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@BreakDrinkhttp://breakdrink.com/BreakDrink is an occasional chat with Jeff Jackson and Laura Pasquini about life, work, and random stuff. There’s a good chance you’ll hear these co-hosts talk about their thoughts on current events, ukuleles, the NBA, podcasts, higher ed, rescue dogs, research, books, technology, and tacos… not in any particular order. They may even invite a friend to the pod to chat. Really, it’s a podcast to encourage you to take a break from the day and have a friend fill your cup.ARCHIVED
25 Years Of Ed Tech: The Audio Versionhttps://25years.opened.ca/The serialized audio version of Martin Weller's 25 Years of Ed Tech book & bonus podcast Between the Chapters; producers Clint Lalonde & Laura PasquiniARCHIVED
Academic Life in Emergency Medicinehttps://www.aliem.com/This podcast account features all of the audio clips from the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) educational blog site. http://www.ALiEM.comACTIVE
Academic Writinghttps://www.screencast.com/users/AWC_podcasts/playlists/Academic%20Writing%20Podcasts/
Academic Writing Podcast from the Higher School of Economics, Russia, is a project aiming at your academic writing skills through your ears. In our short podcasts we are discussing and explaining phrases which cover most of your needs for composing an academic article. Each of the episodes comes with a pdf file and can be reached at http://academics.hse.ru/podcasts
Academics Mean Businesshttps://lindsaympadilla.com/podcast/Dr. Lindsay Padilla explores the academic and business lives of her guests, and how these two identities shape one another. Each episode traces the story behind their choices, the challenges they faced, and the mindset it takes to start a business (whether on the side or to leave academia for good). If you've ever felt bound by the walls of your institution, then you'll want to listen to these stories of your fellow academic misfits who are using their knowledge to build profitable businessesACTIVE
Admit Ithttps://www.aacrao.org/resources/newsletters-blogs/admit-it-blogJoin the conversation with Admit it, an AACRAO podcast that serves to educate, amuse and inspire professionals in college admissions and enrollment management.ACTIVE
Advancement Legendshttps://advancementlegends.com/The Advancement Legends is a podcast intended for engagement and fundraising professionals in education. Each episode contains an interview with a senior advancement leader from around the globe.ACTIVE
American Social History Projecthttps://ashp.cuny.edu/American Social History Project · Center for Media and Learning is dedicated to renewing interest in history by challenging traditional ways that people learn about the pastACTIVE
AnthroPodhttps://culanth.org/AnthroPod is produced by the Society for Cultural Anthropology (http://www.culanth.org). Each episode, we explore what anthropologists and anthropology can teach us about the world and people around us.ACTIVE
ASCA Viewpoints Podcasthttps://asca.fireside.fm/This is the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) official podcast for student conduct in higher education. Credits: Jill Creighton, Producer & Host Colleen Maeder, Producer, Editor & Mixer Email: ascapodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @ascapodcastACTIVE
Ask the Flipped Learning Networkhttp://podcasts.flippedlearning.org/askthefln/Ask the FLN gives the opportunity for anyone interested in flipped learning to ask questions to the community and answer the community questions from the previous episode of the podcast. We currently plan to release episodes biweekly. Follow us on Twitter at @askthefln and view our site at http://podcasts.flippedlearning.org/askthefln/ACTIVE
ASU Open Mic Podcasthttps://www.ausu.org/services/ausu-podcast/
AUSU Open Mic is a free podcast for Athabasca University students, with episodes on a range of topics such as interviews, services, resources, advocacy, tips for students, and more.
