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Take Away from Sept 22 CSCS Meeting (What ONE thing will you do or try on Monday?)Take away from GladysTake-aways from Pedro'sTake-aways from Carol's Edmodo & CSCS lessonsTake-aways from Jenn's Web Page discussionTake-aways from Jake's Clicker/Zeta-board discussionWho wants to go first for our share-out?What do you want to get out of today?
Ashima VohraThank you for sharing the teacher webpage as I was looking to make it functional in my classroom. Love the idea of students who are absent can catch up through the follow up survey. students in charge of their own learning.Common platform for teachers to compare.More transparency in what students are doing in class.Great collaboration within department. Wonder how students were motivated as there is no grade Intend to use that grading criteria of 60% quiz see what others have done , integrate CSCS into classroom by making the webpage already developed as functional . Share any lessonsfor 7th grade health
Banner, Wendy
Bennett, Deborah
Bowman, Cordell
Brooks, Jeremiah
Bugg, KevinI'm definitely going to incorporate Flubaroo and DoctopusIt is incredible that you are still pushing for CSCS despite all the problems. KudosFirst, I like that you got a "buy in" from the students by having them figure out things that you had not yet done or couldn't do. The CSCS Practice idea is a good way to prep students on they technology. Front loading/training will make things easier later.Edmodo is a very modern interface to connect with students. I liked the idea of collaborative notes in the classroom. Everyone has input on what they are suppose to knowThe "New Student/Parent" survey is a great way to manage classes with high overturn. It also provides a digital record of parent information. The Class Recorder idea is ingenious. Not only does it promote student-student assistance, it encourages conscientious note-taking and individual responsibility.Innovative way to create student-focused learning environment. It is important for students to learn HOW to be good students, to self-evaluate and self-motivate. This setup is cheaper than getting a class set of laptops. The way the ZetaBoards was implemented reduced a lot of teacher workload as well.Meet the teams; learn what is happening in the classrooms, what is working, what isn't, and where I can help.
Cao, CarolUsing Flubaroo and Flex booksGreat job with dealing with all your tech issues! Really glad you're not giving up. Keep it up!I really liked that you were able to ask the kids to explore how to use google when you didn't know how. That's really awesome! I liked that you had the kids incorporated pictures of their lab work. I need to start doing that. I really like the make-up work forms. This is fantastic, especially when you have a student fill it out and they can earn extra credit. I really like the new student forms. I have form like this but it's not as organized. I'll have to add a page to my website for this. I really like these flex books. It will really help my class with organization and keeping content more up to date. I also like the clicker system. I think it's a really good and quick way to do assessments.3See what everyone has been up to and get some new ideas for upcoming lessons. See what my group members need from me.
Carlos, Pablo
d'AlessioLots of use of Google docs. All students have LAUSD My-Mail (the only teacher attending that has set this up). Told students, "I want you to put a picture in the document." He had no idea how to do it, but told them, "Ask your neighbor." They figured it out. Presentations -- students go on the web and find picture to illustrate a term/idea -- this is CONTENT CREATION, not consumption. Kids created test questions. CSCS - they now know what it means -- they are going to be going to the computer and typing a form. Evidence of quickwrites and forms. Looking forward to more.A nice web page, another student communication option (Edmodo) and some good first CSCS activities. Edmodo is another free option -- sort of like Facebook for education. Notifications to parents. Students submit assignments on Edmodo. Has passed out exactly 1 piece of paper in the first four weeks. CSCS: Dinosaur reading -- enter comments in hypothesis form. Did wordle. Flips some of the classroom using Youtube videos (I particular liked the lab procedures page with videos). Lots of preparation at home. Badges in EDMODO. Kids can't turn things in on ZetaBoards. A CSCS activity calculating the thickness of aluminum foil that took all week long for her students.Extensive web page for communication with students and parents! Info page for new students (helps while classes are being balanced and new people join every day!); Daily recorder fills out a summary of what happens during the day -- done as extra credit with a fancy Google Form with conditional questions and multiple pages. Announcement page allows parents to receive email/text message as homework updates. CSCS Biomes activity: access to technology was a limitation. If you can't look through the spreadsheets, then there is no point. Also, students going out and gathering open-ended data from the internet was not as useful. Norm suggested making fewer open-ended questions and more checkboxes or other ways of having students code the data for easier comparison/analysis. She would not do the assignment this way again, but learned a lot from the experience. Jenny G & her are completely revising their intro Bio curriculum with CSCS as a big part!Chemistry Department switched to an all-online form/clicker curriculum (a flip of sorts). 6 teachers, 750 students. Use a program called ZetaBoards to organize discussions and informational postings. Discussion forums organized by specific questions; Daily assessments with public accountability; No grading of HW; Emphasis through tracking sheet on ways you went about learning things -- after each clicker question, you record how you went about learning the CORRECT answer and get points for pursuing more avenues; Free, open-source e-textbook; Collaboration between faculty! (relinquish some local control in favor of making a better overall product). Lots of up-front planning, but now they largely spend time answering questions and giving individual attention.
