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AC - DC ELECTRONICSDCLabs Circuit Simulator circuit (breadboard) simulator.Free trial (limited components). Free access to others' experiments.
AC - DC ELECTRONICSMark Rutkowski, PE, Professor, Engineering Technology, Luzerne County CC Basic physics and electronics lecture videos.Free
AC - DC ELECTRONICSMultiSim Live - Online SPICE Simulation similar to the commercial MultiSim. Uses industry-standard Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit EmphasisFree
AC - DC ELECTRONICSTinkedCAD circuits product has a circuits component within TinkerCAD.Students can set up protoboards demonstrating their ability to set up circuits. Breadboarding, oscope, signal gen, Arduino modules. You can also set up classes.Free
AC - DC ELECTRONICSSupplemental materials for Digital Electronics with VHDL Pearson moved the Student Resources Website to a new url. These resources will supplement your online instruction by providing Quartus and VHDL solutions to the FPGA examples and problems; Solutions to MultiSim Examples and Problems; and multiple choice, true/false questions. To download the files the new url can be found at:
Select "Browse by Discipline" and you'll find Digital Electronics with VHDL 9th edition under "electronics".
(These use earlier versions of Quartus and MultiSim, but still work with the circuits presented).
AC - DC ELECTRONICSWilliam Kleitz, Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering Technology, State University of New York – TompkinsCortland Video tutorials teaching the basics of VHDL programming and implementation of digital logic in an FPGA (Intel, Altera and Xilinx). From William Kleitz, Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering Technology, State University of New York, author of Digital Electronics: A Practical Approach with VHDL, 9/E (Pearson)
ADDITIVE MANUFACTURINGMakerBot 3D Printing Initiatives to Combat COVID-19 STL and print files for printing face shields for your local community, Free, but must have access to 3D printer
ADVANCED MANUFACTURINGMechatronics Technology Pathway STEM Consortium academic certificate in Mechatronics Technology is built on a 30-semester-credit model and is mapped to the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Level 1 certification. The skills taught include electrical, mechanical, and computer technologies.Free
AEROSPACEFAA Part 147 - General Curriculumwww.educateworkforce.com13 FAA General Curriculum Courses (includes physics, math, etc) and 4 other online courses that are FREE (anyone can register)FAA Part 147 – General Curriculum
Aircraft Cleaning and Corrosion Control -
Aircraft Drawings -
Aircraft Materials, Processes and Hardware -
Aircraft Weight and Balance -
Basic Electricity -
Basic Physics -
Fluid Lines and Fittings -
Hand Tools and Measuring Devices -
Inspection Fundamentals -
Maintenance Publications, Forms and Records
Mathematics -
Mechanic Privileges & Limitations -
Safety, Ground Operation & Servicing -
Other courses
Exploring Advanced Manufacturing -
Exploring Engineering -
Introduction to Metrology -
Soft Skills -
AGRICULTUREMinnesota State Resources for Agriculture Curriculum materials for teaching agribusiness, animal systems, food chemistry, biotechnology, etc.Free
AUTOMATIONHaas Automation Videos wide variety of videos of Haas equipment. Particularly helpful are the short, instructional Tip of the Day videos.Free
AUTOMATIONIndustrial Automation and Fluid Mechanical Power Learning Objects objects and flash cards from Greater Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Apps and Wisconsin OnlineFree
AUTOMOTIVETechnicians for North America curriculum online courses from the Caterpillar University Global Service Technician training program. Free
AUTOMOTIVE Electric Vehicles Technology Pathway National STEM Consortium’s (NSC) Electric Vehicle Technology Pathway is a one-year, 30-credit hybrid course (mixture of online and face-to-face) consisting of 14 mini-courses.Free
BIOMATERIALSMatEdu Biomaterials Resources instructional resources for teaching biomaterialsFree
BIOTECHNOLOGYCourses in a box from InnoVATEBIO, National Center for Biotechnology Education Each Course-in-a-Box™ is a collection of most of the resources that an instructor would need to adapt and introduce a new course. These collections are compiled and contributed by instructors in biotech programs.Free
BUSINESS KNOWLEDGEBusiness Management and Administration Learning Objects has a number of short online learning “modules (tutorials)” to address “business knowledge”. All might not be appropriate for technicians, but many are, such as: Value Stream, Using Check Sheets, What is Sigma? Why Six?