Becoming a Data Scientisthttps://www.becomingadatascientist.com/category/podcast/Every two weeks, we air an interview with a data scientist or someone on their way to becoming a data scientist, to learn about their path to get to where they are today. We also discuss a data science learning activity for the Becoming a Data Scientist Learning Club. Topic tags: data science, data analysis, databases, careers, education, learning, technology, python, R, computer programming, statistics, business, machine learningARCHIVED
Beyond the Lecturnhttp://www.beyondthelectern.com/The Beyond the Lectern podcast is about learning and teaching in higher education. We chat with our guests about their research. Each episode is usually accompanied by a specific research article, which will be cited in the episode description. The views expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests.ARCHIVED
Campus by CBC Radiohttps://soundcloud.com/cbc-campusCampus is that place and time in our lives where everything changes. Welcome to the CBC’s first original podcast series. Every episode is driven by a first-person narrative as host, Albert Leung guides you through one character’s life-defining experience. The stories are uniquely personal, honest and intimate. And although our characters are almost always students, their experiences are universal. Everyone can relate to the struggles of fitting in, feeling lost, self-discovery and tackling adversity. SUBSCRIBE!ARCHIVED
Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) Podcast
https://www.bc.edu/bc-web/schools/lynch-school/sites/cihe/research-resources/podcasts.htmlThe CIHE Podcast Initiative brings key thinkers and leaders in higher education worldwide to a global audience. Our aim is to present dialogue and discussion on some of the central issues of higher education. The podcast permits an informal approach and spontaneity of presentation that is not possible in an article or chapter. Our interviewees present their perspectives and arguments on a range of higher education themes. We archive the podcasts so that they will be easily available.ARCHIVED
Center for Internet and Societyhttp://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) is a public interest technology law and policy program at Stanford Law School that brings together scholars, academics, legislators, students, programmers, security researchers, and scientists to study the interaction of new technologies and the law and to examine how the synergy between the two can either promote or harm public goods like free speech, privacy, public commons, diversity, and scientific inquiry. The CIS strives as well to improve both technology and law, encouraging decision makers to design both as a means to further democratic values.ARCHIVED
Changing Academic Lifehttp://www.changingacademiclife.com/Academic life is changing and many of us are drowning in increasing work demands. What are the choices each of us can make to change our own situations for the better? And can we change the academic game more generally? Academics and thought leaders share experiences, tips...ACTIVE
Cheeky Scientist Radiohttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cheeky-scientist-radio/id1183346190?mt=2Leverage Your PhD To Transition Into A Meaningful, High-Paying Career. Welcome to Cheeky Scientist Radio. Here, you will learn the following: (1) how to write the perfect industry resume, (2) how to turn networking contacts into job referrals, (3) how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile with our LinkedIn experts, (4) how to be more confident in your interviewing and networking skills, (5) what options you have outside of research, (6) how to get recruiters and hiring managers to contact you and (7) where to find top unlisted jobs and how to choose the right job for you.ACTIVE
Cited Podcasthttp://citedpodcast.com/Cited makes sense of the news by combining original storytelling, investigative journalism, and groundbreaking academic research. Hosted by Gordon Katic and Sam Fenn.ARCHIVED
Closing Tabshttps://umwdtlt.com/category/closing-tabs/UMW DTLT podcast with Kris Shaffer & Lee Skallerup Bessette http://umwdtlt.com/category/closing-tabs/feed/ACTIVE
College Central Podcastshttps://www.collegecentral.com/College Central podcasts provide clear, concise, expert advice and tips for entry-level job search and career related issues. Find insight and instruction on resumes, interviews, internships, etiquette, and more.ACTIVE
Confessions Of An Orientation Coordinatorhttps://sa-exchange.ca/confessions-orientation-coordinator/Drawing from my experiences from new student to Orientation, Transition and Retention professional, take a remarkable journey from the ancient world of 1998 to the modern world of 2018. Hear nightmarish tales of reading letters sent by mail and busy signals on phones, to the despairs of 45-minute orientation sessions, and the downfalls of not reading an email. Complete with tales of the surreal and wondrous, you, my listeners, will gain a better understanding of how communication has changed, how these changes have influenced Generation Z, and what we can do to better support them as they navigate the start of their university career.ACTIVE
