Children's Lit: Annotated Bibliography
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TimestampEntry made by:Author's Last NameAuthor's Whole Name as it appears on the title page or coverEditor's Last Name if there was no single authorEditor's Whole Name if there was no single authorTitle of Small Thing (Story or Poem) if it is INSIDE a bigger bookTitle of BookEdition of book, if there seem to be multiple editionsPlace of PublicationName of PublisherDate of PublicationMedium of Publication (print, electronic book, web, audio book)Illustrated? Name of illustrator? Did you like the illustrations? What did you like or not like?ISBNPlot summary: 50 word maximum!Main character(s) in 30 words or fewer?Awards Won?What genre do you classify this story in and why?What ages do you suggest this story for and why?What elements of diversity do you find in this story?Do you see any elements of ethics education in this story? Please describe in fewer than 50 words.Do you see any elements of cultural education in this story? What are they? Specify the culture.Did any major character pass a developmental milestone? Describe in fewer than 50 words.Did the story address (or even just touch on) any really difficult subjects? What were they? Did they do an OK job?Did you like this story? Please tell us why or why not - or both! - in 100 words or fewer.Were there heroes in the story? Please describe in 100 words or fewer.
1/21/2016 19:33:45CatLadyDAVIDColumbus, OhioMcGraw-Hill Children's Publishing2001printThe illustrations of the book are very colorful and tell the story very well. They are big and easy for children to look at. 1-58845-232-8The book is about a humble shepherd boy named David. He takes care of his father's sheep. In the fields he plays his harp and sings songs praising God. He has older brothers that joined the Israelite army to protect their country from the Philistines. His father sent him to his brothers to give food and while doing that he found the Israelite army about to battle the Philistines. David ran across a giant but wasn't scared of him because he knew that God would protect him. David took down the giant and then the Israelites won the battle and later on David became the King of Israel. David
David's father
David's older brothers
giant named Goliath
Religion and because it helps out in Sunday School. For the type of book I would suggest it to go to toddlers. Culture and Faith Names
Yes David became the King of Israel.Yes I liked the story I remember reading books like this when I went to Sunday School when I was young.
3/2/2016 12:53:32CatladyNonny Hogrogian Nonny Hogrogian One FIne Day First New York, New York
Macmillian Publishing Company
Print October 1991
The illustrator is Nonny Hogrogian. Yes I liked the illustrations they were colorful and the animals in the book were the colors they should be in real life. They are simple and easy to look at. I liked the way it was illustrator it looks like watercolors. The illustrator made sure to show emotions in his illustrations.
The book is about a fox that is traveling along through the great forest. When he reached the other side he was very thirsty. The fox stole milk from a farm lady and she got made and cut off his tail. He had to go through great lengths to get his tail back so all the effort and the kindness of others he finally gets it back. And then is able to go play with his friends on the other side of the hill because he has his tail back so they won't pick on him.
The main character was the fox. Caldecott Medal
The genre of this book is fiction. It is fiction because in the book the animals talk and so does the water and grass and in real life that does not happen.
I suggest this book be for children 5-8 years of age. It talks about chopping a tail off so older children probably could handle that better. The words that are in it are more for older children and if they don't know could use them as spelling words or make up a definition like you would do with children that are around 5 to 8 years of age.
The story has colorful illustrations and has challenges that the fox over comes when he is able to get help from some nice people.
The fox learns a lessons to not take what's not his. He learns how much he has to go through to get his tail back. By the end he got his tail back but went through a lot and get sad while trying to get it back.
The fox learned not to steal from someone because there are consequences.
The story showed violence because when the fox stole some milk from the old farm lady she then cut off his tail with her knife.
I didn't really like this story because of how the old farm lady cut off the fox's tail. She could have just said something else but she did that and made him cry and had him go through a lot of trouble to get his tail sewn back on. In the end was when I liked it because he got help from some nice people and in return was able to get the old lady more milk and get his tail back so his friends don't pick on him.
Yes there were heroes in the story. The heroes were everybody the fox went to to fix the problem. They wanted something in return but they did help him. The miller was the real hero though because he felt bad and made sure he was able to get everything to everybody and then get the milk to the lady so the fox could get his tail sewn back on.
3/2/2016 15:22:20CatLadyGibbons Gail Gibbons Monarch Butterfly First New York, New York Scholastic 1989Print
This book was illustrated by Gail Gibbons. I like the illustrations they are very colorful and fun for children to look at. I like how she made sure to use colors for the pictures as what you really do see if real life. She doesn't change what you really see like how leaves are green not purple.
The book is about a monarch butterfly and all the stages it takes to become a butterfly. It shares everything it goes through and then where monarch butterflies go throughout the winter. It is a real story about the life of a monarch butterfly and at the back of the book is how you can have your own larva and watch the steps it takes to change into a beautiful butterfly.
Monarch Butterfly none
The genre that this story is would be non-fiction because it tells the true story about monarch butterflies and how they grow and hatch and what happens to them throughout the year.
The ages I suggest for this story would be for children in kindergarten to second grade because of the words that at used in the book and what it is talking about.
The book has colorful images
How monarch butterflies become a butterfly the steps it takes to become one.
Yes I really like this story. I used it in a class last semester. I really like what it talks about and the bright colorful pictures she uses along with how the illustrations go along with what it talks about. I have read it to children and they always seem to enjoy it.
3/2/2016 15:43:40CatLadyMunsch Robert Munsch Love You Forever First New York, USAFirefly Books1986Print
This book is illustrated by Sheila McGraw. I like the illustrations and they seem to be done with colored pencils. They are colorful but seem to have the same kind of colors on each page.
The book is about a young woman who holds her newborn son and looks at him lovingly. she softly sings to him:
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.
Its about how that little boy goes through the stages of childhood and becomes a man. it is also about the enduring nature of parents love and how it crosses generations.
The boy and the mother none
The genre for this book would be non-fiction because its about a mother and her baby and how much she loves him and shows him how much she does. Its similar to what parents do with their little ones in real life.
The ages I would suggest for this story would be 4 and up. Children sometimes need to see how much they have been loved and just how much this book can relate to children of this age and what they see.
It is colorful and it has to do with families and how much they love each other.
Just to show how much love you can give to a child and to your mother when you get older.
This shows traditions because she sang the song every night when she put in to bed and then it carried on to his little girl when she was a baby.
That you should care for your mother or other relatives and that you can remember to treat your children the same way and give that same love and can remember to sing that same song just like you heard when you were little and going to bed.
The mother got old so the son held his mother and sang the same song she sang to him when he was a baby and growing up.
Yes I really like this story it tells a great story and I have used it in another class for a project I had to do. I've read it to my nephew and he really seemed to enjoy it and wanted to hear it again and again and it reminds him of his mom.
How the mother comforts him and how he comforts her when she got older and then when he was able to comfort his little girl when she was a baby.
4/6/2016 20:26:45CatLadyPike Christopher Pike Bury Me Deep First New York, New YorkPocket Books1991Print
There are no illustrations in this book.
Jean is on her way to Hawaii for a week of fun in the sun But the vacation gets off to a gruesome start. The boy sitting beside her on the plane suddenly chokes and dies. Jean tries to push the incident out of her mind when she arrives on the island, but finds it impossible. Part of the reason is because Mike keeps coming back to her in her dreams. Horrible dreams filled with cold blood. Two of Jean's friends are waiting for her in Hawaii. Mandy and Michele. They have already made friends with two young men who teach scuba diving at the hotel, Dave and Johnny. But there are problems in paradise. Jean's continuing nightmares, Dave and Johnny have recently lost a partner in the ocean. No one know how he died. No one can find his body, But then Jean finds Mike's body. It isn't where it's supposed to be, and it seems as if its still got some life in it.
The main characters in this book are Jean, Mandy, Michele, Johnny, and Dave.
The genre I would classify this story for would be fiction and thriller because the story is not a true story and it is a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat when you read this book.
The ages I suggest for this book would be 12 years and up because it is a chapter book and having it be a thriller makes it more intense and for children of this age. They can handle more of this type of book.
People have died and they don't know where their body has gone or who did it.
Yes I liked the story it is a type of book that I like and is just a great thriller that keeps you interested.
4/6/2016 21:23:43CatLadyBellCece Bell El Deafo First United States Amulet Books 2014Print
The illustrations are done by Cece Bell and are descriptive and I liked them a lot.
Going to school and making new friends can be tough. But going to school and making new friends while wearing a bulky hearing aid strapped to your chest? That requires superpowers! In this funny, poignant graphic novel memoir, author/illustrator Cece Bell chronicles her hearing loss at a young age and her subsequent experiences with the Phonic Ear, a very powerful—and very awkward—hearing aid.
Cece Bell
Mrs. Lufton
Mrs. Sinklemann
Mike Miller
John Newberry Medal
The genre I classify this story for would be children's literature, graphic novel, and autobiography. Autobiography because it is written about a person.
The ages I suggest would be 8-12 years of age because of what it is about and how much reading there is and how much there is to understand.
Having to wear hearing aids in front of everyone at school.
That the girl has to wear hearing aids and everyone can see them.
Yes I liked this story never heard of it until now and it was a very interesting book to read.
2/23/2016 20:29:57CatLady TafuriNancy Tafuri
Have You Seen My Duckling?
New York, NYMulberry Books 1984Print
The name of the illustrator is Nancy Tafuri. Yes I liked the illustrations they are basic, but have detail. The book shows lots of different animals that children can learn about while reading this book. The illustrator drew the pictures that look like what you really see in real life. I liked the illustrations and how you can tell the story but it also has some words on each page asking a question.
This book is about a mother duck who is missing one of her little ducklings. She goes around and asks a bird, a turtle, a beaver, and a fish "have you seen my duckling?" As mother duck goes around asking the different animals if they have seen her little duckling you as the reader can look carefully around the pond and see that the little duckling appears but the mother duck never actually sees what the readers see.
Mother Duck
Caldecott Award Fiction because animals can't talk.
I suggest this story for children Prek to 2 years of age because it is simple enough for them to understand but children over 2 years of age would get bored with it.
Various colors
Different kinds of animals
The mother duck learns how difficult it can be to find a duckling once it goes missing. How many different animals it takes to ask if they have seen it and the team work it takes to be able to find the little duckling.
Yes the little duckling and mother duck passed a developmental milestone by learning how much it takes to find a missing loved one and how much trouble you go through just to find that one. It is important to watch over your little ones and not to run away from your family or someone that you are with.
The story addresses child neglect because the mother duck didn't know her duckling was missing and she wasn't right there when the duckling went missing either.
Yes I liked this story because it shows the importance of watching your loved ones and how important it is to find them if they go missing. The pictures simple but have plenty of detail that makes it interesting. It is neat how you can tell the story up to where it asks about "have you seen my duckling." You can create the story and so can the children you are reading to.
The turtle is the hero in the story because he is the one that found the little duckling and brought it back to the brother and sisters and the mother duckling safe and sound.
2/23/2016 21:11:20CatLady Henkes Kevin Henkes Owen New York,NY Scholastic Inc.1993Print
The name of the illustrator is Kevin Henkes. Yes I like the illustrations because they are child friendly and they have a lot of fun colors along with detailed pictures on each page. I like how children you are reading to can relate to the pictures by what they could have seen in real life.
The book is about Owen who has a fuzzy yellow blanket. "Fuzzy goes where I go," said Owen. So it did go everywhere with him and it would get messy so it would have to be washed. Mrs. Tweezers thinks that Owen is getting to old to be carrying around the fuzzy yellow blanket. No matter what Mrs. Tweezers came up with, Blanket Fairies or vinegar, Owen had the answer. But when school started, Owen's mother knew just what to do so she made little handkerchiefs out of the fuzzy yellow blanket so that way he can carry it with him everyday and would be able to do comfort him in everyway as well.
Mrs. Tweezers
Owen's Mother
Owen's Father
Caldecott AwardFiction because the mice talk.
The ages I would suggest this story for would be grades K-2. It has great words for children to learn and it can help children that have something they are attached to made into something small they can carry with them everyday like Owen does. The pictures are colorful and have enough detail to keep children in these grades and the pictures are show what the words say.
Various colors
That it is okay to be attached to something you have had since you were little but sometimes its good to have little pieces of it or something small to carry around because sometimes as you get older it can be hard to hide so other children don't pick on him. It teaches children that sometimes you need to make decisions and think of what would be best.
The hero would my Owen's Mother because she made a way where Owen can bring his fuzzy yellow blanket with him everywhere and even to school without children picking on him. Also he can use it for many other things.
The major character that passed a developmental milestone would be Owen. He has this fuzzy yellow blanket that he carries with him everywhere and he won't let anything happen to it so eventually he does realize when he goes to school that he needs to have something smaller or to leave it home.
Yes I liked this story and wish I had read it at the daycare I used to work at because I had a little girl that was really attached to her blanket and it was very hard to have her put down at times especially when we were doing messy projects. It teaches you how children feel about something so close to them and what it means to them even to have just a little piece of that blanket. The story has great pictures and has easy to understand words for the children that are listening to the story be read to them.
Yes there was a hero in the story. It was Owen's mother because when she realized that he wasn't going to give up his fuzzy yellow blanket that she had to compromise with her to make something smaller to bring to school. So she made him little pieces out of it and it could fit in his pocket perfect without affecting him in school.
