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Stroud High School - 7A
SubjectTeacher IntitialsDate SetHomework SetDate DueWorksheet/ Resources Required Yes/No
artst20/4/18Bring in 5 objects that represent you for yout still life photo shoot. You can also bring in your own camera 25/4/18
FrenchED19/4/18Start revising for the next assessment. Revise school subjects you study and opinions, daily routine during the morning and after school. Work on the accuracy of your spellings23/4/17
EnglishEKD18/4/18Research a Dickens character of your choice....perhaps Scrooge, The Artful Dodger or Fagin.  Find out at least 5 key facts about them.  Create a poster to demonstrate what you have discovered....perhaps a 'Wanted' poster.  Challenge: Find a description of their character from the novel they feature in and include key quotations describing them on your poster.26/4/18No
GeographyEU17.04.18Make sure you finish off your assessment on th Nepal earthquake in 2015 - don't forget to check the mark scheme on the year folders to ensure you have included everything. Bring it to the start of your next lesson.24/4/18
ScienceCSH16.04.2018Complete p.11 and 12 if you have not finished it during the lesson!18.04.2018booklet
FrenchED16/4/18Practise describing your daily routine including time ready for talking in pairs next lesson without your books19/4/18
GeographyEU29/3/18You have one more lesson after the Easter break to work on your 2015 Nepal Earthquake assessment. If you need to spend 30 minutes at home too to ensure you can finish this then make sure you do. The main homework is to have a good rest over Easter and enjoy your world!24/4/18
FRENCHED22/3/18Complete number sheet front and back and make sure it is glued into your exercise book26//18yes
GeographyEU21/3/18Brilliant volcano models presented to the class today - well done! No homework set.
EnglishEKD21/3/18Design an A5 cover for your Dickens Dictionary.29/3/18
FrenchED19/3/18Learn time for a test next lesson22/3/18
ScienceCSH19.03.2018Finish the comic strip and bring a fruit to next lesson!21.03.2018yes
EnglishEKD16/3/18Spend 30 minutes preparing for your speaking and listening performance on Monday.19/3/18Text
GeographyEU15/3/18Today you started your 'Earthquake in Nepal 2015' assessment. Spend 30 minutes at home researching/ continuing with this.
ScienceCSH15.03.20181. Complete p.5 in your booklet!19.03.2018yes
FrenchED8/3/18Using a whole page in your exercise book, produce a poster describing the subjects you love/like/dislike/hate and why? - Title - Les Matières15/3/18
GeographyMH/ EU1/3/18e.g. J'adore les maths parce que c'est facile et la prof est sympa.20/3/18No
artst28/2/18Complete 3 homework tasks - we are sticking with the architecture mission homework sheet.21/3/18
GeographyMH/ EU20/2/18Start to plan your Volcano project!

Are you working individually or in a pair? What are you going to use to build your volcano? Will it be a cross section or a fully shaped model? What type of volcano will it show? You only have 5 homeworks (including this one) to do this so use your time wisely! You will be expected to bring your volcano model to your lesson on 20 March
FrenchED19/2/18Practise any new vocabulary you learnt in the lesson today22/2/18
ScienceCSH8/2/18Create revision aids for the end-of-topic test which will be after halfterm on Wed, 21.02.2018. Use the revision question in the back of your booklet (p. 23 onwards) to help you!19/2/18yes
GeographyMH/ EU8/2/18Research the shape and features of shield volcanoes and draw a sketch on a piece of paper.

NB. The Powerpoint slides from this lesson are in your Year Folder (Geography/ volcanoes).

Challenge! Research 'pyroclastic flow' facts - be prepared to share one with the class next lesson in the Wolfson Suite!
