Instructions For Use of Temporary Low Cost Housing: 1. You may reach out to any host listed here. Please use the "Preferred Method of Communication" listed to get in touch with the host.
2. Please make sure you discuss all details of the lodging experience with the host and ask all questions you have about the place you will be staying, including the maximum time the host will allow you to stay.
3. Cost is set at $15 for lodging in a common space and $30 for a private room. Please discuss payment with your host prior to your arrival.
4. As soon as you are able to confirm an accomodation, please email the admissions office at and let us know where you will be staying so we can update the housing list accordingly.

5. Be courteous and clean up after yourself, especially in shared areas of the home.
6. Be polite and respectful of the host and the host’s guidelines.
7. Ask before you bring a guest into your host’s home.
8. Ask if you wish to use something that belongs to your host.
9. Notify your host if you are not returning home that evening.
10. Discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding the host’s guidelines.
11. Students who secure housing through the TLC Housing program must abide by the Middlebury Institute’s Official Student Code of Conduct.
First NameLast NameAffiliation to MIISDegree Program Dates Available # of Student Spaces AvailableEmail Address Primary Phone Number Secondary Phone Number Preferred Method of Communication Type(s) of Accommodation Accommodation Description Additional Comments
JerryHildebrandStaffCSILJanuary 4th-January 647-4179PhoneBed in Guest RoomI have a separate guest room (but shared bath) furnished and available on Alvarado street (two blocks from campus)
RuxinZhengStudentDec 5- Jan 301448238015@qq.com8319158632+8618608152388EmailBed, Mattress, OtherIt's a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment shared with another MIIS student; 3 blocks away from campus; WI-FI available; shared laundry--$2.00 for washing & $1.75 for drying.
I have one full-size bed and an airbed.
SarahWhitleyStudentIEM/MPAJanuary 3, 2016 - February 29, 20161swhitley@miis.edu38542445083854244508PhoneCouch, Mattress, OtherHouse, 5-10 minute walk from campus, 1 roommate. Will have either a futon or large mattress available. We also have a lot of storage space that he/she would be welcome to store luggage, etc. 1 bathroom. He/she can use the kitchen, dinnerware, silverware, etc. as long as he/she cleans up afterwards.

I grew up in Utah but am most recently from South Korea. I am an excellent cook and if they pitch in for groceries, I would be happy to cook extra.
My roommate and I only have 2 keys, so the person staying at our place would need to coordinate with us so we can make sure someone is home to let him/her in.
KatyWilsonStudentMPAJan 20-February 202katyw@miis.edu4152465001EmailCouch, OtherI have a queen-size futon in my living room. I have no roommates, so the living becomes a semi-private room when there is a guest there. If necessary, I can host two students, one on the futon and another on a nice air mattress. My apartment is two blocks from campus (three minutes' speed walk to Morse). I maintain a calm space at home and enjoy yoga, cooking and great conversation! I request that guests be actively searching for housing, as I cannot offer any medium- or long-term accommodation.Sorry, females only, as the bathroom is accessed through my bedroom :(
LiXuStudentTLMJanuary to Feburary1lxu@miis.edu6267419014PhoneBedA separate room offered, with four other MIIS students staying in the house. Two blocks from Aquarium. I am a 2nd-year TLM student from China.
EmilyTaylorStudentTLMJanuary and February2eetaylor@gmail.com8318699932EmailBed, Couch, Guest RoomI have a guest room with a bed and desk. I also have a small couch. Onsite laundry, one block from campus.

Roommates: I have a one-month-old baby. She sleeps well at night, but she sometimes cries during the afternoon and evening. I also have a medium-sized dachshund mix who is energetic and loves people.