Counselling Tutorhttps://counsellingtutor.com/The Counselling Tutor podcast serves student counsellors and psychotherapists in training. Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly examine the theory and practice of counselling and deliver academic content in an easy to understand and fun podcast. Students of Person Centred counselling, Transactional Analysis and behavioural models such as CBT will find something relevant to their studies on the Counselling Tutor Podcast.ACTIVE
Data in Higher Educationhttps://www.campuslabs.com/A podcast series focused on technology and Higher-Education by Campus Labs.ACTIVE
Dear Instructional Designerhttps://dearinstructionaldesigner.simplecast.fm/The show about the instructional design journey.ACTIVE
Digital Campushttp://digitalcampus.tv/A discussion of how digital media and technology are affecting learning, teaching, and scholarship at colleges, universities, libraries, and museums. From the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University.ARCHIVED
Digital Enhanced Learning (DEL)cast Podcast
https://totallyrewired.wordpress.com/DELcasts are a series of podcasts on all things to do with digital enhanced learning and social media.ACTIVE
Digital Humanities Exploratorium Podcasthttp://www.ucd.ie/humanities/This podcast features presentations from the exploratorim event which took place in the UCD Humanities Institute on June 19th and 20th 2013. This event explores connections between academic, social and creative uses of digital media. This symposium provides a platform for early-stage researchers, scholars and professionals to explore interdisciplinary pathways between academic, social, digital and creative spheres and to engage with others in the field of digital humanities in an informative and productive dialogue.ARCHIVED
Ditch Your Backup Planhttps://ditchyourbackupplan.com/
stories of rewarding careers between starving artist and celebrity. It was my sabbatical project as a theatre professor. I created it in response to all of the parents who tell me their students cannot possibly have a career in the arts.
Economic Rockstarthttp://www.economicrockstar.com/Economic Rockstar is created for you, the economist, financial analyst, teacher or student. If you are looking to expand your knowledge or awareness, Frank Conway delivers the information you just don't want to miss. Economic Rockstar brings to you each week an economist, financial analyst or business leader who shares their experiences, research interests or ideas. Hear their views on different schools of economic thinking - Chicago, Austrian, Keynesian and Classical, behavioral economics, stock markets, and how economics and finance can be used in our lives. Economic Rockstar interviews top-level lecturers and academics from highly renowned universities, best-selling authors and bloggers, inspirational CEOs and business leaders, as well as amazing and thought-provoking people who have recently discovered economics and finance and are carving out a career in their new-found passion. Guests in each episode gives us wonderful advice, takeaways and insights that will help you become part of the Economic Rockstar community that will be 'Connecting Brilliant Minds in Economics and Finance'.ACTIVE
EconTalk (Archives 2007)http://www.econtalk.org/EconTalk is an award-winning weekly talk show about economics in daily life. Featured guests include renowned economics professors, Nobel Prize winners, and exciting speakers on all kinds of topical matters related to economic thought. Topics include health care, free trade, economic growth, education, finance, politics, sports, book reviews, parenting, and the curiosities of everyday decision-making. Russ Roberts, of the Library of Economics and Liberty (econlib.org) and George Mason U., draws you in with lively guests and creative repartee. Look for related readings and the complete archive of previous shows at EconTalk.org, where you can also comment on the podcasts and ask questions.ARCHIVED
Ed Tech Timeshttps://edtechtimes.com/category/podcasts/EdTech Times is a digital media company sharing untold stories from the intersection of education, technology, innovation, and work. Through our podcast, we’re passing the microphone to those improving the world through educationACTIVE
EdSurge On Airhttps://soundcloud.com/edsurgeA weekly podcast about the future of education, featuring insightful conversations with educators, tech innovators and scholars, hosted by EdSurge's Jeffrey R. Young and Sydney Johnson. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an educator, or an investor, there’s something for everyone on the air.ACTIVE
Edu Punxhttps://www.craigbidiman.com/edupunxpodEducator, Craig Bidiman, discusses the world of education, politics, and social justice with many everyday people throughout the world.ACTIVE
