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Preschool (by the end of PK4)All students have mastered this skillThis skill is anticipated to be mastered by June 2017The students have begun work on the skill this yearThis skill was not attempted this yearI require assistance in implementing this skillThis skill belongs in a higher grade levelOtherSurveys Completed"Other" EntriesYES (Column B-D)NO (Column E-G)% Schools Completed Survey
Technology Operations and Concepts3861%
Basic Computer Operations: Use an input device to select an item and navigate the screen.181061204This skill was attempted and I continue to work on it. | PreK3 may be too young. Prek4 was easier to introduce computer use | is mastered by the end of PreK-4. "Begin work" in PreK-3 and PreK-2.89.5%7.9%
Basic Computer Operations: Use digital devices to explore stories with pictures, numbers, letters, and words.1015122102This skill is anticipated to be mastered by June 2017, By the end of PreK-497.4%7.9%
Basic Computer Operations: Use basic terminology in the proper context in conversation with peers and teachers (e.g., camera, tablet, Internet, mouse, keyboard, and printer).55240014I haven't done the internet, computer or mouse. I have stuck to Ipads | We covered some terminology. | we have worked with a tablet, mouse, internet and keyboard only.89.5%2.6%
Basic Computer Operations: Demonstrate the ability to use selected apps and software on computing devices.12615302186.8%13.2%
Guided Internet Use: Navigate the basic functions of a browser.24111604144.7%52.6%
Communication and Collaboration
Guided Internet Use: Collaborate with peers by participating in interactive digital games or activities.73121511157.9%44.7%
Research and Information Fluency
Guided Internet Use: Explore Internet websites with a teacher’s support.44161106163.2%44.7%