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Entry IdGive yourself a tester profile name.Proctored byWhat device are you using for this test?What browser are you using right now?What successes or challenges have you had finding data that you were looking for or using the open data portal? Tell us about any of your past experiences.What are your expectations of what the City of Chicago Open Data Portal would be useful for?Review the homepage and tell us about your first impressions. While you review, try not to click on the next page just yet, but feel free to scroll up and down the page.What are three actions that you know you can do just from reviewing this first page?Who do you think this website is designed for? Why?After reviewing the homepage, what is the first thing you want to do or click?What did you search? Or what was the category you chose?Tell us more about the first thing you did, and why you did it. What were you expecting to happen?Next, search for a dataset you're interested in learning more about. How did you search?Search term (if used)Tell us more about your search experience. Did you find what you were looking for?Did the search meet your expectations?Why or why not?Search for the building permits dataset. How did you search?Search term (if used)Anything else to note about this search experience?Next, search for a map of crime data. How did you search?Search term (if used)Anything else to note about this search experience?Next, find the potholes that have been recently fixed. How did you search?Search term (if used)Anything else to note about this search experience?Next, search for active business licenses. How did you search?Search term (if used)Anything else to note about this search experience?Find the City of Chicago's community boundaries map. How did you search?Search term (if used)Anything else to note about this search experience?Overall, how easy was it for you to find these datasets?Tell us more about your search experiences and how you would improve the site.Next explore the "Digital Chicago" section on the homepage. Tell us about the information you find.How relevant do you think the "Digital Chicago" section is to you?Why or why not?Next explore the "How to Videos" section on the homepage. Tell us about the information you find.How valuable do you think the "How to Videos" section is to you?Why or why not?Next review the "Chicago Apps" section on the homepage. Tell us about the information you find.Were you familiar with any of these apps? If so, which one(s)?How likely are you to use these "Chicago apps" in the future?Why or why not?Overall, how easy or difficult did you think it is to use the new redesigned Data Portal homepage?What makes you say this?After reviewing the site, do you think you are the target audience for the Data Portal?If not, who is the target audience?How likely are you to use the City of Chicago's Open Data Portal in your personal life?Why or why not?How likely are you to use the City of Chicago's Open Data Portal in your professional life?Why or why not?[Only for testers who used the data portal in the past] How does this redesigned data portal homepage compare to what you remember of the current portal?What improvements would you make to City of Chicago Open Data portal homepage to make this site easier to use, more valuable/important to you, and more likely for you to use it again? *Was this your first CUTGroup test?Do you like the CUTGroup?Did you like this CUTGroup test?Anything else to add about CUTGroup?
1ThronesChrisMobileChromeNoUseful for finding jobs. Finding doctors and providers.Colorful,peeks interest. Categories are interesting. Design is good.Look at different events, coordinate routes, and find out what's going on in your community.To help people find resources in city of chicago.Clicked on a data catalog categoryFOIALooking for events going on in the city and doesn't really list that. Just talks about buildings. Was looking for halloween/apple picking events."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxnursingLooked for jobs in helping/human resources. Did not find jobs. Expected city of chicago portal to help with finding jobs. Adding jobs would help.NoDidn't lead to any jobs."Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetMap was high lgihted at top of homepage.Hard to click on it and navigate to map.Sanitation category first, then public safety category, then tried searching "potholes."Could put potholes in public safety category."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxactive business licenseFirst searched "active business license." Not able to find it. Search doesn't work well."Search to find a specific dataset..." box"City of chicago community boundaries map." Then clicked on facilities and boundaries category.n/a5 - Very EasyPost jobs on there. Adding events of things going on in chicago. Medical department events.Privacy policy info was clicked on. Policies by government and funding. You can ask questions about policies you don't understand.4 - RelevantCould have more details. Kind of short. What should be expected.Clicked on few videos. Talk about food inspection, potholes, building permits.Purchasing apartments. Whadoes. t open grid5 - Very valuableEye catching videos and right to the point on how to do stuff.Was not able to click and review the apps.4 - LikelyJobs,event improvements. Conventions.5 - Very easyReally simple if you're into computers and simple to find info.Yes3 - NeutralCan just search on google.4 - LikelyUntil it's updatesNoYesYes
2GabireadsJonathaniPhone 5SafariGeography classes to find and download data for making maps of the City. Led through it by professor or someone else more experienced. Astounded by variety of data. Not sure how she will do on her own.Mapping. Creating thematic maps. Census, crime, restaurant, neighborhood data to make maps and analyze data.Subject headings are rational and make sense. Not always the case with sites. Can see what is on the screen w/o manipulating. Font big and clear. Noted Divvy. Appealing. Looks useful.1. Tutorials 2. Navigate to report incidents of crime. 3. Browse data catalog by a wealth of categories.General public b/c easy to use and not laden with jargon. Has tutorial. Don't know yet how much the general public would be able to use. Maybe a subset.Clicked on a data catalog categoryFOIA Requests categoryClicked twice. Drilled down to CPD dataset. Took a couple of clicks to get it open right. Browsed the dataset. Trouble moving around (not surprising since not yet designed well for mobile). Expecting a list of FOIA requests and that is what she got. Pleased that the data on the first screen was robust. Did not have to open every record."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxlead testing schoolsDid not find what she was looking for. Tried "lead test schools". Tried Education category next. "Kind of a mess." Scattershot results. Libraries. CPS progress report cards. Noted old ages of some datasets. Some information is up to date. Some is not. Not in a rational order. Scrolled. Interesting stuff.NoNot necessarily in a negative way. Found some interesting things. Can go to CPS page for specific queries."Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetNo. Very nice."Public Safety" Category > "Crimes" mapNot clear what it is a map of. Does not know time period. Wishes there was a better legend. Zoomed in near her house."Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"Seamless. Very easy. Took her to useful information."Community" Category > "Business Licenses - Active" Filtered ViewTried Administration and Finance category first. Tried Buildings Category. Community was an unlikely place for her. May make sense to City Hall but not to her."Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mapVery easy.4 - EasySearch exprerience was logical. Appropriate number of clicks. Likes hover-over tags (did not use that term). Some of the categories are not necessarily intuitive. For the most part, pretty self-explanatory. No logical order to results. Pain on a phone. Her preference is to scroll instead of using search bars.Little news bites about what is available electronically. Tried to click on Digital Chicago but it is not a link. Clicked through to AoT. Very interested. (Not a fan of it but glad for the article.) Nice to know about what is new.4 - RelevantCertainly of interest. Depending what is highlighted, may or may not be relevant to her household or work.Tried to Click on the header (not a link). Clicked on More Videos and explored. Noticed the playlist. Looks very useful. Liked the OG video. Really nice.5 - Very valuableEasy way to get an overview of something. Good way to provide instruction and make robust use.Tried to click on Chicago Apps (not a link). Seasonally useful. Maybe combine street sweeping and plow tracker.No. May have heard of plow tracker.4 - LikelyThese particular apps. Lives at the intersection of two major streets so good plowing. Don't park on street. Never done 311. Maybe OG.4 - EasyPleasant navigation experience. A couple of times things were not where expected. Using a mobile device, which is what she uses most of the time.Yes5 - Very likelyNosy. A lot of interesting information. Sure she will find information that is pertinent, as well. Events, son's school, crime. Mapping data is very useful.5 - Very likelyAcademic librarian. Work a lot with students who need access to data in a range of areas.A lot more user friendly. Old one did not have categories.Cannot think of anything. Community has a shopping cart icon. Expects more of neighborhood things, not so much things like licenses and zoning.NoYesYesIt was fantastic. Has to remember to keep looking at the site to get to play with these products and sharing them with other people.
3sylivaApriliPhone 6sChromeIt not that data is difficult to access, but the results are not relevant. If I'm looking up restaurant data I don't want school data for instance. Results are not always relevant.The Data should be scrubbed. I'd like to be able to develop apps around it. It seems like the data was just dumped.Pretty straight forward. Gives me an example of what I can use the data for. The main page got stuck. Couldnt scroll thruClick on menu, can type in info in searchbox, or I can choose categories from below.Transparency, its good for government to be upfront with its citizensSearch to find a specific datasetI really love the food inspections because I'm a foodie.Food, because I enjoy fine dining. Was expecting to see a list of restaurants.Chose a data catalog categoryMap of food carts and 11 results. Cant distinguish results maybe it could be in a different color.NoBecause the search returned errors, code"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetviolations, inspections and permits came up. I wasn't sure that another page had come up"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" data lensAgain there are errors and codingpot holespotholes fixedWouldn't allow me to enter search term, keyboard didn't appearSearch in navigation baractive business licensesthe filter feature isn't working on any of these searches. Yeah buddy! It came up. Butthe results are difficult to navigatecommunity and boundariesThe results do not appear to be very mobile responsive.5 - Very EasyI would use different colors that would alert that the site is taking me to different pages, too much scrolling on the homepage, poor ux design under the videos area. I would add the news feature closer to the top. Too wordy and redundant and incomplete sentence.What is the Array of things? This should be defined. Again I don't need all the descriptive paragraphs take up too much space. Just use the heading links. Its self explanatory when the write wording is used. Month in Review in July is out of date.3 - NeutralIt could be valuable but information is outdated or not fully explained.Slow to load and very long intro video by head of city data portal dude. i like to option of other videos and really like the open grid video and I would move the video how to above the fold. I wanna know how to use this portal FIRST.4 - ValuableI want to see how other folks are using the data.unclear that these sections were actually going to launch apps in new browser windowHad heard of the snow tracker app but have never used. The street cleaning app is great it is really good to know. Its5 - Very likelyBecause you don't want to get a ticket.4 - EasyEasier that the first design.YesMost Definitely. I'm nosy. People need to know what's happening in the neighborhood.5 - Very likely5 - Very likelySnow and street sweeping people.It's been brought to the 21st Century.Before I used to have my programmer friends explain how to start and now I don't need them.Less scrolling would be better, develop a better menu system. Just go back to a breadcrumb menu system. To me it the sections need to be more distinct. I feel like I'm in a continual newsfeed. They should test it in different lower end wifi environments. And I don't want to see the crimes recorded section FIRST. That's not uplifting. Give me something funny. Wheres the great public art installations? Where's DCASE in all of this. Too many categories, I don't know what "environments" mean? Need better UX/UINoYesYesPrepopulate database with testers so my name automatically comes up
4GPBlightPeteripad airSafariAll are failures. Tried using for city owned vacant lots. The site problems required sophisticated user level experience to navigate tabs. If wanted to use ward/streets/numbers, was too hard, instead of drop down. No range for scrolling, made it too broad. Cook county accessory you can scroll by range. Uses range from city owned property, city pod cameras.Similaroty to how a browser functions. Not necessary to have excel familiarity to use data. Otherwise it becomes useless. Perhaps those in research field would be used to data sets, but prefer it to be open for all.-"Oh no, its like Preckwinkles site, which is also a mess". (only said the assessors site is a train wreck, but no other explanations) -"whats this sale thing? makes it look like its advertising stuff" (in relation to the rotating pictures) -since this is a data portal, it should focus more on data like demographic info for marketing on real estate or house hunters. flashing promotions are unnecessary. "it should focus on the top three items people serahc for, not what they are pushing" (in relation to the Diivy advertisemnet. "they just want eyeballs to say we're hip and cool. thats not the function of the data portal")As said from before, the portal should emphasize important data sets not what makes the city look cool. Also pointed out the 311 service tracker inaccurate. Since false reports are not removed, it disrupts the data, so the dataset is incorrect.millenials. frequent users of apps. its catergorized, one thing is missing is the mayor, foia, oemc. words that dont necessarily relate to a departmentClicked on a data catalog categoryfoia(she had a fight with the police department this afternoon) surprised fire department keeps no foai, they arent required to comply. showing from May, its September. Why is the police data behind five months.Chose a data catalog categorySurprised data for foia for fire department, then shows fire depertment foai. also no reason for a 5 month backlog, it should be closed out every day.Notoo much downloading and manipulating i=within the menu tab"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetthe dots on the map, prefer addresses? should have an option for ward, not on the map"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" data lenswhile finding it "fast" going to one place where she wants something and not getting what she wants. while she found it, nothing of use didnt work. unable to search for ward/address. changing the face doesnt help, need easier display of data, a range"Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days""Community" Category > "Business Licenses - Active" Filtered Viewwho would think its under community? community is policing or concerns. nothing related to boundaries and business licences. should have a registration tab"Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mapnow when you want the map (within community) they focus on licenses. its silly.5 - Very Easymenu buttons is too complicated. filters and charts arent operational. useless share feature. its not working, why share the non information? also the open of the info (four arrows) it opens up another random dataset, its too far on the side, too small. this is not good placement, is it an enlarger button? ***its easy to find, not easy to use the datasets. (mainly ward)Does