eLearning Stuffhttp://elearningstuff.net/Listen to James Clay and friends as they discuss and talk about e-learning stuff. News views and tech as well as pedagogy. Visit the home of e-Learning Stuff.ACTIVE
EmDash Podcasthttps://www.em-dash-podcast.com/em dash is a podcast hosted by Dr. Kimberly Acquaviva that explores patients' and healthcare professionals' lived experiences in healthcare.ARCHIVED
Enrollment Growth Briefinghttps://www.helixeducation.com/briefing/Enrollment Growth Briefing is a quick daily update for higher education leaders looking to grow enrollment at their college or university. Each briefing highlights a potential enrollment growth strategy or initiative, including topics such as: enrollment marketing, adult student recruitment, enrollment management, online learning, student retention, data intelligence, online course development, financial aid, academic scheduling, and more. If you’re looking for tactics, strategies, and best practices in order to build a step-by-step roadmap toward enrollment growth at your institution, this briefing is for you.ACTIVE
Enrollment Growth Universityhttps://www.helixeducation.com/podcast/Enrollment Growth University is a professional development podcast for higher education leaders looking to grow enrollment at their college or university. Each episode features an interview with a leader in higher education, discussing enrollment growth strategies that are working at their institution, through topics such as: enrollment marketing, adult student recruitment, enrollment management, online learning, student retention, data intelligence, online course development, financial aid, academic scheduling, and more. If you’re looking for tactics, strategies, and best practices in order to build a step-by-step roadmap toward enrollment growth in higher education at your institution, this podcast is for you.ACTIVE
Enrollment Management Round Table Podcast
https://enrollmentresources.com/Enrollment Management Round Table Podcast with Gregg Meiklejohn & Shane Sparks, co-founders of Enrollment Resources. Stay on top of the latest trends in Admissions and Marketing for Career Education with insights from the world's leading EDU marketing company and special guest panelists. Questions or comments? Email podcast@enrollmentresources.comACTIVE
Entrepreneurial Thought Leadershttps://art19.com/shows/entrepreneurial-thought-leadersEach week, experienced entrepreneurs and innovators come to Stanford University to candidly share lessons they’ve learned while developing, launching and scaling disruptive ideas. The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series is produced by Stanford eCorner during fall, winter and spring quarters. ETL is supported by the venture capital firm DFJ.ACTIVE
Ethics and Culture Casthttps://ethicscenter.nd.edu/about/podcast/"Ethics and Culture Cast" from Notre Dame's de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture. Lively conversations with professors, fellows, scholars, and friends of the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame. Podcast episodes are released (at least) every other Thursday during the academic year.ACTIVE
Evidence in Motionhttps://www.evidenceinmotion.com/Evidence In Motion provides cutting-edge programs, research, resources, and training to the world’s community of practicing rehab professionals.ACTIVE
Faculty Seminars in Online Teachinghttps://cdl.ucf.edu/teach-online/professional-development/faculty-seminars/These stand-alone seminars are offered periodically for collegial dialogue around best practices in online teaching. They are co-presented by the Center for Distributed Learning and members of the UCF teaching faculty.ACTIVE
Fanatical Recruitment Podcasthttp://kennedyandcompany.com/Fanatical Recruitment is a podcast for higher education admissions, enrollment management and marketing professionals. In each episode, we take a topic relevant to new student recruitment, and dive in to find the strategies and tactics that separate the best teams from the rest of the pack.ARCHIVED
FIR on Higher Educationhttps://firpodcastnetwork.com/fir-on-higher-education/From recruiting students to getting media coverage, higher education faces unique communication challenges. Kevin Anselmo reports the news and conducts interviews with thought leaders in this bi-weekly podcast.ARCHIVED
For the Recordhttps://www.aacrao.org/resources/newsletters-blogs/for-the-recordA Registrar Podcast sponsored by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), hosted by Doug McKenna.ACTIVE
Future of Digital Educationhttp://futureofdigitaleducation.com/Digital Education podcasts bring together industry leaders, world-class educators, and those at the cutting-edge of technology to examine the current landscape of digital education, as well as project where the industry is headed.ACTIVE
Getting Air with Terry Greenehttps://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/sets/getting-air-with-terry-greene
Join eCampusOntario Program Manager Terry Greene as he and his guests get some air time to discuss technology-enabled and open learning practices in Ontario Post-Secondary Education.
