What gave you the most joy using Ableton Live in the past 6 months? 😍
What feature / tool / instrument would you like to have in a new version of Ableton Live? 🦄
In your experience, what feature / tool / instrument / section needs improvement in Ableton Live? 🛠
What should be improved about it?What would you gain from this improvement?
What would you improve about the user interface (UI) of Ableton Live? 🎚️
Why would you improve that?What is the most confusing thing in Ableton Live to you? 🤔Why is it confusing to you?
4/14/2017 22:30:34
Uf gde me nadje, u poslednje vreme ništa novo ne radim :). Sredjujem kad stignem naše stare projekte, prepakujem neke fajlove. Eto jedino što stare projekte iz FruityLoops-a prebacujem u Ableton, jedino tad ga palim :/.
Pa ja otprilike sve što koristim je van Abletona :). Znači u novoj verziji da bude sve to integrisano u Ableton :D. Što naravno nije realno, ali mozda neki best of. Od klavijatura koristim Massive i Trilian najviše, za delay FabFilter Timeless 2, to mi sad pada na pamet.. možda isto da neke najbolje stvari iz MaxLive-a budu integrisane.. npr. skoro sam skapirao neke dobre reverbe.
Mislim da ja ipak nisam jos dovoljno "zagazio" u Ableton da bi mi ovde nešto konkretno palo na pamet :D. E, nisam siguran, ali mislim da na Ctrl + klik na mišu ne mogu da se selektuju semplovi (ili delovi semplova). Ili tako nešto, nisam sad pri Abletonu jbg.
Bilo bi sve brže :)Pa ne pada mi ništa konkretno na pamet, iznenadi me :DPa na keca nisam nikad ni znao baš čemu sve služi :).Kapiram zato što mi nije trebalo :). Kad negde zabodem, guglam
4/18/2017 13:36:09Better analyzer, Stereo tools, more effects Limiter, Delaymore optionsUsing more Ableton tools for faster movement true projects
4/18/2017 13:39:56
4/18/2017 13:56:07make crossfader functioneasy mixing
4/18/2017 14:07:57Strings and brass
4/18/2017 14:29:14A shortcut for cropping filesNothingNothing I love it Fortunately I know it well so nothing
4/18/2017 16:07:08drum racksysex support ! will say goodbye to cubase finally !
more modern design , it's too excel uniform (take a look on bitwig software)
more comptabile and smoother graphic in the dark for live performance
midi/audio editing/toolscubase habits which i recommend to borrow
4/18/2017 17:26:44Max4Live as custom Instrument Good / more sophisticated appregiator
4/18/2017 17:29:51
Scales lock, auto chords, global key. In the arrangement view, colour entire clip, not just the header (makes it confusing to look at when clips are expanded).
Arrangement View
Interface, colours, access to tools like trim, loop etc. Make it easier to scale all clips - currently they are either all small, or expanded but difficult to tell apart. Logic is much clearer to look at
I'd finish more songs. they be less loopy, more melodic.
Arrangement View clip colours. Make it a solid colour, not just a coloured header and grey clip below. Make the loop point clearer to click on too.
Even after 6 years of using Ableton I struggle with the arrangement view... not because it's complicated... it just does't feel very tactile. When clicking and dragging clips around, they feel stubborn, like they dont want to move out of place.
Arrangement ViewColours
4/18/2017 17:42:51
When I started using it in arrangement view and set up locator marks ahead of time, it made it much easier for me to finish my songs because then I could see the parts of it that I still needed to work on. Finishing an actual song instead of just an idea has been so satisfying.
Sub-groups within groups, being able to open multiple projects at once, easier automation drawing, a more modern and beautiful interface
It should look more modern so I don't feel like I'm using software from 2003.
It would make me feel better working in Live and hopefully help my workflow
Make it look more modern, allow more customized skins including ones with a dark title bar at the top of the window in Mac OS, etc
the dark title bar at the top of the window would allow me to use a dark skin and set my Mac OS menu to dark and not have a light gray title bar that sticks out
I'm not sure... there are probably tons of features I haven't used yet.
4/18/2017 17:47:10Automating looperBetter live looping toolsLooperKeeping loops from earlier recordingMore flexibility in effecting and turning loops on and off
4/18/2017 17:49:52Simpler's ability to chop up samples as you likeVinyl simulatorfolder sectionIts ability to auto-detect a moved itemIt would be more efficient when organizing folders. Custom color choices for the main interface options.It would allow for a more personal setup. How the order of an audio effect in a group affects the sound. Because I can hear the difference, but do not understand why.
4/18/2017 17:52:09
Playing live with it. But it's been crashing more and more lately to the point it's sometimes hard to work.
VST crash protection
MIDI note fold by selectable scale in a drop down menu in each midi track
Multitrack midi layering view
Advanced midi control without using Max
Programmable keyboard macros for things like quickly freezing/flattening a track
Search Needs to have a better organization Easier to collect and sort samples/instruments/ideasIt's goodNothing. I know it like the back of my hand.
4/18/2017 17:57:33The simplicity of the Link feature.More native plugins such as frequency shifter (LFO tool), etc.racks.extendable macros, more features in chains.More ways to control the rack in itself.A different design, more clean maybe.more beautifullnothing I think.
4/18/2017 17:59:41Integration of external instruments/effects
At least on Windows, the program hangs quite a bit if you're using 3rd party stuff.
Less lag and errors.
I think the UI is the best part of ableton - so maybe even more modularity?
I'd like to rearrange the UI depending on the project/plugins used.Actually, nothing.It's really easy to use.Sorry..
4/18/2017 18:20:46quickly get ideas down and experiment. no hassle.better midi control and manipulation
the arrangement 'process' - support for doing this more easily (getting out of the 8 bar loop)
AI or clever tools to pattern build your ideas into songsconfidence, more creative music makingits boring and flat. Not very visual. Sample management is rubbish.
everything looks the same - if i spend 300 on a plug or its free - they just look the smae - how about icons? or something? Better sample management.
"moving" from arragment to session viewit just seems complicated
4/18/2017 18:25:32
Recently switched from Cubase due to availability of cracked versions for 64 bit Windows, and more I'm using it I find my workflow getting better.
I'm still not in a position to ask for more as I'm still exploring all Live's possibilities.
Not sure :(
Sometimes I would love to have mixer or plugins detached for use on another screen. But maybe that's even possible tho I don't know.
Just got used to it in Cubase.
Everything I have found confusing so far was explained to me as soon as I would search for it on Google. :)
Because I'm still not skilled enogh with it yet.
4/18/2017 18:26:03Quickly auditioning and looping samplesAudio to midi liveVST organisation Allow you to group them by typeFind them quickerBetter custom skins by not linking coloursMake it look nicer :)Warping Hard to get loops in time sometimes
4/18/2017 18:27:00Enhanced key mapping options.
4/18/2017 18:28:25
The mixing. I would like to see the plugins as they are in other daws, like logic so that i can quickly see which plugins are used on a track.
Like I wrote in the first part :)More standard way of mixing, i.e quickerI want to be able to maximize the built in instruments and effects.
Sometimes a pain in the ass to play around with say operator because the knobs are too small
Nothing is confusing any more
4/18/2017 18:34:04
Getting better at making arrangements and getting faster towards realizing good ideas.
Comping for vocal recording.Metering
Support for headroom in the meters, making for instance -18dB 0dB and similar.
It would be easier to remember the headroom.Sorting of plugins, maybe even rating them.
It would really help speed up my work and help me remember which plugins I like.
Max for LiveI'm not experienced with programming
4/18/2017 18:35:04Better EQBrowserMake it better.Easier navigationbetter automation editor
autiomation is one of the most needed things to make tracks sound better.