About me - I am a first year TLM student. I am quiet but friendly.
LiMaStudentIPS:TradeDec.141lim@miis.edu83191706518319170651Email, textGuest RoomI could sublet my own private room. I have two nice roommates. All of us are girls. They are kind and nice. My room is very spacious and it has an private bathroom. It's on Watson Street, 7-min walk to school.
RoxyKennedyStudentNPTS1/3-early February1Rvazirpourkennedy@miis.edu949-439-6666EmailGuest RoomThis is a lovely, warm home located approximately two miles from MIIS. The family who owns this house, their son, a Samoyed dog, and a MIIS student reside in this three story house. A car is highly recommended but in the case that the student does not possess a car, a ride may be provided to campus. Student will be responsible for returning back on their own in the afternoon, whether that be via walking, bus, taxi, uber, etc.

I am a first semester NPTS student and I absolutely love living here. The family is awesome, the dog is very loving (once he investigates you), and I always look forward to returning here after a long day at MIIS. We understand the difficult housing situation and would be happy to help students out for a couple of nights as they determine their long-term living situation.
Occupied 1/25-1/28.
HeidiWilliamsStudentIEP1/10/15 - on 1hgarrett@miis.edy8587351737EmailCouch, OtherMy husband and I have a 2 bedroom apartment about 2 miles from campus (an easy bike ride). We will have either a spare room with an air mattress or a couch in the living room available for temporary housing. We do have 2 indoor cats though, so anyone needing housing here must be ok with that!
Yuki Goto c/o Deborah &AllenStudentMPADec 15 - Mid Jan1guitarfreak_yuki@msn.com84527046318452704631EmailBedI'm away for winter break so that student can use my apartment.I'll talk to owner and get a permission if there's anybody necessary.
AnitaJoshiStudentMPAAnytime1Ajoshi@miis.edu71943925067194392506EmailBedPrivate room with bathroom (possible private bathroom) available in 3 bedroom house located 3 blocks from MIIS.
RebeccaOwenStaffN/AJan 2 - Jan 301rebeccafowen@gmail.com978-505-7538EmailCouchQuiet living room with futon. Access to kitchen and full bath. Private patio outside. 3 blocks from campus. 5 minutes from downtown.
NaomiBraswellStaffstaffJan 3-30th, 20161sobrpenguin@yahoo.com831-915-2257831-647-3572bothCouch, Guest RoomSpare room - double bed - tv - shared bathroomMust not be alergic to dogs as we have a small house dog
GuadalupeLopezFacultyMATESOLany time1glopez@miis.edu831 594-3137831 484-2377PhoneGuest RoomThis sunny bedroom used to belong to my daughter, who has since moved away. It is in a 4-bedroom house and it has a private bathroom. I live with my husband and 17-year-old son, who has a bedroom on the opposite side of the house.

