eventsWhat was the first car shown in the windows of Harrod's Department Store in London?It was a 1910 Morgan 3-wheeler. Harrod's was a fan of the early Morgans!Tony
eventsWho holds the US closed circuit record for women?Susan Ahlers, who set a closed course record in the autocross at MOG 33 on 4 July 2003.Tony
eventsWho was the first pedestrian struck by an Aero 8 in the US?Tony McLaughlin, who was bumped by the Aero 8 of Keith Ahlers (without harm) at MOG 33 on 5 July 2003.Tony
historyHow many 4 - wheeled Morgans were produced before World War 11?879, from 1936 - 1939.Tony McLaughlin
historyWhen was the 4-4 4-seater Morgan introduced?1937. There were 99 made by 1939.Tony McLaughlin
historyWhen was the 4-4 DHC introduced?1938. There were 58 made by 1939.Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many B series 4/4s were produced?B series were produced with the Ford 1597 cc engine, and a total of 3512 were made. This includes 2017 2-seaters and 1491 4-seaters. These were made from February1968 - March 1982.Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many F series 4/4s were produced?There were only 93 Morgans produced with the Fiat engine of 1600 cc. This includes 47 2 - seaters and 35 4 - seaters. Also included were 10 2 - liter Fiat engines towards the end of the run. Production was from April 1981 - November 1985.Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many C series 4/4s were produced?A total of 2422 4/4s were made with the Ford 1600 CVH engine. This included 1685 2 - seaters and 680 4 - seaters. Production was from March 1982 - February 1993.Tony McLaughlin
historyThe +8 engine (bought from prominent American company) was originally designed by what company?General Motorsgerald
historyHow many Super Sports DHCs were builtNot 4, but 9; (see question #55 for serial #)Hermen Polpolmognl@
historyHow many Morgans were imported into Western Canada.GB Sterne Imported 162 in total from 1956 to 1973.Marv
historyWhat was the total production of Morgans in 1934?The total production of Trikes was 659, which continued a decline throughout the 30's.Tony
historyWhat was the total production of Morgans in 1935?Morgan only produced 286 Trikes in 1935, a precipitous decline which encouraged the development of the 4-wheeled Morgan.Tony
historyWhat was the total production of Morgans in 1937?Morgan produced only 137 Trikes in 1937, and almost equaled that with the 4-4 production of 130 that year.Tony
historyWhat was the total production of Morgans in 1939?Morgan produced a mere 29 Trikes in 1939, but increased its output of 4-wheeled Morgans to 234.Tony
historyWhat was the total Morgan production in 1911?Morgan's first full year of production netted 750 Trikes.Tony
historyWhat was the total production of Morgans in 1923?Morgan increased its production of Trikes to 2,300 in 1923, which was an increase from the previous year.Tony
historyWhat was the total production of Morgans in 1910?Morgan produced 55 Trikes in 1910, his first year of actual manufacturing.Tony
historyHow many Morgans were produced in 1914?In the last year before the Great War, Morgan produced 981 Trikes. They closed production for the next 4 years due to the war.Tony
historyWhat was the production of Morgans in 1913?Morgan produced a record at that time of 970 Trikes, which were highly acclaimed.Tony
historyHow many Morgans were produced in the year 1920?Morgan produced 2,300 Morgans in 1920, capitalizing on the pentup demand for cars after the Great War.Tony
historyHow many Morgans were produced in the year 1929?Morgan produced only 1,002 Trikes in the year 1929, just before the Great Depression.Tony
historyWhen was the first 2-seater Morgan built?The first 2-seater Morgan was built in 1911. Before then, all Morgans were one-seat models only, which limited their usability.Tony
historyWhat was the price of the 1912 Morgan?The base price of a 1912 Morgan was 70 guineas. This did not include any extras, which could add as much as 7-10 guineas more!Tony
historyWhen was the first 4-wheeled Morgan built?Morgan built his first 4-wheeled prototype in 1914, but the war and taxes kept his interest in developing this model down for another 21 years.Tony
historyHow did Isis Imports get its name?Bill Fink, owner of Isis Imports, was on the crew team for Oxford, and used to row on a branch of the Thames known as the Isis. By coincidence, I learned that in various mythological accounts, there is a strong connection between the goddess Isis and the goddess Morgan, which Bill was unaware of. Many mythological historians believe that they were one and the same.
