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NameIntroduce yourself :) (e.g. name, age, indie products made, job, social media handles, etc.)How was 2018 for you?Did you have any goals and resolutions that you achieved or not in 2018? Care to share some experiences and difficulties along the way?<br>What are your main 2019 goals and resolutions, both in your personal life and indie-making?Anything in the pipeline that you want to share with the Maker Mag community?<br>Which country are you in right now? (optional)Any statement or quote you want to share for 2019 :)? (optional)
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My name is Dominic @dqmonn, I'm a 21 year old Machine Learning Engineer and Maker from Switzerland. Since last year I'm working on mentorship platform and building up a Machine Learning community at
Amazing! Personally, I got hired into my first full-time Machine Learning job after I did an internship at NVIDIA. From the maker side, I launched from 0 to 100, growing MentorCruise to profitability and over 1'500 registered users!
At the end of 2017 I was working on a MVP for MentorCruise during evening commutes and weekends. My dream was to start my own (side-)business in 2018 - and I did! In March 2018 I launched MentorCruise, in May 2018 I launched RemoteML. Until the end of the year, both of them counted over 1'000 users.
Grow. I want to become a better engineer and dive deep into the wonders of Deep Learning and AI, and I hope that my indie-making will reflect that with a few related products coming up. I hope to at least double the size of MentorCruise as well.
Check out my twitter @dqmonn and you'll see ;) I hope to launch three new products this year.

Yes2019-01-27 12:47:192019-01-27 12:48:07b5c20ba37d
Basile Samel \| 24 \| \| full-time entrepreneur \| @basilesamel for twitter \| graduated as a software engineer \| french
Amazing! Productive and fulfilling. Started my first startup, built 9 products, graduated from college, built a second solo business, met lots of new people, lots of traveling
I don't do resolutions. Goals: become a full-time nomad entrepreneur - succeeded but it's not easy every day (co-founder breakup, 7 "failed" products, relocated to south-east asia)
I don't do resolutions but I do have some things I absolutely wanna do:
I'm already sharing everything with the maker community :P
Yes2019-01-27 12:46:142019-01-27 12:47:12b5c20ba37d
Hey! I'm Ethan, a 15-year-old indie maker from Sydney, Australia. I'm @Booligoosh on Twitter, and you can find out more about me on my website –
It was AWESOME!!! I set my primary goal for 2018 to be to build and launch a proper product. When I hadn't started by March, I thought there was not enough time left! Little did I know that I'd build a product in just a few months, launch it, get Monthly Recurring revenue, end up #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt, build two other products as well, win $1000 after livestreaming myself creating a product in 24 hours, end up with 3x #1 Products of the day on Product Hunt, get nominated for 3 Golden Kitty awards including Maker Of The Year, and actually win a Golden Kitty!I set a goal to launch a proper product and make some revenue online. I smashed it!! I thought I wouldn't be able to achieve it by about March or April, but I ended up starting in June and launching in October! There were definitely periods where I felt unmotivated, but logging my progress transparently on Makerlog helped me keep going.I want to reach $1000 total MRR by the end of the year. I think that the best way to achieve this on KanbanMail's part will be by selling to small teams / businesses. I'll admit, I'm a bit scared about this! Both from a legal point of view and because I feel like I will need to do customer support and fix things more quickly than I do now. I also want to start writing for Code The Web again. I plan to make it easier for me to stay consistent by scheduling posts 3 weeks in advance. I've also made it easier for me to make the weekly newsletter by building myself a web clipper extension that connects to a custom built newsletter generator. I hope that Code The Web will be able to contribute to this $1K MRR goal too.

