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What, if anything, are your concerns about the current public or charter school options available to your child?How would you know if a schooling option meets with your needs? What might that school look like? (please describe it as best as you can)Are you aware of whether or not a schooling option like you've described above exists in the Bed-Stuy area?Having attended at least one meeting, what are you hoping the group might accomplish that would be of use to you? Are any of the options discussed so far (starting a new school, starting a new magnet program, starting a new dual language program, starting a new gifted and talented program, building a relationship with an existing school and enhancing its existing programs) appealing to you, and if so, why?
I hope to combine forces with other parents to make one Bed-Stuy school an amazing place with a progressive philosophy.That the schools are not good enough, challenging enough, or enlightened enough.A progressive school that focuses on solving problems creatively, giving children respect and standing in the school community, devoting a lot of effort to professional development and great teaching, de-emphasis of test scores, emphasis on supporting curiosity, a joyful learning environment, and enrichment classes and afterschool offerings that include the visual and performing arts, foreign language instruction, and movement/physical education.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.More and more I believe that the right course is to focus on improving an existing school (possibly by starting a magnet program).
Improvement in district 16 schools, including a G&T program, ideally more progressive educational approaches, both for my children's benefit and for other children in the district. (My kids are actually currently in a public school outside of our district that they got into by lottery, but I feel very deeply that it is not acceptable that the education they are getting there is not accessible around the corner at their neighborhood school, and I am worried that the school they attend--which has historically been diverse--is becoming more and more white.)From my tour of our zoned school last year, it seems as though the principal and teachers are working very hard and care a lot, and the kids were (of course) great. But it was very worksheet and discipline focused and, both as an educator and as a parent, I do not think that approach is best. Moreover, I think it is offensive that majority-white schools get progressive, experience-and-project-based education, while kids of color get worksheets. On a more idiosyncratic note, one of my children has special needs, and I was very concerned about the services avIlable to him at our neighborhood school. <br />Progressive, experience-based, with lots of outdoor time and field trips. Good services for kids who need extra support. Focus not just on academics and test scores but on social and emotional development and social justice issues.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I have not yet attended a meeting, only followed via emails and the FB group. I am hoping to attend the next meeting.
I know the NYC school system is a huge system to navigate and I was excited that we wouldn't have to do it alone.I don't know enough about the local options yet, but I do know I want to stay local if we can find a place where we are included and my child is socially happy and intellectually productive.It would feel clean, fresh and vibrant. Students would be well behaved and confident. Teachers and administrators would kind and dedicated to their work. Recent student work and collective projects would be on display. There would be a great connection to outdoor space: playgrounds and gardens. And the curriculum would be dual language (Spanish) and bridge all disciplines with a progressive education approach.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Building a relationship with an existing school to create a dual language school with a progressive approach to curriculum with a strong math, science and arts emphasis.
Community with parents of common interest <br /><br />Not safe <br /><br />Do not have high quality learningGreat enthusiastic teachers <br />Clean current facilities<br />Computer high tech equipment <br />Good programsYes - I do believe there is one.Starting a new school appeals to me not building on an existing old habits die hard
Honestly, I saw it as an opportunity to meet and connect with other local parents like me. Working f/t and having a nanny who brings our kids to Fort Greene means I have hardly met any local parents and I felt very disconnected. I am also a hyper-planner, and the thought of feeling like I had some control over the public school insanity was comforting. I saw it as a way to become a part of the local parent community.<br />Aside from the strict philosophies, my biggest concern is the lack of resources and enrichment opportunities available at our local schools. I want my kids to have fun afterschool programs, where they can explore art, sports and more, as well as having access to awesome cultural amenities within their school.<br /><br />I am also troubled by the inequality I see when comparing our schools with those in wealthier neighborhoods, where PTAs can raise millions of dollars.This is difficult to describe, being so new to learning about schools! I think the building would be bright, clean and cheerful. Teachers would be loving and caring, and build a love of learning and exploration. Teaching philosophy would encourage independent thinking and analysis, and leadership. Population would be diverse, economically and racially. There would be lots of opportunities for parents to get involved where they could. Food would be very healthy and also tasty. There would be plenty of non-Common Core academics, like lots of art, music classes and physical activity. I'd love there to be a strong science/tech offering, for coding, robotics, etc. I also feel really strongly about an amazing after school program. We both work and that's not going to change. I want my kids to be psyched about what they're doing between 3 and 6pm.<br /><br />I think the first clue that it would be right for us would be an administration that was welcoming and on the ball- they return my calls or emails, they have answers to my questions and they appear to be competent with day-to-day business.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.My top goal for my involvement in this group is to make a plan with other parents on selecting a local school and go there together. I do want to stay in the district if I can but I want to know I'm with others with the same goals.<br /><br />After attending some meetings, I honestly think I am against starting a new school or a charter school. The underfunding and underenrollment of our neighborhood schools makes me furious, especially when compared to public schools in other districts. I think to start a separate school would be elitist and make the community divide worse.
Better understanding of the school system. To be able to connect with other parents in the community.Not sureA rich and subtle experience that broadens the child's interest making them into life long learnings hungry for knowledge.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Haven't attended any meetings.