rendering of output.It's hard to setup correctly.
4/18/2017 18:37:23
4/18/2017 18:46:36The ability to route any parameter to modulate any other parameter.
Multiple "timelines" within a project. Like Adobe Premiere gives you the ability to have 1 project with multiple sequences.
I wouldn't have to constantly drag my alternate musical ideas all the way to the right for later saving. I could just create a bunch of timelines within the same project.
The design is great. I wouldn't mind an fresh update. I wish there were shortcuts to jump between each section to make them full screen (i.e. Adobe Premiere's ability to jump into any section full screen by pressing the "tilda" ` button.
Because it would allow me to concentrate on the task at hand much easier by taking up the whole screen with what I want very easily.
The User Library. It seems a bit messy to me.
I don't like that folders automatically populate in my custom user library. I like to organize my samples and plugins a certain way and Ableton always to attempt to do the same.
4/18/2017 18:50:17
Clean UI, everything important is visible, no need for multiple windows stacked on each other (like in FL)
Ghost notes; playlist feature for audio tracks for comping (like in PT)
colors of the interface should be better, they look kind of drab even with custom skins
brighter/more modern lookcomfortpanningbc there is no real explanation that ableton doesnt do real panning
4/18/2017 19:06:22Automation is SO much easier compared to different DAWs.
PLEASE include a playlist feature when tracking vocals. Please please please.
I would like to have sidechain allowed through plug ins like pro tools.
You can't sidechain through certain plug ins.It would allow easier routing, which will lead to increased workflow.
I really enjoy the layout but i wish there was more of an aesthetic appeal.
The gui seems flat. I know it is 2d but trying to add a little more visual aesthetic would help. Not super important though.
Nothing! The manual is amazing!
4/18/2017 19:11:42
Better video/smpte implementation, real "buss" channels, typing values in nodes, nudging audio like PT...
it is awesome underrated tool, but needs to go down to -inf for true automation
better workflow
listing plugins in session view like a mix window without the .txt hack...
to get more like the rest of the work and see what is on what channel
poor video export, implementation.. no list editor for midi... latency and confusion in recording external instruments/fx
just doesn't work!
4/18/2017 19:18:47Visual interfaceAsthetic driven informationBetter workflow visually
4/18/2017 19:27:12Push 2Groups within groups
UI wise, not much. Maybe a slight reskin (as opposed to recolor) to save space. The menu on the left is kind of bad also.
Better categorical organization, better sub-menu system (folder navigation)
Have things more organized The way they confuse drums with sounds with instruments
Because they're the same thing and you can find them all in the same place
4/18/2017 19:28:34
I spent some time getting into the Ableton Audio Effects. Earlier I had been using mostly second hand plug-ins. Really surprised me how well they worked and how much more effective my process was.
I would really like a music sheet/composing feature. I know Ableton wants to be an EDM-software. But i make electronic music with structure and spend a lot of time composing/writing.
2) I would also really like the possibility to automatically envelope velocity. So i don't have to click every little circle and adjust if i want a drum roll or something.
The built-in effects.
Would be nice if you could right click an effect and choose to get a short, interactive tutorial. Right now they are not really inviting at all.
It would help beginners to quickly get into the depths of music production.
Wish there was a neat way of cleaning up the current workarea.
Like it would be cool if you could move your mouse to the right and the library would appear, or same for the clip (bottom) and the rest. I get sick of having to move around the borders of each part.
Why the start marker of the loop selection isn't always defaulted to the loop start.
It's dumb. I'm very particular with my looping - I don't need Ableton Live's help with that. I hate machines thinking they know better than me. It's my loop. Pick your battles, Ableton. Ehm... Did I mention it's dumb?
4/18/2017 19:28:36the way live handles midi compared to other DAWBounce Midi In place audio recording
should be able to make a take folder with audio and then comp from the takes
would be able to get better takes of audio tracksadd more keyboard shortcutsso i could preform tasks fasterwhy you can't record take folders of audio because you can do it almost every other daw
4/18/2017 19:28:57
Routinely the most joy I get is from using Live is "Link". Link, made me buy a dedicated laptop, link helps me finish music faster, link makes having an old ipad useful, Link helps me add creativity to my DJ sets via Traktor.
Programmable Arpeggiator
1# I want to be able to solo and record just the output of the Send/Returns... with none of the original dry input signal. As it stands right now you can solo the Returns but can't select to record just the Returns (Or there is a way to do it and I am an idiot) #2 Simpler and Sampler should be merged. Just have the basic Simpler as default, but have one of those little arrow things that EQ8 has so that you can unfold all the goodness of Sampler. #3 If you add in a new SEND/Return rack... it should just automatically go at the end and be a new letter.
I think I covered those things ;)
#1 is obvious, I want to sample just reverb/delay easily. #2 I hate sometimes if you switch from simpler to sampler... shit gets all screwed up. Just make the full blown sampler easier to use.... like simpler is and make all of them even one shots stereo by default. #3 I just routinely add in a S/R track and it drops it into something I am already using, its just a pet pev really.
I would like to be able to break down each element of Live and have its own screen if I wanted. Perfection for me would be the following: Screen 1= Just the mixer, master chain and a dedicated EQ. Screen 2= the piano roll+note section. Screen 3= The clip launcher and Send Returns. Screen4= Arrangement view Screen 5= Browser Section
I just hate tabbing back and forth and adjusting the size of things. I just want a master layout that I can control whats on each screen and how much real-estate it eats up. (Off Topic: I still use Foobar 2000 as an audio player, for this reason alone.... complete adjust-ability to whatever size, shape I want and I honestly don't care if it looks like dogshit as long as everything works)
For the love of god... I don't know why some of my plugins work great... some just don't and some crash....Alot. ANYTHING that you buy from the Abelton store, should be vetted and debugged by Ableton ensuring 110% compatibility/stability. Great example: Alterecho from K-devices (its a programmable delay plugin) ... crashes my machine 90-95% of the time. Or i'll try to open a session that used it and the session will never open it will just hangs. It would have been time better spent for me just setting $40 on fire.
I built a dedicated workstation just for Ableton. 10-Cores, 64gbs of ram, 5 SSDs, good interface.... and this still happens.
4/18/2017 19:29:43
I picked up the Live Push. It has been interesting to see how it changes my workflow, but I like the weird way it maps keys across the grid as well a how it handles drum sequencing.
There may be a way to do this already, but... I would like to pull in tracks and have Live find the bpm rather than warping the track to the project bpm, though I like that feature as well.
I use the arrangement view, almost exclusively, probably because I'm old school and used to other DAWs. I feel like Push and APC MK2 do not work very effectively in this mode and that Live, in general, is too focused on the Session view.
I would like ways for Push to work better with moving editing points, cutting, automation, accessing plugins, etc. in Arrangement view. Also, I would like better native templates and integration for Native Instruments plugins.
Better and more creative workflow; I find Session view production to be boring and repetitive and like working in arrangement view.
