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Partner #DateName (Not real)VenueRaceAgeDick Size (Inches)HIV StatusCityOralAnalRimmingCondomsCondom Use or Not Pre-Arranged?Drugs / EtcNumber of Orgasms - MeNumber of Orgasms - HimRepeat?Quality ScoreComments
11/1/2013MatthewA4AAPI347NegCity 1BottomBottomNoYesNoPoppers11Unsure5Very hot guy -- but not into kissing. Disconnected sex. Disappointing.
21/2/2013TravisA4AAPI247NegCity 1BottomBottomNoNoYesPoppers12Yes8.5Two rounds of great sex. Very sexy. Not the best kisser in the world, but a great top. He made me dinner afterwards with his roommates. Cute.
31/3/2013SamBBRTWhite288NegCity 1BottomBottomNoNoYesNone11No8Fellow PrEP user. Very nice. Good chemistry. No real fireworks, but nice quick late night sex. We came at the same time.
41/5/2013TomA4AAPI286.5PosCity 1MutualTopNoNoYesNone11No8Very cute, though a bit dodgy. He seemed nervous at first. I don't know why exactly, but I liked him immediately. Not a great kisser, but very expressive. He was thrilled about my dick, and put lube on it and sat down without quesiton. I came in his ass - a first! Very hot.
51/7/2013NolbertoMHLatino325.5NegCity 1MutualBottom (Attempted)NoNoNoPoppers01No3Bad kisser. His face looked nothing like pictures. Nice guy, but terrible in bed. I couldn't even get hard. He tried to fuck me, failed. He jerked off and came. I didn't cum.
61/9/2013DavidA4AWhite228.5NegHome TownBottomBottomBottomNoYesPoppers01No6.5We had been chatting for ETERNITY and finally connected. David is a nice guy, but a bit distant during sex. Not a great kisser (as predicted!), but enthusiastic over all. Beautiful dick, but has a tough time keeping it hard. Which led me to resort to a little ass to mouth. Overall, solid for my Home Town. But that's not saying too much...
71/9/2013ThomasA4ABlack217.5NegHome TownMutualBottomNoNoYesPoppers1.50No8After my slightly disappointing encounter with David, I made a rash decision to meet up with Thomas. Nice guy. Sexy. Great kisser. Connected sex. He's an exciting and enthusiastic fucker, but I get the sense he's still learning the ropes as a top. I look forward to meeting him again!
81/24/2013KevinA4AWhite208NegHome TownTopTopTopNoYesNone11No8.5What a twink! We made out when he came in the door, and I picked him up and he straddled me. I carried him into the bedroom. I didn't think I would be up for fucking -- I worked for 10 hours that day. But he was fantastic. Great kisser. Great ass. I rimmed him forever while he went down on me. Played with his ass. And then I fucked him. He rode me, then I picked him up and put him on his back and fucked him. Then back to riding me. I came inside him and he shot soon thereafter. He had just come from another guy's place -- apparently two guys had already fucked him and came inside him. What a monster!
91/25/2013AdamA4AMiddle Eastern218NegHome TownBottomBottomNoYesNo - Arranged BarePoppers01No7Handsome but awkward 21 year old. Very good top, though -- fucks like a champ. Nice enough fellow, but made some awkward comments (namely, "I thought you were like 19" -- what?!?)
101/28/2013UnknownA4AMiddle Eastern277NegHome TownBottomNoNoN/aN/aNone00Yes1Worst encounter in years. Bordered on rape, as I kept having to tell him I wasn't into it while he kept laying on top of me before FINALLY asking him to leave. I only realized when he arrived that we had met before, many years ago. It was a disaster then, and it was a total disaster this time. Not cute. Horrible kisser. And he texted me hateful messages to change my weight to 235 on A4A / Grindr SIX HOURS later. What a loser.
111/28/2013JoeBBRTWhite317NegHome TownNoBottomNoNoYesPoppers11Yes6.5I've hooked up with Joe before. He's totally into breeding. Cubby, a bit chubby, kind of guy. Handsome. Good kisser (though his tongue gets lazy when he fucks). I guess it's solid sex. A solid B. But nothing to write home about. I don't know why, I just couldnt' get fully into it.
