Penny Wilson BG Readings <3
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BG 400-499BG 300-399BG 200-299BG 100-199BG 40-99Penny Wilson - Levemir-7:30am and pm-Relion Confirm meter, ALL WEIGHT RECORDED BEFORE SUB Q FLUIDS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED
DateAMPS + 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+11PMPSU+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+11Remarks
1.1.1697s2.5076 @ 5.5h79s2.50107 @ 3.5h104 @ 6.5Solid BM afternoon, normal urine (3)
1.2.1676s2.5056 @ 5.564 @ 6.582s2.5085solid BM afternoon, didn't log urine
1.3.1692s2.5065 @5.571100s2.50128123soft solid BM w hairball afternoon, normal urine (2)
1.4.1698s2.506093s2.5087normal urine (3)
1.5.1698s2.505792s2.5011187Solid BM overnight, normal urine (2)
1.6.16107s2.5057107s2.50110normal urine (3)
1.7.1694s2.5075 762.25 (1/2h early)7184solid BM w small hairball overnight, normal urine (2)
1.8.1692s2.5077762.25 (1h early)8185solid BM w hairballs afternoon, normal urine (2)
1.9.16 s2.5074 s2.50 (1h late)8086120Didn't log urine output, +6h number on PM cycle: she stole 2 Friskies Party Mix treats from sis Spunky 3 hrs before test
1.10.1683s2.5056 @ 5.555BCS 2u (1/2h late)89 @ 3.5h99Solid BM overnight, normal urine (3), gave BCS shot on low PMPS#, gonna try dose reduction to 2.25u starting AM tomorrow
1.11.16115s2.506495s2.509086solid BM afternoon, normal urine (3)
1.12.1696s2.506877s2.508376solid BM w hairball afternoon, normal urine (3)
1.13.1695s2.507287s2.509084normal urine (2)
1.14.1693s2.506185s2.5074 @ 3.5h61 @ 6.5hSolid BM w hairball overnight, normal urine (3), fed Weruva Land/Sea (18.9% carbs) since bedtime numbers were lower than normal and also overnight since she was lower than normal.
1.15.16109s2.5062 @ 6.5h612.257570 @ 6.5hPMPS on retest was 70, solid BM w hairball overnight, normal urine (3)
1.16.1683s2.5064 @ 6.5h622.258265 @ 6.5hnormal urine (3)
1.17.1690s2.5083762.258788 @ 5.5hLoose BM morning, would not eat for a couple of hours after her BM and appeared to be in pain gave Vaseline, started eating at 10am but still ate less than usual, normal urine (3)
1.18.1668s2.5057622.25 1hr late12758Was hacking early AM but didn't produce hairball, loose BM w small hairball morning, normal urine (4?), fed Weruva packet (18% carbs) after +6 test on PM cycle
1.19.16652.00 -1.5hr early55 68662.0081 @ 3.5h73 @ 6.5hnormal urine (2), maybe loose BM but not sure if her or one of the kits b/c color lighter than Penny's usual
1.20.16842.2572 @ 6.5h1002.256764 @ 6.5hsolid BM w hairball afternoon, normal urine (3), licked some Fancy Feast Chunky chicken off kit's plate 3hrs before PMPS test +3h test on PM cycle, read 42, 82, 125, 66 (last three numbers off same blood drop) so retested other ear and got 67, fed Weruva packets (18% carbs) on +3h test b/c number much lower at onset than usual. Fed more Weruva at +6h test to keep her safe while I sleep lol
1.21.16762.255852782.0010480 @ 6.5hDoing another dose reduction because even though she didn't "earn" it, that 58 before nadir is too low when she's not at peak yet and I'm feeding too much higher carb food to keep her safe, fed Weruva packets (18% carbs) after +5h test b/c I was leaving house and also at +8h test. Will reduce to 2u tonight and she how she does.