Getting In: Your College Admissions Companion
http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/getting_in/2015/09/getting_in_a_podcast_about_applying_to_college.htmlFor millions of American teenagers and their parents, adolescence is increasingly defined by one all-consuming goal: Getting into the right college. “Getting In” is a real-time podcast following a diverse group of New York-area high school seniors through the exhilarating and harrowing process of applying to college.ARCHIVED
Greek Life Todayhttps://greeklifetoday.com/Greek Life Today is on a mission to elevate the fraternity and sorority community by sharing inspiring stories from chapters across North America. Join host Jon Moore as he learns what high-performing fraternities and sororities are doing in the areas of philanthropy / community service, social life, alumni relations, recruitment, risk management and more, and learn how you can bring these best practices to your college or university. It's time for a new generation of Greek Life leaders to step forward and show the world that Greek Life is more than just frat parties. Are you ready to carry the torch? New episodes every Tuesday.ACTIVE
Haley and Chrishttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoVsY7ytxW7IqFxkLfZL5xgHaley and Chris are Student Affairs Professionals in Ontario, Canada. We like to call our friends who work in Student Affairs roles on college and university campuses and show our appreciation.ACTIVE
Hashtag Higher Edresources.ecityinteractive.com/hashtag-higher-ed-podcastPodcast by eCity InteractiveACTIVE
Hatching Results Podcasthttps://soundcloud.com/hatchingresultsWe share school counselor experiences using data to improve programs, practices and the profession of school counseling!ACTIVE
HealthCeterahealthmediapolicy.comHealthCetera is a media platform providing evidence-based news, analysis, and commentary by diverse, dynamic, front-line experts discussing the latest real-world effects of healthcare and health policy. HealthCetera includes a blog, radio programming and a podcast. We believe journalism has an inherent role in promoting a healthy and just society.ACTIVE
HEC AOD Podcasthttp://hecaod.osu.edu/HECAOD podcasts feature voices from the field including prevention and recovery professionals, students, researchers, policy makers and parents. Our goal is to provide lively discussions on current topics that motivate innovation, inspire action and advance the field of AOD misuse prevention and collegiate recovery.ARCHIVED
Hello PhDhttp://hellophd.com/Science is hard work, but making it through a PhD program and into a rewarding career can seem downright impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone shared the secrets for success at every stage? Admissions, rotations, classes, quals, research, dissertations, job-hunting – avoid the pitfalls and get back to doing what you love. It's like getting a PhD in getting a PhD!ACTIVE
Hidden Curriculumhttps://anchor.fm/hiddencurriculum
Out of the Science Education and Society Lab at the University of Rhode Island, Hidden Curriculum investigates the social context of students' college experiences. Join host Gyasi Alexander to explore the unwritten rules and networks that govern college campuses.