That the local schools are currently not somewhere I see myself sending my child, but I'm open to joining a movement to change that.The schools have low scores, the diversity is very narrow being only African American, vs a variety of ethnicities. The school programs are limited.Art class twice a week, music class at least twice a week, physical education twice a week, outdoor and indoor play space for recess play twice a day. The integration of traditional learning courses (math, English, reading etc) in a progressive model.Yes - I assume there is such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I'd love to see the group partner with a school to focus our efforts and resources to enriching its program. I'm not informed enough on the school system here (I'm foreign) to understand magnet etc.<br /><br />Definitely would like to see a gifted and talented option as well. <br /><br />
Improvement in the neighborhood schools.They are not adequateA school which has passing grades, offer art and music, is diverse and has a very strong pta.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.Dual language and gifted and talented are both interesting options but unsure if that solves for the full community issue.
I wanted to learn about the school system, options in my neighborhood, and be involved in improving schools for existing students as well as my child.That they're too focused on test scores, won't have an arts program, won't have creative teaching methods.The teachers would be genuinely interested and invested in their curriculum and their students progress, teachers would have a budget for the supplies they need, there would be art/dance/drama/sports programs, and curriculum would address social-emotional learning also.Yes - I assume there is such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I support partnering with an existing school to enhance the programs for existing students and families, and eventually for my child as well. It's very important to me to invest in the community as a whole and not separate ourselves, which enables an already segregated school system. I want my child to attend a racially, socio-economically, and culturally diverse school, not one created by and for gentrifiers.
I was recently invited to the group. I am still getting acclimated.I have not taken a deep dive yet into the current options available to my children in and around my neighborhood (Stuyvesant Heights). I do, however, have some knowledge of trends and opportunities available in the city: I went to primary and secondary school in NYC; I began my career as a teacher and; I have a close relative who was intimately involved in the NYC public school system, with a focus on special education, for decades. My concern? The pressure on parents, students, teachers and administrators around admissions and testing. The constant push seems to get in the way of inquiry, intuition and learning at the most fundamental level. My husband and I are so put off by this pressure that we've considered homeschooling. My preference, however, is that our kids participate in a progressive (experiential, inspiring, personalized, critical thinking, problem solving...) course of study with other children.-- Small classrooms and/or multiple instructors in the classroom, so that each child gets sufficient personalized attention. <br /><br />-- Project-based work, inspired by student interests within particular areas of study. <br /><br />-- Hands-on educational experiences.<br /><br />-- Sufficient learning resources: science lab; library; computer access for all students; garden/nature facility; art, music and athletic programs; off-campus educational trips; among other things. <br /><br />-- Assessment through observation, measuring students against their own progress, as opposed to standardized testing. <br /><br />-- Inspired, inspiring, well-trained and well-paid instructors and administrators.<br />Unsure.I have not attended a meeting because I was recently invited to the group. I would hope to learn what options currently exist in the way of progressive, affordable education in my area. And to learn what might be created with a group of like-minded parents if we find that we'd like to look beyond existing programs.
I would really like to send my child to a school in Bed Stuy. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to keep my child in our district and it would be best for our working family. I would like to see some of the schools increase their enrollment and receive funding for extra curricular activities and elective programs. For example, ps 262, this school is under-enrolled and has a bare bones program, without art or music. However, the school itself is in great shape, and the teachers seem to be really enthusiastic, it seems to be in dire need of parent involvement and I would like to be involved in whatever school my child ends up in. So, seems that the committee is a movement to improve our local schools and this is very exciting! Also, want to establish contact with other parents in the area.I think my primary concern (however, this is not rooted in an observed lack thereof) is student respect. I am not averse to discipline, but I want my child to be respected, and to have his curiosity encouraged. But, perhaps this is just a general concern about sending my kid to school. Specific concerns about schools, I would like to see art, science and music in the school curriculum and more diversity.A clean, safe environment where creative, structured play is encouraged for all pre-k classes. A relatively small student- teacher ratio, perhaps maximum 20 kids in a class. Diverse student body.Unsure.I am very interested in building a partnership with an existing school. I think the other ideas are great and wonderfully ambitious, but I doubt that any of them could possibly come to fruition before my son goes to school. Specifically, I think 262 would be a great school to team up with. The facility is in beautiful shape, the classrooms are lovely, the teachers seem great, though I didn't meet the principal. Seems there is a lot of potential there. I also think this is one of the best things this group can do, to help to reinvigorate the district and turn one of our local schools into a great school.
As a parent who takes an active role in my community and my child's life, it doesn't hurt to hear and see what others are thinking and feeling and trying to wok together to make things better.<br /><br />I hope to work with various schools in the district to strengthen them through various means like mental health programs, counseling for students in school, programs to support parent needs and initiatives to get them more involved.I am against charter schools for one, but my main concern is that in my district, the scores are low, which are attributed to various factors such as parent's education level, income, previous childhood, adulthood traumas, mental health, physical health, neglect; many things that impact parenting and children's community and home environments. <br /><br />I am satisfied with my child's school as it is one of the higher performing schools in the district and the Principal works very hard to keep it grounded, run like a family, implement new programs to uplift the community by uplifting the parents through parenting workshops, volunteer committees and other things. <br /><br />However, the district overall has many of the worst performing schools.It would be very hard to say as you don't know until your child is actively there. I was ecstatic with my daughter's school choice until she got there and I realized that while I love the Principal and her initiatives and the work of the PTA, I am not happy that my daughter is in a school with others who are not as prepared as she is. I am also not satisfied with the fact that our school cannot raise enough funds for certain programs because the parents don't have the income and resources to have that happen. On the other hand, my daughter is nurtured and cared for, has a wonderful teacher that sees her growth and great potential to do work beyond the curriculum.<br /><br />My ideal school would have dual language, G&T (if possible), science learning, social studies, music, a stronger art program. <br />Yes - I do believe there is one.After attending the meeting, I got the sense that many of the older parents and community members have lots of complaints, but little action has been taken. I also feel that the newer community members are coming in with the right attitude about how best to tackle things, but I am not sure that trying to have a school follow or conform to a more gentrified school is the answer either. I think that the old school community needs to be heard and respected as well as the newcomers who tend to come in and bring their own beliefs and ways of doing with them, as it tends to push out the older community members. I think the group can be beneficial for sure since everyone comes with their own resources and hopefully it can be pulled together.<br />I would like to see dual language learning at CS 21, along with at least 2-3 gifted and talented programs to start with. The district in general needs higher quality services inside the schools to improve outcomes. Each individual school is more than their scores and needs to be looked at individually to make decisions about the whole.
