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SchoolCityWhat is your Internet bandwidth (down)Please specificy your Mbps How many devices access your network on a daily basis?Please select which of the following groups are allowed wifi access at your schoolHow do you control student/faculty/guest access to wifi?Student Information SystemAdmissions SystemAccount SoftwareWifiFireWallFundraising SoftwareLearning Management SystemMobile Device ManagementEmailDigital SignageFrom the aforementioned list of software, is any software new to your institution? If so, what software did you switch from and why? Please take the time to answer for all appropriate programs.From the aforementioned list of software, please select one that works very well for your institution and explain its benefits.Does your school use security cameras?Has your school implemented digital signage on campus?Amount of Digital Signage screens: Please select all the eBook vendors that your school uses. If any are not listed, please add them in the comment sectionPlease rank your satisfaction with your eBook vendors. Please add a comment, if you desire.
Amazon (Kindle)AppleCengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinIntelMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceOtherOther (please specify)Amazon (Kindle)AppleCengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinIntelMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceOther (please specify)
Belen Jesuit Preparatory SchoolMiamiOther (comment)2 1000+ Mbps2500-2999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsPasswordsBlackbaud Education EdgeBlackbaud Education Edge Admissions OfficeBlackbaud Financial EdgeMerakiCipa FilterBlackbaud Raiser's EdgeHaikuAirWatchGoogle MailBright AuthorAirWatch is new this year and we switched from JAMF because we received pressure from parents and faculty to "lock down" the iPads as they were too much of a distraction. Google Mail is new this year and we switched from Microsoft Exchange because of cost and also because we are trying to move to Google Apps for Education.This is a difficulty question, because many in the list works very well for us. I would single out Haiku because the LMS concept has been highly successful and a complement to our one to one iPad Program.YesYes10OtherWe went with EdTech which is a full solution etext provider which works with most of the vendors on the list and we use all of them currently. This so far has been highly successfuly and EdTech is committed to working with schools to make its service affordable and convenient. They reach out to a vendor if they currently do not have a relationship with that vendor if a school wishes to use it.Very dissatisfiedSee my comments in #33. Pearson continues to be an issue even though EdTech works with Pearson.
Brebeuf JesuitIndianapolis1000+ Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsGuest access is pasword controlled (changes about every 10 days); Student and faculty personal devices have a web-login page that authenticates with ADAdministrator's Plus (rediker)Admissions Plus (rediker)Financial EdgeHPFireboxRaiser's EdgePlus Portals/Google ClassroomTeachers walk around the roomgmail (students faculty), exchange (faculty, admin)digitalsignage.comPlus Portals: wanted to consolidate work on the backend and Edline was no longer fulfilling our needs. Paring down the LMS with grades allowed us to open up more robust classroom options without feeling like we were paying twice.Big fan of gClassroom for its ease of use, ability to link into drive accounts, and easy management. Digital Signage software has been robust enough for us to allow students to be creative.YesYes11 so farAmazon (Kindle)PearsonSatisfiedDissatisfied
Brophy College PreparatoryPhoenix500 Mbps1500-1999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsFaculty/staff have a password authenticated network. Students have access to an open network.Education EdgeBlackbaud onBoardFinancial EdgeMerakiMerakiRaisers EdgeCanvasMerakiGoogle Apps for EducationonBoard by Blackbaud. We are looking toward moving to all of the "on" products and away from Education Edge, so we started here.Google Apps for Education is probably the last thing we'd get rid of. It's power and utility increases every year, it's user friendly, and it's very robust.YesNoAppleGlencoeHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillPearsonVery satisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfied
Cheverus High SchoolPortland< 50 Mbps500-999Faculty/Staff Students Guestsppsk, or web agreement formEducation EdgeEducation EdgeSage 50 AccountingAerohiveMerakiRaisers Edgenot yetnot yetGoogle Apps for EducationXiboGAFE works without the resources of the IT department.YesYes3classbooks.comclassbooks.com is also our textbook vendor, and we have mixed reviews
Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory SchoolChicago< 50 MbpsFaculty/Staff GuestsPassword, moving towards enterprise authentication.Education EdgeEducation EdgeMIPCiscoCisco MerakiRaiser's EdgeGoogle ClassroomCisco MerakiGoogle Apps for EducationRise VisionEducation Edge - It allows for one central database for all student information, including grades, medical records, attendance, discipline, and admissions.YesYes1