Traffic has been growing steadily and it's now up at 7K uniques per month and about 1K email subscribers. I hope to be able to find an awesome sponsor so I can start generating revenue! My goal is to find at least 1 sponsor in 2018. I also want to keep improving my personal brand by publishing at least 1 YouTube video each month, but hopefully more than that if I feel I can keep up! I've also realized that I'm going to have to be way more organized, since I'll be juggling 4 side projects + school + YouTube/Twitch/blog content + a ton of cold emailing. I've made a weekly schedule where I work on particular things on particular days, so I'm not lost about what to work on next. As a new skill for 2019, I want to learn how to cold email well. I'll do this through lots of practice. I also want to take breaks more regularly. I'll do this by going camping much more often. I find this a very effective way to take a break, enjoy nature and think about things. I also want to do workouts more consistently. I plan to do this by splitting up my exercise into lots of super small workouts, making it super hard to come up with an excuse not to do them ;)
I hope to launch KanbanMail 2.0 sometime this year, as a massively overpowered email client that can do it all and help keep you productive!! It already feels so much better than the version I launched on Product Hunt in October 2018, and I've got lots more to add!AustraliaYes2019-01-20 07:14:572019-01-21 04:25:045e59d8a2f3
Hi I am Graeme Fulton, @graeme_fulton 🐦

My most sustainable product is, but emailOtter might be even more sustainable 🤞
It had a lot of ups and downs. I got a grant from adobe fund for design though , that was important I guess I always wanted to work for myself and I am doing that.2019 goal is probably focusing on revenue generating products and activities since I did a lot for free in the past.Zliving and dieing is the same thingYes2019-01-17 16:22:222019-01-17 16:40:17f1ed120049
BahaBaha Sagadiev2018 was transitional for me. I finally switched careers to software development and launched a couple of side projects.My goal was to create a side project that would allow me to work on it full time. Unfortunately, I have not achieved it.. YetGrow existing projects. Write more often.Unfortunately, no. I wish I had time to work on more projectsKazakhstanthe hardest thing for me to learn was that the market does not care about effort or struggle, only outputYes2019-01-09 05:32:212019-01-09 05:41:24852a13b1a7
Hey! I'm Danielle (, a digital nomad and indie maker, with a background in web development.

In 2016 I decided to change my lifestyle and co-founded remote web development agency Squarecat ( with my partner  James ( We choose our clients carefully and try to write software that makes a real difference.

When I'm not working for clients you can find me coding on passion projects and tools for the developer community.

So far we've made  Leave Me Alone ( - a privacy focused email un-subscription service,  MakerAds ( - an unobtrusive ad network for makers,  UptimeBar ( - MacOS notifications when your website go down, and  ReleasePage ( - A public release page for your web-app.

I also maintain two blogs;
Squarecat Development ( - Tech musings, nomad life, and building products
Squarecat Travel ( - Adventures and mishaps of two travelling developers
Great! The second part in my digital nomad couple series will be on 2018 so if I don't finish it before you need info please ask me for more details :DI don't remember making any resolutions for 2018. I know we wanted to try and work on our own products more than client work and when we found the maker community we started making real progress with this!This is my list from Notion which I might get round to making into a dashboard at some point!

- [ ] Hit $1k monthly sales or MRR
- [ ] Read 24 books (half fiction)
- [ ] Get Dive Master certified
- [ ] Publish an app to the Apple Store
- [ ] Get press coverage
- [ ] Ship 2 products
- [ ] Meet at least 1 maker
- [ ] Write 12 travel articles for Squarecat Travel Blog
- [ ] Write 12 tech/nomad articles for Squarecat Dev Blog
- [ ] Reach 1k Twitter followers
We plan to launch Leave Me Alone and possibly Maker Ads this month (January)!PeruYes2019-01-09 03:30:132019-01-09 03:36:31bb8d400e59
KPKP, 30, DoThingsThatDontScale, UnDeckIt was fantastic. I’ve been able to take action much more than the previous years and ship projects.I met most of my goals. The only difficulty was having accountability partners and finding readers for my blog. But I somehow managed to still have a good year!In personal life: Write more blog posts, adopt a healthier lifestyle and travel to at least 2 countries. In indie-making: Ship 3 more projects, build a bigger community, ship 3 maker articles on Maker Mag, write an e-book. A new project that I’m working on called UnDeck. Launching soon!USABe the change you wish to see — Gandhi.

