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StateProgram NameComments# rotators that month (including you)?Did you get a LOR?Did you get an interview?EMR
ALUniversity of Alabama Medical CenterResidency Notes:
academic independent 1/2 days on most wks, paid SEC & AAD conferences, protected meeting days, most resident go to AAD every year; Peds / Mohs / Dermpath Every year; Lots of Mohs hands on (take layers & close as 1st yr), Chill Residents, Diverse training
3,3Yesx2YesImpact / Powerchart
ARUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesSome great attendings and some really uptight attendings. Good hands on exposure with residents. | I can only think of one attending whom I'd call uptight. Majority were great to work with. This rotation was the most hands-on of all my rotations. Rotate through UAMS and VA clinics, dermpath, Mohs, and peds derm. 10 min grand rounds presentation at the end.5, 3Yes, noRotation counts as interviewEpic
AZMayo Clinic College of Medicine (Arizona)Awesome. Lots of shadowing, but that is common in derm. Great teaching. Expected to give a presentation at grand rounds and to take a ~100 question exam at the end of the rotation based on a 400 pg derm book that they expect you to read/study during your time. You'll learn a lot and taste the Mayo Clinic culture. | phrasing2didn't ask, YesYes, they interview all rotators WHILE ON ROTATION (you don't have to fly back in January)
AZUniversity of Arizona
CAKaiser Permanente Southern California (Los Angeles)
CALoma Linda University Health Education ConsortiumWork between the VA and Faculty practice offices. Have 1-2 surgery days per week, with 1 half day of Peds. Lots of procedural opportunities for students interested in it., especially at the VA. You also get full autonomy at the VA, where you are expeted to see patients, write notes, and staff with an attending. Faculty are really nice and approachable. Residents for the most part were nice and accomodating. Though I enjoyed my month here, I did not get a complete "academic" vibe here..seems they gear their residents for private practice or MOHS fellowships (faculty are well-connected in procedural derm). They do see very complex patients however, as they are a referral area for a large part of the inland empire and more remote areas in California. It's a small program. Formal Dermpath curriculum is taught in San Diego, though they do have a path-trained dermatopathologist who they run slides with every morning and on Friday afternoons. For the most part, you work 1-on-1 with faculty and residents in their clinics in the faculty offices, but sometimes you're paired with another student on the same day. Was offered a LOR from the PD at the end of the rotation. Residents do not get academic time, but get Friday afternoons off.3YesNo, though I was told by the PD that she would go to bat and pull hard for me for an interview (though I have high Step1/2/AOA) Was very surprised, but I didn't care in the long run.Epic + CPRS
CALos Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical CenterGreat program, residents seemed happy. Has a tight knit group feeling. Interesting pathology given that it is a county hospital. Great hands on experience and not just shadowing. Their faculty and residents all trained at strong medical schools and/or residencies. This program is currently accredited with warning, would not recommend an away here2Yes (other people who interviewed also rotated there)
CAStanford UniversityPretty competitve to get. they only take 4 outside rotators a year. you have to give a grand rounds presentation. amazing faculty and facilities. hours are moderate (7 30 to 6 ish) get to see patients on your own and do procedures. you are a focus of attention, you never share clinic with the other med student. Everyone is nice, no aggresive pimping like i experienced on east coast. Decent odds for getting a residency spot if you get this rotation. they usually take at least one rotator each year.2didnt asky
CAUCLA Medical CenterThere are 3 different rotations at UCLA: outpatient clinic, derm surg, consult derm. All 3 will give you exposure to clinic, residents, didactics, etc., but the outpt clinic probably offers the most faculty facetime. The derm surg people are awesome, but simply less hands on. Consult sees interesting cases and work closely with one resident and the inpatient attending. All 3 are 8-5ish and there's definitely overlap between them. Most of the rotation you are in Westwood. - I agree with the above comment. Overall the rotation was a stellar educational experience but is by no means a guarantee for an interview. I was a very good applicant with a great rotation (2 LORs, case reports, etc) but I was not offered an interview. I would recommend rotating somewhere that using the experience as more of an audition which will increase the likelihood of an interview. | I think the above info was written a couple years ago but it still holds true this year. Best hours on derm surg > outpatient derm > consult. Definitely the most contact with faculty on outpatient.| I would like to echo what was said about rotating not being a great place here in regards to getting an interview. Also had a great rotation (was even told by a faculty i would get an interview) and am a good appilicant (received most top 10 invites including another top 10 place i did an away) and did not get an interview. I read about the same thing happening to another applciant as above but thought it wouldnt happen to me... would not have rotatated here knowing this now obviously. rotators beware, save yourself the energy, money (3k for me), and time and rotate somewhere else where you are more likely to get an interview for rotating. --Another perspective - I rotated and really enjoyed it. I got to know a lot of the faculty and residents. Some of the female residents are pretty intense, the guys are all relaxed and cool, faculty are all great. You give a 5 minute grand rounds presentation at the end of the rotation. I DID get an interview invite and am very happy that I rotated.5 (3 outpt clinic, 1 derm surg, 1 consults), can get crowded at times.- 2 LORNo x 5, yes x1EPIC