1.22.16922.0059 @ 6.5h641.758574 @ 6.5hRetest on PMPS 69, normal urine (3)
1.23.1676s2.0061 @ 6.5h79s2.0011082 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3), soft solid BM w hairball afternoon, may have gotten her paws into some FF chunky 3h before +3h test on PM cycle
1.24.1690s2.006173s2.008992Normal urine (3)
1.25.1699s2.006161BCS 1.756556Normal urine (3), solid BM w small hairball afternoon, did BCS shot PM cycle due to low PMPS, fed Weruva packet (18% carbs) at +3h on pm cycle to keep her safe overnight, fed FF Gravy Lovers at +6h on pm cycle to keep her from bottoming out while slept (lol), WEIGHTS: Penny 16lb 7oz, Spunky 7lb 5oz, Rascal 9lb 12oz, Patchy 6lb 7oz (I swear she eats as much as the rest lol), Mischief 9lb 8oz
1.26.16591.7569 @ 5.5h65BCS s1.757192Normal urine but getting hard to differentiate between Penny's peeballs and the kits' since hers got smaller and theirs got bigger lol, shaved a little off PM dose due to low number.
1.27.16871.755574s1.758670Normal urine (3), solid BM w hairball AM
1.28.16801.75601021.75111 @ 3.5h57Normal urine (3), gave FF Gravy after +6h test on PM cycle
1.29.161101.7567 @ 6.5h891.756476Normal urine (3), solid BM w big hairball overnight, fed FF Chunky Chicken (which raised her BG) after +3h test on PM cycle due to lower than normal number
1.30.161121.7571711.7511490Normal urine (4)
1.31.16931.7563 @ 6.5h711.7567Normal urine (3), solid BM w small hairball afternoon, did an overnight test but didn't log number and updating days later
2.1.16951.7573 @ 5.5h671.757584 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3), solid BM w small hairball AM, was coughing early morning so gave Vaseline this morning
2.2.16721.7558 @ 5.5h6258BCS 1.507693Didn't log overnight urine output, soft solid BM w hairball afternoon, gave reduced dose PM shot due to low pre shot number
2.3.16861.7568 @ 5.5h801.7572 @ 3.5h86 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3)
2.4.161061.755663 @ 8.5h751.7583 @ 3.5h66 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3), solid BM w small hairball afternoon
2.5.16891.7563691.7573 @ 3.5h77 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3)
2.6.16861.757365f1.5063 @ 3.5h76 @ 6.5hNormal urine (2), solid BM w hairball afternoon, fed FF med carb after +3.5h test on PM cycle due to lower number
2.7.16841.758764f1.5081 @ 3.5h68Normal urine output (2), got her paws on some FF chunky 4h before +6h test on AM cycle
2.8.16851.757070f1.5086 @ 3.5h60Normal urine (2), monthly Adequan injection today, gave FF med carb food after +6h test on PM cycle to make sure she didn't drop while I was sleeping
2.9.1673f1.5061 @ 5.5h70f1.5077 @ 3.5h77 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3), weight 16lb 4oz
2.10.1690f1.5064 @ 6.5h71f1.50816174Normal urine (4), solid BM w 2 hairballs AM
2.11.16f1.5070 @ 5.5h76f1.508379Normal urine (3)
2.12.1674f1.507967f1.5096 @ 3.5h79 @ 6.5hNormal urine (3), solid tarry BM w hairball afternoon, PMPS test first reading 79 but blood didn't wick all the way up, retest with better sample 67
2.13.16101f1.5055 @ 5.5h69f1.5066 @ 3.5h55 @ 6.5hDidn't log overnight urine output, fed FF med carb after +3.5h test on PM cycle due to lower number, fed FF high carb after +6.5h test to keep her safe overnight
2.14.1690f1.5054 @ 6.5h75s1.508666threw up bile early AM, gave Vaseline & she still ate normally, normal urine output (3), wouldn't eat raw chicken snack after +7h test on PM cycle (she ALWAYS goes nuts for chicken) so gave more Vaseline
2.15.1682f1.5059671.257256solid BM w hairball AM, normal urine (3), fed high carb FF gravy after +6h test PM cycle
2.16.1670f1.2567 @ 5.5h56f1.007044normal urine output (4), fed high carb FF gravy after +6h test PM cycle, retest 15m later was 54, fed more FF gravy
