I took down the dough calculator,
it won't be available until further notice.
Please bear with me until I find a different solution.
There was an increasing amount of unrespectful people who screwed up the dough calculator.

Despite the fact that I have clearly written on the spreadsheet to avoid editing the file,
these people insist on not giving a damn about me, my request and, what's worse, other users of the calculator.

I spend hours of my spare time to produce FREE content.
Most of the people who consume my FREE content and use my FREE dough calculator didn't even subscribe to my FREE YouTube channel,
like or share my videos, follow me on Instagram/Facebook - let alone buy my products,
although that would be a nice way to show some gratitude.

They do not support me in any way, yet they keep sending me private messages asking me loads of questions and, guess what?
I reply to all of them, even though my FREE content already has the answer to those questions.

I get absolutely nothing by so many people and I never ever ask anything...

But manners? Can I at least have some good manners and a pinch of respect? Please?