Yes2019-01-07 16:26:472019-01-07 16:34:03f0b0832368
JohnJohn Bartlet, creator of The Startup Book Club and ProdPretty good, I actually started being a productive happy personI got a dog on New Year’s Eve 2017. Not a resolution per se, but a lifestyle change. I still have the dog!So so many.
Reading a book once every two weeks.

Finishing a project once every month.

Becoming physically fit. Not sure how this will take form yet.

Getting my finances in shape. Though, I don’t have a clear vision for this either

Yes, a web extension for Beautiful Dingbats, a silly website I made that seems to have taken off.United KingdomYes2019-01-05 20:16:592019-01-05 20:23:2743c315de3c
Emme Singer; ageless; founder of; writing/delivery of courses; 100% independent since 2003; @cityzenglobal
FantasticPassed all prerequisites for Spanish citizenship; 100% digitized my micro-business allowing me to live/work wherever there is dependable wifi; trademarked intellectual property relevant to business; traveled to Porto, Portugal, to Ischia, Italy, to Barcelona, Spain, and am now living in Cagliari, Sardinia. Got closer to my family; reduced stressed; increased work/life balance.Business registration in Estonia; (fiscal registration continues in Spain); develop the LMS; increase traction; increase audience size. Learn to make an exceptional pizza massa; continue with Gnocchi.Development of the learning mgt system; a Needs Analysis funnel to provide a quick win for Users while saving them time and moneyItaly"A good player works hard to win the game everyone else is playing. A great player creates a new game that favors their strengths and avoids their weaknesses.

Clear, James. Atomic Habits (pp. 225-226). Random House. Kindle Edition. "
Yes2019-01-05 15:49:122019-01-05 16:03:592e37c24d5e
ColinColin Winhall, 33Tough.I wanted to reach 2k mrr by 2019. I did not achieve this goal.Keep trying to create a sustainable income outside of a "job".Working on a way for indie makers to fund themselves easier than current methods of bank loans or credit cardsNetherlandsYes2019-01-05 13:44:322019-01-05 13:54:06c2ba7f5943
Hi, my name is Sunny Singh. I'm 25.

Personal site:

Current project I'm working on is
I went through a lot of burn out after working on my first paid SaaS (IronMic) for 3-4 months. However, after launching, I did achieve a big milestone in having paid customers. That and some other achievements made it my most successful year so far.

I wrote an article about it here:
My biggest achievement was that I finally launched my first product with paid customers. As previously mentioned though, I did go through burn out and was not productive for a few months after I launched. It also affected other things such as my podcasting schedule.I have three goals:

1. Set myself up for success.
2. Create consistent content.
3. Grow existing projects.

I went into more detail here:
I will continue with existing projects, but I do plan to relaunching a project of mine ( that I haven't worked on in a few years. I want to transition it to a curated platform for anyone wanting to stay up to date on developer news.United StatesJust ship it. - NikeYes2019-01-05 01:33:522019-01-05 05:27:553793255ef6
WhitWhit Anderson, 24, 0, just graduated - aspiring nomad, whitty2231It was great! Was introduced to the Product Hunt and Maker scene by KP (thisiskp_). Learned a lot and in the past talked about ideas and did customer discovery etc...but now I am ready to actually ship products.I had a goal to read 50 books and achieved it. Failed at waking up at 6am every morning. Failed at meditating 20 minutes everyday. Looking to be better in 2019.I plan to ship 6 products in the next 6 months.
By the end of 2019, have a MRR of $1000.
Use the recurring revenue to go nomad.
Meditate Daily.
Read a book a week.
6am wake up & 10:30pm bedtime.
I plan on shipping 2 products next week. - a sound chamber that amplifies your Alexa Dot with acoustics + it’s R2D2. - connecting makers & marketers before Product Hunt launch day.
USA“I can think. I can wait. I can fast.” - Siddhartha

