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TimestampReviewerCigar NumberAppearance [Score]Appearance NotesAroma [Score]Aroma NotesConstruction [Score]Construction Notes1/3 Flavor [Score]1/3 Strength1/3 Body/Complexity1/3 Notes2/3 Flavor [Score]2/3 Strength2/3 Body/Complexity2/3 Notes3/3 Flavor [Score]3/3 Strength3/3 Body/Complexity3/3 NotesDraw [Score]Draw NotesBurn [Score]Burn NotesOverall Experience [Score]Overall NotesSmoking time
10/12/2013 14:05:46Brian (B-daddy)8890Pretty, neat, tight. Even cocoa brown wrapper with small veins and nice (gentle) box press. Couple small dark flecks. Neat triple cap. 92Hay, barnyard, and hint of cocoa. Pretty pungent for such a little guy. 89Pretty lightly packed. Evenly spongy throughout. No noticeable soft or hard spots. Nice box press, wrap, and triple cap. 92StrongFullSurprisingly strong and spicy flavors right from the first light. There's a pepper, coffee, and leather blast on the draw and a long peppery finish across the roof and back of my mouth. My lips have an oily residue on them that tingles with the pepper flavor/sensation but it turns a little burnt (?) tasting as it fades. It starts off very intense and with some significant nicotine kick but after about 3/4 of an inch, the flavors mellow just a bit. I continue to get a heavy earthy pepper across the back of my throat. Maybe it's my mood but it may be a bit too much for my liking. I just can't bring myself to mark it down for such a robust complex profile. 92Medium-StrongMediumPepper mellows and becomes a complimentary flavor to a coffee and rich tobacco core. It's a pretty dramatic transition, going from a very complex and almost harsh profile to a relatively soft and harmonious profile. The N strength is still there too. In fact, I ate a little sugar to knock-out some queasiness I started to feel. Towards the end of this third, I start to get some tart citrus flavors too. Kind of like lemon in demitasse. 90Medium-StrongMediumNot much change in this last third. Primarily a coffee and tobacco flavor profile; slipping more towards medium than full bodied. As it has been throughout, this continues to be a smokestack, pumping out huge volumes of thick smoke. 95Just about perfect. 88Got wonky a few times and needed a couple touch-up. Not great but serviceable. Good smoke volume. 91The first third was essentially a different cigar than the next two thirds. The first third was big and bold and strong and the next two were mellow and relatively ordinary. Hard to tell if I just got used to it or if the actual transition was that dramatic. I'd like to smoke this one again to see if it was a fluke or if there's a pattern here. Anyway, I think it's a good cigar and would recommend it to those who like a full or med-full profile.69
10/20/2013 22:35:31Jason (bigslowrock)8892Nice box pressed cigar with a smooth wrapper. The cigar looks like it has a bit of age to it.93The pre-light aroma and draw is a nice mixture of chocolate and barnyard.92Nice looking box press. Evenly filled. There is a little crease in the wrapper near cap. It looks like a triple cap, but my lighting isn't the best.93MediumMediumThe cigar starts off with nice oaky wood notes. I'm also getting some notes of allspice and then a nice almost jalapeno bite.95MediumMediumThe dominate flavor continues to be oak. As the third progresses, I'm picking up a nice variety of flavors in the background. First its a bit of vanilla. Next I'm picking up notes of nutmeg and tea and finally it transitions into a nice espresso.95MediumMediumThis cigar continues to deliver. Now I'm getting a nice leather, espresso and spice, which rolls into a chocolate and expresso. Finally as I'm nubbing the cigar, I'm getting a nice strong roasted pecan flavor.93Pretty good draw. Maybe a just touch too open for my taste, but thats just nitpicking.95Almost perfect burn. One light and its was good for the smoke. The burn was razor thin. Really good smoke production and pretty good ash retention.94Great cigar. I nubbed it. I really like all the flavors that the cigar delivered. My wallet will probably be a bit lighter after finding out the identity of the cigar.80
9/29/2013 7:40:13Ron (shuckins)8895great looking cigar,very soft,smooth wrapper90faint cocoa and light cedar smell95well rolled,nice and firm,with no soft spots or noticeable veins88Medium-StrongMediuma blast of peppery cedar on light up. after a few puffs the pepper toned down and a taste of cocoa,with a splash of coffee eased it's way in89MediumMediumlighter pepper with a dry cedar taste started the second half. coffee,light cocoa,and a hint of leather showed up soon after,and helped bring it a bit of creaminess89Medium-StrongMediumcocoa fades as more pepper shows up,chasing away the creaminess,but leaving a taste of leather and cedar. the tobacco picked up an earthy taste the closer to the nub it got.90tight at first,but smooth with plenty of smoke the rest of the way88had to keep my eye on it at times,but no touch ups were needed89a decent smoke,but it never quite got to where i was hoping it would go85
