2019 Mentorship Luncheon Survey (Responses)
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Timestamp1) Which portion of the event was your favorite and why?2) What do you remember most about the keynote speaker?3) Did you enjoy the conversations at your table during the luncheon - with your Mentor and Peers? Why or why not?4) Did you take advantage of networking opportunities to introduce yourself to Mentors and Peers/Mentees? Why or Why not?5) What are you looking forward to during your mentorship?Please share any additional thoughts you have about the luncheon. If you want a response, please share your Gmail so we can respond. Response to Mentee
11/5/2018 20:10:40The scavenger hunt was definitely my favorite because I got to meet new people and get to know some mentors.How no matter what your past is you can always accomplish something and become someone big.Yes, everyone at my table was very polite and we had some great conversations regarding our future and our lifestyle.Yes I feel like the whole dinner was necessary in order to communicate with mentors and other mentees in order for us to feel comfortable knowing each other.I look forward to learning new things and hopefully learning how to better my self and my academics for my future.
11/5/2018 20:12:16Talking about the scholarship. It got me excited for the opportunity.You will make mistakes, but learn from them.Yes. I loved speaking to my montors.Yes. I love meeting people.The different activities and meetings we will have.I would like to know my mentors contact to know when we will meet.Type your Mentors name in the M&M Group on REMIND to connect with your Mentor
11/5/2018 20:12:57The lunch portion where we were able to converse with our mentors and peers was my favorite because I had the opportunity to meet new people with similar aspirations as mine and my mentor was extremely helpful with any concerns I had.The way they interact with their audience Yes because I learned more personal and educational aspects of each one and our mentor was helpful in any questions we hadNo because I felt like there were so many people who were just as quiet as myself and they all tended to group with fellow classmates. I also felt that there was very little time to meet more mentors given the amount of students present I am looking foward to meeting new people, making new connections and having a guide as the scholarship and college applications can be daunting Overall it was enjoyable once the ice was broken but most people stayed timid through the luncheon
11/5/2018 20:13:35Getting time to meet our mentors and our mentees because it was amazing to learn of the different leadership rolls that are being taken across our city.About his struggles and story’s about his father.Yes I did, because I was able to learn more about them and what role they play in our society.Yes I did, because I wanted a Mentor who had a role in the medical field.Guidance, and leadership opportunities.
11/5/2018 20:14:48My favorite part of the event was being able to ask my mentor questions related to the field of study I want to embark on. I remembered his experience with an uneasiness about school and his future because I related to him very much. Absolutely, I enjoyed the conversation. It was great being able to ask questions and receive feedback right at that moment. Especially relating my field of study, it definitely eased some of my nervousness. I did, and it was very nice meeting other mentees and mentors. These people are the best of the best and it would’ve been foolish on my part not to have taken advantage of that. I’m looking forward to being confident on the path that I am building towards my future. I want to know beyond a doubt that I’m doing everything the most efficient and experienced way.
11/5/2018 20:29:49When we were introducing to our mentors because you kind of get a connection with them, and now that you know them a little better and had a short conversation with them, you find out that you had a special connection with some of them, and know, even if he/she is not your mentor, you know you can count on he/she. I'm not sure what is the keynote speaker, but basically the speeches were about we all came from different paths, different difficulties, but know we all have the opportunity to trive in life, and to put the batteries on and work, work not hard, but intelligently through these road.I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure they are awsome guys, but i felt a little bit out of place since my English is not very good, and i don't have the same interests, neither experiences or knowledge.No, not really. I been have some doubts, but that's all.To organize my pathway through college, my career, acquire and strength skills, impulse myself to defeat fear, to make my outlook huge in opportunities, and to find out where do i belong.
I'm really scare, i don't know why am i here. Im pretty sure there is a reason, but i haven't figure it out what is it. I hope i can find the motivation, the support, and the courage here. If not with my mentor and peers, with other, but i do want to make this an exceptional experience. It is so hard for me to fit in a place and much more where i don't feel i can be useful.