Higher (Ed)volution Podcasthttps://www.educationdive.com/spons/podcast-higher-edvolution/549378/This Education Dive Brand Studio podcast is sponsored by D2L, a learning platform provider that supports institutions in their pursuit of data-driven learning experiences.ACTIVE
Higher Ed Geek Podcasthttps://www.higheredgeek.com/podcast/This show will be exploring the lives of diverse professionals to showcase how we all "geek out" about something and how it positively impacts our lives. Hosted by Dustin Ramsdell.ACTIVE
Higher Ed Happy Hourhttp://higheredhappyhr.libsyn.com/podcastIn the Higher Ed Happy Hour, three well-known Washington, DC-based journalists and policy wonks -- Kevin Carey of New America, Andrew Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute, and Libby Nelson of Vox.com -- discuss the latest happenings in higher education policy, research, and popular culture. There are special guests, wonky digressions, and excursions into the shocking and absurd.ACTIVE
Higher Ed KUThttp://kut.org/topic/higher-edn their lively and entertaining weekly discussion of issues related to higher education, KUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger explore the topics of higher education, lifelong learning, and exercising the brain. Ed and Jennifer practice what they preach, too, by introducing math puzzlers and brain teasers to keep listeners on their toes.ACTIVE
Higher Ed Livehttp://higheredlive.com/Higher Ed Live offers viewers direct access to the best and brightest minds in education and allows viewers to share knowledge and participate in discussions around the most important issues in the industry. Higher Ed Live provides live, weekly content about admissions, advancement, marketing, student affairs, and communications to higher education professionals. Episodes feature knowledgeable hosts conducting exclusive interviews with professionals from institutions; journalists; consultants; and other thought leaders.ACTIVE
Higher Ed Nowhttp://higher-ed-now.libsyn.com/podcastHigher Ed Now is a production of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. It is a podcast concerning issues and policy in America's higher education system.ACTIVE
Higher Ed Rewiredhttps://www2.calstate.edu/higher-ed-rewiredA podcast that examines ground breaking research and exciting innovation taking place across the nation that is transforming higher educationACTIVE
Higher Ed Socialhttp://highered.social/Hosted by Lougan Bishop and Jackie Vetrano, Higher Ed Social is a weekly podcast dedicated to those that work in higher education. In each episode, we dive into the lives and careers of people who help make colleges and universities work. So sit back, relax and get ready for some fun conversation.ACTIVE
HigherEdScopeHigheredscope.comBroadcast about all things #highered. Hosted by @Melissa_Venable and @jernstberger. HigherEdScope.comACTIVE
History of Philosophy without any gapshttps://historyofphilosophy.net/Peter Adamson, Jonardon Ganeri, and Chike Jeffers present the philosophical traditions of India, Africa, and the African Diaspora. Further reading and info at www.historyofphilosophy.net.ACTIVE
HumanizED Podcasthttp://humanized.csuci.edu/A podcast about the stories of diverse college students and those who serve them. We hope this podcast will inspire conversations and reflections about the experiences of students in higher education. Listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts about the episodes by including the hashtag #humanizEDci in your Tweets and posts.ARCHIVED
Hybridpodhttp://hybridpedagogy.org/hybridpod/Conversations about critical digital pedagogy, hosted by Chris Friend. From the makers of Hybrid Pedagogy—a digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology. We interview authors, educators, and provocateurs who challenge us all to become better teachers and learners.ACTIVE
I'm Curioushttp://drbrianbourke.com/im-curious/I'm Curious represents Dr. Brian Bourke's musings around the field of student affairs and higher education. Through brief episodes, he offers quick insights on topics that he's curious about. By the end of each episode, your own curiosity will be engaged and you'll be on your way to asking big questions about the college students and the ways student affairs professionals serve them.ARCHIVED
IHE Academic Minutehttps://www.insidehighered.com/academic-minuteInside Higher Ed is pleased to bring you The Academic Minute. The brainchild of Albany's WAMC and its president, Alan Chartock, The Academic Minute features professors from top institutions around the country, delving into topics from the serious to the light-hearted, keeping listeners abreast of what's new and exciting in the academy with topics ranging from updates on groundbreaking scientific research to an explanation of how the board game Monopoly can help explain the economic recession. The Academic Minute features a different professor every day, drawing experts from institutions within WAMC's listening area and across the country. Each segment is introduced by Lynn Pasquerella, president of Mount Holyoke College. Pasquerella is also a professor of philosophy at Mount Holyoke, specializing in medical and legal ethics. Are you a professor who would like to record an Academic Minute? Let us know about your latest research at academicminute@wamc.org.ACTIVE
Imagine Otherwise by Ideas On Firehttps://ideasonfire.net/imagine-otherwise-podcast/Imagine Otherwise is a podcast by Ideas on Fire about the people and projects bridging art, activism, and academia to build better worlds. Episodes offer in-depth interviews with creators who use culture for social justice, and explore the nitty-gritty work of imagining and creating more just worlds.ACTIVE
