No GamesEssential Personnel Only (coaches, players, score keeper, officials, administrators)Tickets or Crowd Restrictions in placeNo Restrictions Currently in place
School DistrictLimitations on Fans for HOME gamesMasks Required in the buildingCheerLivestream Available (include a link if available)
Adair County R-I (Novinger)2 Tickets for Visiting Team Players, 4 Tickets for Home Players, Clearing the Gym Between GamesRequiredYesNFHS Concessions Available in the Cafeteria with Social Distancing, No Food-Drink in Gym Area, Home and Visiting Teams Seperated, Essential Staff Only, Girls Game Spectators Must Enter/Exit Through South Door Only, Boys Spectators May Enter and Exit Through Front Door Only
Adair County R-II (Brashear)No Limit at this time. Home fans sit in one section and visitors sit in a different section.No. Highly recommendedYesLink for each game will be posted to the school website.
Atlanta C-360 tickets per school per game. Home and Visiting team separate seating. Gym Cleared between Games.EncouragedYesNFHS Network
Bolivar50% CapacityMasks in motion Home onlyIn the process of setting up facebook livestreamSections marked off for team seating/separation
Bronaugh R-VIINo limit at this time. Social distancing by immediate family throughout bleachers.Highly encouragedYes. Will wear masks when not cheering.Bronaugh school facebook Team temp checks. All coaches will wear a mask while coaching. All coaches and players will wear a mask when entering/exiting facilities, in the locker room, and on the bench when not in play.
Brookfield R-III4 tickets for each participant (app. 25% capacity)Strongly EncouragedYesYesNo Pep Bands, No Student Sections, Following Clarence Cannon Conference Guidelines
Camdenton R-III50% occupancy with 150 tickets issued to each team if further restriction is neededmasks in motion policy in effectyes cheer & danceLivestream via when personnel are availableyes to pep band, yes to masked student section, yes we provide water refill but athletes must have own water bottle, yes we provide locker rooms, bleachers are marked but seating is self-regulated
Canton4 tickets per participantHighly EncouragedHome onlyNFHSbohNo pep band - Adopted Clarence Cannon Conference guidelines since we play a large number of their member schools
Chamois6 tickets per player for home team. 50 total tickets for visiting school. 2 tickets per band member. Estimated 55% capacity.yeswe do not have cheerleaders, but will allow other schools to bring their squad. Athletic Facebook pageBlocked off bleacher section for players. Pep band on the stage.
City of St. Charles School District (St. Charles High & St. Charles West)2 vouchers/tickets for every visiting team player/memberYes, masks are mandated at all timesYesSt. Charles West does livestream games on youtube. Links are shared before each event that is livestreamed.
Clark County4 tickets for each participantHighly EncouragedYesNFHSNo pep band, No student sections, Following Clarence Cannon Conference Guidelines
College Heights Christian (Joplin)Home fans sit on west side/Visiting fans sit on east side.Masks are requiredYesCHCS Athletics Youtube LiveAll guidelines are subject to change
Community R-VIHome - 100 tickets; Visitors 50 ticketsMask & Social Distancing RecommendedHome onlyYesHome and Visitors on opposite sides in gym; limited concessions
De Soto 73 School District4 Tickets per player and coach for both home and away teams. Cheerleaders are not traveling to away gamesYESHome Events OnlyDe Soto Senior High School - Facebook Page
East HarrisonNo Limit at this time. Home fans will sit on the North side and visitors will sit on the South.Highly Encouraged and provided if anyone needs one.YesYes, Facebook Live School Page - Cainsville R1 School
Four Rivers Conference (St. Clair, New Haven, Union, Sullivan, Pacific, Owensville, Hermann)50% capacity. Issue tickets if neededHighly recommendedyesWorking for livestream
Fulton High School / Fulton Middle SchoolMiddle School - 2 tickets per athlete (for both home and guest)
High School - 3 tickets per athlete (for both home and guest)
Masks and Social Distancing expectedHome onlyfulton activities channel on youtubeConcessions - pre packaged foods, Teams own water bottles.
Glasgow School District4 Tickets per athlete for home team, 100 tickets for visting team to distributed as desiredEncouragedYesLink for each game will be posted to the school website ( under the Media tabNo Pep Band, encouraged seating with family unit, no designated student area, and designated home and visitor section
GRAND RIVER CONFERENCE (Albany, Gallatin, King City, Maysville, Milan, North Andrew, Pattonsburg, Polo, Princeton, Putnam County, St. Joe Christian, South Harrison, Stanberry, Trenton, Worth County)Guidelines for all 15 schoolsFacebook Photo Link for Viewing Options for all 15 schools
Hardin-CentralRestricted access to fans (2 per participant)YesYesHardin-Central Bulldogs Facebook pageWe will have a "No Fans Policy" when hosting a school that chooses not to have fans in order to play the contest
Higbee R-VIII90 tickets per school, separate seating areasYesHome and Away is allowed will not travel to away games
Jefferson R74 tickets per participant for home team. 2 tickets per participant for away teamRequired to enter and move around, may take off if socially distancedHome only
KeytesvilleNo fansN/ANo cheerKeytesville R-III Facebook PageKeytesville will not attend road games where fans are allowed
Kingsville R-1We are providing 60 tickets to visiting schools. Our athletes have 5 tickets per participant. Masks are required to enter builidng. Once inside gym if social distancing can be achieved masks can be removed.Home Events OnlyNo
LamarTickets for certain games, selected bleachers are labeled no seating. Using multiple gyms when possible. Strongly RecommendedYes School: Spectator seating wil be on the East side of the gymnasium. West side of the gym will only be used for players and game personnel. Middle School: Home spectators will be on the south end of the bleachers and Visitors will be on the North end of bleachers.