historyWhen did the louvers change on the Morgan's bonnet?The louvers on the pre-WW2 Morgans were wider than today's. The press to make them was lost during the war, and a new one was bought, which was shorter. It may still be the one in use today!Tony
historyHow many LeMans specials were made?Seven were made in 1938, only one of which was a 4-seater. Other than the requisite changes for the two extra seats, the rest of the car was pure LeMans.Tony
historyWhen was the first LHD Morgan made?It was made in September, 1946, and had chassis number 1480.Tony
historyWhen experimental Series 1 #238 was completed with a Ford V8 engine pre war. What gearbox? (Ford, Meadows or Moss?)Bob
historySeries 1 #238 with Ford V8. In review of +8 July 1985, PM quoted as saying frame was extended to fit. Is this correct?No, there was not an extended frame, but was fitted to the standard 4-4 frame.Bob
historyIn the July 1966 edition of Motor Sport a 1964 +4+ was advertised for £899 @ a dealers in Leighton Buzzard.The reg. no.looks like ANP 631B.My research has failed to identify the chassis no. Can anyone help? I don't know!!paul v
historyFrom witch year is my engine TR2 nr:TS60028ME in my 1952 four-seater flat rad?A
historyWHERE CAN I LOCATE AN OWNER'S MANUAL FOR A 1981 PLUS ?See the Morgan Clubs; They should be able to help.Don
historyWhat is the chassis number of the last Plus 8 to be shipped to the US?R 13142, which was shipped in 2004.Tony
historyWhat is the chassis number of the last Plus 8 to be made for the UK? R 13213, which was shipped in 2004.Tony
historyWhat were the production dates of the 3.5 L injected V8?It was produced on the Plus 8 between May 1984 and June 1990. The chassis numbers were from between R 9372 and R 10365.Tony
historyHow many Plus 4 Morgans were built with the TR4-4A engine (1962-1969)?1582 vehicles were produced with this engine, of which 466 were 4-seaters.Tony
historyHow many morgan were made in 1998, 1999 and 2002see Morgan
historyHow many morgan were built in 1970 ?see Morgan
historyFROM WITCH YEAR IS MY CAR +4 FOUR SEATER ENGINE #TS26661ME BONNET#6661,CHASSIS # IS MISSING.THANK YOU.The chassis # is frequently the same as the bonnet #, but you would have to check the engine # to make sure.Vlastimil
historyHow much did a 4/4 4 seater cost un the UK in 1985see Morgan PricesEdward A
historyRemembered: a Cocteau film,late 40's. Orphee et Euridice(sp?)great atmosphere & drama,reminiscent of the 30's, especially with connection to automobiles. Is there a "Morgan" in this film? I think it may have been a "Darmont" Morgan. Distinctly remember the two way spoken connection to Hades via the chauffeur telephone (or radio?) of a Rolls. Superb! Richard
historyHOW MUCH DID A 4/4 4 SEATER COST IN THE UK IN 1985£9,300Edward A Jones
historyWhat's the origin of the Morgan logo (with the wings) ?I don't know. If somebody can give me the right answer....HERMAN
historyWhere was the original Morgan sports car developed please??Malvern Link, EnglandSuzy Ellissmjellis
historyWhat year was H.F.S. Morgan born?8/11/1881Tony
historyWhat do the initials H.F.S. stand for?Henry Frederick StanleyTony
historyWho was the person chiefly responsible for the initial development of the Plus 8?The person was Maurice Owen, who drove the prototype for the first time in February, 1967.Tony
historyHow many models of Morgans were there in the 1920's, and what were their names?In order from the cheapest, they were: Standard, which included a four-seater;, then the Family, then the Grand Prix, the Aero, and the top model, the Super Sports Aero. The top SS could exceed 80 mph! Another model was the De-Luxe, and a Van was made, but no original models exist of it today, except for two copies.Tony
historyIn what year did Morgan deliver its first four-wheeled car?1936Lorne M.