122/1/2013AndyBBRTBlack208NegHome TownBottomBottomBottomNoYesPoppers01No5Part of a threeway with #13. Cute guys, both of them. But Andy was super awkward, and I got the sense that maybe I was their first threeway. They had been together for a little over a year and lived together. Sounds like a perfect recipe for open-up-to-fix-things. I'll talk about Jose seperately. Andy was not a very good kisser, and just generally awkward. He lost his erection repeatedly, which made getting fucked difficult. They wanted to DP me, but Andy couldn't keep hard enough (and the position they wanted to try in - me on my back, laying back on Andy with Jose on top - awkward!). I couldn't get hard the entire time. Super cute boys. But not great sex.
132/1/2013JoseN/aLatino207.5NegHome TownBottomBottomNoNoYesPoppers01No6.5Part of a threeway with #12. I give Jose a significantly higher score because: 1) I was more attracted to him; 2) He was more attentive as a lover; and 3) He was a GREAT top and a really good kisser. I was totally into Jose, and we would have had great one-on-one sex. I wish we could have thrown Andy out! Jose only gets a 7 because I couldn't get into the whole situation without feeling guilty for leaving Andy out. Sigh. Jose's dick curved down, perfect for giving head, and he really knows how to fuck. One odd observation, however, was that I could barely feel anything when he fucked me. He was rock hard, and slamming into me, but I just didn't feel it. Weird? He had a nice thick cock, so I'm not really sure what that was about.
142/3/2013DrewGrindrWhite187NegHome TownVersBottomNoNoNoNone11No7Adorable 18 year old. A very fervent partner. Said he was "discreet." LOL. Bless his heart. In any case, it was a good afternoon romp in the hay before my champagne tasting party. Good kisser. Everything else was 18 years old.
4.12/7/2013TomA4AAPI286.5PosCity 1MutualBottomNoNoYesNone00Yes7I hooked up with Tom earlier this year. He was REALLY late to our hookup (I suspect he may have gotten high -- unclear why he took so long), and I was pretty drowsy. He wound up fucking me, and we fooled around a bit. I really wanted to fuck him, but I couldn't get hard enough. Sad. But overall, a fun time with a super cute guy.
152/8/2013JayBBRTWhite408PosCity 1MutualBottomBottomNoYesNone10No6Jay was a nice enough guy. But the chemistry just didn't click. He couldn't keep his erection up. He indicated he was an avid rimmer, and he was persistent, but not particularly aggressive or good at it. A valiant effort I guess? In any case, his dick was huge and beautifully thick but it didn't stay hard. Major bummer.
162/9/2013JacobBBRTMulti-Racial288.5PosCity 1MutualBottomNoNoYesNone23No10Jacob, oh Jacob. Hallowed be thy name. The best sex I've had in years -- and certainly the first sleep over in years. Probably since my ex. He is so cute, sexy, smart, and an AMAZING lover. Charming. Has a partner. Called an Uber Car to take me to his place around 1:30 AM. We fucked for hours. Woke up, fucked again. He came twice inside me at night, then again the next morning. He had a pet tarantula lol. First poz guy to ever cum inside me. I knew immediately he was the one to break that threshold.
172/12/2013UnknownBBRTWhite396.5NegHome TownBottomBottomNoNoYesNone11No6.5I wish I remembered his name, but I forgot to ask again. We'd been chatting on BBRT for months before he came over. Ruggedly handsome -- seemed older than 39. The sex was okay. He liked to talk dirty -- so much so that it was obnoxious. I was like, shut up!
