Boston Marathon Training: 22 weeks
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Link for pacing: MARATHONTRAININGPROGRAM:22 WEEKSNOTE: Running.week begins on Monday.Red = GoalsBlue = ActualBy: APPLECRUMBLES.COMBelief is truth held in the mind; faith is a fire in the heart - J.F.Newton
11/15/20108.565.55.3OFF10Walking - day off running. Miles completed.30 miles35.3
Comments:5 miles T/M + 3.5 outside= 8.5 miles6 miles outside(gorgeous morning). Finished with 3 sets strides.3.3 on T/M (with ham.wrap) and 2.23 outside, slow. Total=5.53.3 miles outside. Tried a bit faster pace but the hamstring didn't like it. Wore compress. wrap.Running 2 miles in Run for Safety.
Went for a walk with T & S for approx. 3 miles.
10 miles at 10min pace. Slow but we tackled some hills. Hamstring didn't get any worse. Going for a massage today. Swim lesson for 30 min at 2pm
11/22/20109.348.323.258.4012030 - 35 miles41.31
Comments:45 min. on the treadmill, Leg workout followed by a 35 minute run with Shane.Hamstring is DEF. feeling better, about at 85%35 minutes on the treadmill. Chest/Shoulder w/out. 41 minute run with Shane. Forgot to do STRIDES...whoops!Back,arm & ab workout. Run tomorrow so a short 3.25 outside romp. Windy but felt ok. Finised really good.Warm up with Shane and run to the Pkwy Ski Chalet: 4.11 miles. The 5K "Run to End Hunger 5K" not a PR but good pace 8.03, a 25.1 min. finish. Jogged part way home for 1.15 miles. Hamstring is currently ON ICE :( Short walk and Black Fri. Shopping.Speed work for 4 miles on the treadmill. 8 miles up some hills for a slow run with Shane. It was cold and windy. Hands were numb. Really sluggish the last 2 miles.
Walked with Shane and Ted for 4 + miles.
Comments:Didn't feel like running today. Cut the T/M run short, 30 min. Did some good leg stretch and some weight exercises. Outside run was slow for 44 minutes.Chest and Arm workout. Ran outside. Legs were heavy but ended with negative spits last 2 miles. A lot of wind resistance on the way home.No running today. Scheduled was 7 to 8 miles. But a pain started yesterday around noon in my upper front hip area extending around the groin. I think it might be Iliopsoas Bursitis. Sleepless night. Just did a weight workout of back and shoulders. I'll give that leg some rest. Same leg as the hamstring problem so maybe I've been changing my gait and caused a tendon pull?walked slowly for 3 1/2 miles. Leg still very sore. Swam 45 min. lapsWalked a 5K. Leg stiff.Walked for 2 hours with Shane. We covered 7 1/2 miles. Hamstring sore. Will swim for 30 min this afternoon. Bummed Out!
36 minutes on the recumbent bike plus 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer.
Comments:Slow run at 11 pace. Hamstring was tight then loosened up. Achy after the run so I iced it. VERY discouraged by this slow run.Hamstring Rehab: Elliptical 45 min. followed by running high knee drill 15 steps x 4 sets. Weights:chest & arms. 30 min. Ice Leg after workoutBike for 45 minutes. High knee drills 4 x 15 step reps. Weights shoulders and back. 30 min. Elliptical. Iced hamstring after exercise. No walking.33 minutes of recumbent bike + 30 minutes on the ET. Went for a HORRIBLE run with Shane. Intended to go 2 miles but went 3.3 and it was slow and painful and FRUSTRATING! 12.06 min per mile. Snowy. Roads were cleared but slippery with light snow cover. 16 degrees. Wore heat sock and couldn't breath. Wore ski pants and jacket and couldn't move. Sneakers kept wet out but didn't do anything to prevent slipping.Walked Shane today for about 31/4 miles. It was cold, 8 deg. I iced the leg after the walk. It was better but still a bit sore after walking.35 min. Treadmill. 9 m/m pace - adjusted for treadmill pacing w/1% incline. Iced leg while going on a 3 mile walk with Shane. Iced leg again upon return from walk.Walked. It was very windy and icy. Didn't want to risk injury so we only went to the park. 3 miles or so.
