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Is this amendment being made in the House or Senate?
11/3/2021 11:06:30
Olivia Widener58Olivia Widener
My last whereas section needs a period and a "Therefore" section needs to be included afterwards that states "Be it enacted by the Student Carolina Student Legislature in regular session here assembled the following: "
This was meant to be fixed in committee but unfortunately was not.
11/3/2021 11:29:15jmcgrat1@citadel.eduJohn Mace McGrath53Zoe Feser
Amend 6th Whereas statement, strike “women, girls, and people with a vagina.”

Change this to “biological women”.
Good amendment.
11/3/2021 11:32:17bgilman@citadel.eduBen53Zoe Feser
Strike section I. SUBTEXT A: "Person with a vagina" to "Biological women"
Bill 53 Facts & Science
11/3/2021 Mueller115Ewan ThompsonSenate
Change title 59 to be title 58 in Section II every time it appears.
Typo in the title number, brings the bill in line with the purpose statement.
11/3/2021 14:13:41
Brandon Christopher Diehl
42Jeffrey BellinoSenate
Strike "a violation of this section does not constitute a criminal offense." From Section II
11/3/2021 15:04:19
Brandon Christopher Diehl
91Eric CenterSenate
Add the contents of Sections III and IV to section II.

Change section V and VI to III and IV respectively
11/3/2021 15:45:06
Brandon Christopher Diehl
30Johnny PierreSenate
Amend "The bonus salary shall be given annually and shall be an additional $8,000"

To "The bonus salary shall be given annually and shall be an additional $10,000"
11/3/2021 23:48:41
Braxton Cranmer 73Annaleah GilreathHouse

Section I: Remove the strike out on the word "unlawful" as it is still provided in Section II

Section II: Strike out: "Personal" and replace with "Personnel"

Underline or bold the addition to sentence: "or employed school educators and other faculty who have undergone the correct training"

add comma after the word "long" so it is identical to Section I

Mostly just structural and grammatical realignment
11/4/2021 0:16:59
Braxton Cranmer 79Rafael Guerra House
Section I Clause C to be struck out and replaced with: " Mandatory training will be required to handle a M26 or X26 incapacitating device".
Grammatical reworking
11/4/2021 9:47:37
Braxton Cranmer 44Thomas A. Kent IIIHouse
Section I: Add title 59-157 which will read:

"(A) Students in their third year of high school shall be required to take three courses in personal finance.

(B) Students in their fourth year of of high school shall be required to take three courses related to vocational training and job searching after graduation."

Strike out sections II and III
Restructuring of the provisions
11/4/2021 9:58:06
Braxton Cranmer 35Alexandria Banning House
Subsection 31 definition B will be replacing "ignoring" with "neglect".
grammatical restructuring
Ben Gilman and John Mace McGrath
Ben Gilman and John Mace McGrath

"A person shall also be labeled as a repeat offender, upon conviction, and must be surgically castrated within 6 months of conviction as prescribed by the state and its respective courts"

Change the language to state that persons with testicles shall have one testicle removed following the first conviction surgically, and the second removed following the second conviction, if they possess a second testicle."
Pass it please.
11/4/2021 10:10:09jmcgrat1@citadel.eduJohn Mace McGrath59John Mace McGrathSenate

(e) The State shall appropriate $1.3 Million dollars per fiscal year from the General Fund, to establish a task force for the sole purpose of tracking down convicted first degree repeat offenders for the purpose of performing castration procedures.
"The McGrath Retroactive Castration Amendment"
11/4/2021 10:54:59
40Brooke Sparks House
To strike out the second section III and replace its with Section IV
11/4/2021 11:28:17bgilman@citadel.comBenjamin59USC Senate
Create subsection F: Collected testes will be added to prison diet.
11/4/2021 11:50:31sfloftis@presby.eduSarah F Loftis80Sarah F. Loftis House
take out the period after "video" in the purpose statement. Also to change "electron" to "electronic" in (2) of Section IV.
These changes were discussed in my committee but were not added to the bill book. Thank you.
11/4/2021 Peiser109Matthew PeiserSenate
Strike the text containing Section V subsection A ", though passengers can use marijuana while the vehicle is in motion" and add Marijuana shall be kept locked in glove box or trunk. amend section III for simplicity of this bill strike all language containing "marijuana" and "hashish" from 44-53-190.

11/4/2021 12:53:29
Johnny Pierre Jr30Johnny PierreSenate
Under Section 1/ Definition of Veteran Teacher- must be employed in SC public school system for at least 3 years, rather than 6 years.

Increasing the amount of the annual bonus salary from $8,000 to $10,000.

Penalty for forgery or illegitimate nominations is no longer a fine of $10,000. Teachers who forge signatures or submit illegitimate nominations will simply not receive the bonus salary.
Tome Filkov II and Virginia Eberlin
30Jonny PierreSenate
Changing Section I (A) from 6 years to 3 years.
11/4/2021 13:08:44
Brandon Christopher Diehl
30Johnny PierreSenate
Amend Section II paragraph 2 to read "The bonus salary shall be given annually and shall be an additional $10,000.

