Interim Final Course Offerings 2019 KCHS
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Teacher NameCourse TitleCourse Description
BoenderFitness & FoodIn this course we will look at the nutritional value of foods, sustainable food sourcing and what it means to be a Christian food consumer. We will also study and engage in the healthy benefits of movement.
BoesService to the elderlyService to the elderly. We will do odd jobs for the people at Hope Woods and put on a soup lunch. We will also build relationships with residents there. At parkvillage Pines we will get to know the students by sitting and talking with them and playing games with them.
DetersProphecies in DanielThis course will walk through the book of Daniel with an emphasis on the prophecies and visions. Throughout the week we will study what these visions mean and if they have already come true or if they are a future event yet to take place.
DykZoos- Behind the Scenes!We will be visiting several zoos in Ohio seeing what life is like for both the people and the animals behind the scenes.
EZ WayDriver's Training
KoernerThe FilmmakersProduce, direct, act, shoot, edit, score, and make special effects for a short film.
LandstraExploring MuseumsFor the student who loves art, science, history, language, technology, and maybe even cars, this class will be a week of learning new things, pursuing new ideas, and making connections to things they have studied in school. We will travel to and tour four or five different museums throughout the week.
NIeboerIntroduction to Career Options in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)Students will visit many businesses/companies in the Kalamazoo area where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the keys to daily success. By interacting with professionals at each of these places and witnessing the interesting work that they do, students will be exposed to career options for their future and learn what it takes to achieve success and experience excitement in these careers.
OffringaGet on the Rock
Rock climbing is the best sport in the world. It involves physical and mental toughness, technical skills, building trust with your climbing partners, and being out in God’s wonderful creation. In this course, students will learn to rock climb (climbing technique, belaying and rappelling). In addition, students will learn about the geology of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. We will spend one day indoor climbing at Climb Kalamazoo then climb outside in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge on a 2 night camping trip.
Potter AAnimated Movies: Not Just for Kids AnymoreIn this class we will be watching a variety of animated movies (some very well known ones and some lesser known) and talking about how they are powerful stories and beautiful pieces of art, not only entertainment (though they are very entertaining) and not merely for kids. Films We May Watch: Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Coco, The Good Dinosaur, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, The Iron Giant, The Breadwinner, The Song of the Sea, The Little Prince, Coraline, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, etc.
Potter JThe History of Popular MusicIn history courses music is often ignored as an art form with the exception of its mention, for example Jazz, during the Harlem Renaissance. Music plays a large role in the lives of most Americans, particularly young people, and has from our origins in the Seventeenth Century. This will obviously be a quick survey considering the the several hundred years that will be covered. Considering the time constraints the emphasis will be on the the music of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
VanDyke, Brown, EatonIsrael ExperienceA look at geography, history and theology of the Land of Israel... and then a trip there to experience it.
VisserEverything GuitarEverything we can think of for guitar