv4S 3300mA 25C NanotechDJI F4502.02150150150150100100APC 9x4.7 SF2lb11.9oz no camAtti/GPSgood in wind10 min +13.6v loaded12.6v loadedpool noodle landing gear/was first camera ship
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