Amend Section IV to strike out $10,000 and replace it with "any money gained plus $1,000."
11/4/2021 14:29:22
Braxton Cranmer 50Stephen Woytek House
change section 5 to section 3
11/4/2021 14:58:01
Cranmer, Maybin, Hendrix
72Filkov and GainesHouse
Change section III to read: "imprisonment for up to ten years"
Change sections IV to read: "Imprisonment for up to ten years
Add Section V to read: A violator of this act may not possess any animal after conviction.
11/4/2021 15:15:15
Change Section 1,2,3 to read "one course"
11/4/2021 15:41:25
Maybin50Woytek Senate
Create Section 3: “the funds from the stated tax increase shall be directly applied to the Mark Clark extension until it is completed or completely funded”
11/4/2021 15:47:26
Caleb Short 50Stephen Woytek Senate
Edit section I to replace “completion of” with “funding for”
11/4/2021 15:53:37
Braxton Crammer, Weston Watts, Virginia Eberlin
44Thomas KentHouse
Amend Section I as follows: "For the purposes of this bill:
"Vocational Training" shall be defined as in Chapter 53 of Title 59 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976.
"Local school districts" shall be defined as in Chapter 17 of Title 59 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976.""

Amend section III as follows: "High-school students shall be required to take three courses in vocational training, unless exempted with the advice and consent of their guidance counselor. High school students who complete an internship in their chosen field of vocational training may count their internship towards their required vocational training."

Change section IV to section V.

Add section IV as follows: "The courses required in this act shall be counted towards the electives courses required for graduation as defined by the South Carolina Department of Education."

Add Section V as follows: "The courses outlined in this act shall be designed primarily by local school districts. The districts shall have the authority and responsibility of drafting and implementing these courses into their schools. The skills taught in these courses shall apply directly to the vocational opportunities available to the students in their respective regions."

Change Section I to Section II.

Change Section II to Section III.

Change Section III to Section IV.
Please make sure to add the following sections and renumber the sections accordingly.
11/4/2021 16:11:38
Caleb Short22Jonathan Du FaultSenate
Amend Section II subsection B to strike out “This waiver is only to be signed during declared states of emergencies affecting the State of South Carolina.”

Amend Section II to add subsection C: “In the event of a declared state of emergency affecting the state of South Carolina hospitals may impose measures restricting access such as limiting the number of relatives allowed to visit a patient, requiring a level of distancing, or requiring PPE for visitors.
11/4/2021 16:22:56
Brandon Christopher Diehl
79Rafael GuerraSenate
Section (c) will cut "should also go into effect after thus bill is pass" and replace it with "will also be required"
11/4/2021 Mueller57Jordan MurdaughSenateSent as a google doc
11/4/2021 16:38:27
Braxton Cranmer 83Kennedy Elise PerryHouse
ECTION 63-19-1430. Youth Mentor Act 2.0.

(A) This section may be cited as the "Youth Mentor Act”. .”

(B) The Attorney General's Office shall establish a Youth Mentor Program to serve juvenile offenders under the jurisdiction of the family court. The program shall consist of a church mentor program and a community mentor program. Participation in the program may be required as a pretrial diversion option by a solicitor or as an optional, alternative disposition by a family court judge. The circuit solicitor may charge a juvenile offender who participates in the Youth Mentor Program a fee to offset the actual cost of administering the program; however, no juvenile offender is barred from the program because of indigence. This program must be available for juveniles who commit nonviolent offenses. For purposes of this subsection, nonviolent offenses mean all offenses not listed in Section 16-1-60.

The Attorney General must establish guidelines for the program, community and educational institutions, the mentors, and the churches, mosques, masjids, synagogues, and other religious organizations that participate in the church mentor program.

The Attorney General must appoint all public and private colleges, universities, technical and vocational schooling to establish these programs.

Upon graduation from the programs, if the child completes the program in good standing, then the Department of Education shall grant a scholarship to the child that would provide educational aid in a way that is fit for that child. Community partners and sponsors can voluntarily provide aid as well. The Department of Education shall determine the amount of this aid.

The child shall have to maintain educational and behavioral standards in order to maintain his or her scholarship, which shall be predetermined by the Department of Education.

Participation in church or religious organizations should not be limited to collegiate, trade, or technical school. The mentee should be able to receive education from a further established college, technical, trade school or mentoring program that would allow them, during and post detention, to further their education at that school and create a better life for themselves.

(C) When a child is charged with a nonviolent offense which places him under the jurisdiction of the family court and the solicitor is of the opinion that justice would be better served if the child completed a church mentor program, the solicitor may divert the child to such a program. Upon completion of the program, the proceedings in family court must be dismissed.

Participation in the church mentor program is voluntary, and the child or his parents or guardians may refuse to participate based upon their religious beliefs or for any other reason.