Logan-Rogersville R-VIII50% Capacity (rope off every other row)YES - Masks ARE required (school age & older)Cheer Home Events OnlyK-Rog TV & Radio (facebook live)Considering limiting concessions so people will not have an excuse to take off their mask.
Macon Co R-IV (New Cambria)Due to limited seating there will be NO visitor spectators allowed. Visiting coaches, administrators, and drivers onlyHome player tickets onlyNone allowedMacon Co. R-IV Facebook pageLimited concessions. The gym will be cleared between games due to a distrancing limitation of 15 seats (2 people per seat) in the stands
MadisonHome - 4 tickets; Away - 3 ticketsYes, masks are required.Home OnlyMadison C-3 Facebook pageHome spectators will have their own side of the gym and away spectators will have the opposite side.
Marceline R-IV4 Tickets per participant. 2 Tickets for Visiting participantsHighly encouraged (could become mandatory after next Board meeting)Home OnlyLink for each game will be posted to the school website.
Marion County R-2Suggesting 4 tickets for each home participant, 2 for away participants but not issuing ticketsRecommendedHome OnlySchool YouTube Page
Maryville R-II ( and all MEC schools)6 family members to a participant's pass listYesYesYes - Spoofhound Athletics youtube channelGuidelines are shared by all Midland Empire Conference Schools. Some schools may be more restrictive as determined by county health.
MEC CONFERENCE SCHOOLS (Benton, Cameron, Chillicothe, Lafayette, Maryville, Savannah, St. Pius X)6 family members to a participant's pass listYesYesGuidelines are shared by all Midland Empire Conference Schools. Some schools may be more restrictive as determined by county health.
Moniteau County R-I50% gym capacity and 2 tickets per player for the visiting team. Home fans will sit on west side and visiting fans will sit on the east side.Masks will be strongly recommended when unable to socially distance. Masks will be provided at the gate.Yes for home games. Will not be performing at away events.Yes on the district Facebook page and/or through Youtube as personnel are availablePep band will be located in bleachers in the mezzanine away from the visiting crowd. Concessions will be available but with a limited menu.
Monroe City R-1 4 tickers per participant Highly EncouragedYesNFHSno pep band, no student section, Clarence Cannon Confrence guidlines
Montrose R-XIV4 Tickets per home participant. 2 Tickets per visiting participant.Masks are requiredHome only
Morgan County R-IIAt the moment we are in what we call Category 2 following a 2 week switch to online only. In Category 2 we only allow 3 tickets per student participantYes, During Category 2 for Staff and students, highly recommended for parentsYesYes
New Franklin R-1175 Home Fans, 100 Visiting FansHighly RecommendedHome cheerleaders onlyNew Franklin R-1 Schools facebook page
Nodaway-Holt R-VII School DistrictNoneHighly EncouragedYesIn process - FacebookEncouraging social distancing, 6 foot behind benches clear, prepackaged items at concessions, children 6th grade and below accompanied by an adult at all times
North Callaway R-1HS-4 tickets for participants, MS-2 tickets per participantRecommendedHome onlyMS- HS- 20 student tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis, recommending social distancing between "family" groups, home/visitor sections posted, no pep band,
North Shelby4 tickets per player, 2 for pep band, and 1 for managers. 60 tickets for visiting team.Masks not required but recommended if cannot physical distanceYes, at this time band and concession available. All guidelines subject to change. Complete guidelines are on the school's webpage:
Northeast Vernon Co R-I4 tickets per eligible player; visiting teams to receive 50 ticketsRequired when moving throughout the building. May be removed once seated.Home OnlyFacebook (via the NEVC page)
Northwest High School (Hughesville) No limit at this time. Home fans on one side and fans on the other sideYes, when moving around in the gym or the building. Mask may be removed when seated if social distancing is possible. YesNo
Northwestern (Mendon)2 fans per participantMasks recommended, social distancing required
Ozark Conference (Bolivar, Camdenton, Central, Glendale, Hillcrest, Kickapoo, Lebanon, Parkview, Rolla, Waynesville, West Plains)150 Vouchers for Home and 150 for Visitor spectators. Each facility is at 50% capacity, so capacity restrictions will vary at each site.Face coverings are required at all sites.Cheer & Band will be determined at each site.Live streaming opportunities are available at each site with previous notification.Concessions will be determined at each site. Teams are to provide thier own water bottles.