CAUniversity of California (Davis) Health System4 (3 to 5), several internalYesYes x 2, No x2Epic
CAUniversity of California (Irvine)Combo of shadowing + seeing patients first and filling out PE findings. Three different sites - one in Orange, CA, one in Irvine, CA and one in Long Beach CA. The coordinator tries to minimize driving, but you still drive around a lot. No test at the end. Attendings vary on friendliness. Get to observe some surgeries and laser clinic. This year most rotators did not get an interview, and all of the students who rotated with me were very smart and qualified. Red flag; do not rotate here....doesnt help at all to get an interview.... | no preference to rotators for interviewsdidn't ask x 3No (I heard most rotators did not get an interview) x 5. RED FLAG! x5 they said only 10-20% of rotators end up getting interviews; no preference given to rotators
CAUniversity of California (San Diego)
CAUniversity of California (San Francisco)2 week rotations. Option to do 2 of them for 4 weeks. First 2 weeks is shadowing. Second 2 weeks is any # of things (HIV, inpatient, peds, etc) where you would have chance to get to know attending well. A lot of rotators here, many on diff services tho. I would do this rotation again | Difficult to get a letter of recommendation from here, just because you rotate thru so many attendings. People who match here usually have never rotated (unless they're a UCSF student) | As someone who rotated there and talked to many of the residents, many of them did indeed rotate there. For instance, one of the 2+2's did, at least two of the seniros did. And these are just the ppl i asked. | I do NOT recommend you do an away rotation here if your goal is to secure an interview through the process. You'll learn a lot but they don't care that you've taken the time to go there. x2 Will see and learn a lot. Rotations are 2 wks (can complete 2 for a total of 4 wks). First 2 wks are general - rotate through a variety of half-day clinics at Mt. Zion location. Second 2 weeks are in a subspecialty (location and exposure to faculty vary). Get a lot of exposure to faculty but are often shadowing residents (except in gen derm clinics). Hard to show what you know. Many faculty seemed aloof, and I felt that none had a chance to get to know me. Residents were nice but busy. Resident-faculty interaction hard to characterize; residents refer to many (but not all) of the faculty by first name. However, there is still a clear hierarchical structure and I felt that many of the faculty did not know the residents well. Grand rounds felt somewhat intense (for derm). Didactics were really strong -- loved that there was a faculty-led lecture every single morning. Expected to give a short presentation with a 1-page handout at end of rotation (this was low-key w/ just 1 faculty and other rotators present). There is also an exam covering the AAD modules. Need a letter from your home department's chair in order to apply.3 external, several internalNo (didn't ask)No (seems that majority of rotators are not offered an interview)
CAUSC/LAC+USC Medical CenterAwesome rotation that lets you see patients on your own ~85-90% of the time. Shadowing in a few specialty clinics like Hansen's disease. Amazing didactics (two half days per week). Faculty rotate a lot so not a lot of continuity but you can make it work if you want to. Week on consults, week on peds at CHLA, week on county clinics and week on surgery in downtown. Really left me with a great impression of this program | Rotate through peds at CHLA, surgery at Keck and county, consult, gen derm x2 weeks at county. Very hands-on, nice attendings and residents, will be helpful if you speak Spanish because about 90% of pts are Spanish speaking only (no English). 5 min presentation and small quiz at the end. | Highly recommended. Clinic is very high volume. Mostly faculty-led lectures 2 half days/week. Learned a lot, loved the spirit of this program, would be ecstatic to match there. Everyone was very down to earth. | highly recommended, they seem to interview quite a few rotators5YesNot all rotators get interviews x2, +1Orchid (cerner)