11/5/2018 20:32:57Getting to meet all the mentors as they were very nice and had interesting careers. I remember that he is the dean of the college of education at utep and that he had a rough path to his present life but he overcame it and succeeded. I enjoyed our conversations, we got to talking about our lives and how politics can help change our education and it was very insightful. I did take advantage of networking and introduced myself to mentors to better understand who they are. I am looking forward to meet with my mentor and do things that are gonna help me in my future.
11/5/2018 20:33:00My favorite portion was when the dean of Utep spoke and how it’s not where you start but where you finish.Not sureI did very much enjoy speaking to my mentor he has humorous Yes I was able to meet very wonderful people during those few hours, these people all want to be happy successful people and the vibe was overall just amazing!I’m looking forward to see myself grow and gain tips to better myself.
11/5/2018 20:33:51The Discussion with the mentors because it taught me more on my career. I remember mostly about his past life in Hawaii. I very much enjoyed my conversations because I learned more about the people in my community and for my job. I did not take advantage because I was shy at first but I wish I did. I am looking forward to being ready for my future. LOVE THIS PROGRAM.
11/5/2018 20:38:30Being able to talk to my mentor within our groups.The message of perseverance and hard work to achieve something great.Yes, because it was informative and wonderful to talk with others who are as passionate as I am about a particular career.Not at first. It was intimidating to socialize when I knew no one. Soon though, I talked with mentors and my peers. I’m excited to learn about a successful person in the field I’m interested in pursuing. This mentorship is a good opportunity to network and receive advice about the next steps I’ll take in life.I do wish it were more organized. At first, I felt overwhelmed because all the mentees were packed into a room to wait before the luncheon began. I also didn’t know my mentor until the day of. I believe all of the Mentees were placed in a room together to receive instructions about the Selfie Scavenger Hunt, and to give Mentees an opportunity to meet each other. Meeting your Mentor on the first day of the Mentorship is the quickest and first opportunity for the meeting. Send your Mentor some suggestions. We are always looking to improve and incorporate Mentee recommendations.
11/5/2018 20:59:59Finally getting to meet our mentorI remember his message that we need to have hope and faith.Yes, i felt like it was very easy to talk with my mentor and peers. We were able to relate to each other very easily Yes, i was able to get to know about a lot of mentors and they were able to learn about me and what im interested in.Im looking forward to understanding the process of the mentor ship and how my experience will be.
11/5/2018 21:14:07My favorite portion was the scavenger hunt to meet all the mentors and to know what they did for a living. We also got to take a selfie with them and it was a fun experience What I remember the most about the keynote speaker is his life story and his grandfather that passed away I did enjoy the conversation because I got to understand more about her and her career as well as share about my interests during high school and plans after.Yes I did take advantage to introduce myself to not only my mentor but others. My mentor informed me about volunteer opportunities and I think it is a great way to network even further I am looking forward to meeting more new people and having more meaningful conversations
11/5/2018 21:56:10The way how the mentors was with usThat everyone we have a chanceYes because I see that most of the people want to be a surgeon or something with medicineYes because we have better comunicationTo help me with all my carrerWas cool
11/5/2018 22:22:51The part when we got to know our mentors and ask questions about their progress That he’s grampa was stabbed to death Yes I got to now my mates and mentor betterI don’t understand the question clearly but ima day yes just in caseTo help me know what path I’m going to take in order to achieve my interestSo yeah the food was great thanks the chef and one of the waitress a male that was sad because he did not find a fork
11/6/2018 1:45:42My favorite part of the event where the speeches given, they where very motivational and gave me a sense of pride for being there. It was beautiful and the food was awesome!I remember the keynote speaking about his past and how he was not a well off student, but now he is very successful even when odds where against him.Yes, I learned new things about them and myself. I also felt very comfortable speaking with them about my future and they made me feel secured about the oath I am going to take.Yes! I introduced myself just like they did and right away noticed the iníciate connection I had as a student with them.I am looking forward to what life has to offer to em and the opportunities I can receive with doing this mentor program.
