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200011Official Incorporation of SMU<p>Singapore Management University is incorporated as a non-profit private limited company with an independent board of trustees. Mr Ho Kwon Ping is appointed chairman of SMU's board of trustees. Groundbreaking ceremony signals start of construction for SMU's interim campus at Evans Road.</p> <p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/3/"> here</a>.</p><p>Read incorporation documents <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/129">here</a>.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/incorporation.pngUniversityhttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/incorporation.pngtitle
200031Board of Trustees announced<p>The eighteen members of SMU’s first board of trustees have varied backgrounds, ranging from medicine, property and law to accountancy, banking, academia and the civil service. The board includes two senior academics from the US and Australia and two businessmen from Hong Kong. Mr Ho Kwon Ping is chairman of the board.</p><p>The board members were received by President S R Nathan at the Istana, the official residence of Singapore's president.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/1.2_smu-evolution_Board-of-Trustees-and-Donors-20000315-Ch8_tt.pngUniversityhttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/1.2_smu-evolution_Board-of-Trustees-and-Donors-20000315-Ch8_tt.png
200061INAUGURAL CONVOCATION AND START OF THE BUSINESS SCHOOL<p>SMU welcomes the pioneer batch of 306 students with an inaugural convocation held at Bras Basah Park. SMU's first school, the School of Business, commences.</p>

<p>Read about matriculation day <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/5/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about launch of international exchange programme for students <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/8/" target="_blank">here</a> and additional exchange programmes <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/6/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about the inaugural convocation and beginning of classes <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/7/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>

20009School of Acountancy announced<p>Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan announces the start of the School of Accountancy. SMU will become the first Singapore university to offer an American-style, broad-based accountancy degree programme with professional recognition. Classes will begin in August 2001.</p>
<p>Associate Professor Pang Yang Hoong is founding dean of the new school. She joined SMU's start-up team in 1998. Prior to that, Professor Pang was the director of the PhD programme and head of auditing and taxation at the School of Accountancy and Business, Nanyang Technological University.</p>
<p>Read about the SMU’s long-term plans <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/9/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about the new accountancy programme <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/10/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about SMU’s double degree in business management and accountancy <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/12/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about plans for accounting professionals to teach at new school <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/16/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
200012City Campus architects<p>Singapore-based KNTA Architects and UK-based Edward Cullinan Architects are awarded the contract to design the main campus, including the academic buildings, the library and the concourse. The Australia-based Cox Architects and Planners and Singapore-based DEG Architects will design SMU’s administration building.</p>

<p>Read about design competition and city campus master plan <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/4/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about design competition results <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/11/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about archaeological survey of city campus site <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/19/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20011First Patron's Day<p>Patron's Day commemorates the incorporation of SMU in January 2000. The first patron of SMU is President of Singapore, Mr S R Nathan.</p>

<p>SMU celebrated its first Patron's Day by hosting a visit of President Nathan at its Evans Road campus.</p>
<p>Read about President S R Nathan’s visit to SMU <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/13/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20012Community Service<p>In its aim to develop holistic and well-rounded SMU graduates, students are required to perform 80-hours of community service as part of their undergraduate curriculum. SMU is working with the National Volunteer Centre to help students identify volunteer opportunities in the arts, environment, heritage and sports.</p>
<p>Read about community service as part of the curriculum <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/14/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about Project Primate <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/15/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
2001620017Developing Bukit Timah campus<p>Renovations of the historic Bukit Timah campus are underway. Begun in late 2000, this is the fastest redevelopment project of conserved buildings in Singapore's history.</p>
<p>While preserving the buildings' period architecture, classrooms are being remodelled for seminar-style teaching. Wireless internet will be available throughout the campus. The Bukit Timah campus was home to two earlier universities, the University of Malaya and the University of Singapore. Most recently, the campus was occupied by the National Institute of Education, which moved to a new location at Nanyang Technological University in December 2000.</p>
<p>Read about SMU’s new Bukit Timah campus <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/17/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20018School of Economics and Social Sciences announced at convocation 2001<p>Education Minister Teo Chee Hean is the guest of honour at SMU's second convocation, the welcoming ceremony for incoming students. The minister announces the launch of SMU’s third school, the School of Economics and Social Sciences. The first students for the BSc (Economics) degree will be admitted in 2002.</p>
<p>Convocation 2001 welcomes the 400 new bachelor of business management students and the pioneer intake of 100 bachelor of accountancy students.</p>
<p>Read about Convocation 2001 <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/18/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20019Second president: Professor Ronald Frank<p>Professor Ronald E Frank, dean emeritus and Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Marketing Emeritus of the Roberto C Goizueta Business School of Emory University, takes office as the second president of SMU.</p>
<p>Outgoing president Professor Janice Bellace will serve as vice-chairperson of academic affairs on the SMU Board of Trustees. She will also chair the Wharton-SMU Research Centre.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/20/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20021First masters students begin studies<p>SMU’s first intake of postgraduate students begins classes this month. Twenty-one students were admitted to the School of Business in the Master of Science in Applied Finance programme. This is a master's degree by coursework. It is designed for practitioners who wish to pursue their Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, for professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of applied finance, or for those who are seeking a career in the finance and banking.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/21/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20021Moving into Bukit Timah campus<p>SMU moves from its interim campus on Evans Road to the renovated, historic Bukit Timah campus.</p>
<p>Singapore President and SMU Patron S R Nathan officially opened the renovated Bukit Timah campus, and toured its historic grounds. A time capsule was filled with memorabilia from SMU’s first two years—publications, news clippings and the city campus design brief. President Nathan also presented awards to students who have demonstrated excellence in sports, cultural and social activities.</p>
20023Founding Dean for School of Economics and Social Sciences<p>SMU announces Professor Roberto S Mariano as the founding dean of the School of Economics and Social Sciences. Professor Mariano takes office in July 2002 and the first economics students will begin classes in August 2002. Professor Mariano will take leave from the University of Pennsylvania, where he is professor of economics and statistics.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/22/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20023Groundbreaking for city campus<p>Education Minister Teo Chee Hean is guest of honour at groundbreaking ceremony for SMU's permanent city campus at Bras Basah Park. With the addition of SMU, Singapore plans to increase the percentage of each year's student cohort that enrolls in Singapore's universities to 25% by 2010.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/23/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20027Dr Richard Hu appointed as chancellor<p>Dr Richard Hu has been appointed chancellor of SMU; he takes over from Mr Lim Kim San, SMU’s first chancellor. The appointment was made by Minister for Education Teo Chee Hean. Dr Hu is an eminent figure in the public and financial sectors of Singapore. He was managing director of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore successively. He held several key ministerial positions, including Minister for Finance from 1985 to 2001.