Quality Tools: The Cause and Effect Diagram
BUSINESS KNOWLEDGEOverall Equipment Effectiveness Overview/Basics:
Bosch Rexoth has 3 short (5 min max) about the 3 factors of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness (availability, quality, performance) with sample calculations:Free
CADAutodesk Free Autodesk Curriculum and Courses Includes: TinkerCAD, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and others Autodesk Fusion 360 Education (free) - Free
CADCADCIM Technologieswww.cadcim.comVideo Lectures: AutoCAD: A Problem-Solving Approach; SOLIDWORKS for Designers; CATIA V5-6R for Designers; Siemens NX for Designers; Exploring Autodesk Revit for Architecture; Autodesk 3ds Max for Beginners; and others by REQUEST at Free. Some accessed by request.
CAD/CAMInstructional Materials for Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, and Computer Aided Manufacturing collection of instructional modules with videosFree
CONTROLSFESTO EasyVEEP, easy to use PLC simulator. YouTube tutorials: Free
CONTROLSQuanser Very good FREE ebook. Most of the chapters have online lab exercises that are done with simulation and they also have a set of actual equipment that is online. You can control these experiments remotely using the app. It’s all free and works from any mobile device. There are instructor resources as well so it’s a pretty robust solution.Free
CONTROLSTAMU/Rockwell Automation Lab (Dr.Tony Hsieh) Integrated Virtual Learning System for Programmable Logic Controller
CONTROLSTAMU/Rockwell Automation Lab (Dr.Tony Hsieh) materials to use for PLC, Robotics, Industrial Automation, sensors, Injection Molding, CNC, Machine Tooling. (NO ACCESS to the REMOTE MACHINES is AVAILABLE, but you can visit the pages to see what /how they work)
CYBER/INFORMATION SECURITYCyber Technologies Pathway National STEM Consortium’s (NSC) Cyber Technology Pathway is a one-year, 30-credit hybrid course (mixture of online and face-to-face) consisting of 12 mini-courses. The entire Pathway consists of a set of materials a school or institution can customize for their program’s or students’ needs.Free
CYBER/INFORMATION SECURITYIT Security Learning Objects online tutorials on a variety of IT Security topics.
CYBER/INFORMATION SECURITYGovernance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) Resources, handouts, and posters on Security Controls and StandardsFree
CYBER/INFORMATION SECURITYFaculty Resource Library materials for teaching a variety of information security topics, including: Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Intelligence, Health Data Privacy, the NICE Frameworks and more.Free
CYBER/INFORMATION SECURITYCloud-Based Lab Solution CyberWatch Center and Infosec Learning have partnered to develop a virtual labsContact for demo.
ELECTROMECHANICALLVVL Sim Electromechanical Simulator. Locate your Festo Dydactic dealer at and contact for an access code.
Temporary access ends July 31, 2020.
ELECTRONICSElectric Devices and Circuits Learning Objects learning objects and flash cards from Greater Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Apps and Wisconsin OnlineFree
ELECTRONICSElectronics Learning Objects lessons and tutorials from Wisconsin OnlineFree
ENVIRONMENTALEnvironmental Technology Pathway National STEM Consortium’s (NSC) Environmental Technology Pathway is a one-year, 30-credit hybrid course (mixture of online and face-to-face) consisting of 12 mini-coursesFree
FLUID POWERAutomation Studio Technologies provides libraries of components to create and simulate hyd, pneum, and electrical circuits. FREE ACCESS for 60 days.Temporary free access
FLUID POWERHydraulic Simulator sim based on LabVolt Trainers - the link is the download. Students can build and run circuits, but the gauges will not work…so no pressure readings.