A powerful quote that has a lot deeper meaning than the 9 words alone. Naval from Angel List explains it very well.
Yes2019-01-04 22:06:532019-01-04 22:40:15f9ca9ecc7e
Hi! I'm Miguel Piedrafita, a 16-year-old maker. I'm working on too many things, including *checks MakerLog profile* Maker Army (, UnMarkDocs (, Makers Up (, OrgManager (, some little chrome extensions, and some open-source projects. I'm @m1guelpf on Twitter, GitHub, and MakerLog
2018 was the year where I used my coding knowledge to actually make stuff. I did a lot of things, like creating a code community, a SaaS app, starting another (another SaaS app), collaborating a lot to OSS, two or three more apps, etc. Here's an article I wrote if you want more details: did have a list of 2018 goals, but I seem to have lost it😅. There were probably to launch UnMarkDocs (done), to earn money on the internet (done) to make friends & join cool communities (done) and to get better at design (not done yet).Here's my list for making goals:
- Make $1000 on the internet
- Actually learn design
- Actually learn marketing
- Publish an article every week
- Reach ProductHunt #1
- Get to 5000 Twitter followers
- Go to LaraconEU
- Speak at a meetup
- Launch 12 products
For personal life, my goals are studying and keeping my parents happy so I can keep coding.
Well, my latest product, Maker Army (, was announced recently, so keep an 👁 on that. Also, subscribe to Makers Up ( to get daily maker news!Spain"If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success." —Jim CameronYes2019-01-04 18:02:242019-01-04 18:23:27a057373f91
Anne-Laure Le Cunff, just turned 29 (OMG), made Teeny Breaks, Make & Shine, Instalist, currently working on Maker Mag. @anthilemoon
2018 was a pivotal year. It was when I discovered the indie startups movement, which is focusing on sustainability rather than growth. I feel like I finally found my tribe.I started the year with no specific goal in mind. 2017 was hard, so I needed some time to explore and find myself again. Twelve months later, I feel more creative and grounded than ever. So, on the mental health side of things, 2018 has been good to me. In terms of physical health, I did manage to quit smoking!In terms of personal life, I want to take better care of my physical health, and to keep on taking care of my mental health, which in my case means better managing my stress, sleeping more, and drinking less. When it comes to indie making, I will be mainly focusing on Maker Mag, but I want to build other products to keep getting out of my comfort zone.We have so many ideas for Maker Mag, including a podcast, so stay tuned!In Paris right now, but will be working from somewhere in South America (I think) in January.JUJU IS THE BEST CMO IN THE WORLDYes2019-01-04 17:58:592019-01-04 18:10:264d502129ad
Name - Wendy Deng (Dean)
Age -
Indie Products Made -
Job - ex-digital marketing specialist @ msft

Social Media:
LinkedIn -
Medium -
It was great! I made new friends, learned new things, and was able to build & launch my first product!I wanted to learn to code and I accomplished this goal using JavaScript and Python! It was a little difficult since I had no prior experience, so I was walking blind into a maze. I'm very thankful for all the support I received from friends, family, and the online community (except StackOverflow, they kept marking my questions as duplicate...)!

I also wanted to embrace more of my Asian identity. It's been half a decade since I changed my last name to conform to mainstream culture and land a job, and I'm glad that's behind me. I still use Dean as my legal last name to carry that scar with me, but I've started becoming more active in the Asian community and embracing my cultural identity!
I hope to start shipping more products, more often -- I have a few ideas in mind and I'm going to launch as much as I can, as fast as I can!

I also hope to make more friends in the maker community. I'm very new to this world and hope to become a part of this wonderful community!
Last month I started working on -- it's a wonderful resource for design patterns. Unlike other design patterns libraries, it allows you to trace designs.