11/6/2018 2:54:08On the scavenger hunt because you got to talk to different type of mentors and socialize.That encourages use to do great Yes, for I got to learn about and get to know new peopleYes, for I got to know more peers and a couple of mentors.The experience of the program
11/6/2018 7:46:38The speaker’s presentation.How entertaining and memorable his speech was.Yes, it was interesting getting out of my comfort zone to ask the people in my table about their story.I tried to take advantage of the opportunity as best as I could, although it was hard due to the specific worksheet we had to fill out without any writing utensil.Im looking forward to seeing and absorbing all the tips and tricks that will be useful during my college phase as well as my life beyond that.
11/6/2018 9:54:22Talking to my mentor was the best part because I felt that Mr. Villalobos really cared about how he’s going to help us and it got me excited. I also really liked hearing from the keynote speaker, the dean at UTEP, his story was so interesting and wonderful to hear.His story about how he became the leader that he is. I loved that he gave us insight on what it’s voing to take but also said to take our own path and allow ourselves to figure it all out.Yes, they were all very interesting people and each had their own story to tell.Yes I did introduce myself to quite a few of them I felt like we were all there to meet new people and enjoy anew experience The idea of someone helping and encouraging me along the way is gonna make all the difference I feel
11/6/2018 16:57:06Sitting at the table with my mentor/fellow mentees and conversing about criminal justice and law. He had a remarkable background and family history. Knowing what he has achieved and being told about his past was inspiring.Yes, because everyone at the table had the same interests as me and I felt as if i learned new things.Yes, because I felt as thought the room was filled with remarkable mentors and I wanted to meet them and be able to hear about their achievements.Getting into depth on the career path I want to pursue, and learn new things from my mentor and fellow mentees.More get togethers shall be planned it was really fun and an amazing experience
11/7/2018 7:10:06Meeting new people His background and why he does what he does Yes we all got to know each other’s interests Yes because it’s a great opportunity for outlets in the future Having someone who has already been through what i want to do as a guide The food was good
11/7/2018 7:12:33I enjoyed talking to my mentor. She was very kind and had a lot of advice to give.That his success was a journey. I did enjoy our conversations. We each had a lot to say and everyone was very respectful. I felt supported.Yes. I did this because when you meet people that know success, you open doors for yourself.I’m looking forward to spending more time with my mentor and the other mentees in my group.
11/7/2018 7:12:48meeting with our mentors and knowing that we will be guided during the school year.It is important to stay on the right track and remove yourself from situations that wont benefit you in lifeYes because i got to know more about my mentor and discuss future plans on how to set me on the right track.YesFor the guide certainly
11/7/2018 7:30:52My favorite part of this event was when we all sat down and talked to our mentor. That he always fought for what he wanted. Yes, I got to meet and get to know everyone including my mentor. Yes, it was a chance to get to know each other. To get advice from my mentor, and get things that benefit me and my other peers.
11/7/2018 8:03:19Getting to learn about my mentor and my fellow mentee! He was amazing and inspiring! I love how he included comedy in his presentation while still sticking to the relevance of the topic. This was my favorite part! This was the point where I recognized this was going to be one of my greatest experiences in high school.I know I probably could’ve done better putting myself out there and asking questions! But after this ice breaking I was all in! Having someone sincerely interested and concerned with my success makes me care more as well. Everything was great!
11/7/2018 9:01:43My favorite part was when we were all seated and we got to know our mentors. I liked it because my mentor introduced herself and she told us about what she does and why. I remember when she told us about college and how she managed to attend there. Yes, I did because we talked about what we want to do in the future.Yes, I felt that communication with my mentor because at the end I got to ask her a lot of things I didn’t know and she answered to all of my questions and that helped mes lot. I’m still not completely sure of what I want to do in college, so Im hoping to get to figure it out.