Deatrick, Andreastart this year's website developmentYou are inspiringusing the students to figure out stuff is awesome!I think the edmodo format would looks familiar to facebook and students might be more willing to check itI like her enthusiasm for really getting her website going. Like the detail of the daily workseems like you need a support system in place and a lot of planning for the initial set up. I would like to know more about doing moodle scored assessments10
Drucker, Caren
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Esguerra, Edna
Gamez, AidaHave them enter the data afterschool or for homework. Also, have them gather the data on paper during class.I liked using the webpage to display their work. like the edmodo and will try for the future. Flubaroo is cool, is there a video setting it up on google?I loved it..but I feel that the buy in of my administrator and colleagues are essential for this to work in our school. I would love to learn the clicker. That will be one thing, I can do on my own.Help my team out and steal their ideas of what they have done so far.
Green, JennyI will steal the student recorder thing. I have wanted to do that for the last 3 years and never get to it. This is a great way to do.
Grzywacz, Kyra
Hanover, Nanci
Hinerman, JenniferI will create online quizzes to be graded with Flubaroo. I am so excited to do this!good variety of different google docs. liked how everything was all on the webpage, no paper at all. Seemed easy enough to do and set up without taking large amounts of time.i like it, but the money, time at the beginning and the technology needs at home are worrisome for my students population.2auto-format spreadsheets and grading
Ishida, SarahI'll sign up for Edmodo and download the Flubaroo scriptAs with Pedro's...great job on not giving up despite all the tech problemsUtilizing a little of everything we learned throughout the workshops, even though he may not be fully comfortable with the technology. Never give up!Great CSCS lessons embedded into the class site. Turning in homework through edmodo seemed easyOrganized web page. Less use of paper. If a student fills out the form for the missing work, it takes the work off the teacherThis is amazing, and utilizes CSCS efficiently. I wish our teachers were more open minded to agree to something like this. I can see the increase in accountability for everyone and I have no doubt it will increase CST scorescatch up with others, learn a few new cscs tricks.
Lee, Christine
Lee, John
Lin, JakeTry to figure out how to put our examview html clicker quizzes into a google doc to make it flubaroo-able...seamlesslyHang in there! Awesome that you managed to USE CSCS in the classroom. Good work arounds for issues like logging in and 'delegating' how to do something in GdocsI like a paperless class and the use of online videos as homework. Like the year-long project building a garden w/o school funds. edmodo is pretty cool.I like it.1See how others are incorporating tech in the classroom. Any snafu that I have to watch out for
Loesh, SabrinaI will be using the dropbox/email address to collect photo documentation from my students.Getting the kids to help figure out the technology is cool.Go Carol!! No paper... pretty awesome!I really liked the idea of make-up work for absent students.I appreciate the collaborative nature of all the teachers working together on the project. It seems to be difficult to get a group of teachers invest time into such projects. The outcome in this case is a great example of how a group of teachers working together with technology can produce a very useful learning tool for students.
Pucher, Michael
Ramirez Jr, PedroI will give a fubaroo quiz on on TuesdayI got a few ideas to use in my classroom.I like the makeup form idea. I liked it but as usual it is a matter of time and money4I would like to get some ideas on how to use CSCS more in my classroom. I have a few technical questions.
Rice, James
Sorensen, GladysI will try out turbo scan to add to my ppts. Also the lab Aida showed me. Eventually, I will get my students to send photos of their roller coaster. Having the students figure things out is a great technique. They usually know more than me.I now have ideas I would like to try some of her ideas.I love the daily make up form system. Also the way you numbered the notebook. I want some clickers! What a great way to get and give instant feedback!5See what others are doing. Talk to Aida about her rollercoaster lab. I would like to do that next week.
Wrobleski, Mary
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