COUniversity of ColoradoResearch rotation: Lots of projects to work on. Also get to spend some days in clinic at the VA and with the chair if interested. Residents and attendings were very nice. | Great program, residents seemed happy there. Very diverse group of residents. Some friendly, some not so much (as is expected anywhere). Be sure to rotate at the VA. Main attending there very student-friendly! No test at the end. Opportunities to see patients first and do small research projects. / Echo what the above said plus - lots of opportunities to get invovled with research. Lots of hands on and independent experience. We had a test at the end, but it was easy <- Not everyone has to take the test. It depends on what your school wants from the program or how you setup the away./ Took a very easy test at the end. Spent most of time at the VA - very hands on. Also spent a two days at pediatric dermatology. My experience was that the residents were a little less rotator-aware than at some of my other rotations - not unfriendly, though. Need a car to get around. <> also a good applicant (received several top 10 interviews including another place i rotated at) but did not get interview here (happened to many others too as per chitchat). its pretty hard to do a "good" job while rotating as there are lots of other rotators and not really much opportunity to show off your knowledge. Good hands on experience. Wouldnt recommend overall though as the whole point is to get an interview out of these rotations.4YesYes (most outside rotators did not); no x5
CTUniversity of ConnecticutNewer program that accepts 4 students for a 4 week clinic rotation that has high volume. Very hands on clinical rotation in dermatology where you get to see patients first, scribe a note, and present and work with many different attendings. Residents seemed very happy with dedicated education time and department leadership. Rotation includes 5 full days of clinic in addition to 2 nights of evening clinic per week from 545- 9 pm. Expect to give a lecture during your rotation to attendings and residents regarding a topic of your choosing. Wouldn't recommend rotating there if you're expecting a high likelihood of interview or letter of recommendation as an external rotator as was told that only 1/3 of rotators are selected for interview. Expect an end of rotation exam which is mainly mult choice.4nox2no (majority rotators get no interview)VA CPRS
CTYale-New Haven Medical Center??????????? Does not provide away rotations in derm | You sure? | Yes || No visiting students. | someone did this cycle
DCGeorge Washington University1yes
DCGeorge Washington University School of Medicine
DCHoward University
DCWashington Hospital CenterGreat rotation with good amount of autonomy. Allowed to see patients alone, write notes, and present. Residents allow students to preform procedures. Clinic site is primarily in chevy chase, but also opportunities for exposure to pediatrics and consultative services at Georgetown Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, and Children's National. Grand rounds at NIH twice a month with other DC dermatology programs. Excellent exposure to medical dermatology. Surgical experience leaves some to be desired. All rotators required to prepare and deliver a 5-10 min case presentation at grand rounds. Will interview all rotators.4noyes
FLFlorida State University College of Medicine
FLMayo Clinic College of Medicine (Jacksonville)
FLUniversity of Florida
FLUniversity of Miami - Jackson Memorial Hospital/Jackson Health System3,9,11Yes, but I had connections with this program previously x3Yes, NO not all rotators are interiewed! | I was just saying that I got one
FLUniversity of South Florida MorsaniMostly shadowingyes, standard letterYesyou dont touch anything so doesnt matter
GAEmory Universityrotation counts as interview. Great experience! You will need a car, as you will be traveling between multiple sites.4No (did not ask)Yes (all rotators)
GAMedical College of GeorgiaSuper chill residents and faculty. See patients independently and present to residents and faculty. Learned a ton. Test at the end. Interviewed on rotation.YesYes
IAUniversity of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
ILJohn H Stroger Hospital of Cook CountyVery chill program, see new patients before resident and present to resident, then staff with attending. Best if you are fluent in Spanish or Polish, but not necessary. Test at the end very straightfoward. Also presentation.4No (did not ask)Yes (almost all rotators)Cerner
ILLoyola University2 weeks shadowing and exposure to chair, 2 weeks at VA with program director with more active role (seeing patients, presenting) and 1-2 days with Chair during Mohs days3YesYes
ILMcGaw Medical Center of Northwestern Universityyesyes (not all rotators)Epic
ILRush University Medical Center
ILSouthern Illinois UniversityNo (did not ask)yes
ILUniversity of Chicago
ILUniversity of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago
INIndiana University School of MedicineGreat rotation. Lots of autonomy. Would highly recommend to others.3 derm + 2 family med IU studentsNo (did not ask)Yes
KSUniversity of Kansas School of Medicinemostly shadowing. residents are incredibly nice.~4No, YesYes
KYUniversity of Louisville
LALouisiana State University
LATulane UniversityHad a fun experience! You get to see quite a bit of every field in dermatology, except for cosmetics. Only residents attend cosmetic clinic since it tends to be packed from the staff standpoint. You also get a lot of time to explore New Orleans, which is such a fun city. I would see the French Quarter, Audobon park, and water front if you spend some time here. Southern hospitality-type culture. Kind residents and faculty. Didactics are on Fridays and are resident-led with attendings leading a few lectures. I thought it was great because residents explain things so that you can remember them well. Great dermpath if that's up your alley. I think they interview all rotators too!5YesEpic
MABoston University Medical CenterExcellent rotation. Highly recommend! | Faculty were very supportive and welcoming. Residents seemed super happy to be there. | I felt like wallpaper when I was rotating here. Residents appeared lazy and whiny (e.g., whining about having just one consult).