3/2/2016 13:31:52CatLady Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak
Where The Wild Things Are
25th Anniversary Edition
The illustrator is Maurice Sendak. I liked the illustrations because they are darker but its what fits the story. They are colorful to though. I liked all the illustrations on each page they fit with the text that was being said. The pictures are great for children to use their imaginations.
The book is about as boy named Max who dresses up in his wolf suit and isn't very nice to his mother so he goes to bed without any food. Max's room turns into a forest and he then had this private boat and sailed through nigh and day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year. He landed at a place where wild things and he took over and made them listen to them. He turned into their king. They had fun and played and then he sent the wild things to bed without any supper. He got lonely and decided he wanted to be with someone that loved him back and he could smell food from across the world. So he got back on his private boat and took off. The wild things were sad but understood and Max went back to his very own room and there he found his supper waiting for him.
The main character is Max. Caldecott Award
The genre of the story is fiction and fantasy. It is fiction and fantasy because in real life your bedroom doesn't turn into a forest and doesn't have a private boat waiting for you to take off and find the wild things.
The ages I suggest for this story would 4-8 years of age. Children of this age can take it in more easily and can even use their imagination like Max did. When you are around 4 to 8 years of age that is when a lot of children show their imagination and having this book read to them can help them widen their imagination that they already have.
The pictures are colorful and also are a little darker but that's what fits with the story.
Max learned not to miss behave because otherwise he would go to bed without any food.
Max would be the character to pass a developmental milestone. He learned that you have to be nice to your mother or to anyone because otherwise something could happen like going to bed without any food. He went off with the wild things and he realized he was lonely and wanted to go back home and his food was waiting for him when he came back.
The book shows child abuse because the mother sent Max to bed without any supper. He did come back from his venture and there was food in the end for him.
Yes I liked this story because it shows how you have to be nice to your parents and it also helps children know that it is okay to have an imagination.
the heroes would be the wild things because when they had gone to bed and Max was just sitting there he realized that he wanted to be with someone that loved him in return so he headed back home and was happy to see that his had a hot meal waiting for him.
3/2/2016 14:06:01Catlady Robert McCloskey Robert McCloskey
Make Way For Ducklings
First New York, New York The Viking Press1941Print
The book was illustrated by Robert McCloskey. The books illustrations is done in sepia tone. I liked all the pictures and they all fit with the text of the book. The illustrations are unlike other books and that what makes it unique and great.
The book is about two ducks Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and how they want to find the perfect safe spot to have the babies. They fly all over and when they landed in Boston at the Public Garden there was a swan boat where the people on it threw peanuts to the ducks to eat which was one thing that helped them decide to go their and have the babies. They made friends with the policeman who helped them cross the road and keep them safe.
The main characters are Mr. and Mrs. Mallard
Caldecott Award
The genre of this book would be non-fiction because the author wrote the book based off from his experiences in Boston.
I suggest this story for ages 3-8 years of age. It is a simple enough book for children of those ages to understand and the pictures have great detail and go along with what's written so that way it is easy for children to follow along. A lot of children like ducks around that age so it can have interest in them.
The elements of ethics education in this story would be how Mr. and Mrs. Mallard had to find the perfect spot that was safe to have babies.
Their was a landscape which is Boston Public Garden.
The developmental milestone would be how they had to find a spot to have babies and also be able to have food to feed themselves and the babies. It also had a place for them to swim. And they ended up finding a spot where no children with bikes could run them over and had a quite little island to themselves.
It would be how they had to find a safe spot to have babies and make sure they could have food and a spot where they wouldn't get run over by children on bikes or any other motored things.
Yes I liked this story because it is about the authors experiences in Boston and I have been there many time to so it gave me a connection. I loved the illustrations they are different and wish there were more books with the illustrations that look like this.
The heroes in the story would be the policeman and then all the other policemen that come at the end of the story so that way Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings can cross the road safely to go to where her husband is and the ducklings father is.
3/2/2016 14:35:32CatLady Lois Ehlert Lois Ehlert Eating the Alphabet First New York, New York Harcourt, Inc. 1989Print
The book is illustrated by Lois Ehlert. I liked the illustrations they are bright and colorful and the fruit and vegetables are the colors they actually are in real life. They also look so good to eat.
The book is about teaching children the difference between upper and lower case letters and the alphabet. It uses fruits and vegetables from all around the world. At the end of the book it gives interesting facts about each fruit and vegetable.
No main characters
The genre is a learning book and literature book.
I suggest this book for the ages 6 months to 3 years. I say that because fist the book says that's the age they suggest and the pictures are colorful for them to look at and it is teaching them words and their alphabet at the same time.
The book has very colorful illustrations and it takes about what cultures eat the foods. The fruits and vegetables are from all around the world.
Food it would be the different fruits and vegetables from around the world. Language having children sound out the words and learn their alphabet.
no no
Yes I have always liked this story I have used it for other classes and children I have read it to love it as well. It teaches new words and helps them learn their alphabet in a fun way as well.
3/2/2016 14:58:39CatLady Sam McBratney Sam McBratney
Guess How Much I Love You
First Cambridge MACandlewick Press 1994Print
The illustrator of the book is Anita Jeram. They are done in pen, ink, and watercolor. I like the illustrations because they keep the same colors for each page which helps children understand. They are very nice illustrations.
This book is about a little nutbrown hare that wants to show big nutbrown hare how much he loves him but love as big as his is very hard to measure. He shares all the ways he loves him.
Little Nutbrown Hare
Big Nutbrown Hare
This book is fiction because the Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare talk to each other.
The ages I suggest for this story would be 3-6 years of age because of the simple illustrations and the meaning of the story. Children of these ages want to talk about being loved and this is a cute fun way to talk about it.
The challenge would be for Little Nutbrown Hare to be able to show his dad how much he loves him. It is very hard to measure just how big he loves him.
That you can love someone so much and sometimes its hard to show or show how much you really do love them.
Yes I really do like this story and I have had a paper based off this book in another class I took. I like the message its giving to young children and all the children I have read it to seem to really get attached to the story and want it read to them again and again. The illustrations are same colors on each page and that is a good way for children to look at instead of a bunch of colors and the illustrations and the story go together really well.
3/2/2016 19:47:07CatLady HallinanP.K. HallinanHow Do I Love You?First Nashville, TennesseeCandyCane Press 1989Print
The illustrator of this book is P.K. Hallinan. I like the illustrations they are colorful and fun for children to look at. I like how the illustrations go with the words.
This book is about a love poem from a parent to a child with the simple message "I love you unconditionally." It talks about how much I love you and it tells all the ways. Its a book where you can read it to your child and show them how much you love him or her and how important your child is to you no matter what.
The Boy none
I would classify this story as a non-fiction because the book is about a parent telling her son just how much she loves him. It is just like what a parent would tell their child. It shares things that children actually do and what makes you love them so much.
The ages I would suggest this story for would be 1 to 3 years of age. The pictures are simple for them to look at and the words are easy enough for them to listen and take in what it says. Children can also relate with what the story is saying.
It is colorful and talks about how much a mother loves her son
Would be the love the mother shows her son.
I like the story it has a good plot to it and can relate to children and their parents when they hear it. It has great colors and the words are simple and go along with the pictures that are shown.
The hero is the story is the mother.
3/2/2016 20:04:10CatLady Brown Margaret Wise Brown Goodnight Moon First Mexico
The illustrator of the book is Clement Hurd. I like the illustrations in this book they are colorful but also just show certain colors. Also there are some pages that are black and white which is a neat thing. The colors are easy on the eyes though not to bright that's why it is perfect for a nighttime book.
The book is about the person who is reading the book saying goodnight to everything in the room.
The main character is the moon. none
The book is non-fiction because the reader is telling everything goodnight just like you do when you go to bed.
I would suggest this book for the ages of 4 to 8 years old because it covers many ages its a great nighttime book for any child.
It is colorful with certain colors and has some black and white as well.
For children to know that it is okay to say goodnight to your parents but you can also say goodnight to everything else in the room.
Yes I really do love this story it was read to me growing up and all children seem to love it. I have read it to my nephew when he has had sleepovers at my aunts house and it helps him to fall asleep and it is just a peaceful book and has great detailed pictures but nice and soft like lighting to it.
3/2/2016 20:24:05CatLady White Kathryn White When WIll It Snow?First New York, New York Scholastic 2011Print
The book is illustrated by Alison Edgson. I liked the illustrations a lot they look so life like where you could reach out and touch the animals and feel their fur. Every animal in the book and the other parts are the same color as you would see in the wild. It has great color which I love as well.
The book is about a Little Bear that doesn't want to sleep. He wants to know what snow is like. His friends try to show him by making snowballs of mud and snow angles in the sand. But Little Bear knows that while he is asleep his friends all will have fun in the soft white snow. He wonders if they will forget him but they actually don't. It shows how true friends actually act and how they are there for you know matter what.
Little Bear is the main character none
The genre for this book would be fiction because the animals talk. Also it is a bedtime story because it is slow and easy for children to listen to and fall asleep to.
The ages for this book would be for children 2 years and up because there are more words and some of the words are bigger which would make it harder for younger children to understand.
Little Bear finds out that it is okay to sleep in the winter and allow his friends to have fun during the winter without him because they will be there in the spring to play with him again.
Little Bear found out that he could go to sleep in the winter and wake back up in the spring and he would have his friends there to play with. True friends are always there for you and that is true Little Bear finds out.
I liked this story. I thought it was cute and the animals looked so cute where you wish they were real. I loved the illustrations and the moral of the story as well and it would be a great bedtime book for children.
The hero in the story would be Mother Bear because she makes Little Bear feel better by telling him that if his friends are true friends they will be there in the spring to play with them and that makes him feel much better and in the end they were there for him.
4/6/2016 12:29:09CatLady Peck Richard Peck
A Long Way From Chicago
First New York, New York Dial Press 1998Print
The illustrator of the book is Richard Peck. There are no illustrations in this book.
This book is set during the years 1929-1942. Each summer over nine years of the Depression Joey and his sister Mary Alice went for their annual visit to Grandma Dowdel's in sleepy Ilinious town. They soon realize that the town is far from sleep. Grandma is far from typical. August 1929: They see their first corpse and he isn't resting easy. August 1930: The cowgill boys terrorize the town and Grandma fights back with a dead mouse and a bottle of milk. August 1931: Joey & Mary Alice help Grandma to trespass, pinch property, poach, catch the sheriff in his underwear, and feed the hungry that all happen in one day. Year 1942 was when Joey wanted to join World War ll. He thought it would be his chance to have his dream of flying. He joined Fort Sheridan for the Army Air Corps. He had to go to training at Camp Leonard Wood first. His train went by Grandmas and she got telegram so when the train went by she was standing there waving.
The main characters are
Grandma Dowdel
Joey Dowdel
Mary Alice Dowdel
Effie Wilcox
Junior Stubbs
Vandalia Eubanks
Mrs. L.J. Weidenbach
Rupert Pennypacker
Mr. L.J. Weidenbach
Mr. Cowgill
Newbery Honor Book
The genre I classify this story in would be fiction, children's literature, and novel. Its fiction because its not a real story and it is a children's literature novel.
The ages I suggest for this story is ages 11,12,13. I feel this way because it is a novel and a longer book so children of this age could read it and also it is more in depth so young children might have a hard time trying to read it.
The elements of diversity I found in this story is the family. The boy, girl, and the grandma. And also that the story is written and placed in the Depression.
That the two children don't think that they will have fun this summer, but Grandma proves them wrong and they end up having a blast and can't wait to go back every year.
The elements of cultural education is this story would be the tradition of going to their grandmas every year, how it is during the depression, and how Joey wants to go to World War ll.
Joey wanted to join World War ll so he could have his dream of flying, he missed his chance to join that so he joined Fort Sheridan for the Army Air Corps. He had to go to training at Camp Leonard Wood first which he did so he could move on and have his dream of flying.
Yes I liked this story I thought it was interesting to read a book that went date by date and how detailed it was and also that it was from the depression. It was a very interesting book that I would read again and suggest to people.
4/6/2016 12:57:42CatLady Meigs Cornelia Meigs Swift Rivers First
United States of America
Walker Publishing Company, Inc.
There are no illustrations in this book.
The book is about a boy named Chris Dahlberg who is an eighteen year old who weathers a Minnesota winter in a small cabin with his grandfather. Poverty and the tempting stories he hears of wondering Easterner convinces Chris to harvest the trees on his grandfathers land and then floats the logs down the spring floodwaters of the Mississippi. He brings them down the lumber mill in Saint Louis. It shares Chris's struggle to achieve his destiny. Story set initially in 1835 in Minnesota. Talks about the early days of logging industry. He has a mean spirited uncle.
The main character of this story is Chris.
Newbery Honor Book
The genre I classify this story in would be fiction, children's literature, and a novel. This story is fiction because it isn't real and also it is a children's novel.
The ages I suggest this story for would be 12-14 year olds because it is a longer story and has bigger words which would be hard for younger children to read.
The elements of diversity in this story is how Chris has a ability challenge which is because he has a hard time getting down the spring with his logs to get them to where he needs to go.