The house is about 7 miles from campus (on Hwy 68 between Monterey and Salinas), so it's better if the student has a car. If not, he or she can carpool with me to and from work at MIIS. I teach in the MIIS IESL program and at the MIIS Writing Center.
JaimeeDe PompeoAlumTESOLall1jaimeedepompeo@gmail.com6315133661EmailGuest RoomI have a guest room that has a double bed and couch. Shared bathroom, kitchen and living room. Backyard for sitting and sun basking! House is about a 10 minute drive from campus so you must have a car :)
CaitlynLamdinStudentIEMJanuary 3-303clamdin@miis.edu8025227121EmailCouch, MattressI have one pull-out couch, another comfy couch, and an air mattress. My apartment is probably 2 minutes from campus. I am already talking with an incoming MPA student who may sublet from my roommate for the month of January, so it would likely be two of us in the house already. The student, if she does decided to sublet, has two cats. If she finds another arrangement, my roommate's room would be available (though it is only separated by a curtain.) I am an IEM student heading into my second semester. I am from Vermont, I love cats, I love traveling, and I study French and Arabic here at MIIS. I was a high school French teacher for three years before coming to graduate school.
AngelaPackStaffGSTILE12/18/15-1/20/15; 2/2/15 onward1angie.m.pack@gmail.com2096946100EmailGuest RoomWe live in Marina, CA (about 15 min drive from MIIS) and have a private bedroom in a home on a quiet cul-de-sac that we use as a guest room and a full guest bathroom on the main level. We are a family of four: my husband is a Pediatrician at Monterey Peninsula Pediatrics, and I am the Practicum Coordinator for GSTILE at MIIS; We have two daughters, aged 2 1/2 years and 13 months, and they both sleep through the night but take naps during the day. We all live upstairs, so you would have some privacy in the downstairs guest room. We don't have any pets, and we love having guests in our home.We'd prefer a female student who likes young children.
LuisaRoemerStudentNPTS1/1/2016 - 2/15/162lroemer@miis.edu831-324-8425918-734-6020EmailCouchWe are three MIIS students and a friendly dog living together in a three bedroom/one bathroom house. We have a comfortable futon and a couch, both of which available as temporary accommodations. The house is 5-10 minutes from campus on foot.
BowonLeeStudentMATIDecember 12, 20151bowonl@miis.edu8319209278EmailMattress2 min walk from campus,
exit through kitchen door directly on Van Buren St.
Private room, private bath, private kitchen
0 roommates
Fully furnished with wifi
ChizuruYamamotoStudentJapanese T&I12/11/2015-01/27/20161chizuru0119@gmail.com8319209651EmailGuest RoomI live in a very cute historic victorian house with my lovely host family. The place is fully renovated, and it has a warm loving atmosphere. I live with my hostmom, who is very friendly and active, and also a good cook, and her two daughters who are teenagers, and one DLI student. We have another student in our back house. We also have a small dog (Pomeranian). You will have a cute one bedroom on the first floor.
It is located in PG, just on the border of PG and Monterey. 5-min walk from the aquarium. 1-min walk from a MST bus stop. The view from the house is very beautiful; you can see the beautiful ocean. By staying at my place, you will enjoy life in Monterey and life in PG!
- Female only
- Long stay preferred
Jiyoung MinStudentKorean T&Iany dates1jmin@miis.edu831-224-4660978-382-3184EmailCouchMy place is 2-room and 2-bathroom type apartment on Van Buren St. It takes at most 1 minute (less than that actually) to the campus by walk. We have a futon which can turn into a full-size bed in our living room. There are coin-operated washer and dryer in the apartment complex. Two girls live in the place, one from Korea and the other from Afghanistan. I am in the Korean T&I program and my roommate in the IEP.
NoelleBrookerStudentIEM12/10/15-01/13/151noelle.j.brooker@gmail.com3303211631EmailPrivate bedroomI live in a two bedroom apartment in a quite neighborhood right on Del Monte beach. I will be out of town for the above dates so my entire room will be available. It is furnished with a queen size bed, large desk, space heater, and ample room for stretching or yoga. The kitchen is completely stocked and you would have full access. It's a 7 minute drive to campus or a 30 minute walk. There's a great bike trail right on the beach that goes to campus or you could walk along the coast the whole way there.

My roommate will also be out of town, but may be subletting her room as well. So there's a chance you could have the whole place to yourself, or share with another incoming MIIS student. It could be a great way to make some new friends or find a potential roommate!