Palmyra4 tickets for home fans and visiting fansHighly RecommendedYesNFHSNo pep band, concessions provided between quarters and halftime in the bleachers, no student section, following CCC guidelines
Paris 4 tickets per home participant, 50 tickets per visiting schoolSocial Distancing expectedHome OnlyNoneGuidelines are subject to change.
Pike County R-III (Clopton) Schools6 home fans per participant/2 visiting fans yesyesplans under wayassigned sections, social distancing-beyond family/usual peer group
Pilot Grove C-42 tickets per participantWill be required of all fans during events including while seatedHome onlyIn Progress through YouTube, but currently available on School FB
Prairie Home4 per tickets for Home athletes and 75 tickets for Away teamsRequired when moving throughout the building. May be removed once seated.AllowedSchool Facebook PageHome and Away sections labeled.
Mark Twain (Ralls Co)No ticket limitMasks are required 75 tickets Masks are required
Santa FeNone- Stadium seating section is divided to allow for distancingNo- They are offered free at the gateYesYes, through SF facebook page
Schuyler R-175 tickets for visiting team capacity 40%RecommendedHome onlyyesstudent section must wear masks
Scotland County R-1The district will allow each home participant 4 spectators and visiting participants will be allowed 4 spectators (40% Capacity, 400 max occupancy)Masks are recommended but not required. It is recommended that fans wear masks when social distancing is not possible. Fans will/should sit with their families.YesVideo Streaming will be provided on the Scotland County YouTube Channel. We encourage you to follow the Scotland County YouTube Channel at Be sure to subscribe to the page and click the bell icon to receive notifications every time the district uploads new content.Home Fans: The east side of the bleachers (across from the player benches) will be designated as home spectator seating. Visiting Fans: The east side of the bleachers (behind the player benches) will be designated as visitor spectator seating. Pep Band: The Northeast section of the bleachers (traditional location) will be designated for the pep band.
Sedalia 2002 tickets per participantyesHS yesmajority of Home games through PrepcastNO pep band, concession stand, or student section
Sherwood (Creighton)3 guests per home athlete, 2 guests per visiting athlete, no pass list required, guests sign in under athlete's nameMasks required for all patrons 6th grade and upYesLive stream done internally. Links could change. General access pep band, limited concessions available. Attendance restrictions are in effect for all winter athletic events at all levels
Sikeston50% CapacityMasks and Social Distancing expected/Digital TicketingAllowed marked off for team seating/separation
Silex R-I School District4 Tickets per participant. 2 Tickets for Visiting participantsWhen moving around the gym or building. May remove when seated with familyHome Events OnlyNFHSNo Pep Band, concession available. Only 2 workers in concession stand.
Slater School District4 tickets per home athlete - 75 tickets to visiting teams. 50 tickets at the door for first come basis-Home and Visitor sections are separatedMasks are required inside the buildingHome Only available
St. Elizabeth R-IVVisitors-2 tickers per player, manager and coach. No Cheerleaders
Home-4 tickets per player, coach and
PEP Band. 2 tickets for managers
Social Distancing and mask
are Highly encouraged
None AllowedFB Live through our school FB pageConcessions available
St. James High SchoolGym is being occupied at 20% capacity. 60 home team and cheer tickets, 50 visitor team tickets, 40 student body tickets, 40 community ticketsMasks required to enter building and to walk to seat. We have socially distanced seating by using alternating bleacher availability. Once spectator is seated they can remove their mask. Anytime they are up moving (concessions, restroom, they must be masked).YesNFHSConcessions will be available.
St. Louis University High School2 tickets for household residents of student-athletes on both home and visiting teamsMasks and social distancing are requiredAllowedSLUH Sports NetworkNo concessions. No locker room usage. Coaches must be masked at all times. Spectators are screened at the time of their arrival.
St. Pisu X (Festus)
4 tickets per home player and coach and 2 tickets per away player and coach
Required when moving throughout the building. May be removed once seated.Home onlySchool Facebook Page
Ste. Genevieve R-II4 tickets per athlete and coach for the home and visitor teamsMasks required for all to enter and move around. May take off once seated and socially distanced.Home onlyYouTube: SGDragonsTV
Tina-AvalonParents/Step-Parents or Guardains onlyMasks required, no gateallowedTina-Avalon Fabebook page
Tri-County North (Brashear, Linn County, Meadville, Bucklin, Macon County, Novinger, La Plata, Green City, Meadville, Atlanta, Bevier)
Troy Buchanan/Ninth Grade Center4 Tickets per home participant. 2 Tickets per visiting participant.Masks are requiredHome only
Verona R-VII School DistrictNoneNoneYesFacebook
Wellingtoon-Napoleon R-IX4 tickers per player/visiting team gets 50 tickets (visitor bleachers hold both team benches and score table, limiting space)YesyesSchool Youtube and Facebook pageNo pep band, concession will be available.
Willard Schools50% of our overall CapacityYes for ages 11 and upYesNo
Winston R-VI Home team - 4 fans per participant, Visiting team - 2 fans per participant, 50% capacityFans asked to wear masks in the building. Provided if needed.YesWinston Redbirds facebook page Encouraging social distancing and after your athlete is finish playing please consider heading home.
Wright City R-II2 tickets per participant yesyesFB