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Bill #DescriptionAnalysisLinksTaxpayer Friendly?StatusSponsor
Assembly Bills
AB2Does not require the hire of a supervisor in certain public works projects that cost less than $100,000.Reduces unneccesary costs for small public works projects. Committee on Commerce and Labor
AB3Authorizes the Department of Taxation to issue additional licenses for retail marijuana stores and medical marijuana dispensaries upon the request of a cityAllowing more businesses to enter the marketplace benefits all Nevadans. from cmte; referred to Cmte on TaxationAssembly Committee on Judiciary
AB4Authorizes cities to create a fire district which has the power to raise taxes.Makes it easier to raise taxes, while reducing public's ability to hold elected officials accountable.
NOAssembly Committee on Government Affairs
AB25Makes various changes to provisions regarding contractorsSlightly reduces the onerous nature of obtaining and maintaining a contractor's license. be heard 2/13Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor
AB36Revises provisions governing the partial abatement of various taxes imposed on aircraft, components of aircraft and other personal property related to aircraftThis bill updates and expands the eligibility of certain out-of-state aircraft-related businesses, contingent upon a nexus to Nevada, for tax abatements/special treatment. Nevada shouldn't be in the business of picking industry winners and losers. Lower taxes statewide; don't do it for specific, targeted businesses and/or industries. This is rampant cronyism in the name of economic development and deserves to be opposed. Committee on Taxation
AB48Revises provisions relating to the requirements to levy taxes to support certain fire districtsMakes the levying of taxes for fire districts discretionary, rather than mandatory as it is under current law.
YESAssembly Committee on Government Affairs
AB54Repeals laws governing the sale of light bulbs.Repeals a law which mandates the brightness and energy saving ratings of light bulbs.
YESAssembly Committee on Growth and Infrastructure
AB70Revises provisions relating to Nevada's Open Meeting LawSlightly strengthens the open meeting law by increasing penalties for those who violate it. Also increases time period in which complaints can be lodged.
YESAssembly Committee on Government Affairs
AB73Provides for additional sources of funding for services and affordable housing for persons who are homeless or indigentThis bill imposes an additional tax upon the sale of property in Clark County of 25 cents per $500 in sale value for the purpose of funding homeless services and affordable housing. Though well-meaning, this bill deserves to be opposed. Neither Nevada nor Clark County has a revenue problem; they have spending and inefficiency problems.
NOAssembly Committee on Taxation
AB74Makes it unlawful for a person to engage in the business of buying, selling, trading or dealing in certain antlers or any head or skull of a big game mammal without first obtaining an antler dealer's licenseNeedlessly creates professional licensing requirements for selling antlers.
NOto be heard 2/13Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining
AB75Reforms Public Employee Retirement System (PERS)Creates a new hybrid PERS system, which will reduce costs and growth of debt. Also requires PERS to provide more information to the public.
YESAssembly Committee on Government Affairs
AB77Revising provisions governing the practice of optometryIncreases scope of practice for optometry assistants; provides for certification of mobile optometry clinics; expands licensing renewal period
YESAssembly Committee on Commerce and Labor
AB99Requires that instruction in the founding principles of American government be specifically included in public schools American civics is unfortunately only an afterthought in many public schools today. This partially explains why younger people are more inclined to question the greatness of American ideas like free speech, due process, etc. --- many are illiterate of our constitutional system of governance. This bill seeks to change that.
YESAsm. Wheeler
AB103Makes certain changes relating to collective bargainingA seemingly mild yet wholly unnecessary concession to unions regarding the amount of "union leave time" they can bank for collective bargaining negotiations. This would partially undo a 2015 Legislature reform.
NOto be heard on Feb 18 @ 9am before Assembly Gov't AffairsAsm. Wheeler
AB108Revises provisions relating to state employmentThis bill would entitle government unions to 1/2 hour of certain newly-hired state workers' time w/i the first 30 days of employment, during work hours, for the purpose of union recruitment. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the activities of government unions, which are inherently partisan organizations. This bill accompanies a senate proposal to authorize collective bargaining for state workers.
NOAsm. Fumo
AB113Revises provisions governing the taxation of certain deliveries and transfers of firearmsThis bill eliminates the double-taxation phenomenon associated w/ purchasing firearms from out of state via licensed dealers
YESAswm. Titus
AB118Revises provisions relating to certain financial transactions and short-term loansOutlawing the services used by those with financial difficulties does nothing to help their situation, and often makes things worse.This bill seeks to limit the right of businesses and individual citizens to enter into mutually-agreed to contracts by outlawing certain types of payday-lending services, specifically "high" rate, short-term loans.
NOAswm. Swank; Aswm. Cohen
AB125Revises provisions governing bail in certain criminal casesToo many Nevadans are incarcerated simply because they cannot afford bail, even though they have not yet been convicted of any crime. This modest bail reform is worth supporting for the cause of civil rights.