11/7/2018 9:10:23My favorite portion of the event overall was getting to know my mentor and peers because we were talking about our experiences that have motivated us to go to the career pathway we chose.I remember being so motivated by Tanabes story. His life story proves that with hard work and determination one can successfully reach their dreams. I also remember just how captivated I was overall with both speakers as they told us great things.I did enjoy the conversation we had at our table because we talked about our experiences that have motivate us to be better individuals. I was also able to learn more about my mentor and peers.I would like to say that I did take advantage of the networking opportunities that was offered to me at the event. Because I learned that in society to be successful one needs to learn how to network with others. Although at first I was shy I was eager to introduce myself towarss everyone.In this mentorship I look forward to help the community in some way. I also look forwards to secure that Education is the correct pathway for me. And more importantly I hope to improve my networking skills.Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this!
11/7/2018 9:32:01My favorite part of the event was when we finally got to sit down and meet with our mentor and my peers.That we may make mistakes in the beginning and face obstacles but never give up Yes I enjoyed the conversation at our table because we were getting to know each other and got to know about each of our career paths we want to take Yes because everyone in our table was talking and kept asking questions about each other so the conversation never ended. I am looking forward to learning from my mentor and to new opportunities
11/7/2018 9:44:18My favorite portion of the event was mingling with students from different districts and already creating a bond with my mentor.I remember the keynote speakers enthusiasm and drive to motivate us.I enjoyed the conversations at my table because they all felt natural rather than forced.I believe i did because i talked about the person i was, who they were, and even got eachother on social media for future events.I am looking forward to receiving friends and help outside of my usual family and peer group.
11/7/2018 10:22:05My favorite part about this event was the interaction between my group and our mentor. Enjoying the food and getting to know and meet knew people was the most enjoyable aspect.What I remember most about Mr. Tanabe’s speech is whole story about how he went from a wild, broken, young individual to what he is now.Yes. It allowed me to share my story and goals as well as learn about others and how they got to where they are now.Yes, I believe I did. I mainly formed networks with those at my table. It was easy to find things in common with my peers.I am looking forward to the guidance and advice that I will be recieving as well as the networks I will form over time.I thought the food was amazing! I also enjoyed the feeling of togetherness with not only my group, but with everyone in the room. I really enjoyed Tanabe’s story, although I didn’t grow up in Hawaii, I can relate to the struggles he faced with not being the ideal imagine of success but still showing that looks and reputation mean nothing when one works hard for what they want to accomplish. My gmail is ashleynavarro583@gmail.com
11/7/2018 10:33:26My favorite portion was meeting my mentor as she was very social and open to ideas. She was very clear as to what we meant to her and what she expected out of us too. As soon as she sat on the table she made the aura very vibrant and carefree. The people I was seated with also made an effort to get to know each other well. It was an overall amazing and friendly experience.I just loved how he managed to establish a connection between his tragedies and success. The courage he has to share the experience with others is what most stuck with me. The speaker managed to turn his personal experiences into inspirations for us to pursue higher and better opportunities. It’s amazing to think that his connections managed to have such effect on me.Yes, a lot since they seemed to flow very nicely and I established a connection with my mentor and others quickly Yes, I did. I feel like communicating and speaking to your mentor is essential because we are both supposed to make the effort in order to succeed. I am looking forward to learning from my mentor so that I can gain experience and make better decisions. The food and music was outstanding!