<p>The chancellor is the key university official at all major formal ceremonies involving the university. At convocation the chancellor declares the opening of the academic year. At graduation the chancellor declares and recognises all the graduates to have earned their academic degrees from SMU.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/24/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20028Wee Kim Wee Centre announced at convocation 2002<p>Named in honour of Singapore's fourth president, SMU's Wee Kim Wee Centre will offer talks and seminars to promote a deeper understanding of the impact of cultural diversity on the business environment.</p>
<p>The announcement was made on the occasion of SMU's third convocation, the annual ceremony welcoming undergraduates to the university community. Six hundred new undergraduates will begin their studies this month including the pioneer students in the Bachelor of Science (Economics) programme.</p>
<p>Read about Convocation 2002 and the Wee Kim Wee Centre <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/25/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20029Dr Li Ka Shing donates S$19.5M<p>Entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Li Ka Shing donates a record S$19.5 million to SMU. The SMU library and student scholarships will be named after him. The Singapore Government matches the gift with $3 for every dollar donated.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/26/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/8.1_lksl_Li-Ka-Shing-Press-Conference-20020209-ChI.pngUniversityLee Ka Shing donates S$19.5Mhttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/8.1_lksl_Li-Ka-Shing-Press-Conference-20020209-ChI.png
200211School of Information System launched<p>SMU announces the formation of a fourth school, the School of Information Systems (SIS). The new school will have a cross-disciplinary approach, preparing IT graduates who can work at the interface between business and technology.</p>
<p>Steven Miller, chief architect executive, IBM Business Innovation Services ASEAN, is appointed as interim dean.</p>
<p>Classes will commence in August 2003</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/27/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20030000_SISLopening_Miller.jpgInformation Systemshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20030000_SISLopening_Miller.jpg
20031SMU is different' ad campaign<p>These eye-catching ads appeared in newspapers and on the fence at the city campus building site. Featuring real people in the SMU community—students, alumni, employers, faculty and parents—the ads raised awareness of the new university and helped establish its identity.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20030101_SMUisDifferentAds_Marina.jpgUniversityhttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20030101_SMUisDifferentAds_Marina.jpg
20031MOU signed with Carnegie Mellon<p>SMU's School of Information Systems and Carnegie Mellon sign a four-year agreement to develop the undergraduate programme curriculum, faculty resources, and organisational and technological infrastructure for SIS.</p>
<p>Read about memorandum of understanding <a href="http://www.cmu.edu/cmnews/030127/030127_singapore.html" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about student exchange agreement <a href="http://www.sis.smu.edu.sg/news/content/CMU.jpg" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read abour first Carneige Mellon student at SIS <a href="https://sis.smu.edu.sg/about-school/brian-gray.asp" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20030108_SMU-CMU-MOU_RFrank%2CMKamlet%2CTCT%2CHKP.jpgInformation Systemshttps://dev.oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/bfi.smu.edu.sg/files/20030108_SMU-CMU-MOU_RFrank%2CMKamlet%2CTCT%2CHKP.jpg
20034David B Montgomery appointed Dean of School of Business<p>SMU appoints Professor David B Montgomery as the new dean of the business school. Professor Montgomery is currently the Sebastian S Kresge Professor of Marketing Strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and emeritus faculty at Stanford University. He takes office May 2003.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/28/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
2003620038SMU's First graduates<p>SMU’s pioneer batch of twenty-one postgraduate students, who enrolled in January 2002, have completed their studies and graduated with Master of Science in Applied Finance degrees in June 2003.</p>
<p>Ten students from the pioneer cohort of undergraduate students have accelerated their studies and will complete the four-year degree programme in just three years. They will graduate in August 2003.</p>
<p>These students have already received job offers from local and global corporations including UBS, DBS, IBM, OCBC, and Merrill Lynch. Another eight students, are expected to graduate in September 2003.</p>
<p>All students finishing in 2003 will join their cohort for SMU's inaugural commencement ceremony in 2004.</p>
<p>Read about first master’s students to graduate <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/30/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20039Multi-disciplinary social sciences degree<p>Modelled on the ‘Philosophy, Politics and Economics’ programme at the Oxford University and the University of Pennsylvania, SMU introduces the first multi-disciplinary social sciences degree in Singapore. It will focus on business and economics applications in the Asian marketplace. To begin in August 2004, students can major in one or more areas in psychology, political science and sociology, with the possibility of selecting courses from or double majoring in economics, law, East Asian studies, accounting, finance or marketing.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/31/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Social Sciences
20045S$50M gift from Lee Foundation<p>SMU receives landmark gift of S$50 million from the Lee Foundation. The Singapore Government matches $3 for every dollar donated, resulting in another $150 million for SMU's endowment fund .The School of Business and a university-wide scholars programme are named in honour of the late Dr Lee Kong Chian, a businessman and philanthropist, and a firm believer in education. A ceremony to mark the gift will be held at the Istana later in the year.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/33/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20047Pionner student graduate at inaugural commencement ceremony<p>At its inaugural commencement ceremony, SMU celebrated students earning bachelor's and master's degrees. Students in the pioneer class of undergraduates have completed their four-year programme and were awarded Bachelor of Business Management or Bachelor of Accountancy degrees. Twenty-one students earned double degrees. In addition, forty-one graduate students were awarded Master of Applied Finance degrees.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/34/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>See commencement ad <a href="http://www.smu.edu.sg/news_room/smu%20ads/SMUcmcnt04.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20049Third president: Professor Howard Hunter<p>Professor Howard Hunter takes office as SMU's third president in September 2004. He comes to Singapore from Emory University where he served as dean for the School of Law, and as interim provost and executive vice president for academic affairs.</p>
<p>Read about presidential appointment <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/32/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about Convocation 2004 <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/35/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20057Commencement 2005<p>SMU’s second commencement ceremony celebrates the graduation of 520 students.</p>
<p>Of the 483 undergraduates earning degrees, 392 students graduated with Bachelor of Business Management, 88 graduated with Bachelor of Accountancy and three graduated with Bachelor of Science (Economics). Of these, twenty-five graduated with double degrees in business management and accountancy or business management and economics.</p>
<p>Commencement also marked the graduation of 37 postgraduate students who represent the pioneer class to complete the Master of Science in Wealth Management.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://www.smu.edu.sg/news_room/press_releases/2005/20050720.asp" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20057Move to the city<p>After four years at the Bukit Timah campus, a parade of 1,000 undergraduates and academics made their way from Bukit Timah to SMU’s new city campus in Bras Basah. Last month Obayashi Corporation, the main building contractor, officially handed over the 4.5 hectare, S$426 million city campus to SMU. Students will start the new academic year at the city campus in August.</p>