182/17/2013ViktorMHWhite407NegHome TownMutualBotttomNoYes/NoNoNone11No7Viktor is a nice guy, fun to be with. His super thick cock doesn't get rock hard, which makes for a troubling recipe for anal sex. He tried with one condom, it snapped. A second, couldn't get in. I told him to take it off. He asked if I was sure, if I had any diseases. I said I didn't, tested regularly and recently. He asked if fucking bare made it easier. I said I thought it did. He tried, and tried, and tried, and tried. We would get going for maybe 30 seconds, but he just couldn't stay in. Too thick, too tight. Sigh. But I had fun nonetheless, and we jerked off together and had great orgasms. I'd do it again, I think, despite the bumps.
14.12/24/2013DrewGrindrWhite187NegHome TownVersBottomNoNoNoNone1.51Yes8Drew hit me up again three weeks after our last encounter. Although last time was a three-pump quickie, I enjoyed my time with him and thought another go could be fun. And how right I was! I enjoy playing with Drew. He clearly wants to get fucked, and I teased him. But I knew he wasn't ready -- and god knows I don't want to break in a virgin hole. So I spit on my hand, lubed his dick, and sat down to take a ride. I thought it'd be quick, but he really played the long game this time. We have really solid chemistry -- we fit. At one point he stopped and said, "You like this?" And naturally I said "Yea, it feels amazing." He was like, "This is one of the most enjoyable fucks I've ever had." Adorable. I shot a huge load over my head, and then he came in me. Yum.
203/1/2013JasonBBRTWhite306.5NegCity 2MutualBottomNoNoYesNone11No2This was one bad decision piled on another. He's actually somewhat cute in person, but talks far too much and is just a weird guy. Somehow I found that interesting. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't even want to talk about the horrible encounter that ensued after we went back to his place after we had drinks. From telling me he shouldn't fuck me because he had just been treated for gonorrhea, to his bizarre chatty kathy attitude during sex (he wanted me to say that I loved him -- agh!!!!!), it was a nightmare. Poor choice.
193/1/2013CalebGrindrWhite298.5UnknownCity 2MutualBottomBottomYesNoNone11No9Caleb was enigmatic to me. His pictures belied his incredible sexiness. No dick pic, but a gigantic 8.5 inch cock with a mean curve to the right. He's a great kisser. This was definitely a quickie -- he was on his way to a birthday party. But it was fantastic. He gave a great, ethusiastic rimjob, and was generally great in bed. We came at the same time -- which is always a good sign :) He used a Magnum condom, which I usually hate. but it just felt great inside me. Yum.
213/4/2013DonnyA4AWhite348PosCity 2BottomBottomNoNoYesPoppers11No7Donny mostly gets a seven for his incredible dick that just felt amazing inside me. He's a decent top -- mostly in the sense that he stays rock hard and knows how to plow. But he's silent. I hate that. And it was much more wham-bam-thank-you-mam than I like. Nice enough, I guess. But not particularly special or noteworthy.
224/4/2013TaylorA4AWhite307NegCity 3BottomBottomNoNoNoNone11No7Taylor was the kind of mechanical but solid sex that I'm maybe growing a bit tired of. You know, when they cum in eight minutes and you're out the door in 15. Nice chap, decent sex. Very sexy guy. But the connection just wasn't there. After a month of not having sex, though, it felt great!
234/5/2013ChrisA4AWhite246NegSmall Town 1MutualBottomNoNoYesPoppers11No7Chris isn't the cutest guy in the world, but he's a pervert at heart. We had been talking for years -- literally -- and never met. It was time. So on my way to Small Town 2 for a wedding, I stopped in his town for a romp. It was a decent time, but he's SO TINY. Like 120 lbs tiny. I wanted to fuck him, but he wasn't prepared. So he fucked me. He gave it the old college try, I guess, but he's just not convicing as a top. Great kisser though.
244/5/2013JamesJack'dBlack258.5UnknownSmall Town 2BottomBottomNoNoNoAlcohol22No9.5Oh what a night! I was visiting Small Town 2 for a friend's wedding, and I met James on Jack'd. He lived nearby. I came home wasted from the welcome reception, but he picked me up and took me back to his place. We fucked all night, and then again in the morning. Ugh. What a gorgeous, beautiful, charming man. Great in the sack, though his breathe was a little funky. I don't know what that was about (hence the 9.5 vs a 10). Super connected, intense sex in the morning. He fucked me without lube. I don't know how he got that monster dick in me without spit or anything -- but he did, and we just kept staring into each others eyes while he pounded me. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....