FLUID POWERLVVL Sim Hydraulics free Hydraulics Simulator - 9 CircuitsFree
FLUID POWERSMC International Training portal with downloadable process equipment simulations. Available by request from Marina Veraha, Southern Educational Systems
GEOTECHGeoTech Center Model Courses Map Library and Data Resources, GeoTech Center Model Courses, Concept Modules and Demonstration Videos from the  NSF ATE National Geospatial Technology Center of ExcellenceFree
INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGYAccudemia, a software company that supports academic centers, events, and attendance tracking is offering free Accudemia accounts for the remainder of the spring semester. Accudemia provides Cloud-based Temporary free access ends June 1, 2020
INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGYEight tips for looking good on video conference calls
INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGYThe What Works Clearinghouse Guide to Using Technology to Support Postsecondary Learning provides higher education instructors, instructional designers, administrators, and other staff with specific recommendations for supporting learning through the effective use of technology. (long but thorough, research-based, recommend using search function or TOC)Free
INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGYZoom Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic training videos and guides for working and teaching remotely; includes instructions for keeping zoom meetings secureFree
INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGYTools for Online Teaching and Learning
Links to various tools used in distance educationFree
INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGYmansour.mansour@qurtubacs.com Practical guide to help quickly transition your course and/or training program to online platforms. In particular, the focus of the article is on utilizing learning management systems (LMS) to implement the 5 E's instructional model.
ITComputer Programming Learning Objects online tutorials on a variety of computer programming topics
ITResidential Networking Course, curriculum subject, the outline of learning activities and powerpoint presentations as well as a links to sample learning activities and powerpoint presentations are available upon request from the NSF ATE Center for Convergence TechnologiesFree. To request the complete curriculum, please email Mark Dempsey at
IT/CYBERSECURITYIoT Curriculum Workforce Domain Resources Internet of Things modules on Device Management, Information Communication Technologies, and Information and Data Assurance from CSSIA - National Support Center for Systems Security and Information AssuranceFree
MACHINING & CNCHaas Learning Resources equipment manuals and videos as available to help you learn to operate and program a Haas machine.Free
MACHINING & CNCVirtual Machine Shop, diagrams, and videos. Must have Flash enabled.Free
MANUFACTURINGAdditive Manufacturing Modules materials from MatEdU's Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing & Materials projectFree
MANUFACTURINGFundamental Manufacturing Processes videos from ToolingU SMEFree
MANUFACTURINGManufacturing Learning Objects lessons and tutorials from Wisconsin OnlineFree
MANUFACTURINGManufacturing Open Courseware complete course materials for Mechatronics Technology and Composites Technology Certificate Programs.Free
MANUFACTURINGMasterCam CAD/CAM to Mastercam CAD/CAM training courses: Essentials, Mastercam Mill 2D, Mastercam Mill 3D, Mastercam Lathe, and STEM PrinciplesTemporary free access ends June 30, 2020
MANUFACTURINGToolingU-SME Course Bundles bundles in Machining, Mechatronics, Welding, Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing and Foundational Skills for CTE studentsTemporary free access ends July 1, 2020
MARINE TECHNOLOGYMATE Center Curriculum NSF ATE Marine Advanced Technology Education Center Variety of resources and curriculum for Marine Tech.
• Textbooks
• Curriculum and lesson plans with modules, instructional videos, assessment tools.
• The MATE curriculum page has lessons on simple circuits, basic electricity, how a switch works, advancing beyond a simple switch, and more.
• SeaMATE ROV starter kits available for purchase. Also have loaners. Kits contain materials needed to build ROV.
• Mentoring for instructors also available.