MathsSMR7/2/18Complete settler activity on simplifying ratio and stick into yellow book21/2/18yes
FrenchLSS5/2/18Revise for a 'celebration of your learning' next lesson. animals, hair, eyes, personality, looks, family members - listening/reading/writing and translation7/2/18
HistoryRB2/2/18Finish Steps 1, 2 and 3 from the booklets you have been given. Keep the booklets safe! I will be needing them back from you.6/2/18Yes
EnglishEKD31/1/18Using the notes you made today and your own ideas, plan the 3 points you will make in your PLT essay.  One exploring how empathy is created in the build up to the event, one on the description of the attack and one about the aftermath - Adeline's reactions to the event and how other characters responded.  For each quote you need one juicy quotation which you will be able to analyse in detail.8/2/18Text
GeographyMH/ EU30/1/18No Homework Set - do try and find out where the 'boat on building' from the tsunami was pictured.6/2/18No
SpanishED29/1/18Prepare the three questions for your sepaking test next Monday with Mr Shobbrook - a copy of the lesson 7 speaking powerpoint has been put into year folders5/2/18
EnglishEKD26/1/18Write a letter to Aunt Baba describing your new home and your feelings about the move.31/1/18
artst26.01.18Setting this homework early - Complete one homework task bronze, silver or gold - Due in 9th Feb9/2/18
GeographyMH/ EU23/1/18This is homework for 25/1 but can be attempted before if you wish.
Complete the worksheet questions on latitude and longitude. Questions are on both sides of the worksheet!
NOTE! The final question should read:
"Try and explain why there are two 180 degree lines of longitude on the map?"
See Mr Howard in the lesson on Thurs 25/1 if you are stuck on this.
30/1/18Worksheet handed out in the lesson 23/1
mathssmr23/1/18learn all angle facts for quiz next lesson. Use orange books. You may make a poster or revision notes or flashcards31/1/18no
HistoryRB19/1/18Find out about Henry II's son King John and what the Magna Carta was. Try and answer this question: Why did the barons rebel against King John and demand he sign the Magna Carta? Write what you discover in your books under the title 'King John and the Magna Carta'. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/history/middle_ages/king_john_magna_carta/revision/1/ - bbc bitesize is a good place to start!23/1/18No
FrenchED18/1/18Please complete your two paragraphs to describe yourself and a friend. Using a sheet of paper, create a creature. Imgaine it is you and then describe yourself (6 eyes, purple hair, thre pairs of glasses etc.) Use your imagination!22/1/18yes
EnglishEKD17/1/18Second homework working on Chinese leaflet.25/1/18No
GeographyEU16/1/18If you were standing on the 0 degree line of latitude and the 0 degree line of longitude where would you be?23/1/18no
FrenchED15/1/18To practise describing what you look like - hair and eyes
EnglishEKD12/1/18Project on the context of Chinese Cinderella - create a leaflet.  You could include details about the Opium War, culture, big cities, China past and present. Find aspects that interest you. (two homeworks)  25/1/18No
HistoryRB12/1/18Have a think about any props you might want to bring in to help you perform your news reports next lesson. You may also want to find a picture backdrop to put on the board while you perform.19/1/18No
GeographyEU11/1/18Research the line of LATITUDE that 5 places of your choice are located on (NOT longitude). Write them in your book.16/1/18no
FrenchLSS10/1/18Write about the animals in your own personal zoo.Use the vocab from today and the powerpoint which is on the year 7 year folders, use adjectives to describe what your animals are like including any necessary endings, use connectives (et, aussi, mais) to make sentences longer. This is 2 nights homeworknext lesson with Mrs Davidson
MathsSMR10/1/18Revise for test on 17/1. Check orange book for list of topics included. Please make sure you have all equipment needed for the test (protractor, pair of compasses, ruler, pencil, pen)17/1/18no
MathsSMR9/1/18Complete Fractions/Decimals/Percentages worksheet. You may write on the sheet.17/1/18yes
HistoryRB5/1/18Go on to the year 7 history padlet and go to the section medieval church. Then click on the section titled 'Henry II and Thomas Beckett's Murder'.In there print off a copy of the narrative from BBC bitesize. You need to read this narrative and make sure you understand it for next lesson. To show that you have read it, write definitions in your book of all the words that are highlighted in blue in the story - under the title 'Henry II and Thomas Becket'. Stick in the copy of the story that you have printed as well.9/1/18Yes