Impact Alumni Podcasthttp://ialumni.blogspot.com/This podcast will be produced at least monthly by an alumni relations professional for alumni relations professionals. From show to show we will explore the topics that are on the mind of alumni relations practitioners. From the details of event planning to the quest to define relevancy, the Impact Alumni podcast will be a quick and easy way for alumni relations practitioners to get professional development and guidance when they need it at their convenience. Your feedback is valued and needed, send me an email at feedback@alumnipodcast.com. Your input will drive the content of this show.ARCHIVED
Innovation Labcasthttp://innovationlabcast.comInnovation Labcast: An educational technology podcast made of epic win (from OLC Innovate 2016)ARCHIVED
Inside Study Abroad Podcasthttp://insidestudyabroad.com/podcastThe Inside Study Abroad Podcast explores the world of international education and meaningful travel with fascinating guests, a little friendly debate, and whole lot of practical advice. Episodes touch on various aspects of study abroad, entrepreneurship, career growth, higher education, and travel.ACTIVE
inSocialWorkhttps://www.insocialwork.org/The purpose of this series is to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice, practice to research.ACTIVE
Instruction By Designhttps://soundcloud.com/ibd_podcastInstruction by Design, your podcast to the art of teaching, is a conversation between the instructional designers from Academic Innovation (Jinnette Senecal, Celia Coochwytewa, and Aaron Kraft) about various topics on course design, pedagogy, and educational technology. Our goal for the podcast is to explore ideas for new practices and tools for implementation in your courses. The podcast is produced by Arizona State University's College of Nursing & Health Innovation.ACTIVE
Its Not Academichttp://blog-en.heqco.ca/2017/01/welcome-to-itsnotacademic-the-podcast/HEQCO is an agency of the Government of Ontario bringing evidence-based research to the continued improvement of postsecondary education in OntarioACTIVE
Jischttp://jiscpodcast.libsyn.com/webpageListen to the latest news, thought and guidance from Jisc - the UK's expert on digital technologies for education and research.ACTIVE
Josie & the Podcasthttp://www.josieahlquist.com/series/josie-and-the-podcast/In each episode, Dr. Josie Ahlquist - digital leadership author, researcher and speaker - connects tech and leadership in education. This podcast will bring you leaders on-campus and online. From Senior Vice Presidents on Snapchat, YouTubers receiving billions of views and new media professionals. All through the lens of social media and leadership. Josie hopes you will not only learn from these digital leaders, but laugh a little as we all explore how to be our best selves online and off.ACTIVE
JPSpeaks: Social Justice & Inclusion Podcast
http://www.jphighered.com/jpspeaks-podcast/The #JPSPEAKS: Social Justice & Inclusion Podcast for Higher Education Professionals is hosted by Jamie Piperato! This podcast aims to provide free content to listeners that connects them with tools, techniques, and success-driven action steps to create inclusive environments in higher ed!ACTIVE
Knowledge@Whartonhttp://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/category/podcasts/Knowledge@Wharton is the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The site, which is free, captures relevant knowledge generated at Wharton and beyond by offering articles and videos based on research, conferences, speakers, books and interviews with faculty and other experts on global business topics.ACTIVE
Law School Toolboxhttps://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcastThe Law School Toolbox podcast is an engaging show for law students about law school, the bar exam, legal careers, and life. Each week, we offer practical tips and advice on academic matters, careers, and more. The Law School Toolbox podcast is hosted by opinionated law school and bar exam experts Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess. You might not always agree with us, but we guarantee you won’t be bored listening! Our goal is to impart useful, actionable advice in an entertaining manner. Join us! And, if you have an opinion on the show, please drop by and offer a review. We’re here to help, and we’d love to hear from you!ACTIVE
Leaders & Legends of Online Learninghttps://onlinelearninglegends.com/
Leaders & Legends of Online Learning interviews the world's leading online education theorists and practitioners. Dedicated to the experts. Check out our website for more on each guest: http://onlinelearninglegends.com
Leading Lineshttp://leadinglinespod.com/A podcast on creative, intentional, and effective uses of technology to enhance student learning, produced at Vanderbilt UniversityACTIVE
Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education
http://ltapodcast.blogspot.com/The LTA in HE podcast is a fortnightly podcast from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Its focus is Learning, Teaching and Assessment. Topics covered include emerging technologies, change of practice to meet changing needs and examples of good practice shared. The podcast is being evaluated in order to understand the potential of an academic podcast and its impact on workload and practice.ARCHIVED
Lecture Breakershttps://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast
The Lecture Breakers podcast is the place where college professors, instructors, and educators share innovative teaching strategies, practical ideas, teaching tips, and resources to help you break up your lecture, energize your classroom, increase student engagement, and improve learning. Join Dr. Barbi Honeycutt and her guests as they show you how to integrate active learning strategies in your lecture without spending hours redesigning your course, getting overwhelmed, or feeling frustrated. Get advice and tools to help you save time and energy when you're preparing for your next lesson. Let's open the doors to our classrooms, lecture halls, and labs and learn from each other!