The meters are preactically impossible to see. I would improve the ability to resize or focus on various meters (track, bus or master). Also, I would like to be able to assign midi controls to aspects of live that are uncommon, for example, there's no way to map a control to the 'Tab' key to switch between Session and Arrangement view or Shift-Tab to toggle between midi/wave and plugins
In order to enhance live performance and editing
Mapping between buses seems weird. I can't figure out how to map one bus to another, even though it seems like it should work. I also feel like the preferences window is not giving me access to all of the controls
4/18/2017 19:34:43
In general being able to jam with other friends with ableton and other musicians such as drummers or guitarrists, but the greatest discover of this 6 months i think is the ableton link feature
Audio and midi over link(multiple sessions sharing midi and audio data) over lan but also over internet, at least a tool for project sharing in a cloud
I think the Sampler is a bit outdated and the simpler needs more parameters like velocity and aftertouch. Also it would be great to edit audio clips in live session
Better workflow, better live experience, better samplesReturn knobs, volume fadersI used other daws and they are just better
4/18/2017 19:37:49better interface, its too chaoticmixerthere is no real mixer
4/18/2017 19:46:57
Stems bouncing (!), Autosave or something that detects faulty plugins, Channel Folders or busses.
Export Window
The option to select and deselect certain tracks groups, and advanced naming should be added. Now for example it's not possible to bounce stems with just the channel name. You always have to add an underscore or something else.
Actually being able to send all the people I work for stems like a normal DAW should be able to do. This is such an essential feature, I need to use it almost every day and it's a pain to do it right now.
Darker Colors. I love the disco skin, the only problem is I can't see the quantize grid that well anymore.
Because I work late a lot and the normal skin hurts my eyes. Routing
Because it doesn't really make sense. For example, why don't the group FX get bounced onto the tracks of the group if you bounce them seperately???
4/18/2017 19:47:44clip view
the whole view is kind of a joke except when you just use loops in your performance, which would make your performance a joke.
a bit more professional approach to production in generali think i just answered that question beforeproduce music, other then lay a bunch of loops on top of each other
because i am fed up with people calling themself producers when they just trigger some loops. better buy a launchpad instead of this crap software.
4/18/2017 19:48:00
More options for the arpegiator. It seems very basic and can only repeating the same note but an octave lower/higher in each step. This could be that I just don't understand how to use it.
Quick sequencing of a arpegiator along with chord correctionAdds depth to a trackCollapse functionality when it is not needed (left sidebar)It would allow more screen real estate for tracks
The preferences section (latency specifically) should be more automated. I shouldn't hear or have to diagnose the clicking/noise. Ableton should adjust settings based on my CPU. When exporting, if it's recommended to use a higher buffer size, the system should auto adjust during export only.
It seems random and frustrating to deal with latency.
4/18/2017 19:52:24
A better browser/file management system. The current approach is a total mess. Built-in dynamic level matching, something along the lines of an improved version of the MapME Max device by pATCHES.
BROWSER! Massive huge improvements needed.Everything?
Not driving myself crazy trying to figure out how stuff is organized and where things are hidden. Better usage of my library materials.
I despise the default color scheme, it's hideous. Ever since I discovered the LT skin and installed it, things are a lot better. It has some shortcomings though due to it not being designed by Ableton themselves.
When we spend hours per day looking at something, it better be pleasant to look at. The nicer it looks, the more welcome we feel in it and comfortable we are staying in.
Routing audio between tracks can get very confusing. You can "send" FROM tracks TO another single track, or you can "receive" TO one track FROM other tracks. They are not the same thing. I appreciate the flexibility in having both, but it definitely can get confusing. Also Max device automation is inconsistent and not always intuitive. I also have a hard time wrapping my head around Session view. I come from the "old school" of sequencing software in the 80s so I'm used to a linear timeline. Session view is cool but I don't DJ or perform live so I have a hard time really understanding and using it.
Answered in-line above.
4/18/2017 19:53:59
4/18/2017 20:00:28
Clip view is tight, I honestly love playing with the colors of tracks and clips and such.
A native autotune would be cool, but i don't expect itI wasn't the biggest fan of Operator at first, but it's cool
Just make it a bit more straightforward to use. Even make a mini-op possibly? Like Simpler to Sampler but for Operator
Not much personally, but others would find it easier to get into synthesis with native AU's
Personally would like to have more control over the general design, but I'll setlle for looking through skins and editing a bit of hue/luminosity/etc
Personal reasons? bit of a learning curve, takes a bitit's not anymore
4/18/2017 20:05:35
Per note pitch shift automation, pitch shift automation that snaps to notes (like BitWig), Groups within groups, 32-bit/64-bit plugins without using something like jBridge, more advanced routing (send audio to multiple tracks from single track)
Snapping, getting values from 3rd party instruments and displaying those instead of a decimal value unrelated to the parameter being automated.
Automation would become less tediousBetter browser organizationThe way the "Library" is setup
I don't like how if you save a Live set within your library it's not a folder like it is when you save it outside of the library
4/18/2017 20:09:43
4/18/2017 20:11:27I really enjoy the new filter types and sample chopping via Push 2.
I'd love to have a sound editing and manipulating tool like Melodyne.
As much as I enjoy the instruments in Suite, they all need to be more modular. Max4Live address some of that with LFOs and such, but having the instruments be more modular would be a wonderful addition.
They all need to be more modular. Max4Live address some of that with LFOs and such, but having the instruments be more modular would be a wonderful addition. I suppose this would also include some sort of wavetable osc.
It would be wonderful to never feel like I HAD to open an external VST synth to get to the sound I'd like to design.
It's a little annoying that automation paths can appear in two different sections of a clip/track. It would be wonderful to have every single automation path be visible in one section. I'd also like to see the macro knob limitation of 8 be expanded to, ideally, an unlimited number.
The automation improvement is relatively straightforward. The macro knob limitation is frustrating because I'd love to have multiple banks of 8 knobs so I can have a deep and customized midi control setup for every instrument I open or design. I'd love to have presets for every instrument that afforded me access to all of the most commonly used synth/instrument parameters via a control surface such as Push.
The divide between clip and track automation, as stated earlier, is really annoying. I also find takeover mode when using controllers like Push to be really frustrating and confusing. There are certain interactions when tracks are setup to be used by particular instruments that can confuse the user when it comes to performing. It's incredibly clumsy to have multiple people performing on one instance of Live. While I understand that this might be an intended limitation, it definitely gets in the way of me and my friends using Live in a live setting.
Read previous explanation.
4/18/2017 20:13:31
I enjoy combining different effects and plugins into audio effect racks
It would be nice if there was a way to quantize automation and other simple features that can help with cleaning up automation that was recorded live.