MAHarvard CombinedWhy do you guys delete the comments? That's not very
MATufts Medical Centeryesyes
MAUniversity of Massachusettsnoyes
MDJohns Hopkins University4nono
MDUniversity of MarylandSome clinics you function as a resident and others you just shadow. All the residents are incredibly nice and the attendings were wonderful about teaching.2yes
MIHenry Ford HospitalWonderful experience, nice residents, friendly faculty. Chair is awesome| They have a rotator clinic where rotators get to see patients and present to residents, then the attending| Lots of specialty clinic exposure| Dermpath exposure isn't the best| Sometimes you get put into consults for the day because there's not enough space in clinic, which can be a little slow| 10 minute presentation at the end, attended by all the residents and faculty| residents take you out for happy hour at the end of the month | Some opportunities to write notes and see pts on your own but mostly shadowing x2 | Very good rotation. As mentioned, they have rotator clinic, happy hour, and rotator lectures, which shows they care about the students. Everyone gets to rotate with the PDs and chair, as well as set up a meeting with them which is a good opportunity to ask for a LOR.5, 9yesyesEpic
MIUniversity of Michigan
MNMayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)
MNUniversity of MinnesotaGreat rotation. No shadowing. Expected to function as a resident. See patients independently, present to attendings, and write the note. For the advanced rotation there is a 10 minute presentation at the end. Every resident and attending I worked with were very nice, loved to teach and helpful during the rotation. Got to perform procedured including shave and punch biopsies, in addition to scalp ILK injections.4yesyesEpic
MOSt Louis University School of Medicine
MOUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
MOWashington University/B-JH/SLCH
MSUniversity of Mississippi School of MedicineYesEpic
NCDuke University Hospital
NCUniversity of North Carolina Hospitals
NCVidant Medical Center/East Carolina
NCWake Forest University School of MedicineEveryone was super friendly. Lot of research to jump on if desired. GREAT about providing solid LORsyesyes
NHDartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
NJCooper School of Rowan University/Hospital
NJRutgers New Jersey Medical Schoolfuck this program.
NJRutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical
NMUniversity of New Mexico
NYAlbert Einstein College of Medicinethe attendings have a bit of a temperament issue | mostly shadowing although did see some cool cases. little opportunity to get to know faculty, making it hard to get a LOR. residents are nice. dept chair is a low key douchebag.
NYIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiComplete waste of your time. Read more in chitchat and chitchat archives for more info but basically, spots reserved for research fellows and Saudis
NYMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Derm/ CornellSeveral residents not very friendly and complaining/negative when they don't realize you are around, interactions with other services and staff at the hospital was very malignant; Program seems to be very hard on their residents, with MSK faculty being very malignant and arrogant | Agree that residents are not friendly / do not seem interested in teaching or working with med students at all | Disagree with previous posts, I thought the residents were friendly. Also thought the faculty were nice and not malignant, though I didn't work with anyone at MSK. No test, but required presentation at the end. | Wait can you please specify if you rotated at MSK or Weill Cornell Medicine? |8nono
NYNew York Medical College (Metropolitan)k
NYNew York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia)Great rotation. Could be stuck shadowing if you don't have initiative. Get to do procedures at the VA, which is a plus. 10 minute presentation and 2 H&Ps are required at the end. All the residents are extremely nice. You rarely work with the same attending twice, so I didn't bother trying to get a LOR. It is a separate away rotation application (not VSAS) and it begins at ends with the month. - The above is all true, I would NOT recommend rotating here because you rarely work with the full time faculty. Most of your time is spent with volunteer attendings who aren't the decision makers. That said, teaching is great and the residents were amazing to work with.4nono
NYNew York University School of Medicineamazing, best program in NYC by far <-- Can you say more please? | more
NYNorthwell Health (formerly North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health)
NYSUNY at Stony BrookResidents and faculty were very nice and friendly. Got to see a good balance of Mohs, derm path, cosmetics, and general derm. Also get to spend time with chair and program director. Residents and faculty do a lot of teaching.