Let's Talk Teachinghttps://ctlt.illinoisstate.edu/podcast/A podcast exploring topics about teaching and professional development for faculty members and instructors at Illinois State University. The show is produced by the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Find out more at CTLT.IllinoisState.edu.ACTIVE
LFS 400: Audio Storytellinghttp://lfs400.landfood.ubc.ca/Podcast featuring audio stories created by students in the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems ACTIVE
LIFE 101 - Real Stories About College Lifehttp://life101.audio/Real Stories about Real Students seeking a Real Education - the kind of education that can't be measured by multiple choice exams ... an education so essential that you are willing to test yourself, over and over again.ACTIVE
Life After Collegehttp://www.quickanddirtytips.com/
This essential guide gives any student the tools he or she needs to bridge the gap between graduation day and the "real world." Our experts have helped millions of people throughout the years, and we've taken the very best of what they have to offer for life after college and created this useful and practical collection. Get the e-book: http://bit.ly/Rw0i1C
Life Work Q & A (Q&A) - The RST Podcast Channel
https://katielinder.work/podcasts/The Radical Self-Trust (RST) podcast channel is a collection of content dedicated to helping you seek self-knowledge, nurture your superpowers, playfully experiment, live your core values with intention, practice loving kindness toward yourself and others, and settle into your life’s purpose. Tune in for insights, examples, and advice on topics such as meaningful productivity, aligning values with actions, increasing self-knowledge and self-acceptance, boosting creativity, and much more.ACTIVE
Lingthusiasmhttp://lingthusiasm.com/A podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics by Gretchen McCulloch (All Things Linguistic) and Lauren Gawne (Superlinguo). A weird and deep conversation about language delivered right to your ears the third Thursday of every month. Bonus episodes: www.patreon.com/lingthusiasm Shownotes: www.lingthusiasm.comACTIVE
Logical Fallacieshttps://apologetics315.com/Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies adapted for audio with permission from Stephen Downes. See Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies at www.fallacies.caACTIVE
London Business Schoolhttps://www.london.edu/The latest in news and thought leadership from London Business School.ARCHIVED
LSU Experimentalhttps://www.lsu.edu/academicaffairs/cxc/experimental.php
Experimental is a podcast series that features Louisiana State University faculty and students sharing their passion for research and their personal stories of investigation. Listen and learn about exciting projects and the individuals posing the questions.
Make Your Way (MYW) - The RST Podcast Channel
https://katielinder.work/podcasts/The Radical Self-Trust (RST) podcast channel is a collection of content dedicated to helping you seek self-knowledge, nurture your superpowers, playfully experiment, live your core values with intention, practice loving kindness toward yourself and others, and settle into your life’s purpose. Tune in for insights, examples, and advice on topics such as meaningful productivity, aligning values with actions, increasing self-knowledge and self-acceptance, boosting creativity, and much more.ACTIVE