YESAswm. Neal; Asm. Flores; Asm. McCurdy
AB136Makes various changes relating to public constructionThis bill rolls back minor (recent) reforms governing prevailing wage laws. If passed, it will 1) lower the threshold above which prevailing wages for public projects apply, from $250k to 100k, and 2) demand 100% of prevailing wages be paid for school-construction projects, up from 90% currently. This is a terrible bill for taxpayers and should be opposed. Prevailing wages exist b/c politicians are pandering to special-interest labor groups and disregarding fiscal responsibility. Such lucrative wages typically don't exist in the real marketplace, and prevailing wages are artificially inflated by the way in which they are calculated.
NOAsm. Frierson; Aswm. Benitez-Thompson; Aswm. Carlton; Asm. McCurdy; Asm. Daly (24 co-sponsors)
AB144Proposes to exempt sales of diapers from sales and use taxes and analogous taxes upon approval by the votersIf overburdensome taxes are harming Nevadans (as they are), then lower the sales tax rate, generally, for all purchases. Specifically exempting certain items from the purview of taxes grants certain groups favors, at the expense of others who are forced to subsidize them. This is virtue-signaling at its finest and, even if passed, will offer little benefit to those impacted.
NOAsm. Carrillo; Aswm. Jauregui (5 co-sponsors)
AB146Creates the Nevada Office of the Inspector GeneralThis measure represents a much-needed check on Nevada's executive branch of government. Oversight plays a crucial role in government accountability and transparency. This new IG office --- as long as it operates independently --- is long-overdue.
YESAswm. Miller; Asm. Assefa (7 co-sponsors)
Senate Bills
SB11Revises the requirements to qualify for and maintain an exemption from certain regulations concerning building codesAllows the cities in Clark Co to be exempt from certain State Fire Marshal building code regulations if specific criteria are met. (Clark Co is already exempt.)
YESSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB26Excludes certain money from collective bargaining negotiations and from consideration in determining the ability of a school district to pay compensation and monetary benefitsA step in the right direction to limit the financial harm inflicted on school districts during the collective bargaining/arbitration process. Exempting 8.3% of ending fund balance will help to level the playing field, but likely doesn't go far enough.
YESSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB42Repeals provisions requiring certain fleets of motor vehicles to use alternative fuels, clean vehicles or vehicles that use alternative fuelsThis would repeal the onerous and burdensome requirements regarding clean and/or alternative fuel requirements governing gov't vehicle fleets. Such mandates are expensive for taxpayers and offer minimal benefits while impacting agency budgets significantly. It'd be good to see these statutes/mandates eliminated.
YESSet to be heard in cmte on Feb 7Senate Committee on Growth and Infrastructure
SB48Authorizes certain local governments to increase diesel taxes under certain circumstancesSuch authorizations from NV leg are required for local gov'ts to increase taxes, per Dillon's Rule. This move is wholly unncessary. Nevada has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
NOheard Feb 12 by Assembly Cmte on Gov't AffairsSenate Committee on Revenue and Economic Development
SB58Revises provisions relating to relations between local governments and certain public employeesEliminates mandatory collective bargaining b/w local-government employers and employee unions, except for police associations. Gives local governments the option of refusing to negotiate, prescribe employment terms instead. Also makes it so CBAs expire at the end of the term stated in the agreement.
YESSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB61Authorizes the imposition of a tax on diesel fuel by certain incorporated cities in this StateWholly unnecessary. Nevada has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
NOSenate Committee on Revenue and Economic Development
SB70Allows for designation of state agencies as charter agenciesEstablishes a system which incentivizes efficiency in agency spending.
YESSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB83Increases size of PERS Board from 7 to 11, to allow for represenations of taxpayers and government employers, as opposed to the current system of 100% PERS members.The Nevada PERS Board is comprised entirely of PERS members — a governance approach rejected by 95% of public pension plans nationwide. Allowing taxpayer represenatives a seat on the board would ensure all stakeholders are adequately represented.
YESSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB100Revises provisions relating to the licensure and employment of veterans, military personnel and their spouses in the public schools of this StateWould require the Commission on Professional Standards in Education to adopt regulations which relax and expedite the teacher licensure and application process for spouses of active-duty military members. This is an appropriate reform, especially given Nevada's teacher shortage.
