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PS this is a work in progress. Completed within a day or two. Different races & gender are split up into sheets at the bottom. Feel free to make your own copy (File > Make a copy...) or download as a filetype of your choice (File > Download as).
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerGREETINGExcuse me. Can you help me? I've been robbed by some notorious thieves!fbmwMSGreetings_GREETING_00f8873c_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerSome notorious thievesThey've still got my jewels. Perhaps I'll get them back one day.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1someSnotoriousSthieves_00f8aa2f_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerSome notorious thievesYes, just a few hours ago I was robbed. I'm certain it was the group led by the Khajiit, Dro'zhirr. They stole all of my jewelry, but most importantly, they got two family heirlooms of mine.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1someSnotoriousSthieves_00f8aa30_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerThey've been in my family for years. If you can return them to me, I'd gladly pay you their weight in gold.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1someSnotoriousSthieves_00f8aa30_2
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerFamily HeirloomsYou've found them! I'm so relieved. Here, please take this gold as payment. I was able to keep it hidden when the outlaws robbed me, and I'd be glad for you to have it. Thank you again!fbmwMVBanditVictim_1familySheirlooms_00f8aa8a_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerFamily HeirloomsYou've found them! I'm so relieved. Here, please take this gold as payment. I was able to keep it hidden when the outlaws robbed me, and I'd be glad for you to have it. Thank you again!fbmwMVBanditVictim_1familySheirlooms_00f8aa8b_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerFamily HeirloomsYou've found them! I'm so relieved. Here, please take this gold as payment. I was able to keep it hidden when the outlaws robbed me, and I'd be glad for you to have it. Thank you again!fbmwMVBanditVictim_1familySheirlooms_00f8aa8c_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerFamily HeirloomsIf you can retrieve them for me, I'd be eternally grateful.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1familySheirlooms_00f8aa8d_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerFamily HeirloomsYes, it was a ring and an amulet. They're both inscribed, so it shouldn't be tough to tell which ones are mine.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1familySheirlooms_00f8aa8e_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerFamily HeirloomsIt's good to have my jewelry back.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1familySheirlooms_00f8aa8f_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerDro'ZhirrYes, that scoundrel. He's got my family heirlooms, and I want them back.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1DroAZhirr_00f8ab34_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerI'll get your jewels back.You will? Excellent. I believe their hideout is somewhere east of Caldera, although none of the local authorities has been able to find them.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1someSnotoriousSthieves1_00322f6a_1
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerNo great surprise there.fbmwMVBanditVictim_1someSnotoriousSthieves1_00322f6a_2
Aeta Wave-BreakerCommonerI don't have the time.Well! I'm sorry you're too busy to help out someone in need. Goodbye to you, then!fbmwMVBanditVictim_1someSnotoriousSthieves2_00322f6b_1
BergljotBarbarianGREETINGAll hail the new sheeftain of Thirshk! *burp!* Becaushe of you, the mead hall ish open again! Here'sh to your health! *burp!*fbmwBMMeadHall_GREETING_0002a458_1
BergljotBarbarianErich the UnworthyHe'sh dead, ishn't he?MorroDefaultQuest_1ErichStheSUnworthy_00320afa_1
BergljotBarbarianThe UdyrfrykteYou killed that shtinkin' monshter!fbmwBMMeadHall_1theSUdyrfrykte_003215b8_1
BergljotBarbarianThirsk*burp* Thirshk? You're shtandin' in it, shilly! *burp*MorroDefaultQuest_1Thirsk_00322ce6_1
BergljotBarbarianMeadMead ish the finesht drink on Solshteim! Finesht drink on Shkyrim too, for that matter! *burp!*MorroDefaultQuest_1mead_00322ee4_1
Eiruki Hearth-HealerBarbarianAlms for the poorI already gave you what I could.fbmwICNordAlms_1almsSforStheSpoor_00f8a384_1
Eiruki Hearth-HealerBarbarianAlms for the poorI'll be happy to give alms. Here. Take it all.fbmwICNordAlms_1almsSforStheSpoor_00f8a385_1
Eiruki Hearth-HealerBarbarianAlms for the poorI'll be happy to give alms. Here.fbmwICNordAlms_1almsSforStheSpoor_00f8a386_1
Eiruki Hearth-HealerBarbarianLatest RumorsDid you hear? The Lord's Mail has been taken. They're trying to keep it quiet, but some heads will roll, you can be sure.MorroDefaultQuest_1latestSrumors_00321626_1
Erna the QuietCommonerGREETINGYou killed my Brandr! Why?!MorroDefaultQuest_GREETING_0002a454_1