MATERIALS SCIENCEComposites Technology Pathway National STEM Consortium’s (NSC) Composites Technology Pathway is a one-year, 30-credit hybrid course (mixture of online and face-to-face) consisting of 16 mini-courses. The materials cover composites fabrication, assembly, repair; CNC machining; and composite manufacturing.Free
MATHEMATICSStatistics and Probability Learning Objects
Short online interactive tutorials addressing “data knowledge” within Statistics
MENTAL HEALTHBreathe2Relax Apps for iPhone or Android devicesStress reduction through diaphragmatic breathingFree
MENTAL HEALTHiChill Apps for iPhone or Android devicesTeaches the Community Resiliency Model, a set of self-help skillsFree
MENTAL HEALTHMental Health Amid the Corona Pandemic and tools for addressing our mental health and helping friends, co-workers, and studentsFree
MENTAL HEALTHNAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) answers questions about stressors related to the pandemicFree
MENTAL HEALTHPersonal Zen Apps for iPhone or Android devicesA game-based approach to reducing stress and anxietyFree
MENTAL HEALTHSelf-Help for Anxiety Management Apps for iPhone or Android devicesProvides a symptom tracker, educational articles, relaxation techniques, and additional coping skills for managing anxietyFree
MENTAL HEALTHT2 Mood Tracker Apps for iPhone or Android devicesDiary of moods for identifying trendsFree
MENTAL HEALTHThe Mindfulness App Apps for iPhone or Android devicesGuided and silent meditations from 3 to 30 minutesFree
METAL FABRICATIONFabrication & Manufacturing Association access through April 30. Blueprint and Layout, Hand tools fofr sheet Metal Operators, Sheering, Math for Metal Fabricaion, Metallurgy, hole punching, etcTemporary free access ends April 30, 2020.
METAL FABRICATIONFabrication & Manufacturing Association June 1,FMA provides full access to digital editions of our print publications, including The FABRICATOR® and The WELDER® magazines, to anyone signing up for temp access.Temporary free access ends June 1, 2020.
METAL FABRICATIONFabrication & Manufacturing Association's Fundamentals of Metal Fabrication Certificate Program provides a capstone to your instruction. Fees waived throught Aug 31. Contact Ann Schneider ( free access ends August 31, 2020. Contact Ann Schneider for details.
MULTI TOPICField-programmable gate arrays tutorials teaching the basics of VHDL programming and implementation of digital logic in an FPGA (Intel, Altera and Xilinx). from William Kleitz, Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering Technology, State University of New York Free
MULTI TOPICACTE Resource Collection for Career and Technical Education to outside resources in multiple disciplinesFree
MULTI TOPICAdvanced Engineering Technology Modules
Curriculum modules from the FLATE Center of Excellence to support a variety of engineering technology courses in different discipline areas including:
Alternative Energy Systems, Vacuum Technology, Electromechanical,
Fluid Mechanics, Additive Manufacturing and more.
MULTI and https://www.dcjaegercorporation.comAmatriol is offering discounted pricing for access to all their content through the end of the semester.  Additionally, 30-day free demos for individual topics are also available.Temporary free access
MULTI TOPICATE Central National Science Foundation’s ATE Central resource collection contains curriculum, videos and other valuable resources for STEM-related disciplines such as Engineering Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing and Bio and Chemical Technologies.Free
MULTI TOPICAutodesk Software and Curriculum software and content for instructors and students from Autodesk.Free
MULTI TOPICBig bad Tech, Jim Pytel, Columbia Gorge CC Jim Pytel has posted 600+ free online video lectures on basic electronics, hydraulics, and motor control and a few study guides for electronics.Free
MULTI TOPICFesto (Mindsight) Didactic is offering free access to its eLearning Platform: Mind-Sight, a SCORM-compliant learning content management system (LCMS).
Electricity and Energy, Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Technology, other topics.
MULTI TOPICJim Fiore, Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mohawk Valley CC Devices; Operational Amplifiers, Embedded Controllers, Using C, Arduino, DC Circuit Analysis, AC Circuit Analysis, Computer Programming with Python and Multisim, Science of Sound.
