Community Service Ideas
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Officer ActivityDescriptionSupplies/Resources NeededURL Link (if applicable)Officer Testimonial
Kathy Canned food driveBring in different types of canned foods. Organize and donate to local homeless shelterCanned food and volunteersVery easy to organize and can make a huge impact on the community.
Kathy Book DriveCollect old books that are no longer used and donate to shelters, libraries, and schools. Could also ask these places if they need any volunteer readersbooks, volunteersEveryone has old books lying around that they don't need, so this will be a huge success
Kathy BlanketsCould work together to make blankets during a meeting and then donate them to hospitals or homeless sheltersvolunteers, yarn, needles, scissorsThis gives everyone a hands on activity and the end result is often very rewarding as you make a blanket and it goes to a good cause
ColinAccessory driveHold a tie/ dress shoes/ dress socks drive. Ties, shoes and socks. People willing to sort through itemsLots of kids need these dressy accessories and can't afford them. This is also business related.
ColinAdopt a familyAdopt a family during the holiday season and get them presents of off a list.Students willing to bring in money and shop for items.Is a fun and stress free way to help out someone for the holidays.
ColinBake saleBake and sell goods possibly during a sporting event. All proceeds go to a charity.Students/Parents who can bake and sell goods. A good place/ event to sell them at.
Kathy Car WashHold a car wash and donate funds to charityHoses, nozzles, volunteers, sponges, buckets, soap, towelsThis is done at my school and is usually a huge success. It just needs to be advertised right.
AlexisCampus clean upGo around your school campus or another area and pick up littered items.Bins, bags, gloves, trash pickers/grabbers, volunteersEasy to organize and helps keep our environment clean.
AlexisChapter/Club birthday Celebrate your chapters “birthday” by hosting a small “party“ where students bring in “presents“ such as canned goods, blankets, slightly used shoes & clothes, socks, and other essential items to donate to charities.Decorations, cake, music, and a donation box.
AlexisSocial Media for Nonprofit Find a nonprofit organization that doesn’t have a social media representation and volunteer to set one up and run the account to create awareness.Internet access, phone/computer/etc.Teens tend to have a skill for social media which can easily be used for nonprofit organizations needing a platform.
AlexisBlessing boxesSet up posts with boxes that can hold things such as canned goods and personal care items. People can take anything from it as needed, and others can donate as they wish. Wood, plexiglass, paint, knob, screws, tools, a sign, donations. benefit so many people once word gets out so that more people donate to the box.
SangminSoup KitchenGather a group of members to volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Get to work face-to-face with people in need, could be a regularly occurring event (depends on chapter).Volunteers <---MD soup kitchens/shelters <---Where we typically volunteerThe directors that I've personally spoken to are very flexible in terms of schedule and very appreciative of our help/concern. It's a great way to give back to the community, and has been a very popular event at Dulaney
SangminTrick-or-Treat for UNICEFMembers are given little orange boxes in which they go around their community (like trick-or-treating) and ask for loose change, which is later donated to UNICEF to help less fortunate children around the world.Volunteers, good work ethic :D successful, most people feel pressured to donate (in a good way) or are not very frugal when it comes to coins. The return really depends on chapter size and willingness to serve, must be done on a large scale and over a substantial period of time (perhaps a month).
SangminTree PlantingPlant trees (or anything else for that matter, could be flowers) with a local organization at a conservancy or another acceptable and permissible location Volunteers, local organization and/or shovels, seeds, a place to plant <--organization near Dulaney (Region 2)This was very successful and can be done as a joint-chapter event in order to improve connections/networking among members, and was a very gratifying, hands-on way to serve the community. You can also actually monitor your long-lasting impact.
SangminVolunteering at a Senior CenterVolunteer/help out at a local senior center, service could be done in many different ways depending on chapter size and dedication: i.e. writing cards, visiting the elderly, creating/performing in a show, or even organizing "senior prom"Volunteers, senior centerThis was somewhat successful a few years back at our school, it really depends on how close the center is and how willing members are to serve, but the many levels of involvement available make it viable universally.