<p>Read about city campus topping out ceremony <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/36/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about official handover of city campus <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/39/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about the move to the city <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/40/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>See ad for city campus <a href="http://www.smu.edu.sg/news_room/smu%20ads/AD_Moving.PDF" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20059UOB-SMU Entrepreneurship Alliance Centre established<p>The centre oversees and funds consultancy projects for small and medium-sized local enterprises. It is an initiative between SMU, United Overseas Bank Limited, and 200 alliance partners, including local businesses and individuals. SMU undergraduates, with the supervision of SMU faculty or business mentors, provide highly subsidised business consultancy services.</p>
<p>Read about including family businesses <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/78/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
20059Singapore Art Show on campus<p>SMU's city campus is one of the venues hosting the Singapore Art Show. Works by Singaporean sculptors are sited on the Campus Green, in the lobby of the administration building and in the SMU Art Gallery. An exhibition of line art work is in the concourse of the School of Economics & Social Sciences. An open session featuring new work is displayed in the SMU Concourse.</p>
<p>Read more here <a href="http://www.smu.edu.sg/news_room/smuhub/oct2005/microsite/CorBuzz_01_smu_host_art_show.html" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20061Official opening of city campus<p>SMU's new $426 million, 4.5-hectare city campus is officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.</p>
<p>Planning for the city campus began in 2000 when the Urban Redevelopment Authority accepted the master plan for the design and building of the campus. The academic buildings and library were designed by Edward Cullinan Architects in collaboration with KNTA and took five years of planning and construction. The new 14-storey administration building at Victoria Street was designed by Cox Architects and DEG Architects.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/42/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Official opening ad <a href="http://www.smu.edu.sg/news_room/smu%20ads/AD_Official_Opening_20060120.pdf/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>

20062Lien Centre for Social Innovation<p>A collaboration between the Lien Foundation and SMU, the Lien Centre for Social Innovation is established to inspire innovation, foster new alliances, and facilitate solutions to strengthen the non-profit sector. The centre aims to be a thought leader and catalyst for positive social change in Singapore and beyond. The Lien Foundation will donate $6 million over a five-year period to fund the establishment of the centre.</p>
<p>Read more <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/43/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20100123_LienCentre_iGobal-46.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20100123_LienCentre_iGobal-46.jpg
20062Official opening of Li Ka Shing Library<p>Dr Li Ka Shing, chairman of Li Ka Shing Foundation and Hutchison Whampoa Limited, entrepreneur and philanthropist, officiated at the opening of SMU's library together with Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.</p>
<p>In 2002 a gift of S$19.5 million was granted to SMU by the Li Ka Shing Foundation and Hutchison Whampoa Group. The endowment of SMU's library received S$15 million. The remaining portion is dedicated to scholarships for students from Hong Kong and China.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/44/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20063Official opening of Lee Kong Chian Buidling<p>SMU's Lee Kong Chian Building is officially opened by Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong. SMU received a landmark S$50 million donation from the Lee Foundation in 2004.</p>
<p>In recognition of this generosity, SMU has named its business school, the building that houses it, and a scholars programme in honour of the late Dr Lee Kong Chian, founder of the Lee Foundation. In addition, a Fund for Excellence has been established to enhance SMU's ability to attract, develop and retain outstanding international faculty.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/45/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20066Pang Eng Fong appointed dean Lee Kong Chian School for Business<p>SMU announced the appointment of Professor Pang Eng Fong as the new dean of the Lee Kong Chian School of Business. A diplomat, scholar and teacher, Professor Pang joined SMU in 2002 and assumed the position of interim dean in January this year. Together with his appointment as dean, Professor Pang will also be the vice provost for Academic Strategic Planning.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/46/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20067Commencement 2006<p>SMU celebrates the graduation of 628 students at the university's third commencement ceremony. Of the 563 undergraduates earning degrees, 430 students graduated with Bachelor of Business Management, 85 graduated with Bachelor of Accountancy, 43 graduated with Bachelor of Science (Economics) and five graduated with Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management).</p>
<p>Of these, twenty-five obtained double degrees in business management and accountancy; business management and economics; or business management and information systems management. Sixty-five postgraduate students earned master's students.</p>
<p>Twenty-two graduated with Master of Science in Applied Finance, fourty graduated with Master of Science in Wealth Management and three graduated with Master of Science in Applied Economics.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/47/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20068SMU admits first PhD students<p>SMU's School of Information Systems launches the university's first PhD programme. Four students entered into the PhD (Information Systems) programme.</p>Information Systems
20069SMU Hosts Singapore Biennale 2006<p>SMU’s Campus Green served as the centre of operations for Singapore Biennale 2006. From early September to mid November visitors could view and enter Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban's construction located on the Campus Green. Ban’s piece also housed the biennale’s information centre, media centre and gift shop.</p>
<p>Read about SMU’s Friend of the Arts award <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/57/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
200610Artist Chua Ek Kay donates collection <p>Distinguished Singaporean artist and cultural medallion winner Mr Chua Ek Kay has presented SMU with 30 pieces of his work known as the ‘Street Scenes Collection’. To be displayed in the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, the paintings portray Singapore's heritage with depictions of old shop houses, narrow alleyways and historic sites.</p>
<p>Read press release on collection <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/49/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read interview with Chua Ek Kay <a href="http://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2007/sources/TODAY_20070910_1.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read press release on SMU's Visual Arts Initiative <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/41/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read press release on 'Remembering Chua Ek Kay' exhibition <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/65/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
200611BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Centre established<p>The centre is the first in Asia to carry out academic research on hedge funds. In addition to research, it plans to educate finance practitioners and the investor public on hedge funds, and raise the profile of the hedge funds industry in Asia and Singapore. Funding for the centre is provided by BNP Paribas. The centre will work in close partnership with the BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Centre at the London Business School.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/50/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20061122_BNPlaunch_MTeo%2CPFauchier%2CJPBernard%2CAKOH.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20061122_BNPlaunch_MTeo%2CPFauchier%2CJPBernard%2CAKOH.jpg
200612SMU opens new city hostel<p>Three blocks of conservation flats have undergone a S$13 million renovation to provide 48 apartments for 261 students. SMU’s new hostel, Residences @ Prinsep, is a 10-minute walk from campus. Housing priority is given to foreign students. A group of 'residential seniors' will provide leadership and support to hostel residents.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20061205_hostel_view1.jpgUniversityhttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20061205_hostel_view1.jpg