Colegio San Ignacio de LoyolaSan JuanOther (comment)180Mbps500-999Faculty/Staff Students Cisco Meraki - Radius Rediker Administrator's PlusnoneCDI PremiumCIsco MerakiCisco MerakiBalckbaud's Raiser's EdgeEdlineMeraki Systems ManagerMicrosoft Office365 Exchange onlineBlackbox iCompelMicrosoft Office365 - access to email from any device, reliable, easy to use and administrate. YesYes2CengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillPearsonN/A
Creighton PrepOmaha1000+ Mbps1500-1999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsWPA2 Enterprise, RADIUS, vlanPowerSchoolSchool AdminBlackbaud Financial EdgeRuckusCISCO ASA / UntangleBlackbaud Raisers EdgeFinalSiteMerakiExchange / Google Apps for EducationHomegrown web appThird year of Meraki - did not switch from any other MDMPowerSchool has always met our needs, especially with our ability to customizeYesYes3Amazon (Kindle)AppleIntelPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceSatisfiedVery satisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedSatisfied
De Smet JesuitSt. Louis200 Mbps500-999Faculty/Staff Students Guestssecure network for student and faculty devices temporary guest access as needed Aruba Wireless...BlackbaudBlackbaudBlackbaudArubaSonic Wall, BarracudaBlackbaud Raisers EdgeMoodle, DyKnowExchangeVolanteAbout 8 years ago switched from SharePoint to Moodle... usability, management, costNot yet, but plan toYes2GlencoeMcGraw-HillPearsonSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfied
Fairfield PrepFairfield150 Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsSeparate SSID and VLanEducation EdgeSilent SolutionsQuick BooksAruba NetworksMerakiRaisers EdgeBlackboard and SchoologyJAMFSoftExchange 2013Rise VisionSchoology: more intuitive interface and lower cost than Blackboard (will move 100% to Schoology next year)Schoology, our most recently add program, combines the LMS with a solid workflow solution.YesYes6Amazon (Kindle)AppleIntelPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfied
Gonzaga College High SchoolWashington100 Mbps500-999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsShared keyBlackbaudBlackbaudTBDRuckusTBDRaiser's EdgeCanvasNoneGoogle AppsBright AuthorCanvas started 2014-15 with no previous LMS. Google Apps started 2015 previously used GroupWise. Google Apps. Few issues. Loads of benefits, including built in collaborative tools and easy to use interface. YesYes1Vista Higher LearningFollettDissatisfiedFollett is hot garbage for digital texts.
Gonzaga Preparatory SchoolSpokane200 Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students Guestsstudent/faculty by Active Directory username guest with a passwordSkywardSkywardSkywardArubaFortigateRaiser's EdgeSchoologynoneGoogle AppsPower PointSkyward - Wanted to move to more of a one database/web based solution. Old SIS - Schoolmaster Old Admissions - none Old Accounting - Microsoft DynamicsGoogle Apps - not just for email but the entire suite of cloud hosted storage, docs, forms is great for ease of access no matter where you are or what device you're using.YesYes1Amazon (Kindle)AppleIntelMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceKnoNeutralNeutralNeutralNeutralDissatisfiedNeutralNeutralkno - dissatisfied
Jesuit College Preparatory School of DallasDallas300 Mbps1500-1999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsPassword loginEducation EdgeEducation EdgeMoodleOutlook and GoogleMoodle: Long term implementation (over 10 years) high faculty use, high student engagementYesYes3CengageIntelMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceSatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralNeutralVery satisfiedSatisfied
Jesuit High SchoolPortlandOther (comment)I don't know this information3000Faculty/Staff Students GuestsPasswordsPowerschoolSilent SolutionsI don't knowI don't knowI don't knowRazor's EdgeInstructure CANVASAirwatchGoogle Apps for EducationI don't knowPowerschool from SchoolMasterYesNoAppleCengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinIntelMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceOtherEMC CopiaSatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralNeutralSatisfiedSatisfied
Jesuit High SchoolSacramento200 Mbps2000-2499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsStudent & Faculty authenticate to AD. Guest access unrestricted internet only access with limited bandwidth.PowerSchoolSchoolAdminFinancial EdgeMerakiCisco ASA 5515Raiser's EdgeGoogle ClassroomNoneFaculty/Staff uses Exchange, Students use GmailSpinetix, but looking at moving offPowerSchool is new. After ~15 years with SchoolMaster we are in year 2 with PowerSchool. PowerSchool is better product in just about every way. SchoolAdmin is a new product. We transitioned off an In-House system about 2 years ago. SchoolAdmin is OK, it can do about 80% of what we need. The rest is still done in house. Google Classroom has replaced Edline. We did this when we moved to PowerSchool. It has been mostly well received. Online quizing is a little more difficult in Google Classroom then edline. Meraki - Very flexible, works well, great management tools. PowerSchool - Works very well. Excellent gradebook, mobile apps, easy parent access, strong reporting and customization. Good support, knowledge base and excellent regular conferencesNoYes8Amazon (Kindle)AppleCengageHoughton-MifflinPearsonSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedPearson performance is inconsistent.