What do I mean by trace? Select the UI screens you like, and it'll tree out the entire layout of the screen, from views to buttons and text, and provide you with the styling properties (color, content, position, width/height, border radius, etc.). It also allows our pro users to export the design directly to code, so that you can totally automate your entire frontend development process!

We're live right now at and I have a ton of exciting new features in store for January 😉
United States 🇺🇸Yes2019-01-04 17:30:242019-01-04 17:47:5162eb2a6a5b
I'm Dinuka, 26 years. My team, App360, made 9 products last year with 6 ProductHunt Top chart features. Some of them are namely:, and I am a full-time indie software engineer and game developer. You can find me on twitter @its_dinuka and watch my YouTube vlogs at :)
AMAZING! Best year everTime management was a challenge but I resolved it by using Google Calendar to assign tasks everyday and to cap myself from adding more than I can handle!Continue doing what I've been doing last year which is to solve problems with tech solutions AND additionally, pursue indie game development this year. Game industry has a huge untapped potential still.Indie games we are building which target mental health. We want to help people with deep narratives in games that can subliminally assist people who require more psychological support. Let's see what we cook this year :)I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I'm moving to Melbourne, Australia next monthYes2019-01-04 15:29:032019-01-04 17:35:40fc5d8b4345
LJ\@LjNaumovso so tbhgotten a solid joblearn to build web apps (html, css, js)not currently :) coming up soon!MacedoniaYes2019-01-04 17:25:352019-01-04 17:29:092313314ec1
Hey! I'm Priansh Shah, a 19 year old maker from the New York area.

I work fulltime as a software engineer at Crane AI, and then I come home and work fulltime on Aiko AI (sleep? who needs it!). In the past I've also worked on Gleme and Beastcrowd, and I'm also behind PeekMap currently. I love coding, writing, and recently designing--and above all, I love shipping great products!

LinkedIn -
Medium -
Facebook -
GitHub -
Instagram -
Me -
Aiko AI -
2018 unfortunately went terribly for me. We pivoted Aiko 3 times, and I ended up interrupting my college studies to make time for making. In the spirit of shipping I've made and broke several friendships and I definitely regret sacrificing my personal life for economic success.

On the bright side, I was able to finally get some interest in my product, collect several signups before launching, and land a job!
I had 3 goals in 2018:

1. To hit 100 open source projects.
2. To cut down the costs associated with my side projects to $0.
3. To balance college, making, and my personal life.

I was able to achieve my first goal and that was definitely what was most important to me! I love the open source community and I wanted to give back as much as possible. I made it a point to commit at least 20 times each day and reach my goal by the end of the year--I almost didn't meet this goal, and so I spent New Year's Eve making a new application and open sourcing it!

As for the second goal, this became possible with the amazing maker community. I discovered so many resources that were all MIT licensed, and was able to develop a workflow that allowed me to ship fast, good, AND cheap!

Unfortunately this came at the expense of the third goal. Constantly making has had a toll on my personal life, and interfered enough with my college life to interrupt my studies.
1. To rebalance my personal life and making, and continue my college education.
2. To ship something new every week 🚢
3. To connect with at least 2 new makers every week! (please feel free to hit me up on Facebook or anywhere!)
I'm working on shipping a new feature to Aiko called "AikoMeet" right now. It's an online video conferencing tool that requires no plugins/extensions or installations, starts up instantly from a link, supports screensharing, and uses our AI to transcribe your meeting and summarize the contents for you! We've finished all the groundwork and now it just needs some polishing. It'll be integrated directly into our suite and we hope our community is as excited as we are--it's been a while since our last beta round but we've been adding several new features and making some big changes.I'm in the United States right now (based in the New York/New Jersey area).Yes2019-01-04 17:05:102019-01-04 17:26:5662eb2a6a5b
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