20073School of Law opens<p>The new School of Law will provide legal education with a strong business orientation to prepare its graduates for law practice in Singapore and in the region. It will offer a four-year undergraduate law degree programme, and a five-year double degree programme combining law with accountancy, business, economics, information systems or social sciences. Classes commence in August 2007.</p>
<p>Read press releases <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/48/" target="_blank">here</a> and <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/51/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about the JD programme started in 2009 <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/66/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about the LLM programme started in 2011 <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/83/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20074SESS reorganised to form two schools<p>The School of Economics and Social Sciences is reorganised into two separate schools—the School of Economics and the School of Social Sciences. Professor Roberto Mariano is dean of the School of Economics. Professor David Chan is interim dean of the School of Social Sciences.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/52/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20075International Trading Institute Launched<p>A tripartite collaboration between SMU, International Enterprise Singapore and leading industry partners, ITI is the first trading institute in the world to be set up within a university. ITI offers the International Trading Track as a specialisation under the finance major of the business management degree programme. Apart from classroom learning, students will go on overseas industry study missions, attend workshops, and participate in commodity trading simulations.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/53/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
20077Financial Training Institute at SMU established<p>FTI@SMU’s mission is to develop SMU's market leadership in executive training for professionals in the financial services industry. The institute offers a range of professional certification programmes across industry segments such as corporate banking, financial markets, fund management and private equity. The competency-based programmes are designed from a practitioner's perspective, to focus on practical applications in specific fields of expertise.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20070719_FTIlaunch_group.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20070719_FTIlaunch_group.jpg
20077Commencement 2007<p>SMU awards degrees to 860 students at the university's fourth commencement ceremony held at Suntec City.</p>
<p>Of the undergraduates earning degrees, 437 students graduated with Bachelor of Business Management, 144 earned the Bachelor of Accountancy and 93 graduated with Bachelor of Science (Economics).</p>
<p>SMU also celebrated the graduation of 78 students from the university's pioneer batch of Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management), Singapore's first business-IT degree programme.</p>
<p>A total of 106 graduands or 14% obtained double degrees in various combinations of business management, accountancy, economics, information systems management economics and social science.</p>
<p>Postgraduate degrees were awarded to 108 master's students, including 54 students earning Master of Science in Wealth Management and 41 earning Master of Science in Applied Finance.</p>
<p>This year's commencement also marks the first time that SMU has conferred honorary degrees. Two distinguished individuals were so honoured—Mr Yong Pung How with the Doctor of Laws, and Dr Lee Seng Gee with the Doctor of Humane Letters. SMU's honorary degrees are conferred on special individuals whose achievements and contributions to society are consistent with the mission of the university in the advancement of learning and which provide inspiration and leadership.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/54/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read 2007 employment survey <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/60/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20077Institute of Service Excellence at SMU<p>The Singapore Workforce Development Agency and SMU establish Singapore's first institute for service excellence. ISES will work with government and industry to promote service excellence and to raise Singapore’s service standards.</p>
<p>A governing council will oversee activities between ISES and the three supporting agencies, the Workforce Development Agency, SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Tourism Board</p>
<p>Developing an indicator for service excellence in Singapore and Asia Pacific is one of the key deliverables of ISES. This index will provide an objective and comprehensive report on service levels in various industry sectors every year.</p>
<p>Read press release on ISES launch <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/55/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read press release on customer satisfaction index <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/59/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20070718_ISESlaunch_groupshot.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20070718_ISESlaunch_groupshot.jpg
20078Michael Furmston: Founding Dean of Law School<p>Professor Michael Furmston is one of the most distinguished contracts and commercial law scholars in the world. The former Oxford professor and dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Bristol is best known for his book, Cheshire, Fifoot & Furmston on Contract which remains one of the leading treatises on contract law more than 50 years after its first publication.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/56/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20083Mr Yong Pung How appointed Pro-Chancellor<p>Chief Justice of Singapore from September 1990 to April 2006, Mr Yong Pung How is appointed pro-chancellor of SMU. He is also Distinguished Fellow of SMU's School of Law and chairman of the law school's advisory board.</p>
<p>The chancellor is the key university official at all major ceremonies of the university. At convocation, the chancellor declares the opening of the new academic year. At commencement, the chancellor officiates at the graduation ceremony and confers degrees on all graduating students.</p>
<p>Pro-chancellors assist with the work of the chancellor. They may stand in for the chancellor on occasions when the chancellor is absent.</p>
<p>Later, Mr Yong Pung How was appointed chancellor of SMU. Read 2010 press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/76/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20087New Provost: Professor Rajendra K Srivastava<p>Professor Rajendra K Srivastava takes office as provost and deputy president (academic affairs) of SMU. Previously he was a senior faculty member at the Goizueta School of Business, Emory University, where he held a chair in e-commerce and marketing. He has also served as senior associate dean at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University as well as at the University of Texas at Austin.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/61/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20087Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics at SMU established<p>Promoting the study of financial economics and financial econometrics in areas of strategic relevance to Singapore's economy and economies of the region, the institute carries out academic and practical research and training to bridge the gaps between economics and finance, theory and practice, and science and policy.</p>
<p>The institute has four major research centres for quantitative financial analysis and offers training programmes for professionals in the financial industry.</p>
<p>Named in honour of the late Mr Sim Kee Boon, the institute commemorates his many accomplishments in establishing Singapore's modern infrastructure.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/62/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about S$17 million raised for endowment fund <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/64/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20087Commencement 2008<p>SMU celebrates the graduation of 1,167 graduands at the university's fifth commencement ceremony held at Suntec City. Among the university's largest ever pool of graduates are 63 pioneer social science graduates and 23 who are the first to obtain the Master of Professional Accounting.</p>
<p>Of the 1,032 students receiving bachelor’s degrees, 544 earned Bachelor of Business Management, 176 earned Bachelor of Accountancy, 133 earned Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management), 116 earned Bachelor of Science (Economics), and 63 earned Bachelor of Social Science.</p>
<p>SMU also celebrates the graduation of 63 students who form the university's pioneer batch of Bachelor of Social Science graduates. A total of 143 students or 14% are awarded double degrees in various combinations of business management, accountancy, economics, information systems management, economics and social science.</p>