AnnikaHousehold Items for the HomelessCollect household items for the homelessVolunteers, Items (toothbrush, reusable bottles, and others.)It is pretty easy if you make announcements one month prior for items.
Annika Beach CleaningVolunteers and teamwork.Very successful with good teamwork.
AnnikaNote of encouragement Write note to soldiers, single parent, senior, homeless, anyone.
AnnikaBlood Drivevolunteers for donation of blood.
AndreiBagged Lunches for nearby homeless shelter(s)Have chapters get their members involved by making 2+ bagged lunches each. Each bagged lunch will have 2 sandwiches (i.e. PB&J, Ham and Cheese, etc.), a bag of chips and fruit. Members can write a short, but meaningful note that will be attached with the bag. The chapter will provide bottles of water to go with the bagged lunches. After school, when all bags have been collected, the chapter advisor and board members (if allowed) can travel to a nearby homeless shelter to hand out the lunches.Member Involvement (includes bagged lunches with sandwiches, chips and fruit), Paper Bags, Bottled Water, Large Boxes, TransportationMy chapter has done this for the past few years as I can recall. Every year, we have managed successfully to generate approximately 200+ bagged lunches to be distributed to nearby homeless shelters.
AndreiToy Drive for the Holidays - The Giving TreeEach chapter can set up a Christmas Tree in the lobby of their school. On the side of these trees are boxes. Students and staff will be advised to donate any toys or gifts they would like to give away to families in need. At the end of the event, the board will work together to distribute the donations.Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Large Boxes, Member InvolvementThe National Honor Society organization at our school has managed this in our school in the past. Each year, we have been able to receive numerous donations, not only from students, but staff as well. In addition, NHS has gotten their members involved by requiring each of them to donate at least one item. This helps generate donations significantly.
AndreiBook Read to children before the holidaysChapters can contact nearby elementary schools and schedule a time to visit the school with a few members and read to the children 1-2 childrens' books. The members will visit during the school day.Partnering Elementary Schools, Volunteers, Children's books (usually supplied by school), Transportation to and from school, Approval from principalMy chapter had done this in the past. Typically, we had always been able to partner with 2-4 schools of the ones we had reached out to. It's a nice conclusion to school for the children before they leave for Winter Break.
AndreiBe a "Buddy" to a Senior for a DayChapters can contact nearby senior homes and partner with them for a day. They can schedule when to come in and pair each member with a senior. 2 members can be assigned to a senior citizen to ensure that no troubles are encountered. For the whole day, the volunteering members will assist the seniors and ensure that they have a fun day. Can be done during the school day or on the weekendVolunteers, Partnering Senior Homes, Date/Time, Transportation, Approval from principal (if during the school day)My chapter had not attempted to do this yet. From what I've seen and heard, senior homes aren't always the most enjoyable places to stay at. Senior citizens rarely are able to experience a fun, memorable day because of rules. If students were able to give them that opportunity, it has a high potential to bring more joy to their lives.
MehulSuicide Prevention 5KChapters can contact a sponsor as well as other people needed to fund and permit the race. All participants will pay a fee to join, and all proceeds will go towards the maryland youth crisis center Volunteers, sponsors, transportationEasy for participants as they just have to register and pay and they can run then
MehulVolunteer at GrassrootsConsult with the head of the Grassroots homeless shelter to have shifts to serve food to people staying therevolunteers, transportationWe are helping homeless people and it is costing us effectively nothing.