The elements of ethics education in this story would be how Chris is determined to make something of himself and cut down those logs to bring down the spring to where he has to bring them.
The elements of cultural education in this story would be the old story of how people would cut down trees and bring them down the spring floodwaters of the Mississippi to get to the lumber mills in Saint Louis.
Chris was the major character to pass a developmental milestone because he wanted to do something so he made it happen. He followed his dreams.
I did like this story because it was interesting to hear a story about how hard it was to make money but Chris didn't stop he kept going until he got to where he needed to be.
4/6/2016 13:30:04CatLady Stine R.L. Stine The Snowman First New York, New York Scholastic 1991Print
There are no illustrations in this story.
The book is about Heather who feels cold all the time and alone. Her guardian hates her. He's like to see her dead. He'd like all her money. But for now he settles for controlling it and making Heather's life miserable. Then the gorgeous, ice-blond guy shows up at the crummy restaurant where Heather works after school. He understands about Heather. He's her Prince Charming, No one can get to Heather now.
The main characters are Uncle James, Heather, and her boyfriend Ben
The genre I would classify this story in would be fiction thriller because it is not a true story and it keeps you on the edge of your seat when you are reading it.
The ages I suggest for this story would 12-14 years old because it is more of a young adult book and has more words to read along with it being a thriller.
That you can love someone and they can help you get away from a bad guy.
The elements of cultural education in this story is the hero which is Ben Heathers boyfriend. He saves her from her Uncle James that wants her dead for her money.
To come over the fear of her uncle and to know that somebody does love her and she can feel safe, loved, and warm.
Heathers parents die in this story so her Uncle James is her guardian and wants her dead so he can have her big amount of money she got from her parents. But by the end she has her prince charming Ben who saves her and helps her feel loved and safe from her uncle.
Yes I liked this story because it is a genre I really enjoy and I also enjoy R.L. Stine's books.
The hero in this story is Ben Heathers boyfriend which is also her prince charming. He came in and saved her from her uncle.
4/6/2016 15:19:23CatLady Forbes Esther Forbes
Johnny Tremain A Story Of Boston In Revolt
First New York, New York Dell Publishing Co., Inc.1943Print
The illustrations are by Lynd Ward and their are very few illustrations. They are in black and white but they have great detail and I really like them because of the detail that was put into them.
Johnny Tremain's story was set in the Boston of 1773, it follows the young apprentice from a tragic accident in the silversmith's shop to his dramatic involvement as a patriot in the exciting days just before the American Revolution.
Johnathan Tremain
Lavinia Lyte Tremain
Charles Tremain
Rob Silbee
Ephraim Lapham
John Newberry Medal
I would classify the genre to be Classical , Historical Fiction, and Young Adult because it is a longer and more in depth book that older children would find more interesting and could understand better.
The age I suggest for this story would be 11-13 years old because it has more words and is about a great topic that children of this age could understand and hold onto and might even be able to do a report on.
This was done back around the American Revolution and had to do with silversmith's shop and what happens there.
Johnny is proud of the work he does as a silversmith's apprentice, his master warns him that pride goes before a fall. When Johnny violates the law by working on Sabbath Day, his hand is maimed by hot silver and he must find a new profession. His search lands him in the middle of America's fight for freedom.
Johnny did because he had to fight for his freedom after he brakes the law and hurts himself. He has to go find a new job.
Just that Johnny had broke the law which was bad and he got hurt and all in all he ended up having to fight for his freedom after he did that.
Yes I liked the story because it was about a place near by and really got into what it was like back then for people.
4/6/2016 15:50:08CatLady Speare
Elizabeth George Speare
Calico Captive First New York, New YorkDell Publishing 1957Print
The illustrator is Elizabeth George Speare. There are very few illustrations but I like them because they have detail and go along with the text.
Early one money in the year 1754 the stillness of Charlestown, New Hampshire, was shattered by shrill war whoops and the terror of an Indian raid. Young Miriam Willard, on a day which had promised new happiness, found herself instead a captive on a forest tail, caught up in the ebb and flow of the French and Indian War. This is inspired by a true story.
Miriam Willard
Phineas Whitney
Du Quesne Family
The genres I would classify this story would be Children's literature, Historical drama because it is to do with history and it is a book for young readers and is great to learn about.
The ages I suggest this story for would be ages 10-12 years old because it is for young children of this age and is longer for a younger child and it is a novel which children of this age tend to understand and enjoy more.
The elements of diversity you find in this story is the French and Indian War which has to do with slavery too.
The elements of ethics education in this story would be how it is to live during the French and Indian War and to be part of slavery and to see what it takes to get away from all of it.
This book is about a true story that really did happen in Charlestown NH and the slavery during the French and Indian War.
Just being able to get through the hard times and be able to get back to her family.
The story addresses on slavery during the French and Indian War and what happened to people during that time and what it took to be free.
Yes I really like this book its been a while since I have read it but my late cousin wrote this book so it is very interesting for me to read and have other people read and even family members as they grow up read it.
The heroes in the story would be the Du Quense Family because they help Miriam Willard find a new life she never imagined.
4/6/2016 19:35:42CatLady Paterson Katherine Paterson
The Great Gilly Hopkins
First U.S.A.
Harper & Row, Publishers
There are no illustrations in this book.
Brash and sassy Gilly Hopkins is nobody's kid. She yearns desperately for a real family and a place to call home. If only she could find her mother, Courtney, and live with her. Instead, she finds herself in yet another ugly foster home, the responsibility of frumpy Maime Trotter, who is almost illiterate. How can the great Gilly Hopkins be expected to tolerate Maime, or a freaky foster brother named William Ernest. Or the poetry-loving black man who lives next door but is considered part of the "family." At first Gilly despises them all. Then she finds herself being slowly drawn into their circle of love. But if there's anything her short life has taught her, its that a persons got to be tough. Determined not to care, Gilly engineers her own rescue. The rescue doesn't turn out at all the way Gilly planned. Gilly realizes she doesn't even want to be rescued and she finally learns that life usually isn't the way its supposed to be.
The main character are Gilly Hopkins, Her mother Courtney, Maime Trotter, foster brother named William Ernest, and a poetry-loving black man.
A Newberry Honor Book
The genre I would classify this story for would be children's literature because it is a children's book and appeals to younger children.
The age I suggest this story for would be 8-12 years old because it is a chapter book and might spark more of an interest for children of those ages instead of younger or older.
Gilly Hopkins is trying to find a family so she is put with all of these different foster homes.
Gilly Hopkins came to realize that even though she wanted a different family or to find her mother she had people that took care of her and loved her very much.
Gilly Hopkins passed a developmental milestone because she came to realize that its not all about what the people look like as long as they take care of her and love her she is in good hands.
The story was about Gilly Hopkins who can't find her mother so she is put into foster care and that it is difficult for her but she understands why in the end and know that Maime really does care for her and love her.
Yes I liked this story it was great to see that she found what she was looking for all along even when it was there all along. This book is inspiring and great for children to read and see how things work out there in life and what its like not to have a family all the time.
4/6/2016 19:54:31CatLady Stine R.L. Stine The CheaterFirst New York, New YorkPocket Books 1993Print
There are no illustrations in this story.
The book is about Carter Phillips who is under a lot of pressure to ace her math achievement exam so much pressure that she gets Adam Messner to take the test for her, in exchange for one date. But Adam wants more than a date, much more. Carter has no choice, she has to do whatever he asks. If not, he'll tell her secret and ruin her life. Adam's control over her gets more and more unbearable. Carter is desperate to get rid of him but how? Is murder the only way?
The main characters in the book are Carter Phillips, Dan Mason, Jill Bancroft, and Adam Messnes
The genre I classify this story for would be a thriller and fiction because it is not real and the book keeps you on the edge of your seat while reading it.
The ages I suggest for this story would be for ages 12 years and up because it is more of a young reader around the age or 12 and up. It is longer and is also a thriller which more children that are of this age are more able to handle this type of story.
The elements of ethics education I see in this story would be that Carter Phillips learns her lesson not to ask somebody to do something for her unless she wants something bad to happen in return. If she tells she would get into trouble so she has to keep her mouth shut.
Yes I liked this story and even read it a long time ago. It is great and my kind of book and if young readers or young adult readers like thriller books then this is the book for them.
4/6/2016 20:08:26CatLady Stine R.L. Stine Sunburn First New York, New York Pocket Books 1993Print
There are no illustrations in this book.
The book is about the perfect suntan. Soaking up the rays. Fun on the beach. That's what Claudia Walker had in mind when she accepted her friend Marla's invitation to spend the weekend at her Cliffside beach house. Little did she know that horrible accidents, fatal accidents would occur on the beach and in the house. But Claudia knows they're not "accidents." She's sure somebody is out to get them out to kill them. The week of "fun in the sun" has turned dark and deadly!
The main characters of this book are Claudia Walker, Marla Drexell, Joy Birkin, and Sopie Moore.
The genre I classify this story for would be fiction and thriller because it is not real and its thriller because it is a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat when you are reading it.
The ages I suggest for this book would be 12 years and up because it is more reading and since its a thriller it might be better for a child of this age to handle what is going on in the story.
People are dying out on the beach and they have to figure out what is going on and who is doing it.
Yes I liked the story it is my kind of book and I read it years ago. If you like a thriller then this is the book for you.
4/6/2016 20:38:39CatLady Pike Christopher Pike Weekend First New York, New York Scholastic 1986Print
There are no illustrations in this book.
The weekend in Mexico sounded like a dream vacation. Four guys, five girls and a gorgeous Oceanside mansion all to themselves. It should have been perfect. Except nothing was going the way they'd planned. There was a girl upstairs who was fighting for her life. The phone lines that went dead. And the explosion in the garage that could have killed them all. But not even that prepared them for what happened next. Because while they were getting some sun, someone else was getting revenge and the terror wouldn't stop until the weekend was over.
Shani Tucker
Kerry Ladd
Angie Houston
Robin Carlton
Lena Carlton
Sol Celaya
Park Jacomini
Bert Billings
Flynn Powers
The genre I would classify this story in would be fiction and thriller because the story isn't a true story and it is also a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat while you are reading it.
The ages I suggest for this story would be 12 years and up because it is a chapter book and children of this age could understand it better and be able to take the thriller part of it.
There is something terrible that is happening and they are trying to figure out what without getting hurt themselves.
Yes I liked this story because it is a thriller which I enjoy and it is one that kept me reading it I didn't want to put it down.
4/6/2016 21:01:05CatLady Burleigh Robert Burleigh
Home Run: The Story OF Babe Ruth
First U.S.A.Penguin Group 1995Print
The illustrator is Mike Wimmer and the pictures were very detailed and I did enjoy them because they had detail.
Then it is as it should be. Smooth as silk. Easy as air on the face. Right as falling water.

Then there is only the echoey, nothing-quite-like-it sound and soft feel of the fat part of the bat on the center of the ball.

From the team that created Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh comes this timeless, poetic tribute to baseball's greatest star: George Herman Ruth Jr., better known as Babe Ruth. Glorious, photorealistic paintings reminiscent of Norman Rockwell combine with evocative text to capture both the spirit of the man and the wonder with which his fans watched him change the game of baseball forever.

As each page of the story unfolds, carrying the Babe from childhood through a stunning sports career, stylized, vintage baseball cards provide readers with additional information, including statistics, little-known facts, and awe-inspiring anecdotes. Even baseball fans numbed to heroics by the home-run records of recent years will be impressed to learn what Babe Ruth's 1921 record meant in context: his total of 59 home runs was more than most entire teams in the American league had hit that year with all their players put together.
George Herman Ruth None
The genre I classify this story would be biography because it is written about a person.
The ages I suggest for this book would be 8 years and up because it is a biography and most children of this age would find it interesting and remember about it.
Become one of the best baseball players and having a book written about him.
Yes I liked this story and it was interesting because it was about Babe Ruth himself.
4/7/2016 13:12:43Cody LeClairRiordanRick RiordanThe Lightning ThiefNew York
Hyperion Books for Children
2005PrintNot Illustrated978078683865
Percy Jackson discovers that all of the Greek myths that he had been taught about in school are real, while being attacked. He discovers he is suspect to stealing Zeus' master lightning bolt, and must track it down with his friends in order to prove his innocence.
Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, Hades, Zeus and many more Gods.
Fantasy due to it's unrealistic fantastical elements such as the main characters being demigods and the Greek myths are real.
10-14 years due to some more mature humor that younger kids might not understand, and it reads as a book for young preteens/teens.
Dyslexia and ADHD
You should do the right thing and we all have a hero inside of us
Old stories from old Greek myths play a huge part as well as some Greek language and beliefs, and Greek heroes.
Abandonment by parents, and betrayal from a friend, as well as violence.
I loved the story, it teaches you about greek myths while being a very hilarious and fun story. This is the kind of book that will keep you laughing through most pages with its humor, even when the characters' situation seems bleak.
Yes, Percy and all the other demigods are heroes, as all the heroes in greek myths were also demigods.