11/7/2018 10:57:16My favorite portion of the event was being able to interact with the mentors during the scavenger hunt. It was very exciting knowing I was surrounded by successful people of all ages and in all different professions. Although I didn’t have a chance to talk to many of them the ones I did were incredibly friendly and passionate.I remember that Dr.Tinabe was an inspiring figure who was relatable despite the differences in culture that set him and us apart. He presented himself as such a genuine person who truly underwent hardships, but was able to overcome them. The personal stories he spoke of really resonated and I will retain his advice as I transition to a new chapter of my life. I did enjoy interacting with our mentor and mentees. It was unfortunate our assigned mentor could not attend, however Jacque was super nice and very interesting. The entire table was able to find out things about each other and engage in a very stimulating conversation. I am looking forward to meeting again.During the scavenger hunt I tried to truly get to know the mentor as a person beyond what was written on the scavenger ballot. I made sure to introduce myself and met amazing individuals in education, politics, and engineering. Each time I learned more about their profession and tried to make a memorable impression.I am looking forward to the variety of opportunities and learning experience I will gain from my mentor. Also what I will discover about myself and the career of my choosing.The luncheon was well organized and I had a lot of fun.
11/7/2018 13:30:58The scavenger hunt bacause we were able to interact with the mantors and getting to now more about other mentores not just the one we chose.I remember how his life took a whole 180 in his education and his behavior but in the end he ended up haveing a great life that his grandfather would be proud of.Yes because we got to know how our mentors career took a whole 180 getting him to a good place showing us that there are many more options also because we got to interact with other mentees.Yes bacause we all got to share our interest and now that we have a better opportunity in learning more about our caree interests we will take full advantage of this opportunity.I really hope to learn more about my career interest and i feel that with the help of my mentor my peers and I have a really great chance in leraning many new things with the help of our mentor.
11/7/2018 21:20:41The Selfie Scavenger Hunt activity was definitely my favorite part. In my opinion, it was a very refreshing way of meeting the mentors and bonding with them by taking a picture together. I thought it was great to truly interact with the individuals that we will be in touch with for the rest of our senior year.The keynote speaker’s grandfather and his passing. To me, a death in the family isn’t exactly something you move on from and I was moved to hear that Dr. Tanabe used this in order to strive for success and keep pushing forward. At first, the conversations were very awkward and shy. My peers mostly asked questions like “What school do you go to?” “What clubs are you in?” It wasn’t until we began speaking to our mentor that we all actively participated in the conversation. We began sharing our career plans and asking Ms.Beltran many questions about her experiences. After that, we all had an easier time talking to each other and I thought it was pretty cool to meet new people and new perspectives. I was very behind in the scavenger hunt due to my lack of preparing, and I didn’t get a chance to truly take advantage of the opportunities to meet many mentors. But I am glad to say that I now understand the importance of proactivity and took advantage of meeting a few mentors. Gaining a better understanding on what I need to do in order to be on the right track for my future career. I also look forward to building a stronger relationship with my peers and mentor. I didn’t get the chance to thank the Riverside HS Culinary Arts program, so I wanted to say that the food was very delicious and I’m grateful we were provided great service.
11/7/2018 23:44:12When we manage to be introduced to who were our mentors and who would we be paired up with. It was exciting and it managed to increase my social skills. One should keep on moving forward, despite the hardship one is facing during the present. Yes I did. We manage to interact with each other and start forming some kind of bond, and manages to connect in some things. Yes I did, I wanted to stand out from the rest of my classmates, etc etc, and i wanted to show I'm a interesting individual.Forming a strong relationship and a mentor who helps me throughout my senior year, and me being able to teach my mentor a thing or two about life.
11/8/2018 16:11:05My favorite portion was the scavenger hunt. It worked as an icebreaker and really allowed the mentors and mentees to get to know each other in a casual and fun way. It also allowed us to interact with other mentors besides our own. The story about his grandfather and how although he ended up in a dark place for some time, he was able to overcome his troubles and grow stronger from them. Yes. Although our mentor didn’t show and we had a substitute mentor, our new mentor shared a lot of her knowledge and experience with us and it made the whole experience very memorable. My peers were all very unique and had different perspectives and experiences that were interesting to listen to. Yes. I interacted with students from other schools that share common interests and that I hope to build relationships with in the future. I also met Mentors besides my own that had experience in workfields I am interested in. This program is a great way to make connections and learn more about certain things which is why I took advantage of the networking opportunities. I am looking forward to learning more about the work fields of my mentor and their experiences and also being able to develop skills that will help me in the future.