not know what "Digital Chicago" is supposed to mean. She read the node camera, wanted to know about applying for a node. Had a few conspiracy theories about the flawed data, and upset that its presented as valid and highly accurate information. Material ommisions corrupts the datasets in her eyes.5 - Very relevantnot a good title, too vague. data contains is flawed.Went through the rotating images via tutorial. Didn't think there was enough videos, watched the open grid tutorial. The entire video. For eight minutes and twenty three seconds. I think the man who is narrating the video is standing right next to us. Its a bit awkward.2 - Not very valuableFar too cplicated to retreive the data you wantNot sure how useful this would be since the data is flawed"no, this is more programmers stuff"3 - Neutral"In my neighborhood the data is seriously flawed, which makes it inaccurate"4 - Easythe homepage is not the proble, the actual data is the problem. to manipuate/use the data is too difficult. no one is held accountable for the data.Nomillenials2 - Not very likelyflawed data2 - Not very likelyindifferent. old face, just wants the data. hard to access the dataits t=not the homepage thats the issue. the data is too hard to figure out. too spreadsheet dependent.. would use it if she could get what she needs.NoYesYeswhen are they going to make the data itself user friendly, not for those who use data professionally
5tonyChrisLaptopChromeNone.Good. Usefulness.Too much information and stuff on homepage. "Digital chicago" section should be bigger.Environmental,service requests,transportation.Designed for residents and other to make city services more available.Clicked on a data catalog categoryTransportationWanted to find CTA maps dealing with train transportation. Met the expectation. Saw "towing" and became interested with that as well.Chose a data catalog categoryLooking for libraries and found locations/hours.YesFound library info"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetEasy to find."Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" datasetSimple to find.Sanitation category and then searched for potholes in that category.potholes recent fix.After sanitation category, looked in "services request" category. Tester feels potholes should stand out somewhere when hovering over category names.Searched 'administration" category first. Then "community" category.Tester feels there should be a specific "business license" category. Shouldn't be under community."Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mapSimple.3 - Neutral1.Make website more "exciting" and interactive. 2. Make things people look at a lot as categories by themselves such as potholes,business licenses. 3. Make the category hover info bigger when mouse put over it.Clicked on "privacy" article. Learned about sensors and how if community has any concerns they can go to a website and have questions answered.5 - Very relevantProvides valuable info for the public dealing with buildings,etc.Clicked on homepage video and youtube channel link. Various videos dealing with various subjects such as chicago tech,open grid of city,maps.5 - Very valuableLot of information for people to access across the city.Clicked on "sweep info" and snow Found info on tracking sweepers and snow plowers.no5 - Very likelyConvenient.effective and efficient.5 - Very easyCan see effectiveness and usefelness.Yes5 - Very likelyCan see usefulness about things going on in city and all info on one site.5 - Very likelyUsefulYesYesYes
6blessedErikLaptop AsusChromeusually look for crime in the immediate block. theft robbery person or house. wasnt accurate. ndidn't report it in due time. or captures. sexual predatorsempty vacant homes. vacant homes that are owned by individuals that don't live in the area. attracts people woho are looking to rob the place. recent robbery. some sort responsibility to the owner. rodent control.took fifteen seconds to open. 25 seconds to open. but that could very well be. see things that can be done with 311. pointing at screen - service request. see information that I can use building safety. month in review and we're in septemeber how to videos are probably good for use for individuals who use their handheld devices concerned - other people - who don't have access to internet and can use these apps. would like to see the service tracker - plow tracker constantly having to call 311 want to I can see where the plow tracker is and maybe be able to catch them and get them to plow the site that wasn't been plowedopengrid - 311 service tracker - plow tracker - very neighborhood focusresident - because it is - especially for me and my neighborhood - we have a relationship with them. buildingbuilding safety datawant to know where to put the address "expecting to see where I can put this address. not an ad. law and order - someone must have paid for that." looking for vacant building have a lot to read before I can get to place city services clicked - went to the main city page servicesChose a data catalog categorykinda would like to see a map. go back to the building safety data. becuase I'm a map reader. "I dont think I'm able to see it..." looking a little frustrated. the color contrast makes it a little difficult to see the scrolling". I'm going to go by ward. "this is confusing. I just want to be able to put in a specific ward. this is taking too much time" "I quit, im frustrated." i would rather be able to just type in 6th ward. and then the information that we want, its all the way at the bottom." even at the top. searched a new map but still ended up with the same thing. it's not showing any information that would be useful for me,much lessNotaking too long to get to where I want to go."Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" data lensclicked on home at the category page - went back to the general city websitetells me what I can't view. uh oh, "page can not be load" window. too much information that can not . done with the page. want to see a search bar at the top. yeah, i still don't like the way its showing me this information. more for a politician, busine"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes" mapback to search and browse. use the back arrow. don't think that this is for the average resident. the navigation was easy."Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"clicked on "home" button from the last dataset. going through each one of the menus and finding the terms similar."don't think I need to watch more videos just to get the specific information""Community" Category > "Business Licenses - Active" Filtered View"why doesn't it just say business". didn't find it while scrolling through the categories. had to put it in the search. menus didn't give me what I was looking forSearch in navigation barcommunity boundaries map.building scofflaw map because it was the only one that had the word map on it.3 - Neutraleasier to type them in than to go thru each menu. for the typical resident, it didn't meet my satisfactionlooking it as a resident. not even sure what "array of things" means paperless. reading through it.1 - Not at all relevantbecause i don't know what "array of things" means.goes to youtube. didn't expect1 - Not at all valuablenot interested in doing a video to find one piece of iinformationplow tracker would be good to find out. sweep around us. - this is easy. simple, there we go. that's what im talking about. keep it simple like that the date are available for youno, none4 - Likelya lot of garbage in the area. to find out when they are coming and check when they are supposed to2 - Difficultwould rather be able to type in information at the very top and search that way.Nono not at all. rich people, looking for4 - Likelytry to be as proactive in my communtiy as possible4 - Likelydesign is not target for where I want to go.more for someone moving here and looking for a set of points - resident or business developer. target a certain communityas a resident "of a certain age" probably use simpler language, color contrast for the scroll. search engine be more visible. the graphs didn't do anything, any information useful for you. overload of information. i didnt nneed it. wasn't easy to navigate. 30-something and underNoYesYeslove it, look forward to more surveys that are better to the city. no matter what age you are.