historyHow many Drop Head Coupes did Morgan build?According to Ken Hill's Book "Complete Morgan" The factory produced 594 coupes, including 57 4-seaters, 4 Super Sports, and 1 Plus 8...E D
historyHow many Super Sports Drop Head Coupes were built?9; # 4820, 5328, 5390, 5398, 5568, 5611, 5730, 5734, and 6334Ed
historyHow many 4 seater Super Sports where built?5Ed
historyHow many 4/4 DHC's were produced?164, over several years...Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many Plus 4 Flat Rad DHCs were produced?117 only...Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many Plus 4 Cowled Rad DHCs were produced?A lot! 433, to be exact...Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many Snob Mogs were produced?Would you believe only 51?Tony McLaughlin
historyThe 1998/99 Morgan Plus 8 4.6 shares the honors with which other stock engine as having the highest horsepower ever produced in a standard form of the block?The 1963 Oldsmobile Turbo Jetfire. Yet within the Morgan community, if one assumed that "stock" was defihned as standard when leaving the Agent rather than shipped from the Work, the prize would go to the Turbo version of the Isis propane Plus 8.Lorne M.
historyHow many F-Type Morgans were exported after World War 11?There were 36 F Types exported from 1946 - 1952, when production ceased. Of these, 20 were the F4 model and the rest were F Supers. Only one F4 went to America, and that was it.Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many F Types were produced from 1933 to the beginning of World War 11?According to an article by Jake Alderson, a total of 594 F Types were produced after 1933, the majority of them being F-4s. There were less than 200 F2s produced from 1935 to around 1938, when it was superceded by the Super Sport...Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many F Types were built totally after 1933?According to Jake Alderson, a total of 835 F Types of all types were built until their ceasing in 1952. This includes all four variants, the F4, F2, F Super Sport, and F Sport...Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many F Type Morgans are in existance today?According to Clarrie Coombes, there are around 550 F Types still in existance today, of which about 80 are F2s...Tony McLaughlin
historyWhen was the interim cowl Plus 4 produced?In 1953. Only a few were produced without the proper rounding of the grill teeth. Many of these were converted to the rounded format later.Tony McLaughlin
historyWhen did the high cowl Plus 4 come out?It was introduced in 1954 through 1956, when all the models had this design.Tony McLaughlin
historyWhen was the 4/4 Series 11 introduced?It was introduced in 1955, along side the Plus 4. It was considered an economy Morgan.Tony McLaughlin
historyWhat was the first Morgan to get both the new lower grill and body?The first Morgan to get this body style was the Plus 4 Super Sport in 1961. Even after that, some examples still used the high bodies too!Tony McLaughlin
historyWhen were the first Morgans dispatched to Fergus Motors, and which ones were they?Three Plus 4's were sent to Fergus Motors in the USA on 16 March 1951. The chassis numbers were: P 2114, P 2115, P 2116.Tony McLaughlin
historyHow many Plus 8 Sports Lightweights were produced, and during what years?There were only 19 Sports Lightweights produced, and these were over the years 1975 - 1978.Tony McLaughlin
historyHas the wheelbase changed on 4-wheeled Morgans since 1936?Yes, from 92 inches in 1936 to 96 inches in 1955. The current wheelbase is 98 inches. The Plus 4 wheelbase began in 1950 as 96 inches and increased about 1992 to 98 inches to match the Plus 8. The Plus 8 and Plus 4 wheelbases have increased from 98 inches to 100 inches in 1997, when the long door models were begun.Tony McLaughlin
otherWhat happened to Joe Fergus, New York importer of Morgans for many years?T.B.
ownersWhich Morgan agent was also a featured soloist in their local choir?Bill FinkMadison
ownersHello, where can I find a Morgan plus 8 1975 owner & car manual ? Thanks a lot UlrichSee a Morgan Club; They should be able to help.Ulrich
ownersWas HFS's last Morgan a flat rad or a curved cowl?Both - His DHC, P 2612, a 1952 model, started life as a flat rad, but went through several incarnations while it belonged to him, the last being a low-line curved cowl in 1958. It was sold from the factory in 1960.Tony
ownersHow many automatic transmission Morgans have been produced?Only one, and it has been used by Peter Morgan's first wife, Jane for many years. It is installed in a drophead coupe.Tony
ownersWhich American talk show host owns a Morgan Trike?Jay LenoLorne M.