11/8/2018 18:30:24My favorite portion of the event was sitting down with my mentor and other mentees. We are all interested in becoming teachers, so it was interesting to see different perspectives on the same subject. I also enjoyed listening to all the speakers. I found this to be very inspirational. I found the speech to be very inspirational. I especially remember him talking about his grandpa being stabbed. This was very shocking to me, but also showed be that your past doesn't define you. No matter what you've been through, you can always grow as a person and improve your life. Yes, I enjoyed the conversations at my table. We laughed and shared stories with one another. I felt very comfortable around my peers, I hope to become closer to each of them in the future. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I did. I sometimes tend to be shy, which causes me to not speak much when I'm around a lot of people. However, lately I've been trying to change that and I've been trying to come out of my comfort zone. Growing as a person and realizing my potential. I sometimes doubt the things I'm capable of doing, although deep inside I know I can do them. I think there should be ice breakers to make the mentees feel more comfortable around one another. Although I felt very comfortable with the mentees at my table, I didn't have the time to meet other mentees.
11/8/2018 20:36:54The desert and because of the fruit.Her purple lipstick.It was a bit awkward but generally it was a nice get together.Not to the fullest extent since I didnt know what professional questions to ask so I regret doing my research before hand.Gaining maturity
11/8/2018 20:37:20Interacting and communications with my peers and mentors as I received knowledge and gained an insight of them as well as received great advice.The keynote speaker was inspiring and motivating due to the several stories that one is able to connect to.Yes, I did, I enjoyed getting an insight into my mentor and peers I did, I was able to talk about my goals and plans for my life Being able to gain an insight into my possible future
11/8/2018 20:37:32sitting down and getting to know my mentor because it’s made me feel more comfortable with being in the. program because i got to learn about who is be working withto never give up and always push yourself because YOU CAN DO IT. i remember it being very motivational yes i did, my mentor was very approachable and nice! yes i did because it is a good way to get out of your shell. getting to where i want to be and need to be in order to be successful
11/8/2018 20:40:13My favorite portion of the event was when we introduce ourselves to the different mentors in the program.I'm not pretty sure if the question is asking about the Dean of education or about Ms.Georgina, however I remember the Dean's story and about Ms. Georgina I clearly remember when she explained the quote that I thought it was from Spider Man.I really enjoyed the conversations at my table because my mentor tried to include everyone and because we all have our opinion about voting.Yes! I introduced myself to the Dean of education and to a civil engineer from Texas A&M. It was a great moment because I made some connections that would help me in the future.I'm looking forward in more opportunities such as scholarships and internships.
11/8/2018 20:40:54My favorite portion was when we can talk to our mentor and talk to the other mentees and getting to know each other.What I remembered was to stay positive, work hard and keep focus.Yes I did because it was where we can get to know each other.No not really I felt mostly out of place and nothing in common with the other mentees.Getting to know more about my mentor’s job and having motivation to continue working hard for the future .
11/8/2018 20:41:50Getting to interact and meet new people. Very hard working man with an inspirational story. I really like my mentor and looking forward to meeting with him in the future. Yes I can’t wsit to work with my mentor. Continuing my path towards college and keeping on the right track with help from my mentor. The food was amazing !