2.17.1673f1.0070 @ 5.5h73f1.005755normal urine (3), fed high carb FF gravy after +3h test on PM cycle, retest 15m later was 68, fed more FF gravy after +6h test on PM cycle
2.18.1662f.50192 see note95 @ 6.5h53N/S5458 @ 6.5hincreased urine (5), VET TODAY, +3h done at vet office with Alpha Track, weight at vet 15.5lbs, only eating gravy today and appetite detiorated throughout day, no shot PM cycle due to low number and not eating well, started Orbax today, gave .028ml bupe but acting loopy after meds
2.19.1664f.50 FS?94 @ 5.5h53N/S90normal urine (4), possible small solid BM overnight, possible small solid BM afternoon, Orbax given, 2.5mg pepcid given 4h after Orbax, attempted mirtazipine but didn't get full dose in her (if at all), +4h test PM cycle 2h after she ate 2 Temptations treats, only eating a little gravy, tried to force feed 1tsp Beechnut chicken with 1/8tsp Miralax mixed in, chem panel showed end stage renal failure, BUN 128, creatinine 11, phosphorus 12.8, starting fluids, phos binder ASAP
2.20.1668f.50 (10am)107 @ 6.5h44N/S58 @ 1.5h58shot insulin late because she would not eat AM meal, 2.5mg famotidine given 8am, started eating some Weruva gravy at 10am so gave insulin but then she stopped eating, vet today for 200ml fluid, Cerenia inj, +6h test after we returned home from vet.02 ml bupe 9p, fed FF gravy after +10h test on AM cycle, retest was 73, increased urine output (6),
2.21.16N/S719480N/S96increased urine (7), small solid BM w hairball AM, B12 inj, .18ml bupe 9a, 8mg Cerenia 3p, 2.5mg pepcid 1p,
2.22.16950.5095770.2555 @ 4.5h74 @ 7.5hincreased urine (5), weight 15lb 4oz, fed FF gravy after +4.5h test on PM cycle, 18.75mg marbofloxacin AM, 200ml fluid AM, 8mg Cerenia 3pm, mirtazipine 1p
2.23.16730.1090 @ 5.5h109s.25106 @ 3.5hincreased urine (10), solid BM w hairball AM, loose BM PM, 18.75mg marbofloxacin AM, 150ml fluids, 8mg Cerenia 3p
2.24.1684N/S 293117N/S103EMERGENCY DENTAL TODAY w/FIVE EXTRACTIONS, +5h test done at vet on AT meter just prior to anesthesia after IV fluids, IV fluids given at vet (they did not give me amt), .01ml bupe 9pm, not eating tonight
2.25.1690N/S 12399s.2587Will only eat Weruva gravy for me today but Mom reported she ate Almo Nature low carb about 4h before PMPS test, increased urine output (7), .01ml bupe given 10a and 10:30p, 25mg clindamycin 9am,
2.26.16104.25 FS?77 @ 5.5h1020.2551 @ 3.5h60 @ 8.5hStill only eating gravy, 25mg Clindamycin 10:30a, 125ml fluid 10a, 8mg Cerenia 9a, holding off on bupe b/c it seems to spoil her appetite, .01ml bupe @ 9:30p, fed FF Gravy after +3h test, retest 63, fed more gravy, fed FF Gravy after 8.5h test
2.27.161170.25711260.2510187 @ 6.5hWeight before fluids 15lb6oz, increased urine (6), clindamycin 25mg, Fluids 125ml, .01ml bupe @ midnight, B12 inj,
2.28.161670.5057960.259075 @ 6.5hweight before fluids 15lb8oz, wanted to give 125ml but realizd I gave 150ml after the fact, clindamycin 25mg, increased urine (7), diarrhea this evening (call into vet), ate some FF Chunky and chicken pate after +3h test on PM cycle,
2.29.161480.5071 @ 5.5h113s.50158 @ 3.5h97 @ 6.5hAte Weruva gravy about an hour before AMPS test, weight before fluids 15lb7oz, 25mg Clindamycin but have call into vet on diarrhea issue, 150ml fluids but fur was wet afterwards (no fluid in the carrier) so not sure how much she actually got, increased urine (6), 8mg Cerenia evening to try to help her eat
3.1.161630.50196 @ 2.5h79 @ 4.5h82102s.50135 @ 3.5h91 @ 6.5h2.5h test AM cycle 2hr after .01ml bupe, +3.5h test PM cycle 3.5h after Weruva gravy, weight before fluids 15lb9oz, Spunky weight 7lb 13oz, increased urine (6), decreased appetite and high BGs so started bupe again today, .01ml given q12h, switched to marbofloxacin once per day 18.75mg, 125ml fluids AM