Erna the QuietCommonerGREETINGHave you met my love, Brandr?MorroDefaultQuest_GREETING_0002a455_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGI see you've risen in rank, outlander. Word on the street is that you've become Mercius' lapdog, and he's sent you to kill me.fbmwFGKillCronies_GREETING_00007616_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsI'm afraid I can't let that happen. You were always a disappointment.fbmwFGKillCronies_GREETING_00007616_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGI sent you to investigate some orcs at a Daedric ruin. What have you found out?fbmwFGAlofsFarm_GREETING_00012c59_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGDid you recover the debt money from Desele yet? Or have you just been wasting time? Well?fbmwFGDeseleDebt_GREETING_00012c5b_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGWhat's the status on those egg poachers? Don't make me assign this to another person.fbmwFGEggPoachers_GREETING_00012c5e_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGDid you find time in your schedule to visit the Sarano tomb yet? Give me the status.fbmwFGHungerLoose_GREETING_00012c57_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGGive me the status on Dura gra-Bol. Surely you haven't botched up this mission, have you?fbmwFGOrcBounty_GREETING_00012c5a_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGHave you taken care of that cave rat problem yet? Surely you can handle even that.fbmwFGRatHunt_GREETING_00012c5f_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGHave you recovered that code book yet? I've been waiting too long for it.fbmwFGSottilde_GREETING_00012c5c_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGDo you have more information on the Telvanni agents? I need to know.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_GREETING_00012c5d_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsGREETINGTell me what is happening with that Verethi gang. I'll assume you've taken care of it?fbmwFGVerethiGang_GREETING_00012c58_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsThefts and DisappearancesThe Caldera Mining Company says they've learned a group of Telvanni agents are spying on the Caldera Mine works. There have been a number of ebony thefts, missing guards, escaped slaves, and these Telvanni agents are responsible.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1theftsSandSdisappearances_00f8aa18_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsBalmora Fighters GuildYou are in the Balmora Guild of Fighters now. I am the Guild Steward.MorroDefaultQuest_1BalmoraSFightersSGuild_003205bd_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsOrcs at a Daedric ruinYou've been expelled from the Fighters Guild. Until you make amends, I cannot discuss contracts with you.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205da_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsOrcs at a Daedric ruinIf you already killed those Orcs, why did I get this contract? Well, rules are rules. Here's the 500 septims, your share of what the Duke paid.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205db_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsOrcs at a Daedric ruinAlof says the Orcs are gone. Here's 500 septims for the Duke's contract.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_00f8a253_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsOrcs at a Daedric ruinDuke Vedam Dren himself gave us a contract to take care of the problem. Go to Alof's Farm northeast of Pelagiad.... What do you mean Alof is dead?fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205dc_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsWhat were you thinking, outlander? Well, the contract still needs to be filled.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205dc_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsApparently, our only source of information is dead, so you'll just have to search the area until you figure out which orcs to get rid of.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205dc_3
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsCheck for any ruins nearby; it'd be a good place for them to hide out.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205dc_4
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsOrcs at a Daedric ruinDuke Vedam Dren himself gave us a contract to take care of the problem. Go to Alof's Farm northeast of Pelagiad and just north of the Arvel Plantation.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205dd_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsAlof can tell you where the Orcs are and what needs to be done.fbmwFGAlofsFarm_1OrcsSatSaSDaedricSruin_003205dd_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsCaldera Ebony MinesThey're southwest of the town of Caldera, I believe. Check around when you're in Caldera. They'll give you better directions.fbmwHRCalderaCorrupt_1CalderaSebonySmines_00320849_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsSathasa NerothrenShe's Thieves Guild, a local Dark Elf, no one important. And this Caldera Mine trouble has nothing to do with the Thieves Guild.MorroDefaultQuest_1SathasaSNerothren_00001bc4_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsFothyna HerothranShe's Thieves Guild, a local Dark Elf. She's known on Azura's Coast. She could be trouble. But like I told you: this Caldera Mine trouble is not a Thieves Guild job.