Would like to stay in neighborhood for schooling but have many issues with NYC PS systemTesting<br />Testing and Common Core and how they don't work together well<br />Student to teacher ratio<br />Appropriate homework at appropriate age levels<br />Play<br />Progressive style educationPrefer no homework until 1st or 2nd grade<br />Prefer progressive style education<br />Prefer option out of tests and that curriculum not based on testing<br />High teacher to student ratio<br />Prep for middle schoolNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.While I realize my child might be slightly older to benefit from the committee's actions- I hope that it provides options for others
I got desperate when I started to navigate the local options for PS and then somehow I ran into the group and thought there was light at the end of the tunnel.<br /><br />I just want my kids to go to a local school, with after school program, with enrichment activities, where they are safe, and where discipline is not very strict. My children thrive in a more collaborative, freedom environment.No after school programs, no enrichment activities, attendance, parents involvement, safetyA school where kids have some freedom, but are safe. A school with enrichment activities and after school program, diverse, with parents engagement, a cool open principal, professional staff.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.New dual language
The BSPC interested me as it seemed to be a group of involved parents who wanted better educational options in the neighborhood we inhabit. It also gave me hope that like-minded individuals could be the change we want to see in the current available options.Charter schools have never appealed to me from the very strict idealisms to the lack of recess. Just doesn’t seem like it would be a good option for my son. <br /><br />Public schools in Bedford-Stuyvesant are ALL failing. with their irrational stress over state testing and lack of extra-curricular activities, children aren't well rounded and have little exposure to other cultures and language. <br />I would love for DS 16 to have a school that has a robust STEM program with options for dual language immersion and a music program. A great gym and auditorium and a good after school enrichment program. The sports should include rugby, fencing and gymnastics.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I would like to see a lot of things occur. I would like to see a relationship be built that would enhance its existing programs and would be inclusive for all children in the neighborhood.<br /><br />I believe with voting and having a more political presence, we would be able to vote to have a gifted and talented program as well.<br />
I wanted to find other parent who also want to improve the local public school options. Every child deserves a solid education.Poor ratings and poor parental involvement.No idea. Plan to go on gut. It's important to me that kids have time to be kids and not have too much homework or unnecessary testing.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I haven't been to a meeting yet
Looking for a good school to send my kids within the districtMisguided and overly harsh discipline. Lack of investigation and curiosity within the classroom. A generally negative outlook and attitude expressed by administrators, staff, parents teachers and as a result students.Open and bright (natural light). Smiling teachers and kids. Art, music and movement within the curriculum. Lots of outdoor play and investigation. Lots of discussions where everyone is heard and encouraged to share. Mindfulness and respect should be an underlying theme practiced throughout. Teachers should be well trained in their subject and excited to teach and learn from the kids. Different learning styles and abilities should be embraced. Parents should feel welcome, respected and evolved in their kids schooling.Yes - I do believe there is one.Working together with an existing school to build enrollment and create our dream school.
My family and I recently moved to Bed-Stuy and have a child who will be entering school in just a couple of years. We really believe in the public education system and want to send our child(ren) to a local public school that will suit his needs.I feel more + more hopeful with each BSPC meeting and the energy I see from the parents involved, as well as the local administration. Until now, I only had heard negative things about the local public options. We are an academically-minded family (2 ivy league degrees) so we have high standards.Having reflected on this in the past few months, the important factors are a place where my child feels safe, nurtured, and supported. That may sound vague, but what I mean is that I want an environment where discipline is not the main issue; learning in fun ways, is. I also want him/them to make many friends and just generally be happy.Unsure.I like the idea of parents who all have the same goal uniting. Specifically, we would be interested in a Spanish dual language program and building a relationship with an existing school and enhancing its existing programs.
Just moved to Bed-Stuy and have a newborn. One of our main concerns when moving was schools, so would like to get involved now and hoping schools improve by time newborn is ready for Pre-K.Lack of good schools in District 23no sureNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Have not attended a meeting
Great neighborhood school with progressive and child centered education and a diverse family enrollment.It's very traditional and not diverse. Currently its not an environment I would send my child to.Bright, clean, friendly, supportive, creative, open, child centered. Organized. Diverse. Focused on the growth of individual child and community as whole.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.If we can all decide and join one movement and enroll together I think we will build the type of school and education we are looking for for kids. It seems like everyone in the committee have similar values, so if we join together I think change will be possible with commitment.
