April 2012 Due Dates
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Due DateAgeHead count and sexCurrent Status/What's Coming UpBeta(s) at xdpxdt4-7 week Symptoms/Notes1When will/did you stop progesterone or estrogen meds? Were you weaned off or cold turkey?8-12 week Symptoms/Notes9-12 week U/S(s) at xwxd and reportFirst OB appt1st trimester screening (b/w or NT u/s) or diagnostic (CVS) test xwxd and report13-19 week Symptoms/Notes and Appts2nd trimester screening (b/w or u/s) or diagnostic (amnio) xwxd and report20-25 week Symptoms/Notes and Appts
BigDadiApr-2312 transferred/1 baby took19 week U/S - 11//4222 - 11dp5dt; Over 2000 17dp5dtweek 4 & 5 - extraordinarily hungry, bloated, and crampy; week 6 & 7 - bloated, queasy, tired, and crampyU/S - 7w1d: 1 baby measuring 6w6d with heartbeat of 141 bpmStopped at 10 weeks cold turkeyQueasy, tired, and a little acid refluxU/S - 9w5d: 1 baby measuring 9w4d with heartbeat of 175 bpm9/14 - all is wellNoneStarted feeling better and gained back energy around week 14; Some headaches, acid reflux, and constipation; Appt at 15w 5d = baby heartbeat 155 bpm; Doctor recommended taking DHA supplement (lipil) with prenatalU/S scheduled 11/4
Hoping41moreApr-6301 transferredWaiting for 2nd u/s on Sept 134.7- 6dp5dt, 101.7 8dp5dtweek 4- Nothing, Week 5- bigger bb's, fatigue, week 6- Increased fatigue, bloating, irritable when hungry, week 7- Head cold completely misrable, all preggo symptoms have taken a backseat.u/s- 6w5d- HB 130 BPM, baby measuring 6w6d. u/s 7w6d- HB 167 BPM, baby measuring 8w0d9/26- Our wedding Anniversary
Cinnymon1Apr-7342 transferredwaiting for u/s on 8/23569 (11 dpt5d), 1405 (13dpt5d)Very, very tiredU/S 7W3d - little bean measuring 7w4d and saw a flickering hb.Weaning off - will be done 9/25Spotting - went to ER and heard hb at 179bpmVery nauseated and weak. On Zofran for now.We've chosen not to do any screening tests at this point. Will do NT, but no invasive tests.
Amanda09Apr-8292 transferredHeard babies' heart beats and released to OB292-10dp5dt; 683 12dp5dt
Jennys87Apr-11281 pefect beanWaiting for 1st OB appt. 9/21117 7pd5dt, 350 9dp5dt, 1932 13pd5dtSlight nausea & mild cramping. Bad fatigue started around 7 weeks6w5d - HB107, 8w2d - HB175Starting weaning off 9 weeks.Not much at all. 9/21/2011 - 11 weeks exaclty
CatedraticaApr-11394 transferred on day 3. 1 girl on the way. December 9: next OB appt. waiting to hear results of fragile X blood test103 at 11dp3dt; 241 at 13dp3dtBigger and sore bbs starting at week 4; overwhelming fatigue starting at week 58/19: 6w2d HB 116 8/30: 2nd u/s and measuring on target Will stop PIO and Estradiol at 12wks 1day, cold turkey.8-10 weeks: Nothing so far except for a growing belly but still able to fit into my clothes. All cravings (pickles, gummy bears) seem to have stopped. 11weeks: Overnight belly explosion--showing unless I go very baggy. Sugar cravings back with a vengeance but trying to sublimate them with fruit and willpower (but, oh, those Haribo twin cherries are oh so good!)9/9: 9w2d HB 180 9/26: 11w5d HB 155September 16: Started integrated screening bloodwork and scheduled NT ultrasound for 9/30Screened positive for DS (1 in 56 chance) during integrated screening. CVS on October 4th (12w6d). Final report shows no trisomies and XX.Week 13: Less tired--can now stay up to watch prime time TV and everything. Week 14: Bought and wore maternity jeans--where have these been all my life? Week 15: Hungry all the time. Just call me the bottomless pit. Results for integrated came back negative despite scare due to early low PAPP-A resultsNovember 16: OB appt. @ 19 weeks. All looks good. Heard hb and measuring exactly right

Stating @ 18.5 weeks belly enters room before I do. I'm all about the maternity clothes now. Can feel baby move once in a while. Feels like a fish is swimming around my belly
EPC3Apr-11272!waiting for 1st OB appointment and second ultrasound!Beta at 12dp3dt 553; 16dp3dt 2006Nausea, not interested in food at all, sore bb's, very tired, and also sliightly convinced I already have a belly... crazy?!TWINS. Healthy babies measuring 8.1 mm amd same heartbeats at 133!stopped taking crinone only a week after BFP. my body was making enough progesterone on its own..extreme fatigue, nausea, stretching in the tummy area, already showing!