<p>Postgraduate degrees were awarded to 135 master's students. There are 52 who graduate with Master of Science in Wealth Management, 50 with Master of Science in Applied Finance and 23 from the pioneer cohort of the Master of Professional Accounting. The remaining 10 graduate with Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Economics or Master of Science in Applied Economics.</p>
<p>The guest of honour is Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/63/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20087Night Festival hosted by SMU and National Museum of Singapore<p>The first Night Festival featured outdoor performances, music and film. Held at the National Museum and at SMU's campus Green, it attracted about 50,000 visitors.</p>
<p>Read about the Night Festival <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2008/sources/NHBuzz_2008Jul-AugIssue16_1.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20088Professor Peter Hedström appointed dean, School of Social Sciences<p>Professor Peter Hedström was appointed dean of the School of Social Sciences from August 2008. Prior to joining SMU, Professor Hedström was a professor at Oxford University, where he was chair of the Sociology Group at Nuffield College.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/HedstromPeter.jpgSocial Scienceshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/HedstromPeter.jpg
20089Loan and gift of Indonesian artwork by Dr Oei Hong Djien<p>SMU is honoured to receive a loan of significant artworks from Indonesian collector Dr Oei Hong Djien, as well as gifts of newly created pieces by Indonesian artists Entang Wiharso and Nasirun. To commemorate this loan and gift, a public exhibition was opened today. ‘Indonesian Triple Bill’ presents 20 works selected from Dr Oei's loan, plus two separate shows of large-scale works and installations by Entang and Nasirun.</p>
<p>Artists include the late masters such as Widayat, Sudjojono, and Hendra Gunawan, and acclaimed artists practicing today: Heri Dono, Nasirun, Entang Wiharso, Made Djirna, Laksmi Shitaresmi, Moch Basori and Rudi Mantofani,</p>
<p>The works will be housed in SMU's School of Social Sciences for the next five years.</p>
<p>Read Art Monthly article <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2008/sources/ArtMonthly_2008Sep_1.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
200810Mr J Y Pillay appointed pro-chancellor<p>Mr J Y Pillay is one of Singapore’s pioneers who helped build the economy after the separation from Malaysia. He served in the administrative service of the Government of Singapore and was permanent secretary of the ministries of finance, defence and national development. He was chairman of the Singapore Exchange from 1999 to 2010. He served as managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. Under his leadership Singapore Airlines became a global player.</p>
<p>He joins Mr Yong Pung How in the role of pro-chancellor of SMU.</p>
20093Pacita Abad collection at School of Economics<p>A collection of ninety-one paintings, four reprints and one sculpture, done by internationally acclaimed Pacita Abad (1946 - 2004), is on display at the School of Economics. The works were produced while Pacita was the artist in residence at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2003. On loan from the Pacita Abad Art Foundation, the collection is on display at Level 5 of the School of Economics and is open to the public.</p>http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20090301_PacitaAbad_Pipi%27sLongStockings.jpgEconomicshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20090301_PacitaAbad_Pipi%27sLongStockings.jpg
20093Juris Doctor programme launched<p>SMU’s School of Law is the first school in Singapore to offer the American-style Juris Doctor (JD) postgraduate law programme. The programme enables mid-career or fresh graduates in other disciplines to pursue a degree in law, allowing them to become lawyers qualified to practise in Singapore.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/66/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20094Centre for Dispute Resolution opens<p>Established in late 2008 and located within SMU’s School of Law, the centre provides a vehicle for research and teaching across the range of ‘alternative’ dispute resolution procedures. The centre aims to foster such research and teaching activities across all the schools and departments at SMU.</p>
<p>The wider mandate of the centre will be to work with practitioners and professionals in dispute resolution, particularly arbitration and mediation, and to foster the objective of the Singapore Academy of Law and of the Singapore Government in promoting Singapore as the dispute resolution resource for the region. The objective recognises the potential of such processes to facilitate access to justice and effective resolution.The centre also builds on the experience already gained in countries in the region in the use of mediation and non-judicial processes.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/67/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20090416_CentreDisputeResolutionLaunch_audience.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20090416_CentreDisputeResolutionLaunch_audience.jpg
20096Alumni Online Community Launched<p>SMU launches its social networking website for alumni to keep in touch with one another and the university. It is hoped that a stronger sense of belonging will encourage more to give back to their alma mater.</p>
<p>In July 2005 the SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) was established. Led by an executive committee elected from among their members, SMUAA organises professional, networking and social events to help build meaningful relationships between alumni and the university. Beyond this, alumni can contribute their talent and time through leadership roles within the association.</p>
<p>In 2004, the idea of an alumni scholarship fund was proposed as SMU's pioneer undergraduates completed their studies. Alumni members raised funds from parents, students, alumni, staff and faculty. The fund now enables SMU to offer an endowed scholarship to outstanding and deserving SMU students every year, in perpetuity.</p>
<p>Read alumni online news article <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2009/sources/ST_20090411_2.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20097Commencement 2009<p>In its sixth and largest commencement ceremony to date, SMU awarded degrees to 1104 undergraduates and 270 postgraduates.</p>
<p>This batch of students was the first to complete their entire education at SMU's city campus.</p>
<p>The 1104 undergraduates earned bachelor’s degrees from the five schools of business, accountancy, economics, information systems and social sciences. A total of 143 graduates or 13% of the undergraduate cohort were awarded double degrees.</p>
<p>SMU also conferred postgraduate degrees on its largest ever group of 270 master's students. 158 graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Finance, 50 with a Master of Science in Wealth Management and 36 with a Master of Professional Accounting. The remaining 26 graduates earned Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Economics, Master of Science in Applied Economics or Master of Science in Management.</p>
<p>Guest of honour for the occasion was Mr Lim Chee Onn, senior advisor of Keppel Corporation Limited. SMU Pro-Chancellor Mr J Y Pillay also attended. The ceremony was held at Suntec City.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/68/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read 2009 employment survey <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/72/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20099Howard Thomas appointed Dean of LKC School of Business<p>International strategic management expert Professor Howard Thomas has been appointed the new dean of the SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business. He will take office in January 2010. Professor Thomas is currently dean of the Warwick Business School and Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Warwick.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/69/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20099Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched<p>SMU's Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) aims to create and grow an entrepreneurial culture amongst SMU students, staff and faculty through collaboration with the community. The institute is committed to help innovators commercialise their ideas and aspires to build robust start-ups within SMU and the larger community through research, strategy, training, business incubation and knowledge sharing.</p>
<p>In May 2009 Singapore’s National Research Foundation pledged S$6.5 million to IIE to promote innovation.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/70/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
200912Pionner MBA class graduates<p>The pioneer students of SMU's postgraduate programme in business administration receive their degrees. They began their studies in January 2008. The SMU MBA focuses on leadership, communication and business ethics with a strong grounding in management knowledge and concepts.</p>