I'd also like to see LFOs, Envelopes, and other ways of controlling effect/instrument parameters that might not have an LFO built in. I think this is a feature of M4L, but it seems silly that the standard version does not have a feature like this.

A master groove/swing control. I don't enjoy using grooves in Ableton and I wish there was a way to move a few sliders and make a custom groove. (look at how Renoise is able to affect the groove of a song.)
Instrument/effect racks could be better
Custom amount of macros in a rack instead of having 8 macros regardless of how many you actually need.

Assigning a single parameter to multiple macros in a rack.

The ability to change vst presets using the macros in a rack.

Creating more than one chain in a rack causes the Chain List to be permanently tethered to the Show/Hide Devices option. I wish there was a way to turn this off. I get why it does this, but I often create a blank chain in an effects rack to use in a Dry/Wet control, and there is no reason for me to view the Chain List after I've set this up.
More control over effect/instrument racks and more screen real estate that isn't being used up by unnecessary options.
It would be great to be able to minimize tracks, sends and groups without loosing useful controls and information like the In/Out Section, Send Section and Mixing Section.
Gaining screen real estate while retaining these important controls.
The browser can be confusing to me at times. Mainly the different libraries in the Places Section.
It can be hard to find where certain things are. There are too many folders and files on display that I never use and this makes it harder to find folders and files that I do actually use.
4/18/2017 20:19:04Auto compingIt should at least match Logic's functionality for track compingTimeModernize itIt just feels oldNothing that I am doing is too confusingSee above
4/18/2017 20:25:43Finishing great tracks. Coming up with nice ideas. Applying grooves.
Make Sampler as magnificent as it deserves to be. At minimum everything Simpler does, Sampler should be able to do. Don't stop at that though.
Add ability for Sampler to read loop points from external samples. I mean C'mon, it's an accepted standard!
Make it much easier to open third party sampler presets, like Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and so on and translate also all settings (excluding protected samples obviously), at minimum all sample layout.
Replace Operator, Analog, Collision, Tension with something much better, like a Wavetable synth. Include U-he among the contracted builders. Update Electric! The Live 9 instruments should of course be available as well, in the form of legacy installations.
Add EMU style filters, like for example Curtis CEM3387, to Auto-filter and all instruments. Implement these properly and ask the contractors for approving the usage in each instrument.
Make an effort to make presets that actually reflect what you can do with your instruments and (to a lesser degree) effects.
Improve Compressor and Glue so it doesn't click with certain bass sounds! (Which third party compressors don't have a problem with at similar settings)
Make grooves selectable and editable from the Pushes by putting them into the API!
Put everything anybody could want into the API. Open up Live!
Make Stray an offer he accepts and get all functionality from PXT Live and PXT Live Plus available in the native Pushes, not necessarily an exact duplicate but as much as possible.
Make new solutions for presets that actually work also with third party plug-in devices.
Add support for polyphonic aftertouch more than a decade too late. Better than never.
Add MPE support. Stay on the forefront!
Make the Convolution Reverbs native and add pictures to the factory library.
Make LFO and other core devices native and make it possible to modulate anything on any track from one single place.
Work on performance and resource management. There's no reason Live should ever trip up. Implement an analysis system that informs the user where a certain section risks not being able to playback and make solutions for this available.
Implement Crackle detection (audio buffer underruns for example) and make immediate automatic counter-measures available.
Allow the user to tell Live which tracks are the most important and which are not and drop playback of the less important if the system can't keep up without crackling (as many as needed to keep error-free playback).
Run-every plug-in and device in its own space so it can't crash the whole DAW
Improve the information to users for timeline placement of recordings. Make all this business as transparent as posible for everyone, even newbies
Push control of grooves and Arrangement. Add Push control.Enjoying arranging betterresizable device windows. Full choice of content in two windows.Better overview
The transport bar count and negative start points of clips. Grooves affecting note lengths unpredictably.
Counting 9 bars just because the first contained upbeat notes before the start of 1.1.1 is both unmusical and wrong. The transport bar count should reflect composition intention.

