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“Synergistic connections between people that drive us to the most important point or place."Ogden School District will Increase High School GRADUATION RATE to 79% by 2019; 88% by 2022
Ogden School District will Increase K-12 LITERACY PERFORMANCE to 39% by 2019; 50% by 2022
James Madison Elementary School
School Plan Narrative
School Vision and Mission 2018-2019
Vision: James Madison will be an exemplar school built upon a diverse integration of faculty, students, parents, and community, that will achieve academic excellence.
Mission: Be our best, do our best, every minute, every day!
Ogden School District & James Madison Elementary Parent Engagement Policy
*It is the policy of the board of education of Ogden City School District, in partnership with parents and families and in accordance with state and federal guidelines to establish a parent and family involvement procedural framework.
*It is the policy of the Board of Education of Ogden City School District that the district and schools coordinate with families to improve student academic rediness to learn and academic outcomes.
*It is the policy of the Board of education of Ogden City School District that the district and schools will inform all stakeholders of the parent and family involvement policy and procedures, and annually update its effectiveness.
Some examples of Parent Engagement Activities at James Madison Elementary are:
*Parents will have the opportunities to come to a literacy night for families where they will get to see what their students are working on with the new Wonders curriculum; Literay Night Committee formed-Sept. 15 2018, Literacy Night-Oct. 5, 2018, Nov. 30, 2018 (with invite sent on Nov. 2, 2018)
*Parents will be better prepared to support their child at home in addition to having a better understanding of what is being taught at school.
*An increase of parent support, Back to School Night Parent Survey-August 16, 2018
Goal #1Literacy
Identify specific student deficits using WIDA Overall Score and DIBLES Initial grouping report to create appropriate intervention groups and instruction. Teachers will color code their rosters for purposful follow up checks based on the individual needs of each students. Color coded charts will include ELL students, 3P students, and students with IEPs and 504s. JMES will provide a literacy night for parents and their students.
Goal #2Graduation
K-5th Grade ELA teachers will use ELA instructional guides with unpacked standards to plan for instruction that includes depth of knowledge questions and active student engagement activities. Provide faculty and staff with strategies to implement a new ELA curriculum in addition to a system that supports students with backgrounds of trauma.
Goal #3Trauma-Informed PBIS
Faculty and staff will be proactive rather than reactive to student behaviors through the use of trauma-informed practices and PBIS.
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