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1FothynaSHerothran_00f8aa78_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsThieves Guild JobI told you. This Caldera Mine trouble is not a Thieves Guild job. Yes. They are Thieves Guild. And if you belong to the Thieves Guild, and you murder a Thieves Guild member, you get expelled.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1ThievesSGuildSjob_00f8aa7a_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsBut it's only murder if the crime is reported. And you're not going to report it, are you? And, after all, I'm your Fighters Guild Steward, and I'm giving you a job to do. Don't make me wonder about where your loyalities lie.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1ThievesSGuildSjob_00f8aa7a_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsTelvanni AgentsYou've been expelled, outlander. You'll have to make amends.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_0032104c_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsTelvanni AgentsYou got all four? Good. That'll make some people at Caldera Mining Company very happy. And here's 400 septims. The Caldera Mining Company pays well.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_0001422b_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-Arms And when your ready for more orders, let me know.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_0001422b_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsTelvanni AgentsFour Telvanni agents are responsible for thefts and disappearances at the Caldera ebony mines.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_00014229_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsTheir names are Alynu Aralen, Sathasa Nerothren, Fothyna Herothran, and Alveleg. They're hiding in a cave in the hills north of Caldera Mine.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_00014229_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsWhen the four agents are dead, report back to me. Take care, it's very likely that one of them is on lookout posted outside the mines.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_00014229_3
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsThe quickest way to Caldera is probably to have the guild guide at the Mages Guild transport you, but it is your choice.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1TelvanniSagents_00014229_4
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsEquipment ChestYou'll find basic supplies: arrows, bolts, healing potions. If you need more healing than that, head to the temple.MorroDefaultQuest_1equipmentSchest_0032108b_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsWe're able to resupply the chest once in a while, but don't count on it.MorroDefaultQuest_1equipmentSchest_0032108b_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsFighters GuildIt's simple, outlander. The citizens give us duties and gold, and I pass some of them on to you.MorroDefaultQuest_1FightersSGuild_003214a1_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsWhen you're ready for advancement, just come ask me and I'll tell you if you're ready or not.MorroDefaultQuest_1FightersSGuild_003214a1_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsFighters GuildYou want to join the Fighters Guild? I'm the steward here in Balmora.MorroDefaultQuest_1FightersSGuild_003214a2_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsShulk Egg MineThe mine is a short distance southwest of Balmora, in the bluffs west of the Odai River.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1ShulkSEggSMine_00003977_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsThe old suspension bridge across the Odai is just southeast of the mine entrance.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1ShulkSEggSMine_00003977_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsFollow the river south of Balmora until you see the bridge overhead.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1ShulkSEggSMine_00003977_3
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsYou're not afraid of a little swim, are you?fbmwFGEggPoachers_1ShulkSEggSMine_00003977_4
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDura gra-BolYou've been expelled from the Fighters Guild. Until you make amends, I cannot discuss contracts with you.fbmwFGOrcBounty_1DuraSgraTBol_00321baa_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDura gra-BolYou already killed Dura gra-Bol? Well, then, these 250 septims are yours.fbmwFGOrcBounty_1DuraSgraTBol_00f8a5da_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDura gra-BolI heard that Dura gra-Bol is dead. Here's your 250 septims.fbmwFGOrcBounty_1DuraSgraTBol_00f8a5db_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDura gra-BolThis Orc is an outlaw, living openly in a house here in Balmora. I have a contract here that says 250 septims are yours if you bring her to justice.fbmwFGOrcBounty_1DuraSgraTBol_00321bab_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDura gra-BolI think she lives by the river, on the east side of town.fbmwFGOrcBounty_1DuraSgraTBol_00321bac_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDura