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What is your name?Investment Portfolio [TEP Solar Panel Installers]Investment Portfolio [ABC Tablets]Investment Portfolio [Gas-Thru]Investment Portfolio [Sweet Tooth Cupcakes]Investment Portfolio [MSM Sports Shoppe]Investment Portfolio [Candy Soap]Investment Portfolio [Pillow Genie]Investment Portfolio [Foland Farms]Investment Portfolio [Affinity Inc. Gum]TOTAL Individual InvestmentWhat were the most important factors you considered when making your investments?Feedback #1Feedback #2Feedback #3Feedback #4Grade x/5
Spencer Eason-Riddle$0$6,000$0$3,000$3,000$0$3,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersThe ABC tablets was a really good idea for less paper and saving the enviroment, the only thing is schools trying to afford the tablets.To locate the cupcakes store on Leesville Road was a good idea for exposure. The Sweet Tooth is a good idea, but how big are the cupcakes? A $3 cupcake in my opinion should be reasonalbe size.The solar panels, the cost is extremly high, and would there still be a electricity bill? How long would it take to install it? Could you have electricity at night, when the sun is gone? Make the solar panels more affordable, because this product is definelty a want not a need.Foland Farms, too many needed resources. Where is the location of the farm to get publicity? Who will you give your production to? 5
Patrick Carawan$3,000$6,000$0$0$0$0$3,000$0$3,000$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Diversifying your investment portfolio, Marketability to consumersFor ABC tablets, I would suggest that they consider the radical change that would be involved with this business. The teachers would have to be trained in the use of the machines, and the cost to the schools would be very high. Because of this, they will have to be very careful about being persuasive and convincing schools to try it.For TEP Solar Panels, you have to be able to convince potential buyers that solar power is better than traditional electricity. Aside from it costing less, you also have to consider other solar panel companies. This idea isn't entirely original, so you need something to separate you from your competitors.For candy soap, I don't really see anything appealing about your product. I know I don't want to smell like candy. To make your product more appealing, I would maybe make a whole line of scented products. Include shampoo, liquid soap, etc.. Try to appeal to kids, because as a teenager, I don't see any appeal in candy scented soap.Stores already have deals with farms and they are likely to ignore you. Do something to make yourself moe appealing, like lower prices or better convenience of location. I like the idea of having the farm be a store as well, and maybe you should focus more on that because it's much mroe unique than just shipping to stores.5
Eliana Gunter$6,000$3,000$3,000$3,000$0$0$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersTEP Solar Pannel Installers-I really enjoyed this product and could find it very useful for homes in the US. The idea of re-using solar pannels is very cost effective and probably saves some money. Although, I really loved the idea maybe one little thing that could be improved could be with your cost of resources needed could be to maybe find a older van that was still in pretty good shape. Other than that I really loved this product.Gas-Thru- I really thought this idea was clever. I think it would make getting gas more fun and enjoyable. The idea of having someone else fill up your car for you saves a lot of time and hassle and is very convienent Even though the commercial was entertaining and enjoyable I just thought it was a weak product that could be improved. I think something that would have chnaged my mind is if the pillow didnt have batteries and was maybe wireless and just had a remote. The only reason why is what if the batteries die while your sleeping or something. Just overall, it could use some improvement.Affinity Inc. Gum- It sounded like a good idea but with so many gum companies I think maybe the company would go under fast. I don't really chew gum anyway so this product did not even really appeal to me as it would another gum chewer. Something that would worry me about investing in the company would be never getting my return investment back.5