7LhibbardAprillaptopChromeFairly successful , I've had no problems.Finding city services, maybe a way to pay parking tickets without having to go to the offices, communicate with aldermen.Not exactly what I expected. Didn't expect to see a map or information about Divvy. Thought it would highlighting city services. Noticed the Map first. Looks more fresh and updatedLook up community, health and human services, look up information about transportation.Maybe younger adults or senior citizens. The old website was more difficult finding stuff because the type was small. the design is better.communitycommunityUnder health and human services find more services for residentsservice requestsservice requestsI found the news about 311 service requests. I thought I might be able to make a personal request directly to the alderman.NoNot exactly. I wanted to make a service request to the proper party not read about them."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxinformation about building permits, not the building permit itself."Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" datasetLooked under crime"Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"easier now that I have been able to learn from the other search experiences"Community" Category > "Business Licenses - Active" Filtered ViewWhat I expected to find is here. A database"Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" map4 - EasyJust had to go back to the homepage and search by categories. I like the toggle switch and how you can see easily the categories. Yes a place where i can contact my alderman by email. Or contact city service people by email.Seems to be a little behind in the Month in Review Section by two months. what does Array of things mean?3 - NeutralSeems more friendly to city employees than city residents.Too long and dry. Maybe shorten it to 9-10 minutes?4 - ValuableTeach me how to use data portalthese apps look useful to download on my phoneNo. None4 - LikelyOpen grid, plow tracker and sweep around seem very helpful.4 - EasyBecause I'm more familiarNot sureMaybe real estate researchers use it? Students3 - NeutralI don't need any city services4 - LikelyJust started a business so yes, this would be helpfulIts more user friendlyMore data about higher education, elected officials and city officialsYesYesYesNo
8Instructor AssistantJonathanLG G4ChromeHas not used it before. Said yes on survey but realized she meant City Web site.Finding out information about the City. I don't know. Historical events. Things going on.Noted categories, city cameras. Crime data. Easy to read and pretty clear. Similar to other things on her phone. Noticed and liked Service Tracker.1. Pay water bill or similar. 2. Information about abandoned buildings. 3. What day the garbage man is coming or coming on certain holiday. Just moved to her neighborhood and does not know.COC residents. Seems to have a lot of information about our city and ways to find out things going on.Clicked on a data catalog categoryEducation categoryB/c associated a lot with education. Wanted to see what there was to offer. Expected information about schools and libraries. Found it. (Had some trouble getting back to home page. Was expecting a Home link.)Chose a data catalog categoryEvents categoryShe clicked Park District events and through to the Park District Web site. May not have realized she was off the portal. Went back to list of datasets. Looking for dates of events. Did not see it right away.NoWas looking for specific days and times of events. Not sure if she clicked the wrong thing but did not find it."Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetNo."Public Safety" Category > "Crimes" map"Pretty easy." "Cool""Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"Tried Sanitation category first. "Cool. I love this." Pretty easy. I like it. Very informative.Business licenseTried Administration & Finance first. (So far, she has not taken note of tags.) Searched from catalog page."Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mapTried Community category first.4 - EasyPretty self-explanatory. It's ok. It does not need improvement. I like it.Clicked on AoT article. Read and clicked around a bit. Read some more articles. Whatever tab you click on, it describes what it is and give you details and where to find out more. Saw tweets from the mayor about things going on in Chicago. Saw new Whole Food in Englewood. Likes that you can see tweets of what is going on.5 - Very relevantIt gave me insight on things I did not know about that are going on in my city.Clicked More Videos. Explored site. Watched the Smart Communities video. Not sure what she was looking for. No comments.3 - NeutralWas not quite sure what she was looking for.Clicked on OG. Liked the OG tutorial video.No.5 - Very likelyShe likes all the information available.4 - EasyAnything she clicked on, she found out information about it. More than enough information. Where to go, who to contact, stats.Yes5 - Very likelyIt has everything I need to know as a COC resident.4 - LikelyShe works in education. She can find events going on in the city. Good for planning educational trips for children.Liked it. Self-explanatory. Tabs were there. Click on it and it gave you sub-titles. Gave more information about the topic you were searching for. Would not change it.YesYesYesI am glad that I signed up, came out, and did this test. Now I know about a new COC Web site that I am very likely to use again.