ownersWho is the oldest Morgan driver?The currently oldest known owner is Bill Button, from Bremerton, Washington, USA, and is 88 (2018). He still actively drives and works on all 3 of his Morgans.Tony McLaughlin
ownersWho has owned a single Morgan for the longest time?Gerald Carr, who bought a Family Type new in 1935 and used it until his death in 1995.Tony McLaughlin
technicalHow much did the first 1936 Morgan weigh?The 2-seater weighed 1500 pounds, and the 4-seater was 1642 pounds, with the DHC being 1736 pounds.Tony McLaughlin
technicalOther than the original Type 1 4-4, what was the lightest weight Morgan?The 4/4 Series 1V 2-seater at 1500 pounds, built from 1961 - 1962.Tony McLaughlin
technicalWhat is the smallest engine ever used in a production 4-wheeled Morgan?997 cc, in the 4/4 Series 111, produced from 1960 - 1961. It produced 39 bhp and 53 lb/ft of torque.Tony McLaughlin
technicalWhen did Morgan first offer the one-piece wing instead of the multiple piece ones?1997, the same year that they began producing the long door model. It was initially offered only on the Plus 8, gradually drifting down to the other models.Tony
technicalPost 1996 - when was r+p steering introduced on the 4/4, hydraulic clutch, power assisted
technical1800 Zetec in 4/4. Were 2 different engines used? If so what are the differences and when were they introduced?
technicalWHAT DETERMINES IF A MORGAN HAS A BONNET STRAP OR NOT?It's strictly optional, and depends on whether you want one or installed one.GARY SARTORGARY@STONETRUSS.COM
technicalWhat is the size and when were the Rostyle wheels offered on Plus 8s?Morgan switched to the Rostyle-type when Dunlop stopped making their 15" pierced dick wheel. Morgan got a deal on and bought up the old stock of Rostyles that were used on export Beetles. These are 4 stud 15" wheels with a silver rim and a spoked look from silver painted "spokes" on a black background. The lot lasted ten years until 1990 when wire wheels became standard. They sported 175 HR 15 tyres. Tony
technicalWhat engine powered the very first prototype Morgan?The engine was a twin cylinder Peugeot motorcycle engine.Tony
technicalHow many bars did the first 4-4 Morgans have in their grille?None! The early 4-4s were fitted with a wire mesh radiator grille, which was standard until 1938, when Morgan began to use the upright slatted grille. The wire mesh was still available as an option until the beginning of World War II.Tony
technicalHow many Plus 8 DHCs are in existance?There are only four known examples, only one of which was built by the factory. The others are modified from prior Plus 8s.Tony
technicalHow many Plus Four Plus Morgans were produced?Only 26 were produced, all between the years of 1964 and 1967.Tony
technicalWhat engine powered the prototype 4-4 in 1936?The Ford 8 hp engine was the initial one, probably borrowed from some unsuspecting 3-wheeler!Tony
technicalWhat non-British engines have powered Morgans?Fiat supplied the 1600 cc engine in 1981, and the new Aero 8 is powered by a BMW engine. the new Plus 6 and Plus Four also have BMW engines.Tony
technicalHow many pieces of wood are there in a Morgan?There are 72 pieces in the two-seater body and 116 in the four-seater. This includes the dashboard and floorboards, as well as the frame.Tony
technicalThe Morgan 4 wheeler has a fuel tank which has been supported at times by wood and other times by steel. Which is used at today?Wood.Lorne M.
technicalWhat type of wood is used in Morgan frame construction?Belgian ash.Lorne M.
technicalWhat term is used to refer to the metal sheathing covering the wooden body sections?The skin.Lorne M.
technicalThe Plus 8 engine block was originally purchased by its present manufacturer Rover from which American car company?BuickLorne M.
technicalPlus 8 engines are referred to by approximate cubic capacity. Which are the four sizes that have been sold by Morgan?3.5, 3.9, 4.0 (NAS), 4.6Lorne M.