Jc Zargo$0$9,000$0$0$0$0$6,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersThe Pillow Genie is a great product that I think many people will buy. The two things that really convinced me to invest were the amazing presentation and the Atlanta Braves prototype pillow case.The ABC Tablet is an awesome product, it was well thought out, perfect for our target market, and I think it will do very well.I didn’t understand the concept behind Affinity gum, there presentation wasn’t clear, and that is why I didn’t invest in that company.Solar PaneIs are a great product, but if highs schoolers are our target market, this wouldn’t be a wise investment.5
Yasmine Siwan$3,000$3,000$0$9,000$0$0$0$0$0$15,000Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or loss, Support of facts/researchI really have to compliment on the Sweet Tooth Cupcake shop, because they not only used a creative title they also gave a good exciting ideas, and they also made there advertising like the regular commercial's. For example the music that was played on there project was like a regular advertisement that you would see on TV.Well one of the businesses I invested in was the Solar Panel project,because the solar project is a necessity in my opinion.Although
this is a necessity, there is one slight problem one of the fundamental questions states "For whom to produce?" I think the Solar Panel project is a good idea if they allowed the buyers to have a better output to the Project.
I really thought the Pillow Genie would have been a great idea if they had not included so much comedy. I thought it was sort of useless because people were so focused on laughing they did not see the meaning behind what you were wanting them to buy.I thought the candy soap was a pretty good idea, although I did not see the risks in this project.5
Cameron Harris$3,000$0$9,000$0$0$0$0$0$3,000$15,000Potential for return on investment, Marketability to consumers, Most frequently used by everyoneI was stunned by this proposal! I only saw one small piece of improvement in the Gas-Thru. I feel like there is too much to the Gas-Thru at this point. I agree that they are terrific ideas, but instead of the Thru-Cup, you could use other brands so they can also pay you to sell their cups/drinks. Great proposal and I hope it pays off in the future!TEP Solar Panels -- It looks like it's a great idea and it could have a lot of buyers and investors. The only slight problem I see is that if your company becomes too large, the other solar panel companies you buy it from could raise the price on the solar panels you buy from them. This is why it MIGHT be a good idea to stockpile a little bit. But I agree that you shouldn't stockpile too many solar panels. Love the idea!MSM Sports Shoppe -- It looks like there are many good intentions for this shoppe, but there was one major drawback for me. You say that you will sell used gear for half of the retail price. So if I was turning in my used or recently new gear and it is in as good of condition as brand new gear, I would want close to the actual price, not half price. If I am able to sell it for more than half price, you won't make a profit. I guess we can see how it plays out and there will definitely be many buyers.Sweet Tooth Cupcakes -- I like the idea with the location being right near LRHS. I didn't really find many differences between this and other cupcake places. I hope it works out for you all!5
Mackenna Moore$6,000$6,000$0$0$0$0$0$0$3,000$15,000Support of facts/research, Personal wants and interestsABC Tablets: Although I have never had any trouble staying organized I have many times wished that I did not have to carry around such a heavy book-bag. At the same time I believe that you should also offer laptops and/or net books because of the more user friendly keyboard. Overall I think that this is an amazing idea. Affinity Inc. Gum: I love the idea of holding contests to create new flavors for your company, but you are a new company. Can you afford to give out a cash prize to the winners of the flavor contest? Also how exactly do you plan on marketing and selling the ad space on your gum?Candy Soap: I like the novelty of your company's idea, but the first thing that I thought of was the dangers of your product. Could you somehow find a way to make the soap safe for consumption in case a small child were to eat your soap? Foland Farms: I like how you offer both goods and services. I also like the fact that you chose goods that people need. However I would like to see more support of facts or research before I invest.5
Alyssa Sanchez$0$9,000$0$0$0$0$0$0$6,000$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniquesABC Tablets
I love the idea! I do know that there are things like this on the iPad and other tablets, but they only have apps that can do the things that you are providing. What I like about your tablet is that it is specific to education only.