Jesuit High School (of Tampa)Tampa300 Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsWe use 802.1x (in conjunction with NPS) for authentication for the primary wireless SSIDs. We have a guest network with only Internet access that has a simple WPA2 PasskeySenior SystemsSenior SystemsSenior SystemsArubaSonicwallSenior SystemsCanvasAir WatchMicrosoft ExchangeRise VisionCanvas has been very successful for our students and teachers. We like its robust feature set for instruction and its integration with Google Drive.YesYes4Amazon (Kindle)AppleCengagePearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsource
Loyola AcademyWilmette200 Mbps3000Faculty/Staff Students GuestsThrough MerakiBlackbaudBlackbaudBlackbaudCiscoBlackbaudiTunesU, Showbie, Google AppsMerakiGoogleiTunesU, Showbie and Meraki are new to our institution with a 1:1 iOS environment. We weren't using an LMS prior to this.iTunesU worked well for our initial launch to help organize distribution of learning resources and be a common thread throughout the school.YesYesOne in main lobbyAmazon (Kindle)AppleCengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceOtherCK12, Wiley, Bedford Freeman, NortonSatisfiedNeutralNeutralSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfied with Wiley
Loyola BlakefieldTowson500 Mbps500-999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsTwo ways: captive portal (authentication) Baracuda (content)BlackbaudBlackbaudBlackbaudArubaJuniperBlackbaudBlackbaud /Whipple HillAruba Clear PassOutlookAMXBlackbaud and Whipple Hill have joined and we have committed to their new On Suite of software from Whipple Hill. Looking at a Spring 2016 start up date for our website and other products. We feel strongly about all of them, we have been a recognized leader in the integration of the Blackbaud suite of tools and are excited about the new direction that Whipple Hill brings to the table. YesYes7library media specialist overdrive gale As part of our pilot this year we will be closely looking at E-textbook options and evaluating and making decisions by department for next academic year. Thank you for collecting this data we are very interested!
Loyola High School of Los AngelesLos Angeles1000+ Mbps3000Faculty/Staff Students GuestsPassword for Student network. AD authentication for Faculty_Staff.PowerSchoolSilent SolutionsFinancial EdgeExtreme NetworksFortinetRasiers EdgeCanvasJamf ProGmailYesNoOtherWe currently do not have a formal eBook initiative for the school. However, I do know a few teachers that use eBooks for their classes.