Grooves should keep length and only have ends affected by choice.
4/18/2017 20:32:58
Dedicated Mixer window with all inserts viewable on every channel (e.g Pro Tools, Logic Pro)
The signal flow
Allowing groups within groups, Sends that can have dedicated channels in the mix window(i.e. not locked to the right side of the mixer).
Would allow much greater mixing control and would mean there wouldn't be as much of a need to mix in other DAWs. Also would make parallel processing much more easier rather than having to rely on effect groups and signal chains
being able to detach the bottom window that displays the plugins & audio file would be very convent that
you would gain much more real-estate on the arrangement/session view and if you had the window on another display. it would greatly improve the speed you could work at.
nothing in particular
4/18/2017 20:38:25
One knob DJ filter/ Simple SSL style compressor / 3 band EQ with kill function / Simple mono compatibility check with mini graph display /
(all of this functions with one button per channel)
Better stability for VST pluginsstabilityBetter workflowNothingnothing really
4/18/2017 20:43:03Push 2, best way to use ableton!
Easy integration with android apps, like touchosc, for controlling clips and racks etc.
Workflow on push2 needs a bit of improvementDefaulting to locations for browsing samples and devicesEase of use, less button press to access required areasColour scheme
Is a tad dull, can be a bit difficult if using for long period of time, plus the addition of colorblind specific clip colors would be amazing
Library placement, sorting and accessIsn't intuitive
4/18/2017 20:58:37Push 2
Better quantitative metrics, i.e. RMS, dBFS, phase correlation, more transforms than just FFT (Wavelet, Cepstral, etc), Spectrograms, etc.
MIDI EditingGhost tracks, fold by scale, etc.
Faster MIDI editing, and better juxtaposition of notes between different tracks
None that I can think of. I think it's pretty awesome.
The instability of Max 4 Live is confusing to me. Why bring in such a powerful tool and not spend more time to make development more stable and less frustrating??
See above
4/18/2017 21:11:48
Discovering that the new Simpler had a play-through mode that supported warping, meaning I could drop in drum breaks and get beat juggles with interesting modulations for minimal setup time and conceptual overhead.
Autotune, Plugin bridging, Operator with more LFOs and PWM.Piano roll
More "macro" behaviors like slicing, clever transposes, less fiddliness. Think of the tool options something like FL Studio has (these can be easily hidden to avoid confusion, at the cost of discoverability). In my ideal world there'd be a set of text-editor style key commands, but maybe that's just me :)
Workflow speed when doing heavy note input or editing.A browsable undo history with snapshots, like Photoshop
Currently there's no way to undo a lot of actions at once, so you can't easily save a "restore point" and go try something. And if you save your project, you torpedo your undo history.
Why some behaviors on e.g. Push flood the undo log with tiny events without descriptive names.
I don't really understand what's native to Live and what magic is happening in the control scripts. When it works well it's super smooth and I don't have to think about it, but when it's not, it's a "leaky abstraction."
4/18/2017 21:12:42
Being able to generate a bassline with variation by recording loops, chopping them up, and then using follow actions in the session view.
Cue feeds, or a way to broadcast 2 different mixes to 2 different outputs.
I'm not a huge fan of the way VSTs integrate with the program in the channel strip.
The little XY axis midi manipulation is nice, but it might be nice to have a miniaturized version of the plugin with just a few general shaping macros.
It saves time opening and closing plugin windows all the time.
I might add a couple of automation manipulable rulers to the arrangement view. (Like how protools has with tempo, key, and whatnot)
Less opening up of the mastering channel to write automation inGrooves
I find it hard to detect whether or not a groove is really being applied or how to take full advantage of the controls in the groove pool.
4/18/2017 21:14:07
Editable MIDI assignments: being able to type in the cmd-M window. Also being able to assign by bus or device, not just channel
MIDI editingMake it like CubaseNot going nuts
4/18/2017 21:17:40More randomization optionsBrowserCustom folder structuresEase of navigation
4/18/2017 21:46:52Using and routing external hardware synths via Ableton.
Better project management, Save does not wipe undo history, linked clips, named I/Os and I/O profiles.
Project management
Project launcher (e.g. select existing project or from different templates), version control, history/undo
Improved workflowBreakout mixerAllow viewing mixer while in Arrangement view with a single screen.Not much these days.
4/18/2017 21:50:28Sound design and experimentation.
A way to catalog contents of the library with keywords/metadata that can be searched and sorted. I love the robustness of something like Lightroom.
The library.
I would love a better way to catalogue and search for everything inside of it instead of just the file name.
Everything! (Time and creative flow)I'm fine with the way it is.More skin/colour options maybe?Learning everything.There's a lot of content.
4/18/2017 21:53:33
Getting my push 2 and being able to just play Ableton and have fun with it.
Favoriting Samples/Devices/Racks so I can maintain my sample library hierarchy and organization.
The piano roll could use some new features and updates.
Onion skin on midi that lets me choose what midi clips overlap. A chord stamp tool that lays down full chords. Etc check out FL studio's
Midi Macro Key Mapping Uber Micro Programming. Mr. Bill would love this if you make useful key commands for new useful features.
Looks amazing!It was alot to take in at once at the beginningIt was a lot of new concepts and terms I had to learn
4/18/2017 21:54:08
4/18/2017 21:59:31m4lrecording of system audio.grand pianoit works for a narrow group of genres but should be more variable.
The ability to work within Ableton and not have to use 3rd party plugins
finder-style access to sample collections.
It's easier to use finder and drag than to use Ableton's internal file management tool.
4/18/2017 22:01:52
4/18/2017 22:03:36
it's integration with Max which allows me to develop custom devices.
Advanced signal routing options and diagram similar to Studio One. A separate file management application to manage samples, devices, and Max4Live files.
DSP within the built-instruments. Ableton's instruments are not great when compared to several competitors such as Native Instruments.
Better math.Less need to use third party software.Browser content page. Envelope UI
It offers a very limited, overly simplistic overview of files. It needs more detail BUT i'm not sure what that is. It just seems like there's opportunity to make it even more useful.