FrenchED4/1/18Do 20 minutes of reading in french. Either a magazine, a book from the library, lyrics of a french song8/1/18
GeographyEU2/1/18Finish your A3 poster to show the structure of the earth and the earth's plates9/1/18yes
ScienceCSH14/12/17Research the different types of fire extinguisher and produce a leaflet that could be distributed to households to explain the different types of fie extinguisher and when each would be used.3/1/17
FrenchED7/12/17Revision of french to-date for assessment next Monday. Translation English to French11/12/17
EnglishEKD6/12/17Research Theme Parks and the literature they provide (eg. websites / leaflets / advertisements) to give you some ideas for your own park.  Challenge: Make some badges or ID cards with your park's logo to wear in class whilst working on this project.  You can allocate these tasks between your group members!14/12/17No
GeographyEU5/12/17Homework was set by Eliza today! By the start of next lesson make sure you can name 3 volcanoes and know which country they are located in.12/12/17no
FrenchED4/12/17Practise describing the places in your town (village) or not using il y a and il n'y a pas...7/12/17
ScienceCSH4/12/17Complete questions on p.12 in your booklet5/12/17Booklet
EnglishEKD1/12/17Spend 30 minutes planning / drafting ideas for your final Shackleton assessed piece - bring to our lesson on Monday when you will complete this piece of writing.4/12/17No
ScienceCSH30/11/17Complete the exercise Changes on p. 4 in your booklet4/12/17booklet
GeographyEU30/11/17I will be taking your books in next lesson to mark your 'Welcome to My World' project. Ensure that everthing is finished and stuck into your book. If you have any time left over you could do something extra to finish off your project such as a page of places that are special to you (where you've been on holiday, where a great aunt lives, where you want to travel to when you're older etc. Don't forget the titles if you do this - and I'm happy for these to be hand drawn if you do not have ICT availability)5/12/17
FrenchLSS29/11/17Learn the prepositions in French30/11/17no
mathsSMR29/11/17Construct triangles in yellow book (details copied down in lesson)6/12/17no
mathsSMR28/11/17Make sure notes on constructing triangles are complete for tomorrow's lesson29/11/17no
FrenchED23/11/17Practise saying where you live exactly27/11/17
EnglishEKD21/11/17Write a first draft of your first paragraph for your Shackleton diary entry.  Remember to focus on including the sensory detail you have planned and varying your sentence types as per the handout you were given.30/11/17Yes
GeographyEU21/11/17Make sure your landmarks photo/picture page is finished for your 'Welcome to my World' project and stuck in your book. If you have access to a computer at home show your family how you are using Digimaps for Schools to look at maps and aerial photos of where you live - they will be really interested to see these.28/11/17
FrenchED20/11/17No homework due to self reflection activity today
HistoryRB17/11/17There are two parts to this homework because it covers this weeks homework and next weeks (inset day). First part: Stick your cards in on the right place along the change/continuity continuum. Fold the continuum in half twice and stick into your books. Second Part: Write the question as your title – ‘How far did the Norman Conquest (1066-1087) change Anglo-Saxon society/England? Stick in the introduction and first paragraph answering the question about change/continuity. Using the structure you have been given, write your second paragraph and a conclusion. The information from the continuum will help your conclusion.28/11/17CO
ScienceCSH16.11.2017Read through p.4 in your booklets and answer the questions 1-4. You will need to do some research on this using internet or a science book

GeographyEU16/11/17By next lesson I am expecting to see the following all completed in your book: Title page for 'Welcome to my World'. Three maps (or some of you have chosen to include four) to show the area you live in at different scales of map and WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS for each map to describe what they are showing in relation to where you live.21/11/17
yes (the maps you printed out in the lesson)
FrenchLSS15/11/17write out a comic strip using any verbs from the big list I gave you. Do at least 6 frames (more if you want to). You can write it in your book or on a separate piece of paper, you can print off pictures but absolutely NO GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!!!!20/11/17verb sheet to help
