WoW: Classic -- Shaman Gearing v1.0
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What's up guys. I play in-game as Arduran, and I originally got my start in WoW classic in January of 2005. I played all the way through Vanilla and early BC before stopping in early 2008. I've recently returned, spurred by the WoW classic announcement, and rolled a Shaman on a will-remain-unnamed Private Server, and I fell in love.
As I neared 60 and started looking at getting geared, I was frustrated at the lack of published resources, but I was even more frustrated by the so-called "BiS Lists" that were out there anyway--why were they determined to be "best in slot"? What does that even mean anyway? What is it that makes gear worth having? So, long story short, I decided to catalog every piece of gear in the game, weigh it, rack it, and stack it. The goal was to take the established knowledge that was out there and apply a mathematical solution to the options that players have to them.
I think this project, at least so far, has done a pretty good job of that. I didn't do all the work myself, and the credits below show that. All I did was the scut work and data entry. People way smarter than me did the theorycrafting to find out what was good, I just did the math to show WHY it was good. Make sense?
All that said... I hate the term "BiS". It's way too subjective and it leads people to believe there's no other option available to them, and it has a side-effect of toxifying the player community. I found myself rejected or kicked from groups more than once for not having the "best" piece when I had a piece of gear that was just as viable, but since I wasn't wearing pretty teal robes, I was trash.
One of the secondary goals of this project was to show people how many viable options are out there for them in terms of gearing. Bottom line, this sheet should NOT serve as an end-all, be-all of Shaman gearing. That's not what I designed it for (and why I refuse to use the term "BiS Lists"). This workbook is a decision support tool to enable players to make informed decisions on what pieces of gear to pursue in their chosen spec and role. The pre-raid recommended sets are just that---recommendations. I tried to put in viable alternatives, noteworthy options, and things worth having on there as notes. Nobody is going to force you to wear certain pieces of gear. If they do, they're dicks.
Most importantly, this should be a conversation starter. You should feel empowered to play around with this sheet and the other resources that are out there to inform yourself, your friends, your party members, and your guildmates--if you want to min/max, that's great! If you don't, that's cool too. Often times there's something out there that's a 95% solution that's probably 75% easier to get, and people should know about that. Feel free to share it around. Come join us in the Shaman Discord (link below!) and help make this tool better if you feel it's lacking somewhere. We're friendly folk and we love our math...
Come join us at the Shaman Classic Discord!
v1.0Comfortable for mass-market release. Changed "BiS" to "Recommended Set Lists" and added a disclaimer to the front of the workbook. All gear for Resto and Elemental is catalogued and Recommended Set Lists for all phases, Pre-Raid and Raid-Tier, compiled.
v0.99Stat weights adjusted again, this time focusing on PVE and PVP for each spec. Phase available added for known gear following updated Classic Content Plan.
v0.95Working through set bonuses. Will need some help from the theorycrafting community. Current logic for flat value bonus: if it's worth 1 talent point, that equals 10 "value" points.
v0.9All ele & resto gear catalogued (to the best of my knowledge). Probably missed a few pieces along the way. The values feel right but still could use some theorycrafting input from SMEs. I feel good about releasing it for community feedback at this stage.
v0.7Weapons complete (no offhands/shields yet). Added columns for block value, weapon skill, and defense. Cleaned up the formulae & added new stat weights. Cleaned up unnecessary columns on each sheet.
I'm thinking about weighing procs with a flat added value that I'll have to just go with my gut on. Hopefully there's more theorycrafting research already out there on certain proc weapons (ie Hand of Edward the Odd, Ironfoe, etc).
v0.65Trinkets started. Conferred w/ Taladril for theorycrafting; rationalizes raw values using an uptime ratio. Trinkets with both static and an on-use effect are on separate lines and will need to be added together for the "full" value of the trinket.
v0.6Stat weights adjusted for Ele & Resto using Egregious' "HEP Values". Took some liberty with the values but kept the ratios the same (roughly). Adjusted the Enh & Tank weights to make it "feel" less wrong. Gloves, Legs, Boots, Rings done.
v0.4Cloaks, Chests, Wrists done. Created separate sheets for each slot for ease of viewing. Still have the giant master list as a working copy.
v0.35Added a fourth score column for tanking-related stats. Added in stat columns for DPS, Dodge, Block, and Parry. Began adding chestpieces. Starting to feel like this is too big in scope.
v0.3Formulae reworked to include melee stats. Enhancement formula added; No enhancement gear added. Shoulders done. Prettied up the spreadsheet. Stat weights adjusted but I still think they need work; need to bring in SMEs on Ele, Resto, and Enh to weigh in. Credits added.
v0.2Resto formula added. Stat weights still suck.
v0.11Necks done. Formula plays better (absolute references for the win!)--HUGE time saver when adding new lines.
v0.1Initial release. Head & Shoulder data present to test filtering. Head pieces have mail/leather/cloth data, shoulders only mail. Ele formula column working; resto and enh to be implemented. Formula doesn't play nice with copy/paste. Stat weights don't seem right, will need further consulting.
ArduranDesigner / Author / QC
TaladrilGear score concept, inspiration, theorycrafting help
MelderonShaman content creator, loremaster, far seer
EgregiousResto Shaman Extraordinaire, The De-Facto Resto Sham BiS Lists, Theorycrafter
TotemTankOriginal Shaman Tank Compendium [Dead Link]
CaperfinShaman Tank Theorycrafter (It's not terrible after all), Very Comprehensive Guide Author
Miscellaneous Tidbits:
Initial sourcing factors:
Item Level 55+, No Greens (Certain exceptions allowed, ie Abyssal greens, Lv 50 Class Quest Rewards, Gizlock's Shield)
Fire/Frost-only spell damage items not considered; Nature-only spell damage is considered
T0 used as a baseline; leather/cloth MUST have a "special stat" to be considered
All item stats are @ 1.12 values, consistent with Blizzard CM Posts
Items sourced from ClassicDB
Lingering Questions:
How to rate non-standard item properties (e.g. Zandalar Exalted Necklace)?
How to rate set bonuses (5 piece ZG set gives extra 5 yards on LB, etc)?
How to weigh weapon procs?
Where does T0.5 fit into the Pre-Raid BiS list? Is it even a factor? Or is it too much of a time-sink to consider relative to traditional options?