9BrittskyChrisLaptopChromeNoneTester works for city and hopes to find resources about employment.Likes the colors. Makes people want to look at different parts. Likes that the menu is in alphabetical order.When street sweepers are coming, how to videos because tester is visual learner, and can browse data catalog and human services.Designed to give information because it has video tutorials and allowing someone to find out about city. Way for city of chicago to give various info.Clicked on a data catalog categoryEducationTrying to find resources for teachers but category is more for general public such as finding report cards and library info. Would explore "connect chicago locations.""Search to find a specific dataset..." boxanimal controlNot sure what FOIA means but seems you can request. Found what tester was looking for to control raccoons in neighborhood.YesAs if they knew searching for animal control that you want to find a request log."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxbuilding permitsCan go on datasets and see whether requests were logged."Public Safety" Category > "Crimes" mapEasier than tester thought. Would increase font on the info."Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"Tutorials within individual categories are interesting. Found lot of potholes fixed in south loop.Colors are goodWent on "buildings" category and then searched for it manuallyactive business licenseGood to use search bar."Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mapDoesn't see a map key for boundaries. Information provided on the boundaries is not too clear.Not impressed. Maybe only newcomers to the city would use it.3 - NeutralGot easier as tester used website more. Seemed too simple because felt more navigation would be required.Likes the images at top. Thought you can click on it. Tester can see mom using the website. Pictures on chicago apps section are good.Clicked on privacy article. Police "boxes' for which communities they are monitoring. Can go here and find out how data is collected and managed.2 - Not very relevantRecording is everywhere so it isn't that important to see info about it.Went to youtube channel. Can let students know about open grid. Can find out what is going on in the city.5 - Very valuableWould save tester from searching internet blindly. Would feel comfortable having students and children look at these videos. Has things happening on southside as well.Checked the city sweeper app. Reminds when street will be cleaned. Very valuable and has its own section.no5 - Very likelyInformation tester wants to know.4 - EasyIcons/images really help.Yes5 - Very likelyNow that tester is familiar and sees info available.5 - Very likelyThis would give students opportunities to branch out into the city/other communities.NoYesYesLearned more with this test. Thanks for coming to southside
10Funky BurritoPeterSamsung Galaxy Tab 3ChromeHaven't used it beforeAccessing relevant informationWell laid out, straightforward. Right amount of pictures v txt content. Feel easy to navigate based on criteria of information.can inform about crime, show you videos, connect you to other appschicagoland residents, ppl with moderate levels of using the interwebzClicked on a "Digital Chicago" topicmonthly reviewThought she could read what is going on in summary, had an interesting picture. Expected the content to be more detailedChose a data catalog categoryhistorical preservation, national register of historic placesYesthe first page after the homepage, the titles and descriptions was more data to click through. able to scan through options faster"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetvery simple and easy"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes" mapvery simple, to learn how to learn the website, consistent"Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"likes how when you click on catergories, pops up a list of whats inside"Community" Category > "Business Licenses - Active" Filtered Viewif it was labelled differently, would easily understand the subcatergories"Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mapnot listed in community, its okay to overlap subcatergories from each5 - Very Easyslightly different naming of the subcatergories on the homepage, otherwise it is organized welldigital chicago is not hyperlinked into a seperate page. visually left looks nice, but the articles on the right looks more useful as pure data4 - Relevantwith each viewing the data will be more relevant, forst time is just interesting(not loading right on her tablet, while other sections worked fine). no indication that you are leaving the main site and being redirected to a youtube page for chicago tech. the formatting on the display is off, and no way to center it2 - Not very valuablebecause she couldnt see the videp\o. also the half hour video is too long, break it down to smaller modules"they seem useful" services she would be concerned about. servoces that are put into apps that would be easy to use. (the page is built for mobile and not taking into account of the parameter and not ratios of the layout of the pageno5 - Very likelychicago shovel plow tracker5 - Very easynice layout, short summaries, trust the information-branded well in line with the cityYes"if a website looks like craigslist, i dont trust them. I expect websites to be designed well and look nice or I don't trust them"3 - Neutral3 - Neutralperhaps not the data sets, but the apps very likely to usen/an/aYesYesNon/a
11CommunityResearcher 201601Erikapple 4sSafarisomewhat successful. using to research a paper. a number of years ago. was able to find what I needed. elder populationto find research numbers. fining numbers of population groups. that what I would use it for if I were to use it.scrolls all the way down and up the homepage before making comments. talking about divvy then has a search bar intro on how to browse by category -demonstration it's good, it;s informative. albor safing stuff . don't have to type thing into the search bar. foia -broken down by categories. would want to click on those specifically. from the description want to investigate the OpenGrid app. service tracker looks nice. assuming it could. sweep around looks pretty nice. the how to section is real important.the average citizen. also someone who is computuer and internet savvy. not see a senior seeing it. a lot would not use it or get someone whomenu on the upper rightautomatically give you a list of thing without having to scroll through the whole pageUsed search in navigation barcrime statistics for lake viewupper part was displaying crime "the photo slideshow" prompted him to type in the ser. clicked on the magnifying glass to continue or "activate" the search. doesn't seem to be doing that. if that didn't work I would, looking at what's here, would find the category that closest fint what I was looking for.Nodidn't lead me to where I needed to go"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" dataset"page back" - to back to homepage. ..would assume it goes to buildings. went in"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" datasetgetting back to the homepage - close the page and open it back up on a new window. what he likes about ios. tab on ps- category - brings me to results. search for maps and done."Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"**the nice thing i like about the category is the list of what's contained before clickiing all the way to it. really likeclosed the page back by accident. retyping the link again. - use the "handy little guide" of city services. probably try - transportation, looking there. didn't work, going back to the page, public safety would be it. searching through the category listadministrative and finances category***didn't find after the third page so now searching via the bar "active business licenses" tapping on the magnifying glass and it's not going there. not working magnifying glass. maybe found a bug. on the search results screen I would type it in that sea-homepage = back arrow. again - adiministration and finances - start there. look at the listing to see what's there. technically permits are licencse so i'll start there. would dig a little deeper. go to the next page of that particular search - category - not ittyping "community boundary maps" in the community results.not that bad not that inconvenient. I'm patient. expect that I would have search and I would search. I would search up4 - Easyeasy ...hesitating... but a little difficult. that didn't make me give it a five. the magnifiying glass was glitchy. menu on top - clicked on browse option. takes me to a smorgeshborge of info but also gave me the search bar. "Menu" is a key term for me only if i knew exactly what I was looking for I would