MULTI TOPICLabXchange easily usable,vetted science content from around the world. Suitable for integration into existing courses.Free
MULTI TOPICMaterials Science Instructional Resources resource collection curated by the MatEdU, the site links to the Materials Science Technology Teacher's Handbook developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Materials videos from the American Society of Metals, and open source courses.Free
MULTI TOPICMERLOT Virtual Labs and virtual labs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Environmental Science, Engineering, and Math.Free
MULTI TOPICOnline Resources for Science Laboratories to simulations and virtual labs in A&P, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics, and general STEM topics. List maintained by the maintained by the POD Network at Kent State University.Free
MULTI TOPICPeter Burton burton.producer@GMAIL.COM videos which are educational videos addressing a wide range of topics in Electronics from DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Complex Power, Operational Amplifiers, Mathematical Methods, Digital Oscilloscopes, CMOS Circuits, Digital Design and Analog Electronics. So far there are 128 Videos with each averaging 10 minutes.
MULTI TOPICSkills Commons Digital Library of Workforce Training Materials instructional content searchable by industry, material type, and institution.Free
MULTI TOPICMATE Center Curriculum
Variety of resources and curriculum for Marine Tech from the NSF ATE MATE Center: textbooks; curriculum and lesson plans with modules; instructional videos; and assessment tools. The MATE curriculum page has lessons on simple circuits, basic electricity, how a switch works, advancing beyond a simple switch, and more. SeaMATE ROV starter kits available for purchase or loan. Kits contain materials needed to build ROV. Mentoring for instructors also available.
MULTI TOPICNSF Math Curriculum for Welding curriculum specifically for welding. Industry videos and hands-on activities.  From the NSF ATE project, "Welding: Wisconsin’s Ultimate Rural STEM Pathway"
MULTI TOPICKahn Academy, Electrical Engineering, computer science and engineering, physics, many others Free
MULTI TOPICSoloLearn the "#1 code learning app on App Store and Google Play," SoloLearn invites users to join millions of learners and gain access to more than 2,000 lessons on various aspects of programming, web development, and data science. Courses cover Python 3, Java, SQL, CSS, Ruby, and much more, and each course consists of modules and quizzes for a comprehensive learning experience.
NANOTECHSCME Educational Materials
The NSF ATE Support Center for Microsystems Education provides Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology (RAIN) which allows students to access and control microscopes, like FESEM-field emission scanning electron microscopes, and analytical tools, like EDS-energy (X-ray) dispersive spectroscopy, to look at nano-sized materials from the ease of classrooms, or even home computers, all across the country. Students control the tools over the Internet in real-time and with the assistance of an experienced engineer at the microscope advising over video conferencing software.
NANOTECHNanotechnology Educator Resources
The NSF ATE The Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network provides:
Introductory Level Modules; Undergraduate Level Materials with Course Lectures, Videos and Labs. Packaged as six courses, each contains multiple modules and corresponding lab packages. Lab guides are formatted in Powerpoint for use in the classroom. These are good resources for engaging students and preparing for a remote access session.
NANOTECHNanoHub Resource Collection
Self-paced courses which can be completed by an individual student or used by instructors as complementary material.Free
NANOTECHNEATECH Resource Portal NSF ATE Northeast Advanced Technological Education Regional Center provides learning activities, classroom materials, laboratory activities, checklists, and reference materials to support education and training for the semiconductor and nanotechnologies.Free
ONLINE TEACHINGAccessibility in Online Courses collected by Indiana University with quick accessibility tips, including accessible use with PowerPoint and Zoom.Free
ONLINE TEACHINGAssociation of College & University Educators’ Online Teaching Toolkit Association of College & University Educators’ Online Teaching Toolkit is designed to support instructors needing to make a quick transition to an online environment. The Toolkit offers modules and videos with recommendations that can immediately be used by instructors.Free
ONLINE TEACHINGEvaluating Your Assessment Plan as You Move to a Virtual Classroom advice on assessment in the virtual classroom from Evolllution magazine.Free
ONLINE TEACHINGFaculty Focus reports from Magna Publications’ Faculty Focus covering online course design, online teaching strategies, and transitioning your class to online. Free