4/7/2016 13:32:40Cody LeClairMartinRafe MartinBirdwingScholastic Inc.2005PrintNo illustrations9780439211680
Prince Ardwin was once cursed with his 6 brothers to live as a swan. When the curse was lifted he was left with a wing. Years later he seeks out adventure to discover who he is as a person, and learn whether he wants to keep the wing.
Ardwin, Rose Red, Horse, Skye, Stephen, and Alene
Washington Post Best Kids Book of 2005
Fantasy retelling, as it is a modern twist on a couple stories from the Grimm brothers, The SIx Swans and The Goose Girl.
8-15 because the language is not too harsh and it is pretty understandable and enjoyable by kids of this age range.
Disability as he only has one arm as the other one is a wing and he must overcome the lack of use from that.
To be true to who you are and love what you are, and differences are good.
Heroes and landscapes, as well as old stories due to the book being based on the Grimms brothers' stories
Prince Ardwin grew up to be a young adult who became sure of himself from a kid who was always picked on and both loved and hated his wing which he saw as a disability.
I loved the story, especially as a kid. The story is very fantastical, and it was fast paced and enjoyable. it also really captures the magic of the journey and the coming of age of a character.
Yes, Ardwin the main character and his brothers are all heroes in their own right.
4/7/2016 13:45:19Cody LeClairRiordanRick RiordanThe Sea of MonstersNew York
Hyperion Books for Children
2006PrintNo illustrations9781423103349
Percy Jackson is back as he faces the challenge of saving his beloved Demigod camp when the tree protecting the camp starts dying. He must go to the sea of monsters and retrieve a cure in order to save everyone once again.
Percy Jackson, Annabeth, Tyson, Grover, Clarisse, and Luke.
Fantasy as it has many fantastical elements such as demigods and godly powers, as well as greek gods.
10-15 for some mature humor and violence.
Do the right thing and save everyone, and sometimes you should let people take the credit when you need to.
Heroes, as it's based on greek heroes, Greek beliefs and cultures as well as language.
Violence, and they did a good job it wasn't gratuitous.
I loved the story, it worked really well for a continuation of the story and it is both enjoyable and fast-paced. The humor is amazing and adds something great to the story.
All the main characters that are fighting the side of evil are the heroes in the story as they to save their camp.
4/7/2016 15:10:39Cody LeClairHesseKaren HesseOut of The DustUSAScholastic Inc.1997PrintNot Illustrated590371258
Billie Jo is reeling from an accident that resulted in the loss of her mother and must deal with that loss and her injuries due to the accident that make it so she can't play piano, while trying to get through life in Oklahoma during the depression.
Billie Jo, her dad
Winner of the Newbery Medal, Winner of the Scott O'Dell Award
Children's fiction
10-14 It definitely has mature elements such as the tragic accident that younger kids may not be able to handle.
That you should forgive yourself.
It's about the the dust bowl and the great depression
She developed from being a young girl who blamed herself to one who learned to heal and let go.
Her mother died from being burned up and childbirth, and her baby brother also died.
i was iffy on the book. I love the use of prose poems to tell the story, however the subject was pretty graphic and some of the book seemed a little boring, especially looking at it from the eyes of a young reader.
4/7/2016 15:38:39Cody LeClairPeckRichard PeckA Year Down Yonder
Reprint Edition
Puffin Books2002PrintNone803725183
Mary Alice must leave her home city of Chicago to live in the country of Illinois with her Grandma Dowdel, and for the whole year mayhem and adventure ensues for Mary Alice as she gets to know the people of the town.
Mary Alice, Grandma Dowdel
Winner of Newbery Medal in 2001
Children's fiction
10-14 It's a very heartwarming story, there's minimal violence or crude language and it's pretty easy to understand for a middle grade reader.
Life in the World War 2 era.
Mary Alice grew up into a young woman and eventually by the end of the book gets married.
Yes, it's a very lighthearted, enjoyable story that has a bunch of hilarious moments and hi jinks that a young reader would enjoy.
4/7/2016 15:47:07Cody LeClairLowryLois LowryNumber The Stars
Newbery Honor Edition
Bantam Doubleday Dell Books For Young Readers
1989PrintNot Illustrated440403278
Annemarie Johansen and her family help their jewish friends during World War 2, so that they don't get relocated into concentration camps.
Annemarie Johansen, Ellen RosenNewbury Honor
Historical children's Fiction as it deals with World War 2 and is a book for kids
10-15 it is quite a hard subject to touch upon but important for young readers and middle aged kids would get enjoyment and enlightenment from the story,
Jewish culture
That you should do what you can to save someone's life, false persecution is wrong.
it is a world war 2 story
The subject of the Holocaust, however it is dealt with very carefully and in a poignant way that shows courage and strength.
I love this story for what it means and the main character's strength to endure the tragedy that's unfolding around them and determination to save their friends and neighbors.
The Johansens are true heroes in this story as well as Annemarie's late sister and her fiance.
4/7/2016 16:02:39Cody LeClairPeckRichard Peck
A Long Way From Chicago
Scholastic Inc.1998PrintNot Illustrated439135869
Joey and Mary Alice Dowdel have adventures with their grandmother Dowdel every summer, when they visit her.
Joey Dowdel, Mary Alice Dowdel, Grandma Dowdel
Children's Fiction as it is a book for young kids.
9-14 It is a short book full of stories that kids would enjoy that are middle school aged.
It was okay, I didn't really care for the book being broken up in stories though I liked the stories themselves.
4/7/2016 16:11:22Cody LeClairSeussDr. SeussThe LoraxNew YorkRandom House1971Print
Dr. Seuss. The illustrations were colorful and full of life.
The Once-ler tells a boy about how he polluted The Lorax's home, and how everything died or left and that he must plant a seed in order to maybe bring back life.
The Once-ler and The Lorax
Young Children's as it has pictures and a message.
1-12 or any age. it has a good message and the pictures will pull kids in even if they don't fully understand the words.
That you shouldn't pollute.
Yes! The pictures were enjoyable and lovely and it was a great message for kids to not pollute or really anybody to take that message to heart.
4/7/2016 16:25:13Cody LeClairGaimanNeil Gaiman The Graveyard Book
HarperCollins Children's Books
Yes, by Dave McKean. Yes, they were very dark but well detailed.
Nobody "Bod" Owens is raised in a graveyard by ghosts and has adventures as he learns what happened to his family's killer Jack Frost.
Bod, Scarlett, SilasNewbury MedalChildren's fiction/horror
11-16 Some of the story is pretty graphic and dark.
You watch Bod grow up into a young man ready to leave the Graveyard where he was raised.
The death of his parents which is dealt in a good way, not too harsh. He is happy with his ghost family.
I really like it, the dark elements really bring this story to life.
Bod and Silas and Miss Lupescu
4/7/2016 16:39:00Cody LeClairRiordanRick RiordanThe Titan's CurseNew York
Hyperion Books for Children
2007PrintNot illustrated9780545057042
Percy Jackson is back with a quest to save his friend Annabeth and the Goddess Artemis with his friends.
Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Grover Underwood, Zoe NIghtshade, Bianca and Nico, Artemis
Children's Fantasy
10-15, for crude humor and violence
That sometimes you must sacrifice yourself in order to save your friends
Greek culture, language and myths.
The deaths of friends and siblings
I loved this story, it was one of my favorite continuations of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is full of characters and action and humor kids would love.
Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, BIanca, Zoey, Pretty much all the young kids that appear in this story to save each other and attempt to save the world.
4/21/2016 16:09:38Cody LeClairForesterVictoria Forester
the Girl Who Could Fly
New YorkFeiwel and Friends2008PrintNot Illustrated9780312374624
Piper discovers she can fly but her parents aren't happy about it, she gets sent to a school for kids with supernatural abilities but finds adventure and danger, especially consequences for her powers.
Piper McCloud, Conrad, Dr. HellionChildren's Fantasy
10-14 it has some humor and violence but not much.
Be who you are.
Piper learned to accept herself as who she is with powers and became a grown up adolescent
I liked the story as it's plot is very fun to read especially for the young mind and the characters are interesting and funny.
Piper who saved everyone from Dr. Hellion.
1/21/2016 19:30:32corgi puppiesJonahColumbus, OHMc-Graw Hill 2001PrintThe illustrations were cute and very appropriate for young children. 1-58845-232-8God asks Jonah to go to Nineveh and spread his word. Scared Jonah flees to a ship where he's forced to jump overboard from God's storm. He is swallowed by a whale and remains there for 3 days until he agrees to perform God's mission. Jonah, God, and a whaleThis is a bible story because it takes the contents of the bible and simplifies it for children.I would suggest this story for toddlers because of its simple text, cute pictures, and the book's durability.This story is all about religion.I suppose this story wants children to know that God's word should be followed no matter how you feel about it. Jonah would be considered a hero in the religious culture because he brought God's word to the people of Nineveh.Jonah had a major emotional development inside the whale. He prayed to God to spare him his life and asked for his forgiveness for not going to Nineveh sooner. This story didn't really touch on any difficult subjects.As someone who has never read the bible, it was interesting to read the simplified version of a story that so many people have referred to over the years.
4/7/2016 12:38:57corgi puppiesGrimmThe Brothers GrimmLittle Red CapGrimms' Fairy TalesProject GutenbergWebNot illustrated
A little girl goes into the woods to visit her grandmother but meets a hungry wolf along the way. The wolf eats her and her grandmother and are rescued when an axeman murders the wolf.
Little Red Cap, Grandmother, Wolf, Axeman
This is a fairy tale because it's written by The Brother's Grimm and couldn't actually happen.
This story is good for 6 year olds because it requires imagination but an understanding of syntax and grammar.
There isn't notable diversity in this story.
This story attempts to teach children that it's risky to trust strangers because bad things might happen.
Again, this story tries to teach children that the world is a risky place where you can't trust anyone you don't know.
Little Red Cap lost her innocence and learned that there are dangerous people in the world.
This story touched upon violence when the wolf was cut open, but it was justified because it saved Little Red Cap and her grandmother.
I didn't particularly like this version of the story because it was a little too brutal for children in my opinion.
The hero of this story was the axeman who came to rescue Little Red Cap and her grandmother from the belly of the wolf.
4/7/2016 12:50:44corgi puppiesGrimmThe Brothers Grimm
The Old Man and His Grandson
Grimms' Fairy TalesProject GutenbergWebNot illustrated
An old man couldn't eat without making a mess which disgusted his son and his son's wife. They made him eat in the corner. The couple's son made a trough for his parents to eat from when they grew old. The parents then let the grandfather eat at the table.
Grandfather, Son, Son's Wife, Grandson
I would classify this story as a fable because it has a moral to the story.
This story would be for 4-5 year olds because the wording isn't too complex and it doesn't require much imagination.
This story has three very different age groups within the family. Young, middle aged, and elderly.
This story tells children that it's correct behavior to respect their elders.
This story wants children to know that their grandparents are to be treated with just as much respect as anyone else.
The couple's attitude towards the grandfather changed. At first they were disgusted by him, but they learned that he must be respected and loved.
This story didn't deal with any tough subjects.
I'm neutral on this story. It didn't make me feel anything.
There were no real heroes in this story.
4/7/2016 12:59:19corgi puppiesGrimmThe Brothers GrimmThe Fox and the CatGrimms' Fairy TalesProject GutenbergWebNot illustrated
A cat meets a fox in the forest and they discuss who has more talent. The cat can simply climb up trees. The fox can't, but he has many more talents. Then, hunting dogs come and the cat climbs up a tree while the fox gets eaten.
Cat, FoxNone
This story is most likely a fable because it has a moral.
This story is for 4-5 year olds because the material is simple and they're at the stage where their faith is taught.
The fox has many more abilities and skills than the cat does.
There isn't much about ethics in this story.
This story teaches kids that even though someone else may have more skills or talents, their talent is just as important.
No major developmental milestones occurred in this story.
The fox died, but it was the brief ending of the story, so it didn't dwell on the subject.
I didn't like this story because I found it to be rushed.
There were no heroes in this story.
4/7/2016 13:08:16corgi puppiesAesopAesop
The Fox and the Grapes
Aesop's FablesProject GutenbergWeb
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. The illustrations were subtle, but nice. They looked like web clip art.
A fox tries to eat some grapes hanging on a high trellis. He jumps and jumps, but can't reach them. He walks away stating that the grapes are sour anyways.
This story is a fable because it has a moral.
I suggest this story for 2-3 year olds because it's a very short story which is good for developing their vocabulary and keeping their attention.
There's no diversity in this story.
There's no ethics education in this story.
In the story, the fox tries his hardest to get the grapes but fails. Rather than being sad about it, he's unconcerned and doesn't let his pride falter. It's teaching kids that just because they can't do something doesn't mean that they should get down on themselves.
No major developmental milestones were passed.
The story touched on failure, but it barely scraped the subject.
I don't like this story because I think the fox is kind of a jerk.
There were no heroes.
4/7/2016 13:20:02corgi puppiesClearyBeverly ClearySocksWilliam Morrow & Co1973PrintNot illustrated0-688-30067-7
A cat, Socks, lives with a married couple. When they have a baby, Socks feels left out. He acts up to get their attention, but all is resolved in the end with a lot of love and petting.
Socks, Bill, Marilyn, Charles
William Allen White Children's Book Award
This story is realistic fiction. It could happen, just not told from the perspective of a cat.