<p>Read about launch of MBA programme <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/58/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20101Patron's Day and 10 Photo Stories<p>SMU celebrates its first ten years at Patron's Day 2010. This event kicks off a year-long celebration of SMU's tenth anniversary.</p>
<p>SMU Patron S R Nathan, President of Singapore, graces the evening celebrations, commemorating the occasion along with Minister for Education, Dr Ng Eng Hen, guests, students, staff, faculty and alumni.</p>
<p>In conjunction with SMU's tenth anniversary, Ten Photo Stories showcases the collective SMU experience with a new photo story on the tenth of each month.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/71/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20105Human Capital Leadership Institute launched<p>Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, the Singapore Economic Development Board and SMU are partners in this new institute. HCLI aims to develop global leaders with a strong understanding of leading in Asia, as well as to build Asian leaders with the ability to lead on the global stage.</p>
<p>The institute will engage in executive education; research with academia, companies and consultancies; human capital events; and industry networking.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20100510_HCLIllaunch_group.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20100510_HCLIllaunch_group.jpg
20105Behavioural Sciences Institute receives grant<p>Established in December 2009, the Behavioural Sciences Institute (BSI) is a multi-disciplinary research institute for creating, disseminating and applying scientific knowledge about human behaviours in various social, organisational and cultural settings. The BSI operates in a collaborative manner by bringing academia, business and government to work together to better understand human behaviours. The purpose is to promote the adoption of evidence-based approaches to develop effective organisational practices and public policies with the view to enhancing performance, adaptability and well-being at the individual, organisational and societal levels.</p>
<p>The Institute has received a S$4.5 million grant from the Civil Service College as a start-up fund to build capabilities and conduct research with public sector agencies. To ensure long term sustainability, SMU will raise additional funds to support the Institute's activities.</p>
<p>Refer to the related press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/73/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
20107Commencement 2010<p>SMU celebrates its seventh commencement ceremony at the Resorts World Convention Centre. The 1,514 graduands make this SMU's largest batch to date.</p>
<p>Among the 1,514 total graduands, 1,203 are bachelor degree graduates from the schools of business, accountancy, economics, information systems and social sciences.</p>
<p>Postgraduate degrees were awarded to the largest ever group of 311 master's students. Master’s degrees were awarded to the pioneer students in three programmes: the Master of Business Administration, the Master of IT in Business (Financial Services) and the Master of Science in Operations Management.</p>
<p>Dr Narongchai Akrasanee, the former Minister of Commerce and Senator of Thailand, and current chairman of the board of MFC Asset Management, is guest of honour. SMU Pro-Chancellor Mr Yong Pung How also attended.</p>
<p>Read press release here <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/74/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read 2010 employment survey <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/81/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20108Mr Yong Pung How appointed chancellor<p>Former Chief Justice of Singapore, Mr Yong Pung How served as pro-chancellor of SMU since March 2008. He becomes chancellor of SMU in August 2010, taking over from Dr Richard Hu, who served as chancellor since July 2002. Currently Mr Yong Pung How is also Distinguished Fellow of SMU's School of Law and chairman of the law school's advisory board.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/76/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20109Fourth President: Professor Arnoud De Meyer<p>Professor Arnoud De Meyer takes office as SMU's fourth president in September 2010. He comes to Singapore from the University of Cambridge (UK) where he was director of the Judge Business School and a Professor of Management Studies. Previous to that, Professor De Meyer held various senior academic and administrative positions at INSEAD, including founding dean of INSEAD’s Asia campus in Singapore.</p>
<p>The audience at Convocation 2010 witnessed a symbolic handover of leadership from President Howard Hunter to incoming President Arnoud De Meyer.</p>
<p>Read about Convocation 2010 <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/75/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
201010Celebrating One Million Hours of Community Service<p>SMU celebrates its 10th anniversary and a milestone in community service. A photo exhibition shows the extraordinary journeys taken by students in community service projects over the last ten years. To give back to society, SMU undergraduates are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of community service.</p>
<p>To date, students have worked with more than two hundred non-profit organisations, voluntary welfare organisations, community service agencies and other outreach agencies. More than 9,100 SMU students have completed 80 hours or more of community service. As of July 2010, the total number of hours clocked by students exceeds one million (1,080,000) hours. Students undertake community service projects in Singapore and in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, India, Israel, Madagascar and South Africa. Projects range from teaching English, to recycling and conservation drives, to the construction of homes. Many of these are sustainable efforts, with students heading back yearly to continue on with earlier endeavours.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/77/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
201012Centre for Social Responsibility established<p>Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR) underscores the importance that SMU places on nurturing students to become ethical and socially responsible leaders, by guiding students to undertake local or overseas service projects that are meaningful, sustainable and have long-term impact.</p>
<p>C4SR oversees community engagement initiatives which were previously under the offices of Career Services and Student Life.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20101201_C4SRProjectInspirar2011_students%2Celderly.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20101201_C4SRProjectInspirar2011_students%2Celderly.jpg
201012James T H Tang appointed dean, School of Social Sciences<p>SMU announces Professor James T H Tang as the new dean of the School of Social Sciences. A widely recognised scholar in international relations, Professor Tang has served in senior management and leadership positions at the University of Hong Kong. He takes office January 2011.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/79/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/TangJamesTH.jpgSocial Scienceshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/TangJamesTH.jpg
20113Living Analytics Research Centre launched<p>Living Analytics is a joint research initiative between SMU and Carnegie Mellon University to conduct research on behavioural and social network analytics and behavioural experiments so as to discover and harness the laws of information network evolution for networks of people, organisations and businesses.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/80/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20110307_LARClaunch_JCohen%2CADM%2CTT.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20110307_LARClaunch_JCohen%2CADM%2CTT.jpg
20114Accreditation for business and accounting<p>SMU has earned accreditation from AACSB International for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in business and accounting at its Lee Kong Chian School of Business and School of Accountancy. It is one of the youngest universities to have earned both accreditations.</p>
<p>To realise accounting accreditation, an institution must first satisfy the business accreditation quality standards, and then an additional set of fifteen standards must be met for accounting accreditation.</p>
<p>Every five years, schools must pass a rigorous peer review in order to maintain their accreditation.</p>
<p>Read about AACSB accreditation <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/82/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>In December 2011, the Lee Kong Chian School of Business become one of the youngest institutions in the world to be conferred the EQUIS accreditation. Awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development, the accreditation covers all programmes offered by the LKCSB from the undergraduate degree to the PhD.</p>