11/8/2018 20:42:18Communicating and learning the different majors each mentor had to offer To always go for the extra mile, hard work pays off in the long run Yes, it is interesting knowing and learning about others thoughts and ideas. Yes, because it’s better that our peers and mentors know more about who you are as a person so they can allow ideas to help I am looking forward to learning and taking everything I can from my mentor and using it in the future
11/8/2018 20:43:22Meeting our mentorI don’t remember Yes because he was interested in getting to know usNot really Honestly, I don’t know
11/8/2018 20:45:17My favorite portion of the event was the Scavenger Hunt. It allowed us to meet and greet the mentors and to learn more about their experiences in the work force. In addition, we got to meet other mentees and share our information about the mentors we had "interviewed." All in all, meeting the other mentees and mentors was the most rewarding experience of the event. The keynote speaker definitely made an impact in all of the mentors. I remember that he implied that whenever someone wants to succeed, one must work hard for that success, despite of the hardships. The conversations at our table were amazing. From politics to current events, the mentors and mentees each added their opinion and point of view in the subjects. Our conversations resulted in fruitful information and scholarly discussions. Networking with the mentors and mentees is a great opportunity granted by the Mentorship Benefit. I, in fact, have taken advantage of the network that I have created with journalist Robert Moore. Bob, as he is often called, is a knowledgeable man that can guide me in my career path. This opportunity is one of a kind, and I will definitely be rewarding. During this year, I am looking forward to create projects along with the mentor and mentees and learn more about the career that I am involved in. In addition, I am looking forward to have possible job outlooks and other networking opportunities. I thank everyone for making this program possible. I am aware that as people from rural areas, we oftentimes do not have the same opportunities to stand out amongst the rest. I believe that opportunities like these empower those of poor communities, and it breaks the cycle of confirming to lesser things.
11/8/2018 20:46:44My favorite portion of the event was when I got to meet my mentor along with the other mentees who are interested in the same field I am. Two things that I got out of the speaker was for me to have faith in myself. I also remember him saying that the only way to succeed was by "Don't be like me!" The conversation I had with my peers and Mentor was amazing! First we got to learn from each other. Secondly, my mentor was able to relay good advice at that instant. I did take advantage. I was pleased to hear from my group. I am looking forward to become more knowledgeable about this field I am interested in. I also hope to shadow my mentor sometime. Lastly, I am looking forward to hear from personal experiences that my mentor went through to thrive.
11/8/2018 21:00:33Meeting others who are going to share the same journey as me and are eager to succeed in life.He was a “regular joe” who turned out to do amazing things with his life.Yes it was very interesting to see who we were going to be guided by and hear her stories.No I was a bit shy and nervous and sick and felt very out of my comfort zone.Meeting amazing people and seeing where I turn out to be in a year with the guidanceThe food was amazing and it was very fun and entertaining, I loved being apart of such a great event.
11/8/2018 21:07:25The portion of the event I enjoyed the most and was my favorite was at the beginning when we started to guess each mentors questions and taking a picture with them. We had the chance to get out of our zone and meet new people and others mentors.What i remember the most from our keynote speaker is to never give up and keep going no matter how hard a it gets.I enjoyed every second I got to spend with mentor and peers. I enjoyed the conversations we had. Was very motivational.I did take advantage of networking opportunities with my mentors and peer because it was a great way to establish a great relationship between our mentors and peers.To learn from great mentors. To know the knowledge of how important how school is and to never give up on our dreams.It was a great experience to know people from other school and i had a great time with my mentors. I’m looking forward for more days to spend with our mentors.
11/8/2018 23:58:56The portion in which we were given the opportunity to not only network, but truly connect with our assigned mentors through face-to-fave conversational bonding was truly a pleasure to take part in & a hearty reminder of why we chose to participate in the program altogether.The most memorable or rather "noteworthy" portion of Dr.Tanabe's keynote speech in my personal opinion would definitely be in which not simply when he attempted to relate to everyone in the room with humor as many would say, but rather the instance after his personal narrative when he revealed the variables that really pushed him to continue & strive for an education to get where he's at today.As a matter of fact, I did greatly enjoy the conversations I took part in with my fellow mentees & issued mentor as we all were able to connect as one on why we all share that same oassion that brought us to that table to that day & what factors came into play for us to continue to persue it.I did take advantage as much I could in the moment & have strongly maintained my bond through the mentee SMS group cat & through contacting my table of mentees w/ my assigned mentor on future projects & workshops to come!I'm hoping for our participants to join in on an overall experience of mutual terms in which both parties deliever & everyone benefits to some extent, passionately wanting to be there for their occupations.
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