This story is probably for 8 year olds who can grasp abstract feelings and emotions.
There isn't much diversity in the story.
I suppose this story could touch on the ethics of parenting and that one must give equal amounts of attention and love to everyone in the family.
There isn't much cultural education in the story.
Socks grew from needing everything to be about him to being able to share his owners with his new family member.
If you really stretch it, this story could touch upon kitty neglect in the sense that Socks wasn't getting as much attention as Charles. But it was all light-hearted.
I love this story. It's fun for kids to read the book from the perspective of a cat. This was one of my favorite assigned reading books.
There weren't any heroes in this story.
4/7/2016 13:34:31corgi puppiesWhiteE.B. WhiteCharlotte's WebHarper & Brothers1953Print
The book is illustrated by Garth Williams. The illustrations are old fashioned and beautiful.
A pig named Wilbur is saved from slaughter by a spider named Charlotte who writes messages about him in her web. The community loves Wilbur. Eventually, Charlotte dies and her children keep Wilbur company.
Wilbur, Charlotte, Fern
Newbery Honor, Horn Book Fanfare, Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, Massachusetts Children's Book Award
This story is nonfiction because spiders and pigs can't communicate and create such an impact on a community.
This story is good for 9 and 10 year olds who understand difficult concepts such as death.
A friendship exists between a spider and a pig which is pretty diverse based solely upon their species.
This story raises the question of whether it's ethical to slaughter animals.
This story somewhat teaches kids about where our food comes from and the sacrifices that have to be made to get it.
In a literal sense, Wilbur grew from the runt of the litter into "Some pig!".
This story deals with death when Wilbur's beloved friend Charlotte dies. It's sad, but Wilbur finds comfort in the fact that he still has Charlotte's children to remember her by.
I love this story. It's a classic that everyone reads growing up. It both breaks your heart and makes you smile from ear to ear.
Charlotte was the hero of this story. She wrote in her web to keep Wilbur alive and never failed to be there for him whenever he needed her.
4/7/2016 13:48:32corgi puppiesWhiteE.B. WhiteStuart LittleHarper & Brothers1945Print
Illustrated by Garth Williams. Similar to Charlotte's Web.
A NYC family raises a mouse named Stuart as their son. He gets into a lot of wacky situations thanks to his size.
Stuart, Parents, George, Snowbell, Margalo
Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal
This story is nonfiction because a mouse can't talk or have crazy adventures like Stuart does.
This story would be good for 7 or 8 year olds who are just getting a real taste for reading and need to get hooked.
This story focuses on Stuart's challenges doing things because of his size. He always finds a way to manage, though.
The ethical education in this story is to treat everyone equally whether they're big, small, or what have you.
There isn't any significant cultural education that I can see.
Stuart is growing up through the whole book, so he passes a few milestones.
In the story, the family bird, Margalo, runs away after learning Snowbell plans to eat her. Stuart sets off to find her, but can't manage to do so before the end of the book. It's quite unsettling to be left without a resolution, but that's how missing person cases go most of the time.
I love this story. It's an instant classic. I do have to say that I prefer the movie.
The unsung heroes of this story are Stuart and George's parents who stepped up to raise and always support their children.
4/7/2016 14:00:07corgi puppiesGiffPatricia Reilly Giff
Pictures of Hollis Woods
Random House2002PrintNot illustrated9780440415787
Hollis Woods, an orphan, is placed in a new foster home with a forgetful woman named Josie. The agency tries to move her once they discover Josie's illness, but Hollis and Josie run away instead.
Hollis, Josie, Mustard Woman, the Reagans
Newbery Honor
This story is realistic fiction because this story could actually happen to a little boy or girl living in foster care.
This story is best suited for 10-11 year olds who can understand the complexities of foster care and Alzheimer's.
This story is full of non-traditional families. Because of how many foster homes Hollis has been in, the reader gets to see families of all types.
This story brings up the ethics of our current foster care system and whether its successfully helping our children.
This story introduces the reader to different people from all walks of life thanks to all the foster homes.
Hollis goes from being a cold, uncaring child to loving Josie and the Regans as her own family.
This story dealt with both the foster care system and Alzheimer's. Both are addressed in a way that shows the tough problems related to them but in a way that doesn't make the reader lose all hope.
This was one of my favorite books in elementary school. It deals with tough issues that make me still want to read it over and over again.
In their own way, everyone Hollis meets in this story is a hero. They all help her to grow, in some way, into a person capable of love and compassion.
4/7/2016 14:14:23corgi puppiesDowellFrances O'Roark DowellDovey CoeAtheneum2000PrintNot illustrated689846673
12 year old Dovey Coe tells the story of how her sister's suitor died and the allegations around town against her. The book also shows us the trial against Dovey for Parnell's murder.
Dovey, Caroline, Amos, Parnell
Edgar Award, William Allen White Children's Book Award
This story is realistic fiction because while the story isn't true, this could happen to a child.
This story should be given to 11-12 year olds who can understand the complexities of murder and courtroom trials.
Dovey's brother is deaf. There's also diversity between the classes. Dovey's family is very poor while the murdered Parnell's family is filthy rich.
The idea of putting a 12 year old on trial for murder with shoddy evidence is a major ethical dilemma throughout the book.
The book tries to explain a little bit about deaf culture to the reader.
Dovey lost her innocence while being put on trial for murder.
This story deals with both murder and wrongful prosecution. They're difficult subjects, but this book does a great job putting them into terms that the reader, and Dovey herself, can understand.
This is a story that I always find myself coming back to. The subject matter transitions beautifully from children to adult content. It's one of my favorites.
Dovey is a hero for standing up and fighting her prosecution rather than just giving up.
4/7/2016 14:30:43corgi puppiesShawSusan ShawBlack-eyed SuzieBoyds Mills Press2002PrintNot illustrated9781590785331
12 year old Suzie has psychological episodes where she's trapped in her mind and doesn't move for hours. Her uncle sends her to a mental hospital where she must piece together memories to cure herself.
Suzie, Deanna, Uncle Elliot, Stella, Joshua
This story is realistic fiction because while Suzie isn't real, this could be happening to another child in the world.
This story is for 11+ year olds who are able to grasp the concept of mental illness.
This story deals with a child who has a mental illness which affects the way she deals with life.
This story talks about how the way we treat our children can affect them in their lifetime. It brings the importance of family into question.
This story focuses on one family's culture and traditions and how they've produced a child with a mental illness.
Suzie brings back a long buried secret that helps her to discover why she has these psychotic episodes.
As mentioned, the story deals heavily with mental illness. It does so in a tasteful way that isn't too preachy.
I liked this story because it introduces kids to difficult subject matter that we don't usually expose them to.
Suzie is a hero for going through this journey of self-discovery and realization.
4/7/2016 14:42:13corgi puppiesRinaldiAnn RinaldiOr Give Me DeathHarcourt2003PrintNot illustrated0-15-216687-4
Patrick Henry's mentally ill wife is left in the care of their children while Patrick is out persuading Americans to rebel against England. One of the children has inherited the illness, but only one child knows who.
Sarah, Patrick, Patsy, John, William, Anne, Betsy, Edward
This book is historical fiction because while this family really did exist, the conversations and specific events are fictitious.
This story is good for 11-12 year olds who can understand mental illness.
Sarah is mentally ill which leaves her oldest daughter, Patsy, as the head of the household. It's a very non-traditional family.
The kids keep Sarah locked in the cellar for her own protection and to hide her from the community. This is a decision that can really be debated among readers.
This story is set in the 1700s, so it teaches the reader what it was like to live in that time period.
Patsy had to step up from being a carefree teenager to being the head matriarch of the household.
The mental illness spoken of in the book is done in a heart-breaking fashion. Although it's sad, it does detail the harsh realities of genetic mental illness.
I liked this story because it makes children want to learn about history. It's an interesting way to approach the topic of mental illness, as well.
Although her actions were sometimes misguided, Patsy is a hero for stepping up to care for her siblings while her mother was ill and her father was out being America's hero.
4/7/2016 14:58:44corgi puppiesRowlingJ.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Scholastic Corporation1998Print
The US version was illustrated by Mary GrandPré. The pictures in this book add to the whimsical feel.
Young Harry Potter discovers that he's a wizard and attends Hogwarts School. He is the only one that can stop evil Lord Voldemort from getting the powerful Sorcerer's stone.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Voldemort, Professor Quirrell
ALA Notable Children's Books, Anne Spencer Lindbergh Prize for Children's Literature, Great Stone Face Children’s Book Award, and many more!
This story is fiction because, sadly, none of this can happen in real life and magic isn't real.
This story is great for 8+ year olds who have a wonderful imagination and a sense of adventure.
At Hogwards, people of every gender, color, culture, faith, and sexuality can be found. There's also the tension between mudbloods, pure bloods, and the all forgotten squibs.
The story's main point is about an evil dictator, Voldemort, who attempts a rise back into power. The ethics of that in the wizarding world are always under debate.
Since this story isn't real, there isn't much cultural education that's applicable to reality.
Harry went from a child who had nothing to the most famous boy in the wizarding world. That's a huge change to go through.
This story deals with death, child abuse, violence, and an oppressive ruler. It mingles all of these subjects in with light-hearted spells and feasts so the reader doesn't absorb too much sadness at once.
Everyone should love this story. Harry Potter has defined this generation as dreamers who aren't afraid to make sacrifices. It's the book of the century.
Although there are many, many heroes in this story, the most prominent is Harry. Once he learns that he's the only one who can defeat Voldemort, he charges ahead at full speed to protect this new wizarding community that he's come to love.
4/7/2016 16:03:22corgi puppiesWillisJeanne
4/7/2016 16:14:40corgi puppiesWillisJeanne WillisMisery MooAndersen Press2006Print
Illustrated by Tony Ross. Illustrations are cute and go with the story.
A cow is very sad so her lamb friend tries to help her be happy. Nothing works so the lamb soon becomes sad. Seeing the lamb sad makes the cow want to be happy to keep her friend happy.
Cow, lambNone
This book is fiction because cows and lambs can't talk.
This story is great for 3-4 year olds because the vocabulary is simple and it's easy to read.
There isn't much diversity in the story.
There aren't any major ethical dilemmas in this story.
This story teaches children that your mood is contagious and that it's important to be happy.
The cow overcame her depression with the help of the lamb.
Although it would go over the heads of children, the cow was suffering from depression. For this age group, the way it was dealt with was appropriate and optimistic.
I liked this story. It was cute and light-hearted. However, I didn't like the notion that all you need to overcome depression is friendship. Sometimes that just isn't enough.
I suppose the lamb would be considered the hero in this story for helping the cow to overcome her depression.
4/7/2016 16:29:43corgi puppiesCampbellBebe Moore Campbell
Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry
Illustrated by E.B. Lewis. The illustrations add a lot to this book. They convey the sadness Annie feels for her mother.
Annie's mother gets mad sometimes and other times she's happy. When she's mad, Annie must take care of herself with over-the-phone encouragement from her grandmother.
Annie, Mom, Grandma, Jasmine, Carmen
This story is realistic fiction because even though Annie doesn't exist, there are many little kids in the world going through the same thing.
This story is great for 6-8 year olds who might be able to see this story reflected in their own life.
The families in the book are African American and caucasian. The mother is also suffering from a mental illness.
There's a moral dilemma of whether the grandmother should be allowing her grandchild to live alone with her mentally ill mother.
There isn't much cultural education in the story.
Annie must realize, with the help of her grandmother, that her mother's illness isn't her fault. The only way her mother will get better is if she's willing to seek help.
This book deals with mental illness in a beautiful way. It doesn't end with the mother miraculously recovering. It ends realistically with Annie hoping that her mother might be happy the next day.
I think that this story is very beneficial to those who need it most. It gets rid of the stigma of having a parent with a mental illness and lets kids know they're not alone.
Annie is a hero for trying her hardest to understand her mother and all of her struggles.
4/7/2016 16:43:39corgi puppiesRosenMichael Rosen
Michael Rosen's Sad Book
Candlewick Press2004Print
Illustrated by Quentin Blake. The pictures in this book are beautifully poignant. They bring the story to life and make you almost tear up.
After Michael Rosen's son died of meningitis at 18, he wrote this book to chronicle his battle with grief. He details how some days are better than others and how he must pretend to be happy for others.
Boston Globe-Horn Book Honors
This book is hard to pin-point, but it's best described as nonfiction since it's Michael Rosen's journey through grief.
This book could be for any age that is going through the loss of a loved one. The words are simple enough for everyone to understand but still pack a lot of punch.
The illustrations depict people of different races.
There isn't really much ethical education in this story.
This book talks about how we deal with grief as a culture and how it's a part of life that everyone will have to go through.
The beautiful part of this book is that Michael doesn't go through a major change. He will never stop missing his son, but he simply learns how to manage his crushing grief.
The way this story deals with death and the grieving process is beautifully haunting. It fills me with so much emotion when I read it. I sincerely hope that Michael Rosen is okay.
I loved this book. It's one I will return to no matter my age. It deals with grief in a realistic way. It's a process that hurts like hell.
Michael is a hero for making it through every day even after saying that he wishes he were no longer here.