Comments:A 40 min. treadmill run. Gentle stretch and strengthen for legs. 47 min. walk with Shane. Iced leg while walking and then re-iced upon return. Status: The pain is STILL there. 30Min. Elliptical at 6:30pm.20 minute treadmill run. 20 minutes on the bike. Chest & Arms w/ weights, 30 min. Walk with Shane. 3.0 miles. Wrapped leg for running, etc. Iced w/ wrap for the walk.2 mile T/M warm up run. Stop and stretch. 3.4 miles at 8.3 pace. Shoulder and Back workout w/ weights. 1.1 mile cooldown T/M run. Stretch and heat (instead of ice) after workout.Treadmill: 1 mile w/u + stretch. 3 miles mod.pace. +stretch + 1 mile fast to finish (8.15 min/mile). Outside for 3 miles, jogged 2. Snow & slush in roads made running painful.Long walk for about 65 minutes, faster pace. We prob. went about 3 1/2 miles. Felt good. Swam last night for about 40 minutes, very little rest between laps. 2 mile T/M run stopped to stretch. 3.1 mile T/M run. Stretch. Ran 3.1 outside with Shane on clear roads with leg wrap. Good time and felt ok. Legs got tired outside. Day off - just a walk
12/20/2010109.537.253.511.12CHRISTMAS DAY!walked 5.254041.4
Comments:Ran 2.25 w/u and stretch. Ran 4.6 on T/M. 3.15 outside. Felt sluggish but ended up with a good 10 miles. 50 min. T/M run.3.88 miles outside. Clear roads. Good run. Chest and shoulder weight w/o.20 min. warm up. 400 M repeats with 400 M recoveries. (4.25 miles). 3.04 mile cool down run with Ted and Shane.Ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Worked back. Took Shane for a walk. Hip was bugging me. Ran 6 on the treadmill. Ran 5.12 outside. The roads were clear but I was tired. My left hip hurt and so did my leg. It was a slow run outside so I'm glad I was able to get some faster T/M miles in at a 1 and 2 % incline. Long walk at a pretty good pace; 15:50
Comments:Ran 8 treadmill miles at 8:3 pace. Ran 3.22 miles outside, slow recovery. It was windy but roads were clear. Hip pain worse. Leg pain the same.1 mile w/u + tempo runs: 4 miles at 8:15 pace, 1 min. rests +1 mile cool down. 3.18 miles outside with Shane. Hip hurt & stayed constant thru outside run. Leg wrapped but sore9.4 road miles. Was only going to do 6 but felt pretty good and decided to go for the long run of the week. Finished with 2.8 miles on the Treadmill. Stretched after run.Slow recovery run outside. Hip AND Hammy felt better today. P90X leg workout.Total 2010 miles=1820.54. 3.6 mile walk today. Run tomorrowHangover run 10K Barneveld:Rolling hills Course was actually 6.34 miles. Ran at 8:23/mile.
Comments:6.5 T/M miles + 5.59 to Oneida St. Good run. Hamstring&Hip better.5.1 T/M miles + 4.03 road at 9:40 pace. Good run. Tired at end. Least amount of hamstring pain in a long time. Hip still bothering a bit.2 mile warm up. 4 sets: 2 x 200 + 1 x 400. Cool down with Shane outside for 4 miles.Used the IceBugs -LUV THEM!Recovery run outside. Just ran for as long as I could which wasn't much because my left upper leg cramped up.SLOW crappy run at 10:50 pac. Too SLOW!!!! :(11.1 on the treadmill. 3.15 on the road. Hip hurt. Hamstring ok. DREADED this long run but the initial 7 to 8 miles went by pretty fast. Just went with it. No hip and no hamstring problems. A good 5 miler at 9:55 pace.
Comments:70 min. T/m for 8 miles. 4 miles outside. Good run.60 min. treadmill run = 7 miles. 3.11 outside. Cold! 6 deg. but no wind. Pain in left ball of food. Huh oh!1 mile w/u. 8 x 400m repeats(400 rests in between) + 1 mile cool down.Should have been 40 min. easy but I ran outside in the fresh snow. It was tough but there was no wind and it was gorgeous. Stayed warm with a thin jacket and thick vest. Thermals under track pants. It was a good 6 miles. Slow at 10:58 because we were in thick snow, 2" 1 mile Easy run + 3 miles Tempo (8:23) + 1 mile cool down. *Should have been 30 min. Easy + 1 x 3mile Tempo + 1 mile c/d but I did too many miles this week already.Went 13 miles outside. It was 5 degrees but I stayed warm. No wind. Roads were clear.Side walks were fairly clear but still slowed me down a bit. A couple of really slow miles at over 11 pace, a couple under 10, but mostly a 10:27 for an average 10:18 pace. Made one bathroom stop. Finished one mile on the treadmill.