(D) When a child is adjudicated delinquent for a nonviolent offense in family court, the family court judge may order the child to participate in the community mentor program.When a child is adjudicated delinquent for a nonviolent or violent offense in family court, the family court judge and Attorney General may order the child to participate in the community mentor program. This would include the respective schoolings and passions this child would pursue. When a child is ordered to participate in the community mentor program, he must be assigned to a community organization that shall assign a mentor to the child. The mentor shall monitor the academic and personal development of the child for a minimum period of six months and a maximum period not exceeding one year as ordered by the court. That mentor should monitor and coach for plus 1 year if the monitor and mentor feel that it is necessary with guidance of the courts. Failure to complete the program shall result in the child being brought before the family court for appropriate sanctions or revocation of suspended commitment.

(E) The Attorney General must establish guidelines for the program, the mentors, and the community organizations that participate in the community mentor program. The County Judge and Attorney General must establish guidelines for the program with a parent, guardian, or legal parental guardian to ensure the child complies with program requirements.

If the juvenile poses a threat of serious harm to himself or others, they will be removed from the program and may re-enter after further consideration from the court that appeals.”
11/4/2021 22:35:44hmridings@presby.eduHallie Ridings85Hallie RidingsHouse
1. Capitalize Hate Crime in the purpose statement.
2. Delete the original wording of the first whereas statement. Replace with, "Hate Crimes committed within the United States have been a consistent problem throughout the course of its history, particularly within states that lack proper judgment and prosecution of biased based crimes."
3. Capitalize Hate Crime in the second WHEREAS statement. Add "age, religion, or any" after "sexual orientation". Correct typo of "individual".
4. Capitalize Hate Crimes in the third WHEREAS statement. Change and insert "the appropriate selecting adjacent to the initial act" after "nor implement".
5. Insert additional WHEREAS statement, making it the fourth WHEREAS statement.
6. Correct typo to "legislation" in the fifth WHEREAS statement. Replace "someone" by "a person(s)" after "violence against" in the fifth WHEREAS statement. Add "age, religion, or any" after "sexual orientation".
7. Section II, subsection A, replace and insert "before a court under" after "to be motivated". Add "age, religion, or any" after "sexual orientation".
8. Section II, subsection C, add "age, religion, or any" after "sexual orientation".
9. Add definition of race, as subsection B.
10. Add definition of religion, as subsection C.
11. Add definition of gender, as subsection D.
12. Add definition of sexual orientation, as subsection E.
13. Add definition of age, as subsection F.
14. Add definition of economic class, as subsection G.
15. Move section III, subsection A, sub-subsection i, to Section III, subsection G, sub-subsection a. Add "These determinations shall be made by the trial judge or by any other judicial Department of Regulations."
Please email me if you notice anything of concern.
11/5/2021 Mueller100Brooke KellySenate
Amend Section I to "Section 1-13-20" instead of "Section 1-13-30"
11/5/2021 10:40:28hmridings@presby.eduHallie Ridings85Hallie RidingsHouse
1. Strike inclusion of race, religion, age, economic status definitions in previous amendment of Section III.
2. Add definition of gender, in Section III, subsection B. Reads as: "Gender” is defined as socially constructed characteristics that reference to the biological sex of either male or female.
3. Add definition of sexual orientation, in Section III, subsection C. Reads as: “Sexual orientation” is defined as one’s self-identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.
This my second amendment!
11/5/2021 11:10:20
Brandon Christopher Diehl
73Annaleah GilreathSenate
Change Lawful to unlawful in Section II
11/5/2021 11:24:21
Braxton Cranmer 25Shiphrah Matapathi House
Section I: strike language "or the House of Representatives" and "or the senate"
11/5/2021 11:28:22
Brandon Christopher Diehl
89Devon BeatonSenate
Add the content of Sections III and IV to Section II.

Remove the Headings for Sections III and IV

Change Section V to Section III
11/5/2021 11:54:22
Braxton Cranmer 58Olivia WidenerHouse
replace Section III with Therefore
11/5/2021 13:13:35
Braxton Cranmer73Annaleah GilreathHouse
Add Section III: "The caliber and model of the firearm carried by the educator shall be approved by local law enforcement in accordance with local law enforcement guidelines."
11/5/2021 13:27:29
Caleb Short83Elise PerrySenate
Amend section I to strike “and private” from SECTION 63-19-1430 (B)
11/5/2021 Eberlin79Rafael GuerraHouse
Amend section II as follows: "This bill will go into effect July 1, 2022 after passage by the General Assembly and signature of the Governor."
11/5/2021 14:00:49arivera2@citadel.eduAngel Rivera46Angel RiveraHouse
To amend section III dated 30 October 2021 to 18 April 2022 and the addition to the purpose that it reads, "To allow properly trained military personal to carry off duty unless found in violation of South Carolina Laws under Article 4, Chapter 31, Title 23 and Section 16-23-465."
Simply to make South Carolina safer and more prepared. Also to lessen burden of our officers faced with discrimination today.
11/5/2021 Maloney85Hallie RidingsHouse
Strike Section II clause C and all subclauses.
Removed due to concerns over constitutionality
11/5/2021 14:10:59
Caleb Short83Elise PerrySenate
Amend section I to strike “and private” from SECTION 63-19-1430 (B)