Loyola SchoolNew York200 MbpsFaculty/Staff Students GuestsStudent and Faculty use their AD credentials to join separate WIFI networks. Guests receive usernames and passwords when requested by the person hosting the guest. Education EdgeRavenna/Education EdgeFinancial EdgeMerakiCisco ASARaisers EdgeMoodleNoneExchange 2013Flypaper/DisplayItRavenna is the newest piece of software that we installed this summer. We switched from Blackbaud's Online Admissions, the main reason was ease of use, lack of support, and Blackbaud stopping support and development of it in the soon to near future. Moodle is working well for us. We have done a lot of skinning and tweaking to make it work for us. Faculty and Students are comfortable using it, and it works well on the iPad with our theme. However, one downside that I am hoping will be fixed is that there is really no easy way to upload a file from an iPad to Moodle. YesYes3Amazon (Kindle)Very satisfied
Marquette University High SchoolMilwaukee1000+ MbpsFaculty/Staff Students AD/RADIUS, very limited guest access provided via "shared" accountPowerSchoolBlackbaud Education EdgeBlackbaud Education EdgeCiscoPalo AltoBlackbaud Raiser's EdgeMoodleN/AMicrosoft ExchangeBrightSignBrightSign is new and is still being vetted. I am looking for easy to use digital signage hardware/softwareMoodle has been a great fit for MUHS. Teachers love it and it's flexible and easy to use.YesYes2
McQuaid JesuitRochesterOther (comment)751000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsMultiple methods. RADIUS and splash page authentication using LDAP, pre-shared key, etc. depending on use case.Blackbaud The Education EdgeBlackbaud The Education EdgeBlackbaud The Financial EdgeCisco WLCCisco ASA 5510Blackbaud The Raiser's EdgeSchoologyJAMF Casper SuiteMicrosoft ExchangeSchoology is new to our institution, and is our first use of an online learning management system. We are impressed with Schoology, as it has been very easy to use for our students. The "Facebook-like" look and feel makes adoption simple for both students and parents. The SIS integration with Blackbaud needs work, but we have been able to manage. We are new to JAMF's Casper Suite, but have been pleased with our experiences so far. We are eager to move off of several legacy systems this year, including our Cisco wireless solution and Microsoft Exchange on-premises.NoNo
Regis High SchoolNew York200 Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsStudents and Faculty all log in with their unique school-assigned accounts (username and password). Guest access is controlled via a password that changes weekly (automated process).TBD (in the process of selecting new)Silent SolutionsBlackbaud: Financial EdgeMerakiCisco ASABlackbaud: Raiser's EdgeMoodlen/aMicrosoft Exchange (hosted in-house)n/aThis is our first year of online admissions. We selected Silent Solutions as the vendor largely due to recommendations from other Jesuit schools, and high level of customization available for our unique admissions process.Not yet, but plan toNoAmazon (Kindle)We don't have an explicit relationship with Amazon as an e-book vendor, but the online book ordering process we built taps into Amazon's API and presents students with links to purchase the appropriate e-book versions of the texts from Amazon. This is also tied to our Affiliate Program with Amazon.
Regis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraOther (comment)800 primary and 150 secondary3000Faculty/Staff Students GuestsThrough Radius, BlackBaudSilent SolutionBlackBaudArubaPalo AltoRaisers Edge / Auction MaestroCanvasOffice 3654WindsYesYes20 displaysAmazon (Kindle)AppleGlencoeHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillPearsonVitalsourceWe use MBS and purchase the material these vendors provide through them.We us MBS for all the purchases, so do not directly buy from any of those. MBS is sufficient only for a single checkout for parents, not for instruction.
Saint Peter's PrepJersey City300 Mbps1500-1999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsWPA2 EnterprisePowerSchoolIn houseFinancial EdgeCiscoCiscoRaiser's EdgeSchoologyGAFEGoogle Apps For Education has been a powerful tool for collaboration and organization. It allowed us to integrate Chromebooks seamlessly. YesYes9PearsonOtherFollettNeutralFollett - Dissatisfied
Scranton Preparatory SchoolScranton< 50 MbpsFaculty/Staff Students GuestsBarracuda Web FilterBlackbaud/Education EdgeBlackbaud/Education EdgeBlackbaud/Financial EdgeCisco Wireless LAN ControllerBarracuda NG Firewall F400Blackbaud/Raiser's EdgeMoodleN/AOffice 365N/AOffice 365 works very well for us. It allows us to offer all of our students email as well as access to Microsoft Office on their personal devices.YesNoSatisfied
St Paul's High SchoolWinnipeg1000+ Mbps500-999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsSeparate SSIDs and guest pass generation. Students use network authentication. PowerSchoolPowerSchoolAccpaccRuckusCisco ASARaisersEdgeCustomAirwatchHosted ExchangeSamsung and SignageLiveSignagelive for digital signage content has been great. Easy web based model and easy to use for non technical staff. YesYes4Amazon (Kindle)AppleMcGraw-HillSatisfiedNeutralSatisfied
St. Ignatius College PrepChicago1000+ Mbps2000-2499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsWe use a variety of options including: VLANs, Sophos, ArubaAdministrator's Plus - Rediker SoftwareAdmissions Plus - Rediker SoftwareSageArubaSophosRaider's Edge - BlackbaudEdlineNoneGoogle Apps for EducationGoogle DocsSophos is a replacement for Microsoft's ISA server. We moved to this for better web filtering, intrusion detection and firewall features.Aruba has worked very well in managing our wireless LAN.YesYesWe have a very basic setup with a signal screen running a Google Slide for announcements.Amazon (Kindle)AppleCengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningVitalsourceOtherEMC - French eBookVery satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedDissatisfiedVery satisfied
St. Ignatius College PrepSan FranciscoOther (comment)500 Mbps + 500 Mbps2500-2999Faculty/Staff Students GuestsFaculty: AD login Students: simple password Guests: set up for each eventPowerSchoolinResonance PORTALFinancial EdgeRuckusSonicWallRaiser's EdgeCanvasNONE EVERGoogle Apps for EducationCarousel (moving to RiseVision)No.Canvas. Integrates well with PowerSchool and allows for single point for student homework.YesYes7AppleCengageHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillPearsonOtherCourseSmartVery satisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedHATE CourseSmart...