3.2.161120.5088 @ 4.5h1021100.5010988STARTED EATING AGAIN TODAY soft solid BM w large hairball AM, increased urine (5), marbofloxaci 18.75mg, fluids 125ml,
3.3.16142f.5082 @ 5.5h146f.5011088 @ 6.5h increased urine (6), loose BM w 2 hairballs PM, was gonna gve bupe based on BG numbers but has been eating well and playing a lot, marbofloxacin 18.75, SUDDENLY GIVING US HARD TIME WITH SALINE FLUIDS, 150ml in two attempts,weight before fluids 15lb7oz
3.4.161240.7598851070.7510792Gave us hard time w fluids again, eating normal amount but burping and passing gas, +5h shortly after battling over fluids, 125ml LRS, marbofloxacin 18.75mg, normal urine output (4), solid BM w hairball PM,
3.5.161620.7576960.7570 @ 3.5h64 @ 6.5hnormal urine output (4), B12 injection tonight, 150ml LRS in two different attempts since she's still not cooperating, fed Weruva gravy (18% carbs) after +3 and +6.5h tests PM cycle to keep safe overnight
3.6.161370.757862f.509793 @ 6.5hweight before fluids 15lb7oz, Patchy weight 6lb10oz, slightly more cooperative w fluids today and 150ml LRS given, increased urine (6), solid BM w 2 hairballs afternoon
3.7.16970.757691f.508684weight before fluids 15lb6oz, Rascal weight 10lb14oz, .35ml Adequan, 150ml LRS, increased urine (6)
3.8.161020.757495f.5010480weight before fluids 15lb7oz, Mischief weight 10lb1oz, 150ml LRS, increased urine (5), solid BM w hairballs afternoon
3.9.161030.7571 @ 4.5h112 @ vet per chem panel81f.507389150ml LRS, increased urine (5), VET TODAY, fed Weruva gravy after 3h test on PM cycle, KIDNEY VALUES ON CHEM PANEL: BUN 66 (down from 138), CREATININE 3.2 (down from 11), PHOSPHORUS 5.3 (down from 12.8), GLUCOSE 112
3.10.161080.7568f.50 1.5h late92 @ 13.5h 97 88weight before fluids 15lb7oz, 150ml LRS, increased urine (6), solid BM w small hairball evening, 20 breaths per minute while sleeping,
3.11.161140.756186f.5083 @ 3.5h75weight before fluids 15lb6oz, 21 breaths per min while sleeping, 125ml LRS, increased urine (5)
3.12.161220.755076 @ 6.5h109f.509575weight before fluids 15lb7oz, 125ml LRS, increased urine (5), soft solid BM w small hairball AM, B12 shot today, fed high carb FF gravy after +5h test since not even at nadir yet
3.13.161240.7549/96123f.5087 @ 4.5h87 @ 6.5hweight before fluids 15lb8oz but hasn't pooped yet, 150ml LRS, coughing early morning and produced a little bit of foam but no hairball, gave Vaseline AM, eating okay today, fed high carb FF gravy at +5h test since not at nadir yet, retest 20min later 96, increased urine (5)
3.14.16800.757995f.509075 @ 6.5hweight before fluids 15lb8oz, increased urine (6), soft solid BM w large hairball afternoon, 150ml LRS
3.15.16108s.757682f.50106 @ 3.5h80weight before fluids 15lb8oz, increased urine (6), 150ml LRS
3.16.161200.75 NEW PEN576396f.5071weight before fluids 15lb7oz, increased urine (6),, soft solid BM w small hairball AM, didn't log overnight test +6 and updating days later, NEW PEN, coughed up foam early morning, 150ml LRS, 2.5mg Pepcid AM
3.17.16950.7561 @ 4.5h7094f.508983weight before fluids 15lb8oz, increased urine (6), fed med carb Weruva after +4.5h test AM cycle b/c I had an appt and low number before nadir, 125ml LRS, 2.5mg Pepcid evening
3.18.161080.7566124f.5082 @ 3.5h88 @ 6.5hWeight before fluids 15lb8oz, increase urine (6), solft solid BM w hairball PM, 150ml LRS
3.19.161020.7562106f.507673 @ 6.5hweight before fluids 15lb9oz, been drinking a lot more water the past few days, increased urine (6), 125ml LRS
3.20.161510.757182f.50103 @ 3.5h
87weight before fluids 15lb8oz, increased urine (6), solid BM w small hairball overnight, found hairball with small amt of stomach acid in basement this morning so bumping Pepcid up to once a day, eating a lot more today, 2.5mg Pepcid AM , 125ml LRS, shedding winter coat and eating a lot of her hair..sigh..