9/30/2013 20:51:16Sandeep (Djangos)8892Very good looking box pressed cigar! A little veiny and toothy in character with the veins on one side felt quite prominently. Lighter brown color with no major flaws or spots.88The aroma is quite a let down in such a handsome looking cigar. The aroma is quite mild and is mostly tobacco and some hay. The dry puff on the other hand is quite a blast of flavors ranging from chocolate to unsweetened cocoa to some coffee in the back. Mild white pepper is also present in the background.91very well constructed with no major flaws. Feels nice and firm throughout the length with no soft spots. triple capped and ready to go!89MediumMediumThere is a small blast of pepper to start of with. I feel the pepper throughout my mouth. I am finding the draw a little on the tighter side and this is possibly the reason for the lesser amounts of smoke. As the third progresses the flavors of leather and wood (I think oak more than cedar) are becoming more prominent. Unfortunately even though the flavors are becoming more pronounced and better the draw is getting worse. I am finding it hard to get much smoke with each draw. The ash is almost white to light grey and is holding for about an inch before falling off. The burn line is quite straight. I am hoping that in the next third the draw is going to open up and increase the enjoyment of this good cigar.89MediumMediumThe pepper is staying quite strong into the beginning of the second third. the other leathery and tobacco flavors are playing quite well together along with hints of oak and some hay. However the draw is still quite tight at this point, forcing me to squeeze the draw end in order to try and open it up and immediately afterwards there was a chemical like flavor that was coming in quite strongly. The amount of smoke is most likely suffering because of the draw. The burn line is quite straight. I almost feel like using a draw tool but the review is keeping me from doing so inorder to provide an honest opinion. The flavors are really good but the draw is definitely detracting from the experience. 89MediumMedium-FullThe flavors continue to be quite good and complex and changing just the way i like it. The predominant flavors are that of leather and tobacco. THe pepper is dying down now. The draw is however quite as bad as when it started, I am surprised that with just an inch left the draw is still posing a lot of issues. This cigar would have scored quite higher than this had it been with a good draw. The burn is still straight and the ash is holding well.
80The draw was tight from the start to almost the very finish, detracting and deducting the rating of this cigar quite a bit.90Straight from the start to the finish.88The cigar would have scored in the range of 93 or 94 had it been for the draw. The flavors however were quite good with complexity and good transitions. I am hoping that this was just one dud cause I definitely want to try another one for the flavor profile.65
12/1/2013 20:11:33Will (Dubv23)8891Very good looking with a nice box press. The seams were visible but still remained clean and unobtrusive. The cap was applied decently leaving me the cigar was rolled with care. 90Spice accompanied by a tingling light spice. 85The boys press was the first thing visually noticeable but it was also apparent that it was not exactly the best it could have been. The box press was more Cylindrical on one side and boxier on the other. The cap was alittle sloppy but other than that a decently rolled smoke. 91MediumMediumA semi spicy wood profile that was medium in both body and strength. There was a pleasant coffee after taste. 92MediumMedium-FullProfile stick with a consistent delivery of spice, wood, and coffee while picking up in body and delivering more flavors. 89MediumMedium-FullThe profile picked up a slight bitterness but was edged out by a more apparent coffee and leather profile. Body settled down a bit but flavors were pleasing and bitterness never overwhelmed. 85Draw showed more resistance than one would like93Very clean line and pretty even. Didnt require any touch ups. 87The cigar was okay. It had a decent profile that was consistent with subtle changes with a bigger, more noticeable shift in the final third where a bitterness came forth. Construction was okay as well but visually had some standout attributes that lowered the score. 75
Real Average92.0090.6090.4090.606.706.3091.405.905.9090.406.306.3088.6090.8089.8074.80
Standard Deviation1.871.953.712.071.791.792.510.890.892.611.
Brian (B-daddy)FALSE928992FALSEFALSE92FALSE5.590FALSE5.5FALSE889169
Jason (bigslowrock)92FALSE92FALSE5.55.5FALSE5.55.5FALSE5.55.593FALSEFALSE80
Ron (shuckins)FALSE90FALSEFALSE7.55.5895.55.589FALSE5.5908889FALSE
Sandeep (Djangos)92FALSE91895.55.5895.55.5895.5FALSEFALSE9088FALSE
Will (Dubv23)9190FALSE915.55.5925.5FALSE895.5FALSE8593FALSE75
Adjusted Average91.6790.6790.6790.676.005.5090.505.505.5089.255.505.5089.3389.7589.3374.67
Overall Strength5.67
Overall Body5.50
Total Score90.05
Initial ImpressionsBlind Cigar Review: Felix Assouline | Havana Sunrise Reserve Ray
Appearance:92Vital Stats:
Aroma:91Vitola:Corona Gorda
First ThirdRing Gauge:44
Flavor:91Country of Origin:Nicaragua
Strength:Medium-StrongWrapper:Habano 98
Second ThirdFiller:Nicaragua, Honduras
Body/Complexity:MediumNumber of reviewers:5Brian (B-daddy)Jason (bigslowrock)Ron (shuckins)Sandeep (Djangos)Will (Dubv23)
Final ThirdPrice:$5.00
Flavor:89Age:5 months rest
Strength:MediumRelease Date:June 2013
Body/Complexity:MediumContributed by:Felix Assouline Cigars
Overall Impressions
Overall Strength:Medium-Strong
Overall Body/Complexity:Medium
Overall Experience:89
Smoking Time (in minutes):75
Total Score:90