I don't know much about the NYC schools but haven't yet found a nearby school where I feel comfortable sending my daughter. I went to public school, but in a more rural area of the country. I would love my daughter to experience a good public school close to home, if possible.I don't know much, to be honest. But I can see the schools closest to my home are some of the worst in the city, which concerns me.This is a hard question. I'm going to just go with the ideal, pie-in-the-sky option, because why not. I'm looking for progressive education, ideally montessori inspired, but at least focusing on child-led learning where children are given the space to follow their passions and develop a life-long love of learning. For young children, I'm looking for more focus on play and time and space to move while learning. <br />I feel like I could write a book here, but those are the basics.Unsure.I have not attended a meeting, but I'm excited about this group. The schedule has just not worked that I can attend yet (childcare and such).<br /><br />All the options are appealing. I think I like best the idea of putting energy into an existing school because that feels like it benefits the community as a whole, bolstering the existing educational system rather than ignoring it in order to create something new.<br /><br />I know some people consider G&T programs divisive or unfair, but I think they're an important part of a balanced academic environment. I believe a teacher will naturally spend more time and attention on students who appear to struggle or need some additional support in the classroom. In that environment, gifted students can easily fade into the background, unchallenged, and lose interest in learning.
I have 2 children who graduated from NY public school, but spent their Pre-K - Middle school years in Los Angeles. We are now raising our almost 2 year old grandson, who has special needs, and are interested in learning more about the schools in our area.I am curious about the offerings for children with developmental delays and physical handicaps.I'm really not sure.Unsure.I have yet to attend a meeting.
i am interested in sending my kids to public schools and would like a local option where my children can have a good education and also find learning interesting and fun. I hope the group can get other not so traditional options into the area or work with existing programs that are interested in becoming more progressive programs.I am concerned that local options are too traditional, underfunded and children attending local public schools are not college ready by the end of the programs.I would know if my child is happy to go to school, meeting the educational bench marks on time or early, learns to be a curious and self motivated learner. We are interested in progressive education but would be happy with a hybrid of traditional/progressive.Unsure.I think adopting an existing program is a good option but am not sure if there are enough children in my children's age groups to create economic and cultural diversity. <br /><br /> I have been told that building a new program, starting dual language or a charter takes about 5-7 years.
My son will be attending Pre-K in a couple of years, so I am beginning to investigate our options. I hope to learn more about the school systems and hopefully gain support for local schools in our neighborhood.I am not sure yet, because I have just started doing the research.Too soon to tell.Unsure.I haven't had the opportunity to attend a meeting yet.
An opportunity to see my children attend a public school in the neighborhood led by invested parents, better education, safer schools, language and skill set by top teachers. Knowing that my children enjoy where they arrest and we as parents are invested and proud in our neighborhoods schoolsafety is key for me. Education is also hugely important. Diversity is also top.A diverse school with dual language options, music and art classes are tops. Teachers with masters degreesNo - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.we are in the right track. We have concerned and invested families and that's where it starts. I believe in us and I believe we will succeed in a school for everyone.
I reside in the Bed-Stuy area and have a child who will attend school. I'm looking for all possible options for my child.Poor academic scores, and no real diversity in the teaching or the makeup of the students.Diversity of students and teaching options. Along with good academic achievement and social environment.Unsure.Building a relationship with an existing program, although I'm not certain as to what that may look like.
Improve school quality locally.The local schools quality and safety.Has arts, music, drama, and science facilities. Clean spaces and orderly but not regimented. Parent involvement.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.Start a new school or magnet program or improve an existing school.
I was hopeful about a group interested in being involved in schools but after the first meeting I had concerns about the goals of the groupLow enrollment = less money, over-classification for sp Ed services, lack of diversity, low parent inviolvement, over saturation of charter schoolsStrong pta, receptive staff, diverse curriculum, relationships with outside orgs, morning and after school programs, knowledgable, experienced, staff with strong teacher ratings and documented achievement resultsYes - I do believe there is one.Actually many of the options discussed have concerned me especially the nonzoned school and the new charter school. The g&t program is not necessarily something in philosophically on board with either
I have a young son and would like to know his school options. I also watched the set up of Brownstone school from a distance before I had my son.Charter schools in Bed Stuy are focused on kids requiring a lot of structure and discipline. My family is well educated, upper middle class and we already feel our infant son will not need /fit in in this highly structured environment.Responsive administrators, caring teachers, involved parents, good test scores, a clear path of matriculation into quality schools (ie middle schools)No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.Taking over an existing school sounds promising. I believe district 16 is at a crossroads and we will find a receptive elementary school.
Wanting to know more about options for schoolingLow test scores, lack of diversity, possible lack of resources and good teachersStrong scores, during and after school programs, diverse environment, welcoming staffNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I think working with a current school is a good option but I am still concerned about the lack of school funding . With all the struggling schools why build a new one when we could support the schools we already have?