<p>Read about EQUIS accreditation <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/90/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20117Law Library to honour Madam Kwa Geok Choo<p>SMU will name its new law library, a new scholars programme for law students, and a top law student award after Madam Kwa Geok Choo, wife of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Madam Kwa was an esteemed lawyer and a brilliant student. She was the first Asian woman to graduate with first-class honours in Law from Cambridge University. She started a law firm with Mr Lee and his younger brother, and then went on to excel as a conveyancing lawyer, mentoring many others in the process.</p>
<p>The new Kwa Geok Choo Law Library will serve not just the SMU community, but also the legal community in Singapore and beyond.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/85/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20117Dr Tony Tan on the future of higher education<p>Former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan speaks at a public lecture on higher education organised by the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics at SMU.</p>University
20117Commencement 2011<p>A total of 1,819 SMU students marked the completion of their studies at commencement ceremonies held over two days in July. This eighth batch of students is the largest number to graduate to date.</p>
<p>Among them is the pioneer batch of 106 law graduates, the pioneer batch of 18 Juris Doctor graduates, and SMU’s first doctoral graduate who earned a PhD in information systems.</p>
<p>Of the 1,531 bachelor degree graduates, 185 students or 12% earned double degrees in various combinations of business management, accountancy, economics, information systems management, law and social science.</p>
<p>SMU also conferred postgraduate degrees on 288 master's students, and one doctoral student.</p>
<p>Guest-of-honour was the Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong. Also present was Education Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat and SMU Chancellor Mr Yong Pung How.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/86/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>Read about pioneer law students securing practice training contracts <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/84/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p>See ads featuring SMU graduates <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2011/sources/TODAY_20110520_1.pdf" target="_blank">here</a> and <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2011/sources/ST_20110519_3.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20118SMU-TCS iCity Lab established<p>Tata Consultancy Services and SMU’s School of Information Systems have set up the new TCS-SMU iCity Lab for the research and development of cloud-based IT solutions for intelligent cities in Asia and worldwide. The lab will work together with selected partnering cities in China, India and rapidly developing ASEAN countries to create urban management solutions.</p>
<p>Tata Consultancy Services has invested S$6 million to start up this effort.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/87/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
http://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20110805_iCityLabLaunch_Tharman.jpgCenteres & Instituteshttp://oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/sites/oralhistory.smu.edu.sg/files/timeline/20110805_iCityLabLaunch_Tharman.jpg
20119State of University Address<p>SMU President Arnoud De Meyer outlines steps to build SMU's reputation as a university for the world of business and management in his 2011 State of the University address.</p>University
201110SMU and SUTD sign Memorandum Of Understanding<p>Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Technology and Design sign memorandum of understanding that creates a framework for collaboration in education, research, and student and faculty exchange.</p>
<p>SMU and SUTD will co-develop management elective courses. The agreement allows students from both universities to attend elective courses at the partner university.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/88/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
201111Bryce Hool appointed as Economics Dean<p>SMU has appointed Professor Bryce Hool as the new dean of the School of Economics from January 2012. Currently a professor of economics at the University of Auckland, Professor Hool has served in senior management and leadership positions at universities in the US and New Zealand for 21 years.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/89/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20121Former President Nathan joins SMU<p>Following his retirement as Singapore’s sixth president, Mr S R Nathan was appointed Distinguished Senior Fellow of SMU School of Social Sciences. He meets regularly with undergraduates and was guest of honour at SMU’s inaugural Social Sciences Conference on 17 March 2012. He also participated in the inaugural Singapore Mediation Lecture held on 29 August 2012. Mr S R Nathan served as Singapore’s president for 12 years, stepping down in August 2011. Read more here and here.</p>Social Sciences
20121President Tony Tan's homecoming on Patron's Day<p>Singapore's President Tony Tan Keng Yam, the new patron of SMU, visits the pioneering university he first envisioned all those years ago. He attends SMU's twelfth Patron's Day celebrations.</p>
20122Yeo Tiong Min appointed dean of law school<p>SMU has appointed Professor Yeo Tiong Min as the new dean of the School of Law. An eminent and respected figure in Singapore's legal fraternity, Professor Yeo was recently appointed as Honorary Senior Counsel for his special knowledge of law and his contribution to the development of the legal profession in Singapore. He is the only academic ever to have been so honoured by the Singapore Courts. Professor Yeo takes office in July 2012.</p>
<p>Professor David Llewelyn, who has been with SMU since August 2010, has also been appointed deputy dean-designate and will also take office from July 2012.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/91/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20124LiveLabs Innovation Platform begins R&D work<p>On 2 April 2012, SMU initiated work on the LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform, a five-year project to deploy a large-scale (with over 30,000 participants) mobile applications testbed at three types of public spaces (SMU campus, shopping malls and Sentosa Island).</p>
<p>LiveLabs is developing two key capabilities: a) the real-time, continuous gathering of fine-grained user activity and context via users’ individual smartphones, and b) a software infrastructure for automating the deployment of mobile applications and closed-loop, lifestyle-based experiments.</p>
<p>LiveLabs is supported by a S$9.99M grant from Singapore’s Interactive Digital Media Program Office. This effort supports SMU’s focus on using information technology to transform business practice by harnessing advances in mobile computing, wireless networking and real-time analytics.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
20125Inauguration of SMU-TCS iCity Laboratory<p>The Singapore Management University (SMU) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading IT services, business solutions and consulting firm, inaugurated the SMU-TCS Intelligent City Laboratory (“iCity Lab”) on 9 May 2012 (Wednesday). The inauguration ceremony was held at the iCity Lab Experience Centre located at the SMU School of Information Systems (SIS). Equipped with interactive technology, this Experience Centre will serve as a venue for city managers and urban planners to experience the new ideas and technologies which the Lab will be developing. This collaboration initiative was announced on 5 August 2011, which aimed to develop, as well as establish industry standards and IT frameworks for the emerging intelligent city model of urban development. The SMU-TCS iCity Lab is focused on harnessing technology and develop solutions to put people at the centre of city management.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/108/">here</a>.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
20127Commencement 2012<p>A total of 1,929 students graduated in eight separate ceremonies held over three days at Suntec City. The ninth commencement ceremonies were hosted by the School of Social Sciences, which began a decade ago as part of the combined School of Economics & Social Sciences. Dr Mary Ann Tsao, founding director of the Tsao Foundation which provides community-based health and social services to seniors, was guest of honour. Alex Lim Xuxiang was valedictorian.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2012/07/27/commencement-2012-smus-largest-graduating-cohort-and-their-transformational-journey" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20133Regional Institute for family businesses<p>Southeast Asia’s first regional institute to serve the needs of business families in this part of the world was launched by SMU. BFI @ SMU serves as a platform to bring business families together to offer insights on issues such as business succession, governance, and family ownership.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2013/03/20/smu-launches-southeast-asias-first-regional-institute-focused-family-businesses" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Centeres & Institutes