The envelopes lack information regarding sysex and CC data relating to it. There should also be a way to compare clips together in order to organize midi data including envelopes.
File management. Library management.
I often load old projects where Live loses the location of MANY files. I went through a terrible process of upgrading from 6->7->8->9 and along the way the library became a huge mess.
4/18/2017 22:11:46
Full creative expression. However, note that ableton is the only DAW that I've used.
Being able to freeze a track that has sidechaining. Also I would love to scroll through tracks in arrangement view using the middle mouse button (like in a browser). PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN lol :)
I would say there needs to be more themes and design abilities that are up to the user to make (like coloring the overall UI). I wish that editing automation were easier (not sure exactly what I mean tho).
I want freedom to maybe move the tracks to the left in arrangement view. Maybe change default colors of each theme individually, so that I could make nautic or disco more attuned to how I like.
Visually pleasing, help me work longer.
I have gone over that, don't really have anything else. If scrolling with the middle mouse doesn't happen maybe have a way to zoom out tracks to see more of the arrangement. Or please be able to change scroll speed.
So that you can move around easier throughout the composition.Nothing really N/a
4/18/2017 22:13:17Mixing BoardThe ability to have it pop out to a second windowThe ability to have a mixing board experience NothingNothingSharing your project
When sending your project to others it always comes up saying it's missing files even though the stems have been sent along with the project
4/18/2017 22:13:44
Being able to produce and perform in the same space. Some times I don't have any ideas for a new track but then you can just have fun practicing a performance or mixing and it helps bring new ideas
Native ableton app to be able to create a custom mapped midi controller on a tablet (android & iOS).
More instruments is always great.
A tool to help organize samples and build sample pools.
VDJ in ableton?!?
A way to backup you entire library
Limiter(allow us to change rms).
Grooves(not sure if it's possible, but being able to quickly see how the notes are being changed other than recording the midi with another midi track)
Said above :/Speeds up workflow Don't think anything, really can't imagine it any better.Racks on racks on racks (you know what I mean ;)Haven't personally worked with it much
4/18/2017 22:14:20timeline drawing feature or something like thatableton's factory delays and reverbseverythingmore presets, and more ambient optionsnot much, it's cooltimeline not aesthetic, hard to focus,
4/18/2017 22:20:31
4/18/2017 22:24:20The immediacy and user-friendliness
Implementation of PureData patches, better FM synthesis instrument interface
MIDI implementation, in regards to controlling external devices, especially it's MIDI clock timing.
More stable MIDI clock.
I could use Ableton as a main sequencing tool, rather than slave it to some other sequencer.
Some instruments have a clunky user interface, but nothing too whine about.
It would streamline the creative process and make it more intuitive.Warp function used to be confusing to me.
I was not used to having my audio files quantized, nor did I find the necessity to do so.
4/18/2017 22:24:25The drum rack, sampler, and the timelineIt would be nice to have a MIDIext plugin built in to Live.
I feel like the default sampler when tracks are imported should be made the Sampler (instrument).
Easier sampling, etc.
Make it more "modern" and clean looking. Also, it would be nice if midi channels didn't reset when you change the midi device.
It would make my eyes feel a lot less tired after using Ableton for longer amounts of time.
Sometimes things that "should" work don't. I have to spend like 10 mins trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my I/O
4/18/2017 22:28:27Group channels, third party plugins.
Third party plugins side chain connectivity to be seamless.

To be able to have Group channels inside of already created group. And to have group channels as such beside Return channels.
More options in mixer considering view. If I have 15sends it gets pretty crowded and very messy. Also when in clip view / plugin view there is no way of zoom in/out. If I make clip or my midi window bigger stuff on the left side doesn't follow or plugins don't follow. Its a real problem if you are on 4K monitor or retina. its 2017...
I think I answered it above.
As I mentioned already non existence of group channels. Now I have to make regular audio track and send everything there but its still audio channel and has regular ''priority''. When there are bunch of it its pretty messy.
Too many things on my small 13'' retina
4/18/2017 22:30:10
I was able to record and combine my musical ideas as simply as possible
More extensive macro control mapping, smarter MIDI randomize, at least one synth plugin in the Standard version.
MIDI editorIt needs more featuresI could try out more ideas, quicker, in an easier wayThe layout on smaller (laptop) screens.
It should work better in live situations when there are no big screens
Recording from Session view to Arrangement viewThe Session view doesn’t behave the same
4/18/2017 22:35:15warping audia, pogotovo kod editovanja vokala
laksa mogucnost externog sidechaina (sa 3rd party plugins), da bude kao u Studio One 3
piano roll
nacin na koje se note unose i brisu, da nota kada se unese bude iste duzine kao i prethodna, a ne duzine grida,... Da funkcionise kao FL-ov
brzinu i lakse isprobavanje melodijadodao neki futuristicki skin (kao ovaj gore xD (ali stvarno))vecina sadasnjih skinova ima uzasne kombinacije bojazasto je showdeviceslots skrivena opcija (pomocu options.txt)
zato sto je jako korisna (ali ima bug sa insertovanjem novih plugina na kanal, nadam se da ce ga srediti i ubaciti u 10 kao redovnu opciju)
4/18/2017 22:36:02
Pop-out / floating windows for different sections of UI (effects/instruments, midi, arrangement, navigator) would be great. I'm constantly resizing areas to get enough space to see/do what I need to and I'd like to place and size those sections where and how I want.
Pop-out / floating windows for different sections of UI (effects/instruments, midi, arrangement, navigator) would be great.
I'm constantly resizing areas to get enough space to see/do what I need to and I'd like to place and size those sections where and how I want.
4/18/2017 22:41:40Improving Grooves/Beats
short-cut keys in hover description so they burn into my brain faster. Analog Synth circuit creator. More default skin choices. Midi editor keys for quick editing, example, if I hold a certain key it means erase or another key means grab back end or front, so I'm not trying to get the mouse just right when working on a small laptop screen. Visualizer, cause why not.
midi Editor navigation, especially for working with large piano ranges.
allowing for hot keys to choose what you want instead of having to line your mouse up perfectly when your stuck using the laptop screen. (ᗒᗣᗕ)
ability to do alterations based on key changes and math concepts faster, ability to have lots of notes visible and while small can manipulate quickly without having to zoom in every time.
break up inner windows. what if I want clips on this screen but editor on this and then I want to lock my sample library on top or other wacky changes, to each their own.
seems like a relatively easy idea to give a drastic change in look for those who want it. maybe a lock icon that requires you hold shift and control to unlock and lock.
Running live sets with it
I haven't given it a fair chance. the ability to improv on the fly is super intriguing though. Good luck man hope you get your interview.
4/18/2017 22:42:55some kind of support for 32 bit plugs in 64 bit version so far so good for nowso far so good for nownothing
4/18/2017 22:47:29Simpler Melodyne style pitch corrector DesignEverything. Ableton looks like utter assI might return to ableton instead of using a custom themed reaper A modern flat design that makes it appealing to look at I don't get visual fatigue from staring at this trash. Idk
4/18/2017 22:47:45Piano rollEasier to see only notes in the scale you chooseQuicker to get tracks done, more creativity in adding new chords.Find way to have larger buttons while keeping the functionality.
Maybe have an option to have rack units grow when working on them?
When you hit record, where it records (in session view too but particularly in arrangement view)
Working in arrangement view, I hit record without thinking and the recorded track ends up in the session view
4/18/2017 22:47:49Better mixer view, more internal instruments...
I would like to see more internal instruments something like instruments from Arturia.
I would get "in the box" complete DAW.
I would like to see option to have plain channels without clips, more cleaner mixer.
I don't use clips, so I would like to have option to remove "clips mode", just to see mixer.
In the beginning everything was confusing, but now I don't have complains.
4/18/2017 22:51:29MIDI mappingThe ability to use more than one MIDI instrument at a timeA wider range of possibilities for live performancesNothingI think Live has one of the best UIs of all DAWsTrack warping
Not realizing you don't have to warp every point in a track. I didn't realize that you could stretch warp points
4/18/2017 22:54:28
Drum Racks, sampler + the device editor are WAY to small and fidgety.