flimsybolinApr-13292! It's Twins!Saw two heartbeats at 6w3 days, next U/S at 8 wks on 9/6181 10dp5dt
984 14dp5dt
3,654 18dp5dt
11,999 22dp5dt
week 6: sore bbs, cramping and feeling very full/fat, exhausted but not sleeping very well, headaches from time to time and very hightened sense of smellU/S - 6w4d - two heartbeats and babies measuring good!Stopped POI at 6 weeks. Still doing estrogen x2 per day and oral progesterone x3 day until 12 weeks. Baby Aspirin throughout pregnancy. .25 mg Dexamethasone until 20 weeks.U/S - 9w3d w/ Obgyn 9/9/119/9/2011
jflowerApr-13381 transferred, 1 baby BOY on the way20w u/s Nov. 28138 at 9dp5dt, no repeat betaw5 - bloated stomach and pee often, w6 - still bloated, tired, hungry a lot, head rushes when I stand, overall very mild, w7 - mild nausea when hungry, mild restless legs at night

OTHER NOTES: I don't eat meat, and I learned I need to increase my protein to get to 71g.
8/24 6w5d, measuring on track, normal yolk sac and embryo and strong heartbeat; 9/8 8w6d, measuring on track, hb 152On endometrin 2x day plus baby aspirin. Will stop endometrin at 10 wks cold turkey. Not on estrogen.8w - pants don't fit, pee about 2x at night, lose breath easily; 9w - feel like balloon is inflating in uterus, queasy for the first time; 11w - mild cramping, 12w - can't wear regular shirts anymore!9-20 10w4d, measuring exactly on track, HB 165, retroverted uterus; 11w3d, measuring 3 days ahead, HB 157, normal uterus9/8 8w6d did u/s and bloodworkCVS 9-20 at 10w4d, bad sample so need to repeat; CVS 9-26 11w3d - normal results!13w - wore maternity jeans for the first time! More tired now than ever before.; 14w heart beat check 2 weeks post CVS (148), 15w weepy and tired; 15-17 still tired; 17 lower back pain and cramps a few times a day10/31 16w b/w screening test for neural tube defects - all clear11/28 20w u/s
DayceeApr-14425 transferred, 1 baby girl on the waywaiting for 2nd u/s on 9/2. 243 13dp3dt; 3390 20dp3dtw5-6: bloated, peeing, exhausted, sore bbs, light headed, nauseated off and on, slight cramps, slight backache, headache.8/23 6w3d saw heartbeatOn 3 vivelle patches every other day until 8/25, then switched to 2 patches until 8/27 when I switched to one, then on 8/29 went off completely (7 weeks). 9w5d went off progesterone.8w nauseated, bloated, EXHAUSTED and emotional basket case. Increased nausea through week 11. Headaches week 9,10 and 11. 9/8 at 8w5dNT scan came back good. No need for cvs. 75% chance it's a girl.
Headaches through week 16, then slowed down. Nausea better. Round ligament pain. 2nd trimester screening - everything looks good!