4/7/2016 16:58:52corgi puppiesSeussDr. SeussThe LoraxRandom House1971Print
The story was illustrated by Dr. Seuss himself. The illustrations enhance the story by being light and happy or dark and menacing depending on the section of the book.
A boy hears a story from the Once-ler about how he destroyed an entire valley of Truffula trees. He used all the Truffula trees to make thneeds and, thanks to his greed, ruined the environment.
Once-ler, The Lorax, the boy
It's difficult to say, but I would classify this story as realistic fiction. While the Truffula trees and thneeds may be fake, deforestation is a real problem occurring in our world.
This story is great for kids age 5-8 who can have a basic grasp on syntax and imagination.
There isn't obvious diversity in this story.
The ethical dilemma in this story is whether the Truffula trees should be cut down. Clearly, it wasn't ethical to do so because the environment was destroyed.
Dr. Seuss is trying to tell us that our forests and land is sacred and that we should try to preserve it rather than destroy it for monetary gain.
The Once-ler realized that it was wrong of him to cut down all of the Truffula trees.
This story dealt with deforestation which isn't too harsh of a topic, but it still did it tastefully.
This was never one of my favorite Seuss books. I remember not liking the pictures as much in this book. It didn't seem as fun as the other Seuss books.
The Lorax is the environmental hero of the story. He tries to save the trees despite the fact that he's clearly going to lose the battle.
4/7/2016 17:07:53corgi puppiesCroninDoreen Cronin
Click, Clack, Moo (Cows that Type)
Little Simon2000Print
Illustrated by Betsy Lewin. The pictures are bright and fun and make it interesting to look at.
The cows on Farmer Brown's land find an old typewriter and start demanding electric blankets from him. Annoyed, the farmer gives in if he gets the typewriter back. The ducks take it instead!
Cows, Ducks, Farmer BrownCaldecott Honor
This story is fiction because cows can't type or make ludicrous demands.
This is a fun, light-hearted story for kids 4-6 who are easing their way into reading.
There isn't obvious diversity in this book.
If you really stretch the story, it could possibly be about the conditions of animals on a farm, but I'm pretty sure it isn't meant to be stretched.
There isn't much cultural education in this book, it's just meant to be a silly story.
Not really. The cows seem to be stuck in Kohlberg's bartering stage and are content to stay there.
This story didn't touch on any tough subjects.
I love this story. It's fun and silly and great to read when you need a pick-me-up.
There weren't any heroes in this story.
4/7/2016 17:15:34corgi puppiesCroninDoreen CroninDuck for PresidentSimon & Schuster2004Print
Illustrated by Betsy Lewin. Similar to Click, Clack, Moo. Bright and fun.
Duck is unhappy with life on the farm, so he runs for farm president. When he wins, the cycle continues until Duck is the POTUS! He soon grows unhappy and returns to being a farm duck.
Duck, Farmer Brown
New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book, Book Sense Children's Illustrated Book of the Year
This story is fiction because there's no situation in which a duck could become the POTUS.
This story is great for ages 4-6 who need a way to be eased into reading.
There isn't much diversity in this story.
Duck doesn't like the way the farm is being run, which motivates his run for farm president.
I guess this could be an extremely basic rundown of the American political system.
Duck realized he didn't want ultimate power. He just wanted to return to his simple life on the farm.
This story addressed no tough issues.
This was one of my favorite stories growing up. It's just so much fun to read and upon rereading it, I discovered some hidden jokes for the parents.
There were no heroes in this story.
4/7/2016 17:24:05corgi puppiesSeussDr. SeussFox in SocksRandom House1965Print
Illustrated by Dr. Seuss. The illustrations still make me smile to this day. They're just so cute.
This book is about Fox and Knox who speak solely in rhyme. They keep adding rhyming things such as foxes, boxes, blocks, clocks, etc. It's a very frustrating book for parents to read.
Fox, Knox
This book is fiction since fox don't typically speak to us at all, let alone in rhyme.
This story is great for 1-3 year olds who are just beginning to develop speech patterns and need a little help.
There is no diversity in this story.There is no ethics education.There is no cultural education.No milestones are passed.No difficult issues are brought up.
This was my favorite book growing up. My poor mother had to read it to me hundreds of times. As an actress, I've gotten some of my best tongue twister warm ups from this book. Thanks, Seuss!
The only hero in this story is whoever manages to read the book aloud without stuttering.
4/7/2016 17:31:40corgi puppiesYoungEd YoungLon Po PoPhilomel1989Print
Illustrated by Ed Young. The illustrations are dark and ominous.
Three kids staying at home alone let in a wolf pretending to be their grandmother. They trick him into going to the top of a tree where they drop him from the height and kill him.
Shang, Tao, Paotze, WolfCaldecott Medal
This story is fiction because there's no way it could ever happen.
This story is great for 7-9 year olds because the kids in the story display a lot of strengths, capabilities, and ingenuity.
There doesn't seem to be a father figure in the story.
The ethical dilemma in this story is whether you can trust strangers anymore.
This story doesn't say much about cultural education.
Shang, Tao, and Paotze had to become more clever than the wolf in order to survive.
This story doesn't touch on any difficult topics.
This story was kind of boring to read. I think the dark illustrations had a large part to do with it.
Shang, Tao, and Paotze were the heroes of this story for tricking the wolf into falling to his death. They saved themselves.
4/7/2016 17:38:41corgi puppiesSendakMaurice Sendak
Where the Wild Things Are
Harper & Row1963Print
Illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Illustrations enhance the story by showing you what the wild things look like.
Max creates so much trouble around his house that he's sent to bed without dinner. HIs room transforms into a jungle where he runs wild with the wild things.
Max, Wild ThingsCaldecott Medal
This story is fiction because it could never happen except in a child's imagination.
This is a great story for kids ages 4-6 because they have a great imagination and the vocabulary isn't too difficult.
There isn't much diversity in this story.
There is no ethics education in this story.
There is no cultural education I can see in this story.
Even though Max had fun with the Wild Things, he eventually wanted to return home.
The story touched on no difficult topics.
Although everyone seems to love this book, it's never been a favorite of mine. I've never found it to be particularly exciting.
There aren't really any heroes in this story.
4/10/2016 22:17:58corgi puppiesSilversteinShel SilversteinThe Giving TreeHarper & Row1964Print
The book is illustrated by Shel Silverstein. The pictures are simple but add to the mood of the book.
A boy and a tree have a special relationship. The tree constantly gives the boy parts of her to use throughout his life.
Boy, tree
This story is fiction because trees don't talk in real life.
This story is great for kids ages 4-6 because the vocabulary is simple and can spark an interesting conversation between parents and kids.
There is not much diversity in this story.
This story deals with the problem of whether the boy and tree have a beneficial relationship or an abusive relationship.
There isn't much cultural education in this story.
No major milestones were passed because the boy remained selfish and the tree remained complacent.
No difficult subjects were touched upon.
This story was never a favorite of mine. I always found it boring.
There were no heroes in this story.
4/10/2016 22:59:51corgi puppiesRawlsWilson Rawls
Where the Red Fern Grows
Doubleday1961PrintNot illustrated.978-0440412670
A boy named Billy adopts two dogs. He hunts with them and they become best friends. Then the dogs die and it's devastating.
Billy, Old Dan, Little Ann
Great Stone Face Award
This story is realistic fiction because while this story didn't really happen, it could occur in real life.
This story should be read by kids ages 10-12 because it is terribly sad and younger kids might not be able to handle it.
Billy's family is very poor which forces him to find a lot of creative ways to do things.
There isn't any obvious ethics education from what I can see.
This novel does a nice job at showing the life of people with little money.
Billy really matures as he owns his dogs. Even after their death, he continues to mature by learning to cope with their passing.
This story covers the death of Billy's beloved dogs. The death is quite traumatic and graphic, but the way the book ends brings peace.
I don't particularly like this story because as an animal lover, it always makes me cry.
Old Dan and Little Ann were heroes for sacrificing themselves to save Billy from a mountain lion. They also helped him mature from a boy to a man.
4/10/2016 23:18:38corgi puppiesdePaolaTomie dePaolaStrega NonaAladdin1975Print
Illustrated by Tomie dePaola. The illustrations make the story come alive and add to the fun of reading it.
Strega Nona leaves Big Anthony in charge of her home while she's away. In her absence, Big Anthony makes pasta in her magic pasta pot, flooding the town with pasta.
Strega Nona, Big AnthonyCaldecott Honor
This story is fiction since it can't happen in real life.
This story is great for kids ages 4-7 who are looking for a nice, simple book to read for a laugh.
This story doesn't really have a ton of diversity in it.
Big Anthony must learn not to tamper with things that aren't yours.
The illustrations in this book show the beautiful, traditional architecture of Italy.
Big Anthony passed a small milestone of learning not to mess with other people's things.
This story didn't deal with any difficult subjects.
I have always loved this story since I first heard it in 2nd grade. It's fun to read and the colorful pictures keep small kids interested.
Strega Nona was the hero of this story. She saved the town from being destroyed by Big Anthony's pasta mishap.
1/21/2016 19:23:09garage princessGanderFather GanderTwinkle Twinkle Little StarNursery RhymesSanta Barbara, CaliforniaAdvocacy Press1985print0-911655-12-3poem0-5 years
3/1/2016 14:21:05garage PrincessSeussDr. SeussThe LoraxNew YorkRandom House1971print
Same as author, very desriptive, cartoon animated character.
a once-ler comes into town cuts doen all the trees harms all the animals so they have to leave the area and packs up and leaves when there is no more trees. many years later when telling thenstory he gives the last tree seed away
lorax and once-ler3-5
love this story and that it teaches what can happen when you don't care and just worry about yourself and want more money and more things in general you. it shows that greed is not good and that people should car.
i would say the Lorax tries to be
3/1/2016 14:37:00garage princessDisneyWalt DisneyCinderella
little golden book
New York
Golden Books Publishing
Ron Dias, Bill lorencz
cover by: Don Williams
i liked the clear images with the contrasting background, looked like hey were taken with a camera they were so clear.
evil step mother and step sisters try to stop cinderella from falling in love give her nearly imporssible tasks and tries steering the prince away from her.
cinderella, prince, step mother and step sisters.
fairy tale4 and upliving with a non custodial parentfairy god mother
3/3/2016 16:50:24garage princessmcCloskeyRobert McCloskey
make way for Ducklings
New YorkPuffin books1941print
illustrated in sepia the illustrations are detailed for the two colors there were.
Ducks trying to find a home to raise their family and end up in New York
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard DuckCaldecott awardShort Story3-5 preschholthe colors used in the illustrated
3/3/2016 17:04:58Garage Princesswarner
Gertrude Chandler Warner
The Mystery Horse
The boxcar children #34
new yorkScholastic Inc.1993printVery few looks like pencil scetch0-590-46308-x
the children who use to live in a box car spend their vacation on a farm with their grandfather and find a mysterious horse and wonder why he is hidden
Henry, Jessis Violet and bennychapter bookthird grade
non traditional families because the children loved alone for awhile
It's an okay story i have heard of them growing up but had never read them before
3/3/2016 17:08:28Garage PrincessCrewsDonald CrewsFrieght TrainNew YorkScholastic1978print
very colorful illustrations liked them a lot
0-590-42694-xbook about trainsTrainCaldecott Honorshort storypreschool
I liked this story because it is a good short story teaching children about trains
3/3/2016 17:21:56garage PrincessSeussDr. SeussHorton hears a WhoNew Yorkrandom House1954Print
yes illustrations showed movement in the characters voices and showed colors and feelings well
Horton the elephant finds a speck that has a who and a village of whos and his goal is to keep the whos safe.
Horton and the Who'sshort storypreschool
teaching children that a person's a person no matter how small
Love this story and all Dr. Seuss books
3/3/2016 17:31:24garage PrincessKeatsEzra Jack KeatsThe Snowy DayNew YorkPenguin Books1962print
very well illustrated, the illustrations showed what was happening clearly and their was no need for words.
little boy Peter wakes up on a snowy day and takes many adventures through the town and enjoys all the snow
peterThe caldecott medalshort storypreschool
color because the boy is a different race
yes because the children can read it without the words
4/6/2016 21:45:33garage princessLowryLois LowryThe Givernew york, new york
houghton mifflin Company
A man named the giver is in control of memories of a town he transfers these memoriies to a boy names jonas by placing his hands on him. he shares the good, bad and the ugly.
jonas and the giverJohn Newbery medalchapter book fictoni suggest this book for 11 and up
It was different I like i would read it again
4/6/2016 22:41:56garage princessL'englemadeleine l'engleA wrinkle In time
united states of america
a girl and her brother must rescue there father from another planet who has been kidnapped.
meg and charlie, mother and father
john newbery medalscience ficton11 and oldermeg taking the leadership roleit wasn't my favorite
meg could be considered a hero for trying to rescue her dad
4/10/2016 20:38:31garage princessSeussDr. Seuss
oh, the places you'll go!
New YorkRandom House1990printyes Dr. Seuss
a book on advice through rhymingyouChildren's storiespreschool-second gradeover coming challenges in lifenonoif you did
yes because it teaches lessons or gives advice in a fun way
4/10/2016 20:49:47garage princessnaylorPhyllis Reynolds NaylorShilohNew York
Mazwell Macmillan international publishing group
Marty a young boy runs into a tough situation when he comes across a dog that is being abused and he needs to find a way to rescue it on his own.