Also: sampler needs to talk to Push better.

Also: instability forced me to stop taking ableton on stage.

Also: we need new DJ features.

Also: create a midi clip with a full length c3 needs to be a command.

Also: reverse needs to be a hot key
Device editing should be able to take up the main window. It's crazy to force advanced users to make complex midi, drum, and sampler Racks in that tiny editor. I hate it.
I would switch back from maschine. The aforementioned device view size change.

Better metering (phase, stereo, etc)

Better sampling workflow.
It is needed. Badly.
Drum Racks and routing are crazy. Let's say I want to put a drum rack chain to "sends only" I can't do that unless I group it, then set it to sends only, and then UNGROUP it after to retain the setting.

Also: freezing needs to work better. No sidechaining is annoying and it tends to make massive files. You should be able to select a range and just freeze that range.
It's confusing to anybody.
4/18/2017 22:55:58
Well, I've been using Live with Push a lot lately, and having the ability to flip through all the parameters on instruments like Operator and Analog has kept them present in my mind. It's kind of ridiculous, but I sometimes forget all the neat little features that are tucked away in the synths you guys make.

So, yeah, I've really been enjoying getting to know Analog and Operator all over again. The sounds that are coming out are miles ahead of what I was doing when I was just using the regular GUI.
A *MUCH* improved guitar wrack would be nice, but not required.

Another thing that would be awesome would be the ability to apply effects to clips, rather than the entire channel (I mean, computers are so powerful these days, you might as well allow for effects to be mounted anywhere.)

Oh, and Operator could use a little more power in terms of copying envelope parameters across operators. Sometimes I want to stretch 3 of them out, but not the last one...and it's a pain.

Honest to God (even though, as a Developer myself, I know this is a huge ask...? I want a better interface. I want the whole thing rethought, re-examined and redone. Like when Apple went from Final Cut Pro to Final Cut X. The current interface was clearly not intended for the feature set. Features get lost *so easily* in the current setup (like with my example regarding Operator.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of minimalism. I'm not asking that every knob be sitting right there for me to touch at a moments notice. But it would be nice if I things were better organized and if none of the features were more than a click away.

Also, color code it (or tonal code it, you know, darks and lights) so it's a bit easier to follow the intended workflow on the screen... God, I could go on forever on this (because it's part of what I do for a living.) But I'll just leave these thought and let you take it from here ;).
The instruments, especially the synths. They are very cryptic, and features are often buried under panel, under drop down, over to knob, etc etc....
lol, well.... I honestly don't know. It's a very complex GUI that needs some rethinking. I'd say throw away the current interface, examine your feature set, and rethink how it should be laid out.
It's easier to be creative when I don't have to pop out of "music making" mode and into "decipher obscure button label" mode. Though to be fair, after 10 years of this, it happens less now...
I....think I accidentally answered this one already.So I'm just going to reference to the previous answers.lol, answered this one as well: The interface.
It's not laid out intuitively, too many features are hidden behind poorly named knobs, menus, dropdowns...etc. More details in previous answers.
4/18/2017 22:58:49Overall responsiveness and ease of use.
I would like to be able to bounce to an mp3. I would like to be able to change the live view boxes to plug-ins if I'm using it for a session. I don't ever use the live sample clips when recording and with two monitors that's a lot of wasted space that could be used to view what plugins I have on each channel as well as what's active or plugins that are peaking.
I think the drum rack could be simplified.
I would like to be able to view more of the individual samples in the drum rack at one time besides just the 8 or so blocks that appear at once without scrolling through.
Easier to see what I'm working with
More skins, ability to take the live sample playback widow and use it for something else.
EverythingWhy I can't bounce an mp3Cause it seems like a simple and useful feature
4/18/2017 23:04:53
4/18/2017 23:16:56Improvements to SimplerOperatorPiano rollEase of useFaster to useBetter mixing capabilitiesImprove mix down useUnpacking packs and saving clips
I'm not sure of the process sometimes and what data is saved and where
4/18/2017 23:17:25Using simpler slicing and slice to drum rack from simpler.
Plugin sandboxing, native 64/32 vst bridging, overhaul of VST display when VST window is hidden (the X-Y pad looks terrible, also sliders as parameters?)
VST integration LookMore fun using it
4/18/2017 23:22:55A way to load files while live is playing (or have multiple files open).