I want my child to be able to get a great education in our neighborhood in a school that is nurturing and allows him to explore his interest and strengths while encouraging him to take risks and stretch himself. I want him to be able to build friendships with kids who he can play in the neighborhood with and build community with. I want him to be challenged.Lack of rigor, lack of nurture, poor state of physical building space (old dirty buildings), unfriendly teachers, focus on high stakes testing disproportionate to the impact of those tests on his actual development, lack of engaging opportunities to expand his mind and interests and abilitiesOpportunities to try new and different activities,commitment to technology, arts, music, languages, science and social studies. Field trips. A library and emphasis on reading diverse textsUnsure.Building a relationship with a school that results in diverse programming and strong pta that supports loving smart and innovative teaching
Need for diverse and affordable education for my child that I can feel comfortable sending my child to within the community.Public schools seem under-enrolled, lacking in resources, not diverse, and historically not known to be good schools.Diverse, encouraging of and has good parent collaboration, has partnership with outside programs for science, music and artsUnsure.Find a school that the group can help/ contribute to bring in resources and students through dual language or gifted/talented programs
I hope to be able to impact the quality of the schools in the neighborhood. My children are probably too old to benefit from any effects the group may have, but having quality community schools here will have a lasting positive impact, strengthening the aspects of the neighborhood that we cherish.Most of the public schools have very limited budgets because they're under-enrolled and have little parent involvement. This means there are few opportunities for supplemental programs like music, art, science, technology, languages, sports, dance, etc... I want my kids to have the opportunity to do things beyond the basic academics in school.<br />My ideal school would have a thriving PTA, a community of committed teachers, administrators, and families with a unified vision for the school based on a progressive curriculum, social justice and diversity. Expectations about academics would be high, and kids would also have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through art, music, dance, and student-initiated projects. The principal would be a strong leader committed to progressive education, professional development for the teachers, and be willing to listen to parent voices. <br />No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I think we should partner with a school, fundraise and write grants for them to bring in more supplementary programs, potentially bring in a STEM magnet program and a french dual language program. <br />
Looking to help build a G&T city wide school in bed Stuy or a dual language school in bed stuy. I prefer not to send my children to school in other neighborhood.There are no options currently available that we are interested in.1. Parent involvement <br />2. Diversity mix both in student body & teachers <br />3. Language component <br />4. Enrichment activities available <br />5. Leadership goalsNo - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I have not attended a meeting yet but I hope this group can help develop more school options in bed stuy
The search for a real public school option for my child in my district.The public schools in the district do not have a good reputation and seem to be just terrible. The charter schools are just too rigid and seem to target children that have no structure at home.Warm, diverse and great programs involving art, music, technology, science etc.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Building a relationship with an existing school and enhancing and increasing existing programs.
Information about public schools in the neighborhood.How to find information and chooseAfter school options, caring teachers and administrators, school community open to our familyYes - I assume there is such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I am not sure.
I was interested in learning more about what options are available in our neighborhood, and to hear personal experiences from parents/children going to public schools in district 16.My concerns are first, the school ratings are generally far below city averages, and second, there is not much diversity in the schools, 95-100% homogenous. Also, there are currently no progressive school options.The school would be safe; have an overall high performance rating; be diverse; have small class sizes; offer art and music in addition to STEM; be progressive in it's thinking including thematic teaching, and child-centered, especially when it comes to discipline.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I am hoping we can find a school in the neighborhood with a progressive principal where we as a group can partner to provide additional resources, a strong voice in the PTA, and overall support.
The collective efforts of parents from the community to better school options for our children in the neighborhoodnot sure i haven t taken a very close looka happy diverse enviroment. Not only focused on academicsUnsure.I have yet to attend
I have a child who will be entering Pre-K next fall, so I was planning on doing this research anyway. I had heard negative things about the schools in District 16, but I can't keep my child in private school.low enrollment, lack of resources and enrichment programs, lack of after school, lack of progressive option, lack of diversity and school segregation, low test scoresI am looking for an integrated school with many enrichment opportunities during the day and after-school (i.e. music, theater, art, science, dual language, etc.) and a more progressive approach (project-based, student inquiry, social-emotional learning), or a progressive-traditional blend. I am also looking for a school that can serve IEP students very very very well in an integrated setting with both differentiated instruction and universal design principals . . . and with on-site services, like a room for PT. Finally, I am hoping for a school with an explicit commitment to anti-bias education and multicultural education.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I am most interested in partnering with an existing school and enhancing its existing programs, including a dual language program. I think one way to do this is by starting a magnet program.<br /><br />Starting a new school, a progressive school, sounds appealing as well but a gigantic task.
<br />Wantibg better education for my children and the children in my neighborhood and community <br />&<br />Love for bed stuyToo regimented, underfunding, neglected schools / underenrollment, quality of teachers, arts and music education / enrichment programing, experience in school /The answer to many of these questions is honestly I am unsure and uncertain what the answers are. And there is not a definitive answer. <br /><br />I have only visited 2 schools, BNS and brownstone school. <br />At the least I imagine I think it would be great to visit the school as many times as possible and interact with as much staff as possible and speaking with parents. Maybe something having as many interactions with people knocked at the school as possible.<br /><br />Attributes the school might have may include:<br />Group based education rather than teacher as transmitter of knowledge<br />Bend towards Montessori style<br />Experience based and student driven<br />Cooking, farming, music, arts, farming, yoga, other non traditional ciriculum, education and programing, educational experiences that have most in common with real world experiences rather than text books - i.e. Experiencing what it means to be a nurse, a mechanic, teacher, judge<br /><br />No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.For the question above - I don't know if there is a private option that meets my description<br />There seems to be a public option with some of those attributes<br />Just needed to clarify that<br /><br />Now for this question <br />I would prefer partnering with existing school and enhancing<br />Ok with new magnet / new dual language<br />Less ok with g&t program - I don't believe any more separation <br /><br />For the why, it is important to me that whatever our endeavor is, it is done within the context of existing community and doesn't appear like a whole bunch of white folk saying we need a good school.
We are expecting in April and own in Bed Stuy. I'd love to have a good school option for my daughter when it comes time for that.That the options are sub par.Having not investigated school I am not see I am equipped to answer this yet.Unsure.I've yet to attend a meeting.