Marty dog Shiloh, JuddJohn Newbery AwardChildren's ficton
10 years old so they can understand the stor
Living in the south with different races
Marty figring out how to rescue the dog
Yes remember it from grade school
Marty could be considered a hero for shiloh
4/10/2016 21:09:34garage princessPelzerdavid PelzerA child Called "it"omaha, ne
health communications inc.
1995print1-55874-366-9A child that was beat by his motherDavid and motherAutobiography
13 and older depending on parents because of content and language
This story was about chid abuse and how a child lived with it for so long.
I liked it I the fact of it being a true story and him making it out
a teacher of david's may have helps
3/3/2016 16:56:35garage Princess OsborneMary Pope Osborne
EasrthQuake In the Early Morning
Magic Treehouse # 24
New Yorkrandom House2001print
Illustrations are minimal and in black and white
Takes the children back to the San Francisco earthquake and the children need to find an important writing.
Jack and AnnieChapter book3rd gradenono
i remember reading many stories of this series when I was younger and its hasn't changed much they are good for younger children
Jack and annie can be seen as heros in this story
3/3/2016 17:37:04garage Princess SeussDr. SeussThe cat in the Hat1stNew YorkRandom House1957print
same. Illustrations were very vibrent and showed the fun and sillyness in the story
The cat in the hat comes in to help these children play he also brings two things, thing one and thing two. The children want him to leave they don't like his games
Dick and SallyNon fiction short storypreschool to begiining readeryes because it's Dr. Seuss
1/21/2016 19:35:11HaleyJesus's LifeColumbus, OhioMcGraw-Hill2001PrintJesus's Life is illustrated. Although the illustrations are vague, they tell what is going on in the text. I like a lot of illustration so to me, I didn't really enjoy it. 1-58845-232-8The book "Jesus's Life" is about how John the Baptist baptizes Jesus when he was a man. The baptism was special because Jesus could perform miracles. Jesus helped and change lives of others and some were afraid of him which ended his life and he rose to heaven. Jesus and John the BaptistI would suggest this story for 10+The only element of diversity I found in this story was religionNoNoWhen Jesus was a man, he was baptized and was able to make miracles and help othersI personally didn't really enjoy the story because I am not religious so it didn't spark my interest.
1/21/2016 19:40:32HippopotamusMcGraw-HillMcGraw-Hill Children's PublishingThe CreationChinaMcGraw-Hill Children's Publishing2001printyes. No name of illustrator, Yes i liked the illustrations.1-588-45-232-8creation as opposed to evolution.God and Adam and Eve.unknownTraditional 6 months-2 yearsChristian faith, English language, traditional family. Not much diversity at all.I see Adam and Eve covering their private parts indicating to the very young that the human body need s to be covered up.I see traditional beliefs of the Christian faithWell I suppose that God It touched on nakedness. Not an easy subject to explain to children why they must wear close.It's ok. At this point in my life I would believe in teaching more than one Universal religion or faith.
1/22/2016 20:22:54hippopotamussmithe. stuart smith
1/22/2016 21:41:32hippopotamussmithe. stuart smithmultiple storieshershal p.culpepperfirstKeene, NHPan Press1993printErik Ingraham. Love the illustrations. I find them to be simpler than so much of the over-stimulating, over-whelmingness that takes away from reading the story. Not everything has to be BRIGHT/LOUD/INTENSE to be seen and heard.Loved the gentleness in both Amos' and Grandpa's faces. Culpepper appears to be the perfect little harmless imp. 0-9639681-0-6Hershal P.Culpepper, Amos, GrandpaContemporary Realistic Fiction8-12 I think it could be a little scary for a younger child as they may not have developed an understanding between mischievousness and cruelty. not a lot of diversity. All Caucasian.
It leaned toward Christian faith but no names were dropped. No other family members(non-traditional) were mentioned so it appeared it was just the two of them. Culpepper it seemed was an imaginary friend of Granpa's that could be there when Grandpa could not. you can hear the curiousness in the boys voice regarding Culpepper's behavior, like he and grandpa were old friends forever. Amos was strong in his illness and recovery and it seemed Hershal's care attributed to that.
Well, Grandpa was teaching Amos throughout the book lessons of love, trust, and strength. I think he taught him how to depend on himself and Culpepper when he can't be there.Christmas celebration, traditional cookies and milk for Santa. I think both Grandpa and Amos learned lesson's of trust, handling fear, and coping when times are serious. Culpepper helped them both. Well I had to take a second read and check this feeling but the dunking was kind of icky. I got an unpleasant feeling with that part. Personal frame of reference I suppose. I did. It was low key and I love short stories. I have a tendency to prefer short fictional stories as my imagination is tough to tap into. Give me non-fiction I read all day.
1/24/2016 12:57:54HippopotamusPrattsJoan De Deu PrattsSabastion's Roller SkatesLa Jolla, CAKane/Miller Books2008printFrances Rovia

I liked the illustrations. Visually stimulating, emotions clear on faces. Feel-good story.
1-929132-81-6A young boy trapped in his world of shyness finds a way out. He becomes self-empowered when he (with support) succeeds in conquering his fear of failure. The boy's self-esteem rises and as a result he was strong enough to share his experience and strength with another child who struggled too. Fortunately it was added towards the end that the boy returned the roller skates he borrowed from the park bench.
Sebastion, dog, indication of awards distributed.Picture/story book because the story is auditory as well as visual. The story can be told using few to little words s the illustratio tell a good story themselves.5-8No diversity other than white male female.Well, what I see is a genuine human being genuinely wanting to help somebody without ulterior motives. His like to Ester was innocent and his behavior acceptable. good model.
It is difficult to point out culture but could be any I suppose as play is universal.Yes. Achievement in gross motor skills and social skills.Shyness, likely low self-esteem but not indicated why. I was an extremely shy child therefore can relate to attempting new things alone to avoid being criticized or laughed at. Yes I like this story. As I work with children who generally when I meet are in need of positive attention and have very low elf-esteem but will bide for whatever they can get.
1/24/2016 17:58:58hippopotamusFlemingMaria FlemingWhere do Kisses Come From?26New YorkGolden Books Publishing Company Random House, Inc1999printJanice Kinnealy, DRi Artworks.978-067233The plot is how kisses come in different ways other than justfrom the lips. Kisses are small acts of kindness that can be given or received. These acts can warm the heart in a similar fashion as a lip kiss. A warm fuzzy so to speak. They originate out of love.Not one main character, only one main question to be answered by all characters.picture book4-7. I think 4 is about the age that a child won't tear it up and is likely to pick it up out of curiosity, putting the story, its text, and the book together as one thing. My guess is that about 7 kids are being drawn more toward content rather than visual stimulation.A lot of diversity. Animals come from all over the world, not just North America, so do kisses.I'm really impressed with how they emphasized the non-physical acts that portray love as well as a physical example of a kiss. This indicates love is not just shown by physical touch, Family ethics. Assumed boundaries.The environments where the characters were inside seemed very warm and cozy, kind of like what I would view as grandma houses There were a couple pages that referred to the animal's cultural background as the panda and the bamboo and the hippos and the greenery around them. I think all the little characters leared a little avout kisses.Nah, not that I caught onto.Yes I like the story. Well it reminds me of what I always told my own children when they were small and inquired about Santa Claus. I would explain that Santa lives inside of us and when it's time for him to spread his joy and love it comes right through us...just like our warm fuzzies that are like kisses.
1/25/2016 13:55:26hippopotamusThalerMike ThalerHippo Makes a HouseIt's Me, HippoFirstTorontoFitzhenry and Whiteside Limited1983printYes. Maxie Chambliss. I do like them. I like the friendly faces on his friends and backgrounds were fun.0-06-026153-6Hippo is unhappy with the fact he does not have a house like all his friends. They try to help him but only knows how to build there own. Giraffe explained to Hippo his house had to have certain characteristics. Hippo went back to his river and realized he had had a home there all along.Hippo is the main character.Contemporary Realistic Fiction. The Characters are animals and are taking on human tasks and human feelings.5-10There is a lot of diversity as each animal is different though they do all seem to be African animals. It shows how they look different and and have different cultural backgrounds, as in the type of home they live in.Hippo showed great patience with his friends and their inability to set him up with a proper house. They were all helpful and kind. At the end of the story the other animals began to get testy and at this point, Hippo did not wish to engage in argument and went back to his original place...the river.The different homes for each animal.Hippo found that what he needed he had had all the time. He grew up a little.Feeling different. Hippo felt different therefore he felt like he wasn't good enough. In the end he found out different.Loved it! A good lesson for kids that most of the time we really do have what we need and want after all.
1/25/2016 14:14:22HippopotamusThalerMike ThalerHippo paints a pictureIt's Me, HippofirstToronto, CanadaHarper and Row1983printMaxie Chambliss0-06-026153Hippo finished his painting and was quite pleased with it. All the other animals would come by and tell him he should add this an that, which he did. After a while he got frustrated and walked off. All the other animals were very pleased with the painting but did not seem to understand why hippo got upset. Over-whelmed my guess.HippoContemporary realistic fiction.5-10 I think the younger students would be enthralled by the talking animals and the older (8-10) would understand the concept better.Many animals many cultures seen in home building. All are African animalsI believe that each animal in here was attempting to be supportive to Hippo but unwanted advice is criticism and he got frustrated, not understanding they were not trying to upset him.It showed the different kinds of art that stood out to each individual I think Hippo may need to work a little more on acceptance.Over-stimulation.Yes I did. I liked the realistic nature of how every body wants to participate and Hippo's reaction. Good teaching opportunity about gently offering suggestions and you might get better results.
1/25/2016 14:26:53HippopotamusThalerMike ThalerHippo Feels WonderfulIt's Me, HippofirstToronto, CanadaHarper and Row1983PrintMaxie Chambliss0-06-0026153-6All of the animals were sick with what looks like Chicken Pox. As Hippo discovers he is the only one who is well he felt very left out. He wanted to play cards with the others. He went home sadly and when he got there he realized he had caught it too. He was able to join the crowd, therefore did not feel different or alone.HippoContemporary realistic fiction because the animals are taking on human acts and behaviors.5-10 5 year olds would enjoy the pictures and ficticious animals talking etc..., Older kids will process the concepts and hopefu;;y how to implement them in their own life.All animals, different homes. Appears to be no gender referencesBe kind to one another and try not to overwhelm your friends or be too pushyTraditional homes for traditional animals, as hippo in water, bird in nest, and mole in ground.Not so sure any of them got this one.Yes. It shows how when others try to help to be frustrating and sometimes we do like to work alone.
1/25/2016 14:37:16HippopotamusThalerMike ThalerHippo BirthdayIt's Me, HippofirstToronto, CanadaHarper and Row1983printMaxie Chambliss0-06-026153-6It was Hippo's birthday and nobody seemed to know which caused to feel unloved and sad. His friends were throwing him a surprise party which ended up making him very happy and closer to his friends.HippoContemporary Realistic Fiction5-10 Younger will love the characters and visuals, older will like the same but understand concepts betterDifferent animals, different homes. Appear to be genderless.Caring about one another's feelings.Celebration of birthday, hats balloons gifts.Yes, Hippo felt happy and loved in the end.
2/13/2016 14:17:24HippopotamusDelaneyMichael DelaneyBirdbrain AmosNew York, NYPhilomel2002print
Illustrated by Michael Delaney.The story is also told through the expressions on the faces of the characters, particularly through the eyes, as well as words. The illustrations, though sketched, are not overly simplified as to simply represent the object, but more deeply intertwined with the literature fueling deeper curiosity and inquisition in the young reader.
An unfortunate hippo named Amos, was without his own bird to eat all the ticks off his back. After a series of interviews he finally finds who he believes is "the bird." An exciting adventure ensues building friendships through identification and kindness.
Amos the hippo. Kumba the tick bird. Ameoba (baby tick bird).
Traditional literature. This is a story with characters, all native to one area (Africa), that are learning to cope with a real life problems together and how they do it.
7-12. Stage of industry. Erikson. 7-12 Concrete operational, Piaget.

Preconventional/conventional Kohlberg.

Specifically different species of animals with countless aspects of diversity.
Doing the right thing. Putting aside "self" and being rewarded in the end for doing so.
African animals, African names, Hippos near their natural environment among the reeds.
I believe all the characters passed developmental milestones as they learned to trust and support one another through till the end.
Yes I did. Great lessons on acceptance, kindness, patience, tolerance of each other. A lot of diversity represented among the characters. Fitting diversely for all differences between readers. Something for everyone to identify with.
Would have to say that Amos is our hero. He showed the utmost of acceptance, patience, kindliness, tolerance and love.
2/15/2016 10:41:47HippopotamusGeorgeJean Craighead George
One Day in the Desert
New York, NYScholastic, Inc.May 1999print
Fred Brenner. I like the Fine-liner illustrations. It gives depth and contrast which attracts my eye to spend more time looking deeper into it.