NYSUNY Brooklyn
NYUniversity at Buffalo School of MedicineAnyone?noyes
NYUniversity of Rochester
OHCase Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Case Medical Center
OHCleveland Clinic Foundation
OHMetroHealth Medical Center/Case Western
OHOhio State University Hospitalyesyes
OHUniversity of CincinnatiAwesome residents, everybody seem happy, lots of opportunities to do procedures. VA is right next to resident clinic area with huge patient demand. Residents will allow students a fair amount of autonomy. Students will also participate in attending clinics at various sites in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Never spend a great deal of time with any one physician, so LORs will probably not be forth coming. Expected to prepare a 5-10 min presentation in a PICO format addressing a very specific aspect of dermatology.No- director straight up said he hates writing letters, other faculty recommended getting one from him- weird situationNo, rotating has no bearing on interview invite, director will tell you it doesn't matter
OHWayne State University School of MedicineYes
OHWright State Universityyesyes
OROregon Health & Science UniversityAmazing facility, Portland is wonderful. Lots of shadowing.5+Nono x1; yes x1Epic
PADrexel University College of MedicineAny impressions?
PAGeisinger Health SystemGreat rotation! Residents and staff are super friendly. Didactics are very well organized and they have rotators participate in journal club. Mostly shadowing, but if you show initiative some residents/attendings will let you do all the biopsies. They are all resident continuity clinics. You are assigned to an attending, so you see more patients than sticking with one resident. Dermpath is AMAZING, you get a solid knowledge base. | x2 amazing rotation!Epic
PAPenn State Hershey Medical Centeryes
PAThomas Jefferson University
PAUniversity of PennsylvaniaTop program in every way. Great didactics, often faculty led. Education and research speak for themselves. Thing that stood out to me was the friendly and supportive atmosphere here. Even medical students are treated well here. Mostly shadowing though. Can be hard to get to know attendings well (few days spent with each max) due to how rotation structured./Best opportunity to get a LOR is during your consult week; Dont waste your time doing an away rotation here if you are trying to secure an interview even if you are a top applicant x 3 | Agreed - waste of time in the sense that you could go somewhere else that's more high yield with your time.4Yes x2, No x1no x2Epic
PAUniversity of Pittsburgh (UPMC) Medical Education
PRUniversity of Puerto Rico
RIBrown University
RIRoger Williams Medical Center
SCMedical University of South Carolina (MUSC)everyone was nice and welcoming | Very relaxed and easy quiz and presentation at the end. Hard to get a quality LOR from the big names in the deptyes
TNUniversity of Tennessee3no didn't askyes all rotators invited back
TNVanderbilt University Medical CenterOutstanding away experience. Attendings/Residents do a tremendous job teaching medical students and the rotation is so well organized and thoughtfully setup. Once you show you're competent, many will let you do cryosurgery, shave bx, punch bx, suture, etc. Especially at the VA. You help with notes with some attendings at the 100 Oaks Clinic (10-15 minute drive from Vanderbilt). After a few sessions at the VA you'll write notes and get to run your own room (presenting to the resident, usually chief). Great balance of outpatient clinics, inpatient consults, and mohs. No exam - 10 minute end of rotation presentation.4 (3 away)No, yes x2all rotators invited backThey have their own EMR - transitioning to EPIC
TXBaylor College of Medicine (Houston)fast-paced, high volume, resident run; faculty/PD/chair not really involvedyes, interview during rotationEpic
TXBaylor University Medical Center (Dallas)
TXTexas A&M College of Medicine-Scott and WhiteAway rotation counts as your interview.