254/7/2013BrandonA4ALatino237NegCity 3MutualNoNoN/aN/aNone11Yes7This was the second time I met up with Brandon -- the first time was when I was visiting City 3 for the Christmas prior. He's a graduate student in the area. He's a pretty submissive bottom in many ways, which I find hot, but wierdly assertive in ways that turn me off (e.g. asking me to lick his nipples repeatedly when I really don't find that interesting or exciting). The last time was a bit more exciting, this time was a little flat. He's not the greatest kisser (big, wet mouth), but he's a fervent lover. This was quick pit stop on my way back to City 3 from Small Town 2. He texted me when I was about 20 minutes from passing his neighborhood on my way home. I thought, why not?
22.14/8/2013TaylorA4AWhite307NegCity 3BottomBottomNoNoNoNone11Yes7.5Allright - so I know I called the sex with Taylor "mechanical" in my last review. But he talked dirty to me online and wooed me into a repeat. It was a solidly decent time, again. He bent me over the couch and bred me. In and out in 10 minutes, tops. He's super cute, and fun to chat with (for the brief time we did speak). I get the sense that he wants more of a connection (very chatty)... yet the sex he initiates is pretty superficial. In any case, decent sex. Nothing to write home about.
264/9/2013ManuelGrindrLatino316NegCity 3MutualTopNoNoNoNone11Yes8I hadn't seen Manny in years! We had a bit of a hysterical pseudo-break-up before I met my ex. He's very sexy, and that hasn't changed. Very fun and funny, and charming. He finally got his green card, which is great. The sex was good -- he's a great kisser, and extremely fun in bed. He was supposed to top me, but I wanted to fuck him and he knew it. So he lubed my dick up and sat right down. the only problem was that he came in like three minutes. Apparently he enjoyed it! Oh well. It was still fun, and good to reconnect.
14.24/18/2013DrewGrindrWhite187NegHome TownVersBottomNoNoNoPoppers11Yes8Drew is kind of adorable. Third time we've hooked up this year (obviously). I'd say sex with Drew is solid and consistently good, and I feel like I'm watching him become more and more of a pervert. This time, he asked if I had poppers on hand before he came over. I gleefully said yes! We messed around and fucked. Sex with him doesn't change my life, but after the stressful day I had, it sure was nice.
274/27/2013DanA4AAPI376NegCity 5BottomBottomNoNoYesNone00No5Dan was a nice enough guy, but the chemistry was lacking. He was sort of erratic and not very good in bed. Small dick -- even smaller than it looked in photos. He was also a bit weird about talking during sex. I remember once he was on top of me, me face down, and he was like, "you better be clean, dirty slut." It just wasn't hot. I guess maybe somebody else saying it could have been. But it wasn't. Meh. Also, when I met up with Jason later that same day, I realized I had a small bump in my ass -- a small fissure, perhaps. Bad sex leaving marks is the worst.
284/27/2013JasonA4AWhite257NegCity 5BottomBottomNoYesNoNone11No9Jason's a lot of fun in bed. He's handsome, cheery, and just generally fun to romp around with between the sheets. I will say that the condom felt unpleasant -- I don't know why sometimes you can feel it, and sometimes you can't. But it just kind of felt like a garbage bag. But he was hot, and I was into it, so we made do. We both came hard at the same time. He's a big moaner -- love that :)
295/13/2013AbeA4AWhite256.5NegHome TownMutualBottomBottomYes/NoNoAlcohol11No9I met Abe for drinks and dinner at 7 PM. I had really no expectations. We had really only chatted once on A4A. He's nice enough, but I wasn't sure we had chemistry. When he invited me back to his place to smoke hookah (how retro!), I decided I couldn't refuse. I picked up a bottle of wine at mine, and we drove over to his place. We chit chatted for a long time, while smoking, and eventually I made a move. Boy was a I glad to have stuck it out! Abe is a champ of a top -- extremely into pleasing his bottoms, and extremely good at doing so. He's a great kisser, a good lover, and just generally a good lay. He fucks hard, but can also fuck slow and deep. He fucked me with a condom that felt a bit unpleasant, but I stuck it out. Ironically, I guess, he later fucked me without a condom. Such a strange game -- I leave it up to them. Abe doesn't get a 10 for a few minor reasons. He has a really hard time cumming, and it's a bit of a struggle. Also, I wasn't sure I was into it at the start, so it took me a while to get with the flow. Next time, I think I'd be more eager for his dick -- and that might change the overall rating!