use the search bar....and most likely a laptop, too. not a phonesmiling - always been curious about the boxes on the lightpoles. . heard that it was being used to collect. curiousity3 - Neutraluntil i dug in a little more. would have to investing a littlereead the description - clicked on the "video" image to view. doesn't bother that it opened up to the youtube channel instead of5 - Very valuablemore comfortable with stuff like that. would rather see the video instead of having to sit and read things. visual person. find tha I retain things better that way.opengrid being kinda handy if I wanted to open a business. service tracker would be useful. tap the tracker and find out if it was even opened. get status.no5 - Very likelynow that I know that they are there. a lot easier than calling someone, having to wait on hold. would be faster. immediate result.5 - Very easysome bugs. very easy to use. i'm computer literate so I would eventually figure it out"Yesi think everyone in chicago would be the audience for this portal. apps withini the portal would be very useful. besides just research4 - Likelyused it for research in the past. now with the chicago apps, would be more3 - Neutralno reason professionally, but it';s noce to know it;s there.a lot easier. search. don't have to hunt around for what i'm looking for. in ermits good pretty much the way it is. now that I know that it's here. i already knew where to go .it just makes it easier. the breakdown of city services was really good. and the chicago appsNoYesYeseverything that i've suspected so far.
12VPApriliPhone 7SafariNone. Was working on a school project and used it for this.Creates transparency, accountability and visibility.Well organized. Preview of what's to come on the banner.I assume that I would be able swipe but you cannot. Also lots of scrolling. Visually seems very crammed not aligned.I can find items from the menuanyone who wants to do data analysis, city of Chicago residentsclick on Divvy bannerTransportationThought it would take me to a list of subcategories but it didn't"Search to find a specific dataset..." boxCPSNo. It's not workingNoIt didn't work"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetIt doesnt make sense to click the category and it have a description and not be a link"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" datasetI see why having the description makes sense"Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days""Community" Category > "Business Licenses - Active" Filtered ViewI orginally thought that would be found administration and finace"Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" map2 - DifficultSearch to find the specific data set box wasn't really operable The categories were misleading. Crime data was in public safety. But the biggest concern was using category and then having to click againDigital Chicago should have a short description2 - Not very relevantI wasn't sure what the digital initiatives were. Is this a subscription to something? It's dated in JulyThe presentation video wasn't centered on the phone, hard to view. Should be better aligned. Visually not appealing.4 - ValuableNew Users could find itvaluableShort brief descriptions would be helpful311 Service tracker2 - Not very likelyNo need. Just do a google search4 - EasyIt still needs a lot of improvementYesresidents of Chicago, students , journalists city officials whoever needs current data4 - LikelyCuriosity5 - Very likelyData analysisThe new one has lots more informationNavigation more straight forward, searching for data set to be more intuitiveNoYesYesNo, you guys are doing a great job
13MikoSonjaSamsung Note 3ChromeThe data is great... "I notice that when I go into Google... it's not on top of search results." Learned about it through the City of Chicago Used it when she had a flood, 311 directed her to the data portal Transportation Events in the City (seems to generalize the full site as the open data portal) "Feels like a 1995 site" "I don't hear people talking about it...why don't people know about it"Be useful for news to learn about what is going on (current info) Information about the libraries Traffic information (updated) Find out political information311 service tracker is popping out to me. "I don't even use 311 no more...I look everything online. I like this because I track my requests. That's awesome" I am curious about what this "Chicago apps" is. A lot of safety topics I am interested in Education Tutorial header text is overlayedLook up events, look up librariesPrimarily, people who own businesses to get information.Clicked on a data catalog categoryEducationThis is the type of information that I look at. After reviewing the list, tester goes back to the Thinks that there is a lot of information that needs to be organized. When you click of events, you're expecting to see actual events. Did not expect to find permits, and does not think that the average person would realize what "events"Search listTransportationReviews these results: Open Spaces - Malls and Plazas Alternative Fuel Locations Snow alerts Open Spaces Riverwalk "I don't know why it would give me these results." Types in "Public Transportation" and gets "Open Spaces" result which does not seem relevant "A certain type of lingo for certain type of people... not geared towards a regular Jane or Joe." Geared towards non-profits, businesses not for the general public She only went on the portal before because 311 representative told her to go onto the portal for more information. "It speaks a different language..." Tries another search for "Food" Gets results around farmer market which is something what she would expect to find. Not sure if this information is current.NoExpected transportation mapFirst searched, but didn't show up, so went to Buildings Categorybuilding permitsThis seems current. It was pretty easy to find."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxNewsFirst reviewed category, but then typed in "News" and then tried "Crime data" in search box. Did not find the map, chose data lens."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxPot holesTried to search, but did not go forward. Tried "Environment" then tried "Public Safety" then tried to search "potholes that have been recently fixed" then tried "Service Request" category last and found the proper dataset.Administration & Finance categoryReviews categories, chooses Administration, then searches "active business licenses" and found no search results. Chooses "Buildings" then "Community" to find it. Community = permits, maybe or things that are in or happening in her communityDigital Chicago map image in articleClicks "Digital Chicago" map image in article, then searches "map" in search box. Then searches "Chicago map," then chooses "Parks and Recreation" category. Then chooses "Transportation"... Tester gets frustrated. "Map of city" No relevant search results3 - NeutralIt's a language problem. "People developing this don't know what terms we use..." Expects a menu with all of the maps "City of Chicago map" should get relevant search results The page keeps jumping around because of the header image"Digital Chicago" doesn't seem like a section of the page. Chooses the first article. Reviews the information and the map "are all those cameras looking at me?" "It's only useful information if it's needed." Interested in the Array of Things sensors3 - NeutralIt's interesting, but not something that she needs now."How to Video" section is cut off. Can't see the sides of the video or the text. Requested Desktop as a feature on her phone and this does not help much. Likes how to videos and the format. Thinks it helps understand information better.5 - Very valuableLoves how to videosStays on desktop view Tries to search "app" because she does not see this section on homepage Finds the bus tracker app. Did not see the "Chicago apps" section. Does not look like a header It can just say "apps"Not familiar but is interested in the plow tracker. Might have used sweep around us before because she was getting tickets on her car .5 - Very likely"I don't know what OpenGrid is..." but would use the other three.3 - NeutralCertain things could be better. Search language could be much better.Yes"I do now..." more aware of lingo now, feels more comfortable with the portal.5 - Very likelyReally likes the apps associated on this page.5 - Very likelyHuman Resources Coordinator: could provide resources to colleaguesThis feels more current on the content. Design feels dated still.More images to be more visual and would help with the language problems Likes the desktop version when she switched it because it was easier to navigate because she could see the whole page and the sections of the page.NoYesYes"It made me understand the portal..."