I recently moved to Bed-Stuy and I would prefer my child grow up in a public school system with a diverse range of students. BUT i'm also looking for a school that can offer a progressive education that focuses on the joy of learning and not center so much on test scores. But I would also like my child to be educated at the same high level I was educated at, but have a joy for learning. I also feel arts, music and exercise are a very important component of education. So I would like to work with the Parent's Committee to find a school that either offers the above, or we can have influence to offer the above.I'm concerned that they do not offer the excellent education that other public schools in other districts offer. Which would be a combination of:<br />* above average test scores<br />* arts<br />* music<br />* gym<br />* robust library<br />* active PTA<br />* smaller classrooms for better interaction with teachers<br />* environment where kids want to learn<br />* environment where kids want to be in school / less threatening kidsAs stated above:<br /><br />* above average test scores<br />* arts<br />* music<br />* gym<br />* robust library<br />* active PTA<br />* smaller classrooms for better interaction with teachers<br />* environment where kids want to learn<br />* environment where kids want to be in school / less threatening kidsNo - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I am very interested (in order of excitement):<br />* Brooklyn New School Satellite <br />* Starting a new charter<br />* Adopting a school, if it can be as successful as PS11
I want my child to attend as good a school as possible.That they will be taught on the basis of tests, not real knowledge about what works in education.Sufficient space, language classes, a good library, high academic standards, an idea of progressive educationNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Have not attended
Would like more information about community based activities and meetings about schoolsDiversity. Quality of educationColorful, clean, happy children, happy parentsNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Never attended a meeting
I'd like to begin by getting a real understanding of what the state of public schools in our neighborhood actually is. Right now we hear that they are not good, but I've never been inside one. So that is step one, and we'll go from there!I'm concerned that my child won't have a comfortable place to build confidence and learn.Small classroom size, attentive and consistent teacher with progressive views of education, diversity in the classroom, extra-curricular sports and music, a strong art and technology program. Writing software and building with electronics at an early age.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Starting a new school is interesting, the idea of fixing existing schools feels more ethical, but it also feels like an overwhelming battle against existing infrastructure that is not the most efficient use of time/resources.<br />
My husband and young daughter (5 months) moved to the neighborhood this past year and we want to do all we can to give our daughter a good local education. We believe in public schools (family members are teachers) but want to make sure that she is safe and challenged when the time comes for her to attend school.I have heard that charter schools are heavy on discipline and light on enabling children to think for themselves. I am not interested in having my child learn by rote. My husband and I are artists and we are looking for our daughter to have a more comprehensive education than what I believe is currently being offered. That being said, I have also heard horror stories about Montessori schools (my sister enrolled and promptly dis-enrolled her son because there wasn't enough structure and frankly, he was bored to death) so I am looking for a balanced approach for her education.I plan on being very pro active with my child's education. <br /><br />My ideal school for Olivia would be a place that encourages creativity, uses kinesthetic learning, encompasses art, history, music, and philosophy into the everyday classes while still teaching the core curriculum. The school would use project based learning to introduce new topics. Critical thinking would be the most important thing. Kids would not be in chairs all day (the worst thing for them) but could work at standing work stations, on yoga balls, etc. Physical activity would be an important part of every day.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I believe that a great way to start would be to "adopt a school" already in existence. That way, the community benefits as well as our children. I have heard that currently these schools are under enrolled, so this may be a good solution, and the sudden influx of new kids, there will be more funding, and we could establish the school as more progressive. I am not sure, however, how difficult it will be to work with the teachers who are entrenched.<br /><br />However, I would also be very interested in starting a new school if that is remotely possible.
I hope to see this group join collectively for the interest of all children within the Bed Stuy community. Set measurable goals with related actions to make a difference in a group school choice in Bed-Stuy. I would like to see a leadership council formed that will streamline the voices of all the parents so things can actually be accomplished. I personally would like to send my children to a neighborhood school and not have to pay upwards of $40k a year a primary school education PreK to 5th grade.My concerns for the current district 16 public & charter schools are: <br /><br />1. lack of resources programs come and go one year a child has art next year they don't due to resources<br />2. the leadership team without the right leadership in the school the possibilities of greatness are limited <br />3. too much discipline and form of discipline <br />4. the lack of diversity in the curriculum not much room for progressive or new educational approaches<br />5. racial diversity of study body and staff <br />6. After school enrichment as well as curriculum enrichmentA school I would send my children to would look like:<br /><br />1. Language immersion school if not the very least an enrichment program - in French, Spanish or Mandarin <br />2.Project based learning at least 50-60% of the time<br />3.a focus on the individual child<br />4. no homework until 2nd grade instead focus on after school enrichment & literacy at home<br />5.Strong Math & Science curriculum using progressive approaches to learning those subjects<br />6.Technology program teaching coding and engineering concepts<br />7.Strong arts program interwoven throughout the curriculum <br />8. A loving and nurturing school and progressive approach to discipline where children are able to feel safe and their voices are heard<br />9. Organized sports to build on teamwork & community member life skills<br />10.learning curriculum in context allowing children to make real life connections to what is being learned in schoolNo - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I would like to see this group do one of the following in order:<br /><br />1. Enhance an existing school with a dual language & STEAM focus programs using progressive & project based learning approaches.<br />(i know the challenge here is current leadership at existing schools willingness to work with parents as well as space if the school already is sharing a building with a charter school ...not to mention funding)<br /><br />2. If it is not possible to achieve the school of choice with enhancing an existing public school then I would like to see the group start a school but starting a school as the last option.