St. Louis University HighSt. LouisOther (comment)2501000-1499Faculty/Staff Students Guests802.1x for faculty and staff; separate passwords for individual guestsPowerSchoolDrupal-based (in house)Sage ACCPACArubapfSenseRaiser's EdgeMoodle, may move to CanvasMerakiGmailcustom-built in-houseGoogle Apps for Education has been great. The software is well-written and easy to use. Allows easy and smooth collaboration. YesYes11OtherI don't know which vendors we use. Some teachers have written their own iBooks.
St. XavierCincinnati300 Mbps3002000-2499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsAuthenticationRediker Admin PlusAdmissions PlusSageExtremeBarracuda Raiser's EdgeCanvasADCarousel/TightropeCanvas - Our old LMS (edline) was outdated and we chose a software that worked well for our institutionYesYes8AppleHoughton-MifflinPearsonVista Higher LearningSatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedMajor problems with vista higher learning
Strake Jesuit College PrepHouston1000+ Mbps2000-2499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsStudent and Faculty school-owned devices: Meraki Mobile App Faculty personal devices and Guest access: Cloud controller, passphrase.Blackbaud Education Edge - Registrar's OfficeBlackbaud Education Edge - Admissions Office/Online AdmissionsBlackbaud Financial Edge - AP/AR/GLCisco MerakiCisco Meraki and Blackbaud Raiser's EdgeMoodle; Google ClassroomCisco Meraki Systems ManagerMicrosoft Exchange (faculty/staff) and Google (students)Blackbox iCOMPELThe former WhippleHill product line is the future of Blackbaud education products. We are in the planning stages of migrating and are very interested in learning from other schools in the same situation how they plan to proceed.YesYes12Amazon (Kindle)AppleCengageGlencoeHoughton-MifflinIntelMcGraw-HillPearsonVista Higher LearningOtherCourseSmartVery satisfiedVery satisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedDissatisfied
University of Detroit Jesuit High School And AcademyDetroit500 Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsStudents/Faculty use portal authentication. Guest access is limited to Special Event and to a small group of specific 'guests' like Board members and contractors. These are both controlled by a password protected SSID.BlackbaudBlackbaudBlackbaudExtreme Networks (and Packet Fence for portal)FortinetBlackbaudMoodleLimited with SCCM and ExchangeMS ExchangeNoneBlackbaud has worked well for Fundraising, We manage a large constituency and we are able to track and segment that constituency well with BlackbaudYesNoHoughton-MifflinMcGraw-HillVitalsourceOtherMBSNeutralNeutralSatisfiedMBS - Neutral
Walsh Jesuit High SchoolCuyahoga Falls200 Mbps1000-1499Faculty/Staff Students GuestsControl mp/s depending on the network, limit iPad controls when policies are violatedBlackbaudBlackbaudJAMFHPNot SureNot SureBlackbaudJAMFOutlookNot SureExamsoft - about to implement for iPad TestingExamsoft - iPad testing that is offlineYesNoNot yetAppleOtherNeutral