14batmanChrislaptopChromeno. able to find everything.To have data/info on various municapal systems,licenses,historical data on various going-ons.Looks clean and modern. Old one wasn't easy to navigate and this page has broken up categories to find stuff more easily. Info is more visual.Search data catalog for various categories, browse with search button, and watch videos for introductions.Average citizen to have access to data in personal/professio nal life.Clicked on a data catalog categoryEvents categoryExpected more information and seems to be overview of events permits over past 3 years. Expected permits and listings for previous/future events and what is happening potentially soon."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxpotholesCurious that they list recent pothole fixes. Wanted to see potholes patched recently and got what tester expected.YesResults were listed what they were looking for"Search to find a specific dataset..." boxbuilding permitsInteresting that some things go back 2yrs,others 10yrs. Might be useful if data can be accessed further back. very optimized"Search to find a specific dataset..." boxcrime mapLikes how it is arranged by precinct and where spikes in crimes are.Likes that it is accessible by map. Visually pleasing to see the data"Search to find a specific dataset..." boxpotholesLikes that there are filters and formatting options. Most people interested in particular neighborhoods so it is good to have a map."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxactive business licensesConfused why filtering zip code has other states pop out with business licenses.Seems it isn't just city of chicago. Has other states which is not relevant. Filtering did not help much but it may not have been formatted correctly."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxcommunity boundariesGood info. Works well. originally used data portal to search for community portals..5 - Very EasyIntuitive and easily searchable. In some datasets wouldve preferred less data, and in other more data.Clicked on month in review article.Likes that they provide what things are happening. Likes that there are workshops on what tester is doing now. Gives information on meetings in various neighborhoods. Site looks good. Helpful having a more user friendly counter part to the data portal which are generally impersonal. Has relevant topics.4 - RelevantDates on articles are spread out a bit too much. Might be more content there.Went to youtube channel.has info on open grid which isnt a lot. Looks like it is a place for making sense of the data portal and its info.3 - NeutralDoesnt seem to be much info on it currently.Clicked on open grid app,snow plower, street sweeper,311 service. Apps are a good resource and has a wide platform of info to be utilized by people/programmers/developers. Useful apps.no5 - Very likelyCuriosity to track snow plows but definitely will utilize 311 reqauests.5 - Very easyEasy. Oriented user friendly, search bar is at top, info is all presented legi bly/cleanly.Yes5 - Very likelyUseful info.Not sure what to use it for yet.5 - Very likelyAmbitions to open up business so will be useful for licenses and scouting areas for various info.More user friendly which is beneficial.Search bar was not immediately visible and it is not high lighted. Color scheme blends into background.YesYesYesData portal test was fun and had vast amount of info.
15MJonathanASUS Laptop (CUT Group's)ChromeBrowsed around. Downloaded Crimes CSV. Extracted arrests b/c no published arrest stats. Used for a mapping project with his wife who is a geographer. Loaded to QGIS.Great if everything that is not confidential was available. Would enable better social science and community involvement, services, security, etc.Pretty intuitive. Intro at top. Categories at top good. Things like AoT lower makes sense.Free maps, downloads, and API calls.Landing page for general end users, developers.Clicked on a data catalog categoryHealth and Human Services. Seemed to use the hover over first. Clicked through to Food Inspections and looked up a restaurant.Wanted to look at what was available under HHS category. Quite a lot is available.Chose a data catalog categoryBuildings CategoryLooking for abandoned buildings or foreclosures. Found problem landlord list. Not what he was looking for but interesting. Found the Vacant and Abandoned Buildings dataset. Noted updated dates. Noted sort order.YesFound the dataset he was looking for."Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetFine. Cataloged where he expected it. Did not see the search box right away. Expected it at the top, not below banner."Public Safety" Category > "Crimes - 2001 to present" data lensPretty intuitive. He did not click through and note that it was DL."Service Requests" Category > "Potholes Patched Last Seven Days"Wonders if the "relevant" ranking is b/c people have been searching for these datasets as part of the CUT Group test."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxlicense (failed). Business Licenses (succeeded)Used hover over. Tried Admin and Finance category. Searched from catalog not home page. Initially found full business licenses dataset."Search to find a specific dataset..." boxcommunity areasIt's good.5 - Very EasyPretty good. Might move the search bar to the top and make it higher contrast, darker, more visible.Clicked on and looked at all articles. Tried out Data Lens and Open Grid.5 - Very relevantIntroduced him to other sites. Open Grid. News stories.Clicked on More Videos. Played the OG video. Explored the You Tube site and played some videos. Did not click on the playlist. Clicked on the main, embedded video. Suggests a better transcript for the closed captioning.4 - ValuableGood introduction. Three videos on YT. OG tutorial was especially interesting. He is good with longer videos. Watches at 2x. Likes YT because of CC and other features.Clicked OG and Sweep Around Us. Tried SAU. Explored OG some more. Cool little things for snow plow, street sweeper, etc.No5 - Very likelyInterested in using OG to explore data quickly without having to export. Nice to visualize online and do complex queries easily. Might recommend sweeper or plow apps to neighbors.5 - Very easyTook a pretty complex set of problems and solutions and made the solutions easy to access for a wider variety of users.Not sureBroad target audience. At least some parts of the site are intuitive and do not require data science background but if you do have it, easy to find data.5 - Very likelyWill help answer some curiosities.4 - LikelyRecently started a sales engineer job. Ease of creating sharp viz is useful, especially for OG. Can incorporate in a demo.A little less cluttered.Make it a little faster to get up to speed. Make search bar more prominent. Segment site for different roles -- general citizen, developer / data scientist.YesYesYesNo