305/27/2013EvanGrindrWhite207NegHome TownN/aN/aN/aN/aN/aAlcohol01No8Playing with Evan was a nice surprise. We've become friends over the past few months, and we're both bottoms so we had no expectation of more. Or at least I didn't. He came over one night and we made cocktails and watched "Arrested Development." Suddenly it was 2:30 AM. He said he wanted to cuddle and got in bed. I went with the flow. We cuddled, passed out, and then in the AM he was rubbing on me and said he was horny. So we jerked each other off. We didn't kiss. It was curiously intimate and at the same time very instrumental -- like a friend helping a friend out, or something. I haven't had an interaction like this in a very long time. I didn't get off, but he did. Massively thick cock, which was a pleasant surprise. It was fun. I almost don't know whether to even report it here, though, because it wasn't really sex. But for posterity's sake, here it is.
29.16/19/2013AbeA4AWhite256.5NegHome TownMutualBottomBottomNoNoNone11Yes9Abe delivers again. This time he came over and we got right down to business. I appreciate his enthusiasm - not a lot of that going around in this college town. He fucks so hard! And is so verbal and serious about it. That usually comes off as cheesy, but he does a pretty good job of coming off as sexy and serious. Yum. This time, he came in my ass and we didn't use a condom. Fascinating.
326/29/2013UnknownScruffMiddle Eastern336.5NegHome TownBottomTopNoNoYesPoppers01No6Very sexy muscle man, but totally disconnected sex. He reminds me of #1. No kissing. Basically he wanted someone to worship him, and I don't have time for that. I mean, it was fun to watch him fuck me while I was on my back -- no lie. He looks great. So sexy. But quiet as a mouse and generally a bore in bed. Yawn. Oh, and he had a little plastic tub full of hand towels by the sink -- clearly for "guests." I hadn't seen that before! Very thoughtful.
316/29/2013JesseGrindrWhite198NegHome TownMutualTopTopNoNoNone01No8Jesse! What a rambunctuous kid. Very eager, very sexy. Extremely horny. Oh to be 19! I enjoyed playing with Jesse, though he bolted as soon as he came -- leaving me to fend for myself. He said he was Catholic. Go figure. Anyways, we started making out by the door, stripped me naked before we even got in the bedroom. He clearly wanted to get fucked, and I was down to try -- even though I would have much preferred that he top me. He succesfully rode my dick for a while, but I couldn't stay rock hard. Dammit. I would have loved to have fucked this kid in half -- he wanted it so badly. At one point, when I lost it, he flipped my legs up and got me hard again by rubbing his dick on my ass -- this kid is no stranger to sex! In any case, while I couldn't fuck his brains out, he got off. It was fun :)
337/5/2013AmirGrindrAPI276.5NegCity 6MutualBottomNoNoNoNone01No8.5Amir was a lot of fun in bed. He's a flight attendant, in town from Singapore on a long layover before flying back. He's adorable and cuddly, and generally sweet -- but with a very sexy rough edge. He's a great kisser, and knows how to make a bottom squirm. We played coy about fucking after he fingered me for a while. I was like, let's get on with the show! I thought maybe he was trying to get me to beg for it -- so of course that's exactly what i did. He was all like, "Do you have a condom?" I was like no. He said he didn't either. So we continued to play coy. Finally he fucked me. He was conflicted about it; clearly enjoying it, but feeling a bit guilty. It was cute but at the same time frustrating because he kept holding back. But all in all, a good fun romp in the hay. We had sex in his hotel room, which was literally right around the corner from my apartment. I love hotel sex :)
347/6/2013TomasClubLatino246.5UnknownCity 6MutualBottomNoNoNoAlcohol11No8Tomas and I met in a drunken stupor, as we stumbled from bar to bar with friends. I don't really know how we got to making out, but we did. We danced and did shots and were crazy people, then stumbled home to my place near the gay district around 5:30 AM. I don't know how we had sex. It was a miracle that we could do anything, but somehow we did and it was fun. He's a really fun guy -- a little crazy, but fun. Very sweet. What a bear! I give him serious props for fucking me at 6 AM drunk as a skunk. That takes some serious effort. LOL.