ScienceCSH13/11/17Complete linking exercise on p.5 in your booklet (Circuit symbols)15/11/17yes (booklet)
mathssmr14/11/17complete calculated colouring on substitution22/11/17yes
artst10/11/17Complete three Mission Homeworks by Christmas. Usually it will be a Bronze every two weeks or a couple of Silver/Gold per half-term. - Mission homework sheet - Y7 - ART - MISSION HOMEWORK - PRINTMAKING ongoing  - all complete by 13th Dec
FrenchED9/11/17Please make sure if you have not yet completed and printed your poster you do so and hand to ED tomorrow or LSS on Monday. Complete gap fill exercise for Monday. You will need to use a dictionary to look up some of the vocabulary13/11/17
yes worksheet
EnglishEKD8/11/17Create a short advert to encourage people to join your expedition to Antarctica.16/11/17No
MathsSMR8/11/17Manipulating Expressions 1 homework in learning review booklet.15/11/17no
GeographyEU7/11/17Complete the environmental survey and traffic count for where you live. Do not stick it in your book - we will be using these later on in your project on 'My World'.14/11/17
FrenchED6/11/17Learn rooms in the house for a vocab test9/11/17
EnglishEKD3/11/17Create a title page for our 'Antarctic Adventures' unit.8/11/17No
GeographyEU2/11/17Complete your grid to show 5 mini symbols and underneath draw a key to give the six figure grid references of these symbols7/11/17yes
FrenchLSS1/11/17Write out a sentence for each part of avoir, just choose one from il elle and on, try to include some negatives if you can such as 'il n'a pas de licorne!6/11/17
MathsSMR1/11/17formal homework from learning review booklet: calculating with decimals8/11/17no
MathsSMR31/10/17Write 5 questions on collecting like terms for your partner to answer1/11/17no
ScienceCSH30/10/17Revise the topic Cells and Organisation and bring your revision notes to the lesson on Fri, 03.11.2017. BBC bitesize is a good revision source. Use the revision questions (worksheet given out in lesson) to consolidate your learning!1/11/17Yes
artstComplete one homework task, bronze, silver or gold 1/11/17
HistoryRB20/10/17If you have not already, finish your Battle of Hastings comic strips. If you have finished your drawings but not added colour then you could do this for some extra credit! Stick the comic strips in once you have finished. If you have not finished the writing yet then you can find a copy of the text book pages you need on the year 7 history padlet.31/10/17No
FrenchED19/10/17Learn colours for a spelling test  m/f  e.g. blanc/blanche30/10/17
GeographyEU17/10/17Finish off your symbols story in your book. Spend about 20 minutes on this.
ScienceCSH16/10/17How do you know that dinner is cooking although you are in a different room? Explain in terms of particles and diffusion and write one paragraph.18/10/17No
HistoryRB13/10/17Cut out ten 'cause cards' on the sheets given to you. Stick the causes in order of most important cause to least important cause (in your opinion) under the title Why did the Normans win the Battle of Hastings? in your books. Leave a double page spread before this to stick in your comic strips from todays lesson.20/10/17Yes
GeographyEU11/10/17Make sure you can name the capital cities for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and if you were given a map of the British Isles you could locate them. (You don't need to write anything down - I have your books)17/10/17 atlas / map
MathsSMS11/10/17revision for test on 30th Oct. Use orangle book for list of topics30/10/17no
FrenchLSS11/10/17Learn the classroom 'in my schoolbag' vocab for Mrs Davidson's lesson16/10/17
ScienceCSH9/10/17Make sure you have completed the cut and stick activity we did in the lesson and do the exercise "Different cells for different jobs" (Booklet, p. 15)11/10/17Booklet
FrenchED5/10/17Learn the month of the year for a test next lesson and practise dsaying when you birthday is and how old you are.
EnglishEKD4/10/1730 minutes private reading.  Challenge: Find out some facts about William Blake to share with the class next lesson!12/10/17Book
GeographyEU3/10/17You have been given 6 pictures of places (Earth from the Air). Write down 3 questions that you could ask for each of the pictures.10/10/17yes
FrenchED2/10/17Learn to spell beautifully the numbers 0 - 31 for a test on Thursday. Look, Say, Cover, write, check5/10/17no
EnglishEKD29/9/17Complete the 'Autumn extended metaphor' poem which you started to plan and write in class. Write a final, neat version in your book. You may decorate it if you have time remaining. 4/10/17No
MathsSMS27/9/17FORMAL HOMEWORK: negative numbers from learning review booklet.4/10/17no
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