16AfricaPeterLG PhoneChromeSuccesses in how to file claims and judgesfiling claims, looking for child support*nods head in agreement* seems pretty simplelog into catergories, can serach in search box, how to videoseverybody in Chicago, employees, parents, employers, communitiesClicked on a data catalog categoryeventswanted to find out whats going on, see info for chicago park district, permits not what she thought, like events to attend, so a little disappointed"Search to find a specific dataset..." boxgovernmentnoNodid not find it"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" dataseteasy"Public Safety" Category > "Crimes" mapeasypublic safetytricky catergorizationadministration and financeconfusing catergorization, initially then after its found it makes sense"Facilities & Geo. Boundaries" Category > "Boundaries - Community Areas (current)" mappretty straightforward4 - Easypretty basic, but a little confusing such as some of the labelling of the catergoriesclicked on problem landlord list, its a good start if youre looking for an apartment. helpful section, but lacks content?4 - Relevantwill be of use to her soon for looking for abandoned property. this could be of use to community organizersThe how to video is still off center and unable to view on cell phone. Also confusion as to the video sending you to another site (youtube)3 - Neutralunsure because its mixing between her youtube account and their programmed videoscan connect to 311 via the appno5 - Very likely311 is hard to reach, this would make her life easier4 - Easya lot of simple catergories to click on and general search radial buttonsYes5 - Very likelyotherwise unable to know how to get local government servoces such as filing cliams. this streamlines the process and explains it.5 - Very likelycleanerNoYesYes
17TRobin312ErikSamsung Galaxy s6Chromenever interacted to collect information/datasetsdnaInfo - reading an article and checking the resources.pausing while scrolling it looks simple and visually i wouldn't mind visiting it like the tutorial. looks simple enough. really looks inviting. - like month in review I really want to click on it i like the picture - lol OpenGrid looks plowtracker - that's definitelytrack the plow in my neighborhood, 311 service request, looks like i can acess any departmentsfor me. looks simple to navigate. info that I am actually interested in. a really good a source. coming directly from the city of chicago.Clicked on a "Chicago App"opengrid.before clicking be able to see my neighborhood, basically what's going on. pilsen. gentrification. after clicking pause - reviewing - it looks really easy. font size photos make it really interesting. looks really inviting "Explore" contribute. getting back to the homepage - on phone - back buttonChose a data catalog categorytrash sweeping - selected sanitation - keeps telling me about sweeping schedule but not about trash schedule. wouldn'tNohad everything close to what i was looking for but not exactly what i was looking"Buildings" Category > "Building Permits" datasetclicked on the "buildings" category...loading...waiting...jumping on wifi. read the description and click to read more. then selected. super - search barcrime datahomepage=back button on the device - scan for crime on the categories - nothing - jumped to menus button and searchede "crime data". third from the list. map is really interesting especially if I'm looking to buy a sectionrecently repaired potholeshomepage=back button on device - menu section - long description. want to read it first before clicking. seems right. would be much better on a computer vs a phone.Search in navigation baractive business lisenseif i don't spell it correctly it won't result in anything. google lets you slide with. didn't notice the search bar first.communitycommunity - it said that it would be there in the description. not on the first three pages so i'm going to search on the search bar. second search terem - communtiy boundaries maps. when i look at the facilities it doesnt make sense to me. i'm already in4 - Easygeographic should be spelled out. maybe should have it own category. the description helped but now I can't get it would be helpfulclicked on "array of things" reviewing intently. slight "meh" look on face as tester reads thru. kinda confused. hand motion. "dont' understand" i guess people were getting. were going1 - Not at all relevantdont understand what information I'm supposed to get in this section. almost like "who cares". just kinda senselessinitially clicking on the photo graphic at the top . then scrolled down to the section - clicked on the "more videos" went to the youtube channel likes that the5 - Very valuablegoes into depth about what it really is. what's going on in your neighhborhood. gives you more access. the information is open. city of chicago has been very secretive in the past, this gives me more information.smiled - chicago plwo tracker is going to be a really bid tghing. street sweeping app so i dont getno, none. husband wanted to know when they were going to be plowed. don't have to wait on hold with 311. you can see it coming5 - Very likelyvery happy- especially a 311 caller. I'm a big 311 caller. i like it. permit parking. street lights are out. rarely ever an issue with noise.5 - Very easyalmost everything was easy to find. can search . headings are nice, fonts are great. large enough to see. not boring because.Yes5 - Very likelythings that are relevant here - crime statistics - even health and human services - parks and rec - when beaches are open. tracking stuff is great5 - Very likelyonline seller of handsoaps and body lotions. checking licenses. may have information that i need. find business that are similar in the area. where i am in the process.n/an/aYesYesYesnice that there's feedback from the community. help to make it even better.
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