MehulFood DriveHave students donate non perishable food to the school, and we can package them and send them to kids across the state that need themvolunteers, food, boxesFood is easy to acquire, and we can all participate
MehulHomeless PackagesCreate packages with clothes, food, money, and sleeping bags to give to homeless people and get them back on their feetclothes, food, sleeping bags, volunteersWe are getting people back on their feet for a small price
TamasChange WarsSet up a competition between each of the homeroom classes on who can raise the most change for a charity. Have jars in every classroom where people can donate. There can be a prize to the class that donates the most. Jars, volunteers, postersWe did a similar sock drive in our school that was very competitive.
TamasChildren's book driveCollect children's books and give them to children's hospitals. You could also have people read to the children. Books, volunteers
TamasDrug-free campaignOrganize a drug-free campaign. Raise awareness about the dangers and harm of drugs and have a pledge people can sign to not use drugs. Posters, flyers, announcements, maybe a campaign videoBest Buddies does a pledge at our school to end the R work. Students sign a big poster in the cafeteria to pledge to end the R-word. The purpose is to just raise awareness and educate people.
TamasAdopt a roadAdopt a local road and host monthly clean ups where people can sign up to help clean the road. Posters, a road, volunteers, gloves, garbage bags, reflective vests for safety on the side of a roadCan be a regular project and can get a lot of people community service hours if they need them.
TiffanyPacking BackpacksMembers of the community donate school supplies. Supplies are sorted into each backpack and given to underprivileged students at the beginning of the school. Volunteers, Donated SuppliesWe did this at my church and we were able to give supplies to lots of kids without the money to purchase their own.
TiffanyVolunteering at the Food BankVolunteers learn how to sort the non perishable food donated to the shelter and help to package boxes. After a few hours, the boxes are then sent to shelters throughout the surrounding area. The food bank is always looking for volunteers. VolunteersI did this with the National Honors Society at North County and is a good option because it is available nearly all the time.
TiffanyCollecting Used Formal Dress WearPeople come to the drive and donate their old formal wear, dresses mainly, so that anyone can go to their prom wearing formal attire, even if they don't have the money to purchase it. Volunteers, donated itemsI read an article about a different community implementing this idea and it was very successful.
TiffanyOrphan Grain TrainCould hold a drive for donations, this organization takes any type of materials and distributes them to people in need. They are always looking for volunteers and it is a great way to get service hours while helping your community. Volunteers, Donated itemsMy mom has worked with this organization in the past and had the opportunity to help lots of people in need.
HannahDesigning socksDesign plain socks on the bottom of the foot with puffy paint and donate the socks to children’s hospitals. The puffy paint helps the socks grip the ground and have cute designs.Volunteers, plain socks, puffy paintI did this in my key club freshman year and giving kids socks with cute designs is something fun for them to look forward to and wear
HannahCollect Pet suppliesGo outside a local pet store and ask customers walking in to buy an extra item whether it’s food or pet toys to donate to a local animal shelterVolunteers, donated itemsI love animals and have volunteered with them a lot, and I know shelters are always in need of more supplies
HannahFriendship bracelets Make friendship bracelets with string and sell them for a small price around $2 where all money is donated to bullying prevention organizations Volunteers, string Bullying is a big problem and hurts many people, so selling “friendship” bracelets is a reminder that there are always good people around, and the money will be donated to a good cause
HannahHappy PaintingsHave a group of volunteers paint with bright colors and sell the paintings for a small price, to brighten up people’s mood and donate all the money to mental health organizationsVolunteers, paint suppliesBright colors are known to lift the moods of people, and when struggling with mental illness it’s good to have something bright and positive no matter how small it is, and all money made will be donated to help people with mental health issues
SymoneClean up community Have group of volunteers get together find a place and pick up trash and plant flower beds and rocks Volunteers, vest, graphlers, trash bags, flowerbeds, rocksIt will make the community more a home and pull it all together. Make it look better than before
SymoneHomeless DrivePack bags for homeless that contain day to day needs( deodorant, water, tooth brush?paste, wet wipes, parasiables ) draw string bags, materialsGive the homeless somethings that they would need to keep them through the day and help them out in alittle why we can