357/26/2013AaronGrindrWhite208NegHome TownBottomBottomTopNoYesNone01No7Aaron gets major points for his gorgeous fucking dick. Really just under eight inches, but super thick and hard as a rock -- in my opinion, the perfect dick. Beyond that, he's cute but awkward (skinny and lanky, a tall 6 ft 2 but probably only 140 or so). Generally very demanding and not very giving in bed. I guess that would be okay if he wasn't quite so inexperienced and a bit awkward -- he's learning, I know. But he was really into me servicing him, and I need a little bit of love back I guess. I'm learning too! He made me lick his feet, which I thought was bold for a 20 year old. I'm not into it, but I did it anyways because, well, why not? You only live once. I rimmed his hole and he refused to kiss me after -- I'm docking him half a point for that. Come on. Grow up!
367/31/2013UnknownBBRTWhite298PosHome TownBottomBottomBottomNoYesNone11No8Christian -- or at least I think that's his name -- is sort of the corporate guy next door turned horny perv. I was kind of into it. He's very excitable, and totally into it. Good kisser, reasonably good sex. But his main thing going for him is his really fantastic super thick eight inch cock. Not quite rock hard, which worked out fine. Anyways we had pretty solid sex. It never quite transcended to *great* sex, though, and I don't know why. But we both came, and were both satisfied. And he's a nice guy -- he gave me a lift to my hair cut afterwards as my car was in the shop!
378/3/2013TrangGrindrAPI246.5UnknownHome TownBottomMutualTopNoNoPoppers (Both), Viagra (Me)11No8.5When Trang arrived, he had forgotten his phone and I saw him standing outside. I thought it wasn't a great match at first, but he had a little cocky swagger that got me. So he came in, we started making out, and got to work. I took a Viagra before he came over because I wanted to fuck him, and I wanted to do it right. When we got in bed, however, I thought at first he was signaling top-ness. He fucked my face and made me rim his hole. I wasn't 100% into it, because he was basically asking to be serviced and I expected a bit of the reverse. But needless to say, when he spread my legs and put his dick against me, I got into it. He fucked me for a long time. It was a good fuck. A solid fuck. Maybe not life changing. It could have been more intense, but he seemed disconnected a bit. He'd get into it, and sort of fade away a little bit. Hard to describe. Anyways, color me surprised when he got off me and asked if I wanted to fuck him. And I did. And he rode it like a champion. But damn was he loose! Or maybe the other guys I've fucked have been tight? I doubt that. But I actually couldn't tell if I was in him or not at some points. LOL. It was hot though. Anyways, eventually he fucked me again and we both came. We talked for a while after. Nice guy.
388/8/2013SteveGrindrWhite257UnknownCity 4MutualNoBottomN/aN/aAlcohol01No6Steve. What do I say about Steve? Average. Sort of nice. Something to do? We had a reasonably good time. I'd call it mediocre sex. He wanted to fuck me, but didn't want to do it without a condom and neither of us had one. Bummer. I did enjoy going down on him until he came, though.
398/17/2013DevA4AAPI277.5NegHome TownMutualBottomBottomNoNoPoppers11No7.5Dev is really very sweet. A genuinely good lover, and fun to be around. He's new in town, with few friends. So after a good romp in the hay (he loves to rim!), we went out for a drink at the local gay bar. It was his first time at a gay bar in the states. In any case, we had a good time. The sex wasn't necessarily life changing, but I liked how passionate and interested in my orgasm and pleasure he was. He really insisted that I cum. Not a lot of tops give a fuck. I appreciated it.