How much would it cost to manufacture one tablet?
How many tablet do you predict that you will have to manufacture in order to breakeven?
Affinity Inc. Gum
Yayyy! I love gum! Great idea, but I'm still a bit confused on how it prevents people from taking your gum.
TEP Solar Panel Installers
It think its really awesome how your company wants to help the environment by selling solar panels. The only thing I would suggest is to make your business special. Solar panels are extremely expensive. For the average solar panel installation, it takes about 17.5 years to just start saving money. I would suggest that you find a way to make them cheaper so that the everyday person can use the panels.
Candy Soap
I really like the creativity of your product, but I'm not all that confident in it. Maybe if you could explain a bit more on how the soup/candy thing works. So do you wash yourself and then eat the Candy Soap? Also, If that's what you do, how do you insure that everyone will steer clear of diseases and being poisoned from the soap? Just a couple of things to think about. :)
Alli Perrin$0$6,000$0$0$0$0$6,000$0$3,000$15,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersABC Tablets: I love the idea and think it will be very successful. One idea to make it even more successful is to offer either the same product, or something similar, to other students who are not in high school.Pillow Genie: I think this is a great idea that many consumers will be interested in buying. One idea to improve it is that maybe you could expand on the idea more and offer more than just pillows (blankets, mattresses, etc.). I think that would help make the product more successful.Gas-Thru: It is a great idea, however there are gas stations that also have a drive-through near it and I think they will be tough competition. You could try adding another service or a different service to your idea such as washing cars and cleaning the inside of cars or adding a bank to give people easy access to their money when they need it.Sweet Tooth Cupcakes: It is a great idea however I think that only selling cupcakes would limit the amount of consumers you will get by a great number. You can try adding other things to your menu such as cakes, cookies, etc.5
Emily Echols$0$0$3,000$0$0$0$0$9,000$3,000$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersGas-Thru, this company had a great idea and I feel like a lot of people would enjoy this convenient service. I liked the way they were running things, the only thing I wanted to know more about was the work staff that would be helping.Foland Farms, I loved this idea because I remember really good times I've had at places like these and I know it would be very popular and bring in good money. Make sure that you have activities at the farm for all seasons so you can always be in business.Candy Soap, just a little confused if you actually ate the product or just clean your body with it?? It would probably make bath time more enjoyable for kids. Maybe make new flavors/scents that are more fruity/cleanish smelling becasue even though I like the smell of chocolate, I wouldn't want to smell like it or clean myself with it.Sweet Tooth Cupcakes, I love the idea and cupcakes are awesome. The only thing is that cupcake shops like this are very popular recently so make sure you have an awesome twist to make your shop better and different than the others!5
Ryley Hopper$3,000$3,000$3,000$3,000$3,000$0$0$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersI invested in Sweet Tooth Cupcakes because it seemed like a safe investment because cupcakes are enjoyed by almost all people. If they had brought a sample cupcake so I would know if they would good or not I would have invested more.I invested in Gas-Thru because it is an original idea that seems appealing. They may have to make other food that is quicker to make than a sub or burger because if the customer is in a rush and the food wont be brought out before they finish pumping gas they may not order anything.I did'nt invest in Candy Soap because this product appeals to a small group of people of which I am not in. If they were able to make soaps that people older than 8 years old would use I would possibly invest. I did not invest money in Affininity Inc. Gum because i didnt fully understand the purpose of the gum and seems like a novelty item. If they showed that people will buy the product more then once I would be more confident.5
Deborah Rosengarth$3,000$0$0$0$9,000$0$3,000$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersTEP Solar Panel Installers- your whole promotion is just information, information, and more information. It's overwhelming. Try to make it more interesting and easily remembered for the public.Pillow Genie- I invested in your product simply because of the outstanding advertising, but I did not invest much because the product itself is so gimmicky, I do not think it will last long on the market.Affinity Inc. Gum- The whole thing sounds like a too-good-to-be-true hoax. In order for me to think even once about investing in your product, I would have to see some proof.Sweet Tooth Cupcakes- As much as I think a cupcake shop next to a public high school would be a good idea, three dollars per cupcake is simply ludicrous. Lower your prices.5
Daniel L. Gonzalez$0$0$0$0$0$0$15,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Advice of others, I Would absolutely get a product like thatI think a smaller more concise presentation would have been slightly better.N/A as I've only invested in one company.Gas-Thru.