3.21.16910.756185f.5098 @ 3.5h105weight before fluids 15lb9oz, urine (5), 2.5mg famotidine, 150ml LRS
3.22.161080.7565 @ 5.5h110f.5094 @3.5h68weight before fluids 15lb8oz, urine 5, solid BM with 2 large hairballs afternoon, 2.5mg famotidine, 150ml LRS
3.23.16920.7581 @ 5.5h91f.5010481weight before fluids 15lb7oz, urine 6, started ConSeal AIH today but will not eat wet food with it shaved in so switched back to Epakitin evening, 125ml LRS, moving famotidine back to q48h until I see otherwise b/c it makes her really drowsy and decreases her appetite.
3.24.16860.758597f.5081??weight before fluids 15lb6oz, solid BM AM, urine 6. 2.5mg famotidine, 150ml LRS, didn't write down overnight test result but if it was low I would have fed gravy food lol
3.25.161160.756288f.508588weight before fluids 15lb8oz, urine 6, coughed up hairball early morning with no foam, very little liquid around it, 150ml LRS
3.26.161260.758286f.508276weight before fluids 15lb8oz, urine 6, solid BM with FOUR HAIRBALLS AM, 2.5mg famoitidine, 125ml LRS
3.27.16820.7581103f.508479weight before fluids 15lb7oz, urine 5, 150ml LRS
3.28.16970.7578970.758889weight before fluids 15lb7oz urine 6, small solid BM w small hairball mid-morning, 2.5mg famotidine, 150ml LRS, noticed she's not sitting around ripping her fur out as much the past day and she did not get B12 yet this week
3.29.16770.7576800.759279weight 15lb8oz, urine 6, 150ml LRS
3.30.16870.7562810.7592urine 6, liquid famotidine 2.5mg AM, 150ml LRS,, gave Vaseline since she has not had a BM in over 48h
3.31.16890.7570910.757477weight 15lb6oz, urine 5, solid BM w large hairball overnight, 150ml LRS
4.1.161200.756478.75 2hr late10781threw up liquid and coffee grounds early AM, weight 15lb7oz, urine 6, solid BM w 2 hairballs PM, liquid famotidine 2.5mg AM, 150ml LRS PMPS and PM insulin 2h late due to work dinner
4.2.16N/S117810.758087urine 5, no shot today since I had to leave 4hr before shot time for work function and would not be here to monitor, coughed up hairball early AM, 125ml LRS given late in day (usually gets them 10am) liguid famotidine 2.5mg given afternoon
4.3.16910.7570820.757882weight 15lb7oz, urine 7, solid BM AM, 125ml LRS, liquid famotidine 2.5mg 3pm
4.4.16800.7593900.758899weight 15lb7oz, urine 6, threw up water early AM, Adequan 35ml, 150ml LRS, Pepcid tab 2.5mg 3pm
4.5.161230.7566900.756884weight 15lb7oz, urine 6, small solid BM w 2 hairballs AM, small solid BM PM, 150ml LRS, Pepcid 2.5mg 3pm
4.6.161470.7561820.7580weight 15lb6oz, urine 6, coughed up hairball just before AMPS test (see how they jack up her numbers??) 150ml LRS, 2.5mg Pepcid 4pm
4.7.16910.7582860.7585weight 15lb3oz, urine 6, large solid BM w 2 hairballs AM, 150ml LRS, Pepcid 2.5mg 4pm, wondering as I'm updating this sheet if the puking is stomach acid or hairball related?