Comments:It was way too cold to finish my run outside. Stayed on the T/m for 9 Easy.2 mile warm up. + 8 x 3min. Hard(7.2 min/mile) + 3 easy + 4 mile cool down.60 min. T/M + 3miles with Shane. I'm running slow. It was warmer today, 33 deg.but icy. Still, I'm running very slow.Hope it's the weather, heavy clothes and shoes. :(Long run: 13 on the treadmill at 8:49 pace and 3.25 outside with Shane, slower pace.A very slow run. The roads were thick with snow and 1.5 miles were up Hills Drive. A tough run or rather "jog". Still, due to the snow and incline, a good workout.1 mile warm up + Tempo: 1 x 4 miles at 7:50 pace. +3.46 recovery miles
Comments:2 mile w/u + 7 mile 8:30 + 2.5 mile cooldown.No motivation. Went to the T/M,looked at it and went back to bed. Ended up slogging along outside for 5 plus miles. Hamstring hurt. I forgot to stretch & didn't wear the wrap.Long run. BAD! I was miserable and everything about my run followed suite. The only good thing: nothing hurt and if it did, it went away while I was running.Wasn't going to get up and run but Shane made me. Turned out to be a good run at 10:03 recovery pace. Hamstring was sore but I did do the long run yesterday PLUS a leg w/o at night. Over did it but still - good ALL OUTSIDE run today. YAY!1 mile warm up + 3 x 2 mi. Tempo + 2 min. rest in between + 2 mile cooldown with Shane outside.I had a WONDERFUL run. I pushed it and ave. 9.3 pace. Went up some awesome inclines (bus. pk & Rolling Hills Dr.) for up to 10% + incline. Oh Great Day For a Run! YAY!
Comments:Got up to do the long run of 14 but no go.Went back to bed, got up an hour later and went for 6 outside with Shane. Cold, 7 deg and dropping. 3 when we got home.Ran on T/M for 11.2. 2 mile w/u + 8 miles at marathon pace and a cool down. Something in my glute popped. It was sore finishing the run outside. Glute hurt. Must have pulled a muscle. Walked Shane and worked legs and abs. Will try to swim tonight.8 miles Easy on T/M and 4 miles outside w/ Shane. Snowy and slow. Pain in butt/hip is gone but still have hamstring and hip point pain. Not bad enough to stop.Got up to run an easy 60 min. outside, but it was 0 deg. No way. Ran just enough to exercise Shane. Hamstring, back, neck were all sore. Prob. from the swim last night. Beer & Chili Run 10K Newport- Couldn't run. Hamstring bad. Taking 2 days off since the Myrtle Half is more important and I don't want to screw that up.
Comments:back & shoulders for 30 min. Elliptical for 45 min. 4 mile run outside. Slow. Hamstring bad.1 mile run on T/M+20 on E/T + 27 on recumb. bike + 4 mile jog with Shane. Still sore.Worked legs with weights - GENTLY! Ran 5 miles outside slowly with Shane. More of a jog than a run.8 mile slow T/M run(6.6 ave. speed). 3.3 miles outside with Shane at a slow easy pace. Left hip area a little sore and hamstring tiny bit better. Kept it wrapped.Slow long run. About 4 times I wanted to quit. IT was tough. 1 mile short of what I wanted to do today.
Comments:Thought it was going to be rainy & windy so I ran for 6 miles on the treadmill. Shane and I ran 5.35 outside. Rds. were clear and the temp was 44 degrees. It felt so much better running in warmer weather with clear roads.5 miles easy on the mill + a very cold 3 mile run outside.Should have done: 1 mile w/u. 3 x 2 mile Tempo run. But after 2 miles, my back hurt. Relaxed for 45 min. then ran 5 miles outside. Had all sorts of aches and cramps going on. Not a good day.Quick run before leaving.Spasms in leg but ok to work with min. discomfort. Side ache bad today but a good run.Dasani Half Marathon, SC: Time 1:51 Gun, 1:49:35 Net(Garmin)The pain in my ribs was debilitating. no running and not sure when I can run again.
Travel back to Utica
Still, too much pain in sideSick w/ flu/cold bugThe most difficult 3 miles of my life. Still sick but wanted to get the legs loose for potential runs Fri. and Sat.Felt better but no energy. It was def. a mental training run. Kept going when I really wanted to quit.Slow T/M for 15 + 3 outside. Felt sick. Still recovering from flu.Took the day off.
Comments:Easy run outside. Still suffering from flu.10 min w/u+ 4 x 8 min. repeat at 7:20 pace w/ 4 min. jog in between + 10 min cooldown. So tired. Ran slow outside and went back to bed.Treadmill run for 75 minutes.Easy run with Shane. Nice outside but cold, 15 deg.Ave.pace 9:38. 2.86 miles w/ Shane at 5:30 and 19.54 Heart run to McDonalds. Wasn't easy. Coughing a lot.