GoodnewsbearApr-1440Next u/s 11/1473 (12dpt3dt)
1025 (14dpt3dt)
Slight nausea, tired, sore hornsU/s 5w6d hb 103
U/s7w hb 130
U/s 8 w hb 160
Going off prog. Supp and baby aspirin at 10 weeks. Went off est patches at 7w. All cold turkey.8w getting bad cellulite all over..U/S 10w4d saw
9/20 @ 10w4dCVS- 9/28 at 11w 4d. Normal.
jruner4/14/2012 (but the babies will for sure arrive sooner than that)502 transferred, 3 babies on board!!! 2 boys (identicals) and a girl. :- )Fifth OB appointment scheduled for November 15th.Beta at 11dp6dfet: 641!Tired ALL the time and sick in the evening. I feel better if I eat a big breakfast in the morning with plenty of solid food...scrambled eggs seem to be particularly helpful. If I get too hungry at any time, I get feeling really bad soon after. Sore bbs that are giant-sized. Already have a visible bump...1st u/d at 6w2d: Twins, maybe triplets, two solid heartbeats. 2nd u/s at 7w6d: Triplets! 3 babies, all spot on in development with strong heartbeats.Will stop PIO and Estradiol at 10wks, cold turkey. Stopped both on September 17. No apparent bad effects.Super sick a lot of the time, and very tired. Lots of times, I went to bed right after work and stayed there until morning. Surprisingly big baby bump by week 11...ended up telling people at work because it was getting obvious.Everything looks great! Baby A is sitting down low with identical babies B & C above. All measure a little bigger than their actual date: U/S at 10w3d, babies measured at 11w0d. All three hbs are strong...in the low to high 170s. The identicals are in their own amniotic sacs but share a placenta. Not good.Great first visit with OB! He answered ALL of my long list of questions and then followed-up later with a personal phone call. I'm favorably impressed and feel like the four of us are in good hands!We've chosen not to do any screening tests at this point. Will do NT, but no invasive tests.So far everything is normal and on track (as of 11/1/11).Physiology scan at 16 1/2 weeks was normal for everything that could be seen.
GinnBeeApr-18352 transferredwaiting for 2nd US on 9/13875 - at 16dp3dt; 5370 - at 21dp3dtweek 4: just sore bbs, cramping and bloated, lots of peeing - week 5: sore bbs, bloated, fewer cramps, head rushes, lots of peeing, exhausted & Wolf Nose!! Weeks 6-7: Nausea all the time, and absolutely Beat!! And my bump is really evident - to me anyway!8/30 - TWINS!! Baby A hb 124, Baby B hb 133 - Both measured / looked perfect, according to RE. Baby B wiggled!Stopped Estrogen at Beta1, cold turkey. Just began weaning PIO from 1CC to 0.5CC after 1st OB Sono. Stopped PIO 9/20.Symptoms remain the same, but with increasing constipation & fatigue.At 10 weeks learned Baby A didn't make it. ;'-( Still have 1 healthy gummy bear. :-) Baby B was still dancing and posing!OB used a doppler to hear hb. Scheduled 1st Tri Screen with Perinatologist for 10/14. Next OB appt 11/8.Perinatologist appt 10/14. Decided to wait for amnio on 11/1.Week 13: Less nauseous At Last!! (Now to get rid of this cough.)Amnio scheduled for 11/1/11
BabydreamApr-18292 transfered, 1 baby on the wayWaiting for 2nd OB appt on 10/3 which will be at 11w5d208-9dp5dt, 490-11dp5dt, 1542-14dp5dtweek 4 - not much except for cramps few days after ET, week 5 - larger breasts, fatigue, waking up to pee every 3-4 hours at night, hungry all the time, irritation7w1d - ONE baby. Saw one solid heartbeatEstrogen patches on 7w1d - cold turkey. PIO shots 8w1d - cold turkey.Nausea in the afternoon, vomited once ~10w, no appetite for anything but feeling extremely hungry every 2 hours but can't eat a lot at one time, no cramping (worried why none?!!). EmotionalVaginal ultrasound at 8w5d but measured 8w3d... Little bean had arms and legs and waved at us! H/B was 16309-12 at 8w5d