gra-BolShe lives in town somewhere. Look around, you lazy fetcher.fbmwFGOrcBounty_1DuraSgraTBol_00321bad_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsVerethi GangYou've been expelled from the Fighters Guild. Until you make amends, I cannot discuss contracts with you.fbmwFGVerethiGang_1VerethiSGang_00321bae_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsVerethi GangIf you already killed Dovres Verethi, then I guess I ought to go ahead and pay you the 1000 septims.fbmwFGVerethiGang_1VerethiSGang_00f8a5e0_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsVerethi GangGood work. Here's the 1000 septims from the contract.fbmwFGVerethiGang_1VerethiSGang_00f8a5e1_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsVerethi GangOur client wants the leader of the Verethi Gang, Dovres Verethi, killed. The Verethi Gang are smugglers based in Mannammu just southeast of Pelagiad.fbmwFGVerethiGang_1VerethiSGang_00321baf_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsKill Dovres Verethi and report back to me for 1000 septims.fbmwFGVerethiGang_1VerethiSGang_00321baf_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsEgg PoachersYou've been expelled, outlander. You'll have to make amends.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00321aa0_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsEgg PoachersYou've been expelled. You'll have to make amends.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00321aa4_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsEgg PoachersYou got both of them? Good. Here's your payment. 100 septims. And we've got some extra potions from a recent raid. Take these. They'll come in handy.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00013aeb_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsJust tell me when you're ready for more orders.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00013aeb_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsEgg PoachersYes. Egg poachers. May sound silly, but those kwama eggs are among the few things worth exporting from this nasty little province.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00013ae9_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-Arms Dram Bero, the owner of Shulk Egg Mine, wants to make an example of these thieves to keep other miners from getting funny ideas.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00013ae9_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsThe egg poachers, Sevilo Othan and Daynila Valas, are former egg miners, and long-time local troublemakers. You can handle that, can't you?fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00013ae9_3
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsReport back when the poachers are dead.fbmwFGEggPoachers_1eggSpoachers_00013ae9_4
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsAlynu AralenShe's been expelled from the Fighters Guild. She stole from her Guild Steward. She's stupid, but she can fight.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1AlynuSAralen_00aac6ae_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsShe joined the Thieves Guild when we kicked her out, but she's nobody important. This Caldera Mine trouble is not a Thieves Guild job.fbmwFGTelvanniAgents_1AlynuSAralen_00aac6ae_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsSarano TombYou've been expelled from the Fighters Guild. Until you make amends, I cannot discuss contracts with you.fbmwFGHungerLoose_1SaranoSTomb_00321d59_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsSarano TombYou already killed the Hunger? Then take the 1000 septims for this contract.fbmwFGHungerLoose_1SaranoSTomb_00f8a62b_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsSarano TombI am sure the Sarano family is grateful. In the meantime, here's some more tangible gratitude: 1000 septims.fbmwFGHungerLoose_1SaranoSTomb_00f8a62a_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsSarano TombA Hunger has violated the Sarano Tomb. Go to this tomb, which is over the hills southeast of Fort Moonmoth between the Ashlands and Lake Amaya, and kill the Hunger.fbmwFGHungerLoose_1SaranoSTomb_00f8a62c_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDebt MoneyYou've been expelled from the Fighters Guild. Until you make amends, I cannot discuss contracts with you.fbmwFGDeseleDebt_1debtSmoney_00322320_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDebt MoneyYou killed Helviane Desele? Well, that's the way it is sometimes. Some people won't pay their debts.fbmwFGDeseleDebt_1debtSmoney_00322321_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDebt MoneyDo you have the 200 septims Desele owes our client?fbmwFGDeseleDebt_1debtSmoney_00f8a6a9_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsDebt MoneyHelviane Desele runs a cornerclub in Suran. She owes Manos Othreleth, one of our clients, 200 septims.fbmwFGDeseleDebt_1debtSmoney_00322324_1
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsBring this money to me and I'll let you keep half of it.fbmwFGDeseleDebt_1debtSmoney_00322324_2
Eydis Fire-EyeMaster-at-ArmsBitter CupYes, you gave me the Bitter Cup. I have not forgotten.fbmwTGBitterBribe_1BitterSCup_00f8a6cc_1