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Rip slot 1: IcoRip slot 2: Zenless Zone ZeroRip slot 3: Rumble Roses XXRip slot 4: Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD
Rip Request Rules:General Contact Rules:
You can only make a rip request if a slot above is "NONE".Do not ask me about decryption or encryption, its not something I have looked into.
Put the full name and version (remakes, platform specific etc) of the game as the email subject/title.Do not ask me for raw/unextracted/unripped game files.
Check if it has already been ripped and uploaded to my archive, or if there is a a reason I cannot rip it. See the "Models, Textures, Audio, Anims" sheet.Use some basic grammar, keep it short and don't put everything in the subject line.
Check if the asset/s you want has already been ripped and uploaded to the other 3D sites. See the "Sites, Software, Unity, Samples, Etc" sheet.Unless specified otherwise, I do not do non-batch ripping.
One game per request.Do not ask me if I have something or to find something for you, as what you see is what I have.
Do not request a game that is not downloadable.Do not ask me when/what i plan to rip, as I look into what is requested.
You have to wait 72 hours from your request being successfully done, before you can make another.Do not ask me to do non-ripping 3D work for you.
Specify the individual assets or categories of assets you want. "All", "Everything", "Models" etc are not specific.
For example: character Bob and weapons XYZ, or NPCs and player items.
Do not offer me rips.
Do not request map/level rips, few games have tools to export intacts maps, Just use Ninja Ripper 2 for whole map ripping.Do not expect a model to have its proper name, as many will have code names or IDs.
Do not ask me to rip: mods anymore, NSFW, music, Sketchfab or any professional 3D sites.
You can only request an update to a rip, if there is an update to the game newer than the rip date.
If you do not receive a response or your request does not appear in one of the slots within a day, then you did not follow the rules.
16 for contact and requests
This is a free service and I do not take donations, If someone claims to be me and ask for money, then that is not me.
If you are the copyright/property owner of ripped assets and want them removed, then please email me requesting the removal.
I do not have a discord server and do not plan to make one, do not ask me for my discord ID.
If someone claims to be me outside of emails from me, then assume they are not me.
If you see FBX models with and without "no anims", that means the FBX without "no anims" is an unconverted Unity FBX and will not import correctly into blender, however its animations can be used in Unity.
Models are usually fbx or dae in addition to the games format.
Textures are usually dds or tga.
Some games will have a "_SharedTextures" folder which contains textures used by multiple models.
Animations are usually in the games format, if included.