The story tells us what surviving a day in the desert is like for the living, plants, animals, and people. It describes the trials and tribulations that each character might meet with each day, but at the same time the story teaches us the beauty of life itself.
The mountain lion and Little Wing and her mother. These three characters are followed throughout the story.
Contemporary realistic fiction. This story reflects the daily life of desert wildlife viewed from the human perspective.
Third-fourth grade level. Ages 8-10. Concrete operational (Piaget), industry (Erikson), entering conventional stage (Kohlberg).
All the characters were drawn in black and white which was a message to me that color does not matter, we all have to do what it takes to survive. The Native American culture is associated with living in that part of the country, indicating their capacity to adapt and survive in the harshness of the desert.
This story teaches us that living together is how each species survives. Life and death are part of the cycle of life and death.
Strongly lends itself to desert environment and how they rely on the food chain to live.
I think all the character's were growing in their own animal way but the frogs at the end were very interesting as they spend their entire existence in one area together in the desert. Suspecting that some move on in the flood to set up other colonies elsewhere.
Life and death. I liked how it was presented as a natural part of life.
Yes, liked the story. I love the blend therefore, the story was even more innteresting to me.
They were all heroes in their own way.
2/21/2016 20:32:29HippopotamusprovensonAlice and Martin
The Glorious Flight Across the Channel with Louis Ble`rio
secondNY, New YorkPuffin Books1987print
yes. I do like the illustrations though the illustrator of the book is not listed.
The story tells of an adventurous, family man who became inspired to build his own "flying machine." His family fully supported him and after 11 attempts he succeeded. He met a challenge too fly over the English Channel.His family was very proud as he flew safely across. He taught tenacity and hope to his children.
Louis Blerio, a pioneer of aviation. His wife Alice, and their five children. Gabriel Voison, Blerio's friend who had experience flying, offered to fly Berio's flying machine.
A picture book. The pictures mirror the story and plot as they both draw interest but together they are more interesting and attractive. Pictures also allow opportunity for readers to participate through creative questioning.
Ages 7-12 Inferiority vs industry Kohl.
French, English, mostly adult male.n/an/a
I do like the story as it's main lesson was tenacity and not to give up. I also saw people supporting one another and the family strongly connected.
Papa was the hero though all the characters were important, Papa built and flew the plane over the channel.
3/3/2016 15:04:03HippopotamusDiCamilloKate DiCamillo
Because of Winn-Dixie
Cambridge Massachusetts
Candlewick Press2000printNot this edition.0-7636-0776-2
Oddly, Opal met a dog at the Winn-Dixie grocery store ( in produce section). He became her friend and confidant. As Opal's mother left when Opal was very young (3), she started to become curious about her mother. Especially after they moved to Florida. Opal was an outsider, but meeting Winn-Dixie changed all that. She gained many friends and suddenly didn't feel so different.
India Opal Buloni, Winn-Dixie, Otis, preacher, Ms. Franny Block, Gloria Dump.
Newburychildren's novel
7-10. The main character is 10 years old
Being new to this Florida summer, Opal felt very different.
Learning how to treat one another and become friends.
Cold Minneapolis winter to warm (hot) Florida summer.
Opal learned to cope without her mother there and was able to express her self to Winn-Dixie
Alcoholism, death, love, yearning, loneliness.
Yes I like the story. I can relate to Opal's difficulties making friends and with her insecurities I also was very friendly with my pets growing up. They were kinder to me then my siblings. I like how
Winn-Dixie, Miss Franny Block. Opal and Winn-Dixie. They helped Gloria Dump feel better about herself.
3/9/2016 14:58:29HippopotamusDiCamilloKate DiCamillo
Because of Winn-Dixie
MassechusettsCandlewick Press2000PrintNo0-7636-0776-2
Opal, Winn-Dixie, father (the Preacher), Librarian (Miss Franny), Gloria Dump (witchy lady).
12 and up. The concepts such as deep loss, loneliness, and learning to trust other adults after death of her mother left her alone (abandoned) may be difficult issues for a younger population. Also, for the children who have had similar tragedy in there lives regarding to abandment.
Single parent through death of spouse.
It's obvious that moving to Florida was difficult for Opal and the preacher. Fortunately she was accepted by the adults and this ultimately carried for her and Winn-Dixie to make new friends.

Opal passed a milestone when she accepted the death of her mother began to trust others.
Yes. The story dealt with death, abandonment, relocation,lonliness, and making new friends.
Yes I liked this story. I like how Winn-Dixie showed up at the right place at the right time. This was a huge help for Opal as the dog became her first friend after Mom passed.
Winn-Dixie, Mrs. Fanny, Gloria Dump.
3/12/2016 13:01:47HippopotamusMacLachLanPatricia MacLachlanSkylarkfirstNY, New YorkHarperCollins1994printn/a0-439-40225-5
Widowed father and two children are experiencing life on the prairie and its hardships Sarah came into the picture, they all began to value her presence, and she theirs, and they developed a family through conquering hardship together.
Father; widower, caretaker, financial provider.

Anna; sister
Caleb: Brother
Sarah; comes into family and supports them where needed which in turn helps herself.
Sequal to Newbery'sHistorical fiction:
Ages 8-12+. These children are moving through the developmental stages, according to Piaget, of concrete operational into formal operational.
Challenges were: struggling with change in family structure (Sarah comes into the family). They all had to cope with the hard times of prairie life and being separated due to drought. They struggled with becoming a strong family but conquering their difficulties made the stronger.
The children were carried through many ethical concepts for instance, living life and carrying on after loss. Jacob developing a healthy strong relationship with a trustworthy person. It's ok to accept help when in need.
Living life on the prairie has much beauty in itself but at the same time so did Sarah's home by the sea. Compromise was important in this story as willingness to change was key to their successes.
Father moved on through his experience of losing his wife. The children had to learn to cope with these serious issues themselves and come to terms with many strong issues Are part of growing up.
Death, learning to trust, buildig familial relationships, overcoming hardship.
Yes. I see Sarah as a strong, caring, empathetic woman who chose to give her life's journey to the new family she had found.
Sarah was truly a hero. Stepping in after Jacob's wife's death and taking on the task of supporting a grieving father and raising his children is very heroic.
3/16/2016 16:24:57HippopotamusHoward Goldsmith
The Twiddle Twins' Music Box Mystery
New York, NYMONDO Publishing1997print
Charles Jordan. Love the illustrations. The pictures are exciting and show strong emotion on the character's faces. Black and white, or sketched pictures, do not distract from the story.
The Twiddle twins' music box disappeared. They decided they ought to search for it and began collecting clues.
The clues brought them to the culprit, a monkey who was one of the neighbor's pets. The twins got their music box back and were able to find one perfect for the monkey.
Tabitha and Timothy and the monkey
5-8 at 5 they appreciate the story and pictures more, as when they get older the meaning of the story strikes more interest.
Just hippos and one monkey.
We learned about taking things that do not belong to you, patience, kindness and love was the cure.
taking things that don't belong to you.
Yes. I thought t it was very cute and taught them about honesty.
The monkey because he ended up leading the to their music box
3/26/2016 20:00:33Hippopotamus PausenGary PaulsenHatchetFirstNew York, NYAlladin Paperbacks1987PrintUnillustrated0-02-770-0130-1
13 year old Brian Robeson survived a plane crash in which the adult pilot was killed. Alone in the wilderness he faces the toughest battles of his life; Acceptance of his parent's divorce and survival in the wilderness, his only tool, the hatchet his mother had given him.
Brian Robeson age 13.
Brian's father, engineer
Brian's mother, real estate
Fur buyer, rescued Brian
Realistic fiction, The story is about Brian's 13 year-old perception of his parent's divorce. This is a very real, traumatic event in any child's life,
Young adult. 12-18. In the story there are three difficult life issues which allow for the child (young adult) to be introduced to traumatic situations that we all must face and overcome in life
Well when considering the parent's divorce there was something odd about Brian seeing his mother with another man and feeling as though he must protect his father's feelings by keeping it a secret.
Brian very much passed developmental milestones in developing a strong identity and learning to cope with painful events he's yet to completely understand.
Accidental death, divorce, and that a child of divorce may likely have to face the same challenge.
I did like the story. It maintained a rhythm or pattern of over-coming seemingly insurmountable life challenges.
Brian was the hero in saving himself. His tenacity and strong will to survive pulled him through the struggles
4/4/2016 13:53:05HippopotamusLeeHarper Lee
TYo Kill a Mocking Bird
Harper and Row, Publishers Inc.
3 children, Scout, Jem, and Dill learn about the ugllness of racism. Tom Robinson ( a black man) has been falsely accused of a violent rape. Gregory Peck plays a Lawyer named Atticus Finch. He has been branded as a ni.... lover for doing his job and he believes his in his client's innocence.
Scout, Jem, Dill (children), Atticus,(prominate lawyer)Tom Robinson(accused), Bob Ewell (Drunken accuser) Mayella Finch (accuser number two).
Pulitzer Prize, Best Seller and Brotherhood Award, Library and Presidential Award, Academy Award for best movie.
Novel. This is a coming of age novel. Southern drama. Takes place in Alabama where racism is prevalent Throughout the novel the children continually learn important lessons on stereotyping and racial
12 and above. According to Erikson, the developmental stages 12 and above (12-21)Identity vs. role confusion, Kohlberg 11-13+ conventional, post-conventional. Piaget, 11+, Formal Operational.
Racial elements toward Tom Robinson (a black man), Racial slurs by Rob Ewell, Challenges in the courtroom. Inappropriate language towards another race of human being.
There are elements of honesty, immorality, cruelty, compassion, confronting issues that are most often despised and ignored by the majority
Takes place during the Great Depression. Traditional beliefs such as racism (including language), our hero was Atticus as he attempted to stand up against the concept of racism even though it was a threat to himself and his family.
Each child passed through developmental milestones between the ages of 11-21. Formal operational to concrete operational.
Racism, rape, other forms of violence (Mayella was beaten), Tom Robinson was killed in the end, court procedures.
Yes. Though it was very sad I thought it was very emotional and taught very important lessons to kids, and adults on racism and its awful outcomes.
Atticus, Boo, and Scout.
4/6/2016 12:10:17hippopotamusSacherLouis SacherHoles
10th anniversary edition
New York, NYYearling
September 2008
The setting is a juvenile facility where the kids are required to spend their days digging large holes in the a dried out lake. They learn how to support one another to survive. They realized that the warden was having them search for a treasure. The boys ended up finding the treasure which was left by Stanley's great-great grandfather after having been robbed by Kiss Me Kate. The curse on Stanley's family was ended when Stanley carried Zero up the mountain.
Stanley Yelnats (sent to Camp Greenlake), overweight and self-conscious.
Zero (small guy, can't read and stole sneakers.
The Warden (paints her nails with rattlesnake venom)
Mr. Sir (oversees the camp and workers)
National Book Award.
Boston- Gobe-Horn Book Award.
ALA, Best Book for Young Adults.
ALA Notable Book.
ALA Quick Picp.
Christopher Award for Juvenile Fictin.
Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book.
School library Journal, Best Book of the Year.
New York Time, Notable Children's Book of the Year.
A Horn Book Fanfare.
Gender, all boys except for Warden. boys from different backgrounds and culters.
Dishonesty, greed, and cruelty of the Warden. Stanley reaches out to Zero to do the right thing and help him.
The story told us of a historical event which precipitated the wardens desire t have the boys dig the holes and search.
Stanley and Zero.
The boys were sent to juvenile detention camp. Stanley had to accept he wasn't guilty but still was accused and had to pay consequences.
I like the story. There are many instances and opportunities for these boys to grow and learn acceptance and tolerance of one-another and express empathytowards the others.
Stanley. He helped Zero to come out of his shell.
1/21/2016 19:29:37JayPooleGary PooleWoolly has Two Dozen SistersNew YorkModern Publishing1990PrintIllustrated by Kathleen Smith-Fitzpatrick0-87449-665-9Woolly the lamb is the only boy with many sisters and sets off to find some boys to play with. he meets a crowd and loves to play with them to soon find out that they are his sisters in disguise so he doesn't leave them. now they don't only play "girls" games together but they play "boy" games too!Lamb that is the only boy of many sisters. board bookbecause it is simple i think that younger ages such as 3 to 4genderNotraditional beliefs that only boys play "boy games" and girls play "girls games"nonoi do like this story because it is an example of becoming inclusive. shows children that they can all play together no matter what their gender is.
3/3/2016 17:55:32jayKeatsEzar Jack KeatsGogglesNew York
Macmillan Publishing Company
Ezra jack Keats illustrated this book and I love it because it is about a little black boy which seems to be a common theme in his books. the illustrations go very well with the text to make understanding the story simple
Some friends found a pair of goggles and the "big boys" wanted them. Peter and Archie tricked the big guys and got away with the goggles.
Peter and Archie are friends and they have a dog and a secret hiding place. both characters are black.
Caldecott honor book
short story
5-7 because it is simple to follow along with as beginning readers
Just color, all of the characters in this story are boys as well. I found that interesting.
Not my absolute favorite story but I like it. I like that it is all black boys. Illustrated stories seem to be all white or white with a few blacks but not often do you see all blacks.
Peter was the hero because he yelled through the pipe to trick the bad guys
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