The living room only has a couch (no TV), but theres a great view of the ocean and at night, you can hear the waves and the seals. The apartment has wifi which you will have access to. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I'd be happy to respond promptly.
ZacharyTaronStudentIPDJanuary 18-February 31zachary.taron@gmail.com805-801-3642EmailCouch, Guest RoomMy wife and I live in Pacific Grove approximately 5 min drive from MIIS. There is also a bus that leaves every hour and takes about 12 minutes to get to campus. We have an extra bedroom with a twin size bed. We also have a small couch for a second guest if there's no other option.
AyakoYamadaStudentIEM/MPA1/1-1/302ayamada@miis.edu2245636716EmailCouch, Guest RoomMy bedroom will be available 1/1-1/23 as I will be away for DPMI Rwanda. I also have a couch in the living room, which will be available 1/1-30, or longer if needed. I have a Taiwanese male roommate, who teaches Chinese at MIIS. We share the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
My bedroom has a desk and a full size bed as well as plenty of space for your luggage.
Our place is on Foam street and McClellan Ave in New Monterey. It'll take about 20min to walk to campus, and 10min to bike (you can use my bike if you want).
I will be in London and Rwanda most of January. Although I intend to check my email as frequent as possible, I am not sure about the connection over there. You can contact my roommate, who stays in Monterey, for more immediate assistance (831-233-4624).
AnthonyMusaStudentNPTS01/01-01/231amusa@miis.edu6029090969EmailBed, Mattress, OtherI am in Europe over most of January. Therefore, I am willing to let someone stay in my studio apartment until they find their own house. I live 2.6 miles from campus, I have no roommates.
NathanielTaylorStudentMANPTS01/05/162Phone only(703) 635-8499PhoneBed, CouchWe have a fold out couch and a free bed. My two housemates will be away for christmas, one of them is subleasing their room for the month. I will be working at CNS for the entire month of January.
Gabriella ForsterStudentIEM1/12 - 1/17 and 1/24-2/ / live in Pacific Grove, past the small downtown, so you will need to either have a car, or bike to get to school from my apartment. It takes about 10-15 minutes driving to school and about 20-25 minutes biking. I have a couch (standard, not a couch bed) and can provide blankets. The couch is in my living room which is attached to the kitchen area and bathroom, and I am the only one living in the apartment.

I am an International Education Management (IEM) student from Northern California and love cooking/baking, tennis, exploring the Monterey Bay Peninsula, and meeting new people.
María JesúsIglesiasFacultyGSTILEJanuary 14-22th1miglesiasbarca@miis.edu831-917-2334EmailGuest RoomI am a MIIS professor in the Spanish department. My husband, my 15 year old daughter and I live in a 3 bed/2bath house in the Del Monte beach area (1.5 miles distance from MIIS). In January, our son's bedroom will be available as he will be off to college. We are happy to offer this spare room to a MIIS student for TLC.
ShuyuLuoStudentDec 13 - Feb1shuyul@miis.edu831.884.6339EmailBedYou'll be sleeping in a very large master room with individual bathroom on a yoga mat. I'll be out of town from Dec till Jan. 20.
JasonWarburgStaffn/a1/3-2/61jwarburg@miis.edu831-647-3516916-335-6548EmailGuest RoomWe can offer a private guest room in a fairly large home with its own bathroom and kitchen access for meals. The student would probably need a car or other form of transportation to campus as we are about 8 miles from campus at the north end of Seaside (Seaside Highlands). It is bikable but would be a 30-minute ride with significant ups and downs. My wife and I are the only other full-time occupants at home. We love music and travel and photography and learning about other cultures, and tend to live quietly but enjoy visitors. We do have three cats, so anyone who is allergic would probably not be comfortable in our home.
GuldanaKhamzinaStudentIPDuntil 16 january1gkhamzina@miis.edu83140223438312388878PhoneBed, Guest RoomPrivate bedroom with all accommodation in 2 minute walking distance from school. Full kitchen, bathroom is shared with another person.
DevinLueddekeStaffN/A1/26, 1/31-1/31devin@miis.edu2072408365Text or EmailSingle bed in guest room/office. About 1 mile from campus, this will be a semi-private room with a shared bath. "Semi-private" means that this room also houses our computer/home office which we often use during the day. The house is new to us, but fairly old so we are in the process of making improvements. So you must appreciate the "character" of an old house. You must also be ok with dogs, and a non-smoker. Please email during business hours or call/text after 5pm to discuss availability and other details.
Jennifer LeveyMIIS AlumnaIEPall year round2jenniferlevey@yahoo.com831-359-3383Email or text1 bed and 1 couch pulloutI have a home in Seaside. Students would have a separate bathroom also.