YESScheduled to be heard on Wed Feb 6Senate Committee on Education
SB103Revises provisions relating to development and maintenance of affordable housingWe're watching the development of the bill closely. A recently-submitted conceptual amendment calls for the imposition of rent-control as a method of increasing affordable housing. In reality, rent control policies do more harm than good by eliminating the incentive for the development of new housing. Market rates promise the best path forward for alleviating Nevada's housing inventory shortage. Lowering regulations & property taxes would be a better solution to incentivize new construction. Judgment reserved thus far for this measure, but incl. rent control would make a terrible bill.
tbdlast discussed Feb 11 in Senate Gov't AffairsSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB109Requires cameras to be installed in certain classrooms within a public school which are used for special educationA desperately-needed reform to combat abuses inside special-ed classrooms against students. Education unions in past years have resisted this reform for frivolous, self-serving reasons. (Read Nevada Policy's investigative journalism on this topic at the link to the right.)
YESSen. Hammond
SB111Revises provisions governing collective bargaining by local government employersThis bill proposes to reduce the amount of ending fund balance that cannot be considered during collective bargaining negotiations and/or arbitration from 25% to 16.67%, granting unions huge, add'l leverage. Local-government employees already make far more than private workers in Nevada due to exceptionally-lucrative CBAs. Visit to view gov't salaries/benefits packages.
NOSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB125Revises provisions relating to landscape architectureMany states do not regulate the landscape-architecture profession at all. While this bill would allow credit/debit cards to be utilized for payment of licensing & application fees (a good albeit mild reform), it also increases various application and renewal fees owed for the privilege of obtaining a professional license. This industry should not be licensed at all, and this bill deserves to be opposed.
NOto be heard 2/13Sen. Hardy
SB126Repeals provision requiring school administrators to apply for reappointment to his or her administrative position every 5 yearsArguably the single biggest failing of the government education establishment is its total opposition to any form of accountability, no matter how mild. SB126 repeals a mild reform passed by Governor Sandoval targeted at school administrators.
NOSen. Denis
SB128Revises provisions governing the administration of occupational licensing boardsThis bill would authorize professinal licensing boards to accept payment for fees, other licensing costs via credit/debit card or electronic transfer. Under the current system, only cash and checks are accepted for payment. This is a very mild improvement ot the current system, and more significant professional-licensing reform measures are appropriate and long-overdue, including an elimination of these boards' more arbitary and capricious requirements. Nonetheless, this bill is worth supporting.
YESSenate Committee on Commerce and Labor
SB135Provides for collective bargaining by state employeesThis bill would increase state spending by roughly $500 million annually by increasing the size and compensation of state government workers. State workers already earn 29 percent more in compensation than their similarly-skilled and educated private-sector counterpart. Raising taxes on those earning less to further this pay gap is neither fair nor sustainable.
NOSenate Committee on Government Affairs
SB138Authorizes certain local governments to increase diesel taxes under certain circumstancesThis bill would allow smaller counties to impose their own taxes on diesel fuel. Nevadans are already overtaxed. This bill should be opposed.
NOSen. Goicoechea; Asm. Ellison
SB152Eliminates the requirement for certain businesses to file a commerce tax returnEliminates the requirement that businesses who gross less than $3.5 million in revenues, and clearly owe nothing in commerce taxes, must file a commerce-tax return annually. Mandatory filing of commerce-tax returns imposes great costs on small businesses in Nevada. This is a simple and commonsense reform which should be supported.
YESSen. Seevers Gansert
SB153Revises provisions relating to collective bargainingAmong other reforms to collective-bargaining laws, this bill proposes to implement so-called "evergreen clauses," which allow local gov't employees to get pay raises even when the governing CBA has expired, and a new one has not yet been agreed to. This will provide add'l, huge leverage for employee unions during the CB process, and will likely lead to more decisions via arbitration. A bad bill for taxpayers and another gift to special-interest labor groups.
NOSen. Atkinson
SB156Exempts certain persons who perform certain dental services on equines and livestock from provisions governing veterinary medicineSlight lessening of licensing barrier, expansion of scope of practice regarding dental services for certain livestock.
YESSen. Hansen
SB158Revises the definition of the term “supervisory employee” for purposes of provisions relating to collective bargainingtbdSens. Harris; Spearman; Brooks; Cannizzaro; Parks (6 co-sponsors)
SB164Recognizes certain virtual currencies as a form of intangible personal property for purposes of taxationThis bill clarifies that "virtual currency," e.g., Bitcoin, is intangible personal property, and is exempt from property taxation under existing laws
YESSen. Kieckhefer
Previous Session Bills
SJR14 (2017)
Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise certain provisions relating to property taxesSJR14 from the 2017 session proposes to amend the state constitution, so as to reset the existing propety tax abatements ("tax caps"), which have for years been protecting homeowners, upon transfer of property, as well as reset the depreciation schedule at Year 1. (NV's property appraisal system is bifurcated, requiring both an appraisal of land value + improvements.) This represents a massive increase in property tax revenue long-term. If passed again in 2019, by majority votes in both houses, it would then go to voters on the 2020 ballot.
NOSenate Committee on Revenue and Economic Development
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