I am interested in sending our child to a public school in the neighborhood as I believe in public school education and in having our child go to a school close by, so that her friends live close by and she can at some point be independent and walk to school herself. So, rather than trying to send her somewhere else to school I would like to help to improve the schools here. I am looking for a playful fun approach to school and am interested in exposing her to the arts, music, gardening etc.I do not believe in the very strict and test driven approach of the Charter Schools in the area. I am worried that there is not a great variety of stimulating after school programs available.Learning should be fun.<br />Independent thinking should be facilitated. <br />The approach to learning should be as varied as possible.<br />School should include a lot of outdoor activity, especially in the early years.<br />A second language should be included in the curriculum as early as possible.<br />Teacher should not be feared, but adored. <br />No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular."Adopting" a school and enhancing its programs sounds like a good approach to me. I think it makes more sense to improve what is there instead of creating a new school while there are under enrolled schools in the neighborhood.
We want to give our son the best chance with his education while also investing in the neighborhood. This is best done through community and the BPC seems the best way to go about that.I don't know enough about these schools yet to say what my concerns about the schools themselves might be. As for what I would like in a school, my main concerns are a quality education, safety and community. The best case scenario would be a place that has all three of these things, plus a commitment to instilling values like kindness and integrity.The first thing I would look for/at are the staff. I think it's particularly important that the staff have an open door policy with their superiors and that teachers are incredibly valued. As for what's being taught or how, this is where I defer to those that have worked in the education field. I do know that it doesn't merely come down to shiny new textbooks. <br /><br />I suppose I would want to know that the teachers are being given regular opportunities to learn more about their craft and how to instill things like compassion and emotional intelligence, alongside curriculum. <br /><br />I also think the arts are incredibly important. I understand that money is often an issue here but if the principal is amenable to these programs, then that's a good start.Unsure.The best option, I think, is to partner with a school. Since having my son and seeing how incredibly vulnerable he is, I feel compelled to help other kids that are just as vulnerable but maybe don't have the same safety nets and/or advantages. <br /><br />I would love to see a school here in Bedstuy where kids of all backgrounds can thrive, even before my son is school aged. I want him to have a diverse school experience. <br /><br />Also, having bought a house here, this neighborhood has already blessed us tremendously. I want to pay that forward and I would love to see the kids that were already here, benefiting from the love and attention of this new wave of parents.
Better public school options in our districtI'm concerned about not giving him the best option when I can through and independent school.Strong admin and staff, resources for different learning styles and abilities, social awareness, sports/arts/science programs, parent engagement, integrated curriculumNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Either a new G&T program or an existing school. A new school would present too many unknowns, and require a lot more time.
All children deserve access to rigorous, fair and an opportunity-filled education. I wish yo send my child to a neighborhood public school and hope to influence the quality.Lack of diversity, extracurricular activities and attendance scores.Attendance rate, parent:student ratio, class size, school survey resultsNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I would love a dual language program to open!! And support the effort to make Bed Stuy an unequivocal equal to its adjacent districts.
We'd love our son to go to school in Bedstuy and we want to be part of the neighborhood - if possible a positive contributor to the education of all our kids.Without having done much research, it doesn't seem there are schools that team either in a style we'd be comfortable with or at a quality/level of academic rigor we would feel confident in. We want to feel like whatever school he goes to it will prepare him to be as driven academically has his personality ends up leading him to be and have a place to either geek out or simply get a really good education experience.It's really hard to say without time and test scores and reputation. Since none of those seem available to us, I guess I'm going off the idea that as I meet other smart, caring parents that are willing to take a risk on an underperforming school, that we'll all be able to help educate and raise our kids well together. We have a few years till our son is ready for school, so my hope is that we'll see really committed teachers and administration who are both creating and responding to new ideas with as much passion as we bring to our chosen careers and that we can have open and honest assessments of progress, strengths and weaknesses in any given school.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.My first choice would be working with a local school just because I'd like my child to integrate into the community we've moved into, rather than creating what could be seen as a division. Also, that option seems more feasible given the time commitment entailed in launching a new school, for instance. I don't know much about magnet programs or gifted and talented programs so it's hard to say at this stage. Perhaps those options would be more attractive if I had both a clearer vision for what that would require and knew there were people with the expertise in the community who would be willing to lead that effort.
I am hoping for better educational choices for my girls.Class sizes are too large. There are too many behavior concerns within classrooms which will take focus away from my child and possibly cause them to act out for attention. The achievement level at area schools is not high enough to consider placement for my childWhile I think standardized test scores might speak to some achievement level I'd much rather visit a school and see first hand the curriculum in action, the overall structure and expectations and the behavior management.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Yes. My husband and I intend to move out of area before our girls turn 4 unless we can find a good enough educational placement. Any of these options sound promising but it takes time to start a school or change an existing one, so I don't have much hope that it will happen in our time.
I hope to learn about schools available in our area - what is currently successful and what is not. I want to make sure that schools in this district have all the resources that are found in other districts.I would like to learn more about what options are available in district 16 as a first step. My concern about typical public schools is that they do not include enough outdoor time and exposure to nature. They also do not respond well to the individual needs of students. I am also concerned about the lack of an ethical structure in many public school settings. I believe an important part of school should be to teach collaboration, mutual respect and support. <br /><br />I am looking for a school where the social environment encourages mutual respect and support. This should be integrated into the school philosophy and curriculum. Students should be encouraged pursue individual interests and talents. The curriculum should be rigorous enough that students are always challenged. There should be a strong emphasis on nature, being outdoors and physical activity.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.
The possiblity of finding a community of parents who share similar goals.Segregation.Integration.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Building a relationship with an existing school, or set of schools....and bringing programs like G&T and dual-language.