3/7/2011710. - 5553.91
Comments:Treadmill run only. Snow was too deep outside to run. Ran then did chest and arm workout with weights.1 mile T/M warm up+Tempo Run 2 x 20 min. and 1 mile cool down. 3 miles outside, slow. Left hip hurt. Got a good easy run in outside. It looks bad for an outside run tomorrow. Left hip pain but didn't get worse.Ended up outside for 4:03 miles w/ Shane. Windy and a bit of a wintery mix. Not too bad. Finished with 3 on the mill. Hip still hurts. Minor hammy and right side pain.Semi OFF day. Really couldn't get out of bed early. All body parts were aching. I did a very slow, short jog with Shane. No energy out there. 5 1/2 miles with Shane and Ted. The rest was a run THIS side of Utica down Welsh Bush, to Schyler corners, down South Pk to the bridge road back along to the post office, left back to the Industrial Pk across Culver and around MVCC to Gibson back around MVCC for a final total of 20. Got tired but didn't walk. Wanted to get home to finish on the mill but kept going. Mental training. Left foot hurt at 19 1/2 and hip and hamstring made themselves known but allowed me to run.
Comments:2 mile warm up, 7 mile MP and 3.54 cooldown w/ strides outside w/Shane. Weights and 30 min. on the recumbent bike in the PM.3 on the T/M. Weight workout. 3 1/2 with Shane. 30 min. recumbent bike in PM.Good run outside. Finished with Strides.10.3 with Shane. 5 with Ted and the rest of the miles willy-nilly around Utica. Good run. I didn't get tired until about 15 1/2 mile point. Hip hurt but went away when running. Stiffened when dropping off Shane.
A 3.09 mile walk up Hills Dr.
Good run. Didn't quite hit MP, about a min. off but a bit faster than other training runs. Hip, hamstring were bothering me from time to time...when I thought about it.
Comments:Did some intermittent speed work on the treadmill. 10 miles. Then outside with Shane for 3.2.Slow. Hip VERY painful. Iced when got homeWas going to do weights and 3 miles on the mill. Didn't happen. Just did exercises for hip and ham. then went outside and ran with Shane. I'm still very slow. Over a 10 min. mile. :(Felt great. Lots of sleep. Faster today, 9:20 pace.7 1/2 outside slow. Snow. Footing not good. 3 1/2 on mill at Tempo.Took the day off completely. No walk, no weights. Good run with Shane and Ted. Ted kept me slow. More of a hill workout today rather than speed.
3/28/201112.03120.286off8.44OFF45- 5047.75
Comments:Warm up 1 mile, 4 mile at tempo, 2 1/2 cool down. Outside with Shane for 4.53 miles. Good run today. Pain might FINALLY be under control.Had no energy today. Ran 1 mile on the treadmill. Did a short and quick weight workout. Walked Shane to the college then went back to bed for 45 minutes.Good run: mild discomfort. Ran 12 w/ 3 miles under 9 mile pace (about 8:49). Ran 4 w/ Ted, a little slower. Finished on the track.Rt. foot started hurting.Easy run up hills driveRan 2:05 w/u with Shane. BEST 10K yet! PR'd at 47:14. YAY. It WAS an all out effort.
4/4/201112.2554.2518.21OFF6.76Walk with Shane40 -- 4546.47
Comments:1 w/u+7@MP(8:10)+1.25 c/d + 3 w/Shane slow outsideGood run. 48 9:38 pace. Finished going up to Hills Dr.Treadmill run. Incline up to 7 for .25 mile. Then from 2 to 5 incline for 1 mile. Speed work last mileGood run. Legs got tired at 17 but kept going. "Only a short amount of time in the rest of my morning. I can do THIS!"Quiet run around the switchbacks. There was still snow covering the path in places. Good run (9:27)
4/11/20116.15Swimming8.1Recumbent Bike5.234.56THE EXPO!24.04
Comments:Good miles. Ave. 9:08 w/ 3 miles at MPBrisk 3 mile (approx) walk with Shane in the am. Swam 30 min. pm.T/M:1 mile w/u+3 miles Tempo + 1.1 mile c/d. 3 miles slow outside with Shane.Day off running. 30 min. on recumbent bike.Easy with Ted & ShaneGreat run. Ave. pace: 8:44. Through golf course. Here's hoping!OFF
4/18/2011Boston: 3:47:14, 26.2 milesYou've done harder things than this. It's a hill, get over it. You made it to the START, you'll make it to the FINISH. One foot in front of the other, that's all. The body achieves what the mind believes.BELIEF IS TRUTH HELD IN THE MIND; FAITH IS A FIRE IN THE HEART - quote by Joseph F NewtonIt's not 26.2 miles, it's 10 water stops.WHAT MAKES A GREAT RUNNER: "SURVIVAL. TOUGHNESS. IT'S YOUR ABILITY TO HOLD ON JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER THAN ANYBODY ELSE. YOU CRY AND WISH YOU COULD END IT, AND YOU HAVE ALL THESE DOUBTS, BUT IF YOU WANT TO (SUCCEED), YOU HAVE TO HOLD ON AND NOT LET GO." -quote by Alberto Salazare
Total miles in 22 weeks:937.59