Melis74Apr-21361 BabyWaiting for 2nd OB appt, NT Scan 10/10563.51 @ 12dp5dt, 2200 @ 15dp5dt and 7461 @ 19dp5dtCramping off and on, very heavy breasts and peeing several times in the middle of the nightUS#1 @ 6w5d hb 123 and measuring 6w6d, US#2 @ 7w4d hb 144 and measuring 7w5d, US#3 @ 8w2d @ OB, said measuring well and saw the heartbeatWill be cold turkey. Stopping Delestrogen @ 9w6d and stopping Progesterone @ 10w6d9/12/2011NT scan and 1st bw 10/10/11
GemimaPApr-24412 transferedWaiting for 1st U/S on 9/1215 at 16dpo, 3297 at 23dpoIncreased sensitivity to smell, and less appetite. Feel a bit nauseous when I get hungry. Also exhausted in the evenings. Otherwise just sore breasts and bloating from progesterone supplementsUS#1 at 6w2d - saw egg sac but no heartbeat yet. Egg sac measuring about 5w4d
US#2 at 7w2d - hb of 126 bpm! Gestional age 6w5d
Will be on progesterone until 10 weeks9/8/2011
SuretuApr-24272 Fraternal twins, waiting to find out genders until they are bornnext OB appt 11/22 MFM anatomy scan 12/1254 9dp5dt, 513 11dp5dtm/s all day long from about 4wks to 7wks. very small amount of m/s at 8wks9/16 2nd u/s heart beats both 175will stop prometrium sup. at 10wksvery hungry, m/s is only in the morning feeling great otherwise i cannot sit in the back of a car, driving or passenger seat for me11wks 1dy ~ MFM appt. heartbeats 151 and 154 both babies right on track, next MFM 12/19/28/2011i have a cold and my m/s is back, i am just trying to take it easy and i am enjoying buying both boy/girl outfits when i go out shopping... pretty much done with the online registryHypothyroidism - taking levothyroxideplanned c-section 4-10 at 38 weeks
berry12Apr-2635OneNext ob visit on 12/16Beta 1: 507 at 13dp3dt
Beta 2: 13,107 at 20dp3dt
Fatigue and nausea.6w6d: It's TWINS!
Baby A - hb 117
Baby B - hb 121
both measured perfect!
Stopped Estrogen on 8/27 as mine was skyhigh.
Will stop Progesterone at 10 weeks.
Nausea, fatigue, lower back pain, have to pee all the time, haven't slept through the night since I've been pregnant9/30 we lost one twin. other baby looks great, measuring a few days ahead and hb in the 170s.10/12/2011Feeling lots of round ligament pains, still not sleeping!First and second trimester screening results are GREAT! 18 week ultrasound was on 11/26 and we are having a GIRL!
kndbbydreamsApr-27411 - unknown sex2nd u/s 9/22212 11 dp3dt, 1738 15 dp3dtweek 4-sore bb and waking up several times to pee. Week 5 - add fatigue. Week 6 - increased fatigue, I seem to be able to do stuff for a few hours and then I need a few hour nap, not waking up as many times during the night and I'm either getting use to sore bb or this has subsided a bit. week 7-small bouts of nausea.6wks 5 days 1 lil bean hb 120Weaning off starting 9/19Not sleeping through the night since the beginning of fertility treatments. Constipation and lower back pain.10 weeks - last u/s w/RE. Growing 2 days ahead of schedule. Flipped on u/s for us. HB detected on home doppler around 150 bpm.10/10-still very active on the u/s and still a couple days ahead of schedule. Realized I have a baby with very long legs. hb around 160.10/21-13 weeks, NT scan and blood work came up far into the negative. We will not be risking CVS or amnio. They think it's a boy. Still very active on the u/s. The NT tech. mentioned that he has very long legs, basketball player?Still a little constipated and lower back pains. I'm starting to feel what I think is round ligament pains. Also, sharp pains in the side which I think is also round ligament pains too. I find myself getting tired a lot more easily. Starting to get headaches even when I wake up. Progesterone surge?
Minaapril 201239Transferred 2 5d, resulted in twins (monozygotic/ diamniotic)waiting for 2nd U/Sbeta1: 131 9dp5dt; beta2: 631 12dp5dt; beta3: 8041 19dp5dt
W4: nausea, trouble sleeping, uterus cramping; W5: add fatigue; W6: add food aversion, enhanced smell; W7: add sore bbs. 6w1d: identical twins! measuring 6w3d and 6w4d. Both strong HBsNot sureat 9 weeks