409/7/2013BobbyBBRTWhite337.5NegCity 3MutualBottomNoNoYesAlcohol12No9Bobby is an interesting character. Lots of emotions and charm. Very smart. And extremely frank about sex. We're definitely a good match -- kissing is his biggest turn on. We met at a bar for a beer, and chatted for about two hours before he invited me home. I wouldn't say the sexual chemistry was dripping. It felt very casual, very comfortable. We had sex for three hours, with lots of cuddling interspersed. I really enjoyed spending time with him. He's funny, charming, and he's got a great fat dick that really felt great. I felt like I could trust him -- it felt very intimate. The sex was good -- great, even -- but not lifechanging. It felt like the kind of great sex you have with a boyfriend. I like Bobby. I hope we meet again.
11.19/11/2013JoeGrindrWhite317NegHome TownBottomBottomNoNoYesPoppers11Yes8Joe really redeemed himself this time. I was about to go to bed when he hit me up on Grindr and asked to bone. I was horny, so why not? He came over and we had a quick fuck before bed. I have to say, it was pretty darn good. Good kissing, good fucking, good chemistry. Not life changing. But the kind of sex that in a pinch will put a smile on your face. I'm smiling!
4110/12/2013ChadClubWhite237NegCity 2MutualBottomNoYes/NoNoAlcohol12No8Chad is super fun and sweet. We met at a club, eyeing each other across the dance floor. He was there celebrating his friend's birthday. We started grinding and making out, and eventually headed back to his place after partying and dancing. He lived in a dump of a studio. God bless. I forgot what 23 could live like. In any case, we started fooling around and -- much to my surprise -- he asked if I wanted to get fucked. I pegged Chad for more of a bottom. He's sparkling and funny. But apparently not a bottom! He was really great in some ways -- he coached me through taking his dick, in a really encouraging but asssertive way. It was hot. Not every guy can pull that kind of thing off without sound cheesy or canned. He did. But he tended to be far to energetic and slammed away like a rabbit. It was a little unnecessary. In another cameo of the short-lived condom, we used condoms for the first 20 or so minutes. Then he took it off, and I sat got on top of him. He started grinding it into me, and eventually pushed in. It was hot. So we fucked and eventually he jerked off and came, but I was too drunk to cum. The next morning I asked for more, and got it. This time he came on my back. Then we went for brunch. It was cute.
4210/14/2013UnknownCraigslistAPIUnknown6.5NegCity 2BottomNoNoN/aN/aNone01No4For my last night in town, I booked a room at a hotel for a little fun. On a whim, I decided to test out posting an ad like I used to do back in the old days for cocksucking only. As I write, the first entry just left. It was a classic Craiglist case of fake face pics and lying about his age. He could have been 35 or 50, hard to say. But he certainly wasn't the 24 he said in his email. But his dick was nice, and I went at it. He wanted to make out and fool around, but I was assertive: I'm just here to give you head. He didn't argue. I sort of enjoyed it at moments -- I love the idea of being used to give head -- but his efforts to get more out of me were more annoying than anything. Hopefully number two, who is on his way presently, will be better :)
4310/14/2013UnknownCraigslistWhite298.5UnknownCity 2BottomNoNoN/aN/aNone01No8I could suck this guy's dick all day long. Super thick, nice fat 8.5 inches. Yum. I'll even forgive the fact that his picture was again a fake. He was still handsome. Tall, a ginger, with a nice build. He came in, we groped each other, then I got on my knees and got to work. Eventually it became clear from him leaning over and grabbing my junk that he wanted a little more. So I stood up, grabbed our two cocks and jerked them together. We made out, and took off our clothes. He played with my ass a little bit, and I thought I might get fucked. I was READY. But we stuck to the itinerary. Eventually he shot a huge load down my throat. Yum.
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