I am concerned that the schools in the neighborhood won't be challenging enough for my daughter. I went to an open house and the principal, as lovely as she was, said that her mission was to get these kids to read and to come to school clean. It makes sense given her population- 30% of the kids were homeless. It was heartbreaking, and I would volunteer there. But my daughter is not homeless, and I want her to be challenged.They are not challenging enough.There is a very active PTA, lots of programs to offer a wide variety of classes, a school farm, yoga, and all types of languages and academics taught. A strong reading and math program as well of course.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.I like the idea of adopting a school, but I am concerned that the entire time would be a fight to get the resources needed. I am very interested in a gifted and talented program and dual language program.
The school tours they've facilitated.No progressive options.Loving environment, progressive curriculum, involved parents.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.Building a relationship with an existing school.
To be informed about the school options in Bed Stuy;<br />To learn about the involvement of the Education Sub Committee of Community Board 3 in helping improve school ratings in Bed Stuy.Not enough schools with high ratings.<br />Absence of schools with gifted and talented option.High rating - strong in math, English and sciences. Also offers a second language option such as Spanosh or Mandarin.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.Starting a new school.<br />Start a gifted and talented program.<br />Improve the ratings if current schools; hold principles accountable for school ratings.
I'm interested in bedstuy parents because these are my neighbors and I want to know them. I'm also interested in our public schools in bedstuy. At this point my child will go to a private school.The lack or proper test score. The perceived violenace. The non motivated teachers and parents who don't control their kids. Teachers can't see raise kids, parents can. That being said. My kids doesn't attend school so these are my perceptions.Great language programs. Parents who are involved with their kids education. I want a diverse school because our kids live in a diverse world.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.No
Parents taking action to try to correct the local school system. I don't want to be forced to send my child to a private school but that will happen if the schools in the area don't change.Level of danger and opportunity to learn based on an advanced level.Great teachers, involved parents, reasonable school administrators and cleanliness of the school.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Enhancing existing programs, new dual language, and new gifted and talented. I'd rather work to improve the current state of affairs since all of the children in the area could benefit.
Bringing good quality public schools to Brd-Stuy.Low quality.Personal investigation. Reviewing test scores, touring facilities, speaking with current parents.No - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.All of the above should be on the table.
Interested in improving the public schools in the neighborhood.I've heard that the public schools locally here have "chronic absenteeism." I've heard the charter schools are too strict and cater to children in a lower economic bracket.I'm interested in a progressive program that has a bi-lingual language component.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I haven't been able to attend a meeting because of my work schedule. I think the overall goal should be to provide a viable option for a public school in the neighborhood. It could have a bi-lingual component or another specialty focus STEAM or international baccalaureate.
I'm hoping to discuss public school integration. I'm not interested in test scores, but rather the community a school creates. I'm hoping to find like-minded people who are committed to sending their children to the local public schools.It's very important to me that my daughter go to school with kids of all colors, backgrounds, religions that are reflective of this great city. I wonder how schools encourage integration & build community so that students develop integrated social groups. I fear charters are siphoning off families committed to educational justice for our kids. I want these dedicated parents & their kids to help make public schools worthy of their potential possible for ALL. Quality education should never be left up to a lottery.When I find a school that cultivates diversity, loves each kid for his/her/their own unique gifts, mind, and culture, AND finds a way to help them realize these social qualities in one another, then I will be a happy momma. By cultivating diversity I mean a school with an administration dedicated to attracting & enrolling kids from many different racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.Unsure.Perhaps a magnet school within an existing school. This may reinvigorate a school that is doing all it can to serve the needs of their kids. Truly, I think the white privileged parents among us need to think about how we are using our privilege to allow schools to be agents of social change. Our schools are shamefully segregated & will keep be segregated until we send our kids to them.
I would like to be comfortable with sending my children to a neighborhood school where their experience and academic exposure is the same or better than that of schools in District 13 or 15.The charter schools in D16 all have the same back to basics, militant style of teaching and learning and does not fit for all. When I looked at the zoned schools back in 2012 I was disappointed lack choice available in our district.A school with an active and engaging PTO. Art, music, STEM, and physical activities as core parts of the curriculum. While testing is important, it is not the pure focus. A place where the teachers and leadership teams are engaged and invested in the development in the progress of the school (they would feel comfortable sending their children there). As well as a fun and loving environment where my children would be comfortable being themselves.No - I have looked and there is not such a place in this neighborhood.I would love to see the group find ways to improve more than school in the area with all of the magnet programs listed above so that our neighborhood can draw families in instead of the transient community that the current new and developing housing stock that is being created. If this group can improve 2 to 3 area schools it would prevent over crowding at a favorite school and I feel would have ripple effect to the areas around the school, ie more crossing guards, neighbors are more vigilant about the children walking to school, the sense and pride of the community will grow and build in the young generation making this neighborhood more than just where they go to sleep at night, but a place were they can truly live.
Involvement in community, interest in local schoolsLack of enrichment -science /computer labs, language immersion, quality arts educationEnrichment listed above. To elaborate on the below question, there is a some of these options in neighborhood schools already, but not to degree that I would like for my children.Unsure.Working w existing schools sounds most appealing to me. No need to start from scratch, there is good here. Very interested in language immersion and enhancing programs.
A great public school option for our son.The school systems seem to be too rigorous and some do not seem safe.(I) art, music and sports programs; (ii) diverse both economically and racially in all levels (both teachers and students; (iii) active PTA etcNo - I assume there is not such a place in this neighborhood, but I have not fully investigated or heard anything in particular.Group will build a relationship with an existing school and enhance such school's existing programs
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