Novel Idea, but the BP partnership is what really turned me off. I'm not terribly fond of British Petroleum, and I see potential loss with all these new electric cars. Perhaps an electric drive thru instead?
Candy Soap

Make it edible. If it was edible, I would by so much of it I wouldn't be able to fit it in my bathroom.
Nicholas Apostolico$0$6,000$3,000$0$3,000$0$3,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential risk or loss, Creative ideasPillow genie, i hope you understand fabrics tend to... well burst into flames if not well ventilated and i felt the pillow was a great idea yet the notion of a flaming pillow in my sleep is a tad bit unsettling.Gas-Thru i really liked your idea however the whole money making process or return for your investors was not really placed in the video giving a vague idea of potential return.For the folandfarms what exactly do you do differently that can attract more profit to your farm than any other farm. the farm did not stand out as different to the investors.I as a teen know that i will not spend 3 dollers on a cupcake unless it is huge, so what can sweet tooth cupcakes do to lower their prices?5
Jonas Petersen$9,000$0$0$0$0$0$6,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossFor the solar panels, I think you could have explained in more detail why and how it would work and pay off, with an example or two.For the Pillow Genie, I thought the video was really well done and entertaning, but could have used a more serious tone in some parts, but it was still good.sweet tooth cubcakes, I don't eat much sugar so something without sugar or fat, would have brought my confidence up about this.ABC tablets, I think it was a great idea, but could have been more different from the tablets we are dealing with right now.5
Vince Williams$0$0$6,000$6,000$0$0$0$0$3,000$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossGas-Thru:

Prezi went too fast
Sweet Tooth:

I wish they gave more samples

A solar panel cost a lot of money and isn't that cheap
Pillow Genie:

There was not enough information
4.5 - Elaborate a little more on feedback to make it more constructive
Nico Buico$0$0$6,000$0$0$0$3,000$0$6,000$15,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersFor pillow genie, use the voice and rapid speech in the commercial, but make sure you get your info across comprehensively, because I didn't understand everything you said. Great idea, though.For affinity gum more in depth about how it makes people attracted to you or whatever, seems like a good idea, just not understanding it.For sweet tooth cupcakes, there isn't a person on this earth who's going to buy a cupcake for three bucks unless its huge. Either increase your size or drop your prices.Solar energy just isn't very marketable due to it's extremely high prices. Maybe look into doing other energy services as well, because your market as of right now is tiny.4 - late
Justin Burwell$15,000$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Marketability to consumers, Support of facts/researchVery nice job on the solar panels, try using less numbers to make it easier to read.Try not putting so much words into one slide. Paraphrase more.Put more information about your business in the proposal.Make the proposal more like a proposal, and not an advertisement.4 - late
Sami $0$6,000$0$0$0$0$0$3,000$3,000$12,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersThe ABC Tablets were a good idea but if you turn off internet access during quizzes or tests how would you submit them and how would other teachers that aren't giving a test or quiz access the internet?I like the idea of Affinity Gum but besides the large amounts that you get, what would make the product different than other gum types?The Candy Soap could maybe be edible or just a different type of soap, no one really wants to walk around smelling like Twizzlers.The Pillow Genie could explain where the battery pack is and how large it is. They could also spell correctly and be more professional. 3 - late, did not invest the correct amount
lilly portenier$0$6,000$0$3,000$0$0$3,000$0$0$12,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniquespillow genie: make presentation less confusing sweet tooth cupcakes: make more clear what separates you from other cup cake storecandy soap: make more clear if its a candy or a soap cause i still dont knowaffinity gum: be more persuasive, why should i invest in it?3 - late, did not invest the correct amount
Nathan Browning$3,000$0$0$0$0$0$12,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersMore information on the abilities of the pillow genie as well as costsMore information of possible payout for teh consumer of solar pannelsanother way to limit cost to the consumer for ABC tabletsThe cleaning uses to be focused on more for candy soap3 - late
Matthew H$0$0$0$0$0$0$15,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniquesThe video managed to infuse a sense of confidence in the product and its profitability.Only one investment.Only one investment. Only one investment. 1 - late, did not follow directions for feedback