20135DHL and Singapore Management University launch green transformation lab<p>DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, is partnering with Singapore Management University (SMU) to accelerate the evolution of sustainable logistics across Asia Pacific with the launch of the Green Transformation Lab. This S$2 million initiative, hosted at the SMU School of Information Systems on the University’s city campus, will focus on the creation of innovative solutions to help organizations transform their businesses towards sustainable green growth and drive beneficial change in supply chains across the region. This joint DHL-SMU initiative will fulfill its mission through education, research and best practice development.</p>

<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/109/">here</a>.</p>
20137Commencement 2013<p>SMU’s tenth and largest cohort of 2,122 students graduate with bachelor or postgraduate degrees awarded from 26 programmes. Devathas Satiananthan from the School of Law and Lim Wei from the School of Economics were selected to represent the graduating cohort as the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively.</p>
<p>Dr Chan Sek Keong was awarded an honorary Doctor of Law degree in recognition of his contributions to Singapore’s legal sector as attorney general and chief justice. Dr John Seely Brown received an Honorary Doctor of Information Systems degree in recognition of his pioneering work in the area of information and communications technology. Guest-of-honour was Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat. Ceremonies were held at Resorts World Convention Centre.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2013/07/25/smu-celebrates-graduation-its-10th-and-largest-cohort" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
201310SMU launches Financial IT Academy<p>Singapore Management University (SMU) has launched the first-of-its-kind academy in Singapore to provide training programmes targeted at the financial services IT segment. The Financial IT Academy @SMU (FITA) will equip financial sector IT professionals with enhanced IT capabilities that are critical to the growth of banking and financial services in Singapore, and also with the essential knowledge of the business needs and processes of financial institutions so that business and IT initiatives can be more effectively integrated for competitive advantage.</p>

<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/110/">here</a>.</p>
201312SMU wins inaugural Teradata University Network Teaching Innovation Award<p>Teradata Corporation, a leading global provider of analytic data platforms, marketing applications and analytics related consulting services, announced today the winner of the 2013 Teradata University Network (TUN) Teaching Innovation Award. Associate Professor Michelle Cheong and Mr Murphy Choy from the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University (SMU) received the Award for their teaching case on "Effective Use of Data & Decision Analytics to Improve Order Distribution in a Supply Chain".</p>

<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/111/">here</a>.</p>
20141Groundbreaking for School of Law building<p>Attorney-General Mr Steven Chong was guest of honour at the groundbreaking ceremony for SMU’s new School of Law building. A key feature of the new 22,000 sqm building is the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library, named in memory of the late Madam Kwa Geok Choo, the first Asian woman to graduate with first-class honours in Law from Cambridge University and the wife of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. The new law school building will also house the David Marshall Moot Court and the SMU Pro Bono Centre.</p>
<p>The SMU School of Law, which welcomed its first cohort of 116 students in August 2007, will see its tenth intake of students and seventh batch of alumni in 2017, the year in which the new building is slated for completion.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/SMU%20Press%20release_Ground-breaking%20of%20new%20building%20for%20SMU%20School%20of%20Law_finalPDF.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20142SMU wins Asia Pacific Facebook Hackathon<p>Four students from SMU’s School of Information Systems won the Asia Pacific Facebook Hackathon held in Singapore over the weekend of 15-16 February 2014. The team of Alayne Pang, Xu Mengxiang, Suresh Subramaniam, and Abhilash Murthy will represent Asia in the hackathon finals to be held in California, USA. The contest involves teams brainstorming ideas and programming computers to create a working product within a short time span.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2014/03/10/smu-students-represent-asia-facebook-hackathon-0" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Information Systems
20142SUTD and SMU jointly launch inaugural undergraduate dual degree programme in technology, design and management<p>This May, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and the Singapore Management University (SMU) will admit the first batch of dual degree undergraduate students. Up to 45 top achievers will have the unprecedented opportunity to pursue an engineering degree from SUTD and a business management degree from SMU concurrently. The four-year programme, aimed at producing graduates who will be highly effective in an increasingly complex globalised world, will prepare students to be technology and management-grounded leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Students will spend time at both campuses, and will take SUTD and SMU courses from the first academic year, thus benefitting from a uniquely integrated and interdisciplinary learning experience over four years of study. The programme will also include up to six courses to be co-developed by SMU and SUTD. To attract top Singaporean students to the programme, scholarships offered to deserving students will cover full tuition fees, including allowances for overseas internship, community service, and more. Students in this programme will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Management from SMU and a Bachelor of Engineering from SUTD with a specialisation in one of the three engineering pillars: Engineering Product Development Systems and Design or Information Systems Technology and Design.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/113/">here</a>.</p>
20144Moot team is first runner-up<p>The School of Law's moot team has again finished as first runner-up at the world's largest moot court competition. The team of SMU students, Carren Thung, Chua Wei Yuan, Kenny Lau, Nicholas Liu and Yeo Gek Min, was one of 100 teams competing at the international rounds of the 55th Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington DC. SMU joined the Jessup competition for the first time last year, and the 2013 team also finished as first runner up.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2014/04/14/smu-second-top-moot-court-contest" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
20146New A*STAR-SMU centre<p>The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Singapore Management University (SMU) will establish a Centre for Technology and Social-Behavioural Insights (CTSBI) to tap on high performance computing technology, big data analytics and behavioural sciences to study people-centric issues and human behaviour including how people think, feel and act in different settings. Such information can be used to enhance planning and address issues in different areas such as retail, logistics, urban planning, education and community development.

<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/114/">here</a>.</p>
https://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/Singapore%20Management%20University%20%28SMU%29/ASTAR%20and%20SMU%20logo%20big.jpg?itok=I_a9o7q2Centeres & Instituteshttps://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/Singapore%20Management%20University%20%28SMU%29/ASTAR%20and%20SMU%20logo%20big.jpg?itok=I_a9o7q2
20148Launching Centre for Excellence in Taxation<p>In collaboration with the Tax Academy of Singapore, and with the support of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, the Singapore Management University has launched the SMU-TA Centre for Excellence in Taxation (SMU-TA CET) today. The SMU-TA CET represents a major new initiative in research addressing international and regional tax issues and taxation policies. It is the first research centre of its kind in Singapore. The aim of the Centre is to produce highly robust research in international and regional tax issues for policy-development and engagement of the international tax community.</p>
<p>Read press release <a href="http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/oh_pressrelease/115/">here</a>.</p>
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