Also, enhance Info Text - it is so useful
1) have multiple files available near instantly. 2) info text - - provide formatting - permanent display of a "overall" info text doc.
1) easier to use in live performance 2) info text can be used as a map to your live sets performance set ups
Be able to place existing GUI components anywhere on interface - including stacked. also be able to resize AND reshape "views" as desired.
flexibility to improve work/performance flow.
Not for me but my friends that use traditional DAW are still lost with Session View.
It un-nerves them when they make a change in Arrangement view and nothing happens due to the supremacy of session views when playing. That single item appears to be one of the biggest blocks to adopting Live I have seen.
4/18/2017 23:36:21More advanced looperSoft synthstheir options, possibilites and soundLess VSTs in setsBetter skinsIt would be nicer to work//
4/18/2017 23:40:31
Its not ableton that brings joy its music. When i can do what i imagine eithout extra steps that feel cumbersome abletons done what it its designed to do.
The options cubase offers for midi manipulation are desireable. Would make arranging midi in generalbfaster and more fluid/creative.

More warp options for audio clips would be amazing too. Its nice to have that bit of builtbin sound design though im sure there could be more options if the devs wanted it to be so.
As i noted midi. Look to page 3look to page 3
It would be amazing if customizing the volor scheme was easier. But more importantly i would really enjoy a redesign of the color pallet you have access to for tracks and clips. Its not well organized and theres no reason i shouldnt be able to make my own custom colors. This would help me organize songs but ultimately isnt super important.
Typed it all up there. I feel well integrated with the program. N/a
4/18/2017 23:41:39
Group, Groups!!! sick of manually routing stuff all the time. and true panning
panning, more group optionsfaster work flow more accurate mixes
4/18/2017 23:43:15Something similar to Melodyne. Having everything in key is vital Vocal Warping and sound engineThe sound engine, I usually go back and forth with logicBetter sound and workflow
Have the eq and mixer console at the bottom and have it adjust depending on screen resolution
To easily adjust volumes of tracks for a faster workflowComplexity of built in effectsSometimes I find myself digging to do something simple
4/18/2017 23:53:01Session View looping, follow actions, scene launcher
Show Best-Of Parameter Bank in Info View for InControl Midi Device Mappings
4/19/2017 0:06:13Simpler warping Playlist audio recording Audio recording
There should be ways to do full takes and save them without making new tracks for vocal comps.
It would make me want to record less in pro tools and I can keep everything to ableton
NothingLive launching Haven't used it enough
4/19/2017 0:07:56
Using the Push 2 to enable me to create melodic piano sounds when I have no idea how to actually play the piano.
The ability to overlay multiple midi tracks on top of each other. Example, seeing both your bass and melody at the same time.
Arrangement view.Grouping/ZoomingWorkflow and speed.I would make it sleeker and just visually more appealing.It makes it more fun to play!The switching between arrangement and session view.
When tracks are playing, it's tough to know exactly what's happening, where.
4/19/2017 0:19:23
I really like having multiple Automation Lanes expanded for one tracks in Arrangement View (with the little "+" below track name and device parameter)
I would like a way to clone midi/audio clips (so for example when I edit a note in one clip the note in every clone also changes). Kind of like how patterns work in FL Studio
Automation LanesThere should be an option to snap breakpoints to the grid
Better scalability, touch friendly interface and (on mac) trackpad scrolling.
some buttons are way to small anderen dont scale nicelysends
I dont quite get if the Signal is "splited" between send and trackoutput (like with a dry/wet knob) or if the signal ist "duplicated"
4/19/2017 0:29:14usability and simplicitybetter piano rollpiano roll
should be easier to draw notes and change lengths on the fly (like fl's)
workflow and efficiency so i dont waste my time trying to get the notes down
more customizability with fonts, colors and a editor thats not third party
so i can have my own stupid color scheme that looks dumb but i think works well
the clip slotsi have no idea how it works thats all
4/19/2017 0:43:03New skins
Curved automation
Lanes, key mappings and many other features
A new synthesizer. An lfo tool dedicated for ableton normal audio effect. The same goes for the convolution Reverb. More macro knobs on a rack option. Groups within groups. More color option. New skins. The US could use an update with a smoother look.
Everything. But first let's see what ableton 10 brings us
Check any random reddit forum and you'll find plenty option to choose from. Vet support. Groups within groups. Max for live effects transferred to normal audio effect. More macro knobs on a rack. A broader color pallet. More skins. A new UI that looks smoother.
Allot. Ableton feels like because I know allot about it but there are allot of things that they could've done earlier but didnt add because they had other problems or ideas at that moment
Give it a whole new look. A broader color palette. More skin option to choose and tweak options
It creates a nice workspace to begin with
Why is the user library a pack and not just a normal folder in my browser?
I was just wondering. Pretty much everything is clear if you just try it out. Trail and error wins most of the time
4/19/2017 1:23:13
dedicated iPad plugin control app, better midi/OSC controller support
plugin control, user interface redesign, touch supportgraphic performanceno eye cancer on retina screens
proper resolution scaling, general better font readability, simple minimalistic super smooth and fluid Interface, touch support
its time for an Ableton ui redesign, touch is everywhere, 8k resolution screens already available
only 8 parameter simultaneous midi control, push not able to control plugin parameters if not racked, and then as well there only 8, racks zeroing plugin parameters and blocking them.
4/19/2017 1:24:58
The streamlined process when producing a track. A process that, for example, FL Studio can't offer. Specially when assigning return tracks or buses. Also the way the audio snippets are treated. Everything is quantized which is something great.
AutoTune. More personalization.
Choosing more parts of the UI show or hide. Or when selecting a clip while showing the plugins, do not change automatically to the clip.
4/19/2017 1:49:48Recording straight to audio instead of midi Export to MP3?Max for liveShorter loading timeBe able to test devices quicker Better zooming in arrangement viewTo be able to look at smaller detailsAutomationThe increments seem random